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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, we'll just when ever you 9 ethiopian groups form an alliance to bring down abbe ahmed's government, which is dismissing the move as a publicity stunt. ah, lo and marianne marcy and london, you're watching al jazeera,
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also coming up on the program. more than a 100 people injured in clashes over the last months election results in iraq as new hope in the fight against covert as pfizer says, it's antiviral pill cuts the risk of hospitalization or death by 89 percent. also 2 week long celebration of quizzes as usual and blah, blah, blah, thousands of young climate activists marched through glasgow, demanding more radical action from world leaders at the club, 26 summits. ah, hello and welcome to the program. our top story, this, our 9 ethiopian factions have formed an alliance with the aim of dismantling arby admits government, either by negotiations or through the use of force. ethiopian government has already dismissed this coalition as a publicity stunt saying it does not have
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a support base on the ground. representatives of the groups made their announcement as an event in washington d. c. this includes the to gray and people's liberation front group that's been battling the central government for the past year. it had already joint forces with the aroma liberation front. this is another rebel group. as a response to the myth of crisis, facing the various nations of the country and to reverse the harmful effects of of the armored. oh to cried the group to our pupils and beyond. we herbert coordinated . the argent need to call our breath and join our force dwarves. serf, transition in the country. hence, harvey stablish of the united front of the opium. federalist and confederacy forces next to several to be to road donna's outs ups and are totally dismantled. the existing government is, or by force or by negotiation,
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whatever the wish and then subtle transitional government as soon as possible or a t p l f also formed a broad based coalition in the late 19 eighties which went on to rule the country for nearly 3 decades before a mass protest movement brought abbe armor to power in 2018. the aroma liberation army is already fighting alongside the to grind forces. it's a band armed group fighting for self determination for the aroma with your peers largest ethnic group. many of its political leaders are currently in jail. in recent days to grind forces say they've taken control of key towns and am horror fanning a long running and bitter ethnic rivalry. the am haro consider west integrity part of their homeland and they are backing abbey as government forces. amnesty international is warned of an alarming rise in hate speech playing out on social
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media with post inciting violence and using ethnic slurs against to grinds. facebook deleted, opposed by prime minister abbe a nobel peace prize winner urging ethiopians to bury the rebels. so let's get more now from alan fisher, who's watching those developments in washington. so we have it here, this broadening anti government alliance. what more do we know about the, or at the purpose of this group and what you're trying to do in ethiopia? well, 9 groups, they are both political and armed opposition coming together under one umbrella. what is remarkable about it is that it just a few months ago, some of these groups were literally fighting with one another, but they seemed to have united in a common cause, which is to remove the government of abby am it they're saying they would like to see that done through a political transition, but as you just haired, they insist that they will also do it by force if necessary. the accuser be honored of genocide and also are of killing people of genocide and ethnic cleansing at the
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see that he has to be replaced because of the damage his doing a both morally to if your peer but also economically as well. what is interesting is speaking to a few ethiopian experts in the last couple of hours. they say that of the list of 9 groups. there's a few there that they don't recognize. they've never heard of them. they don't know what level of support they have on the ground in ethiopia, what sort of resources they could bring. that whole idea of doing this in washington was to put pressure on the u. s. government to recognize that there is opposition to the armored government and also given that the special envoy has been in addis ababa very recently to try and convince him to see to the prime minister. look, it is time for a transition at some of these groups say that they're very close to the capital that has been disputed a by the police chief and addis ababa. he says, that is just propaganda and lies. there is no one close to the capitol. other
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groups have said they could take the capital within weeks and months. clearly, the concern for the united states, for the insecurity council and for aid groups like amnesty international, is that rather than any sort of peaceful transition that this will be an ongoing battle. and could last several months and could result in the loss of thousands of lives. and so that is the thing that people are concerned about at diplomatically from the sidelines. but this group, this and reller group, they're getting together sorting a common cause, even despite the differences, seeing that their intention is change in your area. all right, thank you very much, allan fisher with all the latest on what's been happening there in washington. meanwhile, ethiopia is military as calling on its former personnel to rejoin the army to fight the advance of to grind forces and their allies as we hearing about just there. in the past week, government is also called on civilians to register their weapons to prepare to fight the rebels. government is accused the to grinds of,
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exaggerating that territorial gains. the u. s. envoy. jeffrey felton has been an artist above the recently pushing for the escalation, and the american embassy has told all us citizens to leave ethiopia as soon as possible. will generally samuel get a chew has more now from addis ababa. so far, the u. s. embassy in december has been telling its citizens who have were living in ethiopia, said they're willing to even financially support them, so they can leave it because the u. s. according to the u. s. side, this conflict is getting close to a d'silva and it's certain to affect us money of citizens. but the invoice of the president biden has just left us and we know sure if he had a chance to meet with the prime minister who has insisted that the u. s. government is in support of the t p left. they support them, they give them weapons,
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it's been leased by the european side, but this comes as the african need in as well as the kenyan and you gun done, president push, you'll be on the t p left to sit down and find some common ground. but the development we're watching from a distance in washington d. c. the ethiopian side has just reacted. the justice minister has called the 9 coalition with a mission of defeating the government. what it, what they're doing. he's described it as publicity stunt. and it's not being taken seriously and within the sub over well, you and security counselors, you to start discussing the situation and if you appear in the next hour or so, my counter is live for now at the united nations. and like there have been these calls for the un security council to take concrete action in response to the abuses and atrocities unfolding in ethiopia. and that humanitarian crisis unfolding in the
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north of the country wants to plan for this meeting. well the meeting is going to be brief to by edm assistant secretary general for africa to explain what is known of the situation on the ground. and particular to highlight what is a rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation that will all be in open. but then at the council's, going to going to close session to try and come to agreement on a statement to be issued by the council. now the seems like an open and shut case, but it's anything. but in recent days, i island and kenya have been among the nations that have been drawing up a statement. that statement was presented to the council members. however, it is believed that a number of members objected to that statement, including it is said, russia who wanted the removal of the phrase cessation of hostilities from the statement. another statement we understand has now been drafted that has been circulated to council members. the meeting was due to start at this hour,
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but it's been pushed back now because of the late delivery of the statement. so we'll wait and see in coming. odds with the security council is able to agree simply not on the resolution, but simply on a statement about the conflict that came from united nations. mike, hannah, ah, not more than a 100 people have been injured in protests against the election results in iraq. security forces fight in the ironies tag asked to try to disperse. the crowds, gathered in baghdad demonstrate to say there's been vote rigging reject the outcome of the election groups aligned with iran last dozens of parliamentary saints. madame de la head has moved from baghdad. these are the supporters of the political pauses that last in net at the election. they trying to put pressure on the
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government to put pressure on the electoral commission to change what they consider the fraud. they accused the election commission of vote rigging. now, today's glasses, i have exalted in over $120.00 injuries and that have been reactions from a political parties from politicians, and also government officials. they have been calling for called of the security forces have finally managed to take control of one area at near the green, the green zone. the area that witnessed a vine security forces used to use gas canisters, and it was also security forces were also shooting in the air, shooting in the air, to disperse their protests. now, these protest as they, the majority of them, we can say,
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are military individuals. they belong to the popular mobilization forces, the popular popular mobilization forces. these are the military arms of the political parties that last and the elections. and they have been brought here near the green zone to try to put pressure on the government to put pressure on the electoral commission to change what they considered fraud in the election results. the drug company, pfizer says, and you pellets developing cuts the risk of hospital admissions or death from corona virus. by 18. 9 percent trial of the experimental truck has been stopped early following positive results. company now plans to ask regulators to authorize its use as soon as possible. the u. s. president says his country's already secured millions of doses of the drug, another company muck received. well, 1st, authorization for that for its covered 19 pill from the united kingdom on thursday,
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within 3 days. to say don't you have now if you 9 percent protection from disease leading towards the limitation with our medicine. and the data indicate 100 percent protection from best. and even if you start the medicine fire based on having contract id to see if we liked and which symptoms you have. now if you fight with them to lead to on the program, the dailies, air pollution reaches hazardous levels as india celebrates devali, the festival of lights and a tank for the music. i'm fine. celebrate is a sweeter supergroup when he sits 1st studio album in 40 years.
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ah. hello there. hope your weekends off to a good start right off the bat. we got to talk about this disturbance in the western mediterranean, some torrential rain for the valley. eric's sardinia and into corsica is while i think flooding real risk of seen it over the next few days. that band of rain also stretching across central areas of italy, rate into rome, where we have seen flooding up in over the adrian c into croatia and also bosnia. so pretty much from dubrovnik to mo star, getting into some of this what, whether further toward the east, the eastern med think looking good here. nicko see a 32 degrees that's 10 above where you should be for this side of the year. a bit more in the way of cloud cover for is stumble and breezy at times with a high of 20 degrees after northwestern europe. and we do have a run of rain for the united kingdom that will eventually find a home into the western portion of norway. otherwise, temperatures pretty well where they should be for the sum of the year,
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north africa. so all of that wet weather round the western med diving down into northern algeria and to nicea. so we've got a few days of rain to come for elders risk of seen some flooding here as well when the conditions in store on sunday with a high of 17 degrees. so temperature is pretty well where you should be, but a lot of rain coming your way season ah, with business class, with back relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything a ways the airline you can rely on.
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lou. ah, welcome back. a look at main stories. now, 9 ethiopian groups have formed that alliance which says it aims to bring down idea how much government either by force or negotiations. government has dismissed it as a publicity stunt, but the military is calling on its former personnel to rejoin the army. more than a 100 people have been injured in protest against election results in iraq. security forces fired into the air and use tear gas to try and disperse the crowd, who had gathered in baghdad. the drug company finds us as a new anti virus pill is it's developed cuts the risk of hospital admissions or
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death from corona virus by 89 percent plans to get regulatory approval as soon as possible for its use of thousands of climate change activists of march to glasgow and scotland on day 6 of the cop 26 climate summit. talk same to find ways to limit global warming to one and a half degrees celsius. but protest to say promises made at the climate talks and not enough. andrew simmons reports now from glasgow. why do we, why? why do we want voices of a generation that will live to see some of the worst effects of climate change? unless there's more progress in the cop 26 venue a few streets away. the protest is demanding to know why diplomats and politicians have failed them for 26 years since the 1st cop summit. in 1995 scottish families and school children joined the crowds among them protested from some of
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the worst affected countries devoting all their time to climate activism, all ugandan, edwin akwanga and pheasant for root, ju move, whose from bangladesh they arrived here at the beginning of the week on board the greenpeace ship rainbow warrior and their messages are simple, but serious does not our job assail. we have to be here. we have to, as our goal main to action, which is there were given a lot of hopes up in england over 25. and then we are demanding an let this be the last scope of auction, not just words. you can see so many forms of activism within these demonstrations. there's anger, there's awareness. there's also a message being spread to communities all over the world. one of realization that the moment is now, that's what swedish activist,
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greater tom berg is saying that has no time left. she blames it all on world leaders. it is not a secret that cop $26.00 is a failure. there's been a contrast, an approach from another climate activist brianna bruin, who's from samoa in the south pacific. she had this direct address to world leaders . you, we, on the weapons that can save us or sell us out. you don't need my pain or my peers to know that we're in a crisis. rianna believes worldly does need to listen closely to what protest is our say, the fight for climate just as of the fight for family, for loved ones for friends or joy on. those are all the things that young people are striking on the street for. those are the things that people are in this huge conference building for 26 has already made some progress on reducing methane gas
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emissions phasing out coal fired power and reducing deforestation. but it's not deemed enough yet to make the difference that's really needed. the pressure would increase on saturday, with global demonstrations planned andrew, some of those al jazeera glasgow will india's bassetti struggle with poor air quality, particularly at around the time of divinely. the festival of lights, fire crackers have been ban this year to help reduce pollution levels, but in italy it's still hard to see more than a few meters ahead of you. have any metal is there? was standing outside in jail good, but he learned from the short distance you can barely move the imposing wall memorial and that's because off the air pollution levels in the body. when air pollution never do tend to be up, there was the f. what is the depth from cynthia has this and the concentration of pollutants, which basically tells us how dangerous we as for our health,
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is completely off the chart. in fact, it hit the highest level that can be recorded, which is at least to time, to fail to limit set by the world health organization deli, all to walk up to its 1st incident of small. now this is one of the most polluted cities in the world, but even by those standard quality today, is it personally terrible. experts blame this on various factors including the onset of winter summit learning from neighboring regions, which is exacerbated by the practice of busting fire crackers. on the body to stem this, the deli government did ban all fire crackers in the city. this are reduced but did not eliminate the practice of buffeting fire. the med department predicts that the air quality may only improve marginally and that to, in a couple of days now loads on 2 key pieces of president jo biden's,
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domestic agenda in the us house of representatives could be delayed. after months of wrangling over their price tag, as was expected to rubber stamp a $1.00 trillion dollar, infrastructure bill that had already passed in the senate includes the biggest upgrade of america's roads, railways, bridges, and airports in a generation and lawmakers were meant to debate biden's $1.00 trillion dollars, social policy climate change bill as well. and as bill back better, which will expand the welfare safety net and overall climate and tax laws. the bill is expected to narrowly pass with a razor thin democrat majority in the house and senate. but there are ongoing divisions in the party over its cost. the investor service moody's estimates that both bills will add one and a half 1000000 jobs a year and grow the economy by nearly 3 trillion dollars over the next decade. so let's get warn us now from kimberly, how can she's following all these developers? and so house leaders had thought that they had the support of the democrats on
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these 2 key pieces of legislation. wed. where do we stand now? do they have the, the necessary votes? well tell you that, nancy pelosi, the house speaker who's in charge of calling votes is pretty adapted this and she only calls votes. she thinks she's going to win them. and the fact that this has been delayed tells us pretty much everything we need to know about where support lies. as you mentioned, there is a razor thin margin for democrats in terms of their majority. and so if you even have just a few people, uncertain that can spell doom for getting their legislation passed and that seems to be the issue here. what we know is there are at least 7 members of the president's own democratic party that have questions now about just how much this legislation will cost so much so that they are now asking the congressional budget office, or what's known as the c b o to score this legislation and that could take weeks
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and that is a real problem not only for this white house, but also for the democrats who have been trying to get support for this legislation . for some time. we already know republicans don't support it. the price tag was the issue for them, but for democrats most seem on board, but now we have some wavering. and so it is appearing less and less likely that we're going to see a vote on either pieces of these legislations with each passing hour. and again, we woke up this morning friday morning thinking this vote was imminent and it is no longer looking like that's the case. how damaging has always been full. the democrats. well, it's been very damaging and, and the person that's feeling it the most is the man in the oval office behind me president joe biden. what we're seeing is an increasingly difficult presidency, given the fact that americans voted for joe biden to come in and make things better
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. and the way that he believes he could do this is with the sweeping, domestic agenda. but the problem is, these are co equal branches of government. this president can propose the ideas, but congress has to make it law. and right now that has been very difficult in his poll numbers reflect that we've seen them falling steadily since august. the latest pulls saying 54 percent of americans disapprove of the job. the u. s. president is doing so. it's very damaging for the president. we've also seen evidence of that this week and some special elections. democrats not doing well in places where they expected to in states like virginia and new jersey where there was just a narrow victory there. and that's what i was doing potentially one year from now with congressional mid term elections. because again, democrats have a narrow majority right now in congress and they can't afford to lose any seats. if americans continue to be unhappy, if this legislation doesn't get passed into laws,
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the president hopes and radically changed things and improve the lives of ordinary americans. they could this could have long term impact for the not only the u. s. president, but also his democratic party. thank you very much. kimberly alcott from white house. in other developments, the former secretary of state colin powell has been remembered in a funeral service at washington's national cathedral. from you, as presidents and colleagues gathered to pay that tributes column pal died last month from complications of coven $19.00 at the age of $84.00. in a long career, he was also a national security advisor to ronald reagan and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, george h. w. bush, the 1st black person to fill those senior roles. jerry, of mostly white people has started hearing evidence in the trial of 3 white men, accused of the murder of a black man in the us state of georgia. a mod aubrey was shot dead when he was joking after being chased by the group and pickup trucks nearly 2 years ago. the
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judge says that was intentional discrimination in the jury selection, but says he has no legal cause to intervene. in opening statements, the prosecutor described a crime committed it based on assumptions, not on fact or self defense with against mr. her. it all started when grabbing microsoft and running down the street. the community for phone is a violation of personal liberty and finally tried to run around their truck as you saw in the get away from the stranger street put already full and that they would kill him. and that they held the defense lawyer for one of the men, travis, michael sat,
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his client acted with juicy and responsibility and see them on the flip and go back around. the dog is gone and his cellphone, he says, dad, one of the police getting here is that i didn't call 911, travis, dial 911, and gives his dad his phone. and that's why we have another one called cuz travis make michael had his phone and thought to call the police. where are they? before the 1st shot is fired. they call the police. that is not evidence of an intent to murder. a former security aid to the french president has been sentenced to a year in prison for assaulting a protest. her exile renello was found guilty of illegal violence and other offences for attacking a protest or a may day march in 2018. he's been given a 3 year sentence, but will only spend
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a year behind bars. manual micron was not present when the incident occurred, but it came, it became the 1st big controversy of his presidency. now for pop music fans of assigning him, there's no doubt saying the big news today. ah, well albert bag with their 1st studio album in 40 years, the swedish force himself more than 385000000 albums worldwide in the seventy's and eighty's, their latest offering called voyage is likely to shift plenty more. so will our fans be once again thanking them for the music or sending out a musical s o s band members and out all in their seventy's and say they have not changed that successful formula? we decided early on that, but we won't, you know,
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look at what other people are doing today. you won't speculate in trends. we'll just do it the way we did. oh. and it's up to the audience to see whether they like it or not. and of course it doesn't sound like drake, but it sounds like up more and everything right here al jazeera dot com ah, quite look at the main stories now. and an ethiopian anti government alliance is saying it plans to dismantle the government either by negotiations or through the use of force. 9 factions which form the group sent out
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a warning to prime minister abbey. i'm at claiming they are within a day's drive of the capitol. representatives of the groups made their announcement at an event in washington d. c. it includes the to grind people's liberation front. the group that's been on


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