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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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025 years of al jazeera, a unique path, always different, always pushing ah, ethiopian opposition groups form and alliance to dismantle prime minister abi up as an restoration. the government calls it a publicity stunt. ah, i can vanelle you are watching al jazeera. it's great to have you with us. also coming up the us house of representatives, debates, president joe biden's infrastructure bill, but it's facing opposition from some members of his own party, demonstrators in iraq, rallying against the results of last month's parliamentary election,
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clash with security forces. and 3 white men accused of killing an african american man, while he was jogging, go on trial in the us state of georgia. ah, the political crisis in ethiopia is deepening as 9 ethiopian factions form an alliance against the government. they want to bring down prime minister abbey office, either by negotiations or by the use of force. representatives of the groups signed an agreement in washington, dc, among been the to grant people's liberation front, which has been battling the federal government for the last year. the government dismissed the new alliance as a publicity stunt. as his paws to the merits of crisis facing the various nations of the country and to reverse the harmful effects of abbey armored
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autocratic rule to our pupils and beyond. we have recognized it the advent need to collaborate and join our force towards a safe condition in the country. hence, have established the united front of the open. federalist and confederacy forces. the un security council, as calling for a peaceful resolution to the intensifying conflict and demanding access for humanitarian aid to the tiguan region. the members of the security council expressed deep concern about the expansion, an intensification of military lashes, inordinate european bay for their call to put an end to host tidies, and to negotiate a lasting ceasefire and for the creation of conditions for the start of an inclusive, it's your p n national dialogue. mike hannah has more on the un security council meeting which
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was delayed. the meeting had been planned to take place and then a few minutes before it was due to begin. we received the news that it would not be taking place that it would in fact be happening on monday now. ah, this speculation as to exactly why this was postponed. there had been argument, we understand about a draft statement that had been drawn up pre lap primarily by island and kenya, a calling for a cessation of hostilities. i. we understand that russia in particular, objected to some of the language in this particular statement. but the president of the security council did emerge and read a statement. he was at pains to emphasize his view that the security council was not divided on this issue. he read out a statement which basically calls for an end to the violence calls for a negotiated settlement express. it's thanks to the african union for the steps that it is taking in this ongoing crisis, but still not clear as to exactly why this meeting was postponed. as to whether
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another statement is going to be drawn up in coming days, once again by island and kenya. now the involvement of kenya is absolutely critical, according to a number of diplomats. i've spoken to. the reason for this is that the prevailing view and the security council at present is that african problems require african solutions. they've got to be direct african involvement in resolving this crisis. hence, basically the desire that the african union takes the lead along with ethiopia as african neighbors. okay, and that could be say, is a former president of the aroma studies association. he joins us live on scott from washington d. c. thank you so much. he a time. so the government has dismissed this new alliance off of opposition. factions as a stunt. what do you think? how might this coalition change their trajectory? i believe this is going to be a very essential step forward in planning and preparing for some type of
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post avenue scholars tractor in the country. in addition to that, i also believe that it will give the 9 members who created the fund to start to discuss the content of a possible cult comfort. human that includes obviously it's a transition of politics once i've each, he's not anymore in the scene. okay, so you think this coalition might turn force or be offered out? do you think he'll go quietly? do you think he'll go to the negotiating table up until now he eas, reject him. a call for a cease fire. and he plans on settling this. always a military victory, but the reality on the ground as we have been observed during the last few days,
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is that he is losing really totally in despair. campbell char, our motivation army is close around december, and the grad defense force is also joining hands in the last few days. so the reality indicates that he's not doing well militarily, and he's not okay, well, he's a cease fire and coming and then come to the table for discussion or negotiation. ok, so the only option at this moment that his philosophy is a forceful removal of i. b, all he might at some point come to his reason and i agree to exit. maybe i was interested to see this alliance was signed in washington d. c. some analysts think that was designed to put pressure on, on washington to show the americans that, you know, the opposition has leverage that it's serious. what do you say? why was it signed in washington?
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oh, washington particularly. i mean, generally the most america has been the manager of territory for the dance for a community to assist and support the political struggle back home. this is true. we've dora, more people and currently always the people tend to cry and there is strong civilian dance for a horse here. in addition to that, obviously the united states is playing a key role in trying to find a way out of these quagmire. so it also indicates good or reflect good on the last, forced to show that they can become a viable political force as an alternative option to the private mr. abbey's adams trash. and that's, that's causing bloodshed in the country now. so please have and to promote the
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group as well. ok for international audience. and we should explain that there is a federal system of governance in ethiopia. and my question to you is will this new alliance? if, as you say, it ends up going to the negotiating table, trying to design a way forward, perhaps without our be authors. will it have the support to also truly reflect all ethiopians? again, we have done these generally. when i say me from the ethiopian, we've done these in 9091. it sounds like a day jeff all over again. there has been phenomenal error in the past, and i am pretty sure that the elias force had enough experience and reasonable understanding of reflecting a demand, particularly the historical demand in the auto mall and the current demand in that
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grey which east to open up the human theory and access, ah, make sure that genocide or crime against humanity that and fully red now will never up and again, and nature's leg. gambiola somali had been politically historically marginalized. and if we do not get this right at this moment, i don't know if we're going to get that as venus. so if you are in reality ease, made up of different nations and nationality. people speaking different language language was differently historical backgrounds and as fresh as the only way to keep that together is by designing and speaking to the prince. it brought mother tie and national constitutional democracy which respects and court in compliance with the value of local autonomy and local identity. apparently, apparently that's not sitting well with the primes there,
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and that's obviously the major cause of the war. so it's up to, these are last force to make sure that a day stand taller than who are they, who they are fighting they found are in compliance with the diversified the man. the principle of self determination as instituted in the constitution can answer fundamental political question in the country. so i believe there is enough experience to be there. all right, i thank you very much for your analysis, sir. joining us here on the program and at the base that we appreciate it. thank you and human rights council has condemned the military takeover in sudan and his calling for civilian world to be restored. the council agreed to appoint an expert to monitor and report on any crimes. it also called for an end to the use of force that is so far killed at least 13 civilians. the military takeover of power in sudan on 25th of october 2021 is deeply disturbing. it betrays the
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courageous, unsparing revolution of 2 south and 19, and contra beans, both international human rights law, as well as the country's own constitutional document, another foundation, foundational documents of the transition event. since the cooper have recalled exxon ver page in the conscious history. when freedom of expression was stifled, and she went res, we're comprehensively repressed. police and iraq closed entrances to baghdad, green zone, after fighting between security forces and demonstrators intensified that protesting against the results of last month's parliamentary election. they said the vote was raked. security forces had fired in the air and use tag asked to try and disperse the crowns, or the 100 people have been injured. up out of them i had, has more from back to as the situation remains tense, near the dad's green zone. after friday's clashes between the protesters and security forces,
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now these protest her as well supporters of the political parties that last in that it is live in action. say that friday was the last day for peaceful protests. they say that they're going to escalate because their part is lost and they're in the election. what they say that they're going to escalate until and unless the election commission conducts a manual recount of all the votes. on the other hand, they let the election commission says that it has conducted a manual recount of 25 percent of the votes and the results are identical. they're not different from the old reserves. now, the violence on friday has been condemned by officials political parties across iraq. and in fact, the political clot is, are accusing the government forces of cracking down on the protest.
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us papa joe knob. we have been attacked by right. police and other government forces. they were shooting live bullets and tear gas at us. this area is very sensitive because it's very close to the green zone. the green zone, a very important area that has headquarters of a diplomatic missions that goes out of the s embassy and government offices. these protesters have been occupying this area for 3 weeks now sitting up tense and they say they will not leave this area until the election commission response to their demands. still ahead on al jazeera, the political crisis facing bosnia herzegovina that could unravel the p steel that ended the war 25 years ago. and the new covered 19 pill, pfizer says,
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can count the risks of hospitalization and death by almost 90 percent. ah hi again. great to see. here's her headlines for the americas. we've got some torrential rain around florida through the carolinas, and flood alerts in play here. and as this batch of moisture works its way up the atlantic already virginia has got a flood watch in play. sped a week ago, we saw the worst title flooding in about 20 years. and we could see a repeat here that something will continue to watch off toward the west. we've had waves of what weather for vancouver signatures above average for the canadian prairies looking pretty good and toward the southwest of the us. it is drive pacific northwest white into northern parts of california as well, and all that wet weather around florida. we can also trace similar bands of rain
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through the bahamas eastern cuba right into believes where we will see a heavier burst of rain on saturday. south end of south america looks like this. we've godsa are continuous rain falling through the amazon base in a cloudy day in bogota. same goes for lima with the hiv 18 degrees and disturbed weather for the eastern portion of paraguay. that is starting to slip in to the southeast of brazil. unsettled conditions for porto lay gray, with a hive 22 degrees and its breezy through the river plate region. so montevideo, when guess of 55 kilometers per hour, hang on to your hats on saturday. see soon, take care. ah, the in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi talk to cover side with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instance chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the
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ridge, spraying something they didn't even see the case. the 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people left his agent orange on al jazeera. ah, ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories. this are 9 groups including to grind, forces have formed an alliance against ethiopian government. they want to bring down the governments either by negotiation or the use of force. the you and human rights council has condemned the military takeover in sudan. the council has agreed to appoint an expert who will monitor alleged rights violations and report back on
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the findings. next year, protests of iraq's parliamentary elections have turned violent, demonstrate his whole, the october vote. a sham security forces have fired in the air. and these tear gas to try and disperse the crowds. more than 100 people have been injured. u. s. l speaker nancy pelosi says she hopes to pass president jo biden's infrastructure bill on friday. but after months of wrangling, she expects biden's social welfare bill to only be approved by thanksgiving. the one trillion dollar bill already passed the senate. it includes the biggest upgrade of roads, railways, bridges, and airports. the bill is expected to narrowly pass worth a democrat majority. the fact is, we believe that is necessary to pass the beth so that these jobs can come online as soon as possible. we have waited a while, we had hoped to pass it sooner,
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but we can't wait too much later afford the legislation. i do believe that there are a large number of members of the progressive caucus who will vote for the bill. i speak now to how does your castro, who is following developments in washington d. c. heidi, explain how big this piece of legislation is, what difference will it make to people's lives? right. him the confusing part is they're actually 2 pieces of legislation and they're both significant. there's the vis as the house speaker just mentioned, that is the infrastructure bill, about one trillion dollars to upgrade america's roads, bridges and mitigation for climate change. so significant. but then there's also that 2nd piece of legislation, which is the social welfare bill, which is potentially even bigger, it is more expensive and it has been described as the biggest expansion of the social safety net in decades in the u. s which includes universal pre k and child
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care credits, a climate change action including giving tax credits to people to buy for people to buy electric vehicles up to $12000.00 per family, as well as well as expanding health care access. now, the democrats have been supporting the ideas behind these policies, but the problem is that some moderate democrats are bulking at the price tag because in total, these $2.00 bills combined are somewhere around 3 trillion dollars. now supporters of the bill say that that it will be paid for by increasing taxes on large corporations and on the wealthy. but those moderate democrats want to see evidence of that in reports that, that analyze exactly how much this will cause a these are, this is the wording of the legislation that has only been published for about 24 hours. not to mention, there are no republicans on board as far as supporting the social welfare plan. so
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even if this does eventually pass the house, they're still going to be hurdles in the senate for this to at to become one that is still a very tall hill decline. okay, heidi, so as you say, progressive democrats, we're hoping that that big piece of legislation covering climate and health and education would get the green light. um, but now this infrastructure bill is being voted on 1st. how are those a progressive democrats likely to vote? i mean, i, i imagine some of them feel a little bit put out that's right. because all along those progressive democrats have said that while they support both bills, they will not approve that infrastructure bill unless this bigger social welfare bill approach is also, but it voted on at the same time. and essentially what's happening at this moment is that the house speaker is trying to call their bluff. she has said that this infrastructure bill, which she knows her caucus supports, she says it will come to
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a vote this evening though the hours are taking by. we're still not seeing that action on the house floor, and she's essentially daring. those progressive democrats to vote no to, to make good on their, on their threat. because she believes that democrats will vote through this infrastructure bill, which president biden has requested specifically to be delivered to his desk. just be signed into law to night. notably, this is a bill that has some republican support even, and has already cleared the senate. all right, i'm sure we'll be checking back in with you in the vote happens for now. thank you for that. how did your castro a court has been hearing opening statements in the trial of 3 white men, accused of murdering an unarmed black man in the us state of georgia, appalled aubrey was shot dead while he was joking off to being chased by the group and pickup trucks nearly 2 years ago in the opening statements, the prosecutor showed previously unreleased mobil footage of the shooting taken by
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one of the defendants. this or felonies against mr. are believe. it all started when grabbing back a song and running down the street, the movies for felonies and violations, personal liberty. before he finally tried to run around their truck. as you saw in the evidence and get away from the stranger complete strangers. who had already told him that they would kill him. and then they help with a defense lawyer for one of the men, travis mc, michael said his client, acted with duty and responsibility and see them on every flip and go back around. the dog is gone and his cell phone i says, dad, one of the police getting here, he's dead. i didn't call 911. travis dials 911,
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and gives his dad his phone. and that's why we have and i was calling, cuz travis make michael had his phone and thought to call the police. where are they? before the 1st shot is fired. they call the police that is not evidence of an intent to murder and b, c. j. grey is outside the court in brunswick in georgia, very difficult for aubrey family. in fact, a lot of response walked out of the courtroom when the video began to play thing that he didn't need to watch that. his mom wept openly in the courtroom while that video was played. it is she said the 1st time she seen the complete video. and it is a graphic video that shows her son trapped by to pick up trucks and eventually shot and killed. it's the center of what is the prosecution's case here you heard the
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prosecutor talking about faulty assumptions and bad decisions that lead to amount of re death while the defense team painted the 3 men accused of murder as being driven by duty and responsibility to themselves. and their community, they say that there was probable cause that these men believed that amount aubrey was a burglar. there had been robberies, rash of robberies, in the weeks ahead of the fatal shooting. and he had been seen in some home surveillance video. the, the prosecutors labeled, or i'm sorry, the defense team labeled that video was him lurking about the neighborhood. he was never arrested, never accused of any crime in that neighborhood. so 2 very different interpretations of this situation. it's been that way since the start of this, since i'm our aubrey was killed and will likely continue for 3 weeks or more. in
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the trial here. the talk to you, an official in bosnia herzegovina has warned the p steel that ended the war 26 years ago, is under threat the both needs of leader miller. i thought it has an als plans to establish a separate army within the country that violates the $995.00 days in peace agreement . jamal a shall reports from sorry, over plans by the bosnian serb leadership to exit some of the country's tripartite institutions, including the military and drew dish. we are described by the international communities. hi, representative christy schmidt is tantamount to cessation the constitute, she sees the greatest existential threats of the postwar period. he's talking about bosnian serb leader miller roddick who's threatening to former militia in the sub run entity of republicans, serv, hska, and force out the bosnian national army. if necessary. he says the serbs will call their friends to help
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a presumed reference to serbia proper and russia. i'll go to beauregard, coach if the republicans epsco will control its own affairs in a legal constitutional manner, including by having its own army judiciary, fiscal administration, as well as intelligence and security agencies, hima, we will reestablish all these institutions. we are here essentially being blackmailed. i would say both politically and in all other ways by a corrupt a lead in bosnia and herzegovina succession is the lead who is willing to star the conflict and the war in order to prevent themselves from going to prison cell. this is not an ideological question. this is not a political debate, this is not a constitutional debate. it is a desperate attempt by those in power to remain in power under any costs. last month, the training exercise by bosnian serb police was denounced by muslim bosnia can pro are leaders. the other members over 3 way power sharing government formed by the
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1995 dayton peace agreement. they took place on the mountain overlooking, sorry, evolved from where serb snipers and artillery laid siege to the capital. beginning in 1992 thousands of civilians were killed in a war that culminated in what has internationally been recognized as a genocide. when more than 8000 muslim men and boys were massacred by serb troops in the eastern enclave of sir beneath saw the high representatives report to the united nations this week seized. there's a very real prospect of a return to armed conflict in bosnia. despite this, there appears to be no obvious appetite on the part of western powers, including nato, to increase their security presence. they are, we are disarmed. sylvia is armed and the international interrupt letters are asking us for concessions, appeasing. appease in the same policies
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that resulted in genocide year men or our daughter has 4 years called for the separation of the cerebrum, part of bosnia from the rest of the country. yes. and just weeks ago, he shared these scenes on social media. he and colleagues singing serb nationalist songs in their cerebral headquarters. it was a reminder that the u. s. sponsored peace in bosnia did not bring ethnic harmony, nor did it come with any long term guarantee. on the ground in the capital life goes on as normal. there's no physical evidence that an armed conflict is even possibly looming. however, when you do speak to people, there's an almost tangible worry that unless the international community intervenes and stops not ex separatist plans. the bosnian serb leader, backed by his allies in belgrade and muscle, could force the country into a potentially deadly scenario. drama, lottery al jazeera sarajevo. chuck make
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a file that says the new call the 19 pill. it's developing cuts the risk of hospital admissions or death. by almost 90 percent, a trial if the experimental drug was stopped early following the positive results. the company plans to ask regulations to authorize its use as soon as possible. president joe biden says the u. s. is already secured. millions of doses of drug within 3 days. oh, the symptoms you have now is denying presents protection from disease leading hospitalisation with our medicine. and the data indicate 100 percent protection from birth. and even if you start the medicine fire based off or having contracted disease, could we lived in which symptoms you have now you fight with them. a big news now for ab fans, the group is back for their 1st studio album in 40 years. ah
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. the swedish force them sold more than 385000000 albums worldwide in the seventy's and eighty's. and their latest offering called voyage is likely to shift plenty more. the band members are now all in their seventies, but they haven't changed their successful formula. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. 9 groups, including to grind, forces have formed an alliance against ethiopian government. they want to bring down the governments either by negotiations or by the use of force. the un security council is going for a peaceful resolution to the intensifying complex and is demanding access for.


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