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re wilding patagonia on al jazeera oh o. time. now for a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, large demonstrations have taken place in cities around the world, calling for urgent action on climate change. at the climate summit in glasgow demonstration has expressed disappointment at the pledges. at least 1009 people have been killed. and many others severely burned. after a fuel tanker explosion in sierra leone capital, free town. it happened after the tanker collided at a busy junction and then internationally mediated, planned to get sudan back on the road to democracy,
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appears to be in deadlock with both sides, rejecting proposals. pro democracy activists have called nationwide strikes voters in nicaragua, go to the polls on sunday to choose the president, but the result appears to be a foregone conclusion. daniel ortega is running for a 4th consecutive term virtually unopposed, after dozens of opposition figures were arrested, or latin america editor, lucy newman joins us now from san jose, which is the capital of neighboring costa rica. see a good to see you now, if the result appears to be a foregone conclusion, then what's the atmosphere there? do we know what kind of reaction there's been to the selection? well, we know that hundreds of not thousands of nicaragua have been coughing over the border through illegal border passes to get into costa rica so that they won't be forced to vote. even though voting is not mandatory. we are getting reports that
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government party members are going house for house, trying to get people to sign pledges that they will vote in the field, that they will go to the polls and that they will actually vote for president daniel ortega. we also know that the opposition has called, at least on their social network, because opposition media has been shut down. we are all going to stay home and boy caught that pole while here in costa rica. many nicaragua are planning to go out on the streets. they say to have the voice that the problem don't have in their own country. it has been a very, very contested election. as you mentioned, most of the outspoken opponents of the government have been imprisoned or gone into exile as other candidates have also been barred from running. so there is virtually no competition in this election. and this isn't the 1st time this is happened, but this is the 1st time the president ortega has done so far as to actually prevent real competitive opponents from reading. let's take
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a look at how we have managed to do this time and time again to remain in office for more than 14 years. it was wrong ago, 1979. when, when lucian, in nicaragua, over to the countries then diagnostic dictatorship. when one of the revolutions leaders was daniel ortega, he went on to become president, amid a bloody counter revolutionary war financed by the united states. the conflict ended with a new election in which would take a last. he promised to return and he did own bath. this time to stay 14 years after returning to the presidency than usual, data is going for a 4th consecutive and contested term. it is from exiled human rights advocate. gonzalez, guardian explains how he achieves it through absolute concentration of power. he made a pact with the church, the business sector, and some opposition parties,
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his former enemies, and ended up controlling alby institutions, including the supreme court and the electoral council. therefore, after returning in january 2007, he swore in the armed forces and police reminding them of their routes that they were sandinista party institutions. but 3 years ago or take us alliances began crumbling when mass protests led by students turned into a national uprising and cause for the restoration of democratic institutions. even his want, staunchest allies had declared him a dictator and demanded he stepped down. he refused saying his adversaries would have to settle their differences peacefully at the ballot box, but to wait hasn't been peaceful. this exhibition in costa rica national assembly is a tribute to some of the more than 300 nicaraguans who were killed by ortega, security forces and paramilitary groups in less than 2 months. they include student
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shop owners, farmers even children, and they become a symbol of the government's determination to crush descent. but they aren't the only symbol. this is a replica of what they call a punishment cell, where hundreds of political prisoners in nicaragua are taken sometimes for weeks even months. that includes the majority of the mainstream wouldn't be opposition candidate for sundays. presidential election. ortega claims the united states and certain european countries are instigating on rest earlier this month. he boasted support not just from cuba and venezuela, but also russia. a lot of them boom. but in the loop of it is offered us in valuable support in the area of defense to defend peace now country. so thank you, president vladimir putin, our respects and affection. we are together in the struggle for peace and sovereignty and justice of our country's leper. a recent gallup poll among others,
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suggests ortega has less than 20 percent support. but he continues to receive financial aid from the i m f. the inter american development bank and the central american bank and has been able to enlarge the paramilitary and police forces in nicaragua, the 2nd poor's country in the region that has allowed him to stay in power through terror and guns for the last 3 years. there has been systematic repression and crimes against humanity. ortega's closest advisors are other ortega's, including his children, who run a multi media empire and large family business holdings. the national chief of police is his in law, and then there's his powerful wife and vice president rosario moody. you. meanwhile, opposition television print, an online outlets like confidential had been rated and confiscated, and mainstream political parties declared illegal with good reason. ortega is
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confident that he will remain in the presidency, at least for the foreseeable future. what, apart from very strong to allies, there will be no independent observance during this selection. and that includes journalists, in fact, the reason why i'm here in san jose costa rica and not in nicaragua capital is that for the 1st time ever, the nickel robin government has decided that foreign journalist cannot into the country. this is absolutely unprecedented. never happened before in nicaragua, nor in cuba, or even the whaler when there are elections. but that is the situation right now. however, there are journalists in nicaragua, many of them working underground, who are going to be sending information all the time here to costa rica and to other parts of the world to try to keep people informed back to you via newman, with religious from costa rica as you mentioned thank you. gangs in
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haiti are increasingly targeting schools and their students, the, you and children's agency. unicef says the gangs are also forcing teachers to pay protection money or face abduction themselves. john henderson reports now from puerto prince emma in haiti's capital. learning is a dangerous business. the education of the use of puerto prince occurs behind iron gates beneath spiral blades of barbed wire. in an atmosphere of pervasive fear. i'm afraid that the gangs might come and kidnap me. i don't feel good, but i do it because i love school. principal villages, older bear runs this school on a shortage of funds and students. a few crisis leaves many out of work and unable to afford education, nor even the commute said he gets his ha ha, every one worries about kidnapped him, but we keep working. second, we operate on fit for many of haiti's youngest and most vulnerable getting there is
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the most dangerous part of the day. oh, i sometimes hey, gunshots on my way to school, although i am 4th. i don't have trouble going because i live close. oh, haiti's children have become a black market commodity. in recent weeks, the countries powerful gangs of increasingly used a vacuum of political and police power in the capital to rob teachers and snatched their students for ransom. a week ago this school was open, then some gangsters spotted. apparently the bank followed him here till the parent in injured several others. now like many schools in haiti, this one is close. parents arrived to find uniformed children on stretchers, leaving teachers across the capitol, afraid to come to work, but often showing up anyway, this is phyllis when that hope they'll be a change because the way we're teaching kids right now in this atmosphere is not
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favorable. my hope is that the situation we have right now will change, so we can function. will you despite the dangers each day, thousands of children arrive in class after braving the capital streets. but for many, the price of education in haiti, his simply become too high. john henderson, al jazeera, puerto prince heavy rain has caused flooding and landslides, in bosnia rising rivers. in the said, i have a region have forced hundreds of people to evacuate their homes as jamal as shall now reports from the capital. torrential rain and severe weather has caused widespread flooding across several parts of bosnia herzegovina, burying cars, houses, and damaging roads and facilities. the country is no stranger to floods and lance lights, but people see the sheer amount of rain that's fallen in the past. 48 hours has been unexpected. noise was short. all of a sudden the rain started falling,
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and within 10 minutes cars were covered by water. and all of this, the breeze came in in the towns of con, it's on the south of the capital. sorry val, heavy machinery was brought in to clear the streets, but many roads will still need to be repaired before they can be used again. emergency services have been deployed across this municipality, as well as other areas of the country do not log on systems. people and machines are working hard to repair the damage. this is only one of the many affected locations along the red river, a popular tourist location, restaurants and businesses have also been hit hard. despite having a robust drainage system built to weather storms, the amount of water proved too much. the entire drainage system has been plugged up . we cannot clean it fast enough. what can you do? thankfully no one was hurt and thank god, it's only material damage that can hopefully be repaired. the local mayor who was on sites monitoring the situation, told al jazeera that by friday afternoon,
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some 60 truckloads of debris had been removed, but several towns in the area remained cut off with roads leading in and out of them unusable from the amount of rain that fallen in the last 36 hours equals the amount that usually falls during an entire month. many businesses at homes have been damaged, but it's too early to assess the full extent. on a national level, the government has stopped short of announcing a state of emergency, but sees the situation is serious. people here are taking it upon themselves to fortify their homes, stacking sandbags and other objects to friend off against the floods was the most severe damage caused by the floods has been outside of sarajevo. here and the comforts all the rain fall has been consistent. raising river levels, and as a result, fears that unless the weather improves part of the city through could be flooded, jamal al,
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shall al jazeera cerebral p lands make up to 3 percent of the world's land mass, but store more carbon than all of the world's forests combined, it makes for a cheap fuel to burn, but the irish government is phasing it out to meet its emissions targets. move barker met ecologists embarking on a massive re wilding project in central ireland 11 lives of island equality, the turning fact time. restoring the country's verse, peopled to what they were millennia ago, beats an accumulation of ancient vegetation, the when dog and dried burns for hours. for generations, the lands been drained and harvested for heat homes and fuel power stations. with more than 80 percent of islands bobs lost in the process. but now the same state funded company board pneumonia that strip these bogs dry is putting up wind
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turbines. and steering this, the biggest ecological restoration project in europe. he plans are incredibly efficient, a pulling carbonite for the atmosphere square meter per square meter. they pull the can pull more carbon i sent of the air than square these are of amazon in rain forest. so when it's burned or when it oxidizes, the problem is it releases so much, but why is thriving a lives growing in the way it should be? it's incredibly efficient. in a few decades time. this lunar landscape will be the lungs of island. the scale of this project is absolutely immense in the next few years and area of land, the size of the mold eaves will be restored. thankfully though the process is reasonably simple, the channels you originally drain the peat bogs for extraction, all filled in, allowing pools of water to form on the surface. and eventually all important masses
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to grow that will capture carbon within 50 to 100 years. and those most is extremely good job and that's all that has been close for the last we're looking for 2 years. but the pace of change has angered traditional turf cutters. many employed in industrial extraction found themselves suddenly out of work. member of parliament, michael fitzmaurice is defending what's seen as a historic right to continue extracting small amounts of pete the domestic use in rural island. this remains the easiest and cheapest way of heating a home. offshore. wind will be tune 1215 years. we've got to kind of process and do all the things to for hydrogen. we're probably using to 20 years away. and we have got to make sure that while we're doing that, that it's a smooth transition. national roof. see that we are face the e used device to transition funds to help rural communities meet the challenge of
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going green, including financial compensation for abandoning pete extraction. but it's harder to abandon a way of life and change for centuries. climate change though demands immediate action. and islands pete bogs are one of our best lines of defense. they've walker al jazeera and central island. still to come on al jazeera in sports novice, jocko betcha. sets another record. all the details. coming up with peter. ah. tens of thousands of children were born into or lived under the i school regime in iraq and syria. now, many are in camps either orphans, all with that. we don't mothers, rejected by their own communities. chicken length of people are going to welcome the mouth about, of course not a new documentary. his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's
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last generation on al jazeera, when the news breaks, when people need to be heard was clenching, was founded on bloodshed with exclusive interviews, and inject reports. if the families that are teaching each other, how to search riverview authority, al jazeera, has teens on the ground liquid rock, big shot up into the air as well as chemicals. being released to bring you more award winning documentaries and light knees, hulu. ah,
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gaining recognition as a world heritage site can revolutionize regions, tourist industry, bringing in money from all over the world. but it can also bring challenges that you're dainey and city of assault was added to unesco list earlier this year. but as natasha go name reports, it will need time to adapt to its new status. the city of assault is draped over 3 hills in jordan's highlands. it's described as a place of tolerance and urban hospitality. this year it became a unesco world heritage site. the so that it became through as a smoke and you dream assault thrived during the weaning years of the ottoman empire. it was a regional trading hub and away station for pilgrims traveling to jerusalem. christians and muslims lived here, side by side, and opened their limestone homes, to visitors, passing through the living heritage city. as you see, is this phil,
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i sophie was to live and the bell phone and the old area and the heritage buildings . and there were mix it, you're like very special. i'm differentiated from other because like any, any person visits or felicity can interact with locals. they can listen to their stories. the push for assault to be recognized by unesco as a world heritage site began 26 years ago. after 2 failed attempts, it was finally granted the designation in july. now the hope is tourists will come think it's very picturesque and interesting. yeah, i heard that's like uh very im ancient cd ultima tie. allen the i looked like larry nice. the assault development corporation is working with a government to devise a $10000000.00 plan to restore and renovate the historic buildings and create amenities for tourists. the city of 82000 people doesn't have a hotel book,
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you figure log on mobile. we are waiting for the government, specifically the amount of money to improve the tourism sector, telephone toys, track today. listen, we are worried about this because if things did not work well, laughing will change. she women recognizing the government may not have the funds, city leaders or already looking to the private sector to help transform assault into a world class destination for tourists. in keeping with the tradition of hospitality created by their ancestors, people say they're ready to welcome them. natasha name l de zira assault jordan. k time for the sport. now here's peter. probably thank you. it was dalby de misery for manchester, united who were beaten to know at home by the local rivals, man city paper. the other side went into the game without a printing whenever the united from moving to use. and they would give to the lead
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at old trafford. when united the same, the eric by sliced the ball into the next 7 minutes in that he got a 2nd just before half. so on the not a silver beating united keeper devotee and he's near posts that he up the 2nd in the table, while the pressure increases on united boss only going to so shy of folks the feet in the last 6 lead games. it's very disappointing. and of course, it feels like you have to last week that we've made a step or 2 forward resource wise. it's a big step backwards, but it's probably for me another, well, it's a, it's a way of losing that. we don't like blend me, be gentle. so i can, i don't never analyze or judge what they'll put into, do they have done. so listen, the games have been quite similar in the last previous season than they've been.
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barcelona have confirmed former captain savvy as their new head coach will be presented at the club. on monday, having signed a contract until 2024, the spaniards said good bye to his club and cut it outside. on friday he'd been with them since joining as a player in 2015 before taking over his coach 2 seasons ago. chevy returns to a trouble. barcelona who are struggling in the league. it was my dream, and now the dream come through so. so very important for me, of course to be challenged by them. ready. we are ready all the technical staff for starter immediately due to training a to to talk to the player. so i'm really happy to be to be here in barcelona. i, we need the fans of course, so we need the supporters. we will try to do our best there to make them happy and, and this is the limitation they via vasa were in action on saturday and they looked good against cells of ego. initially they led 3 mill at half time that they ended
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up sharing the points. sulphur scoring an equalize almost 6 minutes into stuff each time while barcelona down a 90 to rail madrid are back on top of the lead following a to and victory of it. i of i, cano rails goals came from st. louis and karen benjamin. the school is 10th of the season from 11 matches over in france. name are had a scoring boots on for paris, ange, a man, and he delivered to very close the goals against bordeaux. a brazilian combined a clean and bob a full. he 2nd, as he, as she held on for a 3 to when they are 10 points ahead in the league, a name are no bakovich will end the year as will number one for a record. 7th time the serbian recovered from a set down in the semi finals of the paris masters, eventually defeating poland, hubert would catch in a 3rd set tie break. talk of it now surpasses the record he joined. he held with the legendary pete sampras proud and the extremely happy obviously there was there
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one of the biggest goals and it's always one of the biggest goals to either be number one and, and the season is number one to do it for the record 7 times or bus my childhood, the idle and role model. it is incredible jock, a virtual play. daniel made the day the in the final, a rematch of the us opened aside a in september, made the dave booked his place with an impressive 6 to 6 to win over the olympic champion. alexander, vetted that also known and russia have won the top women's team competition for the 1st time in 30 years. they faced switzerland in the final of the betty gene, king cap, formerly known as a faint cup that he had cast of keena and lou the miller, some soon over one they singles matches to give russia and unbeatable lead. they competed in prague as the russian tennis federation because of doping sanctions. they prevent them using their country's flag and anthem in for me to one,
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but that he bought us will start the mexico city grand prix from po position. it'll be an all mercedes front row with lewis, hamilton clocking the 2nd fastest time, charitably. the max for stopping will start from food. francesco. busy bonilla claim he 5th state murder, g po, position the pool, the garb graham, pre in portugal battalion estates a lap record to snatch. tub support from the coffee team. jack miller will champion . february casado will start from 7th one of the greatest t. 20. best of all time, chris gail may have played his last match for the west indies, even though he is not officially announced these retirement signs were simply there against the stranger in abu dhabi. galen, he made 15 of the windy, posted 157 for 7 in what was definitely dwayne brother's last match for the caribbean side. it was just enough time for go to pick up a wickets before the all these wrapped up a comfortable australia 3 because it could not be in england by the required margin
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with american badges certainly played the parting shot. jo rossi fund that doesn't is in 94, not from any 60 balls in a school of 189 to 2. they had to restrict england to 131 to reach the semi finals that the one able to do that. it was something for south africa to cheer those football because he thought about a thinking hattrick near the end of the evening to ensure victory by saying runs england still go through as group women? bethany to south african rugby, the will champion speed wales and carter for the 1st time since 2013. the teams traded penalties. but the spring book finally took the lead through a malcolm marx try later on. final school 2318 new zealand broke a south african recording. they 479. whenever italy in rome, the all blacks have now school the highest number of test match points in a calendar year. they ran in 7 tries in this when dan coles. and i saw for amolla, scoring to each and england ran riot against tongue at quicken him. the teams
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stayed in the alternative kit, so the english were in read while the tongues were wearing white inland. randy, no fewer than 11 tries to complete the 693 when and finally, one of mexico's biggest sporting stars is an action on saturday night. when can i know that his faces caleb plans of it is, is hoping to become an undefeated ro champion in the super middle weight bath in las vegas and mike tyson with a to watch the way. and that's all the sports is barbara. that's even london. peter, thank you. archeologists have a nurse, a new discovery near the ancient roman city of pompei. they found a slave room inside a villa containing wooden beds and a series of other objects including ceramic pitchers and the chamber pot. researchers say the room is an excellent state of preservation. pompei was home to about 13000 people when it was buried by a volcanic eruption in the year 7980 the site wasn't discovered until the 16th century. that's it for the news. our back in
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a few minutes. they with us. ah mm. november on al jazeera, 5 years after the his story, he feel between fog rebels and the colombian government, out of the re examined white tensions and violence of rising once again. emma, your award winning poor lives investigates the untold stories across the us, millions in coast on boat in parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than a year after the last poll triggered a political crisis in mercy and personal short documentary africa. direct show
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cases, african stories from african filmmakers, china marks 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and cruise for a boycott impact the sporting event november on out jazeera if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america what's working and what's not why people were only talking about this, it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. but bottom line on al jazeera, it's the world's most populous democracy. diverse dynamic and undergoing momentous, seen context. india dixon in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and
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the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context india. on alex's eda ah a global day of action against climate change as the comp 26 climate summit continues protest, her se in action is still the biggest threat. ah . hello barbara sarah, this is al jazeera alive from london. also coming up, a fuel tanker crushes in sierra leone triggering an explosion that is claimed dozens of lives. a call to action in sudan activists prepare for nationwide strikes .


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