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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context. india analyses eda, serious dorcas days with one man leading the country through prism to alice out his last legitimacy. he needs to step how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examine the global power games of president bush out on the soft. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human thought master of chaos. coming soon on older 0. lou ah,
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hello, you're watching out 0. i'm emily anguish, a reminder of ant up stories this hour. sedans military later, general abdel flatter albert han is spoken exclusively to al jazeera english. he says he will not be part of the government after a transitional period. last month, the military took power arrest in civilian ladies and declared a state of emergency. vote is the heading to the poles in nicaragua, who is general elections. president, daniel ortega is set for 4 consecutive terms. after many opposition, figures were jailed or band from running and rocks laden have condemned what they calling an assassination attempt on the prime minister as a highness and a cowardly attack. drones targeted mustafah al kut, he means residents in bagdad greens on in the early hours on sunday and
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still on the iraq story. and zayden elkin ami is a middle aged analyst. he explains the loss of support that pro iranian political groups. have some foods, it is very clear that the protesters or the attackers behind this are the followers of the same political parties and paramilitary groups that are associated with the alliance, which would be parliamentary coalition, known for its affiliation with yvonne's interest within the piano. and the iraqi politics in general. we witness and last early elections that took place on october 10th alliance, 117 parliamentary seats, in contrast to their 48 seats, which was one and 2018 parliamentary elections. this is a huge loss to the parliamentary and the ones. it also represents a major sent back to their political and social influence, which they believed was an acid that they enjoyed from iraq's victory against isis
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. and 2017, which they of course were a part of however, and october 2019. and one of the movements kicked off around the rocks with tests holding for reforms. the magic change and to corruption and an end to securing them and regional intervention. again, with a particular focus on iran, it was clear that the protest, an activist and researchers were facing political violence from the very same armed groups, claims to liberate iraq from ices. these boots are the ones or give me a full, just thinking and attacking by mr. calling his government and denouncing the integrity of the elections, which of a 4 years praise and promoted for at least 2 investigations, and now under way into what caused a stand paid at a music festival. in texas. 8 people died and dozens were injured after crowns pushed forward during a performance by rapid travis scott on friday night. when you say some people were
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forced to so tightly together, they started hyperventilating id, jo, castro, reports. it was supposed to be a night without worries and escape from the stress of the pandemic. as 50000 people, mostly youngsters in their teens and twenties, gather before and outdoors stage to watch houston warm wrapper travis scott. oh, but the energy quickly turned to panic. the minister i've tried performing, it's like people like something in front of them. they're running, they're going crazy and pushing and everything. i don't know where i guess like a group of people or somebody just version and then everything just by you. it was compressed like you were just compress, the whole point of witnesses reported being squeezed to the point of suffocation and for some victims cardiac arrest. all of the identify deceased were under 30 no parent, no friends,
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no sibling should see their loved one off to a concert via world are known artists and not be able to expect them to come home safely. and when we read these ages, 14162121232327 just breaks your heart. even as the victims were being treated, the concert continued for another 40 minutes. according to police. the performer paused several times to call for medical attention for ailing fans. and this young woman frantically tried to alert a camera operator to the worsening crisis. houston police have opened a criminal investigation, and the city's mayor has offered condolences to the victims. families with vows to find answers. this incident is being thoroughly investigated and reviewed. certainly, it is important for us jas. attain from last night. what took place?
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what happened? where missteps may have occurred. it's still unclear would cause the crowd to search. the police say there was a credible report of some one injecting a security officer in the neck with an apparent drug. the officer fell unconscious and was revived with nar, can a medicine to treat opioid overdose, a lot of narratives out there right now. a lot of them are social media and even last night i think that all of us need to be respectful of the family. make sure that we follow the facts and evidence. investigators say at this stage, nothing is confirmed and nothing is off the table. heidi joe castro al jazeera, at least 15 people have been killed in a magic crash on the outskirts of mexico's capital and truck collided with 9 vehicles at a toll booth on one of mexico cities busiest roads, already cited,
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appease its brakes, failed 5 of the people were injured and some vehicles court fire. sierra lee owns government has declared the explosion of a fuel tank in freetown and national disaster. at least 99 people, confirmed dead schools of others severely burned and being treated in the capital stray hospitals. medical workers say they're overwhelmed, alexander lurch reports all that remains from the devastating tank or explosion in the free town sub above. wellington. the blast happened at a busy junction after a fuel truck collided with another vehicle. witnesses say crowds of people trying to collect the leaking fuel before it suddenly ignited the resulting fireball incinerated shops and market holes and engulfed near by cars and buses. they are barnes cars and our bodies underneath. we cannot give them one full access in 2nd
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decency. so with an answer this morning, for us to get, feel, find out body counts. of all those affected scores of burn victims are being treated at free towns. hospitals, the number of patients to overwhelming to allow families inside to relatives wait outside for news scanning a growing list of victims. awesome. and timbo lost his younger brother. he left tom and said who was going to buy bread for us to eat. when i heard about the explosion, i went to the scene and i saw my younger brother lying down. he was burnt all over . i felt so bad. i loved him so much. the government has promised the best care for those affected. don't think he yes, that is what we had additional doctors in the ground and sufficient nurses, government pharmacy was open or medicines and the pharmacy was used to treat the wounded for free, so far to have resources to stabilize them. we have people seriously wounded in the intensive care unit, sierra leone underfunded health service,
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last hundreds of experienced workers during the 2016 ebola epidemic. the world health organization says it's now dispatching supplies and bern experts to help the west african nation. yet even as the clear up continues, authorities warned the death toll is expected to rise. alexander lurch al jazeera children under the age of 5 is set to receive polio vaccination in afghanistan for the 1st time in 3 years. that's after the taliban administration launched a 4 day elation drive before returning to power. 8 accused. un medical workers being spies by them from carrying out door to door campaigns. when 3000000 children will now receive the vaccine. a series of attacks on civilians in indian administered kashmir has spot fees of a renewed conflict in the region. authorities have stepped up security to avoid
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further unrest as patent mitchell reports. oh that up. her family is mourning the loss of its eldest son. shy the jaws was shot nearly a week ago. his brother is so overwhelmed with grief, he faints. his mother implores him to wake up. she says he's all she has left off to losing shaw head. i saw a gun with me. he was on his way from work at an apple farm. we had been waiting for him when we got a call saying he was shot dead at a checkpoint in chopin district. we don't know what actually happened. authority, se shaw had was caught in the crossfire between paramilitary forces and what the court suspected terrorists that happened off to indian administered pish. me suffered its worse violence in month in october. at least 33 people were killed like shaw head. 10 was civilians, government in thought by india and pakistan. the disputed territory has long suffered tension and unrest in did. administered kashmir has seen
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a decades long armed rebellion against new daddy's rule 2 years ago. the indian government revoked the regions autonomy and imposed one of the strictest lockdown in history for the fueling resentment on the recent incidents have triggered memories of the 19 ninety's when insurgency was at its most violent, the targeted killings of minorities was common and led to an exodus of thousands of cush media hindus, the government has responded by putting more soldiers and petrol, and they often frisk people, members of prime minister in the reigns remote these party john the party denounced this comparison and insist the security measures will prevent further attacks. whoever come by the p, i go support back then separate houston militants roamed feeding back. doesn't happen. no, because they don't have any present to you. debtor to start becoming irrelevant, which is why they're targeting, unarmed to rylin's and border migrant. some political analysts accused the government of failing to stem a sense of alienation among the regions. youth that is fueling
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a separatist movement in the region. this is some work creating a huge sam, something security among the masses, and the appeal that they are back to the situation that was within the ve lee and other parts of tumor and kashmir. in early nineties, when insurgency was acted to speak, a police investigation is underway into the civilian killings and security forces have detain hundreds of people for questioning over the last few weeks. but shy, it's family disputes, the official version of the incident and wants a more thorough prob, they say they're waiting for justice and struggling to cope with the void left by his passing. pardon him. at the al jazeera new delhi trays have been operated, and roads are under water in the southern indian state of tamar madder is comes after the heaviest downpour of rain since 2015. that's when flooding killed a, more than 200 people enforced many from their homes. meteorologists are expecting
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more rain on tuesday. as cop 26 continues in scotland, the prospect of the world food supply being jeopardized by global warming. as many experts warrant the un estimates 80000000 people worldwide regularly suffer from food shortages and hunger. rob reynolds has visited a ranch in san joaquin valley, california. so how are things go tough, mike wood is the 3rd generation farmer in california's san joaquin valley. he grows 200 hector's of omen trees. but recently he's been thinking of selling the ranch. yeah. the consideration of sale has been right in the front of the gray matter for quite some time. actually, this dolly is a cornucopia of agricultural plenty rich soil in a benign climate produced a vast bounty of meat, milk, vegetables, fruits,
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and nuts. but global warming is changing the valley. 2021 was the 2nd try us here on record. while some years are wetter than others, repeated drought strains, the capacity of an elaborate system of canals and reservoirs that bring water from far away. it's getting hotter to the valley, he had a record $45.00 degrees celsius in september land where fruits or vegetables might be grown would be left idle. it's not unusual to see sites like this entire orchards ripped up and ground into mulch. these effects aren't unique to california, china, russia, nigeria, brazil, all over the world have their own localized impacts. but the one thing in common is the global warming is causing those impacts and humans are causing global warming. scientists say some of the world's most important breadbasket regions are
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also the most at risk of failure due to climate shocks, persistent drought and extreme temperatures here in california and other farming regions around the world raise an important question about the future of our species. how can an ever warming planet feed a human population that is expected to grow from 7900000000 to day, to nearly 10000000000 by mid century? simply expanding farm land won't do. more forests are cut down the worst global warming gets. scientists say we must adapt or starve our ability to be able to feed the planet is going to require some wholesale changes, both in how we produce food and how we share food across the planet. is going to require that we probably change our diet and move more towards a plant based science. this is the emitter. mike wood is optimistic,
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one that technology will provide a solution. when i talk about the technology, i'm talking about the ability to produce 50 percent to a 100 percent more than we did on the same acre 40 years ago. hope for the future in time of climate uncertainty. rob reynolds al jazeera in the san joaquin valley, california liberia's government is leading a campaign to get african americans to come and settle. if a government is offering citizenship and a chance for people to reconnect with a roots. but historic buildings are being torn down to make way for new apartment blocks. local architects want to protect the all properties to preserve the countries troubled history. nicholas hot explains from the capital one rover. on liberia's, providence island, an african american is in search of her past who are pictures from michigan is
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stepping in the ruins of the 1st home built by fried american slaves brought to africa some 200 years ago. it's on providence island that they founded the republic of liberia. providence island feels like liberty proud as island feels like healing um providence. highland feels like joy and anticipation in it. providence island means is a place where i can remove. i can take the chains from my neck. i can shake the dust from my feet and i can start new. that's what i feel. in the countries oldest church, the young gathered to celebrate thanksgiving. the tradition brought by the free slaves, supported by the american colonization society. the founding settlers became the country's elite and they kept many african needed in servitude transforming their traditions, culture, and architecture. according to the truth and reconciliation commission, this helped fuel liberia's civil wars. a quarter of
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a 1000000 people died during the 2 decade long conflicts were in downtown monrovia from where during the civil war, snipers would shoot at people in it's in this neighborhood that yet again, a 100 year old building is being torn down to make way for you apartment blocks now for some, this is library moving away from its past, looking towards the future. for others. preserving these old buildings is an essential act of remembrance of laborers troubled and divided passed. but this is like there was in the book so much alike. a shack that the owner, richard tolbert wants to tear down, but architect, joseph jones, sees history worth preserving. you cannot forget about your pass. we'll want the kids, the big kiss we're studying architectural, to understand how houses are building like bureau before, and why. almost all of the free sleeves came from americas southern state of south
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carolina. this of us came here. try and go in the live a margaret called shaw. they're brought american culture back to liberia, very intensive, where not to be african. it's my beer, as history does not start for the arrival of african americans, jones believes some of the street names should reference the nation. 17 indigenous groups and efforts be made to preserve the diverse architectural history of the country. as an increasing number of african americans make labor at their home, laura picture believes there's so much to learn from the past in order to build a better future for all liberians. nicholas hawk al jazeera providence island librarian. still ahead on al jazeera and now the record breaking performance from no bank jack of it will have all those details and more coming up in sport ah,
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in the country with an abundance of resources trade. i really want indonesia, his firms. for me, we move forward to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let it be part when the ventures growth and progress invest even easier. now, lou ah, ah. before we had this fall, we have a story about inventors from more than 40 countries being right here in kata for
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a week long forum on technology, super computers at cloud technology and robots are among in innovations on display . victoria gang b reports from dough. hm. acme del mar, 3 has come from garza to cat. are looking for investment. he's invented a robotic glove that is designed to help palestinian people whose hands are paralyzed through injury, sustained during conflicts with israel. i hope we can come out with this as a bro to type, i hope there is any company or any it on to gun. so bought this project, then we can make our multiples of this robot to come to glove and to provide it to the mission to him for his find specially and gather. i think we have a little bit on with but allies and, and ambition. france, after that ugly war, had been their competitors for more than 40 countries, taking part in the 1st ever challenge and innovation for him in qatar. judges will evaluate the best ideas over the next 2 days and award cash prizes for those placed
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1st, 2nd and 3rd is up to $250000.00 of prize money to be $1.00. once the win is from here, have been chosen, the participants will be divided into teams. they'll then compete to design, build and test an idea from scratch over a 48 hour period. one of the organizes is an inventor himself. he knows 1st hand how difficult it is to get investment for new innovations. normally a, for, as an inventor, it's very hard to start up your company. so what you are doing here? we bring the inventors and we call lot of research and start up companies to meet them. and the we hold that will be sort of a new business for them. it's hope this will become an annual event. the winners will be announced in a weeks time. victoria gate and b al jazeera, doha,
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it's time for spot his beta. thank you, emily and the premier league west. i'm united of beat and liverpool to move up to 3rd in the standings. just 3 points behind leaders. chelsea as free cake from trend to alexander arnold level matters off to the hammer's head earlier taken the lead at where sam restored their advantage in the 67th minutes when pablo for knowles scored. for them, the situation became even more favorable for the home team. 7 minutes later, the friend occurred summa method to make it 315432. it's 7 months of the day that livable lost lost the game in any competition. and turner contains return to the premier league, did not go to a plan, but at least he avoided the feat. spurs had a great chance to take the lead against everson, just before halftime only to see sergio regularly unable to find the target, the match finished go less where now you won't be become our bigger by
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now you want to to train on to try to to be competitive or, and her you must, her, you must ever are as table team are not up, sit down up and down and are in today a we didn't consider girl and i think are, is a, a good start to to improve arsenal extended. they run beaten, run in the leagues 8 matches, and 6 of us have been victories. watford was the latest victim, emily smith throes, schooling, the only goal of the game. i think it was very important today to be clear that we have, we were going to have moments of frustration and we expect it and a game plan for them. and that is going to happen. and you have to go through that . i have to be consistent, undetermined with what you want to achieve in the game, the type of action that are necessary to win the match and keep going. and we never lost sight of that. and my opinion, this is why we went again. it's been quite
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a week for novak talk of it in paris since the accolades keep flowing a day off the clenching the year end world number one for a record. second time, the serbian trained a written 37 moss is 1000 title joke which came back from a set down against daniel meditative, avenging he's lost in the us open final, back in september, it was the 1st decided in paris. the 31 years featured the top 2 in the rankings. that was the 1st master's title of the year for jock of ich, and the separates himself from raffle middle at the top of the list for all time victories. ojo phaedra has claimed 28 crowns and only 6 players have one at least 10 masters titles. special when with my both both my kids for the 1st time was the entire matching, the final water match. i mean, it was incredible. fight i all the way to the last shot, but, you know,
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i knew that he takes, it takes a best effort to win against done. he always in tremendous form. you know, he beat me quite comfortably in finals of new york. so, you know, i, i learned my lesson and analyze that match and, and try to do things better on the court today. especially in the 2nd and 3rd are just almost flawless status for my sides. very, very, please, we're mexican box or can i la. busy varez showed why he's regarded as the best pound for pound fighter in the world by becoming the sports 1st undisputed super middle way champion. other is stopped. caleb plant in the 11th round of their unification bout in las vegas. he dropped the american with a left hook, and even though his opponent got up on his feet and elo sent him back to the canvas, the referee then stopped. the fight with other is adding plants. i be f belt to the 3 he already had. he's the 1st box of from latin america to be crowned an undisputed champion. we will need them. we were that the con, i've always had
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a connection with the mexican fonts. i'm really happy that mexican fonts were able to witness this fight and shared the success with me. it mean for low to be a mexican undisputed champion? new zealand has secured the last semi final spots at the teeth where the cricket woke up. that offer a dominant 8 wicked when over afghanistan. black haps bold 1st and restricted their opponents to 120 full for 8, and helped by an unbeaten 40 from the captain. kane williamson. easy land reached their target of more than 11 balls to spare. their victory means one of the priest when m a favorites india or eliminated the keys. now play england in the cities elsewhere. pakistan defeated scotland as they prepare for the semi finals. captain barbarism led from the front with $66.00 at the top of the order of his own posting $189.00 for, for richie barrington, hidden and beaten $54.00 for the scots, but it was not to be as they fell short by 72 runs in charger. the pakistan is
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we'll take on australia on thursday for replacing the final metal the sports. nice emily, let's go. i think thank you very much, pater, and that's from us here at the news. i was teaching for one years in just a few months. ah, ah. care about the pacific island nation, rapidly falling victim to rising sea levels and to president skilfully commanding the stage of climate change. diplomacy, whom do we appeal to for our people's right to survive in the challenge of planet
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that can he secure a theater? but he seemed to be stateless people. what is going to happen to us is going to be the fate of paris, winful, witness. and so on al jazeera and talk to al jazeera, we ask, how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen copies 90 to is not all 4. 19 has been terrible. demonstration of the failure of human, sorry that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera november on al jazeera. by years after the his story, he feel between fog rebels and the colombian government algebra examined white tensions and violence of rising once again. emmy award winning poor flies investigates the untold stories across the us, millions encompassed on boat in parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than a year after the last old figured political crisis in murphy and personal short
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documentary africa, direct show cases, african stories from african filmmakers. china marks $100.00 days until it holds the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and cool for a boycott impact the sporting event november on out jazeera ah an exclusive interview with the man who led the military takeover in sudan general at the fat al brand says he's committed to a democratic transition. and elections will be held on time. ah hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is al jazeera life from london also coming up.


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