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ah, the stories that need to be told find a way these are my babies, my food, witness joke cases in firing documentary that changed the world on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm north taylor. this is the owners here news. i live from london, coming up, united nation is warns the year long conflict in northern ethiopia could easily descend into an all out civil war. afghanistan's hunger crisis where more than half the population is malnourished agencies, a millions of children,
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could starve to death. desperation at the border between belarus and poland as hundreds of migrants try to breach the razor wire fence and calls for an investigation or to palestinian rights groups, claim the phones of activists for targeted with israeli spyware. at in schools, an old face r. she's in a new era, barcelona club legend chevy has been officially introduced as boss's head coach. ah, united nations is warned that a year long conflict in the to dry region of b. c. appear as rich disastrous proportions and risks descending into civil war. the comments were made by the humans political and peace building affairs, chief rosemary decarlo, who added that the targeting of ethnic groups as increased at an alarming rate. the african union special envoy to say,
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going over sandra has dressed the united nations after attempts at mediation between the federal forces and rebel to grey and aroma fighters, all easily dust. yeah. in that is a bubba. i'm in the north, a glee individually. that the difference between them are political, are the political solution through dialogue. therefore, constitutes a window of opportunity that we can collectively pop into who are the people of a filter find lost in solution. the ongoing crisis will are not here mike, hannah, the nash nation. so quite, you're sounding the alarm there. what was the context for those remarks? well, very much that it is a mountain crisis within ethiopia, and that there's
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a very short window in which some kind of impact can be made to lesson at the ongoing situation. we heard there from rosemary, decarlo, the under secretary general making very clear that what is threatened there is a spreading civil war. in addition to this, the is a rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation. that's the same message that we heard from the african unions. hi, representative on essay going over sancho, who has been talking both to the government and to the rebels in recent days. a having a great deal of influence in terms of attempting to mediate this ongoing situation of asenjoe called on the un security council. to take immediate steps to call for an immediate cessation of hostilities to impose an immediate humanitarian relief operation of a san jose says that he is in talks with various parties to get such an operation in place in coming days. so very much
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a tone of crisis within the un security council. this meeting was due to have taken place next week postponed to the day. we understand because of the a use an inability to be part of that even on a virtual basis. but to highlight here the importance of the a you very clearly the one point of agreement in the security council is that as the african union and other african countries that have got to take the lead in resolving this crisis. the 2nd security council has expressed its full support for the african union, its own representative, the a u. n. 's humanitarian chief martin griffith has been in talks in ethiopia as well with other such an of a sancho. so there's a unified effort within the u. n. to use the african union as the which, as it were to be able to get mediation efforts underway. but 1st of all, to get a humanitarian operation going. and knowing that some 2500000 people have
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already been displaced in this mounting conflict. and you mentioned as cause to the un security council, how likely is it we see actually action from the security council itself? well, we did get a statement from the security council last week in which had called for a negotiated ceasefire, which had called for an end to the ongoing hostilities. but there's still some division within the security council, though this is denied by the president of the council says is no division at all. but some players within the council, russia, in particular, has very close ties to the ethiopian government. it is reluctant to see any kind of unilateral cease fire in which the ethiopian government would have to give any a ground in terms of its ongoing standoff against the to grey rebels. so that is an issue with the security council. it's papered over at the moment. that is unlikely to be any vote to any motion and the constant,
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the costs they are. there may be another statement similar to the one that has already been passed out. but still, there is problems within the council in terms of addressing it. this is in a way ameliorated by the agreement by all that. this is basically an african problem. and as an african problem, it requires african solutions. the un standing behind the a, you, in its attempts, standing behind ethiopia, neighbors like kenya, to form some kind of mediation. and that is the way the security council is going at the moment. you are unlikely to see any direct action by the security council unblock bob. perhaps another statement similar to what we've already heard. i cannot thank you very much. indeed. the un says acute hunger, her spiked around the world with a number of people facing famine rising by 3000000 over the past year. well, food program says 45000000 people across 43 countries are being forced towards the
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brink of starvation because of conflict, climate change, and code 19 some 12400000 people in syria. don't know where the next meal will come from. that's more than at any time during the decade long conflict. and it also increases in hunger initiative, haiti, somalia, angola, kenya, and burundi. but this year spike is large due to surging food insecurity in afghanistan. the wi fi is increasing support almost $23000000.00 people, which is more than half the population. shaw bella reports from combo, where an agency se without immediate medical intervention, millions of children may starve to death. ah, cody soggy is one of the busiest food markets in western cobble. the produce comes fresh from farms outside. the city prices are cheap. for 3 years, re zohler has been here with his wheelbarrow. he's a karate one men who for a small fee transport shop is groceries. yet for the last few months,
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his wheelbarrow has been mostly empty. he says, shoppers can't afford his services. carla willis dorothy was in. there is no business, he tells his man, we just roam around. he approaches women hopeful they may need help. and i can't remember if allah, auntie, do you need a wheelbarrow? he asks, but they walk away or ignore him. but i generally follow that. i say he is 5 hours into his work day and his earned only 20 seams. he used to earn about $3.00 a day enough to pay his rent and feed his family. frustrated, he hits harm. he spends his day surrounded by food, but even more frequently returns to his family empty handed. afghanistan's economy is collapsing, under the last government 75 percent of public expenditure came from foreign grants . usaa un sanctions meant that evaporated upon the tele bonds. takeover taliban officials say they need sanctions lifted an aid agencies to return to tackle the
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problem. oh, with little money to go round banks limit withdrawals. employers can't pay this stuff and resolve in his family a paying the price. to day they had green tea for breakfast, lunch is darlin bread. they will rush in the lift ovitz for dinner. with those who know what i want, i fear bullard are alone from carbone left. the hotel one has gone, is that i used to bring a lot of food to the house before the taliban. but now there is no work there and it is pushing me into even more of a crisis and that i am due to pay $22.00 for rent. but i still owe for last month. and a children's health is getting record day by day. they are not alone. 95 percent of people in afghanistan are not consuming enough food. and more than half about 22000000 people are malnourished, some so severely they may not make it through the winter. this is what realist trying to avoid. al jazeera has visited multiple hospitals in recent months. the
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ward swelling with more children being treated for malnutrition. agency say it's the worst food crisis in afghanistan since records began. they say children are already starving to death. we are looking at 5000000 children who are one step away from starving to death. to that city, us. 5000000 children are going hungry. they do not have food. yes, arriving on bread. and the day that really the i'm getting is not is not enough to sustain them for years. all it doesn't know what to do. he says the pressure is immense. the days are getting shorter and he wonders if he and his wheelbarrow bring home just enough for his young family to last the winter. charlotte bellow, soldiers, era, cowboy. oh yeah, my colleague, rog matheson spoke to david beesley, the executive director for the you and well food program. he says afghanistan is in
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a deep humanitarian crisis and called on the international community, john fries, assets urgently is not just years of conflict, but also you've had drought economic deterioration along with coven compounding all of that. and now you've got the international community because the taliban is taken over freezing all international resources. and that's billions of dollars. that normally would be going to teachers and health care workers. and that trickles down, trickles down to the 2 men and women who may be cleaning holes are out in the streets and, and i talked to doesn't dozens of men and women who just heartbroken, they don't know what they're going to do. i mean, you are already hearing stories of, of women mother's cell and one child to feed the other children in hopes that, that child can be taken care of by another family. and it hasn't gotten is bad. is this going to yet yet? and the next 6 months are going to be heretic unless c international community truly unfreezes those assets. so they can pay the teachers. because now students
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really aren't in school. it's not a girl boy thing as a money thing. and so we're going to need and this is just what's remarkable for us to reach to $23000000.00 people at 50 percent rations now is going to cost $230000000.00 a month a month. so where does that go to come from? is that going to come from the children in yemen? syria, ethiopia, the so hell. so the major leaders in the world have gotta step up and recognize the reality that we're facing in don't penalize the innocent victims of this conflict. now i know that the w. p is putting its own funding into this and its own support into this. but given the structure of, of ghana started given what's going on there at the moment. how confident can you be that the age that you're going to be supplying is actually going to get to the people who need it? rob, actually extremely good. i have a mit with taliban leaders and talked about x is in fact before the taliban took over already they were controllers 60 to 70 percent of the geography. in fact,
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we've not had a problem working in the areas that the taliban have control hold insights. they have assured us in fact, have delivered on allowing us the access that we need. we don't take a view politically in either side or way. we are neutral and partial independent, and they, we have, as i've asked him, clearly, you must make certain that we have independence to act in so far. we've not had any problems. they've actually, a security was, have protected our warehouses, protected our people, make ye certain of those, no corruption, diversion of food, allowing us to do our job. and that's what we want in need in any area of conflict, whether it's yemen or syria. and so we were, we worked in these types of environments all the time, so we know how to get it done. and right now, the taliban has not been an obstacle for us. and in fact we're discussing with them how to get girls back in school. we want to do school meals programs, our women are back at work and that's been a positive development. and now what happens in couple of sometimes is not the same
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. that happens in every province inside afghanistan and we're working on those on an individual basis. and we're making progress sen bumps in the road, but it bumps in the road everywhere. we go. and war zones in conflict areas coming upon out here in this news, our thousands flee, the democratic republic of congo after notorious on group sees is several villages collectively. and individually we are still falling short and cup $26.00, a cove agency from a former president. as discussions turn to who will compensate poorer countries for the damage. they suffer from climate change and in sport and unreserved apology for the clair, the center of a racism, scandal engulfing english cricket. ah, poland is closing part of its border crossing with batteries on to large groups and migrants trying to force their way through. thousands gathered in the border region
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on monday, attempting to bring down the barbed wire fence has been erected along the frontier security says you tear gas to push the migrant back, showing a diagram report her chopped between the woods and a highway in bella. ruse. these people have been walking towards the polish border, anxious to enter the european union. on the other side, polish security forces in riot gear, part of the 12000 that had been stationed there, guarding the front here, preventing hundreds of refugees and migrants from breaching the border. but it is a dead log that risks igniting into another migration crisis. on the doorstep of the you for months, thousands have been entering the block through bella. ruth, at 1st via lithuania and latvia, now mainly through poland. the e. u has accused bella ricin leader alexander, look
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a shanker of orchestrating wave upon wave of undocumented migrants and asylum seekers. in retaliation they say, for sanctions it imposed on his government of its violent crackdowns on the opposition court in the middle of his brinkman ship. those attempting to escape the harsh conditions, they find themselves in it, no shelter being to steer towards poland by bela risky and state border officials. some had taken a chance after hearing that bella was him, travel agents was selling these invitations to the you only to find themselves surviving for weeks in the forest that border. poland and belarus did give us the cutoff they. they provided everything then, but when you say when, when you said to them, okay, i want to go to men sick. i want to go, oh, i want to go back to my country so dangerous. they said, no, you should go to berlin bin bills. they bought the gun to our dollar,
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hence when we were when no, when we say we need to go to men, said so far all poland nationalist government has refused help from the use frontier agency, despite reports by polish border guards of hostile behavior and threats from better was seen forces for those stuck in this no man's land. there is no guarantee how long they will have to face the elements with little access to food and water, human pawns, between 2 hostile neighbors, soniega jago al jazeera. while the crisis has its roots in belarus is disputed elections in august last year. president alexander lucas shanker, launched a brutal crackdown on mass protests against his claim to a 6th term in office. thousands of people were arrested with rights groups reporting massive and systematic human rights abuses in november that you impose sanctions on lucas shanker and his top brass freezing their assets and banning them from travelling to the block. since july,
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large numbers of people from conflicts owns in the middle east and africa have been illegally crossing from belarus into neighboring e. u. member states. the ears as the crossings are orchestrated and a form of hybrid warfare in retaliation for western sanctions. in september, poland declared a state of emergency deploying 12000 troops to its border with belarus. the parliament also voted to build a wall bordering belarus, and the number of people attempting to cross from belarus into poland has continued to increase. last month, helen recorded more than 15000 attempted crossings, and you are state department has criticized the better russian government for exploiting migrants and undermining the security of you nations. the united states strongly condemns the lucas inca regimes, political exploitation, and coercion of vulnerable people. and the regime, talus and inhumane facilitation of irregular migration flows across its borders. we call on the regime to immediately halt its campaign of orchestrating and coercing.
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irregular migrant flows across its borders into europe. as long as the regime in bella roost refuses to respected international obligations and commitments, undermines the peace and security of europe and continues to repress and abuse. people seeking nothing more than to live in freedom. we will continue to pressure lucas shanker and will not less than our calls for accountability. united states will continue to stand by poland and all of our partners in europe, who have been threatened by beller, bella versus unacceptable actions. even though she has a volunteer working to provide aid to migrant on the barriers at polling board joins as life. and so thanks very much indeed for being with us. can you tell us what the, what your impression is of the nature situation on the border there? thank you for having me. well yes, i've been involved in trying to provide a shooting turn a hands on on the grounds for number of my grants refugee size items
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seekers from whole range of countries who got stuck in the, in the border situation in the post version border. and they are dropped in a way. so i've met and i've managed to access you know, people who need in dire need who are called, who are hungry, who are having eaten for, for several days. so some of them are really in a very bad health condition. and we are talking about male female children, sometimes families and some of the generation of families. so there have been people from syria, iraq, iran, danny stan as well. the z this from the iraqi kurdistan. and the crews, of course, and the con, geese, and so on. so i've, i've met all of these nationalities, actually, people in need together with the other volunteers. and the local inhabitants will try to offer, you know, very basic. and so much require humanitarian aid in
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a form of you know, food, warm food or something to drink, warm clothes because you're talking about already like advanced autumn here and you know, some things, temperatures get to the 0 degrees or less in the night. and you're talking about the situation along the post broken border, which is like, you know, the forestry and, and other cultural area. so this is really harsh conditions for people who 1st of all didn't really except that they would be trapped in such situation. and they are, they've been in need and, but the problem is that they've are kind of trapped in a vicious circle of the push back. so on the one hand, they are, you know, kind of storm maneuvered by the question for jim towards the polish border. but on handled there is, there is a counter pressure coming from from the other side, et cetera. so that it didn't do you have an idea of the numbers are trapped in this area and i understand that. so i mean,
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some of them are ending up ending up in hospital already with hypothermia. is that right? yes. well, 1st of all, it's really difficult to talk about, but some numbers, because the ac system information has been has been limited because of introducing the so called restricted area near to border. but the estimate says, say about that was several 1000 people who are somehow stuck in that situation. and the major question is, how many more would you try to, you know, go the same, the same route towards the border? and yes, some of these people were in dire need for medical help or, you know, security and, and there have been cases, reports of, and testified about of, you know, the migrants in a very good shape has conditions who after receiving medical aids were taken
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again back and pushed back towards the ocean border. so this is a sort of a vicious circle because, you know, on the one hand, there is an effort to offer and to provide the human turn aid because we are facing a mentor and crisis here on the border. or that the same time, even if someone is lucky enough to receive it, then they steal the risk being pushed back. you know, to the a called forrest, and you're talking about the situation that was through 1st through, you know, families including children and so on. so this is, this vicious circle must be, must be, one must go beyond that. so that's 1st thing. and secondly, that the professional human turn organization are needed. that they need to enter like, you know, the doctors without borders the, you and hcr, this kind of organizations to red cross are we are in dire need of these organizations in the field, both in the restricted area and they must be allowed immediately to enter the rescue area and it also has to stop. is it your understanding they're trying to get
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in and haven't been allowed in or is it just that they haven't yet been asked to come in? well it's, it's, it's my, it's my son's unbelievable. but it was done to stand that no one almost is allowed these days to enter the restricted area and they're talking about the land of stripe of land along the whole dispersion border. so no internal organization have been allowed to enter that area. and what's happening is that there is organic bottom. and if you know grassroots efforts by the inhabitants by the local inhabitants who, who do their best to offer some basic means or an age to this refugees and migraines, stuck in the forests, stuck in the villages. there is also an effort from device to like myself and lots of my friends to offer that like beyond the, the rest of that area because we can't enter that. but what's really needed is the professional humanitarian aid organizations that red cross. dr. borders will enter
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both below primarily the rest of the area and be allowed to do so. but also act outside of it. i really cannot understand why this hasn't been the case yet. i may not expect them being allowed to enter by the government, but probably they also need the other pocket for it because no one will unfold a car carpet in front of them and they are, they are really needed in her last. thank you very much indeed. for taking time to talk to us. thank you. thank you for having now 6 palestinian rights groups recently designated to terrorist organizations by israel said these 3 of their activists have had their phones had. they say the israeli spyware to pegasus was used on my phone for more than a year. high faucet reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank. after week spent rejecting is really accusations of links to a designated tara organization. 6 palestinian rights groups went public with accusations of their own and investigation found that 6 iphones,
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at least 3 of them, belonging to staff from the palestinian, and jose had been infected with pegasus spyware. into her, it's a strong feeling to have your privacy violated. even the simplest of things my wife couldn't sleep for 3 days after finding, being extremely worried. our privacy was violated as a family, the children, their pictures are conversations with family and friends. i guess this is sold to governments around the world by the israeli company, and so on the license from israel's ministry of defense. in recent years, there have been many reports of the spyware being used by or for a terry re james to target journalists, activists, and politicians. last week, the u. s. blacklisted the company, pegasus is supposed to be blocked from use on israeli or palestinian phones on monday. and as i said, we cannot confirm or deny the identity of our government customers, as we stated in the past. and as a group does not operate the products itself. the company licenses approved
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government agencies to do so. last month, 3 days after the investigation into suspected phone hacking began. israel designated all 6 organizations as tara groups accusing them among other things of funnelling money to the popular front for the liberation of palestine. there was significant pushback from international donors, but this sunday, the israeli army endorsed the move, giving itself the power to shut down offices, confiscate money, and make arrests. the groups are demanding international protection and an investigation into who's behind the spyware attack, that this technology was used in these cell phones, but we don't know who was implementing get and what for. and this is why we are calling for more investigation in the case. and in order to find who's responsible and to try to find him accountable for the relation, the story has emerged on the same day as the washington post published results of an investigation into an israeli facial recognition system known as blue wolf. it
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said to use a huge database of smartphone images, the palestinians taken by israeli soldiers to target people to detention. we saw it coming from israel on the alleged use of the pegasus spyware, on israeli, and palestinian phones. but so far, the only response has been from the military, which is denied using pegasus as for the palestinian groups. they say they will continue to operate as normal, despite the heightened risk hurry for. so i'll just hear a ramallah in the occupied west bank. still to come on out there this news out. any results give me a regular president done, you know, take a 4th time in the election. the u. s. has called a pantomime. but his fault and you go from united name, the manager tossed saving from renovation, and he's here with that story. ah
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hello, there is more wet weather to come for southern and south eastern areas of europe. over the next few days, we've had torrential rain caused flooding in parts of the balkans and in italy. this was a scene in venice. as a mock square was flooded. now it's dried up here, but the heavy rain is going to pick up towards the end of the weekend. it is going to get wetter across central and western parts of the mediterranean in the days to come. but for the north of this, it does look a lot finer and dryer for warm, coming through for berlin and for london, the temperatures here, above average for britain, an island it is gonna remain mixed but rather mild for much of the week. for the western windy weather, we have to head up to scandinavia. we've got a wintry mix blowing across my way into sweden and onwards to the baltic states and western parts of russia. it cooled down across much of eastern europe, but it is going to remain dry lots of fine conditions. but it really gets wet and windy around the mediterranean. we take a closer look with more heavy rain on schedule for sicily,
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for sardinia and corsica, as well as some of those belly, eric islands. you've got wind warnings out here. and as we go into when say it's going to get very wet indeed for the eastern coast of spain with barcelona seeing some storms and showers, the temperature at 18 degrees. ah, the climate has changed every year for millions of decades of toll. but little action is all about to create confusion to create smoke and mirrors. the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically referred to the oral industry was a made bank roller or opposition to kilometer for campaign against climate. do you think that's a bad thing, more shooting with? absolutely all disease of confidence intersects with christmas class
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