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on the console needed to oakland and develop its course international shipping companies to become a pain, middle eastern po for trade and wanting skillfully enough. free key is of debate. who filling a prominence of connecting the world, connecting the future, won the cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade? ah, a warning, the conflict in ethiopia is to grind region, could descend into a civil war. ah, i'm fully back, he boy, you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead of danny sans hunger crisis. more than half the population is man nourished agency say,
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millions of children could starve to death. poland deploys more soldiers to its border with bella roost. the better russian government is accused of allowing migraines to illegally cross into the european union. and the u. s. live scobee 19 restrictions for foreign nationals opening its borders to flee vaccinated champs. ah. the conflict in ethiopia is to gray region could spiral into a civil war. that's the warning from the un security council, which has been meeting to discuss the situation. it's calling for an end to the fighting and is urging dialogue. if you'll be in forces have been fighting rebel groups for a year. the rebels are now threatening to march on the capital ad is have a bar in a country over a 110000000 people over 90 different ethnic groups and 80 languages. no one can predict what continued fighting and insecurity will bring. but let me be
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clear. what is certain is that the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only to real. that would bring about a humanitarian catastrophe and consume the future of such an important country. algae, there is my cana has more from un headquarters in neil. the security council received a bleak message from a number of speakers, and that is that time is running out a threats of an impending civil war. and in particular, deep concerns about a humanitarian crisis. read his already increasing the word from the humanitarian side. is that the situation is increasingly dire, great difficulty and getting humanitarian supplies into the region. we also heard remotely from the representative of the african union, who said very clearly that there is a small window for
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a negotiated settlement. we also heard from the ethiopian ambassador who told the security council that this was not a matter of resolving a dispute between 2 equal parties insisting that the ethan government, ethiopian government is a democratically elected body. and that those who ought seeking to unseated or indeed rebels. it's a position that a shed by some on the council which makes public agreement difficult in terms of how the situation is going to be dealt with. but there has been a statement from the united kingdom, which would appear to be the majority view. it's time says a statement to put the people of ethiopia. first. a number of people around the world on the edge of famine is up 3000000 from earlier this year. the u. n. says the situation in afghanistan is a crisis and catastrophe. more than half, more than half the people don't know where their next meal will come from. me,
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you are already hearing stories of, of a women, mothers cell and one child to feed the other children in hopes that, that child can be taken care of by another family in it hasn't gotten as bad as this going to yet yet. and the next 6 months, we're going to be heretic unless see international community truly unfreezes those assets so they can pay the teachers. because now students really aren't in school. it's not a girl boy thing or some money fe. shallow bellis report from campbell, where agencies say without immediate medical intervention, millions of children may starve to death. cody sunday is one of the busiest food markets in western cobble. the produce comes fresh from farms outside the city prices. a cheap 3 years resort has been here with his wheel bearer. he's a corrupt you want men who for a small fee transport shot his groceries. yet for the last few months,
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his wheelbarrow has been mostly empty. he says, shoppers can't afford his services. gotta love on this 1st lesson. there is no business. he tells his men, we just roam around. he approaches women. hopefully they may need help center. but if auntie do you need a wheelbarrow? he asks that they walk away or ignore him. i generally, if i said, i say he's 5 hours into his work day and his earned only $0.20. he used to earn about $3.00 a day enough to pay his rent and feed his family. frustrated, he hits home, he spends his day surrounded by food, but even more frequently returns to his family empty handed. afghanistan's economy is collapsing under the last government 75 percent of public expenditure came from foreign grants. us and un sanctions maint bed evaporated upon the telephone's takeover. taliban officials say they need sanctions lifted an aid agencies to
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return to tackle the problem with little money to go round banks limit with rules and lawyers can't pay this stuff and result in his family a paying the price to day. they had green teeth breakfast, lunch is darlin bridge. they will rush and the left over for dinner. massena file as well. i'm so glad our little got about like the whole day. lana's gun is that i used to bring a lot of food to the house before the taliban, but now there is no work and it is pushing me into even more of a crisis and that i am due to pay $22.00 for rent. but i still owe for last month, and a children's health is getting recruit day by day. they are not alone. 95 percent of people in afghanistan and not consuming enough food, and more than half about 22000000 people a malnourished some so severely, they may not make it through the winter. this is what realized trying to avoid al
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jazeera has visited multiple hospitals in recent months. the ward swelling with more children being treated for malnutrition. agency say it's the worse food crisis in afghanistan since records began. they say children are already starving to death . we are looking at 5000000 children who are one step away from starving to do so that serious 5000000 children are going hungry. they do not have food. yes, arriving on bread and to the diet that really the are getting is not is not enough to sustain the re is all a doesn't know what to do. he says the pressure is a means the days are getting shorter and he wonders if he and his wheelbarrow bring harm just enough for his young family to last the winter. charlotte bellow, soldiers, era, couple. holland has closed a part of its border crossing with bella roofs. after large groups of migrants
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tried to force their way through the car in the middle of a diplomatic dispute between the neighbors. poland accuses the bell. a russian government of allowing people to illegally cross a frontier. these commission president wants new sanctions imposed against the levels. senior glass are trapped between the woods and a highway in bella, luce, these people have been walking towards the polish border, anxious to enter the european union on the other side. polish security forces in riot gear, part of the 12000 that had been stationed there, guarding the front here, preventing hundreds of refugees and migrants from breaching the border. but it is a dead log that risks igniting into another migration crisis. on the doorstep of the you for months, thousands have been entering the block through bella. ruth had 1st via lithuania and latvia, now mainly through poland. the e. u has accused belarus in leader,
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alexander lucas shanker. of orchestrating wave upon wave of undocumented migrants and asylum seekers. in retaliation they say, for sanctions it imposed on his government over its violent crackdowns on the opposition court in the middle of his brinkman ship. those attempting to escape the harsh conditions, they find themselves in it, no shelter being to steer towards poland by bela risky and state border officials. some had taken a chance after hearing that bella was sim travel agents was selling these invitations to the you only to find themselves surviving for weeks in the forest. that board of poland and belarus. did you give us the cut of the year? they provide the return then, but when you say when, when you said to them, okay, i want to go. so they say i want to go, i want to go back to my country. so then they said, no, you go to go on the level,
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they put the gun to our head when we were when, when we said we need to go to minutes. if so far, opponents nationalist government has refused help from the use frontier agency, despite reports by polish border guards of hostile behavior and threats from better received forces. for those stuck in this no man's land, there is no guarantee how long they will have to face the elements with little access to food and water, human porn between 2 hostile neighbors. soniega jago al jazeera, the u. s. has reopened its borders to all vaccinated travelers for the 1st time in 20 months. visitors for more than 30 countries had been banned since early 2020. when corona vice restrictions were imposed, land borders between mexico and canada have reopened. we'll have more from canada in just a moment, but 1st let's hear from john holeman, who's in t one out on the u. s. mexico board. as we were in the sunny c through,
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which is the busiest border crossing point in the americas, you can see the cars sort of rolling down here going towards the united states. so united states checkpoints, united states officials here, and the people that live in this city, tiquana, they've got a really cross border lifestyle. they've got call to the if you're a resident into one or you can go 25 miles into the united states. so a lot of people do that for their shopping, where they want to go to restaurants when they want to go to cinema and krishi when they want to see family. and they want to see friends who are over the, over the other side of the united states. so it's a really big deal for them. the people that women speaking to that they've been able to get back into that. of course, there's another population in cities like pick one or met school board with the united states, not for floating migrant population, many of the morning to seek asylum in the united states that want to get into that country where they feel that they're going to have a better future, we spent time with some of those people as well. some of them are in
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a tank cap just by the side of the buddha. and obviously this is going to be a different situation for them. the part of this border, the restrictions are easing permit, can locals to get back across them for visitors does not gonna change the situation for them to remain as firmly closed as it was done before. so there is a different situation for the different population to after almost 20 months, traffic is moving in both directions at the canada us border. it was one month and one day ago that the canadian border re open to u. s. non essential travel, but today's the day the canadians can now cross south. all you need is proof of vaccination, 2 doses of an approved vaccine. and you can enter the united states. it has people of both sides of the border feeling rather joyous. a quiet here usually at these 2 border crossings. we have $250000.00 crossings in
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a month and it's just been so early choir. they were just welcome this day to so wonderful. yes. and all the businesses across the border, they've been, you know, suffering from this so they're going to be reopening and, you know, doing really well again. yeah. so everybody's happy that the kids are coming back. oh really? yeah. it's open let's, let's begin a dialogue together and you know, meet family to family, et cetera. i mean, this is the longest border in the world that is not militarized. so it's a gravel, the friendship between america and canada. so yeah, we need to be open. we need to be meeting each other so yet another step closer to some sense of a new normal here at the kennedy us border still bad hurdle to be climbed is the fact that a p c r test is required to get back into canada and that can be costly still, however, this is an opportunity for canadians who felt they must only travel by air to go to
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and from the united states. now there is the ability to drive across a land border. still ahead on al jazeera, the warning from former u. s. president barack obama, about the dangerous lack of agency in climate talks class. i'm featured, i'll be here on the i odeon, coast of greece find out lisa, boy, i much of sports. tourism is injecting millions of dollars into the local economy. ah, ah, look forward. took writers scully's to with sponsored play cuts on it weighs hello there. let's have a look at the weather in south asian, it's a divided picture in india. it's dry up in the north with lots of hazy sunshine for new delhi, but the city's been clouded in small g and the quality remains hazardous. but down
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in the south, it's a lot wet. we've got flooding in chennai, thanks to heavy rain that's affecting the south. and that's brought on by the north eastern monsoon that's in full force. so we've got amber warnings out. they remained for tamil nadu, put the cherry as well as under pradesh. that rain expected to last for at least 4 days and so the severe storms are likely to sweep into sh lanka. we could see more flooding here, but farther north it is a fine dry picture. lots of rooms building in that northeast corner for, for bangladesh. as well 30 degrees in jacka, but as we move to east asia, it's a rather wintery picture. in china, this is in beijing, we have snow fall over the weekend, the forbidden city, the people enjoying that snow. and we saw drove in temperature of about 10 degrees . thanks to the cool siberian wind blowing down that's not moved onto the northeast . a bit of a winter we mix at play here. that's affecting the korean peninsula. and things are turning cooler in japan with lots of heavy rain up in the north that should weather
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update. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always. cuba, the pacific island nation, rapidly falling victim to rising sea levels and to president skilfully commanding the stage of climate change. diplomacy, whom do we appeal to for our people to ride, to survive in the challenge of climate change? but can he secure a theatre that he seemed to be stateless people? what these going to happen to us is going to be the fate of ferris wiffle. witness a note for now to sierra. ah ah,
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welcome back. a recap of our top stories on al jazeera, the un security council has warned the conflict in ethiopia to gray regent could spiral into a civil war. it's calling for an end to the fighting and urging dialogue. poland is closing porous. border crossing with bella. ruth sap, to launch groups of migrants trying to force their way through. holland accuses the bell a russian government of allowing people to legally cross to frontier in order to get into the european union. and the u. s. has reopened its air and land borders to all vaccinated chavez for the 1st time in 20 months. visitors for more than 30 countries had been banned since early 2020. when pandemic restrictions began. in other world news, 6 palestinian rights groups recent liter designate just terrorist organizations by israel. so at least 3 of their staff had their phones hacked. the act of his gross believe the spyware told pegasus was used on their fonts for more than a year. that counting on the un to investigate harry faucet reports from ramallah
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in the occupied westbank. after a week spent rejecting israeli accusations of links to a designated terror organisation. 6 palestinian rights groups went public with accusations of their own and investigation found that 6 iphones, at least 3 of them, belonging to staff from the palestinian and jose had been infected with pegasus spyware. it's a strong feeling to have your privacy violated. even the simplest of things my wife couldn't sleep for 3 days after finding, being extremely worried about our privacy was violated as a family, the children, their pictures are conversations with family and friends. i guess this is so to governments around the world by the israeli company, and so on the license from israel's ministry of defense in recent years, there have been many reports of the spyware being used by or for a terry and re james to target journalists, activists and politicians last week, the u. s. blacklisted the company, pegasus is supposed to be blocked from use on israeli,
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or palestinian phones on monday. and as i said, we cannot confirm or deny the identity of our government customers, as we stated in the past. and as a group does not operate the products itself, the company licenses approved government agencies to do so. last month, 3 days after the investigation into suspected phone hacking began. israel designated all 6 organizations as tara groups, accusing them among other things of funnelling money to the popular front for the liberation of palestine. there was significant pushback from international donors, but this sunday is where the army endorsed the move, giving itself the power to shut down officers, confiscate money, and make arrests. the groups are demanding international protection and investigation into who's behind the spyware attack. that this technology was viewed in these cell phones, but we don't know who was implementing get and what for. and this is why we are calling for more investigation in the case. and in order to find who's responsible
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and to try to find him accountable for the relation, the story has emerged on the same day as the washington post published results of an investigation into an israeli facial recognition system known as blue wolf. it said to use a huge database of smartphone images, the palestinians taken by israeli soldiers to target people put attention. we thought comment from israel on the alleged use of the pegasus spyware, on israeli, and palestinian phones. but so far, the only response has been from the military, which is denied using pegasus as for the palestinian groups. they say they will continue to operate as normal, despite the heightened risk. hurry force it, i'll just euro ramallah in the occupied west bank. the u. n. 's agency for palestinian refugee says it's close to collapse. it's 3rd largest donor, the u. k. cards funding to the agency by more than 50 percent on rise, trying to raise $800000000.00 at a donor conference in brussels. this month, agency operates about $700.00 scores and provides health care to millions of
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palestinian refugees. funerals have been held for victims of a fuel tanker explosion in sally on at least a 115 people were killed. 3 days of national mourning have been declared. a mass ceremony was held for those who died. a tanker exploded after it collided with a truck at an intersection in the capital free town on friday. more than 90 people remain hospitalized. the u. s. and european union have led calls to reject the outcome of nicaragua election present. daniel ortega clenched a 4th term in office, winning around 76 percent of sunday's vote. but most opposition figures had been arrested or barred from running and voted her not was low. a lat, america is in the c. n. newman report from san jose in neighboring costa rica only issue is not whether nic robin, president daniel ortega, one sundays, controversial election. but rather whether he seized it. ortega had imprisoned
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scores of critics, including 7 of the most competitive, would be candidates and barred, independent observers and journalists from entering the country. international condemnation was swift and harsh. no. soon as religion, amelia, this was not a free election. this should not surprise us because this was a chronicle of fraud and foretold. albion. countries from chile to neighboring costa rica to the united states and the european union denounced the election as illegitimate and democratic. and the pantomime saying they would not recognize the results. but venezuela, cuba and russia of russia were take as defense, hook you up when you mow goals with when the voting was over yesterday evening. the white house analysis refusal to recognizes and called on other countries to do the same. we considered unacceptable and firm we condemn such policies throughout the biden administration. and the you is already considering going beyond current
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individual sanctions against vice president for asylum. leo, who was ortega's wife, or the chief of police, was accused of gross human rights violations. ah, in neighboring costa rica, television journalist, lucy subpoena, who was accused of terrorism and released from prison. following a brief amnesty continues to broadcast from exile. her news channel was rated and expropriated along with other independent media. she says, restoring democracy in nicaragua will be difficult, very good, and what do you like any other craft? nobody wants to die, nobody wants to rot in jail. in nicaragua, the ortega's have gone out of their way to spread fear and spy on people going house to house. but i have faith in god. i'm waiting for a miracle, the miracle of freedom. finally get out. but while they wait for that miracle, opponents of daniel ortega and his wife acknowledged that what they also need is to put aside their differences and join forces, something that has eluded them for years,
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amnesty international is predicting that there will be a new wave of repression against critics of the government following the selection, which should only fan the number of people who are fleeing from the country and looking for refuge elsewhere like here in costa rica, record numbers of nicaragua into already joining other central americans in their quest to reach the united states adding more pressure to an already unprecedented migration crisis in the region. lucy and human al jazeera sank was se costa rica time is running out. that's the message from former u. s. president barranco bama. he was speaking at the comp 26 summit in glasgow. obama phrase, the progress made since the 2015 parish climate deal, but warned it's not enough collectively and individually. we are still
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falling short. we have not done nearly enough to address this crisis. we are going to have to do more. and whether that happens or not to a large degree is gonna depend on you, not just those of you in this room, but anybody who's watching or reading a transcript of what i say her today. and her simmons is at the summit in glasgow and says, obama's speech was well received. he is speaking in the private capacity. he has nothing to do with the negotiations here. but he is a key figure in terms of a climate control. because he did sign on behalf of the united states, the paris a give agreement in 2016. of course, donald trump had other ideas without agreement and pulled out of it when he became president. but now, under joe biden, the u. s. is back and as a bomber was saying,
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it's back and it's strong and it's taking a leadership role along with others. now this address, as i say, does have no bearing on the proceedings here, but it has certainly encouraged a lot of young people because he did single out this issue of youth leadership. and how old are people if they're not engaging? if they're in denial over over climate climate control of global warming, then they should get out and make way for the youth. because that, that generation was the one that was, is threatened with what he called a catastrophe. so he spelt it out in, not in optimistic terms at all. he did refer to progress being made, but the lack of initiative. the lack of, of ambition, by many countries are failing to make the mission targets of 6 years ago.
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denmark, his re imposing coven 19 restrictions less than 2 months after scrapping measures is in response to a sharp rise in infections. prime minister met frederickson says a health pass will be reintroduced to help stop the spread of the virus health authorities away. the countries is entering a to a 3rd wave on monday reported more than 2000 cases. 450. now when the pandemic kid global travel ground to a whole to international sports, tourism was once was one of the hardest hit sectors losing billions of dollars in revenues. some parts of europe have showed strong signs of recovery this past summer, but it's not being driven by cheap holiday packages. as peter dobby with force from miss sienna. miss c. nia, in greece. traveling triathletes are a unique bunch. they train all winter. they choose an exotic destination, they go there, they race, but they don't really see the destination at all. they're more concerned with the pain of racing pain. is the watchword for
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a long form triathlon. swim bike run 1.99021 k. quick as you like on your own. go. we combine them. sports events went down fun occasion i get, you know? yes. 4000 euros for every one. i would say my mom hard for me and it's like every 5 pound where the ione in and mediterranean sees come together, is a historic, a beautiful part of his coast line in greece. but summer time has gone. it is over all the european schools have gone back in their low mums and dads playing with the kids on the speech. it could be forgiven for thinking, tourism here is dead and buried for at least the next 4 or 5 months. you'd be wrong with the local number crunches here on the greet coast of my senior work on
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a 4 day assumption of making money for every prosperous competitor. they calculate their a 1.9 other people just along for the ride. but the groups we spoke to, however, number considerably more than $1.00 people per competitor. they were traveling and multiples of $34.00 or 5, and the old budget at roughly a $150.00 per person per day, plus flights plus accommodation, plus car hire. and that all adds up the race director for an amateur destination event like this one has to understand the sport and the business with a pandemic cap field, roughly $1500.00 people having spent $400.00 each just to get to the start line. that's the start of a healthy profit margin. you can see the figures. it's huge. it's, it's 4 to 5000000 euro on this race day. there were 3 other half ironman frat lawns,
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taking place across europe. that was essentially a cash injection into the e. u tourist economy for $25000000.00 in just one day. they know what they want and this people because they invest a lot or in being iron men or ladies, are they, they are, i would say more wealthy than ira segments. everyone we spoke to was united like 2 things. firstly, they want to get past cope it. they say it's been 2 years. enough's enough. they also want to train plan book, race and spend spend, spend pete, adobe al jazeera, massena, greece ah . headlines on al jazeera, the un security council has warned. a conflict in ethiopia degree region could
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spiral into a civil war. it's calling for an end to the fighting and urge and dialogue let you go in a country over a 110.


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