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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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the story of al jazeera, a unique path blue, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions. from a london broadcast center on al jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through here it al jazeera. we believe every one has a story worth hearing. ah, no, i'm fully battery boy. doha, with a look at our main stories on al jazeera, the conflict in ethiopia to gray region could spiral into a civil war. that's the warning from the un security council, which has been meeting as rebels threatened to march on the capital r is harbor, is calling for an end to the fighting and is urging dialogue.
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there is my cana has more from un headquarters in new york. the security council received a bleak message from a number of speakers and that is that time is running out a threats of an impending civil war. and in particular, deep concerns about a humanitarian crisis. read his already increasing the word from the humanitarian side. is that the situation is increasingly dire, great difficulty in getting humanitarian supplies into the region. we also heard remotely of from the representative of the african union, who said very clearly that there is a small window for a negotiated settlement. we also heard from the ethiopian ambassador who told the security council that this was not a matter of resolving a dispute between 2 equal parties insisting that the ethan government,
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ethiopian government is a democratically elected body. and that those who ought seeking to unseated or indeed rebels. it's a position that is shared by some on the council, which makes public agreement difficult in terms of how the situation is going to be dealt with. but there has been a statement from the united kingdom, which would appear to be the majority view. it's time says a statement to put the people of ethiopia, 1st colon, disclosing part of its border crossing with bella rules after large groups of migrants tried to force their way through. holland accuses the bell or russian government of allowing people to illegally cross in order to get into the european union. the u. n. 's agency for palestinian refugee says it's close to collapse is 3rd largest donor. the u. k. cut is funding by more than 50 percent and rise trying to raise $800000000.00 her at a don't a conference in brussels this month and operates run $700.00 scores and provides
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health care to millions of refugees. time is running out. that's the message from for me. us present bronco bama, he was speaking at the cop 26 summit in glasgow. obama praise the progress made since the 2015 paris comment deal, but warned it's not enough collectively and individually we are still falling short. we have not done nearly enough to address this crisis. we are going to have to do more and whether that happens or not to a large degree is going to depend on you. not just those of you in this room. but anybody who's watching or reading a transcript of what i say here today, he knows have been held for victims of a fuel tank or explosion in fairly own. at least 115 people were killed. 3 days of
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national morning are being observed. the tanker exploded after it collided with a truck at an intersection in the capitol free town on friday. dozens of people are still in hospital. the u. s. in european union have let cause to reject the outcome of nicaragua elections. president daniel ortega has won a 4th term in office early results show him and his wife was also the vice president secured. 75 percent of the vote. most opposition figures were bought from running or arrested before the election. the u. s. has reopened its borders to all vaccinated travelers for the 1st time in 20 months. visitors from more than 30 countries had been bad since early 2021 grown of ice restrictions were imposed. land borders with mexico and canada have also reopened. meanwhile, denmark is re imposing covered 19 restrictions less than 2 months after scrubbing measures. in response to a sharp rise in infection for health pass will be arranged use to help stop the spread of the virus. and those are the headlines on al jazeera. i'll be back with
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more news right after witness. ah oh. good. this isn't the 2nd to work because scubas, he's the only country that is in the 4 corners, or it's in the north, at the south, mississippi. and it's in the east and the west of the international gateway where the country has that distinction. so it's right there, back in the middle of the pacific ocean.
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we're so far away. so isolated we thought we were so isolated that we would be immune from the tribulations of this world. but no, despite of our isolation, we are subjected a global phenomenon with oh ah, ah, ah,
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ah that yeah. that well over a month and then know that about it. oh yes. with yes for my own experience and then my own mind. yeah, i keep asking myself, what is to become of my grandchildren? where will they be? what out of this water stops coming in with somebody of find a solution for them to ensure that they will be safe. we must no longer stand on the sign act. because this is coming and it is going to destroy i lapse. mm.
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i want to truly emphasize that climate change. it's not a political dish. it's not an entirely economic it's an issue of survival. maybe today for countries like why, but in the future for the planet as a whole. mr. president, this i have, i lied the are numerous locations in the past. the issue of climate change remains the most pressing, single, most pressing challenge for us in cubis. i have just come back from the attic expedition to the north pole and i am still overwhelmed to day with what i witnessed with my domains. for those of us on the front line, it really does not matter what is a greek to win paris because we will continue to go on to what we would like to be
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able to revisit. if we could do it, we would like to be able to ask of go to global community. can we reverse climate change but the realities that it would not happen? so the next step is, is the global community willing to come forward? is this concept of willing to, to make a contribution to what's that getting some real action on the ground so that we can give some sense of conflict, some sense of security. do i put who do we appeal tool and tend to for our pupils right? to survive and the challenge of climate change. and so let me post that question again because i don't believe there is any authority who can answer that question for us to be. and we need that authority. what is the future for us? or i'm pleased to welcome to our 2 years the president of the republic, a cure boss. i notice off the average height elevation balance is a little more than 6 feet. i and rising sea levels have already taken
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a village on one of your islands. how threatened is cured bus? our source of water is from the water linds. any marginal rise will mean that that what was available, i'm agriculture. land is no longer available or what was fresh water source of fresh water will not be a source of fresh water. so it would affect the livelihood of people before it actually renders. it is totally inevitable, and uninhabited have how do you see the future or do you see the possibility of all the people from care about one day having to leave? and we have to be realistic it's, it's very high, it's not easy to try and imagine what is coming, because nobody wants to admit that may be in the future. all of the land that we, which is a homeland will no longer be there. but the reality given the, the science that's coming forward, the projections that be the scientist are giving us
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a rise and sea level of between point 6 to one meter within the century. or so what me they certainly were most about benny's gone. ah ah ah ah oh, oh, oh, oh,
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oh, i i live in
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when slavery was the normandy did this 18th century, it was not regarded as being immoral. backlash up i fade worse, accepted by deed to national community for a long time. so climate change, what in my view was this exactly the same thing? why did the with not from the bible before? why did we not do anything about it when we knew with old of the science and the information coming for that did was wrong with the to tell you the truth. i am very concerned i think you would receive and thank you for your support from pray for us to climate change is to greatest moral channels for you. read it. we haven't written to the truck with
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from which they have been in the solomon islands have already been badly damaged. and now new zealand north islands is expected to be hit by sunday or monday. with
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little touch to put it under course, coming up in about 2 weeks. and i can't get on that course like a one or more kind of money. i don't want to post line, i thought come from them status, talk about procedures with the reason i mean i see that the flex
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with it. you know what, what do you want to know how to what i mean? i get a bullet or what. yeah. but i'm not gonna know what to do. i know i've been with a and i've been, i'm at, i'm at in it and it was the, well my, what i, what i was out what i do in the vietnam war us, we used to fighting to cut beside with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive chemical warfare
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a decade later on the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge, bringing something i didn't even see. the 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on out there on. ah, life is never scripted. never full told. it's never no, no matter what happens. never stay open. you read between the lines. listen, always, listen, never stop asking, never stop questioning. wanting to know discover the among cheer, the human story. be impartial. be courageous. fun in b, untold story. celebrate excellence. keep alive the pioneering spirit. never
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stop. we haven't for 25 years, we've never stopped on our journey, never stops when our commitment to you al jazeera, 25 years, a unique path. ah la again, i'm fully battery boy in del. how, with the headlines on al jazeera, the conflict in ethiopia to gray region could spiral into a civil war. as a warning from the un security council, which has been meeting as rebels threatened to march on the capital, addis ababa is calling for an end to the fighting and is urging dialogue in a country over a 110000000 people overnight. indeed,
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different ethnic groups and 80 languages. no one can predict what continue fighting and insecurity will bring.


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