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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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ah hey, this is brenda with moving hello, i am darn jordan until the top stories here on al jazeera, the un security council has warned. a conflict in ethiopia to dry region could spiral into a civil war. as calling from end to the fighting and urgent dialogues in a country over a 110000000 people over 90, indeed different ethnic groups and 80 languages. no one can predict what continued fighting and insecurity will bring. but let me be clear. what is certain is
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that the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only to real. that would bring about a humanitarian catastrophe, and consume the future of such an important country. poland is toasting part of its border crossing with bella ru, south. a large groups of migrants trying to force their way through. poland accuses the bell or russian government of helping people to illegally crossed again into the e. u. the u. s. is reopened its borders to all vaccinated travelers for the 1st time and 20 months visitors and more than 30 countries have been banned since early 2020 . when corona virus restrictions were imposed, land borders between mexico and canada. i've also reopened the committee investigating the storming of the u. s. capitals calling 6 associates of former president donald trump. to testify the panel is determining if trump and his team plotted to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. on january 6th trumps
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support a storm congress to stop the certification of jo bivens election when a fire at a school in new jazz. second largest city is killed at least $26.00 children. there were age between 3 and 8. it happened in muradi, near the southern border with nigeria. 3 classrooms made of straw have been destroyed. they are often used to make room in overcrowded schools. for testers, according for our menia as prime minister to resign a year after he signed an unpopular sci fi with as a by john. the agreement ended fighting over the disputed nagondo caraballo region . but it's surrendered control of large areas of land to back. and us investigators of c $6000000000.00 in ransomware, payments and charge to alleged hackers in relation to major attacks. it's alleged the men are tied to the prolific russia based hacker group are evil. it's accused of carrying out attacks, costing american firms millions of dollars. well those were the headlines now it's back to the story about a 0,
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a unique path statement. thanks for watching bye for now. oh, okay. oh, okay. 4 weeks after the 911 attacks us warplanes bombed alger 0 campbell office. the bureau was empty at the time. the network had previously given the location of its humble office to the authorities in washington. for one, al jazeera camera man, a routine deployment to afghanistan resulted in 6 years detention without trial in guantanamo bay. fuming minute, m. o m and o. sherman, the hulu. bill are funny. stung robert aladdin. who do the republic got a free and rugged bricks done? don't want to leave him into haven. i shall thought to land back his danny boy. you'll enjoy that ali. japanese out of it, don't leave for them. i have been
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a signal, asked jerry fee on the ha, by them as by the last month of july, july, i leave you, my lapses will answer this a new reseller. how does he was bureau chief in cobbled ty, sierra luni was also detained. he was visiting his family in spain, in september 2003 when he was arrested and sentenced to 7 years detention al jazeera believed that its journalists had become the target of american government anger. the channel had broadcast to video messages by ben larson that had been sent to its office. it's in the aftermath of the $911.00 attacks. we know that al jazeera has a pattern of playing taliban propaganda over and
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over and over again in the diet. and it's a keith con, we'll talk burnett county who not yet any a lot that out of law is out of land micheline. the lord, why you can do the re stuff about them and do it out of the element the one not to be. and i can, you can see any how do you feel in her tongue? good at what you would like it also in her to come with was the or him to learn. but i'm kind of all will one more thought in also and finer zeal. oh, and i don't have one. yeah. and he had initial and then my job but everybody spend but that was a desire to help please. who are the higher than even on september the cathedral in the lowest of me if he felt the that it was and i cannot tell, i did min low celebrity key at that there was just mean edge of the kind of
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mentally as the model been kind of walk, walk some of the lead and see vertica and walk on despite these accusations, west and broadcast as were extremely keen and you down to the pictures given its wide network of reported established throughout the region. the weather was in iraq where saddam hussein was being accused of holding weapons of mass destruction. over in the occupied west bank. with the pillow leader yasser arafat had returned ramallah al jazeera was the 1st international broadcast situ interview. at a time when he was under house arrest, his health was deteriorating and he vowed to continue to his last breath. you're doing a m. c. m a party on particular
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about that and then say that also in the occupied west bank. the battle for janine took place in april 2002 israeli troops entered the janine refugee camp for 11 days. they clashed with palestinian fighters . john was within mccollum if he had left fusion even when hello. it's rough, not cuz he him in as from ban woman been home can agenda and i was in the animals of quote mckenna, mckenzie hermana. it was just all still found that the local fulton allowed them in the mac and it was going to be an initial band, highly am junior part of the uncle. so for the thought, well, let me show the by saw the model. there was on the how about it know, so she had the michael casias minute thought theat. alyssa, you cannot see humble,
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heart alleged, don't go to selina 11th the cottage in, in what runa, it had the hulu included if at the hat, if he could run kenneth jenny, in one clammy, her molar cobbled carmen. what at the hazard? the joel, wherever confrontations took place and the occupied west bank, al jazeera reporters were on the ground. they reported from the old city of napa from hebron and bethlehem. algebra reporters were also based in the gallons of strip. a continual hotspot by 2003 al jazeera was now well established and a household name. it began to expand, including online. in september of that year, an english language website was launched. it was an immediate success in alicia. another launch was al jazeera, a boucher, it began in early 2005 and gave you was real time footage of global and regional
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events. saddam hussein and his sons must leave iraq within 48 hours. why didn't that little book almost adena ada about that? i thought i thought i thought and thought it an way up to an hour south of sofa. i'd halla on the 20th of march, 2003. the us led invasion of iraq began with we'll custom canada johnny bad the felony of honey lynch. books subtle flow, other than ireland, but ha, ha, ha, ha. a as the invasion unfolded, alger zeroed repulses were deployed throughout the country. 3 weeks
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later, american tags rolled into baghdad. the 8th of april, 2003 american jets formed algiers bureau in the iraq. he capital. hi. tonic are you? an alger zebra reporter who was filming on the roof at the time, was killed. he was not the only al jazeera casualty camera, men rashid wildly was killed while filming clashes in the southern city of karbala . americans want nothing more than to return home. and that is your direction to night. on the 7th of may, 2003, u. s. president george w bush declared the war to be over after an intensive search american troops located saddam hussein in a village close to the city of to crete al jazeera was the birth tv channel on the
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scene. the heroic now, if you little it sat ain't, was a not young thought to a door when a kind of she had to get not a lot of sorted li, at some number saying a word and them a gun and waste a he, when he told alina, to basil and kyle campbell, ali he won. mcdonald, eddie. okay, a couple. allie. he cannot. lemme tell her by saddam hussein's trial was shown throughout the world. the former iraqi president was charged with crimes against humanity. it started to what and how many kia and it to kuhn analogy 0 or on a lot of you had weighed a list or a la mca, where i really wanted to see an, an alameda kia capital. what lamely kia could i had it and mina,
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i couldn't more that. and that was not covenant. thus we're, if i had to from wine island with them enough. and now it has the back to an acid a had iffy and mechanically connected to life. he he amana in nor can them, nor nothing that if where they have to he one pucca, f, fremont, bradley santa however, had a fee that natalie it at the curb can fee in charlotte and won't us off as the conflict escalated. so did the number of casualties civilians. iraqi fighters resisting the invasion. and american soldiers al jazeera report has provided a realistic and close up view of the mountain casualties on all sides. ola mary, it's nicole m. oh, phil arak, that the la june with empty key. and so what do i be still to are in a country hadn't was faithful down there up here far. was it janish,
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indiana mom thought of him call home from i'm with the regime. be the map. well, but then i'm also with but then also that i the la and that had this were danny canada, that general the money is any you should, if you had a hot show you that it and likely that this one that the model. but i honestly wish them again, it's a would swore to beth's i'll connect, which is sierra ne i. so what happened with mit in any? yeah, you saw born fi amity at mccaul, in fallujah, west of baghdad, a major u. s. military operation was launched in april 2004. while the u. s. claimed it was killing what it called terrorist al jazeera showed the reality of white spreads civilian casualties. the transitional iraqi government was highly critical about his ears coverage. ah,
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that same month disturbing images emerged from abu ghraib prison. the u. s. military were in charge yet were unable to defend the actions of their own personnel. the pictures to picking torture and humiliation created a global shock wife thought i will grab it as our latino charlotte duffy of baltimore le. doctor meadow's health and his common kind of off the other. so when would you deny that mccain? one opinion with the financial, i dont know us as a one us but don't want to jesse other well home. you stack going and you 100 the wrong key resistance group and some groups began to kidnap foreigners. at this time, the u. s. accused al jazeera of encouraging on groups. one report even suggested that president bush considered bombing al jersey was headquarters in doha. what an eminent doubt of to the letter curl a little, quoted emily, kia, celeste,
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margaret lula cannot lead billus out within his family, comes at a young. i'm a 33rd for he'll. a sub will exert classwork of the morality fairly. how alicia elaine will come to her called lake to her feet xander live fella, dfi decision about it very stupid. in ramallah the ailing p l o leader yasser arafat remained in his west bank headquarters out of fashion as close as 8 was surrounded by israeli tanks placed there by ariel sharon who by then had become israel's prime minister out of font left for jordan. and then paris to seek medical treatment. ah, the 11th of november, 2004 al jazeera was the 1st to report the death of jasa out of al jazeera differed from its competitors by covering under reported regions. from
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its earliest days, the channel had a presence in africa and actively sought out news from the continent. from its bureau, in the sudanese capital cartoon, it reported on the presence of al qaeda in east africa. it was also on the ground for the humanitarian crisis that beset death for in 2003 that december, an al jazeera correspondent was arrested on charges of quote, airing news containing false information aimed at smearing sedans. image was of a slow move up looking to a month with a order of you don't believe he has. you'll florida there at the end of for you to see them in 50. so obama to fill, believe me in the hope all of them and as hub when look up behind the hill, must elsie me done? let me of the had the on her a you sanford delicate, hooked layla gisela. another place where al jazeera has been based is iran
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providing an important additional perspective on the middle east region. one was meant to cut the la luz almon, the car, left, if he has antibiotic be, if he, if he had on that de la neg, well mac, a phillip at the m, anthony hall from any up audio. can one ship come with them? nephew is on the bus me that got all mother lic and the hassle of michigan. i could be in a yellow sun suddenly on the laptop on martha hadn't the there hadn't amato law will not know. the ha, ha ha. selda al jazeera also had a strong presence in turkey, so recognizing its important and historic rolled in the region. the channel reported extensively on turkey's transition from military to democratic rule. at the whole, at the mac, robbie, a with the how would fly luck. albina, alaska. why warmth, his blood are lower than me. uh huh. let me go. and she and bosley upon were fee
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for the athens them, and he had been costly anomaly, kennimore $1.00 shot gun walker. then why impaired the alarm madison away? the id, the national guard canal at al jazeera lemmy, a quin j she at the i am a man who and will not be at the pill at guarantee. what was one if not got grandma or julia had the and the email address, i live in are still ha length or quinton dilate. her asian has been an important continent for algebra to cover the channel had conducted an interview with the al qaeda leda, osama bin laden family in the late 19 ninety's doctor. later in afghanistan as the taliban regrouped, america's response was to send more troops by mid 2008. they were almost 50000 us troops in the country. meanwhile, in kashmir, a devastating earthquake caused widespread damage and catastrophic loss of life.
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012 men, a woman was last month. i've been a quote to le let it go. i thought about marcus is as energetic, locked were on the car from our agile and the other than cutler. have he been accord, joe? as an i shot and f, a shocks 15 another way of of me a get that would pop up another than got let, let obscene shocks we couldn't. baxter well, thank you. that means you hadn't met another valve cover lucy, warmer here. eliza had thought that the love contractor for leo fossil if hello for somebody else, but he left the rise of china prompted al jazeera to open a bureau in bay. jing in 2002, china was one of the fastest growing countries in the world with an accelerating economy. the i now, i let go. am the john mac dub al jazeera. if you begin, it just sit on bona asleep while harlem lobby. mccullough, tucker
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e at her cash effort. i looked at her on her deed men and her fire at 30 c. yeah, we're a ther coffee. yeah. leah body ballad in v as yet. the asian soon army of december 2004 was truly catastrophic. the exact death toll is unknown, but it's believed that some 230000 people perished in giant waves engulfed coastal communities in thailand, sri lanka, and indonesia had your book edited as soon emmy and lydia isabella, from the remote indonesian island of banda. archie suffered the greatest number of dead what an duffy felt guide either in the hall had kind of passages, isla, gonna be docile. i will ed indonesia. docile. la la mcdonald. heather fleming ala was shaheed. now, alicia, than myself, he a little frequently mechanical thing that heather could wish i had openness of bucking theodore salt ham delay lamar of natural bandage del hub loraina adam now
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was also a bochita who naturally i shall go. he learned about the from said i was while al jazeera had developed a reputation for frontline reporting. it also provided comprehensive coverage of natural disasters. metal, m a mother and kathy in the jam cameras, followed the work of the aid agency doctors without borders as they battle to save children. devastated by famine cannibal, the intercooler al jazeera, who now had the if the shift alum had from her, the he alert said, alluded, fell a dolly a felon fisher. anthony. yeah, maybe shook leo me, but a lot of other been most of the world and ireland and alum allenwood together and one of the method the lia alberta, bennett, i let the creal al jazeera lea 2000000000 heard from her the he admits that we're a them to hold on the one, ica are you them cost us will shabby her caused them to ricardo if we pick some
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tragedies were man made in 2007 in jemina. the capital of chad al jazeera uncovered the case of a french charity, accused of attempting to smuggle over $100.00 children out of the country. 6 french aid workers were later convicted on kidnapping charges. is the bar in years either and to act up a sup asap behavior. and i was alert. isla american a little you me, i'm in her. an up fired woman cabella at you let out a loud file. belittle offer ill at the foreseen little cubby at letty air, but he thought theat high came. what them like that gave my masculinity. had he alert one of them, i al jazeera counted important conflicts in africa, including the rise of the armed group book of her, um, in nigeria. and the eastern region of the democratic republic of congo, which has endured violent ethnic rival base for almost 2 decades.
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how did the remain trained and enduring present in somalia and in neighboring ethiopia, covering conflict in the region known as ogden. despite it being a difficult area for reported to us to be a russ media length at the bel air. a you will see la mija and totally la had the la claim were dark his i'll touch if mcinerney, half ian canister. yeah. you had the to what are lower that was he thought, min caitlin, with the should it in with touch the were to join in what are the al jazeera, if you had that with that he a carrot and that she, if has he, hey, al mazur, reporting from south africa was also challenging. in the years after the country made the transition from a party to democracy. wherever there was conflict or political
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movement al jazeera reporting was on the ground, be it in zimbabwe, angola, mozambique, or sierra leone for a hut outline the seller bill is the area walker libya and as the hub ill as one unit of the, at much more armina theater in san here, my alleged danielle soluble figure a cecilia, misled at the courier i would that allan shannon at farm and let you know the had your, a woodrow, we should have been here at atlantic at the seller b, a muscle. and amy le soluble i am currently put on, or how will and the community mature for general a student. can hon. alika isde, mac, brianna alba millage, natalia sullivan? i am a what a coma student here. what? oh, i looked alertly. sierra said he blackman alicia to jesse her by the end of that really can't look at the other 2 while for other her cool mom or by charlotte than i, le. in jasmine had mature. the channel's footprint and sphere of influence had
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spread far beyond them. in least alto 0 expanded its presence into south america. journalists reported on the environment on drug trafficking, poverty and inequality. the new bureau was in caracas, the capital of venezuela. when was alum, counted phil absences, i'll fill it away. i'll see miami often mexic. oh them after that is in the miracle nocka had financing. what that is, is it i can answer the can, can be done. my a good, who are travis? and as i, as in vincent ed raising his when m. n, as a thorough a casa lynn lymphatic had zealous, i'll allow me of mantle for kids in the and i aerosmith and mackenzie little boy, or are poor to miss edge. is eda when i started?
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when asked her to have it, will i guess eda ne at if and africa bell you could the sooner rather be don't be ina, minnesota. hm. al jazeera success grew from a skilled and committed workforce. the younger generation came on board. they benefited from a new training center set up in 2004 years later it transformed into a specialized media institute. when an at the had a little. yeah. that there's hours ahead of the we're glad i'm 0. ella had asked up lately, i lam a lot of each 2nd law that the dallas arrow yucca that it has an umbrella and was out of it altogether. liana was so loud in its 1st 25 years. al jazeera has been criticized and it has been applauded. however, it has never been ignored. it became an established part of the media landscape in
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the arab world. the success all vouch 0 prompted other channels to launch in the middle east in north africa. and if it to compete for audiences in countries of rising populations and economic growth, economic count, hon. we cannot see that it al jazeera established a new style of journalism in the arab world, based on reporting real news in a professional way. delivering comprehensive news and current affairs coverage from around the world with atlanta for dental. i wouldn't and you couldn't of effect even stomach how the melody lead. then jimmy and wallace. then a worn and sick to be will i told you what? repeat, listen method the machine a cannot the nina silicon many can meet after shot of so happy 10 years after its launch. alger 0 was now part of the international media landscape. and that sort of sabbatical, definite boy, while they are out of e. j. b. bad been mr. korea to la la la la la la scott,
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would delevie an internet up the thumb booted up and i think does he had a mon ashleen logo? i found that out because i had fell out of bed. it's been a lot, 3 that an officer dizzier who had the she j. u. land matt and had that for the couldn't. and the sadler who will humbly appreciate that that he will finish said look the, an eminently to fight jo below that. but then johnson behind that, at the admin at the ged, been misled, a shot alana without his eras arabic channel established as a global brand construction, which began on a new building to house the new channel. welcome to al jazeera. in november, the 15th day, one of a new era and television news on al jazeera english, launched in 20060. mocking a new chapter in the al jazeera story, promising to reach new audiences with bold reporting and fresh perspectives that
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have become a hallmark of al jazeera ah 25 years ago, a new era in television news in the middle east began. ah, the conclusion of a 2 pock documentary theories month and the 25th anniversary of al jazeera in b santa. so the launch of al jazeera in the quote from a broadcast into a multi platform. global net with this story image is even a unique path, foster clearings and our taking over what used to be pristine forest, where giant trees one stood tall and cheap and see you scroll. conservation is say the area swarming with eagle, tim, below gus and butcher's. 4 years ago, the government is here in the, on the east, the ban on the timber trade. but that decision only open
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a floodgate of uncontrolled illegal mocking sierra leone is home to more than $5000.00 was to gypsies, more than $1500.00 of them are found on the normal mon, to range and on their prop, from safe. cuz the vision is under pressure to save them after the resumption of lugging and the return of poachers ah to risk the feel, be a descending into a widening civil war is only to real. the un security council, he has a dire assessment about ethiopia as conflict and a warning. there's only a short window of opportunity to act. ah, hello, welcome. i'm peter toby. you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. also coming up
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