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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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on the box is why i became a gymnast. amanda, ah, question. the narrative. identify who is telling the story? their motivations. these are multinational corporations that are interested in profit, the listening pace, deconstruct the media on al jazeera, ah. the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only to real. the un security council here is a dire assessments about ethiopian conflicts and warning this only a small window of opportunity to act. ah,
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or that i'm had them on his in this is al jazeera life and go home also coming up a sydney's court's orders. internet services be brought back online. they've been largely blocked since the military takeover. polish border guards block away for hundreds of refugees and migrants is neighboring fellow. routes is accused of deliberately creating a crisis and the world bank says things are getting worse for people in gaza despite signs of hope for the overall palestinian economy. ah, the conflict in ethiopia as t gray region is at risk of becoming a nation wide civil war. that's the warning from the un security council which matters. rebels threatened to march on the capital, addis ababa? government forces have been battling them for a year. the african unions envoy is meeting local leaders to push for de escalation,
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as mike hannah reports from the united nations. the message to the security council is clear. time is short, the window to secure a mediated settlement. the conflict is closing. in a country over a 110000000 people overnight, indeed, different ethnic groups and 80 languages. no one can predict what continued fighting and insecurity will bring. but let me be clear what is certain is that the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only to real. the council was addressed remotely by the african representative leading mediation efforts. all these. yeah, and i did not agree individually. train them political, political solution through dialogue for
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constitutes a window of opportunity. but the high representative warm that the window of opportunity is small. the piano bescedy made his country's position clear. we remind everyone concerned that there are no 2 parties here. there is a government representing the all of the people and representing the trip instead. and there is a group advancing. it's a criminal close through atrocities. it's a stance that has the support of some members of the council, especially russia, which is privately insisted that an elected government should not be asked to negotiate. because forces attempting to unseat it. the security council president has insisted there's no division on the issue. and it does appear that all agreed on to point that there's a vital need for humanitarian assistance and that it's the african union that
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should take the lead in mediation if it's the majority view, perhaps reflected in the statement to the council by the u. k. emergency which said the dressing, the humanitarian and human impact of the conflict, should be the immediate focus. it continued. it's past time for all parties to put the e p o p, and people 1st my kind of era, united nations. well let's go live now to i'll just there is mohammed adult who's in the address of a know mama, my hearing bear about the diplomatic efforts that are ongoing to address the crisis . is any of this bearing fruits? well, they seem to be ha, african unions. the special envoy to the home of africa, former president of not judy alderson. obasanjo has been to that to guy origin and on monday and he visited and then also us off. the guys reported to brush on front
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malicious leadership headquarters and there he seems to have gotten some headway he's also visiting at today the i'm a harder on the upper regions where the conflict are spilled over to in the past months. and he is saying that both sides understand that the differences between them are political and made political resolution by saying that the window of opportunity is very small and is fust closing. and are they the need to act with some agency? of course out obasanjo also pointing out that the 1st thing they want to achieve is assist wire in which a humanitarian quoted or could be as published to try and take in much needed aid to up to 400 them 400000 people who are living in family conditions integrate also, there are millions others who are 40 to secure following
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a siege on the region by if you can defense forces rebels themselves in having a towards that the bill of us that was saying that they've been forced too much to towards the capital to try and break a bad siege, which they say has been, i having debilitating f effects on their people. and the prime minister treated just moments ago as saying that it's european or his government was ready to work with its friends, to try and overcome what he called the countries some pretty challenges. and these, and many interpret to mean that somehow they might be ready of total to talk to the rebels. and one thing that has been an obstacle to the holding of peace talks on negotiations between the government and the rebel so far has been bad tags of terrorism that was given to good to great fighters. when the it's
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european parliament designated them to be a terrorist organization. whether it's european government is ready to drop, that hog now is something that's not very clear. and, and what about the, the fighting right now, mohammed, because the moore's been going on for a year and this the talk about de escalation and so on. but this war is still very much on going, isn't it very much on going on. intensified in some ways, particularly in areas to the lawful the capital would be dealing at days of fighting in places about 350 kilometers away from the capital. he threw up in defense forces supported by irregular competent groups alike in them. had a malicious offer, malicious and thousands of civilians responded to a cold for them to take up arms and by the rebels from the prime minister. are trying very hard to talk at the rebels from coming any nearer to the capital. and
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so far they're saying their lines have held it, but again, this is causing the usual misery. it's thousands of people have been displaced from their homes. and there is also people who have been forced to live in buildings like school buildings and things like that. after their displacement, all these now is one of these diplomatic efforts are trying to stop and the u. s. special envoy to the horn of africa, jeffrey trautmann has it a ton to a to sub i just days of the he left the following meetings. he had with government officials and these talk that the, he's a window of opportunity of course, will come as a great relief to the people of the few up here because of the free of the beast. conflict has the i'm in the couldn't government, i, country. ok, mom and dad, i with that lie for us in the ethiopian capital. thank you. mohammed. a court
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incident has ordered that internet services be restored. 12 week sensor most for blogs, the national consumer protection, cancel food telecommunication companies over the shot. then they face arrested. the court's decision isn't implemented. the church was imposed to prevent protest from the campaign of civil disobedience after the military takeover on october 25th. have been, morgan has more from cartoon when our think the verdict and despise the judge, saying that the internet on sim cards and phone nets, phone services, should be restored immediately. it is still not back. so people who rely on their sim card to be able to access their internet are still not able to receive any kind of signal in terms of internet on their cell phone. now those who rely on the satellite and on fiber cables for internet were able to access it despite the internet shut down. one thing the national consumers council had that said was that
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when they, when the sued the telecommunication company, 3 telecommunication companies operating here. and then they said that the council, the transition military council, we currently in charge meant by general ab them hon. we're not responsible. it was not responsible for shutting down the internet. and that is why this to the telecommunications companies. and they say that if the director general of both 3 companies do not do not restore the internet immediately or by the end of the day, then they will be arrested tomorrow morning. now this is of course, all coming back coming after the military takeover and october 21st. when the internet on sim cards were blocked for users. and many of those active, many of the activists who have been mobilizing for civil disobedience and for massport that have been relying on the internet as well. so many people here incidentally that this is a clamp down of their, one of their basic rights and the lawyers was food. the telecommunications company said this is one of the reasons why they put that. they went ahead with the telecommunication company saying that they are taking away the rights of the people
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here in for them. dozens of migrants and belarus remain gathered at the boers or with poland in an escalating crisis. the polish government is deployed troops to the region. it's cause part of its border with bella roofs splaining, its for newer in refugees, in the middle east, in retaliation for european sanctions. when we challenge reports that you got in the middle of every humanitarian crisis, there are always human faces. and these are the children, women and men stuck in a deadly stand off on the poland. better roost border thousands and now and make shift camps along the razor. wire humanitarian group say they're lacking food and medicine. social media footage for recent days shows several 100 refugees and migrants escorted by that a russian security heading towards poland. the large numbers have escalated a crisis that's been boiling for many weeks. many if they can get into the,
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you don't want to stay in poland where they know they're not. welcome. no, go. well, we are going to get money. gemini died, no form of the month, thousands of feet entering the flock through better roost at 1st, by lithuania and latvia. now, mainly through poland. the e u. accuse is better. russian leader, alexander lucas shanker. of orchestrating ways of migrants and refugees. in retaliation for sanctions imposed on his government for violent crackdowns on the opposition. on monday, poland said it had withstood attempts by migrants to force their way across the border. authorities of acute batteries have tried to spark a major confrontation and a mobilizing soldiers and closed the border. crossing prime minister mateusz motor of etzky has been visiting troops. who would think 23 months ago that we will be dealing with actions that are characterized by the use of human shields. the cushing cars regime, use civilian weapons in
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a hybrid war. what we can see today, a new methods and you are passing against the nova metal. but poland authorities have been accused of illegal behavior to forcibly transporting people. they've caught back across the border rather than offering humanitarian assistance and the chance to apply for protection. as being little coordinated action from the you, germany is urging member states to do more russia. a close ally and advisor to better roost says the crisis as a result of the western policies in the middle east. and urges it to help batteries and know you're still gonna get us to the root of the problem is the policy carried out by western countries, including nato and you, member states regarding the middle east and north africa as they were trying to impose a western style a better life, several people along the border have already died from exposure. that could be many
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more to come, rory, talents out his era. so my cane is following the story from berlin dominant. what have you commission had to say about this? lots of words coming from the european union from several different officials, not the least of them from the president, the european commission. ursula fond ally, and she says that what's happening on that border that we saw were hearing rory report about their basically the instrumentality, zation of refugees, says president, funder lionel. in other words, that she is accusing the viola russian government of using these refugees. these migrants as an instrument of foreign policy president, funder lion wants to have much more sanctions imposed in belarus. and that's a view, that's other politicians in other parts of the you seem to be endorsing to winner that here the german government, the interior minister,
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has as effectively endorsed, the polish governments approach. these are the, the, the safety, the security of the border with guitarist the idea of militarization of the, of that zone, of a fence being put there. we know also that the lithuanian government has said that it is putting everything in place in order to, to have and to enact a state of emergency along its border with get a rest. remember that lithuania and poland have the longest, longest borders with yet arrest those of the frontiers which are now the front line of this hybrid war that we were hearing. the polish government representative refer to their so from the european perspective, from the you perspective, at least you have solidarity being expressed in brussels and in other member states for what the polish government is doing. the other thing to bear in mind is that the other member states, while they are aware of the fact that many of these migrants and refugees seek to go through poland to germany. for example. we know that in the course of the last 5
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weeks or so on, average, more than a 1000 people have managed to get from the other was through poland into germany. now there's no such and that these numbers have any kind of relation to the numbers who came to germany in 2015 at the height of the refugee crisis involving syrian refugees. the certainly the images of these people on that yellow russian border with poland have stirred peoples memories and they are the subject of political debate right now. came dominant came met life or is there in maryland. thank you. dominic still ahead on al jazeera, i'm a former liberian gang leader hoops to and drug addiction in monrovia. ah,
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that's cool. down in china, the northeast monsoon is settled in which tends to enhance the rain just on the edge of it. and that's what happened recently, bender at chase, we particularly wet in the forecast. you see it is this area from northern sumatra through ball a split. the malays in the touch of cambodia whether have you are able for with us, tend to ease a little bit. the rainy season for the science, which is typically borneo and java and sumatra. these ongoing has been flooding in jakarta. reason to be more flooding to come. this is the winter scene now in china's been snow on the ground. some of it will melt. it's still falling in the fall ne, beijing which saw several centimeters is warming up. that cold air still there, the peninsula, the korean places as souls and he's 7 degrees as well below average. and given that code is going across the warmer waters, the sea japan, it'll generate maybe thunderstorm, certainly range. how's it so snow up on mount fuji that say ne msd got trapped in wrapping around itself here in the southeast of india. so for tamela do
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it's already been wet. it's flooding and chin are, they will be more will a significant burst of potentially torrential rain during cystic north and all this it's cost unsettled with of course, very poor air quality. ah, a water crisis in america's west is intensifying, deep historic dividend obliterated. ecosystem to create agriculture at the expense of our tribe that to where your friend since time, get the strong take it away from the wing, outlined, investigate how climate change his pissing an oregon town to breaking point. we will fight because it in a black, we are literally to the point that people are going to start she age other when the war to stop on al jazeera. ah
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ah, this is out, is there a quick reminder of the top stories there, sir? the un security council says the conflict in ethiopia is ti grow region is at risk of becoming a nation wide civil war. the african unions envoys meeting local leaders, push for de escalation. a court incident has ordered the restoration of internet services while in 2 weeks after most were brought. they were shut down to prevent protests and a campaign of civil disobedience after military takeover in october. and police and poems are shared a video showing refugees and migrants counts on the border with bellows saying they expect further attempts to breach the barrier. poland has closed entry points in an
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escalating crisis. though our bank says things are dismal and getting worse for people and cancer in a report on the state of the palestinian economy. it says unemployment in the besieged strip stands at 45 percent and it's particularly concerned about the high dependency on social assistance unemployment. in the occupied west bank is 17 percent, but the world bank warns the palestinian authority is challenging financial situation and started unable to borrow from domestic lenders. the world bank expects overall growth of 6 percent in the palestinian economy this year. it says this will likely slow in 2022 will canton shanker. as the world bank country director for the west bank and gaza, he explains why the officials and garza and the west bank need to reduce the budget deficit this year around that the high vaccination rates that's been an
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uptick in the economy. so there has been certainly a re, bob for up to 6 percent of what is going to happen is that the still are struggling with a huge deficit off $1400000000.00 and out while, while the while there's been growth, it's not sustainable with this huge deficit. that's the reason we are projecting that. it's going to go come down to 3 percent unless the whole huge deficit is address. the palestinians do not have access to international market. they do not have that currency and they do not have a monetary policy. so the instruments which they have a very limited so hence we would be would need support from don't us from the government of israel, and certainly the bank is doing is bit and there's also actions with the palestinian authority, which is,
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which is doing i'm and they have bought some extremely important reforms recently. we need to give them credit. i'm at the same time. we also need international donors. that's been a huge drop off in international don't assistance this year in particular. so i think that all the all parties needs to come together to be able to support the palestinian peoples hans anthony and has signed off on documents to return $26.00 artifacts. and i know a macro met. spins president pet. she's telling in paris and cheese state the artifact, some of africa's most significant talk works were looted by french colonial troops in the 19th century. natasha butler has scores from paris. quite an emotional scene at the least said the french president, the manual macro, and the president of been in patrice tunnel, holding a ceremony to formalize the return of the 26 artifacts to benny. macro said
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that this was a breakthrough moment and historic moment. as these artifacts would embark on a journey home, the presence of benito said this was not just about the restoration of these works to been in. this was about painting. regaining some of his soul, he praised him out of my call for breaking the 2 of restitution. of our works. now the 26 hours was comprises various objects. we're talking about fact use palace doors as even a throne. they are known as the ivr may treasures, and they were looted by french colonial forces in 1892 from west africa though then brought to paris, where they've been in various museums ever since for over a century. most recently, they were displayed as a museum in central power. so people to see them before they return to benito. so the french president, no. mike crawford, they're already wrapped up there in crate. they're at the airport. they all ready
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to go. they will leave at the same time as the president has been in, and they will make their way back home. and this ends a very long process which started several years ago. the un says west africa has become a major trans at home for drug trafficking. the amount of cocaine seized in the region grew tenfold between 20152019 liberia is one of the countries affected says drugs make their way from latin america to the european markets. nicholas hot reports for monrovia, this once feared warlord during lay barriers, decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic he's. my pops says this man. i would kill for him in these ghettos in the capital monrovia, the children who once fought for him have now grown into gang members and drug addicts. oh, they call him general, but naked because he fought without clothes alongside children hooked on drugs. he
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provided before going into battle, bly says he and his army of child soldiers 8 the hearts of children they'd capture . i'm looking for g to only promise me and i you are good for a pitcher greg bullet ish for what purpose? asked this man. the enemy is at back in the most brilliant children. that's why you seated about one warrior. that mission is going to be struggle. little if no rescue these guys. the enemy, he refers to our drug lord to in monrovia were told to leave that gangs or after us . the un says liberia is among several west african countries used as transit hubs for cocaine and heroin coming from latin american asian countries to european markets. the next day we meet bly at his home in his backyard, our barracks for the teenagers. he's picked off the streets. they say nigerian gang
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members are distributing drugs in the ghettos hooking children on heroin or pharmaceuticals. like the pain killer tramadol, i want to become a lawmaker because no one will talk for us in the house of representatives. we at vulnerable under streets, smoking drugs. i want to become a law mikka to protect my friends. bly has admitted to the country's truth and reconciliation commission that he is responsible for the killings of more than $20000.00 people during the civil war. now he says he's these children's protector . the work that the former warlord joshua, he has done with st. sheldon has attracted her hub like sympathy and as protected him in effect from public prosecution despite the recommendations made by the truth . and reconciliation commission on blythe says protecting children is away for him to repent for his past crimes nothing. what i bid were wrong, and there was no excuse for it. and me an ot us who did this should be for if we're as i'm with him for justice,
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i want to be given back for this former warlord. liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country. statements that few here are in a position to challenge. nicholas hawk al jazeera monrovia, former george and president mikhail successfully has been transferred to a prison hospital. he's been on hunger strike for more than a month while in jail suckers for the supporters of rallied cycle for his release. he was arrested last month when he returned from exile after being convicted in absentia. of abuse of power. construction is underway and indonesia is 1st floating solar power plants. the facility is expected to power more than $50000.00 homes demand for se floating solar technology is growing in southeast asia. several major projects have been developed and some have recently incomplete it. jessica
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washington reports in thailand's o bond ret attorney province. the sealant horn dan has been part of this landscape since the 19 seventy's ill to function as both a hydro power and irrigation facility for decades. these waters have also provided fishermen here with their livelihoods. now it takes on a new role as the site of ages newest floating solar power project. this is the starting point that we can go to that point in the 30 year. after you see the starting point, at least the for a project for the clean, the renewable energy, the hybrid hydro solar projects began commercial operations in october and consists of more than $140000.00 solar panels. thailand is still highly dependent on fossil fuels. something it has in common with neighboring countries, but demand for renewable energy is growing. and experts say floating sola is an
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ideal fit for many countries in se asia, most of the benefit is that you require a little, you know, land to put on. so there is no land because it could be and the area with high population density, good grid access and high energy demand may, you know, the floating system will be a choice. se asia is now home to several floating solar projects and more are in the early stages of development. this is the toronto reservoir in west java, we're in denisia supposed to floating solar power plant is being developed. the early stages of construction are underway and it should be operational by late next year. it will be the 1st of many here in indonesia, the $100.00. this video shows what the final project will look like. as a goal is to show indonesia is capable of building floating solar panels,
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the biggest in se, asia. there are also cost saving benefits from the set up on, but it is slightly more expensive than ground mounted solar panels. but because the temperature is low in the risk of war, the output will be higher. many southeast asian countries have announced their aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 or shortly after floating solar technology may be an important part of realizing those goals. jessica washington al jazeera london . ah, this is al jazeera, these are the headlines for un security council says the conflict and see dr. region risks becoming a nation wide civil war. the african union's envoy is meeting local leaders on tuesday to push for the escalation. the conferences worsens and rebels are threatening to marshall mac capitol at a sample. bahama though has more from
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a sub of thinking unions, special envoy to the whole wealth rica from up.


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