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trees to death, he's a subscriber t u t dot com, forward slash al jazeera english. ah. ready i'm learning under the top stories are now to sierra sch, the u. n. z is 16 of its local staffers have been detained in ethiopian capital at december, and is working with the government to get them released 6 or you and workers were also detained. but have now been freed as far as i know, no explanation given to us by why these are the staff members are, are detained a fee. there are 16 remaining in detention, and 6 have been released. so that that's the breakdown. they come from various un
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agencies, they're all national staff. it is imperative that they, that they be released. mike, hannah has more from the u. n. we also understand that a number of dependents have been arrested as well. the exact number, not really known, the u. n. is doing what it can at the stage, given the very poor communications that appears with at us about to establish exactly what is happening. some of those in detention have been visited by you and personnel. you had personnel in constant touch with the government finding out exactly why these arrests were made. a, what is not clear as well is whether the un itself was intentionally targeted or whether the rest of these un parson l will part of a wider range of arrests of a t p, people from the to grey ethnic group. meanwhile,
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diplomatic efforts to stop p c appears. conflict escalating into a full blown civil war gathering pace the african union invoice. early segment of us, andrew has traveled to the heart of our regions, the rebels from cheek rye in the countries north of advanced, closer towards the countries capital. they've been seen in the town of can we say about 300 kilometers from some of the african union is also mediating between the government and rebel forces to withdraw troops and get monetary and access into to dry weather as a crippling shortage of food and fuel. the un says many 400000 people living in famine like conditions. the federal government is accused of blocking aid. thousands of migrants. a stock on the beller is border, blocked by parish troops from entering the e. u, with temperatures set to plunge overnight, islands as the migrants under the control of bel russian arm units. it fears the military could provoke a violent incident, a claim, the better route defense ministry has dismissed as unfounded accusation. the
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european union says, battery says president alexander shanker, is nearing people through false promises of easy entry to europe. a new report has warned that the world is heading for at least 2.4 degrees celsius, global warming in the next decade. that's in spite of all the climate action countries have pledged to take at 26. some $140.00 countries covering 90 percent of global emissions of our target to cut emissions. but analysts say many of the pledges lack practical detail and short term plans for action track us as if all the long term net 0 promise is a met. it could cut the temperature, rises to $1.00 degrees by the end of the century. we are making progress at cop $26.00, but we still have a mountain to climb over the next few days. and what has been collectively committed to go some way,
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but certainly not all the way to keeping 1.5 within reach. the gap in ambition has narrowed. now the world needs confidence that we will shift immediately into implementation. that the pledge is made here will be delivered and that the policies and investment will swift. we follow a quarter and see down as ordered that internet service is be restored. more than 2 weeks after most were blocked during a miniature take over. the blackout has made it difficult for most people to communicate. national consumer protection council has sued telecommunication companies over the shut down they face arrest if the court decision isn't implemented. the outage was imposed to prevent protests and a campaign of civil disobedience to stay with us a story about serious next i was at one use after that. like watching bye for now. ah.
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025 years ago and the new iraq in television news in the middle east began o a news channel was launched reporting real news rather than state propaganda. providing a platform for a wide range of voices and opinions telling all sides of a story. no feels his no censorship. no tabs.
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ah bowls. john listen a voice for the voiceless to day the name al jazeera is recognized throughout the world. this is its story. by 2006 township 0. arabic had been on a for 10 years and they become part of the global media landscape. and did
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not anticipate an enemy slots and alanine muscular and then they cut off my hoss up if i thought the little boy love. if i thought natasha and jerry and he can kind of discuss on how to shape temple and i'm a little caused by the enemy of an enemy. yet the aftermath of the 2003 us led invasion of iraq was still the main international news story. al jazeera baghdad office had been closed since august, 2004. but it's office in bill and the kurdish region of northern iraq remained open, enabled al jazeera to continue covering iraq as well have taught good. i'm missing most of my home. i walk up and i love we
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went home. when i went in the system, letty and out of place to absolutely have a way of to if i leave that up, well, when i know felina meconium for job, colette, absolutely. and for ya to lead alika, nevada rush out of him by the name of the job. these allegations were on the fruit that al jazeera had to get used to criticism from all sides. the u. s. government accused it of endangering the lives of american troops. when reporting on attacks by al qaeda and the americans didn't like its coverage of events in my media, south of baghdad. before you as soldiers wrapped in a rocky teenager and then killed her and her family let the soldiers trying to cover it up. they were later tried in the us and found guilty. oh, for
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a rocky president. saddam hussein went on trial in baghdad. in march 2006 and al jazeera followed the story closely. saddam was found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death alone were done. he was hanged on the 30th of december 2006 al jazeera was the post t v channel to announce news of the execution. israeli palestinian conflict was always on al jazeera agenda in 2006 ready. prime minister ariel sharon had been a major military and political figure for decades, but suffered a massive stroke from which he never recovered. at this time palestinian politics were also changing. friction had developed between 2 movements, data with its power base and the occupied west bank. and hm. us based in johnson
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finance one the 1st palestinian legislative elections in 2006. it's laid up, ismael, honey. i formed a government that was rejected by photography and by israel, the u. s. among other countries that there was more criticism of al jazeera and the palestinian authority said its election coverage had been biased. the p, i criticized. it's reporting it beyond conscience between fattah and hamas and johnson. the violence ended ultimately with him as taking control of gaza in june. 2007 amended alyssa odon, this have been consumed men as to them, as with the withdraw. masula thought that that mal am aaliyah's cause of them by that is the salmon for the student. the am and fain was about. but that, that, that mel dot does have as little loved what the flu buns have as much to my telephone. well, that had been men within that hello for lisa salem, and to dealer mac de, been behind that
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a heavy and highly has at the had the gun on how bill could be under the dia. on the 12th of july, 2006, the armed lebanese shia group has bella abducted to israeli soldiers. this was to try to pressure israel into a prisoner exchange deal for some of its members in detention. but in response, israel launched a $34.00 day war against has the law in lebanon, al jersey recovered events on both sides of the border, including in israeli, and strike me the southern lebanese village of con. on that one, manuel selina le mckennan had if what can a less had motley men did done? what i had done was ha ha ha ha! can lazily elko will just aflac fall. becky de la la la la la ha. lemme sit down at the magic. see, ah,
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content on bus now. so i kind of swollen myself. fulton, i'm is kind of funny. i can, i can't. what about will hold on? let them bel shesha that can share, assess it is how can miss i'm in assess sci fi walk from glenda slightly. this time, israel criticize downs with the read hepner, about how about that it was. what was the mean and how i learned that one moment. yeah, i did those and then i know that the hardware human up it will not be and then i will and then to shut up the a. so what is owner home with yet, in the uncompromising journalism to mean telling uncomfortable stories involving
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human suffering in kazakhstan, al jazeera reported on the victims of the nuclear tests in the former soviet union . because the shaker, the proposed agenda, ben soviet, the december bill. this is joanie. i shouldn't be at home at the job and severe fishing because i've done the shift nor whole. i've got, is a letty, delicate her digestive unovia, a severe t x l menu and when his menu on insanity i shouldn't be more, he did go ahead all go nowhere. cannot the medina simply is medina culture out of a 100 or less at most with the as i thought i get a thought i thought uh huh. alicia in la la and was always going to be at the top of the saga. alicia the la a sob, she can give you welcome vouchers. in 2006 al jazeera launched
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its english channel. it's november the 15th day, one of a new era and television news. i'm surely gosh, and i'm sam is a dan. this is al jazeera the news bulletins was supported by documentaries discussions and investigations to bring the depth and insight to global events from a range of perspectives on rebuilding. also coming up an exclusive booking for out 0 is very different. walking into the out a 0 newsroom is somewhat like being here where i'm based now for our to a 0 in the united nations. out to 0 is in some ways the united nations of television, the diversity, and now is there a newsroom is one of its main strengths. and in my final years at the bbc, there was a huge focus on diversity. ah. and it did make some achievement in some progress
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. ah, but it never really got to, i think where it wanted to go in that time when i was there. and when i arrived to al jazeera english, one of my 1st impressions, when i walked into the newsroom was, wow, this is what the baby say was trying to create. i'm kimberly help get in washington stories al jazeera english. his headquarters are in jonathan, but it has broadcast centers in kuala lumper, london, and washington d. c. and the network has bureau in 50 countries. this is al jazeera, i think one of the great important assets of elders error is that it's based, not in the traditional power centers or where we're based in a way that is, is, is doing away from the legacy of the past media. we're creating something new. we have created something new and by being in a different place, it allows us to start a fresh narrative. and i think that's been one of the most important things about algebra. english is that we provide
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a more global perspective. i think it was hugely important for us that we were coming from the south. and we thought of it not just in terms of geography, but we thought of the south and we redefined that concept really to mean the south can be applied to anywhere in the world. there is a south which represents people who are not part of the circle of power. in fact, in the north as well in any country. there is a south in london, there is a south in washington, d. c. l, jersey. english was also able to capitalize on the job the stick base and prospective, already established by the arabic channel. certainly outages or english knows its roots. it knows where it came from. it knows the very proud heritage of our churches are arabic and the boldness vouchers, or arabic. and some of that, i think the dna of that has been reflected in it,
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sibling out or english just hadn't been out of that arabic. the danger or the, the possibility is the houses or english might have become a photocopy of the bbc or cnn audio. so it was very, it was very good. it was a good experience that out of the arabic had trailblazer to blaze the trail and had pioneered a new way of, of looking at the world and reporting on the world. and so from that legacy, altos or english was able to, to build up and be something quite different from other mainstream media at that time when, who no intellect in 2006 al jazeera, also founded it's center for studies in doha. it provides research to support the networks, channels and online platforms or citizen little here t i lot of us. he had them couldn't. that will. but even this block some shock, i'm pretty prominent or a what her ducky, her kid hit him,
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the left lab. oh wow. i would not, they had to literally the list of the lad he him out that he laminate. is you one of savannah or either? marcus looked at what microsoft did. he are like so much, marcus. you it blah. does let it on us have in the show. okay. well you said on my laugh at me at some mac as your own b as we'd the shipper could be a house on my unit. and then back in month robin did this, she or more had that this long can't warmest issued law had that a shiver to be her old man out the huddle sugar could be held by asia made at the head a year later in july, 2007, i'll just the relaunched the 1st arabic speaking documentary tv channel. but
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at the 0, they appear in it. we're mozilla here. alamos who were at the coffee a ham allen was though al amy and with the houses b. l. f. lehman. with a plea here. man, tom mallette wheels when i think a fleming with a peer florida. but al jazeera documentary shows films about history, politics, social issues and culture, mainly in the arabic speaking world. it participates in international film festivals and has won a lot of awards. march 2008 saw a series of popular uprisings in tibet over the chinese government's treatment of its people. alger 0 was the only media organization to cover clashes between monks and chinese security forces inside a buddhist monastery. one eyebrow never, not on diana with a 0 in korean,
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it's your general 100 percent algae 0 also covered the earthquake in the chinese province of stitch, one in may, 2008, in which almost 90000 people died. the delicate work, her uncle barnett hadn't walton even at the liquor and was c r y e dot little sold it occur yet young she'll i'll carry benny's be young man knocked off it had f or valley. go on pedestal. par abra hard. so do the math well, bother her alina, and will soon, it'll quote on man cuba fail run, i locked them myself, a thin that the showers will comes at the other kilometer. and so done by the g gun in late december, 2008 israeli army launched an attack on the garza street. it was the start
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of a 21 day wolf is and he had one question though i saw you. i loved it live. we'll have a good in, well, i will harriman al jesse recovered events from both sides of the cancer israel border. the war was an important moment for out his era english. at the time it was the only english language global news channel. with correspondence inside garza, they are our by our reports will relate around the world. the channel also reported from israel and gained international respect for its journalism. i think that the war was wondering, was probably one of the most intense periods. there was an antique period working. it was an extremely intense period and, and relations in the middle east. and, and the most amazing thing was we were there. we would be everywhere with our ass
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after our and were able to bring coverage that other people were not able to provide kenneth, how about my food? them he had food, his asked about 5 didn't enough. i live in the had the man he had the me handle a new limp, probably a salad made any and for the latest had the frequency had forgotten as well. so happy. and we had the and how to what of the cathedral and mccarthy, mr. huffy? when one out sick any in the us, if i what i need did, what the rest of the flooding there was going to be the father though with teddy can if he hadn't, he could be it any be had his pulse. i let, he couldn't go to excel or experiment of the higher the 1st day that he's been able to make it to the pharmacy in excess wear himself. alger, the rich continued to come with his social and economic consequences known after the hostilities had ended. the al jazeera english,
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his reputation was further enhanced. 2 years later, when it closely followed the 2010 haiti earthquake that killed more than 250000 people telling the real human story sometimes takes time. when the quake happened in haiti, the world's media arrived and stayed for the regulation. 10 days. we decided that there was a great story to be told here. so instead of leaving after 10 days like everyone else, we opened the bureau and it's a to yes, we got on the, the real compelling story that came out of that actually was a story for which we won an emmy award. find out about a u. n. compound that basically started a cholera outbreak which killed a lot of people. they are all united on the same go, breaking really seed on guns and bringing when much needed help to the policy. tens
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of people civilians have been injured in late may 2010. these railey military targeted a turkish relief flotilla, including the marvey mama, as it carry humanitarian aid to cancer, which was under siege organized altos here english and arabic, reported the deaths of 9 people on board. the israelis held and interrogated alger, 0 reporters going on with a vein in an american, not all below it has that adjustment table. so talking slightly other job as we can any it him is i know him can hitting sir. let me know if it's him. have snow that can them yet a lot of a you hadn't and i'm a c a c a c os alice if you know what is the job to safina? i mean, so let me talk then on my report from on board the muslim or the lead shipping,
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historic cause of flotilla was the last report to go out to the well before communication was cut. remember in that reports i had told the world, the true passengers had been killed by the commandos who attacked it in international waters of the mediterranean sea as the ship was actually diverted towards egypt. because they didn't want a confrontation, at least the organizers didn't want to confrontation at the time. this was the biggest story that i had covered as a journalist, the 2011 is etched on people's minds. as a landmark here in the arab world, it was a time when algebra are truly made its mark. but also when some of its own staff paid the ultimate price for reporting the news. in december 2010, a trinity and st. bender mohammed was easy, set himself on fire in the town of city. after being humiliated by a policewoman. the incident is seen now as the spark that triggered that so called
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arab spring. the out of the room was banned by local 2 news. sorry that the time, but it's news channels were the 1st to show images taken from social media. there were widespread protests across to nuclear, calling on president xena lab at the denali to step down, which he eventually did. ah. when the resignation was seen as a triumph for people. oh, he love the 33 year mark robinette lee. yeah. me a home or about i cna. what can i there? leeker leone. oh, what i will the would i any but miss betty les, where them my duck, d, me, e, omaha, a, b, c, i t at ross me, yakima, i,
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in at no. annette the al jazeera office in tunis was up and running and its reporters covered events. as they unfolded in both english and arabic. protest is still unhappy against police because we spent so much time covering the appeal in the middle east. the moment we saw pictures of thousands of protesters on the streets of tunis, we knew that this was something that was not going to be an isolated event. something that most likely was going to have a seismic impact on the region. what happened next was unprecedented. chaotic events in egypt, yemen, syria, and different parts of the world. we will read for the moment because we owned the narrative in the arab world. by the time many was struggling to send reporters cruise to be able to get
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a sense of what was happening. and i think this explains why al jazeera made a difference. ah, that was in the wake of tune. easier. in late january 2011, the egyptian revolution erupted and al jazeera was there. and then on the 28th of january, known as the friday of anger, egyptian police killed hundreds of protesters, events gathered pace. and on the 2nd of february, the so called battle of the camel took place in cairo's taffy square. mccarthy, german mocha. the only had the 3rd of critter, if a soldier, maria, what other 5th resulted in receipt of a hockey, jani let, and the whole lem. yep. go ahead, man. on the love a server, yet our car and the 100 camera, comerica kenneth moder, will kenneth miami. i had them in and we'll talk to her in aladdin,
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attending the recount, and no, we don't. camera 0, say them. so whole more a better tone terminal. hello, mckenna, hot lowered below you mclaughlin. jim wendell de la, a robert lobby. so he met, were icon at the jersey and i'll be anna who, neck at the hole. and joe had a young. yeah. had off he had the he a multiple were umbrellas and eileen. he had the leash, had her mother, father, a shop while on. lemme well, jesse looked at the honda did kill a lima omen. the buck come in. huh. and you say, you know, what will, how will atlanta manage in a new condemn which has mother and how come and a deck and that little miss. ha, ha, ha. chester jesse, you look in the home earth at all and yet the agenda will jazeera what a new shape, little josie. it are with them and you will how we was there. jesse al jazeera is influential reporting on the arabs spring became a double edged sword,
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bringing it into direct conflict with governments clinging on to power. okay. okay . mm hm. ah hello. lauren taylor in under the top stories are now to sierra. the u. s. is 16 of its local staffers have been detained in ethiopian capital, addis ababa, and it's working with the government to get them released. 6 other, you and workers were also detained, but have not been freed. as far as i know, no explanation given to us who by why these, these staff members are, are detained on the there are 16 remaining in detention and 6 have been released.


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