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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2021 7:00am-7:30am AST

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who was it, we don't mothers, rejected by their own communities, chicken. you think people are going to welcome them after that? of course. and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera. ah, the you and his working to really 16 of its staff, detained by the ethiopian government. they're accused of participation in terror. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up as thousands of migrants come out on the bella roost. poland bowed up war sol, points the finger at russia. the mom of task that lies ahead warnings as urgent work to be done in the world to escape the catastrophic effects of global warming.
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and we travel to chile, where hydrogen power make the key to replacing fossil fuels. ah, we begin in ethiopia, where the united nation says 16 of its local staff been detained in the capital, addis ababa that calling for the groups immediate release. 6 other, you and workers who are previously detained, have now been freed. it comes at a time of escalating conflict between ethiopia, central government, and rebel forces in the countries north. as far as i know, no explanation given to us by why these these staff members are, are detained. ah, they, there were 16 remaining in detention, and 6 have been released. so that, that sir, the bright ups are they come from various are you and agencies, they're all national staff. it is imperative that the of that they be released.
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my kind of has more now from the united nations. well, the and spokesman for the secretary general briefing journalist there he had just spoken at that particular time to you and security personnel in addis ababa trying to get out exactly what had happened. now what the you and does know at this point is that initially it would appear $22.00 people were arrested. along with it, he said their dependence. now how many people that is, that is not clear either. now, subsequently, 6 of the you and workers were released either you and says it is engaging with ethiopian government, 1st of all, to get the rest released and also to find out exactly why these arrests took place . now, there had been some reporting that these arrests took place in a wider round up of people supporting the at t grey, a group of fighting against the ethiopian government. however,
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no confirmation of that. and that question was put directly to the un, which also could not confirm. so it is struggling. it says as well, with communications issues, very difficult to communicate with you in personnel on the ground in at us above, above so detail stole sketchy hours after that initial announcement. but the un insists it's going to continue to press the ethiopian government for the release of its workers. meanwhile, the diplomatic push is gathering pace to prevent ethiopia conflict escalating into a full blown civil war. the african union envoy, a 2nd of asenjoe, has traveled to the am, hara under far regions, rebels from ethiopia to grey, have yvonne's closer to the country's capital. they've been seen in the town of camecia. that's about 300 kilometers from addis ababa. african unions also mediating between the government and rebel forces to withdraw troops. and he was also discussing humanitarian access into to gray, where there's
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a severe shortage of food and fuel you and says many 400000 people are living in famine like conditions. the federal government has been repeatedly accused of blocking aid into the area mama do as mona, from at isabella, all these piece efforts, the fust priority they want to achieve is to get aid to those who need it most more than 400000 people in the ticket i region who are living in palm and like situations according to the you and no aid has entered that to grab it and says mid last month. and many people are trying very much to get this aide as quickly as possible or cigna bus on july the african unions m boy to the horn of africa, said that he will have a plan by the end of the week for negotiations. and the 1st thing he wants to see is a humanitarian corridor opened towards a to grey and also for m and m. millis. she is under defense forces
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thick and as far away as possible from the main roads leading to, to gray. so it is still a walk in progress to grow and rebel fighters have committed rape and other abuses during their recent advances in the ethiopian conflict. thus, according to a new report by amnesty international, the rights group says it's documented 16 women who are raped or gang raped at gunpoint by to grind fighters local authority, say that numbers much higher. amnesty says the acts describe but amount to war, crimes and crimes against humanity, bones prime minister as accused russia of orchestrating the wave of migrants trying to enter poland through bela roofs. the humans refugee agency says it's alarmed that the situation on the border. it has thousands of volume of people must not be used for political purposes or a challenge reports. i was going in the middle of every humanitarian crisis. there are always human faces. and these are the children, women and men stuck in
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a deadly stand off on the poland. better roost border thousands and now in makeshift camps along the razor. wire humanitarian group say they're lacking food and medicine. social media footage from recent days shows several 100 refugees in migrants escorted by masked bell russian security. heading towards poland. the large numbers of escalated a crisis has been boiling for many weeks. this family says it's kurdish, the grandmother isn't well, they're lucky enough to have found their way into poland after 2 weeks in the forest. but what's next for them isn't clear. according to the refugee charity watching them be escorted away by bodyguards. we can never be certain what happens to the people that lead the that we of her health in the forest, because the polish authorities are breaking the law and a convention lay of fans sent them back to abilene. i was a girl,
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even though they apply for international protection here for months, thousands have been entering the e u vibe salaries at 1st through lithuania and latvia now mainly through poland. the e. u accuses beller. russian leader, alexander lucas shanker. of orchestrating ways of migrants and refugees in retaliation of the sanctions imposed on his government for violent crackdowns on the opposition. he accuses poland of military intimidation. brought the subordinate pro to grant only a part of them. women is so fighting migrants with tanks today. well, excuse me, why we both have the military background, we understand that being in a war with these poor people on the polish bella, russian border and moving in tank columns with it's obvious that it has some sort of drill a hole, intimidation that, of course, we face it without anxiety. what kind of stuff fuck with production was for you. on monday, poland said it had withstood attempts by migrants to force their way across the
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border. prime minister mateusz more of etzky, has been visiting troops license with amazon, who would think 23 months ago that we would be dealing with actions that are characterized by the use of humor shields. lucas shankar regime uses civilians, weapons in a hybrid war. what we can see today on new methods and you are a fasting against the nova medical explorer, germany is urging e u. member states to do more so far. there's been little coordinated action from you, though that might be change a president called on member states to approve extended sanctions against the bela russian or authorities. and she also announced the exploration of measures against 3rd country airlines that are active in human trafficking. several people along the border have already died from exposure. there could be many more to come, rory, talents, how to 0. analysts
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say the pleasures that countries have made at cop $26.00 to tap or climate change this decade would still lead to a $2.00 degrees celsius temperature rise. this century that's far more than the 1.5 degree limit. they've committed to around a $140.00 countries covering 90 percent of global emissions have announced targets to cut emissions for the climate action track. a group says many of the pledges black, practical, detail, and short term plans. we are making progress act cop 26. but we still have a mountain to climb over the next few days. and what has been collectively committed to go some way, but certainly not all the way to keeping 1.5 within reach. the gap in ambition has narrowed. now the world needs confidence that we will shift immediately into implementation, that the pledge is made here will be delivered. and at the policies an investment
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will swiftly follow. while elia andrew simon spoke to iceland, environment minister, who thinks the comp 26 climate talks could be making some headway, more intense negotiations, taking place in this building. and they're getting longer, more involved, more tents that have to be said. that's what we're hearing from all sources. that's so much to play for here as a lot of things to do and not a lot of time to do them in with me right now is one of the representatives of a small, the smallest states iceland, the environment minister goodman, the good bronson. thank you very much for joining al jazeera. welcome. thank you, and tell me this. how is it going? how does it look? i would say i'm more positive towards a battery. so i was a week ago and i based on the fact there have been some improvements when it comes
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to the n p c. and when it comes to contribution of country and trying to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. and also that we, we here know that we might be likely to close the financing cost to the developing countries, the $100000000.00 promise that was made here on the president of the united states of america bomber referred only on monday to the disappointing action of russia and china and not being here and saying that it was crucial that they would, they would, they would, it was dangerous, it was dangerous, dangerously lacking that response. what do you say to that? what do you say to that, coupled with the, that the pressure that the lobby groups, the fossil fuel nations are putting on the whole effect? first of all, obama also president obama also said that has been made progress in 2015. and i agree with them because a lot of businesses, a little countries have stepped up their game. there are countries that still need to do better. there are countries that are responsible for lots of missions. and
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you mentioned china and russia, you could say australia and all this as well. and i'm really hoping that they will, like we all need to step up to the game when, when it comes to climate issues. india's top somehow has been blanketed by smoke with air pollution hitting dangerous levels across new delhi and other parts of the north. the severe deterioration in air quality is being blamed on farmers violating a ban on crop burning. people also not a bad m fireworks to celebrate devali one, so they found 80 percent of families in the region that reported ailments like headaches and breathing problems due to the air pollution. chalet is one of the country's leading the world and producing sustainable energy. the energy minister says it's pioneering the use of hydrogen. many believe it could be a solution to replace fossil fuels at a competitive price or latin america editor alysia newman reports from colleena. it's colorless, odorless, and tasteless,
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and its everywhere. hydrogen is one of the world's most abundant elements. a plentiful source of energy, lighter and more powerful than lithium and oil. can be used to fuel large vehicles like airplanes, and ships or to power heavy industry like mining. but the challenge is to replace conventional fossil fuels with hydrogen without using contaminating energy sources to make it. this is no ordinary forklift. it's the was 1st to be run on green hydrogen produced right here at the last thought. the last copper plant near chillies capital. if a mover to deal with him with alicia, this is very similar to a petrol station and the time it takes to fill the vehicle is very similar as well . green hydrogen is produced by separating hydrogen molecules from h 20. in other words, water through a process of electrolysis, it only emits water vapor, no c o 2. and this is the 2nd part of the equation,
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the ability to generate enough sustainable energy as they're doing here to make the production of green hydrogen really worth while. and that to a country like chilly because of its geographic conditions has an enormous advantage. at least 50 percent of the cost of producing green hydrogen is renewable energy. but for chile, that's not a problem. we have the highest solar radius in the planet, in the, at the comma, the sit in the north. i'm the best winds on the world of the world in the south, and by that missing product owner. so capacity factors in for solar p v in the north are 3rd to 7 percent. that compares we 25 percent in saudi arabia or that and spain. and in the south and we martinez capacity factors for wind are over 60 even 70 percent, versus to 5 percent in the north sea. for example,
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for all the energy miniature calls green hydrogen, the missing link to carbon neutrality liquid. but if this is so special, why aren't other countries already doing it? so it's a technical issue any longer is some financial, economic issue of a former environment minister marcella mina is adamant that it's up to chillies government to produce the incentive. as it did a decade ago, to dramatically reduce the cost of solar energy. you either put a price on carbon, or you subsidize the investment, but without neither of these working you will simply not have the large scale projects that we anticipate. in chili's patagonia porch seamans and intel green power have joint forces to build the world's 1st fully integrated facility to produce carbon neutral fuels with wind power to make hydrogen. but it's not expected to produce more than 55000000 liters by 2024. to make an export green hydrogen as cheaply as conventional fuel by the year 2050,
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which is the government goal will require not just small plants like this one, but gigawatt size facilities. in chile, that will mean negotiating, a multi national accord between the public and private sectors, costing about $50000000000.00. but it could be a small price to pay to transition to what may be $1.00 of the world's best options for dramatically reducing greenhouse gases and global warming, without limiting the consumption of energy. the sea and human al jazeera colina city. but also to come here. now does air including a u. s. judge over times a major ruling against the drug make of johnson johnson. it's a 2nd blowing, a fight to hold pharmaceutical companies responsible for the appealed crisis on without more government support. am had one of the world's longest corona virus lockdown number joblessness, philippines, that set to keep on rise more. nasdaq ah,
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look forward to brighter sky's the weather. sponsored by cuts on her ways. hello there. let's have a look at the weather across the middle east, an event, and it's turning more unsettled to further north. we go, we've got a wintry mix blowing across the black sea, bringing snow to east in areas of turkey. that will move across the caucuses and into northern areas of iran. by the time we get into thursday, and some of that rain is going to be felt and to run. if we look at the 3 day, the temperature is going to dip down by the time we get to saturday, there will be showers, and some of those showers will trickle down into northern areas of iraq, few showers as well for q 8, but further down south it is looking a lot finer and dryer with temperatures sitting at where we expect them to be. now as we head over to north africa, it's looking increasingly west a 4 hour gerry, a fortune easier. thanks to a storm that's brewing in the mediterranean. we are going to see some heavy rain
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come into play and we could see some flooding with that. but it does dry up slightly for to near by the time we get into thursday. for the south of this is we had a central africa, it's not as wet as it has been recently for the heavier showers. we have to look to the republic of congo anger bond. we could see some too intense downpours here in the days to come. what is it for southern africa? it them, bob, we am botswana that will see the wet weather in the days to come for the weather. sponsored by katara always joined the debates. nonexempt walsworth geez, have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on services across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future eat now. this is not our responsibility piece. the, the lock can responsibly. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools. we must build the stream on al
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jazeera. ah ah, welcome back. a quick reminder. the top stories here at this hour, the u. n. is calling for the release of 16 of its local staff, detained in ethiopia, capital addis ababa. it comes at a time of escalating conflict between ethiopia, central government, rebel forces in the countries north apartments. prime minister has accused russia being behind the wave of migrants trying to enter the country through bene loose. he says moscow's actions threatened the you stability unless say the pledges, the countries have made of cop $26.00 to tackle climate change would still lead to a $2.00 degrees celsius, temperature rise, they're century,
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that's far more than the $1.00 to be limit committed to now the top caught in the us state of oklahoma as overturned a $465000000.00 opioid ruling against the drug make a johnson and johnson. the pharmaceutical giant was accused of feeling the opioid epidemic, which has killed more than half a 1000000 americans through deceptive marketing. while maria glover is a professor of law at the georgetown university law center, she says, while the decision is significant, it won't necessarily impact cases in other states. it's certainly significant, especially since it follows on the heels of a decision out of california last week that also rejected claims against johnson and johnson and other manufacturers under public nuisance theory. so if you're thinking about settling with johnson and johnson, those settlement offers look a lot more attractive in the wake of the california decision. and now the oklahoma decision,
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it's not significant in that it doesn't tell us how other states might come out on the same issue. because public nuisance law varies from state to state. but to the extent that this very narrow interpretation a public nuisance law by the oklahoma court, which was very narrow, narrow, or even in the california court that that would, that will affect other cases. the federal issues involving the factors are not applicable to how a state would interpret its own public nuisance law and other states are free to and will be presented with the opportunity. if these cases don't all settle to interpret public nuisance law under their own states version of that law in future cases, there's not enough money in the united states, much less the settlements to a b o b with crisis. so both the removal of this money from the abatement plan for now, as well as the delay of paying out anything to update. the crisis is significant
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for everyone trying to fight the pandemic and all the families affected by this. and then on increasingly tens, political deadlock can boast now to a governor's raising concerns the country could return to war. it's been nearly 3 decades since the 3 main ethnic groups signed a us back piece deal. when now demand some autonomy from bosnia community is threatening to unravel it tomorrow shall report to sorry it it's been a gloomy few weeks in bosnia herzegovina with dark clouds filling both the sky and the country's political horizon. after almost 3 decades of peace, the prospect of war is being discussed by many people. the reason statements and apparent attempts by leading politicians here in bosnia syrup and clave of republic, a serv scott threatening to withdraw from state institution, including the national army paving the way for cessation. after the un stop
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official warned, the country could break apart. the united states sent its envoy to the region meeting, buzz me as 3 member presidential council, as well as other sort of leaders. the message from each of them was there would be no war. but divisions in the country are clear to see and republic a surf scott. it's a struggle to find the bosnian national flag raised anywhere, not even on government buildings. instead, a variation of serbia, property, flag adopted by strips is widely flown. i do not have any feelings to the flag of, of my state. i'm respecting it, believe me, but i do not have feelings because my people didn't, didn't be a part of the real part to, to, to create like luby shall trust which belongs to bosnian sir presidents miller, r dot x party, and is the mayor of a town in republic, a serv, scott that borders, sorry, a vote. he claims that attempts to form a militia or as you cause,
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it's an army, would not contravene the countries constitution. there is no position of, of army has grown within that constitution. so if you're talking about the coming back some, some jurisdiction from state level on entity level, then you must said that all this your decisions present jurisdiction of both a has to go no state level. it is not written that seemingly contradictory stones is what's causing concern for many borne after the war journalists law. john tom. each tells me young people have no appetite for armed conflict. the problem he sees is in the political system set up by the dayton peace agreement with them. the 3 pallets in the country withdrew. presidents is absolutely dysfunctional. most young people are, you know, want to leave both syracuse to lorina. they feel dear. you're only raised his hears, other than views like these have anger, it's law jan's parents whom as
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a result he hasn't seen for almost a year. now. ethnically, a syrup he sees his family don't share his views on the unified, pluralistic state. the i chose to mostly have, i will remain here and fight for a society where everyone is equal regardless of the name or the city. so it seems that for now, bosnian politicians and international diplomats have agreed at least verbally to prevent any further escalation. but the reality is bosnia, herzegovina is far from united and whilst the country's currents constitution help to bring about an end to the last war. the fear among some is that unless it is amended, it could one day possibly be the reason for the starts of another jamal and shall al jazeera sarajevo. fab invalid protests in bolivia against the new law men to tackle illicit prophets. several unions and political groups have gone on strike, accusing the government of using the law to target. critics believe his socialist government says the opposition is plotting acc,
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who has been growing political divide since its former leader, even morale, of design. in the wake of protest in 2019 general electric has announced it splitting into 3 public companies. the u. s. multinational says it wants to simplify its business, reduce debt and boosted share price. spit marks the end of an ear of the $120.00, an annual company, which has been a global symbol of american business power. these companies can much run much more . lee cut the debt that they wanna cut and then focus on their own businesses. and that really is what, what can help a company turn things around. i mean it's, it's, there's a lot, i guess, another, but there's a lot of companies that are carrying a lot of debt. so the fact that g is, is making these moves now is very smart move because we're actually more companies do in the years. now the philippines response to the pandemic has taken a greater toll on its economy than expected. some analysts say could be the last
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asian country to bounce back, jamal allan doug reports from another lawyer for wednesday. hello, money, mike. bonnie is taking a call from a prospective employer at a shipping company. very good. i hear your typical user has been interview when under the offer that been another company come to me as a company which i applied for and it's been very rude and 9 months. matt says he sent his resume to at least 20 companies each week. but he hasn't found any work. the story of not boonie is a story that is repeated a 1000 times over. people here tell us, there are more and more job applicants here. desperate to find a job overseas. they tell us, their situation has been worse and by the corona, virus pandemic hormone. but on the mission of keith blanca floor and darwin, evangelist to work for agencies that recruit seafarers and they keep
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a waiting list. they say with so few jobs around, it's getting longer. the philippines impose one of the world's longest locked downs when the pandemic broke out. but it led to one of the country, his worst economic recessions. in decades, unemployment is now at 8.9 percent. it's highest so far this year. thousands of small and medium businesses have also shut down. and communities dependent on to rid them are facing the greatest difficulties. and much more, i mean, diligently bosom a global gas. nope, there will be an easy operas fixtures. and with that, we hope that means an upstart on our economy. again, we understand the people are not going to agree to be locked down again. so with this reopening, we hope it will be a better christmas for everyone. but some analyst see it's not that simple with would be more my,
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me and purchase barring or am it nice without more support for makes one meant the price. yes. i think it will be a long snarl. nick, already, at least until the end of next year, there will be early, perhaps even don't blanket blanket the many filipinos see, they've always faced hardship. but the pandemic, coupled with the lack of government assistance, is making it worse. jamal ali doug and al jazeera manila. no airports across the united states witness countless reunions as the country fully reopened to vaccinated international travelers for 20 months, restrictions imposed due to cobit 19 closed off traveling to the u. s. for millions of people. long separated couples, families and friends are final able to see each other again. land borders with mexico and canada of also reopened. ah,
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type a quick check of the top stories here. this out you and calling for the release of 16 of its local staff was detained in ethiopia, capital at a suburb. it comes at a time of escalating conflict between ethiopia, central government, and rebel forces in the countries north. as far as i know, no explanation given to us by why these the staff members are, are detained a fee. there are 16 remaining in detention and 6 have been released so that that's the breakdown. they come from various and agencies, they're all national staff. it is imperative that they, that they be released an african union and.


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