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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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sword bringing it into direct conflict with governments clinging onto power. oh ah, i'm helmer, hidden in doha with the headlines on al jazeera, united nations. as pushing for the release of 16 ethiopian staff have been detained by the government in addis ababa, u. n. and humanitarian sources say they were arrested during government rates, targeting to grahams. 72 drivers for the world food program have also been arrested . madeau has more from addis ababa. the government accuses them of what it calls total them and they seem to be all from one community that to good. i have some
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government officials with what to say they have been found to be working with the to great fighters who are currently fighting with european different forces on the say they have every intention from march on back up with all the sub above. because this has been condemned by human rights organizations and also the state department of the united states were cited targeting people because of the fmla city is wrong . the russian and bell russian foreign ministers have both criticized the use handling of the refugee crisis on the poland. belarus border, at least 2000 people are stuck at the border and freezing conditions. some tried to force their way through fences to each other european countries. the polish prime minister is accused the russian president vladimir putin of masterminding, the crisis. the u. k. has released to draft called 2016. that urges countries to step up their climate goals by the end of next year. leaders are asked to revisit
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and strengthen the 2030 targets on tuesday. analysts warned emissions pages made so far for short. in sedans, some schools the universities have suspended, studies in solidarity with strike action against the military takeover last month. the protest movement is calling on supporters to keep up demonstrations and civil disobedience campaigns. it's rejected internationally, back to initiatives, to return to a power sharing arrangements with the military. former george and president because soccer field is expected to appear in court on more charges linked to his time in office. he's been on hunger strike for more than a month while in jail circuit, for the supporters of rallied to call for his release. and those are the headlines and i will take you back to the story of al jazeera ah,
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when protests pro county in egypt against the government of president hosni mubarak, in january 2011 al jesse recovered events as they unfolded on the ground line. the gyptian authorities did their best to stop at reporting, go away. and on the 29th of january, the egyptian information minister ordered algiers, cairo office to close its bureau chief, was detained, but released staff to 48 hours following the international backlash. but egyptian public opinion could not be shot down. massive crowds into face square watched al jazeera on the big screen. their interaction with al jazeera was strong, especially when president hosni mubarak resigned.
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with the honey among super easy warrior, left them chevy, stuffy, that if al jazeera cairo office continued to operate under the transitional rule of the supreme council of beyond forces, it counted the massive demonstrations demanding free parliamentary and presidential elections. yemen also sole revolution in january 2011. but president ali, a bell assault as regime objected to al jersey was coverage, or even its presence in the country. hello, i also looked another video alger 0. some our office had 1st been rated in 2006 live on an in that is so lucky. so lucky kathy, you mentioned hockey. hockey al jazeera continued to come. the nationwide protests
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which lead to sala announcing on the 2nd of february 2011. but he wouldn't stand for reelection or hand power on to the son. i did them, however, stopped in the senate bureau came under increasing pressure and were forced to leave the office after the so called friday of dignity. when 52 people were killed . i was lucky to be the human, then he will not even what the tenant, jesse are. you cannot hola, electing appellate mathematic kurama from an awkward sort of humor tomorrow in bulk or a foss, what an abil alan was alene a littler mendelson mean for your pile ana ala alhambra. i cannot be, yeah, i might be her. so kind of, hey, look, then what does it mean? like in india, my canon camera. how but then we're shahida pressure than americans with a luba when he deli bed at amity at a hob earlier and i was what,
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what them started as a molena a canceled on buck. i'm a jersey i live in a general in for him in mac, deputy them in mcdermott r e z. the lemon level at mac. the map by late april 2011. alger 0 is office, had been bombed, closed stormed, and looted. staff continued to work from other cities until president abs rubbermaid sort of hardy took power in mid 2012 the poor country to feel the winds of change in 2011. i was libya. on the 15th of february, protests broke out against the government of president for america duffy in been fancy, followed by other west libyan cities. the 1st casualties were reported in the east and city of albedo, triggering more unrest. 0 to al jazeera was the 1st broad to show
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images of those wounded email data. and i'll just are sent to reporters to cover elevator. while 3 others entered libya by a to near the 3 but arrested including asked mid level. i hadn't applied for his p d visual theory, but it will be it will get him a center to i'm in home if not mission. one thought that if what you see from while it came out, i that madden we shall see over milly. and the idea that about and i had the kind of it, he was gonna buy a whole as a fee if it had a way of highway who she the $3.00 journalists were released after international pressure on the 17th of february 2011. the
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confrontation between libby in opposition, fighters and government forces escalated, looks like protests increased in been ghazi and elsewhere, and dozens were killed. meanwhile libyan army tanks moved into ben garza with o james phase and his colleagues survived, but others were not so lucky. as on the 12th of march 2011, producer report at dba, olden hobby and cameramen alley hassan. i'll jabber were driving to ban ghazi when they car came under attack. ali hassan, i'll jabber was killed. but babe olden harvey somehow survived. but in a manner nor feel that it could out that he either been lazy with them for either be
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cor, salsa hemisphere, carmella, some animal deductible, and met them. huh m, as a millionaire nozzle had the country a seed bin, possibly he shall die. sabbath in coffee for banana, yel fellow a allah, hudson and jim shahan. i do so with so we're. 6 an alkali lacking nurse till because she had her candidates, hearty, nathan, the id, hudson, and chevy van air. when, when are you little pale li, be a chevron sugar bed dada fees. infamous speech was the queue for the international community to intervene in libya. over the next few months, the libyan opposition took control of several cities. before entering the capital, tripoli in august 2011th al jazeera, english and arabic, were the 1st to enter green square. soon to be renamed. there
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showed life coverage of opposition fighters taking good orfis palace in bob allison writers. the babel as is the a compound which rebels is a day that we're just never going to forget. because when we woke up that morning, we had no idea that by the end of the day, we would be reporting a from, from the libyan capital. we had no idea that the front line would move that fast would move that quickly and that the opposition would be able to advance that quickly. a, by the end of that day, we found ourselves in, well, what's the opposition renamed that night? martyrs square at the office of the head of the intelligence services here indicates that good duffy's regime could have been more, went into not just the compound, but into the personal office of bella sanusi, who was the spy chief of gadhafi. we uncovered troves of documents. so many of the
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time, including, for example, some that had proven that there was such an american congressman and politicians were actually working with get duffy up until just a few weeks before he was forced out of the capitol by rebel forces. one of the more bizarre discoveries that we uncovered in the offices of sanusi at the intelligence headquarters was a file entitled the file of bombings and plain hijackings. while governments failed in north africa, eagle in syria watched closely al jazeera, damascus staff were heavily monitored by the syrian authorities. in march 2011 crunches erupted between the syrian police and protesters in the southern city of that are on the 15th of march. the 1st lodge anti government rally was staged in damascus. government supported started to harass al jazeera personnel,
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and the network decided it would have to stop operating that it hasn't returned since a few days later, syrian security forces killed dozens of protesters and arrested many more demonstrations spread throughout the cities and the opposition group. the free syrian army was formed. government forces dropped barrel bombs on towns and cities, causing widespread damage and triggering the launch scale movement a vast numbers of people. refugees fled to neighboring lebanon, jordan and turkey. al jazeera hired local free, la journalists, who operated from opposition, controlled areas. 7 of those journalists where he the killed or died in car accidents, while reporting in syria between 201320. 16 mohammed
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al herani. hussein abbas mohammed l. casem, my hon. deity mohammed, alice, father, zachary abraham. and abraham al omar, all died. shabrika the da 0 feminine volumes. her mother to flee up and went to put in cano mazata was a, is the morning until the launch of a get them to 0 and i'll can on. i'm committed to human. i'm and if he ever got the da 0 con to clear, holly the or cannot move over here, or con, delete a because the limb, con, or con, oh, now come in, a full half e among the, shall we emphasize homely, the knuckle for all went up and how does one up a little hubbub woman home on a stick had the woman or sleeve will warm and hm. manner or to get on the 11th of november, 2011 out of the al jazeera media network expanded further. when it launched al jazeera balkans,
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it was the 1st tv channel to broadcasting for the language is spoken in the region with up, the new channel attracted immediate attention in a region still recovering from the walls in the former yugoslavia in the 1990s. now it's a leading regional broadcaster somewhat august. i did it in 2010. i was is either came with this very ingenious and cottages idea of stuffing it each no tv network in the balkans post conflict, eddie owl full of distrust her people. not really wanting to talk to each other and then you come with this common concept that was something very strange today, or get a more confused, most distributed channel in this part of the world, one of the most influential channel. so in this part of the world, in the region with its 5 offices, big, huge media player in new media and social media. one of the leading platforms here
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. and i wanted in many field of journalism in this past 10 years. ah, al jazeera balkans editorial approach is the same as the rest of the network. covering under reported subject areas and people's daily lives. it was perfectly placed to cover the syrian refugee crisis and the influx of others fleeing conflicts in the middle east and africa. al jazeera balkans 1st covered the story in 2014 correspondent marin versus made a documentary that one the util sat people's choice award in room. one of the europe's biggest problems are, are refugees. but for me, i think it's very, very nice that we gave the voice,
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the voiceless. i think that her as the network, i'm very, very glad we went to rome and received that awards. and the most important thing is for al jazeera is to try to cope with those stories ah, to his own, from the revolutions of 2011, came the counter revolutions. for al jazeera, this meant an almost constant battle to continue working in several countries. starting with egypt, mohammed morsi won the presidential election in 2012. al jazeera, covered both pro and anti multi demonstrations, but its signal and websites were promptly blocked by the addiction government. in june 2013. hm. at mercy was overthrown in a cru led by his defense minister at bill fatter, oscc doesn't run
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a 3rd of july ccs supported storm damages here is kyra office and confiscated it's equipment back of the office was closed, but worse was to come in december 2013 the egyptian authorities arrested algebra english journalists, pita gretta, bought her mohammed and mohammed fath me. they were sentenced to 7 years in jail, of which they served 14 months before being released in february 2015. but al jazeera did find ways of continuing to report from egypt and it witnessed the egyptian security forces attack on protesters in rubber. i'll at the we a square in cairo. in august 2013, i to sit in organized by campaign, is against the coo hundreds were killed. al jazeera photographer mohammed al zacky
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was injured, and reporter abdullah shami arrested. and the assess eula, emily at all had inflicted over that of the bulkier. and then he that can own aca fi al qaeda and then isa. i was the article and then your father obama, unhook the allah, allows the feldman give it a shot on the sleeve. aladdin viani an old lemon yard of a junior, and then he saw huffy low and the mother da 0 by the have a year, a annie and them about the i had these on and the on across the huffy. and i'm not the follow hook enamored with sophia of italy, a jani, and y m l a say, but the ads fioma femina shudder and the most of the decision since i was away last getty i'll shami was imprisoned for $306.00 days. who had been released in august 2014 roy in yemen to al jazeera, managed to keep working in summer and covered the counter revolution. there,
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illema barb, former prison, the valley of del a solid, formed an alliance with the hoot. these who took control of the capital in september 2014 president abd robbie monsoon had the left center and down to 0 moved to the southern city of arden. but it got caught up in the so called battle of anton and had to leave. it was able to return 3 months later until yamini southern separatists took the city in august 2019. 0, jesse law, i done. meanwhile, al jazeera continued to cover the war in syria. local freelance journalists reported on the military interventions by iran back to militias and the shia armed group has bella al jazeera, also had freelance report is in gaussian tap in turkey, covering the russian as strikes and land intervention in syria.
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while millions of syrians fled the war and headed for neighboring countries and europe, al jazeera followed their traumatic journeys and suffering in refugee camps. this happens every day people sit on the railroad tracks, hoping that this will put enough pressure to open the border. iraq didn't get any easier either under a series of different governments out as he was baghdad office was closed from 2004 to 2011. it opened and closed several times over the years, but he's fully operational again now. reporting was possible from a bill capital of the kurdish region of northern iraq. but he, lemme, and al jazeera was able to cover isolate expansion from syria into iraq. iso took control of fallujah remedy and muscle in mid june 2014. it defeated the iraqi army and its leader declared the establishment of the caliph it or his la
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mc state. in libya, al jazeera stopped working in the east of the country, following a split between the east and the un recognized government of the national transitional council. it covered exclusively the armed clashes between forces of the government of national accord in western libya and fight as loyal to retired general putty for hafta. the government forces defeated half there in the west of libya, in 2020 mass graves were discovered in tahoe. city collette lewellen with alyssa has still currently moved it up. but i shuttle shuttle, cutty badge, and then when left of connected to seattle, did that it. kellen mac, to be present the lat till cost of while can cause fun. yo, me and good. no, not the o caught maria b, a holes maddie at the rob, a hannon at lac in my u haul when daddy gotten in a qu, none at delivery man,
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if better yet he and, and kind of took a thought. i'd be happy and jesse like, how about me, i'm about it. i'm. it's like a gospel. when will she are? there was an attempt to to, in turkey. in 2016 al jazeera followed it in 2 days of breaking news, life coverage. oh, the murder of saudi journalists, jamal casualty in istanbul, in october 2018 was also an important story for al jazeera em. but one of the biggest tests of al jazeera is resolved, came in june 2017. saudi arabia, the u. e. bahrain and egypt decided to impose an air land and sea blockade on cutter, and one of their 13 demands was the closure of al jazeera caught their resisted, and al jazeera went into details of the blockade in its news coverage and
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documentary programs, al jazeera media network also has a dedicated investigative unit to ensure that investigative tv journalism thrives, especially when it's under threat in many parts of the world. i think that it's probably the only network that has invested in investigative journalism to such an extent in the last decade and hopefully the results of the investigative unit has achieved, has proven that to be a wise investment. the unit has produced 15 investigations in different countries. some have not only one a waltz, but made the news headlines themselves. investigative unit has produced a series of reports that have affected change for the better. for example, we ended a citizenship by investment scheme in cyprus, which we proved to be highly corrupt,
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that many criminals were using the scheme to launch the money. the israel palestinian conflict remains on algiers. right off it covered the israeli attacks on garza in may 2021 including the destruction of the talent housing its own offices in the u. s. and allied withdrawal from afghanistan was also an important use story. the town about entered the afghan capital cobble in august 2021. alger 0 was the 1st tv channel to broadcast images of taliban leaders inside the presidential palace. in the digital age,
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online journalism is also a big part of the network. in 2014 al jazeera launched a j plus which produces content in 4 different languages with family gun bought a pleasurable apartment in san francisco, the ac that i me have up for that in when erica suburban era is he on a? well, we'll do that because he had been a shabbat and am leaky a lip. when with our marriage is jamel rock me yet, or sub fanny hoa, a her miss san francisco and i had to do see where the silica marble been teddy. he a dick rules yet were not to be cut. a hasa b alarm at rock me would be tele or couldn't read to me clearly that it and the corner wacky bean, we're, we're done. i don't we so angel. i used to pick it up and me, it's in missouri,
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edge of glass. does it at the stuff the m and helen mostella believe? yeah. frenzy. yeah. it's fun. yeah. and to f said if he did get much to math because i, i think it was tomorrow. with a sharp eye on the future. in 2016 al jazeera media network set up it's digital division, it publishes its own original content across several platforms, or neck, and wanted to neg, from war michelle to shesha. i was so often either you or the stephanie 0, min yeoman or look at visits to see wow, natural more euro shesha. what are you? the new tba, ala, iraq ami and jesse on it. i was just a little bit camilla, but english e. oh sure, sure. ami lizzy, i was social media and the mother to switch and media fee, and fin waterbaugh from wash off of heavy afoot. were like him who next ship. let
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you share the shit does eat up what had blood on salty. yeah. al jazeera digital is a leading producer of english and arabic podcasts in the region. the law should elijah back at the thoughtfulness to my unit ahead with ela, the how would in your model, the quizlet lump? well, who not as jessie of under they her of little football and took one waterfall, did a lump yard at the how and what phone did eat me. hi tamika i because at the 15th and i look for the about a video ela done of the her and what are the both of you or your model? amanda leaf him while a jack her said they did want to far old enough body and my doctor, mac of a friend bloody and dinner won't come account a little back on them in a zemett and that he built e. uh huh. he had to do them in the alum. what did it at that, that 100 did? did lee ann wooden wooden deal ottoman jaquenn either good, moderate analogy. oh, this is our 25 year history. oh,
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yeah. we report the news. tell all sides of the story. seek a range of opinions and make award winning content. but let's leave the last way to al jazeera english correspondent hash my whole barra, whose career includes reporting in both arabic and english. when i joined al jazeera, i was 35 years old, very excited about the potential discovering and telling stories from different parts of the well. but back then, the experience itself was surreal. in the sense that it was almost like setting the same into uncharted territory. but when we made was phenomenal, and this is my hope for the future, i would love to see al jazeera, continue in that same spirit challenging dogmas, owes narratives, and opening of vistas and windows for people to our faith in the future.
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ah can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing as cattle a ways brings your favorite thing to cut off for the free for arab carp. 2021. greatness is in the air lead sorres' warner and rich new heights. join us in, cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at qatar airways dot com.
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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what moves here with the news and kind of bars that matter to you. this is al jazeera. ah. hello there. welcome to this news are i'm hello ma. he is in doha, coming up for you in the next 60 minutes. 72 drivers working for the world should program are detained by ethiopia as governments. after the rest of you and employees in addis ababa, belarus and russia. far back in a war of words with the you about a migrant crisis. as hundreds of people sit and wait.


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