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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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present to alice at his loss, legitimacy. he needs to step out, as he retains control through over a decade of war. we examine the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? when the reason that could effect any human asset master of chaos, coming soon on all jazeera, ah, la, marianne, noisy in london, our main story now protested, erupted incidents, capital hart, him off to the army chief, announced the formation of a new world. and council general until photographer han re appointed himself as its leader and has been sworn in just weeks after season control and occur. members from the main opposition coalition have been excluded, so sorry there has more from car tim, the in albino street. the asa,
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hoffer bully, and also jibber district of a heart off cartoon. people are have started to protest and they're barricading the rules are burdening the tires and also calling for the mass protests on assets or day did. with here we can see based on the, on the inside from the picture of that that, that the formation of the new sovereignty council. we can understand that the negotiations between army and also the prime minister. hum, duke have failed. and now there are 2 main factors. we're going to determine whether mister al, behind is going to be able to bring stability to his company or not. this 2 factors are 1st the that the reaction of the streets and 2nd reaction of the international community. as i said, as of now, after the decision has been declared after the causal has been announced, people started to, to the. so there is an in, for, at least for the, for, for districts in heart to him. there are protests on going well,
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has been some international reaction to this with you and describing these latest developments. as a very concerning the security council has been meeting discuss what's happening. obviously, taking a look at these developments. oh, i would say they're very concerning. oh, we want to see a return oh to the transition as quickly as possible. we want to see the release of from house or us of prime minister ham dog, as well as all other politicians and leaders that have been detained. batteries are threatened to cut off gas supplies to europe, have sanctions imposed by the you over an escalating migrant crisis. thousands of refugees remain trapped on the border between batteries and poland in freezing conditions. and the hope of crossing into the you the blocks as better as deliberately moving people to the border in protests against existing sanctions.
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former south african president, f. w to clerk has died at the age of 85. it was the country's last leader of the apartheid era and shared the 1993 nobel peace prize with nelson mandela that work on reconciliation in south africa. just a day of the winds, climate summit left to go. the sector generalist told delegates any to pick up the pace and make agreements, and turning good terrorist described efforts to keep global warming to one and a half degrees above pre industrial levels. as being on life support, he sent the talks have not met any of the you ends, goals, but insisted that there is hope until the last moment. we lane on her catastrophic temperature rise, trek well above 2 degrees celsius. so net seattle edge is required. rapid suspend, the emissions cuts these vectors, and i welcome to recognition of this vector in yesterday's us, china cooperation agreement that i can see that an important step in the right
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direction. but promise is ring hollow when the seal flows, either for the seal receives feelings in subsidies. as matter by the i am app or when companies are building gold plans or when kind of uneasy without surprise, by starting markets and the best decisions, every country, every city, every company, every financial institution, must radically care and verifiably reduce that emissions. and the kind of not portfolios stopping now. germany is considering introducing new corona virus restrictions to combat records. such infections. countries recorded more than 50000 cases in the past 24 hours. several of the worst has a table ready brought in tight and measures for on vaccinated people. are the headlines this our money see you later on. iraq's last generation is next.
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the news ah with mm hm. elias. yes,
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i doubt. bah. thought it would. oh did i know? well, bram is good now why mr. guy? leah me no die. she grandma had the gamma i though. now i don't like i said, look, wish either in most of my iraq, 3 years after the end of the war against missile and the liberation of the town. these children are everywhere, sons and daughters of iso members or former child soldiers. these are the people, the armed group has left in its wake, the most vulnerable miss. yeah. me out. one of the by i shuffle, shall i live in a manner going to wash my dry man that i sort of for a massive shania just
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a little hot on my cell phone 8. what is to become at this generation who have grown up under iso? how will they be able to reconstruct their lives in this war? scarred country? will iraqi society even give them a ah from 2014 to 2017. i sal held a territory as large as the united kingdom straddling iraq and syria and administered the lives of several 1000000 people ah, mosul. the 2nd largest city in iraq was one of the 2 capitals of the armed group. this is where the restoration of the so called caliphate was declared to day, tens of thousands of their children survive in the impoverished suburbs of the
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cities. the security forces refused to give them new identity documents. and without those legally, they do not exist. they have no access to medical care or food aid, and most importantly, to schooling. yes sir, was born at the same time as the so called caliphate under iso. his father was a high ranking official in the mosul administration coast. oh, oh. oh, i hear a saturday that hey, to hey, i know you had plenty, a guy shall walk a di shipler a black but i had gotten back at last. then to kahlea angela and go look at blood sugar neil
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left. i nico you la la la. by me now, gav kush kent. i knew i goof, which, which i love. but i shall find luc crying because i natty cover. i live me fairly likely j i let me in from for you very have just to let a and they've see glue. nope. okay, guy, she telling guy, and she said, go ahead
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and if i need mcafee ah ah ah, and i shall wash mine my andy. no her ah, for 3 years now. yes, her husband growing up in a vacuum together with 10 or so brothers and cousins. the women band together for fear of reprisals. and like his mother tried to clear their names with the help of lawyers. a
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bethany mon mazama, it either she married or so. how does she go to now a long walk to one? what about or by yamaha le, consumer know anyhow, i v i pretty good. i'm. yeah, not a father. she either. i mean, wanting a, i know a lima. i how to do it. the club go. oh don. jamar, williamson. hannah is now a law and butter missoula. montana in the m l. b. o. invited to something,
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went to certain adieva and so did miss my body of the end is o d. so if i leave an e with in my study benny the certified uber and i'll follow with him, not until friday, but i know why they said rama's bed, the high atom. all i did there is she will much but roman was. oh, did that issue with betty? i'm in the any min upslope, unhealthy of coma or mean? madame joanna mashhad reconstruction and mosul has come to a full stop. the old town was ravaged by the fighting in 20179 months of urban warfare and unspeakable violence. still alive in everyone's mind. no one is ready to forgive. a 100 units is the rest of the district. his role is to provide
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a link between the state and the population. he is the one who decides which families have the right to resettle. let me, i am and i'm a thing on monday. i am indeed jim ethan. he of jonah a. i need to pollute in the home or the last class he of jonah villaru. i'm here to for them to follow me on that other way. dash i did, you do have a local them charlotte. audible. if you are a businessman, dash one. so we will mark them for the little putnam county. i know how to register or how that mccann i look with them on my dash. is it for a mentor? municipal to come to one of the a mac and by item as it will save us. but i bought a, a low level coffee, a saw telephone to play on
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a digital tele should i tell me that shaky de la, huddled alec shaking deluxe if a higher fed, that is what partner can solve that. the settlement that the only lot about the stuff will it, would she a kidney element, mashhad and nothing in which we do a little bit ms. dunn looks like she can relate. huh. i'm having a couple of them. look, bull bull or shout kind of you well. well i think i'm know the middle of the look go up was just a mother and you get them. i got
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one look i do, you know, it was a well yeah, my jana majority, mother. i didn't know i got them, jenny, making timothy with alex and i still think tele working. admit either a piece of you guys, a 100 multiple, a question oracle. i'm waiting for you, all of them a little issue with it and i'm
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gonna, you wanna follow up on them a little closer to one of them. well enough to know you want to follow with a little bit more. could you say a little bit only a little $100.00, just a little bill has one whole shuffled end of this chest and merciless knowledge. will marshall the current when connie has been us for has feasible the since the retaking of the city, security forces have been relentlessly hunting down these little helpers, the so called cubs of the caliphate. ah, guards, suicide attack volunteers, members of the intelligence services of which isis made wide use indoctrination
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started with theoretical training for which the youngest children are now paying a high price list with him i must have had the money and i don't want to know that not about a but not i'm going on with the whole and i and i'm more i have all my as good any they shall buy and it was, you know, i heard a lot about whether it was and natalia mitra. my last not a whole lot on a job or not on to get him to matter more so i hear you know, when our plans are gonna have limited, you're going to have a job which have
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a lot going on on my board. seattle. the question of how we my bottle a minute visual. hold them on to this wonderful. i'm not sure i'm on the bottom but actually mama and as i don't, i mean i don't want that john david let him larger. derrick was arrested more than a year after the liberation of the city. he was immediately taken to prison where he remained for 19 months. oh blah blah. there wasn't one 0, my you as my at all come at a modem. yeah. from ohio to the paw. i'm so thought about that all i didn't
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disorder. i'm just miss jordan was rolling over to have you always have with a i know many eden oklahoma shampoo been a so much on the phone at the san law says nora, the la maya, i'm wild law. they would have been of the major damien age. your honda ala had been ahead of my the whole i did call you from the fallen modified of a but a lot, but it's balk, sad to let off lose. we're month you are in the prison where tyra was held is located in the north of mosul. somewhere in tell cath mm. we were allowed to enter without cameras in what is supposed to be
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a re education center for young child soldiers. then exceptionally, we were able to capture these exclusive images from surveillance cameras. we can see 6 cells and each one there are close to $200.00 adolescence a quarter of them have not even been sentenced me. they have all grown up between these walls. some of them from the age of 12 i choose they are allowed out into the courtyard for a few hours a week. no bed, no chair,
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and no education. a blatant breach of human and child rights and of iraqi law, which forbids the imprisonment of miners unless accompanied by rehabilitation measures. me, i will have said that the last 5 years and will be valid to add them a data it was you know, by me and walk on when you fell an ally to have more we did on monday. i only my bill every day. still a lot less hoffen was with him in live, doubtless, to junior. i don't forget only by them restore lu idea. who will i will my, are you if you don't the manuel for
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a my i that the heat of sort of this year we would love a lot of them and either in the hospital for the room was 13, i la heard him say, they said they're sure, but you one more was dallas, who i learned you one by had the interest to my ear, but any message had to be there soon. and if she had had this, when she wanted to have it for her this year, so i am almost done well again, i don't want to leave the guy this, we're not going to go with your house. you buy to have that or that it's only do or not, or what will you couldn't with them if you don't leave, just look when you accept home i find it actual actually seen in the
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other is a little i was she just lo fi get is you know, i just had to wait in and i do you said janice, if he doesn't alive? according to judge raid these files reveal that i saw recruited up to 4000 miners and the job my that's down like that. i will call them. why don't you, i mean to daddy of potable, how to get my lied to them? and while i took out the whole or into mode it only or within my show, i have to come in and i'm at home, but they can be home for the recall on it 1st. i mean, they took a couple of, i had a home said n to me home, the higher, the higher a don't lean with the higher wisdom on them to my mom and you know,
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it had that mac. honestly. i know me and me and i'm like, that's what i show on that. hello in the job was done by le, between him. so my do it, he will, it had an autopay and know a doing that, that he had one and a half ago. when you had, let me you had my what? well, i mean the by down a few weeks after our visit, we learned that a new rehabilitation center for minors was finally going to see the light of day. conversely, all the young people who have reached adulthood and tell cath had been transferred to an adult prison where the conditions of detention are equally heretic in it's difficult not to imagine the worst for these young men crushed by their imprisonment. me all the more because they have already experienced the failings of
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the iraqi justice system. in revenge, botched inquiries filing errors torture. some young people who have nonetheless served their sentence cannot even return home. ah, several 100 adolescents were captured by the kurdish forces when i was convicted, they have since been freed, but they fear a fresh arrest if they return to the mosul region. so they languish in this camp between the 2 territory in which vestige combat acquired. tell us the flam messaging son. now think that the plasma man, the hurry i, ah, won a shot. but though i felt kind of in action home of plan
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action or what does that shoot us at home? not in my heart if it's not sure how schumann, most my kidney me off the month of they owe me on the on me as well the last on him . so i think and another and the my civilly and that i have one on my listen that mine was double in that i have 5 a son or i have been in the the doctor in the concert level to chalabi comes in to me. but somebody was there honestly thought me on the show for slamming someone should be a part of and if you don't with us and the on of us night though, i mean the man and i get out of town for some why shot at the men who homeless,
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i'm going on and i could that have my good. i said that kind of mechanical valuable name should the mac none at me recruit the training of the so called cubs of the caliphate was centrally controlled from rocca, the official capital of ice today in ruins. to create the new man who the organization dreamed of. isis relied on young people everywhere. mm.
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in coverage territory with military training camps for child soldiers. several kilometers from the town. the memory of them still haunts the inhabitants. mary ella nod joined the syrian democratic forces isis killed his uncle, his brother, and 2 of his cousins ah, who i the dakota oil pipeline snakes through indigenous land, but not without resistance but right in front of the bowl. and
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they were beaten, arrested, and shot as protested. they are beat it and self proclaimed watch. i protected the women of standing rock on out his era. can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing as castaways brings your favorite team to cut off for the fee for arab comp 2021. greatness is in the air. late sore is juan and rich new heights. join us in cattle from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canton. a ways dont com joy africa's largest trade and investment in south africa into african trades. it gives you access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and buyers and more than 5000 conference delegates,
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more than 55 countries participate in trade and investment deals with 40000000000 was dollars as business and governments come together to explore business ab, networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import. back at the premium partners, the i h t of 2020 was transforming africa. lou ah oh, i'm marianne eliza in london. a quick look at our main stories now in protests of erupt incidence capitol, hard tune. after the army chief announced the formation of a new ruling council. general abdel for to oberon re appointed himself as its leader and has been sworn in just weeks after seizing control and military cur. members remain opposition? coalition have been excluded and has been some international reactions. this with you and describing developments is very concerning. the security council has been
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meeting to discuss what's happening obviously taking a look at these developments. oh, i would say there.


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