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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2021 11:30pm-12:00am AST

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blue oh i marian demise in london. a quick look at our main stories now in protests of erupted incidents, capital hard tune. after the army chief announced the formation of a new ruling council. general abdel for to albert hon. re appointed himself as its leader and has been sworn in just weeks after seizing control and a military crew. members remain opposition. coalition have been excluded and has been some international reactions. this with you and describing developments is very concerning. the security council has been meeting to discuss what's happening . obviously taking a look at these developments. oh, i would say they're very concerning. so we want to see a return o to the transition as quickly as possible. we want to see the release of from
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house rows of prime minister ham dark as well as all other politicians and leaders that have been detained or by the ruth has threatened to cut off gas supplies to europe. if sanctions are imposed by the over an escalating migrant crisis, thousands of refugees remain trapped on the border between batteries and poland in freezing conditions. in the hope of crossing into the european union, the blocks as better route as deliberately moving people to the border in protest against existing sanctions. the former south african president f. w to clerk has died at the age of 85. it was the country's lost leader of the party era, and she had the 1993 nobel peace prize with nelson mandela for their work on reconciliation in south africa. or just a day of the humans climate summit left to go. and the sector general is told delegates they need to pick up the pace and make their agreements to the guitar as described, efforts to keep global warming to one and
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a half degrees above pre industrial levels. as being on life support said, the talks of not met any of the u. n's goals, but insisted there should be hope until the last moment. and germany is considering introducing new corona virus restrictions to combat record such and infections. countries recorded more than 50000 cases in the past 24 hours. several of the worst hit states will ready brought in tight and measures for on vaccinated people. the outbreak has been blamed on germany's relatively no vaccination, right. as the headlines, i'll be back with the news hour and 25 minutes time. see then aah! recruitment and training of the so called cubs of the caliphate was centrally controlled from rocca, the official capital of iceland to day in ruins. to
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create the new man who the organization dreamed of iso relied on young people everywhere. in iceland covered its territory with military training camps for child soldiers, several kilometers from the town. the memory of them still haunts the inhabitants. metty element joined the syrian democratic forces icily killed his uncle. his brother and 2 of his cousins had a telegram. i left one of the file. little canada caddy. one i've had in my doom hobby. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
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i'm a social of ours to renew him. kind of we did. will you? can we can so can helen women up up and thoughtfully, hadn't truly come on to the bathroom. cassia, god, i mean, pollock? i luminated me. come on a thought or you will look that she here, so whatever lyn latham on up to look at that should, i mean, really kind of hopeful all module look up, but even about if he was all mushy, count the value of foot in the liquor digit the what, what animal mental, that actually the hope are the mold would have the civil federal lucky. diana ramos alfred on file that she hanna then with the on for you. i had that a little philip had that i will she sure. so we my so when i had you on the phone,
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no, she hadn't said her yet. janet fell until monday or tomorrow. we're well only wooden. now we are the on the corner of a do. if had given us still another agenda hit off of the button with some them are little nauseous and i was not supposed to neglect the call. little bit de laquita and cornel holler. nautical shya, w of oliver monica, and normally about the law firm and jennifer mason, lumniss ladonna watson, jennifer, jennifer oil to huddle. ah, it was in march 2019 that i saw last. it's last territory in syria. ah. after the defeat, children of the fighters were taken to this camp at al home. 62000 people are still living now. a among them
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21000 iraqi children with many mothers have kept the i feel ideology intact. a lot with i
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brought with inside the can save the children, a child protection n g o teaches math science, arabic and english a. so i don't know a lot found out only available in lucon with abilene, my daughter, vanessa mon, without an issue on a job. my daughter's sick, i will be di comcast, over my been back a little while jo with the i learn more. know really mother is my worried house. you want to hold her and her for the assess in admission. lot fall been hired to lie. do you come on a limb? can my whole miller can few i'm and now he don't you?
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hello? hello is america middle? did i say i did it? you're going for, you know, what the will use them or you could, will, she could, will, after you, were you either before the holiday and hopefully hi, adam. muhammad is 13 years old. his family have followed the retreat of the organization across iraq. from remedy to mosul. then into syria where his brother scott, until the final battle, about 2 years ago, i had a food back, a basket for somebody on it i, i was just, we'll go to some here. i'm trying to look a global high one from markham. a. what the fuck up in one of
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the little mcduff at alpha delta hut and it hosted with megan hyatt. i'm with the model of law all the letter telling us martha swan hi. yeah, i will model on he's sure finishing us with done a lot. i was going to do a lot of a shot i why should i set up a lot of units on the end of the plaza? what you just to know how you follow? follow what us, what day was a lean was doing been? oh my daughter had to go about the michigan go yeah. a fatal day on what they on 5 else of a sudden on the i was just was sell off at the mother she marble,
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barley manisha. he said the la on this one on no d, radicalization program has been introduced at al whole and iraq, like so many other countries refuses to repatriate these children. mm mm mm mm. mm. let him know law helloman, ram dumont but dod, you were so i joke on our with you guys. mm hm. some child soldiers,
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among the most fanaticism like mahari, have nonetheless been able to return to iraq, to their family. a treatment to offer to the children of his community, which is 1st and foremost a victim of iso ma har is the city, one of the oldest religions of mesopotamia. in the summer of 2014, i shall attack their lands in sin jar, iraq. the men were massacred, the women and little girls subjected to sexual slavery. the boys like ma ha, who at the time was only 10 years old, were recruited into the ranks of the organisation. i'm now with mobile and no easy because it will always lo huh. go on the wizard,
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nobody month or 100 dead alone. c santander good new sin in wisdom one the vizier gospel before did he wouldn't they chub bush doin well gala warned regarding them with us if we were looking at her ah although you city child soldiers have been able to reintegrate into their community for the same cannot be said of the children born of the rape of your city, women captured by i sold somewhere in the
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northeast of syria, zara sienna, herself, your city takes in these women who have escaped from iso and who continued to arrive every month. you see under the 5 schooner away will you too right misery the out of your hair. they've to say they've been i will. ha, i'd value the good. i will send you young john. i told you cannot. they had no claims. lama is you mother. he's a good angel looking to she on now he's rich. this cynthia and zanna for the women who will had children as a result of these rapes, a new ordeal, awaits them. the entire you city community refuses to accept these children, and it is ara who has to prepare the mothers to abandon them. what they might be
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glue, give o g diego, that in the unit i leave her and paused and given either her degree, i don't fall under julie gallagher. gil examiner, ranga girl, examined your legs. are all good yarn or? well again, rather lawana leaves yard suzanne. but goodly adam ha! go i will add them to the sensory m r while get a new that that isn't of air the lion! ah no another knowledge of jello. ah, there is ali. were deities ali little would o ye ye zuka vander when will g m g g one g r a deal?
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good car me that will give this fear 9. we know what gene god that will give when he what do you begin to? is she wish you didn't? what you did it was i will call g. okay. and what is the good? what i to be one of you it not either one will love and to be misled, wouldn't we you know for $10.00? no. that'll get doctor's name. in the dozens of women have therefore returned home, forced to abandon their children in syria. most of them do not recover from being torn apart like this. um, oh,
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maybe a gotcha. what about in addition to the dish must have a glue as you have with them, they will not deny my chips when she suddenly come, how do you know i ah us on that and we decided him up today or tomorrow which up ashika in may. but he met it in the that that, that a mobile. yeah. and then we'll, we'll go over what i laminated with him. you
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i'm how many could we get out of it and believe what do i have to call it? i'm on, hold in my book and what's going what i i not the math, what am i, i just want to die. this one does not apply to any good, lucky sunday or modified an attack on my back it up. i much would. i'm in mentioned about sierra dan navi, when been reasonable. oh, after lunch you can to negotiate that issue her. but she come dawning on. ha, i'd happy move. i shut it than i did. my good emma. i was beautiful in ah,
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she very amazing. oh dishes. oh, with the shaded muffled had been or a business. i don't what the about that one young man i'm us in obey because you that was i do have to cover the the mom isn't that inside him. i want to be any better. the again, my, the must be been how that goes out in what kind of my shallow my femininity, admin. oh, i'm glad i got it. okay, just here we go. look, i'm of the symbol hard. i'm check on the donna nickerson. how did that? oh ah, it's in miss orphanage managed by the syrian kurdish forces that her daughter layla . now this is where she left her in april 2019 and we're fios hope to see
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her again with layla is now 5 and a half years old. she does not know that her mother is trying to reclaim her service. ah. ah, construction shell is rockets going to put us? what else? d n a. okay terrific. im regarding
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a oh god go how did that it was if it was a mighty bill on the truck or to put a new bundle will prescribe? can you with a true, from a higher on the any i'm going to percent will of can bit issue anymore. kaneesha and hi. i'm present metals in a club the day give rich guy. he my gosh, i'm going to call you and you cut his tv. oh yeah. okay. good. good. that is it gives you what video of what far as you get out of on it meaning and is i don't give them in a whole bunch. give it meaning for to 1000. what would that get to, to go know jim baker, meaning a fair in hundreds. i heard that you can do to buy and i walk to shovel hovel nearby to missouri. i was out here when
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when a good company put the chip or any work that would've been bought or is it the muggle mood is god will walk in aqua spanish, ohio, and nature one, and a good indicator where there were any i know the whole will you always been because they how was what would the district local husband could you call him? let's get it. i'm a vehicle come in a high enough and did you? i'm as yet at all. i'll get a good chick one day at oak wonder if they are the ones she has been yard martineau, a degree on rusty's that somebody might put a workshop, a hot how to has them vision of sort of could jemina tenant and been had tanya has the mr. bishop had met the one you just seen a walker. she do i reject your british know had i'm sure it's good. i'm a be saturday the to hey, ross yet. i'm going to keep going. have been with us, how it is okay. was there she will know what brings the vehicle was let and i've been to she an interested not me. i had with everybody though to video the night did the husband that he was out of going to be out in march. that gibbons will be sure to john
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ah. after 2 years of separation, leila has finally been able to return to iraq and re unite with her mother once more. they are now living in hiding, waiting for an opportunity to leave the country. the is it, a community continues to ban the children born of fathers, who were i saw sliders. ah. since his return 3 years ago, ma har has reconnected with his family and is trying to find his identity again. ah, noise edition, and if come be of the data and gotten will then all the good news, ask her to google a lobby and nobody dash of that. islam out items hodges and the
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dish to distill was added in to stadium. not to buy one of men. no one knows nap either that as you buy dagmar below in money for the us had gone awful. gone to start? well the as adding as you saw in abbey a number to g. sotheby's watch on the dashboard kitty will import as adam dash, $200.00 low low speed and as you can deem to put it he bosh and for punjab. asking him my number gallagher, mileage all we got the mileage, we got all my war for you on the dish network, a m i l y direct and believe and vis. clear last 30 busch. csr on that and you never get your wand. i'm not
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sure if i'm do nasha best as good work. i've learned hold on one or a one dim shambrika shouted, i was hurrying on the go and push in. but i knew who should know without me and i learn money and me so little is done in iraq for the children sacrificed by history. these former child soldiers, for those who are growing up without any legal existence. father jim, can the butterfly good that i live medina because most of them hobbled are to the
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what on earth chillik, whether i'm at the studio by shut authorized window up and highlights bilingual ensure no in tumbled in the tumbling. but i had only had that up one in the south of one and how that will it will of fanny glad before to i've been will play mozilla of taiji of lots up on whatever. and he will, i will thought of some thought awful confessional. but i had sent him the dog dog. i thought i had gone to them. i learned melody supplemental drama honey, i love. and he has muscular fun. loving
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helping me and then go to the side of how funny funny john i why? hi there for this out. the bottom under the, in the summer has any sort of things or another i'm them. when i stuff have the other stuff had to be that ah me ah
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a guess ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with with the hello we got more wet weather pushing across central and eastern parts of australia or at the moment sliding down towards the east disable. we are going to see further spells very heavy, right, associated with this area of low pressure, but blustery shower was still continuing out of australia through that southeast corner 3 victoria ac t. well it's how we come to fraud. i some very wet weather, just only east coast of queensland fast. i see it dry up here. it brightens up. but notice that wet weather still lurking there across the southeast of eastern parts of victoria, southern parts of new south wales. and in fact, by the time we come to sunday refreshes up could be cold enough for some snow over the alpine regions at fat state. blustery showers continue me while across sun, new zealand for 23 celsius in christchurch,
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as not too bad into the low twenty's to for a tokyo over the next day or so. the time being, we're looking, it's dry across that eastern side of japan. western area, still seeing some wet weather, we will still season when fi flowers coming in over the higher ground. here as we go, wanted to sat day, tad kohler for take it with 90 degrees, but it should be la, she try try and getting warm in the air for solar around 13 celsius, much of china is settled and sunny temperatures in beijing of 14. ah mm shauna is pursuing prosperity and influence on the globe and stage when i, when ac investigates, what be main, but one of its closest neighbors,
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taiwan. on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm mariam nemiah's, a welcome to the news ally from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. that of saddam's military unveils and new ruling council and appoints himself as its leader


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