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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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initially they looked at it just about public community, it just safe with them about a full lines on al jazeera ah 2 weeks on my military coup sedans, army chief reveals a new council to manage the nation's affairs. would exclude any part of the opposition. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from dough are also coming up. what politics plays out, but he'd better route and the you thousands of migrants faced another night in freezing conditions on the countries border with poland. as a cop 26 climate summit draws to close the you ends chief calls on world leaders to
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pick up the pace and agree to a deal to fight global warming. and is the world's most expensive spice farm for generations. but it's fast becoming a victim of climate change. we'll take you to indian administered kashmir. ah, saddam's military as appointed a new ruling council more than 2 weeks after seizing power, general abdel for to albert hon, who's also the army chief, has been sworn in to had it up. the 14 member body excludes members of the main civilian coalition, and astral and condemnation from the un. my counter reports. ah, once again, the protesters take to the streets of cartoon. ah, the city has been at the centre pro democracy demonstrations since the uprising that overthrew form alida omar l basha. the formation of a new sovereign counsel described as an extension of the military takeover. and in
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the united nations, the office of the secretary general was quick to react, were obviously taking a look at these developments. oh, i would say they're very concerning. oh, we want to see a return. oh, to the transition as quickly as possible. the transition government was intended to guide the country towards democratic elections in 2023. it was disbanded by military leaders. last month, the prime minister placed under house arrest and a number of political figures imprisoned. the security council held a hastily arranged meeting to discuss the crisis. no statement was issued by the council as a whole. b u. k is the pen holder, which means it takes the lead on the issue. and the ambassador had this to say, we remain gravely concerned by reports of further unilateral action by the military,
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which is against the spirit and the letter of the constitutional declaration. we had a very helpful briefing from the special representative of secretary general val capacities who was very frank in his assessment that the window now is closing for dialogue and for peaceful resolution. the protestant cartoon could also have been intended to spur international reaction. but for the moment, the security council is weighing what its next action will be. mike hannah, audius' era, united nations, rental soda has more now from cartoon. right after the announcement of the new a sovereignty council had it by the army general of to for, to have hand people started to protest in 5 different districts in the capitol hartman. so in of bank street a l scheffer as a half a bully, java and, and barry district, the so did the protest or steel ongoing people are dra are,
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are, are barricading the rules and they're burning the tires. the main issue here. now the determining factor will be that the reaction of the stress and opposition parties, they are very aware of that, that if they can't put enough pressure from the streets on, did the military rule, maybe they can force them to, to step back. but the export says esl for the opposition forces in the country have been quite a fragmented, and the internal disagreements and in fighting's, how weakened their position, particularly when it comes to, to, to, to organize the street. and also to put a, a pressure that could bring a result on, on her own mr album hand. so the set of these going to be given us a clear picture, whether the position in this country is able, it is able to mobilize enough people to force general alber half or more
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concessions. so let's take a closer look at how sedan got to this point. military and civilian leaders were sharing power off the long term leader. amaral bashir was ousted, falling mass protest in 2019 both sides. blame each other. the slow reforms are worsening, economic crisis, and corruption, and that led to major divisions within the transitional government. what things came to a head last month when general abdel fata albert hun dissolve the interim government and detained. the civilian prime minister. poland is sending more troops to its border with bella, luce accusing its neighbors encouraging migrants and refugees to try to across as a way into the european union. the block is preparing new sanctions against bella. ruse president, alexander lucas. shank. i says he's prepared to retaliate by cutting off gas supplies as big as more from the border with thousands of people are still camped out in the cold. as the temperature plunges, they try to keep warm as best they can hear. all men, women, children,
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huddling around fires. bella ru, says, there are more than 2000 refugees and microns camped out here with more arriving all the time we used to foster la fled syria. he's now relatively safe in poland when he was driven towards the border by bela lucien police. but he says he was also beaten. he gave me the fries or with her, his the foot. so i 1st of all to couple minutes or a whine, noise and broken bond in here and my eyes are small decker threw up all over them in a little sin shall managed to cross the border just a day ago. he says billy routine forces bust them to the borders, dressed in civilian clothes, they cut the wires on the board a fence and forced them to cross. oh he still afraid and didn't want to show his face. they said, either you cross or you die here on 5 of the soldiers beat me on my leg and took 2700 euros from me and forced me across the border of the
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arp holds here that are trying to help this charity has collected clothes and food, i think we are all very afraid that people die very quickly in really ah, and we will not be able to do anything about it because they will die on the bellows and site or in the zone of the special. and they're just as they at least 7 people have died here in recent months. there's a real fear that number could grow. but also how long can discontinue this 15000 polish forces at the border with daily attempts from people to cross. the still 1000 stuck in freezing temperatures with nowhere to go aside. beg, i'll de 0. poland blue and security council is held a closed door meeting to address the border crisis. western countries including the u. s. and u. k. se beller was trying to destabilize its neighbors and our calling for stronger international action. kristen salumi has more from the united nation
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caribbean members of the security council called this closed door meeting amid rising tensions at the border between poland and bella roofs. afterwards, the estonian master spoke to the media flanked by other european members of the council. in the united states, accusing the president, alexander lucas shanker of bella, roost of facilitating migrants crossing the european union has been at odds with bella luce ever since. the contested 2020 elections after which it imposed sanctions on the country. the bill of russian authorities should understand that putting pressure on the european union in this way through a cynical instrumentalists zation of migrants will not succeed. russia, the deputy ambassador also spoke his president, vladimir putin has also been accused of being behind the crisis by poland. but the deputy ambassador denied his country or bella roost had anything to do with
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bringing migrants to the border. there is a game of shifting gleam. now, by the union, they want to picture deliveries and sometimes even russia as perpetrators of this crisis. well, we've got use that. the main slogan of them to western politics right now is keep commonly in russia. so it's no surprise for us. he went on to say that if any one was responsible for the crisis, it's the western nations who created the conflicts which many of the migrants are fleeing. china ruling communist party has passed a resolution that will pay the way for president. she shim ping to extend his time and power possibly indefinitely. the motion recognises she is vital to china's wealth and puts him as equal with the parties most important historical figures, including the found it mounted on. she's expected to pursue a 3rd 5 year term breaking with tradition. well, katrina, you joins us live now from beijing katrina. so just talk us through the
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significance of this motion passed by the ruling party. i don't know. i think the significance of this motion is that what it has done is elevate, she's in tang, is not just an ordinary leader like president dur biden is a leader of a country. it's made. she didn't bring literally a living legend and how it's done. this is by creating a historical resolution. now, here in china, the communist party is really kind of obsessed with history, uses history as a way to put everyone on the same page as a powerful political and propaganda tool. and in this historical resolution, which was passed after this year's plenum, the 6th a plenum as it's known here, we've seen 2 things really stated here. the 1st is that it's looked over the achievements of the communist party, for the past 100 years glorified these achievements. and at the same time glossed
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over a lot of the mistakes. and what that really does is it legitimizes the communist party as the only political force and the only political system really capable of running china. and secondly, it really looks at the position of she didn't think i've lost you down, but i'm going to keep going here. she didn't being really, it's talked about his achievements. it talks about his virtues. there was a release to communicate from this peanut and it said that she didn't thing is the call leader. this is the the, the phrase that's usually used her to refer him to call leader. it says that he's adapted marxism to modern china, and it says that he is a man of tremendous political courage and a powerful sense of mission. so what has happened here is that she didn't think has been enshrined as a figure who is critical to the success of china, and there's only been 3 other li, a 2 other leaders or 3 other, 2 other historical resolutions that have been passed in the history of the
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communist party, the 1st was passed by mouth to dong who's the founder of the communist party. he passed his ra, historical resolution in 1945. and he has been subsequently known as a leader who stood up for china stood up to 5 a foreign powers and made shyness stand up. secondly, we had another historical resolution. the 2nd one in 1981 released under the leader dunk sal ping, and he was the man who is known today as being the person who made china wealthy. and now we have this 3rd historical resolution in 2021 under she jin paying and he is being touted as the man who's making china a superpower. and what we've seen as a result of all of this as well. the centralization of power under she'd in paying is this really, the party is made. she's been paying a kind of gatekeeper. he's the man who are people go to fort all of these high level decisions when it comes to domestic, as well as international issues and critic say, well, there is
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a danger in that. and the danger being is that it might make china less flexible, less able to adapt all to resolve problems, more insular, and at the same time that it might make the communist party less able to deal with constructive criticism which could have serious consequences. not only for the for the 1400000000 people in china, but also for the world are to continue you live for stay in beijing. katrina. thank you. ah, no, i was united nations climate summit enters its final day. the you and chief has urged delegates to pick up the pace and agree on away forward. on tony gutierrez says, efforts to keep global warming to one and a half degrees above pre industrial levels are on live support. while discussions and commitment so far have failed to meet the humans goals, you told attendees you remains hopeful. we remain on
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a catastrophic temperature rise threat, well above 2 degrees south. so net pseudo pledges require rapid suspend the mission scott, these vectors. and i welcome the recognition of the spec in yesterday's us trying the cooperation agreement that i can see that an important step in the right direction. but the problem is ring hollow when the fossil fuels in this for the seal receive still use in subsidies as measured by the i m f. or when countries are still building gold plans or when kind of uneasy without surprise starting markets and the vested decisions. now some problem has filled the local economy of indian administered kashmir for centuries, and is an integral part of the culture. but rising temperatures and erotic rainfall are threatening the future of this rare spice of the metal reports. now some new delhi, it's the busiest time of the year for saffron farmers. may, roger,
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the family is harvesting purple flowers, but only bloomfield eat they live in did administered push me to pump our district . unlike others here have been farmers for generations. the last few years have been touch your daughter, no bush and walked to assist. i'd be production has been decreasing gradually when i was younger, we used to harvest about 15 kilograms. now we'd barely recover labor cars because of the erotic rainfall. and at times, drought like conditions for the government installed irrigation pumps would barely use them. but we have been suffering. farming is hard work, but lucrative trans individually plucked and piled up a 150 pounds in flowers. can use one kilogram of saffron with sales for nearly $3500.00. now there was most expensive spice is staring at an uncertain future. the modification re soften has always exceeded supply, and the gap is getting wider. production is down 30 percent on 2 decades ago. filling in some spec shortfall in markets like these is suffering from iran. it's
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cheaper to buy and sometimes just push me. the government opened this vicinity last year to increase production until now the other mud. good. nice family. dried strands, the traditional way. here. it's done by machines, which is quicker and maintains the quality scientists desk the strands regularly and certified them the team. we're going dre the want to get it because we heard that saffron gets the g. i tag here in his scientifically process. so we can sell it globally at a good price levels of that many farmers have produced lying and storage. yeah, i am impressed with the facilities and technology them when low enough. the sheer law he from the saffron research center is telling farmers about new ways to so and 10 day crop. he also advises them on how to reduce the effects of climate change. most to meet up. did you by jesse is rainfall patterns have changed and it's not happening at the right time. if that's one of the main reasons behind the production decline. we have recommended a newer geisha scheduled to the farmers signed to say their mothers can improve
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self on quality. and increase production by up to 40 percent, signed to see their methods can improve saffron quality and increase production by up to 40 percent. but many farmers as skeptical. they have little faith in the government and see their lander secret. they say nature will look after them, like it has done for centuries. pardoning little al jazeera, new deli, sorry for short break. here in al jazeera when we come back, surviving for now, north macedonia is prime minister, hangs on to how often no confidence vote on. many brazilian families are struggling to put food on the table will tell you why the president is being accused of using hunger as a political weapon. more or less steamers. ah, look forward to burly to sky's the weather. sponsored my cattle airways. hello,
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we've got some rain in the forecast for iran over the next couple of days. this area cloud here, sliding across the black sea through the caspian sea, bringing some cooler air down to was to running quite a bit of snow. actually as we go on through friday, calls off as we go want to sass day the snow not quite as widespread. we'll see that when she makes, making his way further east was towards afghanistan for much of the region in his large, fine, dry, low temperatures. here in doha was struggle to get to 30 degrees celsius in a northerly breeze. got some showers around the red sea or the side of the red sea . we could see a little bit of wet weather coming through here. but for much of the middle east, it's dry that dry weather, stretching down across the horn of africa. still some showers there just around the ethiopian highlands, pushing down towards the democratic republic, congo, easing over towards the gulf of kinney, where we are looking at some rather live down pause over the next couple of days. just noticed that where to where the now started show is had a cross, a good part of angola,
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those showers dripping down into where zambia will see some wet weather coming through here. the friday is saturday, could see some lively showers. therefore zimbabwe, we need the rain in eastern parts of south africa, bits and pieces of that over the next couple of days, west telling, rather wet and windy at times for the weather sponsored by katara, always killing the debates. non exempt worlds. refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. it's now not a lot can get this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do. do you think this thing on out is the era. ah
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ah, welcome back. a took him out about top stories here at this hour sedans, army chief of does. santa albert han has appointed a new ruling counsel lead by himself weeks off the military seas power. the new 40 member council excludes members of sedans, main opposition coalition. thousands of migrants trying to cross into the european union remain trapped and freezing conditions in the border between bella, luce and poland, the e you is accusing better use of the liberty, encouraging them to try to cross and is threatening new sanctions on the un security council has meant to address the board of crisis western countries, including the u. s. u. k, said, bella luce is trying to destabilize his neighbors and according for stronger international actions, north macedonia government has survived a political crisis,
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the opposition to fail to secure enough support for a censure motion in parliament. but as john sir, uh, police reports not from sculpey, the ruling social democrats are hanging on by a thread. the government narrowly avoided collapse after ruling coalition mp, whose defection the opposition was counting on, went into hiding cast. realtor jumping, posted a video on social media saying he wouldn't follow his parties. betrayal of the government that left the opposition. one vote shy of no confidence motion, but the ruling social democrats face a disillusioned public north. macedonia has the 5th highest death rate in the world from coven 19, and only 37 percent of the population is vaccinated. in the coroner, the dilution of the pandemic was a disaster to us. we pray not to get sick because when we do, we have to go to state hospital and we can't afford private care and nothing works and state hospitals. the government couldn't even procure vaccines. instead,
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it waited for handouts of so young people are especially disillusioned. fedora bernisha says many of her friends have chosen to leave the country. it's quite hard to find a wealthy job here in macedonia. and i have a lot of friends that they have finished university. but they still can't find a job that they find themselves in there that they get paid. well, i think the continue to teens in it needs to see something better. it needs to see actions and not just words. european union membership was supposed to fix the administrative and economic malaise, but e u leaders have failed for years to invite north macedonia to start membership talks. that's even after the country added the word north to its name, to settle a long standing dispute with greece over who can lay claim to the ancient macedonian heritage of alexander the great. after pressed by agreement,
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when they thought that they are exchanging or the ne, and they are sacrificing a lot of the identity just to get some european perspective. and even with that, ah, the government or the country didn't succeed. to enter the excessive talks with the european union. so people were tired. the government last almost 3 quarters of the country's town holes in local elections last month, including the capital scope here. prime ministers, orange life, just a year into his 2nd term declared he has lost the people's confidence and publicly offered to resign. but he hasn't done so yet. he's you leaders indicate they will now open the door to membership talks next month. but with the government bleeding support many here believe an early election is only months away. jobs are opal us alger xerox copier. heavy rainfall has left large parts of western, shall anchor submerged. at least 26. people have been killed and many more injured
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in landslides. michelle fernandez reported out for columbus. many parts of shall on to have had marines during the last few days than what they received in an entire year. and this is the result was track of land under water, swollen rivers and reservoirs and devastating landslide. by lower the others, it started raining heavily about 7 last night and this happened around 930 now in the dark, we couldn't do anything. it was in the morning. we found bodies of i remember you were, the landslides came as suddenly as the rising flood waters catching many unawares here in ramble. kona one survivors said there was a sound like thunder and then the hillside came sliding down, giving them just minutes to escape. the family in this house was not so lucky, a mother and her 2 daughters died while the father is in a critical condition. the mango debris of what was once that home,
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belonging scattered among the sludge, a silent 17 of the countries 25 districts have been hit by the bad weather caused by low pressure front. oh, to levels rose up to chest high in some ears. were businesses battered by covert slowdowns, the reins didn't tell, then is the server who has a clued shot in the gumble a noise drive from the capitol colombo opened up his shop to this. all my love out of his time, the water came in a very unusual way under is normally a gradual increase from water levels. but this time it came suddenly and pulled up the road like a river flooded everything over with her. this hospital lynch allow in the north west of the country, is no exception. with patience, marooned in flooded wards, military personnel were deployed to rescued those stranded by the floods and help get people stranded to safety. authorities say water levels are beginning to recede
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. remember, a fuel of interviews, happy them off. what is special about the rates is that when it rains, it does so heavily. also, there could be strong winds and lightning people must be careful. we expect the rainfall to reduce in the next 2 days. with the monsoon underway, heavy rains or nothing new to show lumpkins, but the current bad weather has not made life easy. the rains are expected to ease in the coming days, no doubt, bringing relief to tens of thousands of people who have been affected. but the risk of more landslides will remain minute fernandez out of the ra, colombo. witness testimony has ended in the trial of an american teenager accused of murder during anti racism protests last year. kyle rittenhouse says he was defending himself when he shot and killed 2 men into the 3rd enclosure in wisconsin and used on a sole style weapon and is not a local resident. prosecutors alleged he's a vigil,
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anti written now spaces life in prison. if convicted closing arguments a set for monday in brazil, inflation the pandemic, and the lack of investment in social programs means more people are going hungry. millions caught put food on the table or a for the fuel to cook it. now it's become a key issue at of next year's election, monica, your market reports. now from addition error moves that barbosa has been walking the streets of re diginero for the past 3 decades. she works for the n g o citizenship action, distributing food for the needy. this alleyway is not the place where one would expect to find hunger for, but since 2014, the number of hungry in brazil has doubled from 9000000 to 19000000 people. that's the equivalent of the entire population of chile or romania. i mean my to use that
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tells us that behind every door she finds a desperate family scene. jenny said she lost her job. during the pandemic, november, the government suspended the emergency aid. she doesn't know how she'll feeding her 4 children. and the 5th one, she's expecting the family receives a $65.00 monthly check from the government social program bulls of a media. i should try to work on, but it's worth nothing. inflation to sir is more than 10 percent a wash and food prices have tripled. many brazilians living in poor neighborhoods like this one now depends solely on donations to put food on the table. with families like got enough facing additional problem. they don't even have the means to cook it. one 3rd of we're getting there receives from the government social program piece through the gas. none of her neighbors can afford using
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a regular oven. they've resorted to bricks and alcohol to cook their meals, jackie foul. but the worst days are the ones towards the end of the month. when you have nothing to cook and you must tell your children to go to bed early on an empty stomach, because sleep will make the hunger go away. results present, jane wilson, otto has promised to new social program, brazil aide, substituting the old one. but there's no money to finance it up on this. congress approves the constitutional amendment permitting the government to pass the spending cap. critic sable sonata is using hunger as a weapon to get hold of money during in the electoral year. what's happening is that both are not as using hunger as a tool to expand, expands his money so he can make a better campaign in the next year. so he is extinguishing boss a formula. that is
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a problem that is proven worldwide. that is one of the best programs of, of, of money transfer for the poor. and he's creating a new program with no rules. we don't know how the program is gonna work. there's no money for it. there's no rules the find or how it's gonna work exactly. well, the politicians, vicar, millions of brazilian families have no food on the table. monica, and lack of, i'll just iraq here, diginero. ah, i have a quick check on the top stories. aaron, al jazeera sedans army chief bell, sutter, albert hon. as appointed a new ruling council, led by himself, weeks after the military seas power. the new 14 member council excludes members of sedans, main opposition coalition. it's drawn condemnation from the un, which says, sounds been put further away from returning to constitutional order. obviously
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