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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2021 2:00pm-2:30pm AST

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life, how much money did you make for your breland delay rent, and late that ribbon, al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, activist call on poland willow, ange yos, access to refugees, the migrant stuck at the border amid freezing weather. ah, hello and welcome. i'm heated over you're watching out 0 live from though are also coming up. so don stopped general appoints a new governing body putting himself in charge 2 weeks after he seized power. will remain on a get the stuffy. tempted should rise thread well above 2 degrees,
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south b, u and chief warns of hollow climate promises before what's shaping up to be a busy final day of the cop 26 summit. also head how iceland is punching way above its weight. when it comes to agricultural innovation, ah, our top story, asylum seekers who made the journey to the bella, luce, poland, border, have spoken of the abuse, their suffering at the hands of security forces in belarus. they say they were beaten and robbed before being ordered to cross into poland. about 2000 people living and die of freezing conditions as governments crate, accusations, and threats about the crisis. activists providing humanitarian aid and support to migrants along that border area, had been holding a news conference. they want the polish government give n g o is full access to the area. that is such a huge part of the scenes as threats as philip avadav. this is
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a very stressful situation for us, not only because there's so much media attention on this issue, but also because we are grassroots activists not professionals from the humanitarian organizations like that should be here delivering humanitarian medical and legal a since to the people trapped in the woods, we have been responding to a situation to save lives where the government has restricted access to humanitarian organization and to deliver aid and the restricted area. nevertheless, since mid october, we've been approached by over 3000 people that we travel. and since the beginning of november, we've been asked by at least 900 people and have undertaken 131 humanitarian intervention to help those stranded polish government needs to allow humanitarian organizations to access restricted zones. i said big has more on what the activists had to say. he's on that. poland bella roost border. they've been holding this press conference just outside the seclusion zone in the forest. now, what they've been saying is that they're urging dec government to do more because it's set up that state of emergency, that's occlusions owner and joe's cherokee workers and journalists are not allowed
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to enter. we can't go there and tell you exactly what the polish authorities are doing to keep those people from crossing because we can't report on that because we're not allowed and that's police checkpoints or the run this area. now what we heard from the people here today to activists in some locals. some of the harrowing stories and circumstances that they've encountered with had one local say. they had to leave a mother with a 5 year old child in the forest who was only allowed to give her food and water. that's because the law here, if they, if you gave them shelter, if you transported them any, anywhere you would be considered a smoke them could face up to 8 years in prison. we had a famous actress here, has been talking about situation. she impacted yesterday. they came across 3 individuals to a near rocky couple, an assyrian man that had been beaten with a metal crowbar. she said, and their belongings and their money had been stolen. one of those men was taken to
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hospital. the other 2 were taken to a board. the guards detention center, and i'm very much what we're hearing from the actors here is that they are not command cohen, age workers, that the activists and the government needs to allow people in to the seclusion zone to help people because the temperatures are dropping and they're still thousands of people stuck at that border. now the national airline fellows says it will no longer allow citizens of iraq, syria, and yemen to board. it's flights from turkey, as we've reported that happy accusations that bella roost has been flying in migrants from the world's trouble spots to enable them to enter the e. u fellers denies this. the un security council met by enclosed doors to discuss that crisis on the board of western countries, including the u. s. and the u. k. insisting bellows is trying to de, stabilizes neighbors. but russia, an ally of belarus, says that is simply not true. kristen salumi reports not from the united nations. european members of the security council called this closed door meeting amid
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rising tensions at the border between poland and bela roost. afterwards, the estonian master spoke to the media flanked by other european members of the council. in the united states, accusing the president, alexander lucas shanker. of bella, roost of facilitating migrants crossing the european union has been at odds with beller roost. ever since the contested 2020 elections after which it imposed sanctions on the country, the bell russian authorities should understand that putting pressure on the european union in this way through a cynical instrumentalists zation of migrants will not succeed. russians, deputy ambassador also spoke his president, vladimir putin has also been accused of being behind the crisis by poland. but the deputy ambassador denied his country or bela bruce had anything to do with bringing
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migrants to the border. there is a game of fer shifting gleam. now are you repeat union, they want to picture bill or was, and sometimes even the russia as perpetrators of this crisis? well, we've got used that. so the main slogan, offer european under western politics right now is a keep com and leon russia. so it's no surprise for us. he went on to say that if any one was responsible for the crisis, it's the western nations who created the conflicts which many of the migrants are fleeing. ok, some breaking news, coming to us out of afghanistan this hour. we have reports of an explosion at a mosque in anger. har province local source is the saying 15 people have been injured. no group has yet claimed responsibility. they have been several attacks on mostly sheer mosques since the taliban took power in august. most of them have been claimed by iso sedans, military leader has appointed a new ruling council and put himself in charge 2 weeks after he seized power.
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general abdel fatter albert han has included civilians but not the main political coalition that had been sharing power with the military before the takeover. we'll have an update from cots, from shortly 1st. my kind of reports now on reaction at the un. ah, once again, the protesters take to the streets of cartoon, ah, the city has been at the sent off pro democracy demonstrations since the uprising that overthrew former leader omar l bashir. the formation of a new sovereign counsel described as an extension of the military's takeover. and in the united nations, the office of the secretary general was quick to react. we're obviously taking a look at these developments. oh, i would say they're very concerning. oh, we want to see a return. oh, to the transition as quickly as possible. the transition government was intended to guide the country towards democratic elections in 2023. it was disbanded by
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military leaders. last month, the prime minister placed under house arrest and a number of political figures imprisoned. the security council held a hastily arranged meeting to discuss the crisis. no statement was issued by the council as a whole. the u. k. is the pen holder, which means it takes the lead on the issue. and the ambassador had this to say, we remain gravely concerned by reports of further unilateral action by the military, which is against the spirit and the letter of the constitutional declaration. we had a very helpful briefing from the special representative of secretary general folk apparatus who was very frank in his assessment that the window now is closing at fort dialogue and for peace resolution. the protestant cartoon could also have been intended to spur international reaction. but for the moment,
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the security council is weighing what its next action will be. my cana audius' era, united nations, russell soda is in cartoon with more on the protest against the military takeover there. after the announcement of the near sovereignty cancelled by general uplift that were hand, people started to protest in 5 different districts in a city of a hard tomb. they are barricaded the roads and burned the tires. however, they were not on a large scale so far. the protest, how being a very sporadic and at the santa lies and export says that it is because i did that . the opposition in the country has been quite a fragmented and in fighting the eternal disagreements, how weakened their position in regards of the dead, the negotiation with the army, and also organizing mass rallies. however, the leading umbrella organizations are off the opposition, such as
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a resistance committee and the forces of freedom and change are planning a large demonstration afore tomorrow they are calling it as one men 1000000 march and they are planning to gather 1000000 people. industries to show the resistance to the military rule and organizer says that they are committed to the peaceful protest and non violent civil disobedience. however, in the country, the has been waiting of confrontations and there are concerns that to morrow's protest, cool turn into a wild one. if the security forces interfere now it was the cop 26 climate summit and says its final day, the un secretary general has edge delegates to pick up the pace. and tony cherish says efforts to limit global warming to one and a half degrees are on life, support discussions and commitments so far have failed to meet the un goals. eduardo man saw is with the us food and agriculture organization. he says we have
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the knowledge to trap enough carbon dioxide on land to mitigate some of our climate problems. there hasn't been enough investment. i think that there are concrete advances on the discussion mitigation, if not conclusive at the scope. as you mention, it moves to egypt with the big step uncertainty, watches has less certainty, discussion on the station, developing countries because they have very low emissions. they came to the cop 26 with the emission to discuss how they're going to have some compensation for what they are suffering from the climate that's changing so fast and so dramatically. and they leave with a certain degree of frustration because of the station has not been heavy, the level of discussion that they would expect for the life as we know in the planet. we have the carbon in the atmosphere that far exceed what it should be there. so we have to work on sequestration. and there are different ways of request sequestration, some more expensive, some less expensive. if you look at the land sector,
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that one of the cheapest option for us to mitigate, if we 40 does increase, so carbon, we have more carbon in the soil than in the atmosphere 3 times more. and we want that coupled to be there. and we know that good that culture practice is good. so management can increase district division potential off the source as much as for us to do above ground. and this is not taken yet. we have to invest on that. and we have to bring incentives to farmers to engage in sustainable. so management and carbon sequestration, the famous carbon farming that's being discussed. the u. s. journalist has been sentenced to 11 years in prison in me in march. he's danny fenster. he was the managing editor of frontier me and mar, that's an online magazine. earlier this week he was given to new charges of terrorism and sedition. he was arrested in may while trying to leave me in more accused of encouraging descent against the military toronto. still to come here, al jazeera, most girls in liberia are unlikely to finish school, and for some football is giving them inspiration also ahead. our art and politics
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set for collision course at hong kong. ambitious new modern art museum. ah ah, look forward to brighter skies. the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello, we got some very heavy rain. continue, cross eastern parts, sa basil, long line of cloud here, just pushing up into the heart of the amazon, northern parts or bolivia, could also see some flooding rains over the next couple of days. this pushed a little further south. not too bad for one a series on friday, but you could see some showers just talking in behind in the showers. gather the blossom, they'll bring some very heavy downpours into northern areas of argentina as we go through sasha. and i think there was a distinct possibility that we could see some localized flooding as a result of that chassis from flooding to into western parts of the caribbean. i
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think jamaica should be okay on this occasion. the where to where the coming in across that western side of cuba, the yucatan peninsula, into central america. topples a little further east, which as we go on through where sat day for the eastern islands wanted to shout, but more in the way of sunshine than showers over the next couple of days. now, february, dry weather, fabulous sunshine across north america. but we have got some very heavy rain now clearing away from the eastern seaboard at call some localized flooding symbolic storms through the south as it made its way through friday. we're looking at some very wet and some wintry weather, just around the yard, the lakes, into central parts of canada. we got some wet weather and some winter weather for the pacific northwest and weston canada, blue weather sponsored by katara, always indonesia, the country with an abundance of resource rate, r and $100.00 easier. his friends for me, we move to grow and frog. we balance for green economy, blue economy,
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and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. investment. let be part when denise is growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou ah, welcome back. you're watching al jazeera life from doha. your top stories, refugees, migrants have been describing being beaten and robbed at the bell. russian border with poland before being ordered to cross over about 2000 people living in diet, freezing conditions as governments trade accusations, and threats about the crisis. or is his national airline says it will no longer
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allow citizens of iraq, syria, and yemen, or to slice from turkey. there have been accusations that bella roost has been flying in migrants from the world's trouble spots, to enable them to enter the new sedans, military leader has appointed a new will in council and put himself in charge 2 weeks after he seized power. the 14 member body excludes main opposition figures and has been condemned by the un. let's get more now on that stand off between poland and belarus activists who are helping the refugees stranded at the board. a want the polish government to give n g o is full access to the area. earlier we spoke to monica mateusz, she's the human rights activists working with grouper granite so so far for the couple of months, we could no response, right? we are pleading actually with authorities to allow humanitarian, a professional humanitarian to enter the vessel emergency don't. but so far there was no official answer from the government. i mean,
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the only unfair within the last couple of the day, because of the large gatherings of migrants on the left side, there is even ball got more gathering, you know, of the polish army and polish border forces. on the polish side. we know what happens in the polish side, but i mean you can also obviously see pictures and you've just been pictures from the bela roots inside. people just tried to cross, you know, through as through a very difficult area. that of like pray, middle for it. you know, with huge logs or all the trees fallen with you know, they get lost. they don't know where to go. it's kilometers and kilometers for as of unknown area. they have no food, they have no shelter. they have no drinking water. when we meet them at the poli sites they are usually in a very difficult mental and you know medical state, they are absolutely exhausted. they are terrified because obviously they are hiding
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in the for a 4 days just not to be caught by border patrol. it's sort of like, you know, hunger games but just in relies. so they are really in a horn, horrid condition of the refugees and the migrants shipping, stranded along the border between the 2 countries being separated from families back home has made things even worse in run. com reports. now from back that on iraq, he's been caught up in the crisis the lead as well. the family from no neuron went to bed room with the hope of finding a better life. instead they found tragedy. his diabetic son, galen, died on the journey after not being able to get insulin. while his miles daughter m on got separated from her 5 year old son in the woods between bell reese and poland . she is now in a polish hospital while her child is in bell roofs. and her husband is trumped on the border. at this who ammonia, i thought i could send them to gemini for the treatment they needed. we had,
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they could go via bella. ruth to gemini, but instead they are stuck in bella. luce rud, it's a common tale. 11 members of do. ali hodges extended family are stuck on the polish belushi border. he says they went to europe to improve the lives of the children, the, that there are no opportunities for the youth in iraq. all there is a close that life is hard, university graduates can find jobs. they are forced to do this. for archie's it trying to reach europe. it's melanie's journey. a flight by the roost and will long distances and often rely on people smugglers to get them to the polish border. the by the russian authorities have not done much to stop them near as hussein has a child or kidney failure in desperate need of treatment. she says she and her husband had to sell everything they own to get their son to poland and study tad. evelyn rushdin, we took a plane from baghdad and stayed 2 nights in bella. rooster and smugglers took us to the border and they said, cars would take us through the forest. they lied, we had to walk. but the polish authorities held them back to rock and would die so
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hard for a mother to think that her son is going to die. many rockies rain stuck at the border, camped among the trees and groups. the forested area is an unforgiving place, temperature's plunge below freezing at night. some have died on the journey. but for many iraqis and others hoping to cross into western europe. it's not clear yet what future lay face. american, our desert doctor lebanon's government is failing. its people, that's the verdict of the un envoy on extreme poverty who is on a visit to the country alleviate. the shooter says lebanon is in danger of becoming a failed state. i spoke to young children in some parts of the country, particularly in, in a car, in peabody and these young children, 101112 years old, i, speaking of leaving the country themselves. this is something of great concern
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because the one assets of this country is its human capital. china's communist party has passed a resolution that will pave the way for president teaching ping to extend his time in power. the motion puts him on an equal footing with the parties most important historical figures, including the founder and say, tongue. mister, she is now expected to pursue a 3rd term breaking with tradition. a space ex rocket carrying for astronauts was docked with the international space station. first through the hatch is going to be nasa astronaut kayla. bear in them hung fare. they were welcomed by the current occupants who been living in orbit since april. the astronauts will spend 6 months during maintenance and experiments like growing plants in orbit without soil returning out to cop $26.00, it will in theory and to day there's been much discussion of course about how countries need to reduce the impact of food production on the planet and still grow enough to feed 8000000000 people. one country that's future proofing its food
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supply chain is iceland. charlie angela went and had a look at techniques that could be adopted globally. we're inside europe's largest indoor banana plantation. it's 20 degrees inside. that could be minus 10 outside the plant here and more for research than consumption that show what can be achieved even in the harshest conditions using iceland, plentiful supply of geothermal, heat, and green energy. we are self sufficient with cucumbers, we produce all the kill convert that we consume payer in tomorrow that we are about maybe 55, possibly up to 60 percent in the next couple of years. it'll air with pallet we are producing. about half of all the solid is consumed every year in lead, bel, pepito, public eye, and fear and culinary hopes we produce about 20 to 30 percent of all that iceland. climate may seem like
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a disadvantage when it comes to agriculture. when this country has to, he designs, it is an endless supply of pure water and renewable energy. as a result, innovation is sprouting in the industry. as farmers and scientists work out how to best use resources and minimize waste and free time, the desire to reduce the carbon footprint of to motor imports has grown into profitable business. here the elements a tightly controlled by computer and has no need for pesticides this far nor others, and looking even further into the future. this protein rich micro allie uses just one percent of the water and one percent of the land needed to grow soil p protein . this closed loop system is called negative and highly efficient gobbling, carbon dioxide emitted from the geothermal plant next door. it's an environment that could be replicated on a local level to produce protein year round for you harvest maybe one wise maybe 3
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times a year to 3 times a year. you get the whole and then you have the receipt. re harvey is about 5 to 10 percent of the entire every day. the next day. it's rick. once this small island is punching way above its weight in terms of agricultural innovation, even china sent a delegation to learn more about how to grow crops and controlled environments. radical ideas like this are going to be key to shaking up the global food system. a system currently vulnerable to climate change, pests, and disease. a system that can no longer run entirely on traditional farming methods. charlie angela out there re caught iceland. liberia has the highest school dropout rate in the world with 73 percent of girls. unlikely to finish school football academy in the capital is trying to reverse that trend using football to keep young girls in the classroom. nicholas hawk now from monrovia
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number 17 in the yellow jersey is 15 year old jessica quote. you sent her forward for the monrovia academy 19 girls football team. a star in the making in a sport dominated by boys in 2019 crunchy led the t made up of girls from liberia's poorest slums to the international youth usa cup against all odds. they beat the better equipped and top ranking teams of the world, winnie the championship cup. the moment of victory for the academy, co founder and coach sake, whom i knew ben after playing professional football in the gulf in asia, he returned to his war torn country to built schools. little did he expect that in the process. they would make football champions for bought tish discipline at fish to roll. cho til better men tish to roll, chew education. now today we have
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a 4. bob president says, a lot of message till till i be around the youngest. i use the elliot. my beer is president george where it was named the best player in the world. in 1995, the striker played for top european clubs. after growing up the same slums of quite she, she hopes to outperform him and is already a role model to others. so my name is gorgeous fit and they shantell who you want. they'll kick long. or what do you want to do in the future? not though cause iran doing now, you know, with boy a few for the best number 23 central defender blessing. brown says if it weren't for the academy, he would not be in school, but married and working in the slums. after she altered out in liberia, the civil war, her family live in poverty. really hard for my family. he was the war and i told you everything, both. my mom was really sick. mom for i was, they didn't get on the dream. well, at the last number, yes,
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my beerin has the highest school dropout rates in the world. this affects the girls more than boys with 73 percent of them unlikely to finish school. he can use his football as a tool to reverse this trend on the pitch boys and girls train and play in mixed team. all of the teenagers in this academy want to become professional footballers, but if you will make a living playing football, the aim of this program is for them to pick up skills from the game such as creativity initiative, so that they can become team players in a society that has been divided by the past of a war. while i been in this building academy directors to re explain life off the page is as important than on the page. it brings a lot of people together. if you think about liberia diversity, people from different ethnic groups like the kids will always tell me when and when we are on the fields, we'll feel like we are one people. and we are powerful. we have a voice,
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and that's where we can display where we are. 3500 apply every year and just 20 are selected for enrollment back in monrovia plums. the girls are faced by men taunting them. instead, taking pride in what a team can do. when united nicholas hall county 01 brovio, a multi $1000000000.00 museum of modern art, has opened his doors in hong kong. it's part of an ambitious project to transform the city into a global hub for culture. but it follows a controversial security law, which critics say will make that go difficult, is rob mcbride, it's cold and plus, and it's designed to rival some of the best museums in london, paris. so new york, it's been years in the making, but it's opening now comes after the imposition of hong kong, controversial national security law. that even modern art it seems, cannot escape. we will uphold and encourage freedom of artistic expression and
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creativity. on the other hand, our dedicated curatorial team were ensure that all the exhibitions were comply with the laws, the national security law was introduced to stop months of street protests and riots. but critics argue it is stifled free speech, and that includes artistic expression already that have been restrictions placed on the local movie industry, as well as in publishing and newspapers in it. not a bit unusual to even mentioned national security and the opening of an all museum in order to lay the foundation that the opening of m plus. that's not me. we artistic expression is about the law. it is not the works of an impressive range of international and chinese bod. notices are on display, including by prominent dissident artist i way way,
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but other work by him considered to controversial, will not be displayed when you will happily. ms. ame, which cannot, or in cape oh, to give fats its own integrity. awe about her freedom of speech and data research question. as the museum opens to the public for the 1st time, the sometimes baffling world of modern art will not only prompt the question is a tart, but in hong kong case, is it legal? rob mcbride, al jazeera. ah peter, over here and are you watching al jazeera, you're headlines, refugees and migrant stuff. describe being beaten and robbed at the bell. russian border with.


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