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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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think about the sophistication of exploits the breaking performs this as soon as you find your phone on me ah, this is out there. i'm ready and i'm ok with the check on your world headlines. asylum seekers who made the journey to the beller as poland border has spoken of the abuse. they suffered at the hands of security forces in bella roost. they say they were beaten, and rob before being ordered to cross into poland. about 2000 people are living in dire freezing conditions as governments trade accusations on threats about the crisis activists providing humanitarian aid on support to the migrants along the border have held a press conference. they want the polish government to give full access to the
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border area to be submitted to see what's available for those since mid october. we've been approached by over 3000 people that being trapped since the beginning of november. we've been asked by at least 900 people and undertaken 131 humanitarian intervention to help those stranded polish government needs to allow humanitarian organizations to access restricted zone or belarus as national airlines as it will no longer allow citizens of iraq, syria, and yemen. to board its flights from turkey. there have been accusations that by the roots has been flying in migrants and the world's trouble spots to enable them to enter the e. u. by the roof denies this. there has been an explosion at a mosque in afghanistan. none gerhardt province, local sources say 15 people have been injured. no group has yet claimed responsibility. there been several attacks and mostly she mosque since the taliban took power in august. most of them had been claimed by iso. so don's military
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leader has appointed a new ruling council and put himself in charge 2 weeks after he sees power. the 14 member body excludes main opposition figures and has been condemned by the un as the cop 26 climate summit enters its final day. the un secretary general has urged delegates to pick up the pace. i'm trying to get tara says efforts to limit global warming to one and a half degrees are life supports, discussions and commitments so far have failed to meet the un goals. sarah says he remains hopeful. a u. s. journalist husband sentence to 11 years in prison, a miramar danny found stir. it was the managing editor of frontier and me and mar, an online magazine. earlier this week he was given to new charges of terrorism and sedition. he was arrested in may while trying to leave me and mar, accused of encouraging descent against the military gentle. those are they had lions. it's back to iraq's last generation on al jazeera november. oh,
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now to 05 years after the his story. he field between fog rebels in the colombian government, out of the re examined why tensions and violence of rising once again. emma, you award winning pool flies investigates the untold stories across the us. millions encompassed on boat in parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than a year after the lat, pole triggered a political crisis in mercy and personal short documentary africa. direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers, china marks 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic include for a boycott, impact the sporting event november on out jazeera ah recruitment and training of the so called cubs of the caliphate was centrally controlled from rocca, the official capital of iceland, to day in ruins. to
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create the new man who the organization dreamed of iso relied on young people everywhere. mm. i saw covered its territory with military training camps for child soldiers. several kilometers from the town. the memory of them still haunts the inhabitants. many elena joined the syrian democratic forces. meisel killed his uncle, his brother, and 2 of his cousins in here to tell him i am not one on file. little canada caddie, one of had in my demonte. ah, he come don't ali ha ha ha mustachioed. oh, she knew him,
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can we that will not do that he will die. so can helen up and through us a lot he hadn't true. hm. come on to the bathroom, cassia, god, i me a bullock. i luminated me. but when i thought you were luck that she here, so i have a lot of them on a pallet that she didn't even believe cannibal for all mode would look up any of her defeat with unless you count the value of foot in the liquor digit, the what, what animal man. all that i key, the hope i them old with had the civil federal lucky. diana iran we offered on file that. she hanna been with the out for you. i had the old or philip had that i will she? sure. so we my so when i had you on the phone, no,
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she hadn't said her yet janet until monday or tomorrow. yeah. well only wouldn't know. we are the on the corner of a do, if a gymnast still another agenda, but that with some them are little nauseous and i was not supposed to neglect. look a little bit de laquita and cornel followed an article shia w of oliver monica and normally about the law had been done. the philosopher mason lumniss ladonna watson, jennifer, jennifer oil title oh, it was in march 2019 that i saw last. it's last territory in syria. ah, after the defeat, children of the fighters were taken to this camp at al home. 62000 people are still living there a among them. well,
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i got 21000 iraqi children with many mothers have kept the i feel ideology intact. a lot with i
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brought with inside the can save the children. a child protection n g o teaches math science, arabic, and english, a mazda 5, and all a lot file had only available no kind of data in my data from the someone without an issue on the job. my daughter's sick, i will be di comcast, over by been back a little while joe with hello more know really mother is my worried house on the hold her and her for the assess in an image a lot fall been hired to lie. the come on a limb can model miller can few. i'm in now here on your own. i pedo is america. my
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lead us. i did it. you're going for, you know, what the will use them or you can, she are cool after you were you either before the holiday in purple and hi, adam. muhammad is 13 years old. his family have followed the retreat of the organization across iraq. from remedy to mosul, then into syria, where his brother scott, until the final battle about 2 years ago, i had filled up a basket. i sent you over the, on it i, i was just gonna submit a, a global home one from markham. well, had a what the fuck up in one of a
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alpha, georgia and it has a it didn't have this again high up. i'm with the model from the blow or the letter it did not want that and so on. yeah, i will model on a done a slam your mind if i was going to do a lot of them don't then give it a shot. i. why should i set up a lot of units on the end of the plaza? what you just to know how you follow what us, what day was over a moon was doing been, oh my daughter had to go about the michigan go. yeah. i'm normally on 5 of a sudden i was just so off at the mother she model bliley manisha
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. he said the la on this one on no d, radicalization program has been introduced at al whole and iraq like so many other countries refuses to repatriate these children. mm . ah, let him know sla helloman, ram dumont but dod. you, we sell our joke on our with you guys. hm. some child soldiers,
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among the most fanatic size like mahogany, have nonetheless been able to return to iraq to their family. a treatment offer to the children of his community, which is 1st and foremost, a victim of iso ma har, is your city, one of the oldest religions of mesopotamia in the summer of 2014, i shall attack their lands in sin jar iraq. the men were massacred, the women and little girls subjected to sexual slavery. the boys like ma ha, who at the time was only 10 years old, were recruited into the ranks of the organization. a mile within my one or is it he because it will only lo huh. go on the wizard. nobody month or
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100 dead. oh. c certain jerk it moves sit in with him when the vizier gospel, before did he wouldn't they, chub bush doin well gala warned regarding it as if we were looking at her ah, although the you city child soldiers have been able to reintegrate into their community for the same cannot be said of the children born of the rape of your city . women captured by isolate somewhere in the
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northeast of syria, zara siena herself. your city takes in these women who have escaped from iceland and who continue to arrive every month. you see on 5 2nd away, we'll udall right. literally the out of the of hair. this is deborah. he and i will ha, i to believe a good i will send you young john. i told you to cannot. the auto claims lamar is you mother. he's a good example you to she on. ah, he's rich, cynthia and zanna for the women who will had children as a result of these rapes, a new ordeal awaits them. the entire city community refuses to accept these children, and it is ara who has to prepare the mothers to abandon them. what they might be
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glue careful wise, you dear girl, that in the unit i'll your her pause and again, i will her degree. i don't funny. on the julie gilligan, gil examiner young girl examined your legs are all good yarn. well, well again, la, la la liz eod, his arm a goodly adam ha, go, i will add them that, that is in m r while get a new that citizen. and they are the lady of honor. another knowledge of jello ah, there is ali. were directly valet little would o ye ye. zuka vander then, will jayma gigi juan jr at gmail. com is that your display and i will
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gain that will give you the gave you the job, what you did. it was called g. okay. and what do you to do? what i want, you know, i live on. i would love to be myself. wouldn't leave you name. no, no, that will get your name in the dozens of women have therefore returned home, forced to abandon their children in syria. most of them do not recover from being torn apart like this. um oh
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i dont maybe what. what about in addition to the dish must have a glue with them. they will not deny my chips when she suddenly come hot enough. i found that way they decided him up today or she could maybe do him the that the mobile. yeah. and then we'll go to my mobile. i laminated with you
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i'm how many could we get us and believe who do i do that was i'm an appointed a month, whole month and my book and what's going what i i let him of what am i, i just want to die. this one does not apply to any good luck. he's one to or modified an attack on my back it up. i much would. i'm in mentioned about sierra don been not anyone, but if you will hold after lunch, you can. i'm going to go to that issue her, but she come down in on had i had happy move. i ship and i did my good them. i want to speed up again in a in
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sherry, i didn't mean an audition o she didn't. my muffled had been watching a piece and i was out there about that. and what can you imagine and will be because you that that was i do have to go to the and the mom hasn't got inside. and i want to be anybody, again my, the must be been how that goes out in what kind of my shoulder might vm of maturity . admin. oh, i'm glad i got it. okay, just here we go. look at, i'm up the symbol hard. i'm. i'm done. yeah. none of us in there has oh ah, it's in miss orphanage managed by the syrian kurdish forces that her daughter layla . now this is where she left her in april 2019 and we're fios hope to see
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her again with layla is now 5 and a half years old. she does not know that her mother is trying to reclaim her. ah ah, i shan't edge walker to keep going to put a dispute. okay. terrific. and a good oh, good hearted that it was if it will, it might be
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a bit of time to talk or to put a new bundle, nebraska. can you with a to, to my on and the any, i'm not going to particular conflict issue. anyone can asian. hi, i'm precise. shipping metals in a club today. okay. rich truck. i took t. my gosh, i'm going to call you and you cut us tv. i can make a good choice when it is you give still what video of what for educators on it meaning and is i will give them enough coverage. give a little bit of meaning. what browser would the computer go? no, jim baker, meaning a beer in hunt. i heard that you can do to buy and i walk to shovel hovel in missouri. i was out here with
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a good company. put the chip or any work that would have been bought or is it the muggle mood is god will walk in aqua spanish, ohio, and nature one and a good investigator for the any on r o w already been because it was what would the district local husband could you would him not to get it? i'm a vehicle come in high knob and did you thomas yet at all? i'll get a good kick one day at oak wonder i said the one to she has been yada martineau and de gideon. rusty's. i met him, put workshop in hot hide. it hasn't been patient, so could jemina penny. i'm been had tanya has at the same vision, had met the one you just seen. okay. she do i reject your british. nolan had met i'm sure it's good. i'm a be saturday the to hey i see i'm going to keep going. have been with us how it is . okay. was there she will know what was the vehicle was let and i've been to she an interesting not me. i had with everybody that the video, the night did the husband that happy bizarre better, but he out a bunch of kevin's will be sure to shower
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ah. after 2 years of separation, leila has finally been able to return to iraq and re unite with her mother once more. they are now living in hiding, waiting for an opportunity to leave the country. the is it, a community continues to ban the children born of fathers who were iso fighters. ah, since his return 3 years ago, ma har has reconnected with his family and is trying to find his identity again. ah, nausea to sniff company in vidalia and gordon will then all good. ne osgood obeyed . nobody showed that his law mars items hodges and the dish
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to distill was i'd been to stadium not to buy one of them. and no one nor nap united the golf. as you buy dagmar below and money for the us had on her for gone to stuck with the animals you saw in abbey. a number is yogi. sotheby's watch on the dashboard getting well import as adam dash 200 low low and as you can deem to put it. he bosh and fungi, asking him my number gallagher mileage i. we got the 2 mileage. we got all my war for you on the bill. dish network a m i l y direct and believe in vis. clear last shut 30 by csr. longer than the nevada getting your wand. i'm not sure if i'm do
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nasha bus as good work. i've learned hold on one or a wind. him shambrika shuddered. i asked the case worker nor going to push him, but i knew no without me an arc lower. my me so little is done in iraq for the children sacrificed by history these former child soldiers, for those who are growing up without any legal existence. father jim, can the lines good that i live medina be had most of them have
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a lot to look at on a few like whether i'm at the studio by shot of the runs window up and highlights. bonham you sure know in some one in the tumbling but i had only had that up one in the south of one and how that will it will of fanny goliath, the food to i've been will play mozilla of teddy of lots up on whatever. and he will, i will thought of some thought awful efficient. but i had sent him the dog dog. i thought i had gone to them. i learned melody stuff, little drama earning eyes high level on a holiday. he had the thought by hello, the city muscular, loud salon, lovin of pullman out are then in still
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a little higher than on what us one masada. how many, i'm just i why they offered this out. but still, yeah, let's find minor than in the salmon. has anybody in that facility without having to pull another on them? when think that that's of have yellow stuff? how did you do that? ah ah ah.
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in the country with an abundance of results for a while, i really want indonesia. is this furnace for me? we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let's be part when denise is growth and progress invest. even if you now, ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello, we got some cool air making is way once again across the northeast and parts of china should be little dry than it has been recently. but following on from our snow, we have got some very cold air in place tucked in behind this cold front, some wet weather, just making its way across that western side of on shoe,
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through kado toni increasingly sharon place a session dry up. it should brighten up cooling down a tad, the tokyo at around 19 celsius on saturday. come sunday at around 17 degrees and noticed that wet weather still in place there across western parts of the country. temperatures do recover for the korean peninsula. 16 celsius getting into the mid teens. now for our beijing, a much a china will be largely dry over the next day or so. wish i could say the same for southern areas of india. we have got this massive cloud here, which is our old tropical cyclone. brook huge amounts of rain fall into chin. i 200 millimeters of rain in last 24 hours over the last couple of days. or 6 days we seen over a meter of rainfall. hence, the appalling flooding that we have seen here, i'm afraid we will still see a few showers affecting china over the next day or so. as our old system continues to drift a little further west, which we will see the wet weather splashing up towards sir a dish at ward calcutta. we will cross northern parts by sunday for the weather
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sponsored by katara always. the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think from international politics, to the global pandemic, and everything in between. upfront with me, michael, mike hill on out 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah. you are watching the news. our live from our headquarters in del hi, i am getting an obligation coming up in the next 60 minutes. he gave me the fries, a foot. refugees and my grants have reached poland. say they were beaten, robbed, and order to cross the border by bella, russian soldiers as iraq. he relatives of those who attempted the desperate journey
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describe their heart break after their.


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