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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year reward for the 5th year running. ah steve balance charles, with contempt of congress, the former chief strategist to president donald trump is refusing to testify as part of the investigation into the storming of the u. s. capital. ah, and oh i money site. this is out there alive from day or so, coming up into overtime. late night talks continue for this year is called $26.00 climate summit. as countries try to reach a deal to battle, global warming, agencies demand urgent access along the galleries,
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poland borders. thousands of migrants remain stuck for yet another night. freezing cold conditions and often politics all set for collision at hong kong. ambitious need molten optimism. ah, former donald trump aid steve barden has been formally charged with 2 criminal acts for dissipating a congressional order. 67 year old was chief strategists and trump's white house. he was subpoenaed and is refusing to testify in front of the congressional committee investigating the attack on the capital on january 6th. the committee is trying to determine the origins of the attack that was planned by trumps porters to stop the certification of president biden's 2020 election when as get more details or less, we can go to kristin's fleming's life for us in your kristen. so talk us through these charges and how significantly are well,
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there are 2 charges here of contempt of congress, one for failing to testify before the house committee investigating the january, 6, breach of congress and other failing to produce documents related to that investigation as well. the committee has said that it has reason to believe that bannon has information crucial to their investigation. he has made statements. it did make statements on the record in a podcast the day before that congressional attack. a saying that he expected things were going to get there were going to be extreme events. after a rally that was planned at the capital that day, he said that all hell was going to break loose. and so because of making these statements, congress wanted to talk about him to find out more exactly about what he knew about
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the planning for that event. that the house voted to hold him in contempt of court . when he refused to comply and sent the bindings to the court system, a u. s. attorney finding that there was indeed evidence to bring formal criminal charges against him. so this is really sending a message to other trump allies in the last week or so more than a dozen other subpoenas and request for information have been sent to other former white house officials, campaign staffers, and pro close friends of the former president. the president has been arguing executive privilege because he was president. he doesn't have to provide certain information and his followers have been using that same excuse to not appear before congress. one judge, however, has already found that executive privilege claim is not valid. that is being
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appealed by the president and moving forward, but this finding today is criminal charges to day. certainly send a message that the courts are taking this very seriously and it could put pressure on other witnesses to now cooperate or face criminal charges. thanks for that, kristen. slay me that for us in new york, we can now talk to bruce fine, who's a former usaa associate deputy attorney general. a joins us by skype from washington, d. c. many thanks for speaking to us. i guess the key question is will this indictment push band in to testify and provide that additional insights into january 6th or do you think he's just gonna stay to his position by withholding information? i think he'll stay silent. i think he has hopes trump will be elected in 2024 and will pardon him for the contempt of congress conviction. but i think what this case reveals is the dare election of congress to end the delaying tactics that deny the
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american people the urgent need to know what transpired on january 6th. what were the motives behind it? because it was the most serious effort in the history of the united states, basically to overthrow our constitutional system for peaceful transfers of presidential power. the united states supreme court has repeatedly affirmed the power of congress to inherently punish those who defy its a penis with imprisonment in congressional detention centers by fines. and even with regard to impeachment, the congress of the united states voted an article of impeachment against richard nixon. for flouting one subpoena until all of this court maneuvering can be avoided if congress will just step up to the plate and assert its progress of inherent contempt authority and make these people pay a penalty immediately. the unfortunate thing about the law is that in court systems, it's lead foot not mercury footed. and oftentimes the information comes out when it stale and no longer politically relevant. and i think that's what's gonna happen
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here. they'll be all sorts of skirmishing about privilege rules and going up on appeal. congress just bite the bullet and say mr. ban and you're going to detention in our facilities right now. and until you create testify, you'll stay there. so you do think realistically that he could face jail time? yes, i do think that's accurate. i do think unlike many the others of who are involved in january 6, he was communicating to the president, not in any official capacity. he was just a private citizen. and there really is no precedent for communications, not between the president and staff, but president private citizens being covered by executive privilege. moreover, the united states supreme court has never once held that executive privilege can be asserted against congress. never. once i've tried to it made evaluations of asserting it against judges, the nixon case, it is not an absolute privilege,
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but i do not believe even this supreme court, which is populated by 3 justices appointed by president trump wood for the 1st time in 234 years say that president executive branch or even a former president kanai congress. this plenary power of oversight to ensure we have government in the sunshine and that all worries about corrupting the process of politics and elections are discharged by oversight. and full information for is fine, really good to get your thoughts for my u. s. associate deputy attorney general speaking to staff from washington d. c. thank you. the you and climate, some in glasgow has gone into over time as delegates trying to reach an agreement on a draft plan to protect the planet from catastrophic global warming representatives from nearly 200 countries having their say on the plan. the core aim is to cap global warming at $1.00 degrees. now for this to happen,
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the well needs to cast emissions by 45 percent by the year 2030, and a chief carbon neutrality by 2050. that has been some progress. china in the us, the wells top greenhouse gas emitters, say they will increase cooperation deals and deforestation. cut methane gas and phase out fossil fuels has also been made. but financing, the transition remains a key sticking point. analysts say current pledges are not enough and the earth is on track for $2.00 degrees of warming. this is our collected moment in history. this is our chance to forge a cleaner, healthier, more process world. and this is all time to deliver on the high ambition set by our leaders. at the start of the summit,
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we must rise to the occasion. we will continue to champion why fi 5, which is our whole listen to north star. hospital subsidies must end. we must double adaptation finance from current level. often damage is to central settle for workshops. we must strengthen action on lockheed amity and we need an article 6 resolution that result in real reduction. the 0 sum offsetting era must end. with a minimum, we need to walk away if a minimum of the challenge now is for those of us who are progressive to follow along, we need to hold the loans, all fucked, children, grandchildren. this is critical. well, nick log is following the negotiations in glasgow behind the scenes. i lots of
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negotiations on going we heard from the called president alex sha mother and he's told us recently that said there are intensive consultations going on right now. and only through the night with the various negotiating blocks to try and find some common ground on the next iteration of the tax. and we're expecting that that's a 3rd one. we'll get that tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning. and after that, they'll be a meeting of all the countries involved. they'll talk about every bit, they'll argue about it for a bit, then they'll go back to the respective negotiating blocks. and then in the afternoon, alec sharma says there will be a mass plenary where all the countries will come together. and he says at that point he's hoping to get some sort of resolution of glasgow. pat, if you like it, it will be a miracle. if that does happen. i suspected leone a bit longer, possibly into the night, possibly into sunday at it's a very complex set of negotiations. you can have a lot of situations where negotiating teams will be calling that capitals on particular negotiating issues, especially when it comes to issues like coal and so forth. phasing out coal big
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part of it, it's made it into the text is been watered down since the 1st draft and we'll see if it survives the night to night into the 3rd draft to morrow emissions. another big fact to this move to get countries to provide new commitments for next year. and then there's that big issue possibly the deal breaker of climate finance. not just the $100000000000.00 a year that was promised way back in 2009 and now will be delayed until 2023. but also that issue that we're hearing to say the while ago about loss and damage, whereby money is given to developing countries who are facing the worst effects of climate change. and for them, for the g $77.00, group of developing nations, that is a red line. if the rich countries don'ts out, the anti provide money that they need, then this whole deal is off. tassel will weapons and us diplomatic interests in afghanistan di hall will assume the role of protecting power to facilitate formal
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communication between washington and cobble the u. s. doesn't recognize the taliban government in afghanistan. rosalind jordan has more when the afghan government fell to the taliban in august, the us relied on its military and on cutter to evacuate, americans and afghans at risk. nearly 3 months later, washington and doha, are formalizing a collaboration born out of crisis cutter will establish a u. s. intersection, within its embassy in afghanistan, to provide certain costs for services, and monitor the condition, security of u. s. diplomatic facilities in afghanistan. the 2nd agreement formalize is our partnership with cutter to facilitate the travel of afghans with us special immigrant pieces. the last of the u. s. embassy officials left cobble on august 31st. so it's been very difficult for the state department to get passports and visas to us and afghan citizens. now,
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cutlery officials and cobble will fill that void more important. they'll act as a go between for the taliban and the biden administration. the cutter re foreign minister says the agreement will help advance another u. s. cutter priority supporting the afghan people, especially when it comes to human rights. we believe engaging with body bonds since they are on power right now is very important for us to ensure that or our facilitation for humanitarian assistance is moving small to be and also encouraging them and urging them all the time to a stand up to their commitments and their pledges for the international community. the agreement also shows just how far relations between the u. s. and cutter have come, despite occasional differences. for nearly 50 years of diplomatic ties. the tropic ministration backed the g. c. c. blockade against doha,
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imposed in june 2017. a diplomatic route, only resolved in january. and analysts say cutter's new role representing the interests of the world's most powerful country. and a contentious region represents a payoff of years of diplomatic ambition. cutter has been in the game so to speak for quite some time when it comes to the situation with afghan, a standing rest relations with our on. so i actually think that it's a very logical choice, and it makes good sense from us and don't us perspective the deal between the u. s . and cutter is limited and scope. it doesn't mean that they agree on how to engage the tall, a bond as a political entity. and only experience will show whether having a proxy represent the u. s. t as interests and cobble will actually satisfy it's long term national security goals. rosalyn jordan, l g 0, the state department still had on al jazeera, the white house confirms a highly anticipated virtual meeting with team president, j bought and,
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and china as needed, judging pain on how iceland is punchy way above its weight when it comes to agricultural innovation. ah ah, look forward to pearly to sky's the with sponsored plate kettle at ways. hello. we've got high pressure dominating the weather across china. now it's long as you try and settle. it does mean overnight, fog and frost for many certainly into central and northern parts. still rary cool air in place up towards the ne, temperatures down into single figures here. double figures though, for sol, 13 celsius temperature starting to pick up. temperatures will fall away. therefore japan 70 celsius in tokyo should be largely dry. but the western side of honshu into hawkeye, though, still seeing some rather wet weather. there we go. we got that dryer weather now
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coming in across a good part of china. beijing, temperatures recovered now, getting up to around 15 celsius with some sunshine, low folk frosted problem overnight. heavy showers continuing, meanwhile, across sir central and southern parts of vietnam mil thessaly monsoon, driving those showers down through into thailand, northern parts of malaysia, good scattering a showers through malaysia also started to see increasingly wet weather coming in across a good part of indonesia with the risk of some flooding, the flooding risk continues into southern parts of india. meanwhile, again, the ne monsoons been driving some heavy rain will circulation and all tropical cycling. now making its way further westward, we have got wallace enforced the corolla. oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways, ah, tens of thousands of children were born into old lives under the ice regime and iraq and syria. now many are in camps either orphans,
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all with that. we don't mothers, rejected by the own communities. she could do like people are going to welcome the mouth about, of course, mom, a new documentary, his that chilling and traumatic stories from the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera. ah ah, he watching out as a reminder for top stories this, our former donald trump aid steve bowden has been formally charged with 2 criminal acts for disobeying a congressional order. he was subpoenaed and refused to testify in front of the committee, investigating the attack on the u. s. capital. on january the u. s. secretary of
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state has announced cattle will represent a diplomatic interest at the united states in afghanistan. casa, will assume the role of protecting power to facilitate formal communication between washington and cobbled you included. summit in glasgow has gone into overtime. delegates on trying to reach an agreement on a revised draft plan aimed at protecting the plan r. c. production has been a major talking point at cop 26. delegates have been looking at ways to reduce environmental impacts while growing enough to feed billions of people. one country future proofing its food supplies. iceland, charlie angela looked at techniques that could be adopted globally. we're inside europe's largest indoor banana plantation. it's 20 degrees inside the could be minus 10 outside the plants here and more for research than consumption that show what can be achieved, even in the harshest conditions using iceland,
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plentiful supply of geothermal, heat, and green energy. we are self sufficient with cucumbers, we produce all the kill convert that we consume per year into martha. we are about maybe 55, possibly up to 60 percent in the next couple of years. little bit with salad. we're producing about half of all the solid is consumed every year in lead, bel, pepito, public eye, and ear, and culinary hopes we produce about 20 to 30 percent of all that iceland. climate may seem like a disadvantage when it comes to agriculture. in this country has to huge advantages, an endless supply of pure water and renewable energy. as a result, innovation is sprouting in the industry, has farmers and scientists work out how to best use resources and minimize waste and free time. the desire to reduce the carbon footprint of tomato imports has grown into a profitable business. here the elements
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a tightly controlled by computer, and there's no need for pesticides this far nor others and looking even further into the future. this protein rich micro the uses just one percent of the water and one percent of the land needed to grow soil p protein is closed loop system is called negative and highly efficient gobbling, carbon dioxide emitted from the geothermal plant next door. it's an environment that could be replicated on a local level to produce protein year round prov. you harvest maybe once twice, maybe 3 times a year, 3 times a year. yeah. and then you have to reseal re harvey's the boat to 10 percent of the entire way every day. the next day it requires this small island is punching way above its weight. in terms of agricultural innovation, even china sent a delegation to learn more about how to grow crops and controlled environments.
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radical ideas like this, they're going to be key to shaking up the global food system. a system currently vulnerable to climate change, pests, and disease. a system that can no longer run entirely on traditional farming methods. charlie angela out there re coat iceland. the european commission says it won't be intimidated by threats from baller raised to cut off russian gas in a growing argument of migrants. thousands of people remain stuck at the countries border with poland, but european officials happened involved in efforts to stop the flow. tacky has been syrian jamini in a wrong. he citizens from catching flights to minsk, blocking one well use root. iraq's also stopped all direct flights. europe says batteries is directing people to the border in retaliation for sanctions. well, the problem is now becoming a wider one. lithuania lat fear an ukraine all say they've seen
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a surge and the number of people trying to enter from deliveries. most of the people trying to get into pollen from belarus are converging on the could sneaker crossing way. they have cut barbed wire fences to try to force their way across. and exacerbating the crisis is the 3 columbus exclusion zone. poland has established along its 400 kilometer long border with allegories. a crane says it will double the number of troops along the border with galleries to stop people from entering. and even bother has the latest on the situation. oh, in the dark as dogs bark a child cries out daddy. while polish troops room were seen along the razor wire all parts of a standoff that's been going on for weeks now. oh, hello. oh. but winter's arriving, and on the polish side, local activists of warning that they can't cope what they're demanding, the government in warsaw that recognized the agencies access the borders and with
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better russ saying 10 refugees and migrants have already died on polish territory on yet published comments come on, he thought, no, we've been responding to the situation to save lives where the government has restricted access to humanitarian organizations to deliver aid in the restricted area. nevertheless, since mid october, we've been approached by over 3000 people that been trapped. and since the beginning of november, we've been asked by at least 900 people, they had no food, they had no shelter. they have no drinking water. when we meet them at the polish sites, they are usually in a very difficult mental and you know medical state, they are absolutely exhausted. they are terrified because obviously they are hiding in the forests for days just not to be caught by our border patrol. thiessen's. we're filmed by russia. sputnik agency, apparently showing beller ocean forces. handing out food is not clear how many of the thousands of people camped out. will have got anything. here as a woman, lies ill on the grounds. people show
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a bell or ocean god. what asthma inhaler she needs, some families have been given the basics, diapers, medicine, and drinking water. but as the main response on either side continues to be a military one, these people are stuck in a political game. they can't control and still they keep coming. oh, these images apparently showed polish troops watching as bell russian security forces. direct people along the border when they get there, the only thing they seem to get in any quantity right now is would to burn innocently because of called her baby seek her eyes. her problem arise, i'll talk to her baby. the cushion closely, she crying because of the 1st days emergency un security council meeting. western states issued a joint statements accusing bela ruth of putting migrant lives in danger for political purposes. and new european union figures show nearly 8000 people have tried to enter the block from bella,
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roost this year. but poland sony responses to bring in more troops. this is the president visiting some of them on thursday. and every day that goes by more desperate people find themselves stuck in the forest. nadine baba al jazeera members of the asia pacific economic corporation, also known as a pac, have met virtually in a summit host and by new zealand. a 21 country group has agreed to improve access to coven 19 vaccines, and reduce carbon emissions, and also focused on economic recovery by showing up supply changes with you as president joe biden, promising to bolster american relations with pacific economies through open trade, an investment and much anticipated virtual summit between the chinese and new as presidents will happen on monday. the announcement follows an agreement to boost climate cooperation and as the 1st major opportunity to repair relations retentions rising over china's stance on taiwan and american support. a pro
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democracy protest in hong kong. when fisher has more from the white house, some it still happened unless there is an outcome agreed in advance, and that's we're expecting to see joe biden would love to meet jean paying in person. but that's not happening at the chinese president simply not leaving the country and hasn't done it since march last year. so this will all be done virtually. it will be done here at the white house. on monday they will talk about a number of things that they have in common. first of all, getting on top of the corporate crisis. there's the global supply chain as well. 3 there is also the climate change, and when we're that joe biden was pretty critical of the chinese for not showing up in glasgow essentially seeing that if you want to be a world leader, you have to show up to lead ad. there will be other things that they will touch on, including nuclear weapons. they will talk about it, china's military operations in and around taiwan. i remember it's just a week ago that the americans have said that they are obliged. your biden said that
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they are obliged to defend taiwan and would do so. and of course, there's been quite a leap forward in chinese military technology with them testing a supersonic aircraft that can go into space or something that might milly who is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. here in the united states said the change in china's wealth and also its military operations is the greatest geopolitical shift in more than 20 years. so yes, they've got a lot to cover. will they be able to do it one day? probably not. but if they can show some sort of cooperation on things like exports and visa controls, then they will regard this as a success. and it's really about getting the relationship back on track. because the relationship between the chinese and the united states has been, it's still me for a number of months. the american pop star britney spears has been released from her father's control, often nearly 14 years. anne's waiting outside the court cheered and cried as the
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court's decision. was confirmed, the singer has spent the past 5 months fighting the conservative shit, which prevent her making and personal decisions. a multi 1000000000 dollar museum of modern art has opened its doors in hong kong. it's will pulse if an ambitious project to transform the city into a global hub, the culture. it follows the imposition of controversial laws, which critics say make that ambition a distant go. rob mcbride reports, it's called m plus, and it's designed to rival some of the best museums in london, paris. so new york, it's been years in the making, but it's opening now comes after the imposition of hong kong, controversial national security law. that even modern art, it seems, cannot escape, we will uphold and encourage freedom of artistic expression and creativity. on the
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other hand, our dedicated curatorial team were ensure that all the exhibitions were comply with the laws. the national security law was introduced to stop months of street protests and riots, but critics argue it is stifled free speech, and that includes artistic expression. already there have been restrictions placed on the local movie industry, as well as in publishing and newspapers. it did not have been unusual to even mentioned national security and the opening of an old museum in order to lay the foundation that the opening of m plus does not mean we artistic expression is about the law. it is not the works of an impressive range of international and chinese. modern artists are on display, including by prominent dissident artist i way way. but other work by him considered
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to controversial, will not be displayed why you have a machine which cannot or in paper or to get fat, its own integrity. about freedom of speech and data research question. as the museum opens to the public for the 1st time, the sometimes baffling world of mod not will not only prompt the question, is it taught. but in hong kong case, is it legal? rob mcbride al jazeera. ah, it says out a 0. these the top stories for ma, donald trump aid, steve bannon has been formally charles whitty, criminal acts disobeying a congressional order. he was subpoenaed and refused to testify in front of the committee. investigating the attack on the u. s. capital in january 6th, kristen slim.


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