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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2021 11:00am-11:30am AST

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exploring how the coven, 1900 panoramic struck the nation, its continuing impacts and the lessons learned for the future. join me famous, those are for context india analyses either. let me use the comp 26 climate summit concludes in glasgow. the commitment to cut down the use of coal, but not everyone is happy with the agreement. man, just say to all delegates, i apologize for the way this christmas has unfolded. and i'm deeply sorry. ah, you're watching, i was, is there a light from a headquarters and they'll hire date also ahead. at least 5 people have been killed
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in 2 don during protests against the recent military takeover. russia denies any role in the migrant crisis of the pullman beller was border where thousands of people remain stranded and freezing conditions and is one of the what is countries in the world. so why do many people in the whole not have enough drinking water? the hello. after 2 weeks of intense negotiations, a deal has been reached the cop 2026 climate conference. many countries were angered by the water down statement that called to phase down the use of cool. rather than phasing out, it's used delegates from bangladesh called it an absolute failure or environments editor mcclark reports from glasgow. objections. it is so decided the end of the road after 2 weeks and count the sleepless nights. these were negotiations with
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dreaming intensity. mad you say to all our delegates, i apologize for the way this process has unfolded. ah, and i am deeply sorry. i also understand the deep disappointment. but i think as you have noted, it's also vital that we protect this package. hold read no planet b. this was effectively an emergency meeting for all world to keep 1.5 alive. did it deliver what just been. cavalry is literally a betrayal of people. applaud is a little betrayal of the sciences. betrayal of the realities of the climate impacts are happening and devastating people's lives and livelihoods. the only people celebrating this outcome of the hundreds of lobbyists from the oil and gas industry . those whose vested interest basically say, you know,
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we can't see any change. we can't move away from the fossil fuel addiction of our economy. the glasgow climate pact was nearly derailed at the last minute is india, south africa, and china demanded last minute amendments wanting the wording on coal to be changed to phase down. instead of phase out. this brought anger from small island states. this commitment on hall had been a bright spot in this package. it was one of the things we were hoping to carry out of here and back home with pride. and it hurts deeply to see that bright spot, dim and the pressure of 2 weeks and negotiations finally told on the co president, i look sharma away from the nitty gritty of negotiations. a raft of big announcements were made, hoping to shape the outcome of cop 26 on forest. more than 100 countries pledge to end and reverse deforestation by 2030 bank. rolling $19000000000.00 to do it.
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another 100 countries pledge to cut 30 percent of highly toxic methane emissions by 2030. it was declared. the end of coal is in sight as more than 40 countries committed to shift away from the fossil fuel. on finance, corporations controlling 40 percent of global assets. pledge to align themselves to the target, the 1.5 degrees celsius warming limit. and the rabbit out of the hat, u. s. and china surprising delegates with a declaration that val to boost cooperation between the world's biggest emitters. but many say all that just means nothing and less nations act on their promises. as the usual suspects, block progress and the talks masons like saudi arabia, russia, and australia. the voice on the streets was loud and angry. ah, no, the climate conference is no global,
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nor the green of oz festival. ah, crazy fossil fuels and climate finance were both major stumbling blocks, the consensus and negotiations themselves. and the bid to get countries to up their commitments every year as opposed to every 5 years. and so the process that began with paris agreement in 2015 continues. but the urgency for action grows with each passing day. the next year in climate conference will be held and sean will shake in egypt in a year. in the meantime, will apply just beyond. will the promises be kept? will country's return with greater ambition because one thing is certain time is running out. nicholas, i'll de 0, glasgow or the un secretary general, acknowledge the disappointment, felt by some nations about the deal, but said it's an important starting point. the outcome of cop $26.00 is a compromise. it's reflect the interests, the contradictions and the status. political. lillian, well,
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today it is an important step, but it's not enough. we must accelerate climate action to keep alive the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. it's time to go into emergency modes. we must have fossil fuel subsidies phase out, call the price on carbon protect well little communities from the impacts of climate change. australia has the highest per capita call emissions among g 20 countries. it was part of a group of nations pushing to ease the wording of the final agreement. sarah clark reports from brisbane a strongly did not support phasing out coal to be part of this agreement, nor did it support the inclusion of stronger emission reduction targets in the final agreement. now, prime minister scott morrison, he's publicly said that the straining policy is not to commit to such a mandate. but climate activists have accused australia a being the key troublemaker. in the last week of the go,
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she ation had caught 26. they've accused the struggle bank, the leading country, trying to walk down this final agreements. now, bit of background. a strategy is the 2nd largest export of coal. it's also one of the highest emitters per capita in the world. now the federal government has actually done one think it's to miss an extra $500000000.00 to the specific neighbors. now scott morrison, he met with the fiji and prime minister. so let's pacific islands have said this climate fund, the new kind of money is certainly a stock, but the scientist is suggesting that the pacific will see sea level rises 3 times the global average. it's also said that some of these islands will be uninhabitable by 2030 on the small number pacific on and latest were able to attend the glasgow climate summit simply due to the covered pandemic. but they message was loud and clear. they want the big polluters, the coal producing nations, as well as those rich countries to boost their investments and the climate adaptation projects across the pacific islands. otherwise, on the current trajectory, where the rise of emissions of up to 16 percent by 2030 scientists say that pacific
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islands are in trouble out there. a bureau chief and sudan has been arrested and said, let me think about she was taken into custody after security forces rated because foam in heart to me. no reason has been given for his detention. and this come at least 5 people were killed and doesn't injure during protests against military rule . on saturday, the sudanese doctors committee has accused security forces of shooting them, but police deny using live ammunition. first of all started our reports from cartoon. yeah, once again, people to the needs of thousands rallied in hoffman. it's to be a city on dorama. ah. and that goes to ny river. in far to know, despite security forces closing, breathes and means laws and shutting down the internet for nearly 3 weeks. they are demanding a return to the transition process and
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a civilian lab government. the military take over 2 weeks ago, dissolved the transitional government. and at rest, the senior government officials and political figures from the forces of freedom and change coalition mega machine was lonny. we, the sudanese people will not accept military rule either. we don't want any negotiations or compromise. we want civilians only to rule our country than in the civilian groups, including their forces or freedom and change have called on people to attend the mass protest on saturday. and people have respond that they are demanding an immediate restoration of the civilian government. the release of their political prisoners and for the army to commit to the constitutional declaration, it signed with civilian leaders. in 2019 on protesters were met with tear gas and live ammunition another capella.
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unless the unit owners, as of people have been killed, 1000000 people have been imprisoned and tortured is nothing worse than death. and we have seen our brothers being killed in front of us. so we are not going back. the head of the army has to be held accountable. the political crisis deepened when the head of the army general uplifted that would hon. form any ruling sovereign castle on thursday. the 14 member council includes army leaders as civilians from macro sudan, but not from the forces of freedom and change. we can see that in the appointments that have been main sovereign council. in several of the civilian members, not to represent, not just the see that the sort of it's cool. awesome. but any of them should be what he said, no one, no one from anybody. and everybody should unseat shit. so quizzing, very much continuation here. she and, and it's meant to be representative. it's meant to be a month from the lawson center and someone from the east with yet to be announced
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that no one feels that this money actually represents people. so there's lot of anger about just to what extent admitted she is, an entrenching it's, it's one magician are forced by the united nations as well as several other companies how fee of to answer to dance crisis. oh, there's to say they will continue towards their rejection of the army. they have called for similar protests in the coming days, saying they will on to stop was civilians are in charge of the government. this was out of the al jazeera horton, stella head on al jazeera, thousands kilt and millions displaced will look at the cost of conflict in northern ethiopia. and the u. s. is accused of covering up an air strike that kill dozens of civilians in syria. ah,
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ah, look forward to burly to scully's, the with sponsored my cattle airways. now the western that is not been the place to be recently if you aren't quite, whether it's been consistently stolen with circulations of clad still around it. now. whereas in the middle of europe, most european plant is fairly quiet and autumn, still waiting to come in after the northwest. that this is a condition during sunday. still the north coast of africa is going to get wet. the circulation with the biggest thunderstorms, the biggest damsels, the potential of a flash flooding is still around sardinia. now corsica, the western side of italy. there's a good chance of another meter of snow falling in the italian outsource results of the next couple of days. as the pictures you can see, finally enough in spain is reasonably good, a bit of snuff in the mountains and then that circulation splits into but the focus is further west again, the valley, eric's strong, normally wind and wet weather seems likely european plane remains dry rather cold,
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but dry and here's the waiting. stormy weather nest been pushed north is kept really ever iceland catches scotland and norway over the next day or so to the east of it where the weather is very quiet. no, the wind is gently a southerly. it's got much cold with temperatures in single figures, for many places below where it should be a quick look at tuesday. the big picture remains much the same. the story will in the south and the far north. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always talk to al jazeera or how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen, copied my tedious not hopeful coffee. 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of human solace. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah,
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ah ah. hello again. the top stories on al jazeera this hour. many countries say they're dissatisfied with the climate deal, reach the cop 26 summit and glasgow. the final statement was watered down and call to face down the use of coal rather than phasing out its use. at least 6 people have been killed in 2 don during mast rallies against last month military take over . the sudanese doctor's committee has accused security forces of shooting them, but police deny using live ammunition. the u. s. has warned ethiopia as will face additional sanctions. if the conflict there doesn't stop. a euro fighting between
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government forces antique ryan rebels are seen. thousands of people killed and millions more. displaced bahama dough reports from addis ababa. there is a semblance of calm on the streets of the philippine capital, nelly saba. but this is a city fearing the prelude to us tom, which is gathering on its doorstep. oh, brave. in the colors of the few opium flock, ephram solomon, popularly known as if your peers flagman, is out preaching patriotism to our nation, divided by conflict. in these uncertain times of conflict, if rim preachers, about unity and an end to the deeply and trained tribalism minutes, you appear. raggedy lemond, and no, i have not had a good sleep for the past 3 months. i keep worrying about the conflict. i therefore decided to do my bit and preach about the cohesion to my people. these european government insists the capital on its bustling markets are safe. it has also been
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rallying residence to take up arms as a last ditch defense against the rebels from to grey. who say they have every intention to much on to the capitol. no, only got all i dis above by safe. the government has stepped up security, and i don't think those rebels will have any chance reaching here. that a guy conflict had a huge impact on his europe, his economy, which until now was one of the fastest growing in africa. this is if you're piersal wall street, the heart of the suburbs, business district treat as say, the conflict integral and the copy 19 pandemic have had a devastating effect on businesses here. it's not clear how much the real hot cost, but the economic analyst predict that the furious defense expenditure is said to rise to $502000000.00 up from $460000000.00 last here. overall, economic growth is also set to significantly reduce from 6 percent last year to just 2 percent this year. the lowest in more than 2 decades, according to the international monetary fund. just 2 years ago is european prime
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minister b. m, at was praised by the international community. he was awarded the nobel peace prize for ending the conflict with neighboring on a trail. but his time in office has been largely defined by conflict. his government declared a state of emergency as the rebels med significant advances toward said isabella, many residents of the capital of answer the call to arms and march to the front lines. many others, however, fill the government's treatment of to grant's citizens, many of whom have been rounded up and detained. has been unacceptable lender. so i believe our government should stop targeting people just because of their ethnicity . the government must differentiate between the to grants who are fighting it, and the vast majority of to grants, who are peace, loving citizens of ethiopia, tens of thousands of dollars to flood the conflict. but this is the tip of what could be a bigger crisis, with a population of about 110000000 people. a full scale civil warren is your peer,
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could easily become the biggest humanitarian crisis. in decades, mohammed i dwell jazeera, addis ababa if you appear, but will gary bulgarians are back at the polls for the 3rd time this year. elections in april and july fell to form a government and voters are angry about widespread corruption. following this story, for instance, during a whole, he's joining us from polling station. and sophia says, we're saying zona, it's a 3rd election this year. why has it been so difficult? and will it be successful this time around? will a slow sunday morning at the polls in the capital, sophia so far it is, in fact, the 3rd election in just 7 months, a highly fragmented political landscape here. no party so far has been able to win enough to govern alone. coalition building has been the problem and so that they're having another go. it's a hugely consequential process, of course, is full bulgaria, not just the use poorest country,
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but also quite probably its most corrupt lead for more than the past decade by boy co boris over his center right party is a former nightclub bouncer considered by many to be disastrously corrupt and so while a lot of voters will be fed up, but the idea of having to vote again a lot will do so in the hope that their vote is able to count in turning the page here on corruption for the king makers in a potential antique corruption, coalition look to a new force in bulgarian politics. the continue, the change party led by to harvard, educated economists. you've made a name for themselves in the interim government, exposing and routing out corruption. and all of this happening in the context of a sharp resurgence of the pandemic here in bulgaria, the public reluctant to accept health and control measures social media, absolutely rife with miss information about code 19 in the vaccines. and in the midst of all of that external forces looking to take advantage. here's my report.
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at just 23 percent bulgaria has the lowest vaccination rate in the e. u, and it's not for lack of vaccines. skepticism, particularly of western vaccines, is spread by misinformation on line much of its sourced to russia. russia read this information, messages regarding coven, in general and boxes in particular. but this has come under the general propagandist claim that autocracies, including russia and china are bitter capable of dealing with crises in the cold with the crisis. more specifically than liberal democracy cove at 19 has become an election issue. deepening old divides in a region that the world health organization describes as the new epi center of the pandemic. on the fringes of politics far right parties are taking advantage, merging issues of nationalism and identity with still widely held soviet era.
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suspicion of state intervention attack is one such party using its own cable tv channel alpha to question government health measures and vaccine safety. ah, the party's spokesperson shows me a leaflet bearing an entirely false claim. 17 percent of the people in england are absolutely vaccinated in the cause of much. now, michel, we don't deny the existence of coded. we say that these measures don't work and they're ruining the middle class around the world and in europe, these people will lose their money. but pharmaceutical companies will make billions from people being forced to submit parties like attack. and there are several of them won't form part of any future government here, their real achievement, so always to unsettle the political waters to so division inside an e u member state and need so doing amplify the effect of that online interference,
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furthering the aims of political strategists in the kremlin. so this relates to bulgaria more specifically, but this has been also the kremlin strategy on an international scale to build ideological and economic leanings with the layers and societies that are pro russian. its effectiveness is clear, invoke air is low vaccination numbers and fast rising infection rates. a health system struggling under the weight of a campaign of misinformation. fueling, not just the resurgence of the pandemic in europe, but also the re emergence of historical, divides between east and west joe the whole al jazeera. sophia, will take you to turn as you know, because large crowds are what appears to be large crowds of anti government protesters are gathering right now in the capital. and we understand they are just
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outside the parliament building. they accuse the president crisis of staging a cou in july, and that's after he suspended parliament and granted himself judicial powers. as i had formed a new government in october and he appointed no boot and as the prime minister. so these are some of the opponents of kennedy as president classify it. they call for protest outside of the parliament. and the group from what we understand does include supporters of the party, which as soon as you have largest political party, as well as other civil society group. now russia president is denying any involvement in the border. stand off between bella ruth and poland, the you accuses about the roof of allowing asylum seekers to cross into poland illegally and is preparing to impose further sanctions. thousands of refugees remained stranded and freezing conditions where the body of a young syrian man has been found. a big is there still stuck still with
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nowhere to go. what from one side by bel lucien soldiers, and on the other by polish troops, family men, women and young children are now trapped in no man's land. poland has accused russia of masterminding, the crisis. russia denies that. i look here, mister sal of susan. i want everybody to know we have nothing to do with it. everybody is trying to make us responsible for something at every given opportunity . and without it, the you says, bedroom is waging a hybrid war using migrants as a weapon. it has accused minsk, a flying, and people mainly from the middle east to then push them to cross the border illegally by the russian president, alexander lucas jenko denied the accusation and is threatening to cut gas supplies . if the e u imposed more sanctions, he is up in the rhetoric. meanwhile, people are still trying to make the difficult journey across into europe again. malik tried several times to cross into poland. finally making get along with her 3
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children. at that shall, is allen. this has been the most tiring, 2 months of my life. we even fell into a pond water reach up to here. i fell and we didn't have clothes. then i got sick. when the border guards found us, i couldn't even stand by myself. she is now at a migrant center in the polish city of bailey, stuck out in the forest that surround this area. there are signs that people have made it. we came across women's and children's clothes. and in the pouch we found one piece of paper, written in arabic. my husband with a phone number on it. the state of emergency means there is an exclusion zone near the border where aid workers and jen, this are not allowed to enter. but the signs are clear all across within the exclusions on a sign up very, very recently, some of these are still drive this one down. i can
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see some money that's been received money. these people have obviously cross the border region. fresh food, not even a day old fellow, blankets and other signs that people have managed to cross into poland. not everyone makes it polish authorities said the body of a 20 year old man was found on friday, but for many others, they're still waiting for the opportunity and willing to take risks that come with it. as i beg, i'll jazeera poland, 68 inmates have died during a gun battle at a prison in ecuador. the government blames rival drug gangs. the shooting started before dawn, and it lasted for around 8 hours. relative have been waiting outside the facilities
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to hear if their family members are among the dead. $119.00 inmates were killed in a similar incident at that same jail 2 months ago. 7 the new york times is reporting the u. s. military covered up the air strikes and syria that killed dozens of civilians. the newspaper says it happened near the town about whose in 2019, during the fight against i saw the u. s. department of defense as it confirmed for the civilian deaths. nepal has some of the heaviest rainfall in the world, but longer dry spells are causing a serious drinking water shortage. and now farmers are coming up with simple but effective ways to harness the rain during the monsoon. season day mr. avi has more from central nepal. nepal has always been one of the rainiest countries in the world, giving it lush, green, rolling foothills, the hallmark of the himalayas. it's certainly not the kind of place you might think
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is suffering a water security crisis. did he used to be low intensity, long do this, and then for now, did you have any high interest? he didn't fall in and that will not go inside the around. that is go full is i don't know that when you have less the storage ground water, it only rains for part of the year and the pulse terrain can turn baron quickly. but just outside cut, monteux routinely ranked is one of the most polluted cities in the world is a regeneration success story. this thriving forest wasn't here 2 decades ago. now, scientists use it to study how best to collect and keep the most basic element with ring collection systems like this one tank can hold enough water for a family of 5 for up to a month. and pawns, cut into the sides of steep hills, have the power to bring dry wells back to life. in rural villages, applying these designs is saving farms and lives. at 1st glance,
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it looks like any other hillside in this part of nepal. but what's happening here is local farming communities using simple methods to solve a complex environmental problem. earthquakes and manmade roads change the way rain moves downhill at the mouth of this underground, well putting them on, lama explains how changes to terrain stop the flow of groundwater. and left this life giving natural spring totally dry in rural nepal. wells like this are the primary source of water for drinking and domestic use. building terrorist ponds to collect and carefully pipe the water to both crops and holmes has saved the villagers from uprooting their entire lives. yeah. but any nagel way, unless there was no water here, we have to go very fun. a look for other volts assault is much of a but we are happy devota started to come here again. the water is collecting
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slowly and gradually reviving kill and i live thing scientists and farmers in the policy. the world around them is changing faster than it has to, but roads can't be on built and there is no taking back the weather, altering greenhouse gases in the air. so all they can do now is their best to adapt to their altered ecosystem. is in basra, b o g 0, but when the bessie nipple, ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, crowds of anti government protesters are gathering outside the turn is the parliament. they accuse president classify the staging a crew in july after he suspended parliament and granted himself to.


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