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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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singer songwriter skin you think about races? i certainly have is making often visible here. be unfit on algebra. ah. a neat bulk of in london, the top stories here on al jazeera european union is stepping up its sanctions targeting baller roost is the migrant crisis. on its eastern border worsens in recent days. thousands of migrants of a mass on the poland beller roost border in freezing conditions. b u accuses belarus and president alexander lucas shanker, of luring the baron retaliation, the sanctions against his country. today we're going to approve a new package of sanctions. again, to resume people responsible for what's happening in big and we're going to large
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framework, you know, the to sink. we've lament all the sanctions to other people. airlines rather latencies. and everybody involved on these illegal bullshit migrants in our borders when it comes at the same time as a significant russian military build up on the border with ukraine. with the u. s. suggesting the migrant crisis is simply a distraction. they take 60 general yen salt and berg has cold and russia to be transparent about its military activities to prevent an escalation. in recent weeks, sir, we have seen large and unusual concentrations over russian forces to close to cranes, borders. and they, it further publication her or aggressive actions savoy, russia would be of caesar's concern, we cole on russia to be transparent about its military activities. it is important to prevent escalation and reduce tensions. donald trump's former political advisor,
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steve bannon, has surrendered to the fbi. i in washington d. c. he's facing contempt charges for refusing to cooperate with a congressional investigation into the attack on the u. s. capital. on january the 6th, the mob of trump supposed to storm the building and a failed attempt to prevent the certification of jo biden's election. when lawyers are making their closing arguments in the trial. if the american teenager kyle written house, he's charged with murdering to man and wounding a 3rd after you open fire during black lives matter protests with a semi automatic rifle, he pleaded not guilty and says he acted in self defense but face to face his life in prison, if convicted by a jury with those of the top stories, stay with us. iraq's last generation continues next here on out just here. aah!
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recruitment and training of the so called cubs of the caliphate was centrally controlled from rocca, the official capital of iceland to day in ruins. to create the new man who the organization dreamed of. iso relied on young people everywhere. in iceland covered its territory with military training camps for child soldiers, several kilometers from the town. the memory of them still haunts the inhabitants committee. elena joined. the syrian democratic forces icily killed his uncle, his brother, and 2 of his cousins in italy. mm hm. and that's one of the file.
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little canada caddy. one i've had in my doom hobby. ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha. i'm a social of ours to renew him. kind of, we did. would all you can, we can. so can helen women out up and thoughtfully, hadn't true home come on to the bathroom, cassia, god, i me, a pollock, i luminated me, come on a thought, or you will not that she here. so whatever lyn latham on a balance sheet, i mean really can afford all moderate lift up, but even upon defeat with all mushy count, the failure foot in the liquor digit the what, what animal man. all that i key, the hope the mold would have the civil federal lucky diana ramos ford on file. i thought she hanna,
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i've been with you on for you. i had that a little philip had that i will. she? sure. so we my so when i had you on the phone, she hadn't said her yet. janet fell until i'm here. tomorrow we are well, only little now we are the on the corner of a do if had given us still another agenda, but that with some them are little nauseous and i was supposed sent out in the club for called little bit de laquita and cornel harwell nautical shia w of oliver monica and normally about the law had mentioned the philosopher mason lumniss ladonna watson, jennifer jennifer oil to huddle. ah, it was in march 2019 that i so lost its last territory in syria. ah, after the defeat,
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children of the fighters were taken to this camp at al home. 62000 people are still living now. a among them i got 21000 iraqi children with many mothers have kept the i feel ideology intact. a lot with
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i brought with inside the can save the children, a child protection n g o teaches math, science, arabic and english, a mazda 5, and do a lot found her only available in lucon. with abilene. my daughter, vanessa mon, without in is she on a job? my daughter's sick. i will be di comcast, over my been back a little while jo with the i learn more. know really mother is my worried house on
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the hold. her assess in admission. lot fall been hired to lie the come on a limb. can mo miller can few i'm and now he knew who i had. that is america. my lead us. i did it. you're going for, you know, what the will use them or you could, will, she could, will after you. cool. i had looked already, i mean, i live in harper, when hi, adam muhammad is 13 years old. his family have followed the retreat of the organization across iraq. from remedy to mosul than into syria, where his brother scott, until the final battle, about 2 years ago, i had a food but a basket. herself . nobody, any time i was, this would go to some, in some chapel, a so global high one from markham. well,
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had a what the fuck up man. none of us . it'll madell fit out of fidelity, a hat and the house is not getting much and my thought and yet it didn't have agen high up. i'm with the model of law or the letter. it did not want that and so on. yeah, i wouldn't model on, he's sure anything else was good. done. a slam your mom. i was going to do a lot of them and you know, shuttle the shuttle. so you should, i don't blame you on the plan, allows them what you just to know how follow follow what us, what day was still a room was doing been oh my daughter had to go about the michigan go. yeah. a
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fatal. they know what they on i was studying. i was just was sell off. and then mother, she model believe minissha. he said the la on this one, not no di radicalization program has been introduced at al whole and iraq, like so many other countries refuses to repatriate these children. mm mm. mm. let him know. law helloman, ram dumont but dod, you were so i do work on our with them.
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mm hm. some child soldiers with, among the most sonata sized, like mahari, have none the less been able to return to iraq, to their family. a treatment to offer to the children of his community, which is 1st and foremost, a victim of i. so my heart is your city, one of the oldest religions of mesopotamia in the summer of 2014, i shall attack their lands in sin, jar, iraq. the men were massacred, the women and little girls subjected to sexual slavery. the boys like ma ha, who at the time was only 10 years old, were recruited into the ranks of the organization. a mile with mobile and or
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is it easy because it will only mo, were hub, go on the wizard. nobody my bull hum detto load. c it moves sit and move them when the vizier gospel befitting wouldn't they? chub bush do one wo gallagher warned regarding the let us if we will see another for ah, although the you city child soldiers have been able to reintegrate into their
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community for the same cannot be said of the children born of the rape of your city . women captures, i, i sold somewhere in the northeast of syria, zara sienna, herself for your city, takes in these women who have escaped from iso and who continued to arrive every month. you see under the 5 schooner away little redhead. literally the out of their hair. they've to say they've been, i will ha, i to believe a good i will send you young john. i don't even know that they had no claims. lamar is mother. you go home in to look into she on. no, he, she rich, didn't you? yeah. yeah, i like for the women who had children as a result of these rapes, a new ordeal awaits them. the entire city community refuses to accept these
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children, and it is ara who has to prepare the mothers to abandon them where they are my beginning wound give o g diego, or that in the unit i leave her paw than give either her degree or under julie gallagher, gill examiner, rama girl examined your legs, are all good, young? well again, la la la la these yards, his armor. goodly ah, go, i will add them to the sensory m. i won't get any that citizen. and they are the lady of anna anna, the knowledge of jello ah,
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there is ali. were dear to exactly little would. oh ye eugene confounded. when will g m g g one g r a deal? good company that will kill this fear 9. we know what gene or god that'll kill when he was the kids. will she be? she'll be there. she said, what she had city was i will go g. okay. on a how do you the good? what i to be one of you not either one will love him to be my cell wouldn't when you know for $10.00, no. that'll get your name in the dozens of women. therefore return home, forced to abandon their children in syria. most of them do not recover from being torn apart like this on oh,
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i don't know how many charts that i'm not sure what you quoted in british must have a glue as you have some good. i'm not dish. you deny my chips when suddenly become hot i ah us on that and we decided him up in or yakima which she could do in the that
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that a mobile. yeah. and then we'll, we'll go over what i laminated with him as you i'm how many could we get out of us and believe, what do i have to call it? i'm on hold mother in my book and what's going what i i let him at what m m o i just wanna die. this one does not apply to any good luck. he's one to ost, modified an attack on my back it up. i much would. i'm in which in about his yada don been narvie want been if you will hold after lunch, you can, which in a go to that issue her. but she come dawning on. ha ha, i had happy move. i ship and i did my good mom. i was beautiful when
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ah, chaverra. i got dish reason. otisha already shaded and very muffled, had been watching a beast and i was out there about that. and what gun yanine mom was an annual babe because year that was i do have to go to the and the mom hasn't got inside him. i want to be anybody again my the must be been how that goes out in what kind of my shall that might vm of maturity admin. oh, i'm glad i got it. okay. just here a kilogram of the symbol i madonna isn't out there. has ah,
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it's in miss orphanage managed by the syrian kurdish forces that her daughter layla . now this is where she left her in april 2019 and we're fios hope to see her again with good layla is now 5 and a half years old. she does not know that her mother is trying to reclaim her. ah ah, i shan't edge walker to
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keep going to put us. what else d n a if you don't get to the victim regarding a good, oh, good hearted that it was. if it will, it might be a bit of time to talk a take going to put a new bundle, nebraska. can you with a to, to my on and the any i'm not going to particular conflict issue. anyone can asian. hi, i'm precise. shipping metals in a club the day. okay. rich truck. i took dizzy. my gosh, i'm going to call you and you curtis tv. oh yeah. okay, good. good. that is you give still what video of what for educators on it meaning and that'll give them enough to give me a little bit of meaning for the rosin. now would the computer go? no, jim baker meanin a beer in hunt. i heard that you
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can do to buy and i work the shovel hubble in missouri, i was out of tier one and a good come to put the chip or anyone that would have been bow jose, the muggle mood as god will walk in the spanish ohio and if nature were one and a good investigator or the any on our own w already been because they how would the district local husband could you call him? let's get it. i'm a vehicle come in high knob and did you thomas yet at all? i'll get a good chick one day at oak wonder i said the one she has been, yada martineau, a de gideon rusty's. i have met him put workshop, a hot hide, it has a w absorber, jemina and tanya and been had tanya has at the same vision, had met the one you shall see. no. okay, she'll be jawad british. nolan had met i'm she was good. i'm a be saturday the to hey, ross. yeah, i'm going to keep going to benefit us out with that. okay. was there, she will know what bridge vickers let and i've been to she an in district,
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not me. i had with everybody that the video, the night did the husband, but he was out there, but he had a bunch of kevin's will be sure to john ah . after 2 years of separation, leila has finally been able to return to her rack and re unite with her mother once more. they are now living in hiding, waiting for an opportunity to leave the country. the is it, a community continues to ban the children born of fathers, who were i so fighters? ah, since his return 3 years ago, ma har has reconnected with his family and is trying to find his identity again. ah,
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noise edition, and if can be of the data and gotten will then all good. now ask you to google a lobby and nobody showed that his la mileage items i didn't know dish to distill was i'd been taking not to bow on of min, no war nor nap either. the gulf was you buy dagmar below and money for the us had on her. forgot to stop the animals you saw in abbey a number of g o d. sotheby's watch on the dashboard kitty. but for design m dash $200.00 low low speed. and as you can dim, put it, he bosh, and for the refund, you're asking him when i'm a gallagher mileage. are we going to what mileage we get like it? or my war for the one the dish network a m i l. y direct and believe. and this clear last
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shot re, busch csr longer than you never get your want. i'm not sure if i'm do nation best as good work, vanity forgot one or a one dim shambrika shudder dice. decay with nor going to push in in. but i knew you know, without me an arc law in my hand. me so little is done in iraq. for the children sacrificed by history these former child soldiers, for those who are growing up without any legal existence.
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father jim, can the bible good that i live medina because most of them have a lot to look at on a few like whether i'm at the studio by shut authorized window up and highlights bilingual issue or no in someone in the tumbling. but i had only had that up one in the south of one and how that will it will of fanny glad before to either been will play mozilla of taiji lots of whatever. and he will, i will thought of some thought a whole the tional. but i had sent him the dog dog. i thought i had gone to them. i learned melody supplemental drama
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honey. i love. and he has muscular fun. loving helping me. and then i'm on the side of how funny i am. why they offer this out. but none of them in the summer has any of that sort of thing or another. i'm them when terms of how the other stuff had to be that ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, a get a
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a with every now again the antarctic, it's restless and sent some cold and northwards towards australia did so in tasmania. you can see the result of all these sharon still around that fatty coda, but it snowed in tasman. he's not that unusual except i must remind you it is spring. so that is quite unusual. now that cold has been pushed across has many towards news, even worse, producing a huge amount of snow in south island, but it's leaving behind a warming trend. 50 in hobart, but 16 in melbourne is a few showers around. mostly it's a brighter looking days. okay. and purse as well, but if you follow the wind that wouldn't feel that brings you up into the tropics, and i think it'll be fairly sundry all way down the coast of queens and, and maybe as far south as sydney looks fairly dry. now when it's still a slow warming trend, the rainy season is pretty wide spread in indonesia,
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malaysia, not necessarily so, but the rain's a long way north shouldn't really be in cambodia at this time. yeah. but it's still there for now. when we got this tongue of rain in southern china, again, unusual, but not that rare. i have to say don't. it doesn't stay for too long. but it does look quite poking by. grilling, for example. as to the rightness been affecting sudden and near it's still there, but more on the west side in the east. and there it will stay. ah. the step beyond the comfort zones were assumptions or challenge. travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it. witness award winning documentary is on a just a, you know, the latest mean as it breaks. no kind of family say that this is the only way we have to make a living, but it's having a huge impact on the environment with detailed coverage,
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regional and intellectual actors have been urging general pantry versus school. and we're so the transitional government, it is all from the around the world. 8 groups alleged greek. all sources have often tried to prevent potential asylum seekers from entering greek territory. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm new parker. this is the al jazeera news. our life from london coming up, european union agrees to step up sanctions against bella ruth, for driving the crisis was left thousands of my goods freezing on its eastern border. while nato warns moscow it stands by ukraine amid a large and unusual build up of russian forces on the ukrainian border. plus this is going to be the misdemeanor from hell.


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