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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2021 12:30am-1:01am AST

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now will it be case on tuesday for these countries, and i think this them will make some progress. so will increase in the breeze. fog won't be such a problem. i'll try to get in to wednesday. temperatures are on the low side, but not abnormally so. not cold enough for snow yet except in the norwegian mountains. as you can see, i did say it was stormy in the western med are and it is more flash flooding around the still pretty nasty was in the barracks windy and wet wendy without wet in the northern croatian coast. that's a standard wind, this town here called the boris and dorothy sweets comes down down the coast and to get the hurricane and force exceed the potential damage they used to it. luckily, there's a picture on wednesday. still, fairmount arrayed, just a bit further east italy being one of the major focuses and falling off, we might get some rare events of rain in the middle, sahara and in western sahara. ah,
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ah, reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera, the european union is stepping up in sanctions targeting belarus. as the migrant crisis only see some border worsens. thousands of migrates of a mast on the border with poland and freezing conditions. the u. s. says the crisis is aimed at distracting from a significant russian military build up on the border with ukraine. nato secretary general has called a russia to be transparent about his activities to prevent an escalation. and donald trump's former political advisor, steve bannon, has appeared in court of the handing himself into the f. b. i is facing contempt
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charges for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the attack on the u. s . capital lawyers are making their closing arguments in the trial of the american teenager, coll rittenhouse. he's charged with murdering to man and wounding a 3rd after he opened fire with a semi automatic rifle during black lives matter protests. he's pleaded not guilty and says he acted in self defense, but face is life in prison. if convicted by a jury earlier, his defense team managed to have one of the charges dismissed. or john henderson is live in kenosha, wisconsin. john, you've been following this closely. the, this is of course, a politically and racially charged case and more of court. one of the, one of the most watched widely watched trials in the u. s. a. at the moment. what are you hearing that as this case wraps up there? well, the defense is now wrapping up it's case. and ultimately, although it's
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a politically and racially divisive case, it comes down to really one question was kyle written house, a defender or was the a provocative tour? and that's what's happening in the closing argument right now. the defense is the 2nd to go. the prosecution is already made, its case in the defense is saying essentially that this is a young man whose life was a threat that he was chased down by protesters in the middle of a black lives that are protest. and he was armed with an a r 15, and he used that weapon to defend himself, out of fear that someone was going to take it away and hurt him. the prosecution has made an entirely different case. now there's a dispute on both sides as to the 1st of 3 people that cow rittenhouse shot, in that case, a man named jacob rosenbaum did pursue kyle written house, written has turned round, fired 4 shots, and killed him. well, at that point, the prosecution says as far as the crowd was concerned, he was no longer defending himself if he was initially in the prosecution denies
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that. they say that at that point it was the crowd that had the right to self defense. and that's why certain members of the crowd continued to chase, col. rittenhouse, who then turned around, shot one more person dead, and then injured a 3rd. that 3rd person testified here. so the prosecution case is turning that self defense argument on its head saying in fact, it was the crowd at that point that was trying to shut down an active shooter. but this is really a national war shock test here in the u. s. what you see depends on where you stand largely on gun rights and if cow rittenhouse gets off, that would be a victory for them. any gun rights advocates who are supporting and financially and just vocally here, but most of the nation so far has made up its mind on this case. we know that the challenge is, is you've been to, they're all complex. they've been changing as well. what all the challenges he faces said now what is it that the jury has to consider in these closing hours
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with a range from 1st degree murder originally all the way down to curfew. breaking. there were 7 charges, including reckless endangerment for firing a weapon with other people around. but essentially the judge has dropped the 2 least serious charges early on. he dropped the curfew charge and then just this afternoon or this morning, rather, he dropped another charge that accused cow rittenhouse, if legally carrying a weapon as a minor. now it should be said rittenhouse did by the gun through someone else because he wasn't old enough to buy it. but there were some dispute as to whether there's a loophole in the law here that allows the gun of a certain size. and in any case, the judge dropped that charge. so really what's up now is a minimum charge of reckless endangerment that brings a penalty of up to 12 and a half years in a maximum charge of 1st degree murder. that one brings a charge of life imprisonment. so the jury really. busy has to decide among very serious charges at this point. one of the thing that happened is the prosecution
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asked for new secondary charges. so instead of 1st degree murder in one case, 2nd degree murder. for 2 of those counts. what that means is, 1st of all, it's suggested the prosecution wasn't really sure it was going to be able to get those 1st degree chargers. second of all, it gives them another bite of the apple, another shot to convince to convict coll rittenhouse of something in a case where they're not sure they're going to get anything done. a 100 live in could osha, wisconsin? thank you. now the u. k. his raises terror threat level to severe after a taxi exploded outside a hospital in liverpool, on sunday, british prime minister boys johnson says it was a reminder of the need to remain vigilant. police have declared it an act of terror and a questioning fool men. they've named the man who died as 32 year old m at outs way . mean that he baba reports the drop off point at liverpool women's hospital in northwest england. it's just before 11 a. m and
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a taxi arrives. there's an explosion then the driver can be seen getting out and several people rushed to help him. he was injured but has now been released from hospital. by the time fire, cruise arrived, the taxi was in flames and the passenger was dead inside the vehicle. this has now been declared a terrorist incident. it is a stark reminder of the need for us all to remain utterly vigilant and the independent joint terrorism analysis center j tag are to day raising the you case threat level from substantial to severe meaning an attack is highly likely counter terrorism. police have been involved in the investigation since sunday. i was after the incident. police arrested 3 men all in their twenties. at the same property in liverpool, a 4th person's now been detained. police say they found significant items at one address. it is not clay. what motivation for this incident is our
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enquiries indicate that an improvised explosive device has been manufactured. and our assumption so far is it, it was built by the passenger in the taxi. the reason why he then took it to the women's hospital is unknown. as is the reason for its sudden explosion, the police say the passenger had asked to go to the hospital, but they're checking whether there's any link with remembrance day events nearby on sunday, nadine baba al jazeera, there's a new lockdown in place in austria, but only for people who haven't been fully vaccinated around 2000000 people can now only leave home to buy essential goods, seek medical care, all get their vaccine. case rates that are up. and the big issue going into winter is that only 2 thirds of people awfully vaccinated. dominic cane reports just to be allowed outdoors. these people must be able to prove they've either been vaccinated or recently had cove it what's called in german, that's fi, gay,
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legal or to g rule. if not, they're breaking the law and face of fine of up to 1450 euro's ministers say the low uptake of the vaccine and the high number of new cases meant they have to act vandy. the incidence among vaccinated people is declining, but it continues to rise exponentially for the people who are not vaccinated. currently, the incidents for unvaccinated people in the 1859 age group is over 1700. so from monday there will be a locked down for the unvaccinated here, across the border and the german state of bavaria. many communities are facing the same threat, their 2 ministers urging all the unvaccinated to get the job. in 3 german states, the incidence of cove, it is already more than $500.00 per 100000 residents. in all 3, the 2 g rule is either in place or a batch to be implemented. but at
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a federal level, there seems no clear policy. unlike the situation in austria, the caretaker government here is an office, but not really in power. the politicians who matter still trying to build a majority in parliament. and while they argue over, who gets which ministerial job in the next few weeks, it's what cove it might do in the next few days. but many people in wider society are worrying about this intensive care unit in munich is one of many across the country which are full of coven patience with the prospect of more to come the well, the incidental wonky deny. in fact, on that, if we look at the new infections registered in the past 2 weeks, we see an increase from 30250000. this also shows up in the occupancy rates of you intensive care. patients have doubled, and these 50000 people who have tested positive now will come to us this week or next week on. so the future looks quite dark, i would say. and we're quite worried about how we're going to take care of all
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these people. as an official e, you figure suggest around 2 thirds of the population have been fully vaccinated for them. it means attendance at festive events like these in vienna are no problem. but for the 3rd, who remain unvaccinated, at least in austria, for now, lock downs are looming. something similar may soon be coming to germany, dawn, it came, al jazeera, berlin, an american journalist sentence to 11 years jail. and ma'am on the last week has been released from prison, donnie. fen stow was charged with incitement as well as terrorism and sedition. he stopped talking cattle on his way home to the us. natasha. her name spoke to him just off to his plane, touched down. ah danny fencer cast a frail figure as he stepped off the plane that carried him out of me and mark and home to freedom. the 37 year old american journalist spoke to reporters briefly
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before stepping into an ambulance for a medical check. he had spent almost 6 months in prison filling all right, physically, um it's just the same a privations and things that come with any form of incarceration. you just go a little crazy the longer it drags on the more where you are. that is just never gonna end. so that was, that was the biggest concern to staying sane through that you missed treated? i was, i was arrested and held in captivity for no reason. so i suppose so. but i physically am, i was healthy. i wasn't starved or beaten. fenster was arrested in may as he tried to return home to the united states to visit his family. he was the former editor of an independent online magazine in me in march after the military coup in
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february. he was among dozens of journalists, arrested, fencer was facing the prospect of 11 years in prison after a military court sentenced him last week. the former u. s. energy secretary and un ambassador bill richardson helped broker his release was away. richardson has a history of freeing hostages and prisoners. i think what made the difference was lou. my efforts to work with the government on mia mar, on humanitarian assistance on vaccines. and that made the difference. the military did not provide any details on why fenster was ultimately freed. the un says there are 47 journalists behind bars in me and mar. 20 of them are facing charges directly tied to their work. fenster says the
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focus should remain on their plight and he'll help fight for their release. natasha name l de zira doha. an influential council of elders from the libyan city of miss rata has called for a boycott of next month's election. after the son of former dictator, mama gadhafi registered to run and tripoli, and miss rotter protested. have been out in the streets saying they won't take part in an election where safe al islam gadhafi is running. he's wanted by the instructional criminal court on charges of crimes against humanity allegedly committed in the 1st weeks of the 2011 uprising which led to the death of his father. philippine president rodrigo deter, say, has registered to run for a seat in the senate in next year's election. it and speculation he would run for vice president against his own daughter. he's ineligible to run again for president to turn his choice of successor as long term aid, christopher bongo,
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who registered to stand for president. last week. it was thought that sarah to test carpio who top's opinion polls would join him on the ticket. but she now appears to be running with presidential candidate, ferdinand marcos, junior, son of the late philippine dictates him, the marcus family is popular in the countries north and center while the deterred to is have widespread support in the south. other key candidates for president include boxer, money, patio manila mer and former film star esco marina del my goza and current vice president. lenny brought roberto jamila. ali doggone has more for manila. after weeks of speculation, philippines president with regal detail to has through a representative file this candidacy for sen. the move comes after he publicly rebuked his own daughter, davos city mayor, sat on the 30 for running as vice president and running meat of the son of the lead
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dictator for denmark, us for it in at mark as junior, the older, deterred to says his daughter is far more popular than marcus, and that the marcus's can never be trusted, especially when it comes to politics. that's a surprise to many, because the marcus as have been allies of the do. thirty's since 2016 for months now, the detectives have repeatedly said they were not interested in seeking hire office . that's changed in the past couple of days. so you can see how they treat it, even while it thinks it's like a game, you know, what shows all. so they're very strong sense of entitlement. you've seen how the substitution works. we've seen how personalities or people we do not know, filed county, the seas for president, vice president sen, only to withdraw, and then only to be placeholders and give way to personalities. while this may seem
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a typical jaw, so for political power, it is critical for deterred his administration to remain in control beyond 2022 president, the 3rd to his spacing investigations before the criminal court for crimes against humanity in his so called war and drugs, which is left thousands of filipinos dead. he and his allies are also expected to face multiple cases. 4 alleged involvement in several corruptions, scandals, critic say the administration may be preoccupied with its own political survival, but much more is at stake for the rest of the country. next year, the next administration will inherit unprecedented challenges. the punch is the reeling from the impact of the corona virus pandemic. there is an ever increasing national debt and growing military attentions in the south china sea. even for a can she with a long history of the people during elections? this is unprecedented. that 2022 elections will not just be
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a battle between opposing political parties, but a fight between powerful political dynasties jamal allan doug and al jazeera manila . financial markets in argentina have given a positive reaction to the results of sunday's mid term elections. argentina bonds showed strong gains after the ruling pur, honest party, so it's sent to left, coalition, lose its majority in congress. the 1st time in nearly 40 years. many economists believe that this could force a shift to more moderate economic policies. annual inflation is running above 50 percent, pushing more than 40 percent of odds in times to poverty. oh, he is joe with all the sport name. thank you very much. switzerland have but their place at the world cup finals and cats are next year, the expense of european champions. italy may be bulgaria from l, with goals from noah, aka for reuben fergus, cedric
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e. 10. and ruben frailer. and with its li being held mill nell by northern ireland, that was enough to send switzerland top of group c, sealing their automatic qualifying spots. italy, we're leading the group on goal difference going into the final round of matches. so they'll be disappointed to have to settle for place in the playoffs again. last a playoff to sweden in 2017, and failed to qualify for the last world cup. so be hoping history doesn't repeat itself. england's fresh summary, no 10 nell away from home to make sure of their qualification of his glory, hattrick against albania. last week english captain harry came, was acid. again, he put 4 pos the walls, lowest rang team. it was also memorable night arsenals. a meal smith wrote the 21 year old school, his 1st senior england go on. his 1st start for his country. at southgate side, reaching the world cup in style, england, england, when men, poland,
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had to settle for 2nd place in his throat. in the playoffs, they lost their final great game to hungry to one. much in warsaw was played without hungry fans who've been banned from travelling to poland. of the clashing with police in last month's group game against england at wembley stadium. so switzerland and england's flags will be raised along the waterfront here on doe house cornish to fly alongside the other teams that have already qualified, including belgium, france, brazil, denmark, and germany. sunday marks one year to go until the tournament kicks off without a cup out of it that have will run a similar ceremony when ever a team qualifies. this is to welcome not only the teams, but more importantly, the funds of those countries who we hope will join us in this festival of football one year from now. i am the netherlands, have an unexpected injury to contend with the head of tuesdays crucial, qualify against no way coach. new event, whole fell off his bicycle and injured his hip. but that didn't stop him. turning up for training, he took the session from
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a buggy and gave instructions to one of his assistants who passed them on to the players and hall side will book their place at castle 2022. if they can get a droll with norway. the president of kenya's football federation has been released on bail as prosecutors continued to investigate corruption allegations. nick more dubois spent the weekend behind bars in nairobi after his arrest. he denies any wrong doing. both pfeiffer and kenya's sports ministry have been conducting audits in to the federation, which window was lead, has led since 2016 and his government suspended the federation as investigations continue over north america. the national hockey league has postpone 3 ottawa. senators, games are recovered. 19 outbreak on the team. the 1st time any of the major st professional sports sakes have been hit by rescheduling this autumn because of the crone of virus 10 senators. players are currently in isolation. limbic organizes we looking closely at the situation to as the league and players can withdraw from the
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wind to games in beijing, if they get too far behind and they and h. l scheduled. well tennis number, one of joker, which is off to winning starts of the season ending atp finals and sharon, the 20 time grand slam champion was up against the 1st time qualified caspar route chuck, which took a tumble in the opening game, did well to retrieve his racket and carry on, but he lost the points to go right down. he recovered though, to win the set on a tie break before taking the 2nd 60 to secure victory over the norwegian joker, which is aiming to win the title for sick time. that would put him level with roger federer who's likely to miss the australian open in january. although his coach says the 40 year old isn't considering retiring yet. the swiss is recovering from knee surgery and hasn't played since wimbledon in july to all the tennis legends, venus and serena williams, if swapped the court all the red carpet to promote a new film about their dad's act,
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to will smith plays richard williams as he fights for his daughter's careers in sports, venus and serena went on to and combined a 30 grand slam singles titles and 4 olympic gold medals each, as well as countless other titles. there were also executive produces of this film . richard, i'm and chris, i think you might just have the next michael jordan. oh, no brother mayor asked me to next to i didn't cry just on the film. i cried out a script. when i was reading the script, i've started laughing had moment rashes. and i'm like, watery eyed on these moments so that was translated already in words. and then the film i just like watery eyes. and it was the some of the moments of the fan, the family moments of togetherness. and like the, the father daughter moments. those moments were just like, oh, all right, with that it's back to neither london. thank you very much. lives right. moving on
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quickly ads. al jazeera mugs, 15 years since the launch of this channel. since 2006, our international teams have worked tirelessly to share stories from across the globe. mm hm. it vow takes a look back. welcome at it. well, jam t november 15th 2006 day one of a new era and television news. the artist, yellow media network expanded its reach to the english speaking audience and the very 1st program live from although ha news headquarters here 24 hour english language news channel has now given a voice to the voiceless, the democratic republic of congo, where it is. i'll de zillah english set out on a path that was already semi paid to jewelry. it's just a channel of the xerox was already a poll for regional brand, with an international outreach. the mission of our diesel englishness was to build on that momentum which it did in 2 years. the new channel whose initial aim was 20000000 subscribers,
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was able to reach 80000000. it's exclusive coverage of the israeli war on garza and 2008 made it stand out among giant world competitors with regional hubs in though how london, washington, dc, and quite a lumper, a vast network of correspondence and social media platforms. it was able to provide the most comprehensive news coverage from the middle east, africa, asia, europe, and the americas. in terra, the focus was on human stories. this meant to take risks, reaching remote areas and challenging government censorship. i was just there a champion of the coverage of what became known as the arab spring. we were really a platform for those who were the you for it. crowds, if you like in squares across the world, people who are demanding freedom, people who are defending democracy before their struggle defended is our conflict. we faced many, many challenges over the years by while, while covering conflicts and some of the most probable region. while covering
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protest in egypt for our english journalists were jailed on false charges for nearly 2 years. the thing is we were doing our job as a professional journalist in egypt. and at some point this did not make the government in egypt happy. you didn't want anybody to report anything, but what do they see as a truth? so it was a shock. people came restless, just simply for 2 reasons. one, they don't want the truth to prevail for people. the 2nd thing they want to intimidate other for enjoy or enjoying this in general in cairo. undaunted, that channel went ahead, gaining more popularity and winning awards. it managed to reverse the direction of the news flow, given a stronger voice to the global south. in 15 years of english, how solidified it's a global footprint and continues its commitment to viewers by bringing to light stories that are otherwise less covered. hum advice,
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dizzy le it seems i yesterday that server may need bog for this news hour, but i'll be back in just a moment with more of the days news are going ah and a community decimated by can set fights for the truth. who in this room has cancer, or knows the family that lives here that have cancer? phone lines exposes houston's cancer class death. these over 110 properties that have grown contamination underneath. they lived out of his blood public community. just say forget, they'll let him bow. nope. so we were sitting in time for lines
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on al jazeera. can you hear it? anticipation these rising. excitement is growing. as cattle airways brings your favorite teen to cut off for the free for arab cup 2021. greatness is in the air. late sore is juan and rich new heights. join us in cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canton. i always dont, tom. serious, dorcas days with one man leading the country through us. present on our side as loft legitimacy. he needs to step down. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examined the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human eyesight master of chaos. on al jazeera,
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we understand the differences, similar to some cultures across the world. so no matter what we've been using, kind of for that matter to you, ah, the european union agrees to step up sanctions against bela bruce for driving the crisis left thousands of migrants freezing on its eastern border. while nato warns russia it stands by ukraine after a large and unusual build up of troops on the ukrainian border. ah, on the bucket, this is al jazeera life london, also coming up that top diplomats didn't get on to well. can a virtual meeting between joe biden, she g pink reset, the troubled us china.


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