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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2021 4:30am-5:00am AST

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the clock, these are the 110 properties that have one contamination underneath. they look, data is public community them down. know we are sitting in a time line on our mirror. oh hello. i'm had them seek out the headlines on just a polish police. have fired a water cannon and tear gas migrants trying to cross into the you from bella. ruth, thousands of stuff there and freezing conditions, polish, and bella, russian authorities blame each other for the crisis. i. g. a spoke to some of the refugees and migrants about the conditions they face. yes, i was told was there using pepper spray and water and tear gas against the children?
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is this the human rights of europe? 10 days we've been here without water temperatures or minus 5. and what can we do? where are the human rights organizations? we were a good country. they invaded iraq in 2003. we've lost everything. we've sold our cars and sold our houses. they've destroyed our country and now this is their human rights in a modern, near gillum on nevada. we haven't slept since yesterday. our feet are freezing and the only word we can hear is attention attention. we have kids, we have why. they don't want to allow us to then return back to our country. we haven't eaten for 5 days. only a little food is available for women in case we need a safe place. we need to safe country. at least 3 people have been killed in a double suicide bombing in the uganda capital compiler. 3 attack is also died. police say the bombings were carried out by members of the rebel group. the allied democratic forces which has ties to i. so chili's president has survived and impeachment vote to remove him from office. senate fell short of
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a 2 thirds majority needed to oust sebastian pinero, who's accused of corruption, which he denied. dan's military says it a release form, a prime minister de la handoff. within 48 hours, member of the nation's new ruling sovereign council told al jazeera handoff will be among a number of detainees released. he's been under house arrest since he was ousted in the military takeover. a jury in the us has wrapped up its 1st day of deliberations in the murder trial of call, written house. he's a teenager, accused of shooting protest, as in wisconsin last year, 2 people were killed during a black lives matter demonstration. canada's largest port has been cut off and the rest of the country after flooding and land slides from 2 days, a torrential rain. all roads and rail links out of vancouver are closed. thousands have been forced to leave their homes. those are the headlines now. it's back to
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iraq's last generation. aah! recruit and training of the so called cubs of the keller shade was centrally controlled from rocca, the official capital of iceland to day in ruins. to create the new man who the organization dreamed of. iso relied on young people everywhere in iso covered his territory with military training camps, for child soldiers, several kilometers from the town. the memory of them still haunts the inhabitants.
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metty ella nod joined the syrian democratic forces. i so killed his uncle, his brother, and 2 of his cousins with hannah telling me i am not one of the little candidate hardy one i've had in my doom heidi. ah, he come normally. ha, i'm a social of ours to renew him. can we did good audio? can you talk on helen lumen up and thoughtfully hadn't true home come on to the bathroom, cassia? god, i mean, pollock, i luminated me on a thought, or you will look that she here. so whatever lyn latham on up to look at the sheet, i mean really can afford all moderate lip company and how to defeat with unless you count the value of foot in the liquor digit, the what, what animal mental, that actually the whole family would have the civil federal. lucky diana ramos ford on file. i thought she hanna,
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i've been with the out for you. i had the older philip had that i will. she? sure. so we my so in the hard yard on the she had he said, we are janet until monday or tomorrow. yeah. well only little now we are the on the corner of do if had given us still another agenda, hit alpha, but that with some them a little nauseous and i was supposed to not in the cluster called little bit de laquita in a corner called an article shya, w of oliver monica and normally about the law in mangion felt myself enough to what i'm what jennifer gymnast oil to huddle. oh,
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it was in march 2019 that i saw last. it's last territory in syria. ah, after the defeat, children of the fighters were taken to this camp at al home. 62000 people are still living now. a among them 21000 iraqi children with many mothers have kept the i feel ideology intact. a lot with
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a, [000:00:00;00] with inside the can save the children, a child protection n g o teaches math, science, arabic, and english a. my son, i don't know a lot found her daughter available in lucon with abilene, my daughters phone,
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if someone without an issue on your job. my daughter's sick i will be di comcast, over my been at that level. while joe, with the i lamore know really mother is my worried house on the quarter and had it as i see in an image, a lot fall been hired to lie. do you come on a limb? can my whole mirror alone? can few i'm in now. he's on your phone and he had that. oh, is america middle? did i say i did it. you're going for you, and hopefully we'll use them out of local sheer, cool. after you. cool. i had them before the holiday and possibly hi, adam. muhammad is 13 years old, his family have followed the retreat of the organization across iraq, from remedy to mosul, then into syria, where his brothers thought until the final battle, about 2 years ago, i had a food, but
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a hotel, the over the any, any time was this will go to some, in a level high one from them. well, had so so marta, any give them a y, a n a t at all madame at alpha, georgia. and the house with again hire martinez model of law or the letter t. not martha swan hi. yeah, but even our model on a done a slam. johan, i'm going to do a lot of them and give it a shot. i why?
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i should, i saw, but i mean on the end of the plaza, what you just to know how you follow, follow what us, what day i was still a mom was doing been, oh my daughter had to go about the michigan. oh yeah, absolutely. um no more than 5 off of a sudden i was just so off at the mother she model bliley. my name is shonda isabella. other one on no d, radicalization program has been introduced at al whole and iraq like so many other countries refuses to repatriate these children. ah, and mm
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ah, let him know law, helloman, drama, dumont but dod, you, we, so i joke on our with. mm hm. some child soldiers, among the most fanatic size like mahogany, have nonetheless been able to return to iraq to their family. a treatment to offer to the children of his community, which is 1st and foremost a victim of iso ma har is his city. one of the oldest religions of mesopotamia in the summer of 2014, i so attacked their lands. in sin, jar, iraq. the men were massacred. the women and little girls subjected to sexual
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slavery. the boys like ma ha, who at the time was only 10 years old, were recruited into the regs of the organisation, mal within melbourne, or is it because it will only lower hub? go on the wizard? nobody mud or hung darrell lowly. c serving jerk in sin in wisdom when the vizier gospel, before did he wouldn't they, chub bush doin wo gallagher warned regarding it as if we were looking at her.
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ah, although the you city child soldiers have been able to reintegrate into their community for the same cannot be said of the children born of the rape of your city . women captured by isolate somewhere in the northeast of syria, zora sienna, herself, your city takes in these women who have escaped from iso and who continue to arrive every month. you see on 5 2nd away, we'll udall right. literally the out of the of hair. this is debbie and i will ha, i to believe a good i will send you young john. i believe you cannot. the auto claims lamar is you love you to go home if you're looking to she on ah,
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he's rich. thank you. yeah. yeah, i live for the women who have had children as a result of these rapes, a new ordeal awaits them. the entire usury community refuses to accept these children, and it is ara who has to prepare the mothers to abandon them. what they might be glue, careful, wise, you diego, that in the unit, i'll your her pause and again, i will for the fun. on the g. gilligan, gil examiner, rama girl, examined your legs are all good yarn. willoughby ran lawana leaves yard his armor. goodly adam ha!
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go i will add them to the sensory. hm. i won't get any that citizen of air. the lady of arna donnelly's huge. um java. ah. okay. zoe, were directly zoe little would o g u z academy. when will jayma? g, g one, g, a real goods your district gain. when you get this is john, what you did. it was called g. okay. and how do you do what i to be one you know i live on. i would love to be my cell wouldn't lean visit, you know, for them a holler know, that'll get doctor's name and me
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. the dozens of women have therefore return no forced to abandon their children in syria. most of them do not recover from being torn apart like this on. oh, i don't know how many of them got it in my syllabus in order to glue on and not with the issue tonight. mom was suddenly a hearty. now
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i found that we did, he decided him up today or mich sheeka in may, but he met it with the that the mobile. yeah. and then we'll go to my mobile not know what to do with him. you can always go to join us and believe who do i do that or put it on hold for him to have my book and what's going what i let him at what m a my dish was davis on the modified good on to modified and up i'm much, i'm in which about the novelty one been in recent. who would launch
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a connection issue of the she come down in on had i happen? well, by ship than i did smoke with them a beautiful can me oh i she had a me that she had been or a oh, sorry about that young man. that was i had to go to the mom and i didn't want to be able to pick him up because i didn't my mother in oh,
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i'm not going to just look at them in the kitchen. this orphanage managed by the syrian kurdish forces that her daughter layla. now this is where she left her in april 2019 and we're fios hope to see her again. i can hear me. good. layla is now 5 and a half years old. she does not know that her mother is trying to reclaim her.
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ah ah shan't. as rockets keep going to put a dispute out good to the vic in regarding a getting older and go hearty devoss if it will. it might be a bit of trying to draw a new bond. durable will be scared of con, you with a to, to my on and the any. i'm not going to particular convict issue. anyone can asian. hi, i'm precisely meadows in a club the day a guy. she my gosh, i'm going to call you and you cut us tv. i can make
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a good choice when it is it gib still what video of what for educators on it mean it is. i will give them enough, but give me a meaning for a 1000. what would the computer go? no, jim baker, meaning a 100. i heard that you can do to buy and i walk the shovel hubble. maybe to give a majority of the year with a good company, put the chip or anyone that would have been bow jose, the muggle nude has got to walk in spanish, ohio and ignite cheer were one and a good investigator for the any. i know the how would you always been because they how would the district local husband good. you're good for him. that's good. and i'm a vehicle come in high knob and did you thomas yet at all? i'll get a good chick one day at oak wonder if he's the one to she has been yada martineau and de gideon. rusty's, i have met him, put watch on a hot hide. it hasn't been patient. so could jemina and penny, i'm been ha, ha ha mas ambitions had met the one you shall see. no. okay,
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she'll be took your big dish. no look had met. i'm sure i'm good. i'm happy. saturday, the chair just yet i'm going to keep going to benefit us out with that. ok. which daresha will know? what brings the because let and i've english, she an in district, not me. i had with everybody that the video, the night did the husband, the heck it was out of bed there, but he out in burst of kevin's will be sure to john ah. after 2 years of separation, leila has finally been able to return to her rack and re unite with her mother once more. they are now living in hiding, waiting for an opportunity to leave the country. is it a community continues to ban the children born of fathers, who were iso fighters? ah, since his return 3 years ago,
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ma har has reconnected with his family and is trying to find his identity again. ah, nausea to sniff company of the daughter and gordon with a one woman all the good news. osgood obeyed. nobody showed that is la maya got items hodges and the dish to distill was i'd been taking not to buy one of them and no one knows nap either. the golf was you buy dad, will michael in money for the us on norfolk grant. the stock does antonucci sophie narbey. a number to gigi sophie knob is watch on the dashboard. kitty well informed as adam dr. behind, down low, lower, but we had annoyed you'd come deem to put it, he marsh and fungible. asking him my number gallagher mileage,
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are we going to mileage or mobile for you on the dish? network a m i l y direct and believe in vision. clear less shut the re bus csr. now do you know if i get your wand? i'm not sure if i'm do national mass as good work. i've learned to hold on one or a wind. him shambrika shuddered. i asked the case worker nor the boy in question, but i knew no without me and i gloomily. 2 mm,
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so little is done in iraq for the children sacrificed by history these former child soldiers for those who are growing up without any legal existence. father jim, can the bible good that i live medina be had most of them. how old are to the what on earth chillik whether i'm at the studio, why shut up the rise window up and i lots, bonham, you sure know in tumbled in the fumbling. but i had only had that up one in the south of one and how that it will it will a fanny delayed the food to, i've been, will say, in missouri, taiji of labs that, that whatever. and he will, i will thought of some thoughtful confessional. but i had sent him the dog dog at bowie. i thought i had gone to them allan melodies,
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supplemental drama hunting eyes, high level on a holiday. he had the thought by over the city, muscular, loud, sponsible, loving hope. omen are then in still a little higher than onwards. when messiah albany armed gerardo why therefore visit mister giles file manner than in the summer? has any of that facility with a lot of things or another on them? winton that that's of hobby alyssa. how do you do that?
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ah ah with hello there. let's have a look at your weather across north america and we're watching a winter snow storm blow from west all the way to the east, bringing temperatures down and dropping heavy snow across central areas of canada. for the south of this across the plains, an edging on woods to the great lakes. now we've got cold air behind this. it is bringing temperatures down in places like kansas city is going to bring snow, as i said, the parts of the great lakes, as it pushes through, bringing that wet weather to new england. we've got that string of rain edging all
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the way down to the south eastern states and have a look what it does to the temperature in new york city. if we look at the 3 day as a drop of about 10 degrees, by the time we get into saturday, there will be sunshine, but it is going to get wetter from monday. now, if we have a looked at the west, it is looking a lot dryer across parts of british columbia, but it's going to remain rather wet and windy and wintery for washington for oregon and parts of california. but for the south of this, it is a lot dryer. a lot quieter, as it is from much mexico, as we had to central america. very dry was 21 degrees in mexico city. it's wetter across, so you can peninsula into believe. and it's a western parts of cuba stretching all the way through to the bahamas. ah, this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day,
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one of the new era and television news. if you have known that, that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still gone through moments ago to miss all landed about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line, but it's on the road. we saw the union army flag hoisted high in the city. many people here have told me that that war will not end until they secret duffy and his son brought to justice. gonna get 90 seconds for this on. so we're being told that this, it on me is very, really coming. our way buying brides is lack of respect for women and lack of any value that a woman i was just for p r guy by the police on purpose. there's at least 20000 for him to refugees who live here. i'm on l 20. i got to commend you. you're not trying to push people to believe in this or believe in that the atmosphere has completely changed. do
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with port al jazeera offices in garza, our house in that building and the cover has come down the other before in human history has the months per steam environment to the arctic students such peril. ready ah. ready rising tensions at the bellow roost, poland border as migrant desperate to get into the european union clash with polish forces. ah, hello, i'm hasn't think of this as you see it. i live from the also coming up. should i


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