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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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i saw regime in iraq and syria. now many are in camps, either orphans all with a widowed mothers, rejected by their own communities, chicken length, and people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera. ah hello, i'm learned taylor in london. the top stories on al jazeera, medics and sudan. se 14 people have been shot dead by security forces during another mass protest against last month's military takeover. dozens of people have been injured by live fire and tear gas, according to the central committee of sudanese doctors. thousands of demonstrators marching across the capitol cartoon and several other cities, and demanding
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a full handover to civilian rule. they weren't the leaders of october's military takeover to be tried in court. i have seen that there security forces was theory, mass fighting big deal does over the protesters shooting in the air to disperse them. and you have been following them to death is really good. you supposed to remove them from birth to 3 sort of these protesters here. how gathered here? by the a call off, the resistance committees, the force, the source for you to my change, the main civilian coalition, which had been been a part of the shade and with the military here. so far, all therefore ought to find a baltic of dialogue out of this a to, to find a solution out of the baltic of that book is ladon. how for at least 10 people have been killed in 2 explosions in the afghan capital. cobble taliban officials say many others have been injured. explosions happened in a sheer neighbourhood in the west of the city. i saw her claim responsibility for
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both blasts. afghanistan has suffered repeated attacks by nom group affiliated with iso. since the town of antique over had been colossians at the border between belarus and poland, a day after water cannon was used on migrants polish guard say, many of them are being increasingly aggressive as they try to breach the fence. poland accuses the bell russian government of deliberately sending a group of around 2000 migrants to the frontiers. during the hall is increasing its own ponens side of the border with bowers and has more the diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis. there is a 2nd phone call this afternoon between the outgoing german johns langley merkel. and alexander lucas shanker, the bella russian leader, that after a cold at the pair, had on monday, a german government statement saying that she urged him to allow greater access for un agencies in particular to the people stuck on his side of the border and to allow aid to flow in the belushi state news agency says the pair reached an
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understanding. we don't know quite what that means. interesting and controversial contacts these in any case, given that the you and germany in particular, don't recognise lucas as the beller russian president, after an election in 2020 at western nations. consider to have been a sham at so much so that poland has said andre, due to the president here, that it will not abide by any arrangement reached on its behalf by germany that it will consider to have been done over its head. in the meantime, alexander lucas lucas shank has said he's not backing down. indeed, he's threatened to retaliate further if sanctions go ahead. sanctions that were agreed upon by e u countries this week and indeed on wednesday we hear that an oil pipeline heading towards the e. u. through bel, arrest battery has been turned off apparently for shad your maintenance and all of that happening in the context of a wide,
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somewhat sinister looking geopolitical picture with russia tacitly supporting its out. i bellows in its endeavors here, and also at the same time applying pressure to another week flank of the european union, the eastern border of ukraine potentially preparing to open up a 2nd front with massive military, massive military build up. the canadian air force has been deployed to british columbia to help deal with the floods, which have cut off for countries not just port. and the founder of people stranded, 2 days of heavy rain triggered mudslides, blocking key roads and leaving one person dead. and at least 2 others missing president in pakistan. the 2nd largest city has been pleasing with officials to take action out. it was named the most polluted in the world. people have been told to stay in doors while the hall remains blanketed in acrid smoke. but schools and businesses are still open. there's a top stories to stay with a c l 0. witness is up next morning for you after that. thanks for watching bye for
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now. oh. a few survey people before and after the use of pilot 99 percent of them would be much happier than before they go to the point ah a
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with blue. it's not something that many of us spend time thinking about what man has dedicated himself to bringing good sanitation to those who need it. sanitation is perhaps the biggest cause of death and illness in the pool. well, it's a dirty job and someone's got to do it. dec see him is founder of the world toilet organization, the group that the forefront of clean a bathroom in the history of mankind. there have been a lot of the boom, but somebody came up and say, this is not right. you have to do whatever it takes to make people talk with
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. ah, people often ask me how many tell is that you built? my job is not to build pilots. my job is to motivate everybody to build their own pilots. ah. i grew up in singapore when singapore was actually a very, very poor country. we live in slums and we will have an outhouse with buckets going to the bucket to see everybody's and magnus and green flies. it's a very traumatic experience for chop, eventually, singapore, in that in sanitation. we move from the slums to public housing. this is to be the house that i live in. my people is
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600 square feet. who this is my 1st flush the toilet. when we 1st saw the flash pilot, we were so excited we feel like we are reach. this is full by. this is a sculpture of myself when i was. 1 3 years old, i see that that's a piece of land here that is not use. so i was just got your hear. this is all done the legally. i don't have permission for this land, but i want to make people more aware of the importance of the toilet. i think so has this morning. time isn't any. the movie will launch the government's biggest ever cleanliness and sanitation drive, which is aimed at the cleaning of the country and improving the sanitation facilities over the next 5 years. i read in the news people that prime minister mo, the one a landslide victory, promising every single indian family,
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a pilot. don't miss men. mar them are gone, begin it. but aspen dental regarding martha, my god, because subset b upon fight such a bad little that anyway, i but i'm not doing a government mentally. a bod brought up. i cannot get bob. bob. look back. we are not. i received a phone call from the indian high commissioner in singapore, and he says, the chief minister sandra bubble and i do from under protest. would like to meet you that would highlight guy or i'll come for the whole day. and i think, wow, this must be a very important meeting. and the chief minister says he has this mission for me. under pradesh has 50000000 people and 50 percent of the population has no pilots. the chief minister asked me to be co conveners of this can be i have 2
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years to make 6000000 pilots. and if we succeed and report, this will be the model of sanitation for all india. this is the biggest project that the deal has ever done. and if the problem can be solved in india, we solve 60 percent of all problem in the world. i am looking for game of thrones, cost. you mean the under, uh, brad, this project is really gonna be really fun there. so much problem and it requires new thinking out of the state. this coach. we have to move the subject from taboo to fanny from fanny attract a lot of media and a lot of politician and a lot of celebrities and he become sexy. danny book, culture, to pop culture, is the fastest way those soft sanitation problem while to jump.
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how do you actually improve the situation in a practical way? the 1st thing is to make them want to have with violet because they are practicing, opened a vacation for very long time since generation from their ancestor. so when you build pilot and give it to them, they use the toilet as storerooms and the why is it so because open destination is really nice. fresh air. and you can squat there with your friend and you can chit chat. oh. and so how do you change that? open that vacation, which is really so fun going into a lonely by let by your cell. so i thought i will reposition the toilet and make it the happiest room in india. deck was appointed as the cook and we never under position when you think of the amount of the will of the project needs. it is
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huge. and the biggest obstacle is that people perceive us as an international organization which has lots of funds, which is actually not to we are always struggling to raise money from different organization. but if there is a single person who can actually achieve the bigger vision which he wants to achieve, that is jack. when i was 24, i became a salesman in the construction business. and by age 14, i have already great that 16 different businesses business was high, easy to do because i was to talk to but i realize that making money makes you miserable, makes you selfish, makes you fat. and so i last used my skills to help others. hi alicia. at 1st,
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when i switched to social work, my peers who business men said to me, nobody would waste that time. we don't make money. you're making a joke of your cell. but i realize that if you're able to laugh at yourself and you're able to make people laugh, they're paying attention to by playing the pan or will treat organization the media love you. and if they saw me, it will even better in can grow the member of parliament doing up to go to the toilet in berlin. they go and do press conference in the public square. and in uganda my friends thought that i would pull it up whole, this momentum is now getting very, very fast. i have to do more to do more, i will need legitimacy. so i now having all you and would they would be
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like putting a crown on top of the pilot. when mr. simon came to my ministry and proposed the un resolution to name november 19th as well toilet day. there was a certain amount of argument back and forth. is this something we should support will toilet day? people will laugh at us. was troublesome for minister was so it's so before i read it over so bad to know the so the stupid idea 1st was pushing and pushing or time for he i was foreign minister for 7 years missing for government and i thought what he was trying to to what's important to when he caught me, he can i help? i said yes. so good to see how he chuckles the cfo government to see how many years we had to defend the deck and at the scene of oh, that's
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a look. what about for more thing? kin toilets good toilet colors? i think it would completely transform the image of us that had been decided that we would present this resolution, but you cannot just have something like this clocked into the un out of nowhere. so we were trying to find as many co sponsors as possible isn't like playing a computer game. and each level you have to recruit more people. when we met the russian ambassador, he says, i want it to be call. whoa. hi jim day. then i pull him, if you don't agree, i'll just tell the media that he don't think that sanitation is so. and then you have people threatening the russian. yeah. so after the 30 seconds of silence, he says, okay,
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we'll support you. when we had add this site up, the african states, the pacific island, and europe as the whole block, then the rest doesn't want to object any more because of $193.00 countries already 122 sponsored b. our resolution was on the teva and it's like any objection and there was silence and then they just not that they were half. and so we are like, so judy land and so happy a general assembly. welcome to all of you to commemorate. well, why that day? i feel like a father at the wedding. the bright name is called sanitation. she
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looks so pretty today. this is certainly the biggest individual thing that we have done at the united nations, and certainly i'm very proud of toilet they world toilet day or even a real thing. yeah, of course, that's a real thing. november 19th world toilet that. thank you to be here. the day that makes sense for those of you who associate obama toilets, i for the 1st time, and i feel like i'm a single floor in the, by my country with i'm going to take this whole to the new york one. your drivers though with
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bill gates, spend hundreds of millions of dollars to researching the best pilot technology from all over the world. and i'm here to find the best buy, let fall under per fish. oh, i don't have any more. all the people who has done sanitation, india, one percent has been the more the popularized the twin pilot. this is a very simple and affordable technology. this is equivalent to the nobel peace prize of water and sanitation. and he got it, and he will also get on his recruitment, google job, and he, he would us, so in his fix,
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his fix go transition. it. just imagine this way of been made by that very sexy. yeah. but i did go to be a 6 to each other interstate, 60 dr. a into a proposal with, with what you offer to come with. because i think talent in india, do they have high per dollar income per b? and if you ask them to hybrid, tried it, of cheese harness and so difficult to put it. so me that it is possible.
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what we need to do is to get away from the mindset to solve the problem with technology and to think of a solution that goes directly to benefit the poor. here you go to that by lead in the morning before sunrise and after sunset by inbetween, how do you go do that, violet? a whole bunch of a. yeah, i don't i do. i did to got a by the
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latest blossom. if government bayman is a secure, i will, you'll be a valid daily mom that i really meant to mother to learn more methods when to come and live you. i'm my, that's a like a miracle to put me really just want let and the legacy of little would so to know that again the from little meeting billy. so if somebody lend you money to build the toilet, then the government will give you back the money to read than this. listen out for the school toilet. a student who managers will not have been there this, but the government has said they're going to give these people money. but toilet steel and been built. ah
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come from a life say of worse. biggest fear. where can you believe it? millions and millions and millions of people are coming every 12 years. they come from every corner of that. for the trip with this camilla continued history. because this is mila with their message. clean revolution ah, 600 a 1000000 people in india need find it. so this is a great opportunity to bring a change. ah
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with dr pilot, you can see the happiness, the joy, the smile on his face. and i think i've never met the like jack, ah ah, in india, people are not very much open to this idea right now. if he going out means being free. oh, he said, why not? i can make dollars sexy. every think sexy, sexy. he has to take other approaches. i'm so not only one approach, ah,
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a little bit of a that i don't got to do. i go to a conflict. so hopefully that's your goal with or whatever. i have your body guy. i study with that i did. how many back
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we go. a day. i'm no, i'm talking about the the boot bad. go the big one. and the 6. i'm a good, a small, right? oh my god, i live. i live people. well, we want to make a home in it like i do every month. just to say you saw it is you don't show me that i met only dogs. then what would happen? nothing. a gen number of his don't buy the album financial open the was a minute,
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would precaution facial and anymore. and i'm sure the barney my g. hm. bonnie but he wasn't allowed to think on every hemming in india is to say to his please j sullivan. ram, it will be with us but aren't actual we miss you say t, their police alone, lowest of all the little differently in tribes for 5 years. no chance of escape. they kill fella. men can meledonis. i'm going to take it almost him about. but if i don't that there is a broad, but i put this sort of get on body therapy at the poodle. fantastic. let him know where to go. think of their emotions edition by this said, i want clean india fast and independence little
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so i play introduce myself just to feel the pin, the pin for tools, a totally bushwick disc hole. but he was full of an edge. so they asked me what it was doing, abraham in green toys. my father in law was j. v. imaging is history. i don't want to pursue of his i should say titian. today's number one day. he wrote life, which i did a 2nd and 3rd. ah,
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the problem is good to you, i believe i did just charge it, but that it just takes time to change from file told you yes, you until india's not too difficult. nearly when invitation. and now you said you must have got it inside the house. i didn't you were billed to either to or show or it will take 100 years more or take you? yes him i my job is to chince people my set about pilots. but how can i change their minds if they don't listen to my ideas? african narrative lou from african perspective i knew
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series of short documentary by african filmmakers from across the continent. this is going to really get to met or handled africa direct coming soon on al jazeera big can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing as cattle a ways brings your favorite thing to cut off for the free for arab golf to 20. 21. greatness is in the air. let saul is juan and rich new heights. join us in, cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked to your package. now at canton, airways dot com. question the narrative. you don't have ways to shake weight or disinformation east real or not. you don't have any way to verify. identify who is telling the story that those debates and these are multi national corporations that
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are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm going to tell you that i think that many people died because of the lifting pace. deconstruct the media on out is era. lou. oh, nora taylor in london. the top stories are now to sierra medic, since you dance at least 15 people have been shot dead by security forces during another mass protest against lost monks, military takeover. dozens of people have been injured by lie far and tig us, according to the central committee of sudanese doctors, thousands of demonstrators marching across the capitol cartoon and several other cities.


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