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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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prism to alice out his loss legitimacy. he needs to step down. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examine the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human assert master of chaos on all jazeera. ah . hello, i'm down jordan doe. the quick reminder, the top stories here on al jazeera medics incidence at least 15 people have been shot dead by security forces during another mass protest against last month's military takeover. wrestle said our reports, not in the capital costume. the demonstrations in student continue less than a week after hundreds of thousands around the country to the streets, demanding the military diverse is take off. the government. people came out on
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wednesday to be 3 that seemed demand ah little now go home with any i demand for civilian government and the military council to be taken to court. and those who killed people to be handed justice city been and those who are making our lives hard here must also be brought to justice. the protest were organized by bodies known as resistance committees and the forces will freedom and change position, which has been shared in power with the military. again, protestors were met with widens including tear gas and live ammunition by school to forces to disperse them. several have been killed and many more injured. o authorities also destroy the phone lines. the internet has been restricted since the military takeover and those restrictions became tougher during breton as these demonstrations. but all that didn't deter the crowds from gathering in capital and
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other cities. protesters behind me, they are barricade and the roads are fighting at the ty, yours burdening the tires and chanting. i guess it did the military. they say they want an immediate restoration off a civilian government and they say all so they want the release of the political prisoners and also on me to commit to death cause additional declaration. it's signed in 2019 with, with, with civilians. general up at the head will hand who dissolved the 2 years transitional government has promised to appoint a government of technocrats to lead onto elections in 2023. do you as caught a to sudan after the military takeover and has urged and returned to civilian government? sudan had been on the path toward a democracy in stability. returning to that path is the best way for she down to attain peace and prosperity become
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a leader on the continent and to restore very strong support from the international community. the protest to see they will do all they can to force the military to hand power to a civilian government. and wednesdays demonstrations showed that their dispute with the military leadership is far from for from said that al jazeera cartoon. the u. s. secretary of state has reiterated calls for sci fi and ethiopia as conflict expressing concern. the war could spill over to the horn of africa. anthony blink and made the comments in kenya's capital during the 1st leg of his africa to you. an invoice, not galveston says, an i sl affiliate there has expanded and seems to be present in all provinces. the groups, latest attacks, bombings, and as she a neighborhood in cobbled kill 10 people. special representative. deborah lions told the security council as evidence. the taliban is responding to the violence with extra judicial killings and attentions. bella. ruth, is set up shelters her migrants and refugees stranded on the border with poland.
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thousands of people trying to reach the e. you have been living in makeshift camps. the canadian air force has been deployed to british columbia to help clear blocked roads after flooding in the province. canada's largest port has been cut off and thousands of people are stranded. at least one person is dead and 2 others missing. several towns have been completely isolated, and there are reports of food supplies running low more rains expected in the coming days. on 2000 people have died from a drug overdose in the u. s. over a 12 month period. it's an increase of nearly 30 percent. and it's more than those killed by guns or car crashes. centers for disease control says the overdose is, are primarily down to opioids with fentanyl involved in more than half of the cases . and the world health organization says deaths from cobit 19 have risen 5 percent in europe in the past week. the highest numbers being reported are in russia, britain and germany. all right, those are the headlines. the news continues here now 0 after aren't as they were
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world state you. and thanks for watching by for them. ah, a ah ah business if the mission pesky cisneros in nina told them, another woman who collects good melamine news, washington, misty and t shirt center dixon, wondering are you gonna look logos or was hacked in the handsome mc tile upholden
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chair, several political defend mitigate them while at the home of door ah, ah many people living and working in the world's biggest cities today, yard, generally better off than their parents and grandparents generations. but what does better ralph made to some it's just a matter of having more money than people had 50 years ago. but for others it's about his sessions. what we earn the cars, we drive the clothes we wear, the technology we use. this film is about stuff how much we have and how much we actually need. acquiring stuff is a true pleasure for many people, whether it's picking up a bargain at the shopping mall or upgrading an old ice him with the latest model, or simply receiving a gift from a friend. with each transaction,
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our acquisition of material things increases. but how much is enough? the question is as old as consumerism itself. but especially in the global pandemic, is now being raised again across the world on tv, in movies on streaming services and on social media. both all a little bit and dr. mitchell radio as a him cool, julio beulah fit in the middle of i some believe middle dead kitten, miss ellis, he lou collect get many miss pushing the limits, get millions selected, 3, let me down. let me use the i've gone to finish pollen less acquittal abilities. air will. nora shows he controls on that said out, or john lives in turkey's largest city. it's down both. he's a social media consultant in his thirty's, married with a young daughter. their apartment has all the regular middle class modern
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conveniences, including a home office for said that before working from home was forced on us. while on the surface his life might have seemed ideal. so that decided he needed to reassess his life style, his spending and overall work life balance. kinda mild and lack of an understand my son. kazama saw that he always did it the h charge all mother had alden and be treated. she said kalu didn't shift their cover for murder color. we're livid. i'm shaky day. hollis fisher chika latasha deposited the market there. i'm sure there will be shaking discipled co luck. those honesty i am only, i shaded this atlanta short little vacuum. many of the family purchases were at the local shopping mall. it's convenient and catered for most chop. his name at the mall is about more than just shopping. it's a day out,
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an entertainment filled center for all the family. on the back door was on its homes. are the military really? we alice with schuchman mutiny. give them the if get mixed at the museum. so they get mix to the me. i am elder. and not be last look of your closer meaning to get them understand the thurman muscular telephone that she kid that cool. now ne sister bicycle little telephone that she kill ended and minimal misconduct animal matter. not really landed on them. like, you know, such a showing is civic toward liberal ms. should be a shirt ball more than child to kicked him in. ye be a din all doing the fire they do it would in in that he to a letter worth more better either margaret let all the swedish markers little bit return. never tallish with a shift to kid to move. what doesn't chon demon and to kid him? dean and then all muscle must shutter to can make it would be it wou, dean,
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him get the can for the kid, i'm over the bushes. as in sam chuk, the and then she controlled herself with a yet out of them active, she pitts shaken the bouquet to me, allison's army jackson's. yet, mazda jackson's the how york, with these vixen's with should i could shake this is a and it was, sheila pas are leads reckless name patient missing. now much susan, needed to me still cindy. a so don't or my can to met. awesome that or bit if that could be the hallmark the truth or hallmark that seeped on the look. wash, boucher, the labor day. miss ella. alma grims, alma mater, adams alone. she allows them all me and she only estimate i'm at now on york soon. he said, mike tubby bull, i didn't miss it in alton. later gotta take angela plan was to talk on meeting issues. so the sooner lauderdale up there got amok alicia, pilot golden chair, several clinical attend mitigate a while ago said that decided to look for people who turned that
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back on consumerism in favor of a simpler life. or what people are now polling minimalism. the philosophy of simple living is about being satisfied with what you have rather than what you want . it's a movement that's existed for centuries in different forms, as now once again gaining traction. as with any major life change, the hardest part is often the 1st step. because it in the, on the skipping would be fantastic than he said marable shuttle, but then also the acid unhindered. suspicious damage on sit on o child's journey of self discovery began with examining the family finances he earns, he spends here and more. he spends more, it's a never ending cycle in which wealth is gained only to be lost. again,
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sedans wanted to explore the alternatives to see if it was possible to break this cycle. but in a family friendly way. yes of the latin politic linen will be shaken double and they are tilden, he said you have a good all model in dbi. it did occur that it was a little more than you tube loop jakarta and wouldn't know, so they still have it in the additional room debt collect agent one day to let us know because you're going to set you up on my bill even. okay, so that's not adopted and that the it any day than that lunch, a little schmuck. got to go into those in, into an nasa bush. alice, i go to make changes all of our cautious holden to make a month with the, with the dish. i should his 1st stop was the major house, meaning a co operative house. it's in the aegean region of western turkey. it calls itself an environmental village and as
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a community of like minded people all practicing an alternative lifestyle. it was set up in 2005 with the aim of its members deciding on their exact needs and then providing for them themselves. imagine houses founder ismael unicorn created the community in response to his own disillusionment with modern city life. he believed he was devoting too much time to work simply to secure his basic needs. housing, water, and electricity, yennie garden and his young family moved to a 3 heck tear plot of land johnson to live at one with nature. ventures, gum i never occasion. yeah. any of yours a para yet, evie she is what we either should get to his y e cause or no she or learned that you should clear shoes yet total will stand up than it should it be. it was what if i should register one would up which to so and lose or brush. could you do you, are you the, are the son but a sure to cinder,
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democratic michigan. it were doyle william lou earlier sherman emotional lou key language english to get him more tripped imo motors. such an a good a taylor, sir. they aren't chicken attention. they will research eric there shouldn't certify the solo do if you wanna check them. whenever i scanned it as though they ha monroe glue, what would you say? listen ela answer. ringback your yes, that is said. the major house is a year round project for ismael, his wife, re hon and daughter soraya. it's also an open house for like minded people. visitors are expected to help out with farming and daily domestic shoals. nicky, you liana, she put us in the truck, our spot owner, who bought an eye up. mike newton, it, donna yale, my z,
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emily is kit all. no luck with it, mich chalk call. i will not american and will know you sunday order. just read all say i shot again. little yup. won't look hello, but she told little talk cool olden. hey jada. sorry, a show i get meaning. surgical films, the in yellow, little old. lunar with your shark. i am cornish or can really kinda near shot again . yeah. tall good, it's in our kitchen, it's in argent who should services and the number of visitors is can range from a handful of guests to dozens of people from all over the world. we'll see you for that during said at our jobs visit. he was accompanied by a family who like him, was also questioning their big city lifestyle. the visit to imager house raised profound questions for so that could he really quit the rat race and up brute his family to live in a community like this? what about his daughter's education?
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how would his wife react? dakota does psychiatry all you can even with reading only possess nuclear in bed w 2 in the girlish her and that ng yeah. i think with utmost furniture, cinder music, carrying that in english, 7 miles, her leather shouldered nearby to decide nicholas and yanking at him. retook zenick listened. un only a village. x had to take my son worth it. he had a child the to do, said nick. yet in between there and she little omnia, you chick, be the a priscilla doing hagen didn't mr. live his we we are pullin never. they say tom harmond the colon. madame mash kasheila and impatient and acidic wouldn't be either of them as itsyana. dip could do the shem zing and nick. now this is shirley chalk counseling, shondae. yup. them, they will debussy you, housing, he took his load an inch and get a smile. been mine on the whole young guy minister and in it's in colorado,
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design the she serial and kindergarten. those i don't like state michelle make out mac michelle or kiss mc tall make meet. so by up mac, marty islam, luck jani. we took, i knew were made in the 2nd, they appear one sodium health layer that would give them to george, couldn't lay out a little doll or requisite how much is older, calais, young o'clock on the gentle beach, elma, or cold obediently eating each loaded electric tessa janet, by side of your little gallery as i watched, gets her cindy on little. yeah. and he did. it did tardy. dar, cindy, a honda so i shall cut you off the punch. fallen little choked old henson, similar mixture some road in vicky project, share your of your your video dancing student that image of and you called oh i think
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a little maternity or has she told you bit method or could i do my at near bins? you're hungry all up and i've been allowed to do is i needed it as another talk me it. it was. yeah, that's what it gets you them her? yes. nicole ideally at the on it and it's how i can none of mac hazy a make mishma energy leticia one or don't coupler. no physics has a little bit of a sean, the auckland, that can be to the detroit michigan. yeah. did that, did you do that have sold you? oh, think, i mean it was an issue with each other. give us a new mexico religion, giving it back in their apartment. in istanbul, sedans, wife delivered her opinion on the idea of living in a rural commune, imaging. oh, that's a lot of, i don't, it was like 2 o'clock and i was on hold was in love with dish. out of yes. the they
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still was a couple of these are shady, social and physical love. from, from a class she imagine life jani bandanna, must be it yet. and bottom, dodge organic, be they'd be more than the next little build that was good in brooklyn, u b. and it did the deck like ne, the yeah, missy be javin cooper. she had the comment on the ticket i time to find out the time that i did development on that just as will be doing. sure. mm ah. so dont continued with his work, but at the same time learned more about this simple living movement. it had become clear to him that they would different degrees of simple. at one end of the spectrum was a lie for rural isolation. while at the elbow with a bright lights of the busy city, saddam was looking for a compromise. a middle puff and next spoke to a retired businessman who had turned his back on consumers m
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khatri patio retired at 53 from his senior management role in a successful business. he managed several 100 people, was paid a large salary and had all the trappings of so called success. but he turned his back on his lifestyle in favor of a simpler life, with his 7 children, and 3 grandchildren. mud the remodel. don't flam sol, so shall see. i'll see. these said he lost told me to call the lava. most saw there, there stood him at o put us, you know? yup. which be in some of the company dilemma. negative thoughts hidden them all should be good to follow. that dilemma will not etsy too. dr. eugene was all going to that. as we said, that it was a little bitty and beside the funds. obama, bella, it was that there isn't that m. e some boyar boy a show him of them it miss abbey. stupid admission odor. it may tell you
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a little bit. and then the staff was looked locally stafford video, or they can have, we hadn't love them all of that look. mission of they did on our nation. all mules . casala did at boy loom good of shape been initiative armor was one while they're blue. couldn't see panic, get to the counselor either the automatic man died that little plu, bobby teachy, the other economic b to soften alma. yup. but the meaning that do you deal old little canoes? bizarre, good addiction. after retirement cadre petite built a house in a small village near its stumble. it was an escape from all the precious and stresses of city life. we a letter could never code them highly. char, they get sick or shimmers udall day. you must have rush. he stumbled the auction k out of negative give you or to do to look me or to to have to mush
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it till you put them under the old and mish bitty child. sure, it is so clear, the ha ha latorsha could, will saw there shall pity, sire. sunday. you'd be sure your mother, he came say a mythology for them. he shed abortion mother. he's better home figured. mother should have been made wash out of him. the local life, public, or to their children, plunder the problem, be to be check. mark millicat busher book, written heartless, has up picked up. is that a clue? luthey dated july legibly. the beetle tours. and we'll talk soon at that. it wouldn't be nicky said at him, we apologize. how ya milan? good nerd. ya then goes and gets harris. bella lucia was yelling with sheridan's easier than the sort of the retired businessman introduce sedans,
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to a simple life support group. it's an opportunity for people from all walks of life to compare their experience of changing lifestyles and living with less much. she says it between pulses, project workers, look it up and hugs him. feel the lesson is we just kind of stood critical dealer. the higher the cousin tells pulido, so the harder to learn in the least it is going to be an 8th grade. will not i often cuz i understood it was also looked at each of them. really picked a look them mccormick for to learn the rules on the phone with how much the boots are there. hm. what was the, had a missed victor had emerged on in solid was busy b, i'm about to tom saw the in some stuff in some ocean was saw that lucian will go to
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kit mc. did dean's under all sun you between the left said here give you had sheets, get your shoes d i to get to source brush gum law will cartoon which would negative the us had live to get your channels so i can cite they i live the to get me a rush, we have shows we will come them to kid you thought you nancy almost now so and would be able to get my kitchen government and be the day she get hired to was out update. dick and katie article longer said i yeah. nick bull saw that your model to columbia, she continued critical comes a cup up to the credit, got to new york, lactic ball collector, a salon done the aims, and must resist and call them shoulder chosen to stop there. daughter and i'm seeing the little book in issuing the retailers fish could yes and the 100 then him to come
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a buckle and be cut to be sure to stay on to minute and it kind of it is still the such plumber cast. maybe they need us cream to get you make it buster certain side i up legally. yup. thought i some other than sonya they didn't. did she allowed me bizarre coke till mamma bother kid. there guys, mom took less to deliver lou yale and then just to go back a snug called little touch with us and i get to miss it. it said, oh, natured your opponent of is penny john talked to father. i don't want that was also going to be leading to factor. ah, having made some changes to his lifestyle saddam made contact with members of the simple life support group. he stick please. yes. last in the deep all he see the on loma woochie. she's falcon. lovely either normally we all love teresa.
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dishes arms or under the sun is getting 10 d c, g. yes. and we have a shuttle who's the navy? i don't know whether she is in the business. yuke sal by dar had been a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry. he made a lot and spent a lot enjoying luxury holidays and buying expensive clothes. but he discovered that for him, money did not buy happiness. it cut lullaby, tip top lamb on dot, and it kindly caused them, although namely they had to leave them 30 ish m m, i shall a 1000 up. the mutual clue de, she click here, share them with the company. is charlotte and sancho law. 30 gentlemen, d. still missing a miracle up to look all don't forget them. it will a grin. curt, under yawn chicken doyle, neuron. columbus highland yelena cannot columbia them harangue?
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gimme a sham yolk. ishamley mac wanted her womb lou aldermore dish in your home. we had a nick that i knew not to the the, the 2nd day in the room is unleashed, her cautioned. and so park in mid aligned me with our stay in, says on tomlin dylan they are this, but what i'm giving him my little stay song for sat 2nd kitchenman shaking dickie you 5 dollars a candle denzel. net bill. if i, this is one of good news is among a billing g. oslander on there is formalism. he says is subtle. marcella, english she ditty. steer towards it. won't miss ritz isn't indeed come. i mean kasha tell off lately that alma it says in mere shaking day caution, accomplish capital. my little almost garrick methods are sold on my day. your
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lesson schmiel energy, formerly lunacy, be she d true? saw the g. a 1000000 energy form. oh my, this hype, all meckler, all my disciple norma got a cinder. is she just to fuck look, and jeanette did your hand now far? could you be a shade div bussey gives him. ah, oh. a tens of thousands of children born into old lives under the icicle regime in iraq and syria. now many are in camps either orphans or with mothers, rejected by their own communities, chicken thought people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary his,
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that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera. there's a lot more into al jazeera than t v with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is a world award winning online content, and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to broaden the people to be to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch up here with me. sandra, got them on al jazeera when the conflict between b. c. okay. and government and the regional take great people's liberation front, has kill thousands and internally displaced more than 2000000 over the past 7 month . 350000 people in that region are facing famine, according to the united nation, which says that starvation is being used as
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a weapon for those who managed across the border, say it's not because conditions have improved back home. they say to grants, continue to be targeted because of the in many prophecies are being reported and while they come to taking refuge conditions here are far from ideal. lou. hello, i'm darn goldman dough. the top stories here and al jazeera medics in sedan sat these 15 people have been shot dead by security forces during another protest against last month's military takeover. dozens of people have been injured by live fire and tear gas, rifle, solder reports, and cartoon. you know, in the border district court capital hard to and people have started together here around 1 pm.


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