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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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randy as agricultural center, historically is the washington state nook, sack river floods 1st, and then that triggers a chain of events leading into canada. but this time, this extreme rainstorms, so the fraser valley, even before the connected river systems could flood it. the u. s. light has b c very much, still on high alert, and this entire area, racing for more. jodie vance al jazeera vancouver. ah, it is good to be with us. hello adrian, for the can hear it though. how the headlines on how to 0 that been more confrontations between security forces and protest as in sudan. at least 15 people were killed on witness day after police opened fire on demonstrators. there's anger over the ministry refusal to hand back power to civilians. al jazeera is russ who, solder as more from cartoon, new kalash as erupted in would
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a district and the people, the protest. there's ought of medicaid in the roars, while the security forces are fighting the tear gas to disperse. that is the protest there's and this protest is our mainly gathering due to their violence that happened yesterday. also a group of lawyers on now had into would this vague, just to report, take the reports and to the tour of the security forces from using excessive force . i guess this protest as in what a district for now, it's happening on a small scale g 7 nations of colon baylor roof to end. the crisis on the board with poland. thousands of refugees migrants are still living in makeshift camps and freezing conditions. that a rooster set up some shelters, but there's no sort of any resolution and it's stand off with poland. e leaders of accused by the roots of trying to push migrants into the european union. hundreds of iraqi migrants and refugees who has stopped to the border are flying home.
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iraq's foreign ministry is trying to locate others in bay the roost who also want to leave europe is struggling with a new wave of cove at 19. germany is parliament is considering new measures to cut the outbreak, france and the netherlands are among those who've already imposed restrictions. armenia says the russian mediated cease fire with as a by john is mostly holding following violence earlier this week. it was the worst flare up since last year's conflict over the disputed nagondo cadillac border region and the philippines government as accusing beijing of sabotaging a resupply mission in the disputed south. china. see, it says the incident happened on tuesday near the contested sprightly islands. chinese coast guard is reported to have blocked the philippines ships and fired water cannon. the vessels were carrying supplies to a military base. others, the headlights ponies for here on al jazeera,
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what after inside story coming up next ah, complete, but not operational. the law stream to project is put to hold. germany has halted approval for this pipeline that will bring rushing gas into europe. so is it a politically motivated decision and what does it mean? full gas prices that are old by the hi. this is inside story. ah,
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hello, welcome to the program. i'm hashem, alibaba. a pipeline created to supply gas from russia to germany, and europe has suffered another setback. germany's and as the regulator has suspended approval of the north stream to it, once the russian company behind the project to form a local subsidiary to operate the german parts of the pipeline, thus pushed up a whole se gas prices in the u. okay. and e u and as you price says, well ready, high after the winter in europe, blasio put prussia on supplies. the u. s. and many european countries say the project would increase europe's reliance or russian energy and could be weaponized by moscow. but russia maintains it will, sole, the countenance energy crisis. last month president vladimir putin announced moscow could start supplies as soon as it gets the green light from germany. jeremy kobus,
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you know, papa zap all in the gossum. as i've already told you, is 18500000000 cubic meters multiplied by 2 minus 9 billions of guest non delivered on the european markets by the americans and the middle east partners and 22500000000 shortage because of decreasing production. european gas markets could now face a shortage of 70000000000 cubic meters of guess that's a lot. yes, the meet you understood if it's in the earth pipeline of the north seemed to is full of gas. and if the gym and regular to hands have clearance for supplies to morrow, supplies of 17500000000 cubic meters will start the day after to morrow. in december or the technical work to fill the 2nd pipeline of north gym to will be finished. in total, the amount will be 55000000000 cubic meters away. ukraine opposes the nor stream gas pipeline and welcomed the german regulators. decision. uri with ranko has the energy company, natural gas,
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and says the moose adjust that the journal regulates as shies, our position. that certification can not only apply to the pipeline in germany. he says it should apply to the entire pipeline from the territory of the russian federation. to the territory of germany, nasir him to is expected to double the volume of gas coming from russia into europe . the 1200 kilometer pipeline is owned by the russian energy giant gas brought with investment from several european companies. it was carried 55000000000 cubic meters of natural gas a year, nor stream to was bill to run under the baltic sea and bypass poland and ukraine is predecessor nor stream one used the same brought were launched. the 2 pipelines could account for up to 60 percent of russia's gas acts was to europe. in august, the u. s. imposed sanctions of russian vessels laying the pipeline for the project
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. ah, let's bring in our gas in berlin or rick brook no. professor of political science at stanford university in belinda in moscow, a part of the old fagen, how're is political commentator and columnist 4 and a via gazette her in burn cornelia meyer is an economist and oil and gas specialist welcome to the program or rick to what extent was the german watch, those decision to suspend the approval for the nord stream to purely technical and based on administrative grounds? well this is hard to say on the one hand, it's not a court that actually independently. so an agency report to the government, and that was exactly the reason why the european court of justice criticized the status of the federal agencies for network approval. that the status should become
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more independent and in order to avoid political influence. so as current state, it can be influence, they can receive orders from the government. but the question is, who's calling them? because we are in the middle of a handful from the medical administration to the new as we call it, street lights coalition with 3 parties involved. and therefore, no one is really in the driver's seat. at this point. puzzle, i understand the general sentiment in russia would be the basically, this is a politically motivated decision. well, naturally the kremlin says they believe it's not that this is a technical kind of a cup that are be russian and for sponsor or nor street to a g, which is registered in switzerland and owns and operates and should operate north
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street too. i will have to create a german, procedurally that will take $4.00 to $6.00 weeks to create and then the german agency, you again begin the process of certification and in general of the period of certification, which is 4 months beginning from a deborah, that means january, they are complete, there's a problem that after that the issue may go 4 or more months in the european commission a. so it's not clear when they actually are more stream do is going to be operational . and that's not seen very good in brush cornelia, given the current situation, it seems that this is going to take at least 8 months for the paperwork to be processed in germany to ensure this is going to be under you jurisdiction. and you have the same time energy crunch, which is likely to further strain the economy in europe. how do you see this moving
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forward in the upcoming months? well, it's not easy and i don't think it has to take 8 months to a certain degree while unfortunate. i understand what the german regulator has done because switzerland is not in d, e. u. and anything under swiss or you know, under swiss, her law is not, is not subject to the european court of justice. so if they want to get the pipeline approved by the e u, this may not feed the dumbest move that they have done. and so what, what, what really is important is to get to really fast track did that this incorporation at the move of the assets and then fast track the approval and give them the energy crunch that we have. i think it's in, in most people's interest to, to, to get this done quickly. however, as some our colleague in berlin has pointed out,
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we are in, we are in between a interregnum. we are between 2 governments and the new government. you have the social democrats, the s p d who is very pro on balance, very pro noise stream to and you have the greens who are very against noid stream to. so this is not gonna be, it's not going to be the easiest of times for noise stream to o rig alert until a few months ago, the general feeling in your, of that russia was not pumping enough gas into european continent choosing. instead, what it described as the neutral refill its own stocks. and this explains why many have been saying that russia is weapon ising. it's a gas. do you think that this decision by the german wash it all comes against the backdrop of this ongoing, a roll over how to do with the gas supplies in europe?
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well, we have seen several winters in which russia weaponized gas supply for a t o strategic reasons. and one can read the latest developments in a similar way, because we are currently in rather hot phase of cold conflict that includes bella roles and it includes the ukraine. and certainly in russia, the best interest to see very high gas prices. while inside the european union, we see a number of countries being heavily dependent on russian gas that differs from country to country. and that also explains why we have a very capital pony block has called these days when it comes to think of shell north street and be open as soon as possible to lower the gas prices. where is this just another? in teens and that can be turned against the european union as a whole puzzle. i mean the gus giant gospel decided to reduce the shipments through
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the amal europe pipeline that goes through the bellows and also poland. things that instead in needs of this particular moment to prioritize the we're finished with own domestic storage facility, which lead men to think or, you know, what russia squeezing gas supplies for political reasons. oh, of course moscow rejects and you kind of say such notions and says that the higher gas prices in europe are result of very higher gas prices in b as if the k share region. and that a 5 gas supplies by tanker go in that direction instead of going to europe because the prices are higher there. and the gas promise is actually honoring all contract obligations. ok, but the problem of course, is very much their own car. yes, prices mazda says it's not that interested,
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that's interested in a stable situation. but it's also clear at russia with want to have an option not to use the ukranian gas transport system at all, or to put pressure may be on ukraine or also if there's any kind of serious where on the border between ukraine and russia, which could technically even stop boy by the transit grass real break, then russia have options through to buy for an actual for them because they're 2 black ones, each with 2 pipes though you through, under the, on the baltic sea. and of course, another one, the other pipelines going through turkey. so russia and could bypass a possible confrontation zone and continue to keep europe supply and maybe incent europe not to intervene and do any kind of where ups that could happen in
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eastern europe. cornelia, you have winter and you have energy crisis. how are we to blame? is it the post pandemic recovery? is it russia or is it weather related events, particularly last winter? it is the perfect storm you had last winter. you had such a cold winter that star was on plenty shed and i have some sympathy for gas brom again for 1st filling their own storage because they had a cold winter to. so dare storage shoe. it was, was deplete that to, for 1st you know, you 1st look after your own people and then then you go further. so, so that's one thing. then we have obviously the competition as was mentioned between them, asia and europe. for l n g, we're big because china is importing more and more l n g. this year china will become the largest import, the globally of l. n. she, it will, it will supercede japan in that position. and so, so we have,
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and obviously we have some geopolitical tensions. but, but, but mainly it's the perfect storm of supply and demand. and when it comes to price, yes, obviously the high l n g prices are partly to blame, but we also have to see that part of the european take off is indexed to oil. and so when oil prices go up, part of the part of the indexation goes up as well. so, so it's, it's tough and for europe, the question is, how do we get enough gas? and how do we ensure that we don't put the poor segments off to population for the chart to, to stark choice of do i eat or do i heat? now, a route for the governing coalition. in germany, you have a decision that is made now, which is most likely going to result in low storage levels in europe, an energy crisis, different economies, sectors affected. is that and a contingency plan here for germany and for europe. well,
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it's interesting that every member of the upcoming government announces that we need to radical changes when it comes to climate change. and they are all pushing for renewables that more needs to be done more than what the previous government has done. and given that we've seen the rising gas prices that could potentially be leveraged on the stand, that it's now high time. and we shouldn't discuss the nitty gritty is of how distant is when male next to a building or all the reasons why it didn't meet the targets that have been defined before. so they are certainly a push coming from the current. what was described as a perfect storm that we'll see more efforts and more investment in renewables and decreases the cio strategic dependency from russia. pulse is, this is
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a crisis moment. everybody's looking for leverage. comes to ukrainian. the seem to be pretty much excited about the potential. what might happens next, particularly because they are now going to be part of the consultation process. do you think that the ukrainians now are given this unique opportunity? will they have to put more pressure on all the parties for whatever happens in the future? oh, yes, the your regulator, including the ukranian, represented different germany. and if the gas there are gas transporting company in to the certification process, but of course it doesn't have any power. you, craig, an opinion taken into consideration, but no more than that. it's kind of nice at the but it doesn't give you a grain, any kind of say, and they are worried that if russia. ready managers to get
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a more stream to our pool we operate, you know, anytime soon in the coming year in the beginning of the coming year, that may give russia the opportunity to do something more drastic in military terms of the brain. and also of course, cut the cranium supply through your brain may be dramatically, and that means they won't have to use the so called virtual reverse system to get russian. yes, but officially, not coming from russia, it's coming from. so you're somewhere. but actually it's russian gas and they won't get that. so they're also have problems this winter and in general, further on. so yes, the gradients are buried on the number of issues concerning russia and they're very, very canary. how do you respond to the argument that one of the main reasons why in the past the russians were trying to deliberately withhold gas from europe is
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particularly because they were trying to push the europeans to shift from the spot market, but chases to the newly online platform based in st. petersburg so that the russians will have a bigger se on the, on the trade it trading of gas. well actually the russians prefer, prefer not spot markets, but long term agreements. which when you know how much investment is needed into getting gas from the gas field to the, to the end user to the burner tape is, is, is perfectly understandable. and i, i would not, i would not take big stock on that. and when it comes to ukraine is the ukraine is, is difficult. it's tricky. but i would also like to remind us that russia has supplied europe with gas for the past 50 years or so without essentially missing a beat. even, even when the former soviet union was breaking up. so yes,
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there are to politics and, and, and obviously did. they're playing politics. but in the end, over all russia has been a pretty reliable supplier. it also needed the foreign currency from, from europe. i would just like to quickly respond to our colleague in germany in terms of absolutely the german government wants to move to more renewables, but to get from here to debt, they will still need gas. let's not forget, they want to get out of coal there. what am i getting out of nuclear? so somehow you need to have to bass slowed to produce the electricity that everybody needs. ok, eric says we're scientific that are the ultimate go and game for all the parties here. now, europe, supplies of natural gas remain tight, which means other prices are definitely going to continue to go up, which is most likely going to push many countries, germany in particular, to revisit dirty fuel, particularly her coal and fuel oil. is this
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a good option given that the coalition with the grid is part of it, are definitely going to dismiss it. well, it is too early to predict what exactly the new coalition government will design what they keep everything secret, not only on energy policy and she was strategic questions. but the whole coalition agreement is kept the secret. and we will, you know, next week what the various compromises will look like. and one can read the decision today as a way to buy time for the new government to decide how to balance the conflicting interests, how to fulfill the requirements from the european union to divide operation and the network. this is technically an important reason for the agency. why decide of the way decided, but i think it's also an additional geopolitical guardianship and the ongoing
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discussions with russia and bella ross. if one makes a move another country makes another move. and this does not even need to have anything to do with energy puzzle. says this is definitely a crisis with geopolitical proportions. now, the russians because the supply 35 percent of the gas impulse for the european is have a leverage. but ultimately, their biggest concern is that if they have any future problems with a russian, it means that a huge chunk of the revenues the use to get from the european bucket is going to be massively affected. is this something which is likely to push the russians for a balancing act here? well, well, york needs a rush and russian gas, and of course, russian needs you are to russia is supplying natural gas japan to. ready china,
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but the year that europe is essentially quiet. so russian euro bar tied together there of the future has problems with the c o 2, a signature on that station coming in effect in europe with european union saying that they will oppose any kind of extraction of gas or oil in the arctic with rushes, rejecting right now, so they are serious problems in the future, their problems right now. problems in the future, how rush is going to be seen and how russia is going to be interacting with your own supply and gas. not only gas pressure supplies many other oil and methyl fertilizer and lots of other kind of model. ready so these are russia, europe have to work together, but right now there's a lot of problems in
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a lot of misunderstanding. it's very complex and very dangerous. cordelia is said there is going to be a long way to go for the germans to before they have their own diversified renewable energy platforms. for the time being, do you think that bringing non russian oil to the european market is going to be easy tapping into potential resources nearby or looking for alternatives? is this something which is feasible in the short term? when he already, we already see l n g from all sorts fights of the world to come to europe, to l. n. g terminals. we have them pipelines coming from the mediterranean, from north africa, through the mediterranean. but mind you there again, we have if you look at libya, if you look out a dodge area, we have to your political tensions. so, so, so there again, we need to am, it's, it's just europe will need to get the gas sent the oil from where they can get it,
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and russia will, will, we will remain a major, a major supplier of oil. we will see the geopolitical tensions. but it will remain very important for the time being because given energy transitioning haven that especially countries like germany, switzerland want to get out of nuclear. everybody wants to get out of girl. i don't see how you get out gas. so rick, a less than a minute. of your door my, the european green deal is it's something that is likely to be a moment for the europeans to so you know, and it's about time for us to look into a des carbonized developed economy instead of this reliance that has been going on for generations with russia, which seems to be a major source of concern for the europeans. now this became certainly a mainstream perspective, not only in germany, as a for climate change policies because we can't afford it. but it's also what
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the european union or the european commission, as the driver off there's put as the top priority. and this will undermine the russian business model that is massively dependent on having partners that are still willing to burn fossil fuel. of course, it is a transition matter, and it's a question of how long it's going to take. but it will certainly change neutral relationship between russia and the european union. if the green deal changes the energy mix towards more renewables quite fascinating. this story unfolds up. many people are thinking that the u. s. could step in and offer an alternative to supply for the europeans in case they decide to part ways with the russians by the banks would be seen whether the shale capacity and whether the americans will be able to fit in the gap and the void left by the bushes, if there is a split, a rick broken up, a canadian, my,
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i really appreciate your insight. thank you very much. and thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website. i'll just, you know, the call to further discussion goes our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash a j in size, or you can also join the conversation on twitter. i'll hand it, hey, j insights, what if on the house of my mother and the entire team here in the ohio. ah ah, and with
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the world's pollinators are in decline. in this episode of arthritis, we meet entomologists on opposite sides of the planet. protecting insects of all sizes, crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the you k to see how old industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this warring trend,
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hiking and sec to get on on al jazeera. i care about how the u. s. engaging with the roof of the world. i cover foreign policy national curity. this is a political im house. here to paul. what are we telling a good story. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel as if you were there. ah, i'm his mom. he's in until her with the top stories on al jazeera. but the more confrontations between security forces protest is in sit on security forces so far, tear gas on demonstrators. these 15 people were killed on wednesday after police open fire on protesters with anger over the military's refusal to hand back power to civilians. refill 3rd on has more from.


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