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firms for me, we move full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now, can you hear it? anticipation these rises. excitement is growing. as cattle always brings your favorite team to cut off for the fee for arab called 2021. greatness is in the air. let sorres' warner and reach new heights, join us in, cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked to your package. now at canton. a ways don tom lou
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ah, are on the news are here at al jazeera. these are our top stories. more confrontations have taken place between security forces and protesters in sudan. at least 15 people killed on wednesday after police open fire. police accused protest as though of attacking security personnel. japanese law houses approve new restrictions after daily cove infections hit a new record. 65000 of the vote was close, though, and the measures still need to be approved by the upper house and federal state use is reporting authorities are moving migrants on refugees away from the border with poland. earlier repatriation flight departed from better reese on its way to baghdad carrying hundreds. let's stay with that. the return of the migrants in refugees to iraq at flight due to land in the next hour or so many on board are
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from iraq's northern kurdish region. and that's where we'll go with our corresponding m, run con, who is in our bill at the airport. they're emron. i guess this are part of the journey over for people who had hoped to get through to europe, the land back where they started. well, corolla she is very difficult to hear you because you just cracked up there. but let me explain to you what's going on. flight i. 8272 has just entered iraq. he asked space that's carrying about 431 repatriated iraqis. most of those will land here, i will all of them obviously gonna land it, but most of those will actually depart from that flight into our be will to be met by family members. i and n jose as well. this repatriation flight has been on the cards for a few days now, but it was up in the air whether it was going to go to baghdad 1st, or landon or bill 1st, that was all contingent on how many people,
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how many passengers we're going to get off where thou, clearly there are more people getting off here in the kurdish region. so that's where that flight is going to land. there's a press conference that is gonna take place in just a few moments, but that flight cabal is actually going to land in about half an hour's time. and at that stage out, we'll hear from those rockies where they're glad to be back or whether there's some been, some them of already said that they'll try and find another way into europe and someone can reporting from a bill on that. repatriated fight. thank you. im run a state of emergency is now in effect in the canadian province of british columbia, or after heavy rainfall triggered flooding and mud slides. the death toll from the storm damage is expected to rise, or authorities have confirmed at one death and at least 3 people missing 18000 more displaced in that pacific at coast province. the floods and mud slides have severed access to the country's largest port in vancouver,
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which of course is disrupting already strained global supply chains. so correspondence covering the story from the us and canada in a moment. gabriel elizondo in sioux masses on the us side of the board of 1st jodi vance, who is in vancouver, which of course took the brunt of the storm. and what's the latest on the situation there? the flood waters still rising at this moment, officials in the sumac perry area in abbotsford and chill lack where the most extreme flooding has impacted the agricultural land are giving an update as i speak right now. at last check. the hope was that the flood waters would coincide overnight. however, it is raining lightly now, here in metro, vancouver in the lower mainland in the fraser valley, where this extreme weather event has impacted so many roadways and obviously the agricultural center of british columbia as well. so we will bring more updates as we learn from officials this morning. what we do know is that the canadian forces
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have been deployed and the reconnaissance mission is underway. assessment phase is what they're calling this, trying to figure out how to open up those supply chains. and indeed, get goods and services moving. we have heard that highway $71.00 of the 4 major highways connecting canada to the, to the lower mainland to vancouver, literally cut off the west coast. and canada has been cut off to the rest of canada . one highway opened briefly just to allow those stranded in the area of hope and agassi to get through. it was a single land will be re closed so that there might be some clean up for the debris . there is certainly an ongoing assessment and recovery when it comes to opening some of the roadway. those are the most acute issues jody, but then you get this knock on effect, which i referred to earlier, the supply chain. the fact that canada is major port is now pretty much cut off. this is a major and it hits on
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a number of levels. i mentioned agricultural agriculturally, that is huge. that is hundreds of millions of dollars of milk and eggs and cattle, but literally our underwater at the moment of veterinary and going to try and figure out. and that's what is happening in that area. the trend mountain pipeline has been shut off due to concerns over integrity. that puts concern over moving that to refineries and to market. so that could impact not only gas stations feeling stations here in the lower mainland, british columbia, but also might impact air travel. there are many moving parts associated with the provincial state of emergency here and certainly we are seeing shelves emptying. people are very unnerved both here in a metro vancouver as well as in the interior. ready of british columbia, many people talking about how they are finding the shelves and grocery stores to be emptied out. people are hoarding, it seems and provincial the premier. john morgan has stepped forward and said,
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please only take what you need and share the other side of that coin. i have to say people as far away as toronto and here on the other side of the country. i've been putting together care packages for those who might need the support here in british columbia. so certainly seeing in this weather event bring out the best in people in some instances as well. excellent. ok, so jody vance is in vancouver reporting. there are not a unique re canadian story. gabriel, arizona over the border in washington state. and how things de gabriel yeah. in the town of assuming washington, just on the border with canada, said town about 1600 people. as you can tell it's wet, it's still raining, it's muddy and as you can probably tell behind me, it is flooded in this town. this was really one of the towns. it was hit hardest here on the and the pacific northwest of the united states. part of where the storm
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hit and it's day break here, so we'll get a better assessment of how bad the damage is. as the sun comes out, we get a good, better sense of it. but this town was absolutely hit terribly about 80 percent of all of the homes or buildings here in the town had some sort of water damage or flooding. this city hall has been completely flooded. and yeah, a few trains have derailed as well. it's fairly calm here, right now we have seen that some of the flood waters are starting to recede, but the worry is, is it more rain could be in the horizon? as you can see, there's light rain right now. and this area has been devastated now, financially and economically, as the mayor said, many of the businesses will be closed for many days, if not weeks or perhaps even longer. and he said there'll be a serious economic impact here. and this small town as well. ah,
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they're still going to be starting to do a assessments by rescue and emergency personnel. most of the residents of the town fled right as a storm was hitting here. so most are safe, we believe, but certainly hundreds and hundreds of people had to seek safety elsewhere. but this is definitely a town that was right in the middle of this storm. a storm that many people here are now saying has become more common. this is actually a 2nd such a storm in the last 2 years. it has hit this area of the north pacific northwest. a lot of people saying, pointing to climate change, as is something that is exacerbating the veracity of these storms, depend on his, on his recording from zoom us in washington in the u. n. a. united states. thank you. i, gabriel. now for decades, afghanistan's helman province was on the frontline of the country's conflict. now groups are trying to clear bombs and land binds left from the war to prevent more
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people being killed or injured supporters from the haunting instead of just learning math and science, these children are also being taught how to identify mortars grenades and signs of land mines mistaking them for toys could cost them their lives. yeah, mother, she knew mostly the screens were dry, so we were looking for water. then an old man shouted at us. i see that there is a big snake nearby. and he tried to cover with grass. it was actually a rocket, so he left the area, fearing there might be more bond. non profit groups like the halo trust are working to prevent more casualties. one way is to paint rocks. the white side means the path has been cleared. red points to areas with potential minds buried underneath. oh yes, i'm afraid, but i know that when i see white students, we can play there. and when it's read, we can't play there. since 1989 more than 40000 people in afghanistan have been killed or injured by land mines, an unexploded ordnance,
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according to the u. n. a few months ago, bis milan wife lost both of her legs in the explosion, just outside their home. this incident was very painful, i saw it happen with my own eyes. i saw my children screaming and crying of the scene was very painful for me. i feel alone and distresses too much too much. now others like him, are employed by groups to help locate minds before they explode. we also give jobs to people who would otherwise be in the fight. we give jobs to young men who a force through desperation to join the insurgency or had joined the army. and so we can give peace for what we take the rifle of them. and we give them a mind to touch it. over the past 3 months about a 100 explosive devices have been diffused in the region, including $25.00 in this village. we were there with the russians. we were there
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with the civil war. we were there with the 1st taliban regime. we were there with knighthood. and we will stay thousands more land mines are believed to lie undetected, a legacy of war that continues to maim and kill. leo harding al jazeera croatia is commemorating the 30th anniversary of the worst massacre during its 4. yet war for independence. thousands of people gathered in vo kovar the city that so militia and yugoslav, army soldiers captured in 1991 hundreds of croatian fighters, were killed in the 3 month siege and tens of thousands of non serbian inhabitants forced out the city was returned to croatia, 7 years later and then rebuilt me that i got more dilute though you should. oh, you are still searching for more than 1800 missing persons. our vice president and all departments are working on it. we're looking for information here. first of all, from the authorities of serbia and we will persevere in this effort,
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primarily in partnership with families associations and those who do not know the fate of their loved ones and who have suffered a lot and still suffer to day. mclean has offices with our sister channel al jazeera vulcans in vacaville today and, and maybe explain for our international audience niccolini. what makes this such a significant anniversary? 30 is on the battle of walker was the turning point in the war for creation, independence and freedom are the courage of christian soldiers that the sacrifice of creation soldiers will never be forgotten, said to day creation, part prime minister under a plain college of creation soldier, sir defended the sea before 3 months to reach homemade bombs and home made guns against the heavily armed useless people. army and sir paramilitaries. on this day for 2 years, the gold gratian flag on this tower was replaced by yugoslav,
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a flag of soldiers, so beautiful people, saw me, gathered civilians and wounded from the hospital and transported them at a nearby farm orchard and killed them. this was the ledge, largest massacre in the war, r for grecian independence. and after the war, the entire yugoslav, people's army command, has been indicted for describe. each year on this day it thought fence of thousands of people from different parts of greece. i gather the city to commemorate the victims this year. thousands of 1000. so were members. so recent pop, parliament members, so great in government war heroes, spoke of our residence. they walked from the hospital to the cemetery, the little old book of our andrew messer cur, the put turning point because a after the bed. so members of european union decided to recognize courageous independence to day or grace in serbia. 2 neighboring countries still have open
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questions from the war, gracious, still searching documents, information on amazon graves. missing persons, sir, and such different things. gratian prime minister is set to day that the crecia will persist around $400.00 to a residence of call are, are still considered missing from the battle of covered oak about it. today he's divided city a greystone, the majority and serve minority leave together about to gratian. instead of children, go to different kindergartners. they sit in different classes in separate place, classes, and social life is also based on ethnic principles. ah gratian government, the ease of working on inclusive policies start all minorities set to day gratian for him in the center, he added decoration government will invest in the development economy and jobs in
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this city. and thousands of young people across and serbs are decided to move out from the city in search for better life. and the better job is to in other parts of brace or, or abroad cleaners office. it's joining us from vocabulary today. thank you. nick, lena, voters in chile go to the polls on sunday and what scene is one of its most unpredictable general elections and recent history among those buying for a spot in the senate is a woman who drew a global attention after she was shot in the face by police, a latin america editor, the scene human is in santiago with her story. taught me tabula come p. i has found a way to get about me thinking about a but i yeah, i have to follow the rogue. see, i feel the rug and then i know there's the chair. and i know that this is the way to the bedroom. c. in actual fact, she's the only one here who can't see the 37 year old mother of 3 was shot in the
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face at point blank range by police with a tear gas canister while walking to the bus stop to go to work 2 years ago. she suffered multiples, facial fractures lost both her eyes and her sense of smell and taste, but not her determination to go on living. she says, now after multiple reconstructive surgeries, she is on the campaign trail as a candidate for the senate, are you? it is here to day i have decided to run for c in the center in order to legislate for my people so that the laws will benefit them. because so far, the law is only for a few and myself cut b, i is still waiting for her attacker to be sentenced what she's recognized everywhere. she goes a symbol of police brutality during social protests that began in 2019. she is from a working class neighborhood and has always been a community activist. so you're slide here all my life. i've used public services
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and that's why i want to change and improve them from the sun. it. the health and education system are terrible. pensions and terrible salaries come p, i is not just an unusual candidate because she was blinded by police. this is the traditional way the candidates publicized their campaigns. here in chile, the vast majority of those running for office have pale skin, and they have sir names that are english, spanish, german, or arab. but from your look at a b, i is not only from a low income neighbourhood, but as her certainly makes abundantly clear. she is a descendant of the i might add an indigenous people, native to northern chili, peru and bolivia. they don't want to, oh, she's also one of only a handful of independent candidates to this general election, but she's optimistic. she promises voters, you will be my eyes, and i will be your voice to see and human al jazeera santiago. rival groups of
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protest has faced often, but if he has capital appears on wednesday after the repeal of a controversial money laundering, o supporters of president luisa to clashed with demonstrators who accused him of trying to quash dissent. lowell gave authority's power to investigate any citizens assets without a court order. the president, back down after a 9 day long national strike and protests american act. alec baldwin is being sued for a 2nd time of last month. accidental shooting on a movie set. bolton was using a gun which he thought wasn't loaded during a rehearsal when he shot and killed the cinematographer and injured the director. the producers of the film rust have also been named in the lawsuit. it says the actor cocked and fired a loaded gun even though it wasn't required for that scene. now, people seeing right on western australia as christmas island as millions of crabs begin their annual migration every here,
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the creatures move on mass to the beach to mate. roads have been closed and a small bridge has been built to help them on their way. some people haven't been able to leave their houses due to the large numbers of crustaceans. in about 2 weeks. the crabs will leave their eggs on the beach and cool their way back into the jungle. all rights sports uses still ahead on this news. i'm big concerns over the whereabouts of this chinese tennis at star andy as that story in a moment. a
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ah ah ah ah,
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welcome back and he's here with you sport. thank you so much. come all well ahead of the women's tennis association has questioned the authenticity of an e mail. said to have been written by a leading chinese tennis player. hang, troy hasn't been seen in public since making sexual assault allegations against the top governments official on social media, the e mail states he's mine isn't missing unless she's just been at home resting. while this is what the w a boss steve simon had to say. the statement release today by chinese state media concerning pang, short une raises my concerns as to her safety and whereabouts i have a hard time believing that pang. sure, i actually wrote the e mail we received or believes what is being attributed to her. now joining us from washington, d. c, we have half post report to travis waldron, travis, great, have you on al jazeera. now the w t, of course, does a lot of in showing that statement from asians. chairman, is, is quite something it really is,
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especially when you think about the way that other sporting institutions and leaders of active players have spoken out against china when they're in human rights concerns about china. looking at the mba here in the united states or the way that the english premier league and some of its clubs, reacted when medicine, o z l. i spoke out about the situation facing leaders in china. the responses were very different. now the w. t a and the simon are coming out with, with essentially a very strong challenge to the chinese government. and you see it also from other tennis players including naomi, those shaka who tweeted about it today. so i think it is really. ready quite remarkable. it's something that we haven't seen a whole lot of major sporting organizations, at least to this extent trauma. of course we got the winter olympics coming up in beijing. do you think ahead of that sports? men and women seem to becoming slightly more empowered to speak out on issues of
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human rights in china. you would hope so. i would be obviously in 2008 the recalls for boycotts around china when beijing hosted the summer games. but we didn't see a ton of activism and statements of support from athletes. there are already calls from human rights groups around the world to boycott the 2022 games. and it's not clear that they're going to be widespread boycotts of those olympics. but the united states is already pondering a diplomatic boy kind of those gates, but i think we'll see more from other countries. the question is whether, you know, athletes and sporting organizations, including and especially those that do a lot of business with in china speak out. because what's clear is that the international committee itself has no interest in standing up for human against human rights abuses of that country. or really any other in the past or the future, the i o c is basically state that
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a position that human rights are not in concern. and so that leaves the owner to individual athletes and other sporting organizations. at the same time, it's going to be hard for a lot of those athletes to do that. when they know they don't have the backing of the i o c or some of the national limbic committee. so it'll be interesting to keep an eye on going forward. though, because there are a lot of calls and there are a lot of there already, a lot of activism around this. so we, and now with this case is only going to add to that thomas rolled in from the huff post. joining us from washington, d. c. that thanks so much, travis, thank you. on the court sir. spain's gobby marissa has won the season ending w t a finals. the 2 time grand slam champion defeated her is phone and opponent and a contract and straight fit. 6375, much taken place in guadalajara, mexico will say in the year as well. number 3, when the rankings are updated on monday, present to you the well, i mean,
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i didn't thought all of these things because i really want to have more pressure. but if you're the main thing to be part of the history and you know, this is a very special tournament, only to bet aid and you feel like every much of the final and i, i made it. stephen, gerald is officially signed in as the manager of aston villa. gerald guided ranges to the scottish times the last season. this is the formula for camps his 1st job in the premier league. he's already looking forward to going up against his former manager. you can club being so since day one here i but little here we live in a very similar area to bump into very regular when he was in his dogs. and it's a great money to pay coach. i think little people are very lucky to have them at the helm and i'm a live to farm so long may that continue. and he sent me a message and he said he looking forward to big hold on the side and on the some of the 11. so it's so for me to look forward to samuel that so has officially entered the rice to become president of cameroon. in football,
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the full time african player of the a submitted is type. what on wednesday for december? the election at the federation has been hit by series of legal disputes in recent years and it says it's time for a new start in this country. just a little push on, i will be the next president of the federation, despite all the cheating. surely said that to get those who will vote will take that responsibility to finally give con rooney and football. the opportunity become what it can be. football and really macros, leading the way after the opening round of the european, sold season and event into by the world number is one this title twice before a macro. it's like a 2 shot lead into friday's 2nd round of the world. so championship this after 7 under per round of $65.00. okay. more for me. yeah. and couple hours time that it's i, we're looking for thanks and a year and he's back in an excuse out as 1800 hours gmc, he says
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a couple of hours from now. plenty more news for you after the break or i will send you then just a couple ah ah and with, [000:00:00;00]
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with a step beyond the comfort zones where assumptions are challenged, travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable other people who live it witness award winning documentaries on a just a year. november march the 5th anniversary of a peace treaty between the columbian state and fark rebels. but the security situation and conflict regents like hearing coca, it's far from resolved. can the government feel, deliver on the promise, the special coverage on all 0 serious, darkest days, with one man leading the country through our president,
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our side as last legitimacy. he needs to step back. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examined the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? and the reason that could effect any human assert master of chaos on all g 0. ah, it says it has moved some of the migrants stranded on the boat border with poland to nearby warehouses. hundreds of iraqi migrants and refugees who was stopped from crossing into the e. u at that border. i now being repatriated. ah, hello, i get on. come on santa maria here in doug hoff. this is the world news from al


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