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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2021 6:30am-7:01am AST

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hers is just a blurb below. it's time to free. ah ah, the what you all to 0 with me. the hill rahman in doha, reminder of all new stories. poland says hundreds of refugees and migrants of again trying to illegally cross into the e. u. encouraged by neighboring bella roofs, some people found in poland, sorrows receiving medical treatment in hospital later secretary general says they stand ready to help all allies caught up in the crisis dissertation at the border o. belarus with poland, but also the trainer and the latter is deeply concerning. the location closer seem
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use or vulnerable people as means to put pressure on other countries or is cynical and inhumane. nato stands in full so that it it with all affected alice. we remain vigilant and stand ready to further help our allies. the jury, hast thou, newest teenager coll written has not guilty of murdering 2 men and wounding another . he opened fire with a semi automatic rifle during racial justice, protest and kaneesha in wisconsin last year. written house did admit killing the 2 men, but said it was in self defense. the jury deliberated for 4 days. at least 7 people have been injured and dozens arrested during protests in rotterdam. they were object in to create a virus restrictions. please say they set fires and threw rocks officers from them to declare and emergency and shut down. public transport benevolence is combating a new wave of cove with 19 cases. austria is the 1st western european country to
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impose and the full code 19 locked down and make vaccination against the virus. mandatory restrictions will start on monday and continue the 3 weeks. emergency crews are trying to reach thousands of people. phil stranded in the canadian province of british columbia, days after floods and mud slides destroyed roads, houses, and bridges. the military is helping with recovery efforts. at least one person has died in the floods. us president joe biden's, $1.00 trillion dollar spending bill now goes to the sentence after passing a divided house of representatives, drill aimed at improving education, lowering health care costs and tackling climate change passed by 220 votes to 213. those were the headlines about more news in half law next on on there. it's 11 east to stay with us. november marks that 15 and there's 3 of the be 3 t between the columbia state and psych rebels. but the security situation in
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conflict regents like hearing coca is far from resolved. can the government feel, deliver on the promise be the special coverage on all 0 ah, in pop will you guinea police, a waging, a war against ruthless gang crystal fisher only armed robberies. carjackings murders a so it all. oh there night. any way then the capital port moresby is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world which come in look for them. are you to do one or one east investigates, popping goodies, criminal underbelly,
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a land of volcanoes, mountains, and vast forests, as far as the i can see. but pa, for you guinea is also home to violent local gain, e p. the police are fighting a merciless campaign against the rascals. harden criminals from the slums. ah, we're in the capital port. moresby, with the local police. when a call comes out here. i am. as old of you marry him or at all. mm. we have to be quick. the stations reporting
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to robbers have gone to heidi in the area. the police are familiar with the neighborhood with leaning more clue with seamless him of a community unless unless into this year or him of, i was listed i the police start a search with lieutenant david chicks, the buildings one by one of these after a few minutes he saw officer find the suspect. there's no indication he's involved in the robbery. yet the police arrest game of dust with burger king ranch therapy is to be no basic rights for the suspect. you're the policeman. holes him on the ground gray rather ha. i didn't say
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they use a dog leash as handcuffs after you are worried from your owners, nikki mcpherson in show us the rest of the wish. we should probably know all of them because they're, they're crusoe. they're against, you know, where they live on, where they're taking their money or even in front of our cameras, the police don't hesitate to hit the suspect. oh sure. sometimes sho, in most cases, fully services indeed do to assure people if, if he was continuously running over the surface made crystal, please go gallery war episode. the finally got dorna this a little bit of a thing. so i'm happy with the police. want to take the suspect to the
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victims to see if they can identify him. but when they arrive at the grocery store or the manager is on guard attacks on businesses by corrupt police officers, a common here many of our mythical development. i was wondering, i did before a one man like a eventually they persuade an employee to come out and see the suspect. henderson, i believe would be developing a witness to the crime. his testimony is crucial, but there's a hitch center channel here. the employee certain, the suspect is not the man who robbed the store. really dependently. to be sure, the police asked to see the video surveillance footage. oh
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and what else? and i said, what else with white okay, let me get, you know, we're gonna wait a very much for the video. confirms the employees testimony the sort of man is released. the federal anyways. i get israel miller. there's no apology or compensation or what i can offer to catch up with you or from, among other, with just a bottle of water to rinse out his bloody mouth. as for the robbers,
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this still it launch in this neighborhood on the see were given the rare opportunity to meet some other no one armed robbers, honeywell, bardo, was once a small fishing village, but with more people were migrating from the countryside to the city. in recent years, it's grown to around $15000.00 inhabitants. crime and violence of similar to it's a lawless zone. the police haven't been able to patrol since 2015. this is jackson base. he's want to pop me guineas. most important crime. bought us after several weeks of repeated contact, he's finally agreed to meters. if that a job, we will have to sign a fallen vehicle executor. a key will tell our to me, yes. okay, you fellows. trying find,
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hodges and umbrella report inside here, which is safe. and then we change the plate number, pool all the resource to get a like arms and all that. and have a plan from here and go out if he could come back here, no matter what jack seems. open and friendly, but he has a record as a harden career criminal. his 1st robbery was at the age of 16 and his crimes multiplied from there. across the neighbourhood stolen cars that jack and his men using robberies a left to rust. today, the gang leader has a job to attend to one of his specialties stealing luxury cars, a china steeler trio talent casa
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fire law owner actually to the yacht club. he was up to the ship, one of yours, and slid them one in the ground oberon while to him. jacques already had his spare key made all he needs now a false papers. over the years, the gang leader has developed an efficient network of accomplices. you're going to see a man. yeah, this one's one front should have put a soldier of the i was to get so low electrical play study. i want the photo switch and fish used to live with within us. if a copper i'm going to buy a biography is a biased prescript to let them change all the paperwork and all that. we allow them networking said the little vehicle insurance, so we'll look into it or pay for us if it was and then can on the report.
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nobody can tell it we can send it for there's a, there's 150050000 look at. because i use one and it's more say find a risks of been shot this 0 jack been take this to the poor district of co gary on the outskirts of the city where he's family. oh, that's, that's my house. yeah. and he's much, i'm really this my mom i one all knock off. i'm not gonna be eligible, but i want to curl minutes. that's her daughter. my sister lives, my sister, my aunt ish. what is my, my dad's mazda? are you proud of your son? proud of michelle, why are you kidding me? why?
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because i'm getting more in is getting sold. so he'll request on me. head of a criminal gang. jack is the primary bread winner for his family level and says everything you does is for them when, when, when you were kids, what was your do? i dream to be a lawyer. the course may give him a background. my father is a criminal. i focus on to go to school and get them to send and become a lawyer and fight justice. give justice to my my people where there's so much injustice. what i'm doing now is not for myself, but all my truant future. they again, jack found work on the other side of the law, inquiring how to set up his operations. the gang leader needs weapons, and for this, he has an in house supply. is with a little bit of small governance by dinner,
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jonathan issued this gunsmith, who will call john has been working exclusively for jack's gang for 28 years. this is the 1st time the gains allowed him to be filmed. 2 boys come in, go for then are you today? so they will hold up. oh, for a brief john makes one gun a month on average. his tools and techniques may be rudimentary, but the finished products are effective. this wish and sometimes kill police man. yeah, he could pick up the senior with nobody can go to the figure. yes. finish by how you find the food for me if the police are made with me and i
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do this question really for me and her only do to make one maybe one hour. that's all that's to me is kimball. several of them in the woodland innovative evidence or miss o him. oh, come request me. will you medium would. so when is only bloody santi local to recourse yorkie media more it's a risky business. if john's arrested, he could faith 5, he's in prison, and how much good one this one for. 0, one doesn't came out and just like that. another wish and is ready for p and g's gang lands. we travel to the heart of the countries mountains. here the forest cover nearly 3 quarters of the territory and
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his home to unique wild life and plant species found nowhere else in the world. the famous mud men live on the outskirts of these breathtaking landscapes were in the village of a sorrow, gyms the leader of this community of a few 100 people these days, the mud masks are not so much a feature of their daily attire. but a more for tourists. consider for klondike and if the tourist underway, miss ogletree pro peak my and taking me one day law. finishing is the 2 so she did get money. you telephone to them to us, the madman. and we get money if you dollars that or is there come,
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then we don't perform and we have no money, no money. but the pandemic has put tourism here on hold. to supplement these meagre income, the madmen work, the land in the village. we always been sweet potatoes because one beer is 15. okay. or santa can, can you see this as soon as he could he for? not really it this latrete it vegetables are profitable, but not enough to allow parents to send their children to school or by every day. necessities to make ends meet. the village has turned to an illegal industry making alcohol. jim takes us to a small heart with a home brew. it's made this been in us. it's already getting ready. widow, orange in charge of manufacturing it. eric explains his method,
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st. andrews with ownership she. she showed her the term federal papa doll. he told us, there wasn't a moment while i pull up her. you can reach me with another few for we have him with snow and i am sure eric's home brew is extremely potent. between 60 and 79 percent alcohol. sometimes people are gonna become a violent because of these. yes, they can fight to read. i want to fight your. you can go crazy. you read, we like to kilo's, wife we children can equal to what we broke or called mission tucson to strong. so what about the strong eric charge is less than $5.00 a liter. to supplement his income, he's developed and even risky a business. growing cannabis and stop hype and hooper has snoopy
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seemed clear, gorgeously had rulings. that'll grown and clear goldman with olivia. but ly, la police and pat, and then cherish. while i hate people's foolishly reply. i'm global. she calabasas 5 to 10 years from fiction. but communities across the highlands are prepared to take the risk to try to earn extra income. ah, lean equality between the nations rich and poor has been the source of many scandals in the poverty stricken country such as the 2018 apec summit. a meeting for leaders from across the asia pacific region to transport 21 heads of state during the summer. the government board, dozens of luxury maserati cars with public funds, the cost to the taxpayer,
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nearly $4000000.00. but what happened to them soon? after investigation, we learned they stored in these nearby sheds. when we arrived, the guard confirmed the cars are behind these gates where they are legally gathering dust inside. we find 40 brand new maserati imported from each lea was a $100000.00 each. the finance minister said the cars would be sold to the highest bidder after the summer and that he expected them to fill like hot cakes. while critics called the cause a symbol of government waste. in other places, public spending is hard to see. but mana penitentiary, the largest prison in the country, lies just outside the capital. where am uniforms? prouder, pro grossinger filters this roller. i remember that
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a book never close ago. the of the inside these rusty metal barracks, rapist murderers and robbers leaves together. ah, here the administration only separate so is awaiting trial. like this man who's been behind bars for more than a year. you met our meta matter in the prison for an armed guards are responsible for more than $600.00 inmates. we like maybe we, i am a, we, you shall, we moved in our brain to, you know, talk to them, to stablish them down. but how he managed to sub amy joshua with dish i'll on there . when we can not contain bee group. we used to allow him to get the support staff members really here though. i mean there was come and reinforcement or comments of what us in our duty for these gods really call for reinforcements
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once the most dangerous prison in the country. it's improved in the last 5 years in order to ensure pays, the new management asked the prisoners to take control of their own security. in exchange, they are given more freedom within the grounds. like it is there is one, a little fuzzy. each barracks has its own head of security. in this 145 year old joe is the boss. i broke in, push it. okay. in this i wish learn to torrijos own. i can you said push it or so. and he so different sentences for different crimes armed robbery, payton 50, even murder, serving 25 years in prison. joe will remain here until 2025. he spends his days in his dormitory hot dish with british my gonna
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actually fear my sleep when it skips all the i dont have plug it or what the ish hot climate is short. and this one will be hot with climate change. cold when comes in and i breathe will if really what they come down that you don't wanna cement with prisoners here have no mattresses to sleep on. no television and no phone. but some like joe managed to get one i of my, my phone. i want to again see ish. look here. sounds consequent is what's happened with behind this i and barrier is solitary confinement in this very small space prison. this can be held anywhere between a few weeks and a few months. a go. no of
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these men are all here for the same reason. they broke prison rules i incident or style customer drinking. alcohol is a now gone. how you manage to get on call telephone. all this data requested they're so big confidential you know, what i'm saying is a prisoner is cautious as a god stands right behind us or with after years of confinement. the prison allow some inmates to work outside with this morning, where port mosby central market. under heavy surveillance prisoners will clean the
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area around the market. a lot of them in classes with only prisoners who meet certain conditions and are approaching the end of their sentence, are eligible for they out from hill once, where they have become more easy. so with all i have something more floppy, why get me is free to go? i don't get with this community service provides an opportunity for surprising were union family can sit down people as we can see them and talk to deb . this detainee has not seen his daughters for 9 years, and then with the watch moreland, i live with my wife than what i
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can enjoy with. he live, i moved from new speaking for his family that been trying times experience with just went to college with him. we returned to the city center to find jack the head of the gang. he's meeting up with his associates far from prying eyes. sexual play is a safe place where we can come and talk and discuss things here. the body of jack's long time friend and partner in crime is marked my years of violet confrontations. alberta is short, 9 times different locations. i think that the day so we call him or whatever
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that is. oh yeah. michelle glanced again them 16 when did same simply again, i know i saw like a joke. so my friends linden did do a written by a policeman, shot me in and i shot 3 policeman jacks. also being shot and shot here while others still him and you live, i want to remove it. my risky in operation there might cut and there was something anal paralegal some been that way so you can google it. yeah. yeah. jack says he's working more and more with his former rivals to evade the police wolf. i am a stolen vehicle. you look for gum or several guns, middle like the come to
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a good place or nice and. and then when the time comes we will hit come. what are we get? 50020000 or 30000 lifetime we have is we split between them. these gang leaders have spent nearly 20 years behind bars to what i do knows. i see the small ones come never at the local from coming up. i tell them i thought you know, so you leash and keep your mouth. color challenge thought if i, if we can do an operation chapter full and i was it in the event of the polish in requisition, a name, a friend want to watch. you'll have to, we salad if we all been a mouth and given for my rent. and when it will, up to prison, you haven't washed up pop, when you guineas, government came to power promising to fight systemic corruption. but faith in the country's leaders, his low crime remains rampant. and the countries gangs,
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rose stronger and bolder. who the coolly 19 pandemic has led to a spike in child trafficking across india, one each. those fighting to save hon children on al jazeera from the for velez of correctness. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. 8 said to as he job these ho ways with somebody's got to do it. where do you go to that by let's go their voice here. promoting clean, save sanitation for all, but with a 3rd of the world lacking basic facilities, can his unique style really help clean up the math? sunny culture to pop culture is the fastest way those soft,
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the sanitation problem. mister toilets, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, you poland says that the route is still encouraging refugees and migrants to try to cross into the european union as the border crisis continues. ah, hello. hello robin, you're watching al jazeera lost my headquarters here in doha. also coming up. we the jury find the defendant kyle kyle beach, read health not guilty. they devised the verdict in the un swan, a teenager, col rittenhouse, has been acquitted, of murdering 2 men at a black lives matter.


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