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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2021 2:30am-3:01am AST

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on the clean side for me and louis and go from there. but obviously we've got to to cost against max and i'm sure we can do something. so it's advantage hamilton heading into sunday on pole for the 100 and 2nd time in his career. but as he has been all season, the stepan will be up for the fight. david stokes al jazeera ah time for a quick check of the headlines here on al jazeera, there's growing anger against new cobit 19 measures across europe. the netherlands is seeing a 2nd night of writing with people throwing stones and fireworks at the police at the hague. 3 protesters are being treated in the hospital after officers open. fire julians are heading to the polls on sunday. millions are choosing a successor to sebastian panera, the elections being held in a new political landscape. after the explosion and social unrest there began in
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2019 out zeroes, daniels, families, and the capital santiago. there is a great deal uncertainty in chile, a given that this is a country with huge wealth, but it is a country or which has some of the worst wealth distribution anywhere in the, in, in the developed world. and many of the people in this country would like to have a greater share of some of that well for some of that progression that chile has been made over the years. and there are a betting everything really on these elections on sunday to see which way they go, either extreme left or, or for right for you. a sector of state has wrapped up as tube africa with a visit to senegal, antony blink, and left with a message. but washington was a partner of african countries, while also raising concerns about ongoing instability in ethiopia. in marleaf. a police station has been set on fire in sudan during the latest round of demonstrations. people are demanding justice for those killed during protests and a 100 of power to civilian rule. authorities in mexico had discovered an detained
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hundreds of migrants being transported in the back of 2 trailer trucks. there from a number of central american countries. the flood province of british columbia and canada has imposed temporary restrictions on fuel and non essential travel to help stabilize supply chains. as recovery gets underway, non essential vehicles are limited to 30 leaders of fuel. a trip to the petrol station video partners showing the missing chinese tennis player pinging chalet at a restaurant has been released by the state one global times newspaper. she cannot be heard talking in the footage which has been released in the wake of the viral. where is peng sway hashtag video. the tennis star hasn't been seen since accusing a high ranking chinese politician of sexually assaulting her. so those were the headlines and he continues he on al jazeera, after witness state you. thanks so much bye for now. on november 21st venice williams, head to the post to choose the regional and municipal representatives. after 4
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years of election boycott can pull position, party effect, change at the ballot box. and will this be a step towards school ready for the rising number of those living in extreme poverty, the venezuela elections on al jazeera? a with them they come you. it's always all when we get your home and watch a good. okay. so yeah, i mean what will you be going my well. c i will
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your money, my dad and all, all go do they get it the go let a big woman that they're gay, elephant elephant molly, go marcell emma a low monday night as well. don't, in the se average on the la jojo, but a year you add on to your william glover hunter at the, at a you don't. emma lamar e, are you a young? well mabel in a suit. you go up a young elaborate. i get a big on me one on a guns you oh you me? yeah. you're good. you haven't got the article bookkeeper. so yeah, i know you joy mama lowered a little bit for a legal you know i can leave or yes, i can hear you the units. it will say
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a legal no say you went through even more for me working with my last day to day unless you, when i get, i mean, look you see it unless you will be a boy. we have a lovely man. i can, i did him. it went the suit. i love you, lynn. say you look, do you, i mean to do you have with us and you know, we're not a list you either told rather than a william will not be. wow. oh, a
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lot. i did lucky, but i don't think that i'm not going to show you where you are a month, but i'll give you a new month which i don't know, but to get clarity. yes. at the at all. yeah,
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it does come with a lower like a double bill. yeah. me down a little bit. assume the order the release. i don't know that i one i begging you what your new them to let go, but i think he'll love will not get a coffee table yet in she will call again when i am michael said the castle, then hunting butcher no no no. in contact with them,
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but i don't want him to tell you he was trying to get a good deal, but to better were wanting to see with the city. thanks so much
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for the band. the message along the way we need to feed my kids. those really big events, please enter the microphone. i don't believe that they might get defined. not each. it doesn't look like if they're gonna cancel one model. yes. implement blessing. he said completed them and him to
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gave me good afternoon to you know, the, let me see a bigger feller over in the loop with my money gone when i'm in. so laggy i come on in. we met at the end, don't be to go in and go means like baron and buddha, i guess that it was only gone, but kinda exactly how medium box on ball will give us a lad belie e and don't be to get if i c gave my butcher law, you'll be down with them in as e w on the letter, but as on selling bonds. our gotcha get down like you but i see you as somebody else will be good gentlemen.
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i just regular get out, you know, for some, you know, you know, get the when out eas, order, when her say sort of where do you know, could i go up there? i'm at the moment that you know where they gave me back and leave them ready to go that a go go gather all moment. cuomo there were lazy a warranty, may enter into you being that i am when to iowa young
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mother that and with whom you are not allowed to be looked by guam and gus yam union fleming. thank goodness your le let go there. but he's on lowball. he is a when i re i yelling 11 down, come north or you wanna give me a while and um, gamble bought wiggling gore. blame. no wonder. let him on book what? cuz i want it in my my la yameen herself bowden. i mean, as a day the yard missile seemed better. good enough where's evil, but he is away from mo, let gone it, ye gomes at on thought the any way. good. am i what? ingles, it was or whether you're my not bug brick. when in the am from prison i in
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a legacy i had been placed on was he in there garza florida and i thought a talk leanne marine gall gay 11. going a yarn i t u r e n k, and then ignore the darney. all you got daugherty t o z any then a, b i. when that i'm mediate who wildlife one i ain't no clear thought lego. gov it. beautifully architect. what he implore my bill or for that in me and my butcher. i see o valia what again i'm ninfa go work is all mom with you know, not labeling on of by. don't one more good. yeah. as you but he will be was nice
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miss yet. okay. mm hm. you are sad. guanasha they aware. so gosh, thought whenever a flicker labailey valencia but are gone, are going quinn through with a me a little kinesthetic lead, but august. the info give you and me a give me a back
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. i get i think they get it. when little do that on my moine, iowa again and yelping with a gale. well, we don't have a brain get up. we think we go with them. okay, hold on, getting some of them both. as a yes. yes. each of them greg you? well look, chris, one days they gotta go love print them until yesterday, with gwinnett at all. it must be loaded. i put in there when buffalo putting the lamps. yep. is your name or a little bit of some more loud, so more semi. yes
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a little and you came up with gus and i'm going go look like the more of an empty a. him, me good. as a blessed young, i want the learning once it's a one thing. you know, what is the sense yet? what south de leon? you funds? yeah. leave it. you seem doing canyon. oh yeah. oh boy. no. so don't come. but if you mind going to say yes, you will not load us. what if, what are you know miss? when i say my not in my sim will know that a
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week with equal good. what can you can be look at been so. c a . c c c c c c with
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and then can you that and, but with this almost yoga about this usa. you thing malacca, you go yes, he does some, but i was in, oh you are you soon? any yeah, to say mean a legal it to someone you thing will get it. i wouldn't buy a dentist or no yeah i had i had a . c 7 well, i know you might decide living, oh good i. i think it was the one who drove it to them or give them
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i. e o 2, separate even what that question was whenever you go with that with yes, i gave you a comparison to was e for defense for your name was a little bit at some level. so will send me just someone who is going into that. i can drop the gun thought he said that you love the press. so then i domain a button. so that this one and we'll see, let me know, you know, when, so it will be needed in the double forgetful as your bus.
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and we'll see, let me know when the best, but i don't know it will see, let me know when that but that that a little bit of level me. yes, you're going to be and then when they were to see so it doesn't what he thought. i was, but i am a yeah, well, i got the got a lot of my meeting i real quick, but i don't get a warning
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or thinking about the matter that when it what can you say good we must. sure. we can. of course on, on come you know, what is so, you know, really part of the word with a little bit a little bit of a yes or no? no, no, say yellow again without only with no with because people good. i love it. i'm with so i can
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not get what am i i don't know what i did about a week ago. you must read it to say good then mcgill with what k, a cielo simpson and from william and guilty for the key when mumble immune to fit them. yes, they get this stolen, come in, so it be medical bustle if they don't come in with that city study and someone with him that he no, no vomiting, cutting the medical. so for supplemental yes we that has been done. mostly a labeling white shop. ah.
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with mm mm mm mm mm . and this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day, one of the new era and television. you, if you have known that, that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still gone through? i was to go to miss all landed about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line, but it's on the road. we saw the union army flag hoisted high in the city. many people here have told me that the war will not end until they see coffee and
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his son brought to justice. gonna get 90 seconds for this on all the different on the very, really coming our way buying brides is lack of respect for women and lack of any value that a woman i was just throw you here guys by the police on purpose law. there's at least 20000 for him to refugees who live here. i'm on l 20. i got to commend you. you're not trying to push people to believe in this or believe in that the atmosphere has completely changed. you with port. i'll does the results. this is in gaza are housed in that building, but power has come down. never before in human history has the once per steam environment, the arctic didn't such peril. the
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stage is said and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think from international politics, to the global pandemic, and everything in between. upfront with me, mark lamond hill on al jazeera ah, the focus is back on europe as cases of corona virus continue to climb, but locked on restrictions are being met with protests across the continent. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from dell also coming up to lands, get ready to choose. a new president with 2 very different from one has leading opinion polls plus a state of emergency is in place here in the rest of the south central region of chile, where the army has been deployed. whether they will remain here.


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