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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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that european plains quite caught where it's not been windy, for example, in london. so you see autumn color, but there is a chill wind that's being blowing sauzie's coming down again, bringing some snow to norway, but really just dropping temperatures throughout european playing there a bit below where they should be. but it just introduces winter protect you ahead to wednesday, the coldest spread for the south, though it's still quiet and still it rains in the south of france. ah, in the country with an abundance of results for the trade already won indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let it be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest even easier.
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now. serious dorcas days with one man leading the country through us, present alice out as last legitimacy. he needs to step down. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examine the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect in human eyesight, master of chaos on al jazeera lou . ah, you're watching the news are on al jazeera with me fully by table. a reminder of
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our top stories. so don's reinstated prime minister has promised a path to democracy, an exclusive interview without you. sierra della ham dog was released from house arrest and his back in his position after signing a deal with the military. the president of better rule says he doesn't want a confrontation with poland over the migration crisis. alexander lucas shanker is waiting for an answer from the european union on taking in 2000 stranded migrants at the border. and austria has entered a nationwide lockdown to contain a soaring number of corona. virus infections is expected to last a maximum of 20 days for the vaccinated, but there is no end date for the unvaccinated. now the news, at least 5 people have been killed after a person drove a car into a crowd in the u. s. city of walker in wisconsin. more than 40 others including children, were taken to hospital. it happened while people were marching in the christmas
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parade. the driver of the s u. v broke through barriers before going through the parade route at high speed. one person has been arrested provisional results show in venezuela's regional connections point to a big wind for the governing socialist party is projected to have one at least 20 governorships. the opposition is taking part after boycotting for several years. the 40 percent voter turnout was among the lowest in the country's history from crackers theresa ball reports on the significance of these elections. this is doing people in any neighborhood in america, the parish, or former precedent will chavez. his bery is one of the prettiest, came to vote early in the morning. he says he hopes dialogue between the government and the opposition will prevail, that a little by little bowman, i believe in one group and another visa find the balance. it will benefit all of us . we are all from here. that is important. venezuelans headed to the polls on
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sunday to pick local councils, mayers, and governors across the country. the 1st time the opposition participated in polls in years. but at the end, the who is your bowling citing garak us. people denounced what they see was intimidation. this dictatorship is over, the revolution is over. they said, a group of counter intelligence officers showed up on the site failure, then i me telephone and them. and i had my phone and they said, are you feeling me? it was violent an arbitrary to check my phone to see if i took a picture of them. is this necessary? it's scaring us. voting is a civil act and they come to a voting center to tell us what to do. this is a dictatorship for the 1st time in 15 years, the european union agreed to observe the election. at least a 100 of servers were deployed in 22 states in the country with a major test for venezuela, for the electric house, for quite a 1st time. in years it has the full members of the opposition. the importance of
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the election is not only the result in each one of the regions, but also the final report by the european union. an initial analysis is expected on tuesday. and if it, if it could certainly contribute toward future presidential elections, venezuela's, president equal, am i the widow? question the presence of the you in the country, even though the arrival was part of a negotiated agreement between the government, the opposition and the electoral council. boiler warmer, current, international observer in any country in the world give a verdict about the validity of a process, those genuinely national and sovereign of a country. no. so please come down from a cloud observers of the european union. you can be a bit humble, a respect to national legality in venezuela and thinking marchis is a new member of the electoral council. he says he believes elections and democracy are only way out of enormous crises, venezuela. when i get it to the show that it's the opposition is right in some ways we still have more in the electoral council. we cannot sanction. and we cannot
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force a sanction when there is an irregularity in our country. abuse happens by the government, but also the regional government. it's a monster of a 1000 heads. we have tried to control it. it's not easy. i have tried to make things better. we are the referees, but if there is no intention to comply, then it's useless. that's why it's important dialogue. there is no savior messiah or a foreign intervention. when, if, when a struggling with an economic and social crisis, depold race asian complicates the country's chances of recovery. and that's why for many it's the process and not the results that can help the country move forward. as well as the feeder got echoes. a coach in thailand has denied vale to several permanent figures for last year. spokehurst which are for reform on of the monarchy . the decision has paved away from war criminal cases and jail sentences. tony chang reports, police shoot rubber, bullets directly protested. the attitude of the authorities in thailand has
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hardened in recent months. the tolerance of the protest is now very limited and on, on the other side, attitudes and more deeply entrenched to. 7 the language is more hostile and explicit, and although the demonstrators numbers are not as great as last year, their mood, his docket, calls for reform of the monarchy have gone unanswered and protest leaders could now face years behind bars. any hope that could be avoided evaporated when the constitutional court ruled recently that even questioning the monarchy is against the law fellow, come to the 1st, 2nd. and 3rd, defendants use their rights and freedom in order to overthrow the democratic regime of government with the king. as head of state, the authorities are now wasting no time criminal cases against the ringleaders are expected to follow swiftly after these bail hearings. i love who are one known to his supporters as penguin faces so many charters,
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he could potentially be jailed for more than 300 years back. that's deeply disturbing to his mother. oh wow. good. i thought, and i thought my, my son didn't hurt anybody. he hasn't done anything wrong, but he is being branded as a rebel. today's hearing is just the beginning of a process. the can see all of those who called for reform, the market jailed decades to come with the court, the army and the government now aligned behind the throne. the message is very clear. if you cast this issue, ah, there is no end to it, which means that your rights will be taken away, including mary, passports, you get not, you're not get bail. solias, basic rights and freedoms will be taken away from you and is very clear signal. but it to move silence around the throne has been broken. and while the threat of jail will keep many of the streets showing their resistance in other ways,
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in the cinema or in thailand, it's customary to stand for the royal anthem. before the main show to day, many people are choosing to remain firmly in their seats. tony chain al jazeera bangkok to south. so don, now where, while strutting, has destroyed or blocked taxes to many food supplies. one food source that's been driving is fish. the central protein is now widely available as people who lost farm land and harvests from the floods try to adapt higher more tasa reports from from guy kensal sedans, junglin state pulling acts as he hasn't seen. floods this bad since the 19 sixty's when he was a boy flood waters have destroyed crops, blocked access to field and reduced grazing land. the 56 or else is at least there is an upside to the devastation, more water than usual needs plenty more. fish is available only given little food for atlanta. sometimes united nation takes long to bring us food. this way we can
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survive until they can reach families cut off by the water. now getting much of this agricultural land is now under water for the 3rd consecutive year. flood waters of risen as excess water flows down the now from neighboring countries. but found these con, survive unjust fish. malnutrition rates are increasing. as flooding effects, food supplies, all animal, then we depend on that quote over hello, hello, how, what is that under the water? little a little bit more, do we get the disease that the flawed community is used to go sorghum? a serial. that is easy to cultivate, but there has been no farming here for more than 2 years. he man a tarion aid has also been effected. this used to be offered distribution point where we were distributing for the tool over 27000 people year old from duck,
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with this upward from the world food program. but now because of the flooding, we are now unable to utilize this location. some disparate families collect to water lilies to supplement their diet. the dried flowers from the lilies are ground into small amounts of cereal. it's not nutritious but the aren't many options out here. ah, fish is an essential source of protein when there isn't much else available south to done is no stranger to floods, but they are becoming more frequent too much water cove at 19 poverty and conflict . make the situation here. dia, people say they'll have to find ways to adapt, preserving their catch is one way to keep food longer. in fact, smaller scale industries of sun drying, the fish have boomed because of the floods. but every way they look, people are reminded the situation here could get worse. water labels are not receiving fast enough. barriers can only do so much to keep the rising water at bay . harbor matessa al jazeera jungle estate seltzer done belgium's parliament is said
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to examine crimes committed during the country's colonial era. some m. p saves time to confront atrocities committed in congo, randi, and rwanda accord in brussels. as considering a lawsuit brought by 5 women who said they were abducted from their families by belgian colonial authorities. al jazeera natasha butler reports from brussels. the soto shows lay tavares as a child in congo in the 1950s. what it doesn't reveal though, is her suffering and pain layer was born under belgian colonial rule to a white, portuguese father and black congolese mother. but mixed race, couples were forbidden, and their children were considered a threat to white supremacy. so when layer was 2 years old, belgian police seized her from her home and placed her in a catholic institution, far away, severing her from her family and play. come to pass her own pasano mamma on play.
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when we thought about our mothers, we cried. all children want their mother's fun. we wanted our mother's warm tongue, but she wasn't. there had mom. layer is one of 5 by racial women. now suing the belgian state for crimes against humanity and seeking compensation certification of what we want the belgians day to do is explain why they abducted us from our families and mistreated us. why they took away our rights and cut us off from our roots and the world, so baskets at dinner campaign, a se, tens of thousands of children were torn from their families in belgium's colonies. the span, today's, the asi, rwanda and burundi. some were placed in orphanages, others was shipped to belgium. jacqueline goldberg was 3 when she arrived in belgium and was put up for adoption after being snatched from her mother's arms. in rwanda, she runs an association for other so called stone and children. they're connected, she says by their loss, trauma and broken identities. celeste full,
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it is an enormous loneliness in your heart. you don't know who you are. it was racism. it was dividing racist to maintain a hierarchy that was not to be challenged us. one in 2019 belgium's government apologized for the systematic segregation and abduction of biracial children a year later. it's set up a commission to examine the country's colonial history in the wake of black lives matter protests. richard miller, the commission's goal is to hail a wound of quarter lawyers be a scar, but if we don't treat this wound up, it'll lead to more of the racism and discrimination. norman, we can see in belgium today, so we must woocommerce, the government's apology isn't enough. she wants answers reparations and for future generations to better understand the abuses of belgium's colonial passed. taking the state to court hasn't been easy. but after decades of silence layer hopes for
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justice natasha butler al jazeera, brussels to people can napkin haiti last month have been released, according to christian aid ministries. they were among the 17 missionaries from the us, and canada, including 5 children, abducted ne auto prince 5 weeks ago. phil laval has more on this story from washington. we have learned that to the hostages and haiti were released, we can tell you that they are in good spirits, that being careful, that is it. there are no names. there's no identity, there's no detail of nationalities. and in fact, they're saying that anybody on the ground who does have information, they want to keep that information quiet because obviously there are still potentially 15 other people who are being held captive. now it's an interesting choice of words here because they have said that these captives have been released . they haven't used the word rescued or freed which implies that the captors have voluntarily for whatever reason. let them go about could be for a number of reasons. it could be down to help grounds, it could be down to
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a ransom being paid officially. the line from the u. s. is that ransoms will not be paid, but we do know that there are other ways of money making the way to this group. if for example, that is what will happen now, flooding in columbia has force at least $3000.00 families to free their homes. many of them have made their weight high ground. heavy rainfall may to reverse its fangs . the flood has left homes and water and destroyed many fields of crops. frank special forces a police have been sent to the caribbean to deal with protests over corona's, eyes restrictions, nightly vice, and strikes against compulsory cold in 1900 passes. are taking place in trying to oversee the territory of quadrant group at barbara has more buildings on fire in one up in the caribbean archipelago of guadalupe. this is french overseas territory, and often nearly a week of civil unrest here. the government in paris is sending reinforcements on
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top of the $200.00 extra personnel already in place. 50 police special forces have just arrived. these pictures are from a local news channel. ah. 2 a night on curfew was imposed on friday, but it hasn't brought com more than 30 people were arrested. that night alone. michigan has ever called a school course that we've ascertained not only that there was disorder, but that live ammunition was used against law enforcement officers. lou things now taking place of the island, which has about 5 may say so. nothing to do with the color protest. trade unions and guadalupe started an indefinite strike on monday. they're angry about the compulsory vaccination of health workers against covey. 19 and about the french health pause, which is required to access restaurants and cafes, cultural venues, sports arenas, and long distance travel on with them are they said that because of this criminal anti social no, which they set up hundreds of work as being fine on to the strength, why and by extension, thousands of people because behind each salaried employee,
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there's a family and the french government says about 80 percent of health care workers in guadalupe have already been vaccinated. it also says road blockades of disrupted supplies to hospitals. local barbara local, both of them are middle reflection. i blame those who made vaccination. compulsory you can't do that and then suspend stuff without salary, their effects it morally and physically and 50 percent of staff is suspended. so vaccinated staff will be doing double the work. the local authority says some electrical facilities near dams have been damaged, causing power outages to some areas. french prime minister john castillo is set to meet guadalupe officials on monday to discuss the crisis. the dean baba al jazeera, still ahead on algae 0. chaos on court will tell you what spots this incident in the n b and resulted in the big games. biggest stopping, rejected as coming up with pulse
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ah ah
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ah ah ah, i'm not for sports is paul ali. thank you very much. let's start with an incident packed game in the n b a which sort bron james ejected for only the 2nd time in his career. the los angeles, like a star, was punished for punching eyes. i a stewart in the face, although it's stewart that could face a bigger punishment over his reaction. david stacks reports such as the detroit pistons were 12 points clear of the lakers in the 3rd quarter when the chaos began
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as being knocked to the ground. isaiah stewart got up and confronted the embassy biggest star lebron james with blood streaming down his face that you, it wouldn't let it go look at way. cases like just calm down his pistons, teammates, games, officials and security tried to restrain him, but he still kept going after james was along with moves where more used to sing in the nfl. not the m b a well, he's on the game without question. he was eventually escorted to the locker room and things calm down. at this point, it still wasn't entirely clear what had spoke the whole thing in the 1st place. but replay showed that the bronze had slammed his fist into stewart's face. what that meant, he was also asked to leave the court ejected for only the 2nd time. it is 19 year career. james didn't speak after the game, but his teammate anthony davis said it was unintentional. everyone in
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a lean old man on a dirty gar. agnew him so as he did it, he looked back to him so all my banish ought to do each other on the will you shall to do but i know nobody on our time i want to to retain was whose avenue in which i da brother it remains to be seen if he m b i will suspend le bron for his actions. he may have started it, but if anything, it's stewart, who can face the biggest punishment from the league, given his extreme reaction. his coach believed that would be uncalled for though he should be face nina, he's just, i mean, he not get novel. jordan. tom is probably a legal, it has decided that bush, i met the man, got only 8 stitches, not whatever the numbers is, crossed his forehead. and i don't know if he knew who it hit him, but you know, he was, oh sir. and, you know, blood running down his face and, you know, so i don't see any ramifications from the lead mazda and i know,
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except for just not leaving the court in time. maybe in that thought this way. got to check it out again. so to me there's enough punishment in the end. it was the lake as he fought back to win the game by 5 points. the 2 teams meet again, next sunday in allay. it will almost certainly be a much commer affair. they be folks out there. frances 1998 world cup winning plays in the dean's done is reportedly not interested in replacing the freshly fact alec on a sol shot as manchester united manager. it's understood the english club has approached him, but to little avail. the down 13 straight champions league titles as rail madrid coach from 2016 mercer poacher. tino is also a top target for united, but he's currently at perry sons jamar. for now, the former united play michael carrick on the right there will take charge before an entry manager is found to take them to the end of the season. as for a soldier,
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he says he is proud of his achievements at united. this was him leaving the clubs, training ground for final time on sunday, even christiana ronaldo, her ex, at times this season, couldn't save the norwegians job. is not for everyone. and i've had the, the opportunity and i am. so an honor and privilege to have been been trusted to take the club forward. and i really hope that sir, i leave it in a better states or then when i came less than a year to go now until the next football, well cut kicks off encounter. there was a ceremony on dough house water front on sunday to reveal the countdown clocks, what will be the 1st ever willed cup in the middle east? $32.00 teams will be involved next year, playing in 8 stadiums. 6 of those will be a new set. the fee for arab cup being held in cats are in the coming days. the torment will act as a warm up event for 2022. we spoke to fee for president johnny infant,
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tina. i think this is a unique, unique opportunity for a cutter. for the golf, for the out of world to show to the world that some of the prejudice that exists towards this part of the world is wrong is simply prejudice. it's wrong that people are welcome to you. the formula one world championship looks set to go down to the wire after louis hamilton. when the very 1st cats are grown pre on sunday, hamilton qualified on pole for the night race, at least sail circuit 6 great places had of title, rival max for stoppin. mercedes reigning champion, held on to take a flag he won as a master, moved up the field for any 2nd. hamilton cutting the dutch men's lead at the top of the driver's standings to 8 points with just 2 races to go. i'm excited for his
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next erases. think we got a car and if we can get the car in a good place is next to i think we should, we were is gonna be difficult to the end, but i think that's nicer. keeps other kids to the exciting german tennis star alexander's vera has won the season ending world tor finals and sharon in italy. the world number 3 bd defending champion. i'm this year's us open winner daniel medford have in strike, sat 6464. it's the 2nd time zeros has won the tournament has yet to win a grand slam, but it still caps off a great 2021. at the also quince gold. at the tight olympics to golf and cohen maria cower has also kept an incredible season becoming the 1st american ever to finish as the top player on the european tour. the 24 year old from california birdied 5 of his last 7 holes to win the world 2 championship that saw him finish top of the race to de by standings and collect $3000000.00. mark how it won the british open this year and also hold the winning puts for the us in the
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ryder cup. it's awesome. you know, obviously i said a lot of goals for myself and i, i keep resetting goals. um, you know, if you had some little downs in the middle, the year kinda towards the end of the pga tour your mom. but overall, you know, when i look back at it now, you know, i've got one more van, but i'm pretty happy you nominal ambien 13 times i won a major wanted w c. want a rolling series. i'd say it's a pretty good group of wins. and his fellow american tiger woods has posted the 1st video of him swinging a golf club since his car crash in february. it's have a short clip, but's significant. none the less, the 15 time. major champion suffered serious leg injuries in the accident and hasn't played since, but they, so we'll give his fans hope he can return to top competition soon. oh, that soil sports now we back a bit later. oh, thank you very much for that. that said, for this news our on al jazeera, i'll be back with you at $1300.00 g m t. emily anglin is next with more of
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a day. seems to stay with us on out. ah, ah. ah, mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish, work with people, even supplied by tradition. and where beautiful possibilities are offered.
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informed opinions, there was a need, fabulous federal government take action to really facilitate aid, right? in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on al jazeera 8 said that he just please hurry away with somebody's got to do it. where do you go to the pilots? you're there, boy here. promoting clean. save sanitation for all. but with a 3rd of the world lacking basic facilities, can his unique style really help clean up the man? the culture to pop culture is the fastest way those soft, the sanitation problem. mister toilets, a witness documentary on al jazeera, november remarks, the 5th anniversary of a peace treaty between the columbian states and fark rebels. but the security situation and conflict regents like hearing coke is far from resolved. can the
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government feel, deliver on the promise piece, special coverage on all 0? ah, sedans, reinstated, prime ministers speaks exclusively to al jazeera up to he's deal with the military and says forming a new government is his top priority. ah, hello, i'm emily anguish. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up the president of bowery says he doesn't want confrontation with poland on the migrant classes. we report from both sides of the border class. austria goes into an.


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