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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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it's far from resolves, can the government still deliver on the promise piece a special coverage on all 0? ah, sedans, reinstated, prime minister speaks exclusively to al jazeera up to he's deal with the military and says, forming a new government is his top priority. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, the president of valerie says he doesn't one confrontation with poland on the migrant crisis. we report from both sides of the border class. austria goes into a nationwide lockdown to curb cove at 19 infections,
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despite days of anger and protests. i'm natasha butler in brussels with 5 bi racial women who say they're rude ducted from their families on to belgian colonial rule. assuming the state ah, we begin the program in sudan where the prime minister is promising a path to democracy after being reinstated under an agreement with the military abdel hm doc was else did nearly a month ago when the army chief seized power and dissolved his cabinet in an exclusive interview with al jazeera hm duck said his new government. we made up of professionals, though it's not clear how much power you will have. but despite sunday's deal, crowds have continued protesting and chanting slogans against military general abdel flatter albert hon. the us has welcomed hum, ducks, return, but sedans,
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largest opposition coalition is refusing to recognize any agreement that she has power with the military. ham doc explained what the new government will eventually look like. as he spoke exclusively to al jazeera and sickle associate feel her coma read him in the co concept of the upcoming government is that it will be a technocratic government, made up of sudanese, qualified professionals about with one and a half years are left out of the transitional period, whole, the upcoming government, according to me, should focus on very specific issues, chiefly the completion of transition into a democracy. and it's related obligations like the convenience of the constitutional conference held. i'm holding the elections. you all know that the elections were required. one full year at least, may drag on for one and a half years. i hope we can all agree on an independent governmental with crowds
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during the remaining time of the transitional period. where as government would lead the country until the scheduled elections go in, assess him and hasn't developed a new part in new knowledge about this is a key part of the political agreement. we saw. you said was that the prime minister should have the power and authority to full and independent technocratic government in absolute liberty. and without any pressure on what this is, what we sign the agreement fall. and then a, consider this has a model. and i would like to speak, frankly, i don't have any personal ambitions to remain a figurehead or to join a particular party or group or to gain higher popularity. i'm all driven by the responsibility placed on my shoulder. i am guided only by the ambitions and hopes of the 3rd and his people. therefore, i have made up my mind and sign the political agreement. although i know that many
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may disagree objective or rejected simply because the people's ambitions and aspirations were much higher than the moment. however, i signed it, and i read to read that i do not have any personal game. otherwise, i wouldn't have accepted the office and the 1st blaze with all my challenges over the past 2 years. the issue of personal gain does not worry me at all. i believe the decision i made is correct and to the best interest of the people. that's why i went forward and saw the political agreement and you can watch the full interview with sedans. reinstated, prime minister hummed off on talk to al jazeera, at 1430 james t for more on this story. now let's bring him out. corresponding human mogan who was live for us in the capitol caught soon. hello that he about what's been the fall out from this deal, including reports, political prisoners have been released. yes, indeed. part of that agreement that was signed between prime minister handbook and
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general heim includes the release of the political prisoners who are arrested on the day of the military takeover and the days that followed. so early this morning on monday morning, at least for a political prisoners were relieved. they include the head of the sydney's congress party and leading figure from the only part, one of the biggest opposition parties here in sudan. the secretary general of the arab socialists boss, part the here incident as well as the advisor to prime minister, hum dog, who the member of the sudan people liberation movement. one of the groups that signed a piece deal with the government in 2020. however, despite the agreement saying that all political figures who were arrested on the, on the day of the to cobra and the following days should be released. not all have been released. for example, the spokesperson of the former covering the council, which was dissolved in the day of the military, took over the he's the to be released is also the former minister of trade and industry. he's also yet to be released and he's a member of the city, nice congress party. they're also activists and members, opposite
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a nice professional association and members of the committee to dismantle the former regime. several officials and political figures leading of political figures are still to be released now, prime minister, hum dog, in his exclusive interview to august. there, said that there is a framework and that there is a procedure, but that the military gave him guarantees. but all political presence arrested because of the take over him because of the political activities will be released. he says that is going to be the basis of building a democratic sudan. but so far, only 4 have been released and many more still remain in detention. he but what's been the reaction to this agreement by the sudanese and are we expecting more protests in the coming day? well, even before the signing of the agreement, people have invoicing their anger and during the signing and in the hours that followed. for many people, the idea was not to return to that publishing agreement. and the idea was not just the release of prime minister hum dog. the idea was to completely will remove the
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military from the political scene following the takeover that happened. they say that the military has shown that they cannot be trusted and for prime minister humbug to go and sign a political agreement with them, without the blessing of the political parties, without the blessing of the resistance committees who have been mobilizing mass processes that take over base it back to the betrayal, especially because at least 40 people have been killed and more than 200 people have been injured in the 28 days of the takeover before that agreement was signed. so for many people, they say that the anger is now not just behind, but some dog, and they've been calling for more math in the coming days. yes, we'll watch that space. thank you very much. the up that he, we're moving live for us in caught, soon moving on to the rest of the days news. now when the president of valerie says, the confrontation with poland over the border crisis could lead to war. alexander lucas shanker is waiting for an answer from the you. whether the blog will accept 2000 stranded refugees in migrants from the validation side. because she has worn
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germany to either take in some of the migrants or he will deal with it himself. step vessel has been following the story in his life for us from burskey in valor is hello, this step. i'm president lucas shank claims. he doesn't want any kind of flare up. but is that really the case? the while his language sounds so far, we are threatening at least here at the valuation camp at the border right at the polish board of what i'm seeing is sheer desperation and increasing hopelessness around 2000 people. and these are the 2000 people, shot got eagerly wants europe to take these people, of course, have been stuck between the 2 bought us. and the situation has become really dire also in this camp. but the increasingly, of course turning into these instruments or weapons as europe has been calling them into high birth war between lucas shanker and european union offer. they have accused him of falsifying his re election last year and imposing sanctions on him.
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so taking those 2000 migrants would definitely be seen as a fixed rate for alex on the central. but at the other hand, of course, as you can see here, around me, these weapons and instruments that you're talking about are of course simply human beings with human life. and they really need care at the moment. and one sign also that it's all playing out in this hybrid war, is that the world health organization has sent you a representative to this campus. today was the meeting at a migrant and refugees and it's sending medical help here. this is the 1st time that europe has been so engaged again. here in bella, luce step, you mentioned the desperation of some of the migrant play you. what do you actually saying on the bell, russian side of the board while they are increasingly falling el, nearly everyone around me here is coughing,
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little children, whole families are here. there's also of course, this risk of cope with that. the w h was also warning about, but also this hopelessness is increasing. people really want to go back home, back to iraq, the fight, everything they have gone through to get here, all the money. they have been paying the money, they have both to get here and they really want to get up and go back to iraq. that shows how desperate the situation is here at the border. as you can see in our report, our german flags painted on their faces film. the declaration of people caught up in this human tragedy. families from iraq and syria were promised easy passage to europe now locked up in a camp, guarded by bella, russian forces giving some kind of shelter. after spending weeks in the cold. we wait about 10 days in a general way. you think you can still go?
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we hope we hope that i expect from you to know leaving this vehicle along receiving the bare minimum to survive renovation when to conditions and the in the camera logistical center. the board was not designed to shelter people and many said the suffering from the cold. jerry exhausted, desperate, and the crate to talk about what's going on. he has talked to tom to, to help you open it for the night. they tell me people, i think in a way to the polish border, nobody knows what they do. know that i told them some things they call the people if you don't cross it, then we'll love to let you go back to mentor any place and people were freezing and paul and people were not having any response to that. so you think people actually went into the didn't one. so if the people didn't do that,
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the people didn't force that they were going to die in the school with a nobody was going to do anything for over a month, 18 year old sonya has try to have family to reach europe to join relatives. they flew from iraq to galleries, to be closer to their dream. what they found was a firm rejection. last week the family got sprayed with tear gas and polish border guards retaliated against attacks on their board of fans. or, you know, i was afraid my daughter got hit by to gas and my son to it felt like we were all choking. i was so i never had this experience in my life. we want to go to europe just to work here and money. have a better future quality. that's all we need. and that's everyone's right. but it's not our fault that you were born in or isn't it like the you have been people are born in there. they're happy for that. we are born there and we have no fully that, like many out of sonya and his family still poems in
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a political play to drama. the past week on this border with the european union may have come from now at a determination in the faces of those left in limbo suggest this michael price is far from over. substances al jazeera and b and who still ahead on al jazeera chiles fall right candidate jose antonio lee, the presidential load but he's facing a run off with a former student later and 5 people killed and 40 injured when a driver plowed into a christmas price in the us sanctions, wisconsin, ah, ah, look forward to burritos, guys. with the sponsored by capital airways, it's getting cold now proper cold, that is, this is a cold fronted. fact,
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the swept out is the interior of northern china. so temperature is a long, long it of course, dropping the real chills held back a long way off in the higher ground north, the beijing, and beyond in hobbin and the top of it. the fact is cold. and he's going truss, for example, to see japan regenerating snow showers. yes, it might be 17 in tokyo in the shelter, but you'll see snow on the high ground the will of haunt you and hawkeye. do. basically it's a fine looking picture. sunny ins, guys, occasionally, foggy, is cooling down hong kong. it will certainly feel that way because humidity's dropped than this some semblance of normality is the weather. now in india, the rain's focusing further south where it should be internal matters for lanka, for example, some degree in corolla. but the northern plain is still full of pollution and all the major cities in northern india. napoleon, pakistan are suffering from poor or hazardous a culture that in going to change either. at the same time, a little circulation we saw west of india or a week ago,
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is just coming into the horn of africa. that'll affect somali, or at least. and i think for a couple of days will be a sham. are bringing a few lights out into the gulf. possibly once again. the cutter? oh, the weather sponsored by casara always in the country with an abundance of results for the road. far and walk indonesia whose firms former we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let to be part when the this is growth and progress in indonesia now. ah
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ah, hello. are you watching al jazeera, i met my anglin, a reminder of our top stories. the sour sedans, rain, stated, prime minister, has promised to pass to democracy in an exclusive interview with al jazeera adela hm. dog was released from house arrest and he's back in his position after signing a deal with the military. the president of valerie says, the confrontation with poland over the migration crisis could lead to war. alexander lucas shanker is waiting for an answer from the e. u. on taking in 2000 stranded migrants at the border. meanwhile, the polish prime minister showing baltic states to drum up european support over that border crisis, is calling at bell races, actions the biggest threat to european stability in 3 decades. jenna, whoa! reports from the polish border. not much is known about 37 year old mustafah. i'll
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write me or how he came to be buried in the corner of a bull slim graveyard in eastern poland. except that he came from yemen, a husband and father of 2 who froze to death on european soil. where you are so like your mother carried him home and didn't stop this crisis in which battle ruth has encouraged thousands to break into the european union. but activists say it has made things worse. basically no help was dying in the forest is always is wrong. so yes, we believe that that will come and should at least let us look and you say a 2 hour job in a border town, a protest against the government's failure to help asylum seekers, especially women and children. and inside the secure zone, off limits to journalists and then jose new laws allow border guards to disregard asylum claims and push back those who make it
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a cross in breach of international law. so a person who crosses the border and specifically asks for asylum, which is there right under international law, can legally, under polish law, be refused. i'm speaking to the spokes person. proponents, ministry of foreign affairs. we don't support the definition. you mentioned, we don't consider people who cross illegally the border as the person who can apply for an international hope. it means we've got different definition of international law. lesser lawyers think a little different than you that can be no more graphic way to illustrate the dangers for people crossing into poland and the european union than another funeral. they've been 11 confirmed deaths in this crisis since mid september. and just a few days ago, a mother rescued in the woods said she'd been forced to abandon the body of her one year old child. since the great wave of arrivals in 2015 right,
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when governments in europe have used the rhetoric of conflict of hybrid warfare to justify the militarization of borders, these people are stuck on the bellows side, searching the forest for opportunities to cross some of the refugees, others economic migrants, but all human beings and none are welcome here. jonah haul al jazeera on the polish border. no austria has entered a nationwide locked down to contain a story member of corona, virus infections. people now have to stay in their homes. they can only lay for essential activities, like food shopping, seeing a doctor or giving exercise. the national lockdown is expected to last a maximum of 20 days for the vaccinated, but there is no end inside the unvaccinated. andrew simmons has more from vienna.
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well here the central valley, you can see a lot of people taking a stroll and taking advantage of that clause in the lockdown to exercise and so on . but no, there's a real mood of anger in some places that this lockdown has happened. so late with the thinkers of a current of ours infections increasing, hovering around the 14260000 sort of number per day. and this is increase from the hundreds in the summer and around $3000.00 back in october, which, which really does lend itself to a lot of concern. you'll see that the, the christmas lights are on. but the stores are shots that lead to this, the christmas shopping being cancelled at christmas fan, as are also shut down and across the country we're seeing increases in the number of patients in the intensive care units. certainly in
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salzburg, the situation is really serious. now this will go on for 10 days, minimum people feel it will go to the maximum of 20 days or even more than that because of the situation. furthermore, in february, the government is introducing compulsory vaccinations. this is really the, the, the worst case in europe and the, in the, in the situation with uptake on the vaccines. estrella has announced his biggest change to foreign travel restrictions since the start the pandemic from next man to fully vaccinated students and business visa holders. and where if you james, will be allowed into the country, australia shot had international border in march last year. it only allowed a restricted number of citizens and permanent residence to enter. belgium's parliament is set to examine crimes committed during the countries colonial. aram, some in pe say it's time to confront atrocities committed in conquer burundi and
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rwanda. a court in brussels is considering a law suit brought by 5 women who said they were abducted from their families by belgian colonial authorities. natasha butler has the story from brussels. the photo shows lay tavares as a child in congo in the 1950s. what it doesn't reveal though, is her suffering and pain lay was born on the belgian colonial rule to a white portuguese father, a black congolese mother. but mixed race, couples were forbidden, and their children were considered a threat to white supremacy. so when layer was 2 years old beltran police seized her from her home and placed her in a catholic institution, far away, suffering her from a family of blurry. come to pass her own pasano mamma and put it when we thought about our mothers. we cried all to their want their mother's farm. we wanted their mother's warm tongue, but she wasn't. there. had mama layer is one of 5 by racial women now suing the
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belgian state for crimes against humanity and seeking compensation certification of whether you, what we want the belgians they to do is explain why they abducted us from our families and mistreated us why they took away our rights and cut us off from our roots and the world, so baskets at dinner campaign, a se, tens of thousands of children were torn from their families in belgium's colonies. the span today's, the asi, rwanda and burundi. some were placed in orphanages. others was shipped to belgium. jacqueline goldberg was 3 when she arrived in belgium and was put up for adoption after being snatched from her mother's arms. in rwanda, she runs an association for other so called stone and children. they are connected, she says by their loss, trauma and broken identities. celeste full, it is an enormous loneliness in your heart. you don't know who you are. if it was racism, it was dividing, raises to maintain
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a hierarchy that was not to be challenged. rung in 2019 belgium's government apologized for the systematic segregation and abduction of biracial children a year later. it's set up a commission to examine the country's colonial history in the wake of black lives matter. protests. richard miller, the commission's goal is to hail a wound, of course, always be a scar. but if we don't treat this wound up, it'll lead to more of the racism and discrimination on and we can see in belgium today. so in most woocommerce, the governments apology isn't enough. she wants answers reparations and for future generations to better understand the abuses of belgium's colonial past. taking the state to court hasn't been easy. but after decades of silence layer hopes for justice. natasha butler al jazeera brussels chilies far i candidate jose antonio cast is lading in sundays presidential election by his facing
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a run off next month. as a newman explains from santiago, chile is in a political tailspin 3 months ago, many couldn't have imagined the far right wing candidate was sent on your cast would come close to reversing, which seemed like an unstoppable left wing wave in chile. spurred by 2 years of social unrest against deep rooted inequality. but the former congressman's message of conservative family values and law and order has convinced millions of chileans that he is the man for the future. even though he still defends the legacy of chills, former military dictatorship law, when he got to make no mistake, he only candidacy that offers an alternative to recover peace. do away with crime and stop terrorism is mine. we'll recover the country that we've lost. 35 year old left us congressman gabrielle bought each came in a close 2nd, assuring he 2 will go into a 2nd round. he proposes deep structural reforms for
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a more inclusive economic, social, and political system that includes grappling chiles, private pension funds and raising taxes for the super rich give you are no corner long live young people want to change the world and our elders who have so much to teach us hope will overcome fear. but each leads a left wing coalition that includes the communist party and many are afraid that means veering too far left. thinking about that either our life depends on the selection bang us. if we're going straight towards venezuela, coven marxism, a female exit. today, we don't have a generic pin at tech, to save us. our only hope, oh man, is cassette we get name of going back. but there are many others, like 33 year old, one cars had needed a day who cast his ballad, remembering that he was forced to work at an early age, and that his parents can't survive on their tiny pensions. though the shoe bug a bit of the killer play, the selection will change the destiny of the country,
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which is why we took to the streets to go for social change to renew our political season once and for all of your live body and body. course antonio got the selection could be described as a battle between a revolution of social revolution represented by bonnet and a counter revolution embodied by cast. both candidates could not have more dramatically opposing visions until his future. and in the middle of all this r chillies, traditional political parties, which seems to have become irrelevant. both contenders need to appeal to those who voted for other candidates, but more importantly to the millions of chileans who didn't bother to vote at all in the 1st round. the only predictable thing now is that the next 4 weeks will harold in a fierce political battle for the heart and soul of this country. i see in human al jazeera santiago, the women's tennis association says it's still concerned about the welfare of
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chinese tennis stop hung. why? that's the spot, the international limpy committee releasing this photo of punk on a video coal with its president chinas, foreign ministry spokesman say she's attended racing public activities and hadn't been seen in public for weeks after accusing a former of official of sexual assault. katrina youth has more from the james for weeks john has foreign ministry has been asked about puncture. why, but for the 1st time, on monday, the foreign ministry spokesperson jolly jan, acknowledged knowing anything about it. firstly, he said that this was not a diplomatic issue. and then he pointed the media to the fact that she had made several public appearances in recent days. so it was a very short answer. there was no mention of any concerns raised about her well being from the u. s. the un france, etc. and also no mention at all of any of the sexual allegations originally made by
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puncture online against the former chinese vice premier john. golly, no. as to these public appearances that he mentioned, the house seemed to be a flurry of activity online, reported primarily by chinese state media. and usually there were pictures of her posted at home, a video of her at a restaurant with her coach and some friends in the jingle on the weekend. and also her attending a childrens tennis tournament on sunday morning, shortly before her highly publicized school with a head of the i o. c. thomas book on sunday afternoon. now for many though, including for the women's tennis association, these alleged appearances have raised more questions than provided on says, and certainly the one is, the women's tennis association says that they are still concerned about her well being. and that they have not been able to independently contact her or get access to her. and meanwhile, this is playing out while there remains
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a complete censorship blackout on all things related to puncture. why on chinese state media and chinese social media to the us. now at least 5 people have been killed after a person drove a car into a crowd in the city of walker. sho, in wisconsin, more than 40 others including children, were taken to hospital. it happened while people were marching in the cities christmas break. one person has been arrested. ah, hello, are you watching al jazeera and these are the top stories. the sour sedans, rain stated, prime minister has promised to pass to democracy in an exclusive interview with al jazeera abdullah hum dog was released from house arrest and he's back in his position after signing a deal with the military. several political prisoners have also been released as part of the deal if morgan has more from cartoon early this morning on monday morning.


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