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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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snow in the northeast, where the mountains all that much higher. and then east africa, a little tropical depression. you may have noticed in the west coast of india far days ago is large, bring rain to sacrifice the album. they are of the eastern, most time in mainland africa, in the country with an abundance of results. trade, foreign, guam, indonesia, whose firms forming we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when denise is growth and progress invest. indonesia now would wanna will be part of the greatest global gathering in history. the expo 2020
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dubai woods wanna will be there to showcase her investment opportunities, her unique culture and heritage, economic diversity and pristine wildlife and natural resources. so look out for woods. wanna add that expo 2022 by spectacle, where we will unleash our potential botswana. all cried your destination. lou. ah, hello there i'm is darcy tando home. let's remind you about up stories here this hour. austria has entered a nationwide locked down to try to contain a soaring number of corona virus infections. it's expected to last a maximum of 20 days for the vaccinated that there is no end date for the
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unvaccinated. the president of valerie says he doesn't want to confrontation with poland over the migration crisis. alexander lucas shanker is waiting for an answer from the e. you on taking in 2000 stranded migrants of the border to don's reinstated prime minister has promised a pastor democracy in an exclusive interview with al jazeera. i'm tele, doc was released from house arrest and as back in his position after signing a deal with the military now public health workers in the united states are quitting their jobs after facing harassment for their role. and corona virus restrictions, and the same time, more than half of all states are creating laws that will curb public health powers to force people to do things. to stop the spread of private 19, including wearing masks out there as heidi's, jocasta reports now from maryland. travis gales was serving as the top health, official of montgomery county,
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maryland when the covey 19 pandemic arrived. his mission was simple. in regard to the counties, 1000000 residents keep them all and to come from dive. as hospitals across the us, filled with patients suffering from coven 19 gales, recommended businesses and schools close. and for everyone to wear masks, the policies were restrictive, but worked to keep cases low. and the community in this liberal suburb of washington, d. c, was supportive, gail says. but then came signs of impatience while things became more political. the discussion moved from. hi, good morning. here's where our cases are. here's what the test positivity rate is and those kinds of things to while things are different, why can't we do this activity and why is this particular thing close? and why is this jurisdiction open? and why are we open? says he also received a threat in email. shared with al jazeera gills was called
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a power hungry loser, and an enemy of the people and will be dealt with accordingly. when i would leave the office, i would try to park in different places and i would take different routes home. because quite frankly, i was concerned about someone following me. public health officials all over the country have reported similar experiences or worse, exhausted from long hours of work than targeted by members of their own communities for recommending unpopular. but life saving mandate. a year and a half into the pandemic. hundreds have called it quits and we just can't have people on public surface being threatened for doing their jobs. maryland state senator wrong young has proposed making threatening a public health worker a crime. but the trend in most of the country has been the opposite. was lawmakers in 32 states, introducing 100 new laws to restrict public health actions, citing freedom of choice, and making it harder to enforce mask and vaccine mandates. happening to
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a great extent because of politics. i mean, if we can't trust and believe people that are experts in the field who were vanco, it's feared the backlash against pandemic restrictions has left. the us less prepared for the next pandemic. gales for one is among the public health officers who have resigned. he leaves behind a county that with his early push, now has among the highest vaccination rates in the country, but that still has a named his replacement. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera, silverspring, maryland. while staying in the united states and at least 5 people have been killed after passing drive a car into a crowd, and the u. s. city of walker shop in wisconsin. more than 40 others, including children, were taken to hospitals, had happened while people were marching in the cities christmas parade. please say they have one pass in and custody.
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no president joe biden has renominated jerome powell as the head of the federal reserve for a 2nd. for your time, it's one of the most important economic policy decisions of biden's presidency. the announcement gave a boost to the us stock market. kristen salumi will have more on that for us in just a few minutes. but 1st, let's paint to our white house correspondent, kimberly how good. kimberly powell, i recall, was a trump appointee. so this really reflects how bipartisan this process has become. that seems yeah, bear with me. there's a lot of noise happening behind me, but what we're doing is a line that's going on here and it's making an awful lot of racket, but with respect to the appointment that has been made by. * the u. s. president joe biden. what's important to know is, all of this is that this is the 2nd term. so what the u. s. president is saying is that i like the job that you did. i don't want you to do it again. so one of the
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reasons in the white house state that we should point out were waiting for you as president to the coming hours will be speaking about this, but already in the state. but he said that he'd like jerome powells handling one of the worst economic crises in recent history of the united states. that is the handling of the pandemic. the fact that the market not only contract is but there was issues. and so, given the fact that the united states is still climbing out of that, it is place basic. now inflationary pressures seeing prices in some cases rising as much as 50 percent for things like gasoline. there are still challenges that need to be worked out to view as president saying that is nominated drum power for a 2nd term. has the federal reserve chair to grapple with monetary policy for that reason? but what other final reason that it's important to you as president is because of the share philosophy when there is no link between climate change and the pottery.
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and that is another reason for the. ready white house correspondent. kimberly how can there in washington d. c. thanks so much. kimberly. well, that sounds speak to kristen salumi in new york for us. kristen, it does look like the stock market's a pleased with this continuity yes, the markets have indeed responded favorably here in new york with the s and p index . now up about $43.00 points, that's nearly a percent. the dow jones is up about 3 quarters of a percentage the best day. the market has seen all month and stocks are hitting record territory as well. bank stocks and treasury yields have moved higher on the news of the new fed chiefs almost as soon as the announcement was made even before the markets officially opened in pre market trading. we saw j. p. morgan and morgan stanley, big bags financial institutions moving significantly higher pen jerome policy and
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as a steady hand out the fed, someone that investors know and trust. particularly as the fed begins to wind down pandemic stimulus programs. and amid rising inflation, consumer prices are the highest, are seeing the biggest increases they've seen in nearly 3 decades. and that has the markets spoof so investors with powell are expecting him to raise interest rates. the fed husband suggesting as much we've got supply chain issues and workers shortages in the midst of this all as well. but for investors power, again, seen as a steady hand in the markets do appear to be reacting favorably to this question. for me, that was all that reaction for us from new york. thanks, kristen. now living on and around says it hopes i visit by the head of the international atomic energy agency will be constructive terran is aging. i ha, if i fail grossi to avoid political pressure ahead of the upcoming talks in vienna
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negotiations with what leaders to salvage the 2015 you cadell, are set to resume next week. the you and you care watchdog agency has said its inspectors had not been able to access surveillance footage of nuclear sites and out since february, march, hunger tor suca. we have always advise the agency to remain on the path of technical corporation. shouldn't allow some countries to press ahead with to political orientations and intentions. it is obvious that we will make the necessary decisions based on the allotments and circumstances. now a tie court has denied bail to several prominent figures from last year, protests which court for the reform of the monarchy. the decision has paved the way from more criminal cases and more jail sentences out there. as tony chang has worn out from bangkok, police shoot rubber, bullets directly protested. the attitude of the authorities in thailand has hardened in recent months. the tolerance of the protest is now very limited. and on,
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on the other side, attitudes a more deeply entrenched to the language is more hostile and explicit. and although the demonstrators numbers are not as great as last year, them mood was darker cools for reform of the monarchy, have gone unanswered and protest leaders could now face years behind bars any hope that could be avoided, evaporated when the constitutional court ruled recently that even questioning the monarchy is against the law. bella come to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, defendants used their rights on freedom in order to overthrow the democratic regime of government with the king as head of state. the authorities are now wasting no time criminal cases against the ringleaders are expected to follow swiftly after these bail hearings. i am of who are one known to his supporters. his penguin faces so many charges he could potentially be jail for more than 300 years back. that's deeply disturbing to his mother. oh,
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no longer they plan on doing that. my. my son didn't talk to anybody. he hasn't done anything wrong, but he is being branded as a rebel. today's hearing is just the beginning of a process. the could see all of those who called for reform of the monarchy, jailed decades to come with the courts, the army and the government now aligned behind the throne. the message is very clear. if you cast this issue, ah, there is no end to it, which means that your rights will be taken away, including mary, your passports, you get not, you're not get bail or so he has basic rights and freedoms will be taken away from you and his rate clear signal, but a to move silence around the throne has been broken. and while the threat of jail will keep many off the streets and showing their resistance in other ways, ah, in the cinema or in thailand, it's customary to stand for the royal anthem. before the main show. to day, many people are choosing to remain firmly in their seats. tony chain al jazeera
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banker or anger against frances military intervention in west africa has been growing during a 3 year day stand off now and again a faso. french troops shows an injured several protesters in the town of kaya on saturday. the government has shut down the internet to turn stop protests from spreading nicholas hack asthma. french foreign ministers only that he has called on between us president john moscow to intervene to allow this fringe convoy in this country to make its way to share the internet. it fell down in the country following days of protest over the presence of french troops on the ground. this is a convoy of 60 vehicles, a 100 french military soldiers that were coming from ivory coast rebates. in tunisia to help the forces their fight arm groups associated to okay, to affiliate an iso. now they were met in breaking off. so outside the capitol with
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protesters chanting anti french slogan, accusing the french military to working hand in hand with quote unquote, terrorists or arm groups in the north of the country. there are so much anger on the streets of routine of foster. it's particularly in the capital because the security situation has gone from bad to worse, deteriorating significantly in the past month, just a few weeks ago. on down really if burkina faso security camp. how, what came under attack over 50 people were killed. and then came the information that they had not received their food rations for 2 weeks, and the soldiers had to hunt for their food. that really angered the population feeling that the security forces are not able to contain the growing attacks that are taking place in the country. now the opposition with members of civil
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society have called for nationwide protests at the end of the week, calling for the resignation of the president of ricky mac, cowboy. while belgium's parliament has set to examine crimes committed during the country's colonial. aaron, some m p say it's time to confront atrocities committed in congo, burundi and were wander and caught in brussels. is now considering lawsuit brought by 5 women who say they were abducted from their family as a pie belgian colonial authorities. and tosh about to reports from brussels. the photo shows lay tavares as a child in congo in the 1950s. what it doesn't reveal though, is her suffering and pain layer was born on the belgian colonial rule to a white portuguese father, a black congolese mother. but mixed race, couples were forbidden, and their children were considered a threat to white supremacy. so when layer was 2 years old beltran police seized her from her home and placed her in a catholic institution, far away,
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suffering her from her family and blurry, come to pass her own pasano mamma and put it when we thought about our mothers re cried. all to their want their mothers, we wanted our mothers warm things, but she wasn't. there had mom. layer is one of 5 bi racial women. now suing the belgian state for crimes against humanity and seeking compensation certification of what we want. the belgians day to do is explain why they abducted us from our families and mistreated us why they took away our rights and cut us off from our roots and the world. so baskets at dinner campaign, a se, tens of thousands of children were torn from their families in belgium's colonies. the span today's, the asi, rwanda and burundi. some were placed in orphanages. others was shipped to belgium. jacqueline goldberg was 3 when she arrived in belgium and was put up for adoption of to being snatched from her mother's arms. in rwanda,
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she runs an association for other so called stone and children, they're connected. she says by their loss, trauma and broken identities, celestial. it is an enormous loneliness in your heart. you don't know who you are. it was racism. it was dividing races to maintain a hierarchy that was not to be challenged. in 2019 belgium's government apologized for the systematic segregation and abduction of biracial children a year later. it's set up a commission to examine the country's colonial history in the wake of black lives matter. protests. richard miller, the commission's goal is to hail a wound of quarter lawyers be a scar. but if we don't treat this wound, it'll lead to more of the racism and discrimination. and we can see in belgium today, so we must woocommerce for layer the government's apology isn't enough. she wants answers reparations and for future generations to better understand the abuses of belgium's colonial passed. taking the state to court hasn't been easy. but after
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decades of silence layer hopes for justice. natasha butler al jazeera brussels. while eliano gay is a co director of african features action lad, she told us about the efforts to get recognition from belgium. this has been very interesting to see how belgium has a addressed this colonial pass and it is a, it's only recently that with the movement of former a social civil society activists that we have seen that a push show up to claim for the recognition of the colonial past and or the it will include the teaching of colonial pass in, in, in school. so i think it's, it's has been a very, a push from civil society organizations that have been asking and leading those
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demands to the state without, with that a lot of resistance from, from the, from the state, a lot of resistance from a, a public institutions. and it's only recently with them with their, their commission that we start to see a bit of changes. if we want to talk about regression, we want to talk about our with dish and we have to, 1st of all, to come to set up a process. we're the people, the communities, the population, the country, there are concern. can i come at the table and discuss and then imagine what kind of preparations are a, is possible. and we're talking about simple equations. are we talking material reparation? are we talking about financial reparations? and from that, from that step, maybe we can identify the natural mission, but also the, the amount if we have to go through that way. but i don't think at this stage it's
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necessary as something that is focusing on a financial reparations. massport is coming up after the break. and i'll tell you what spunk this incidents in the n b a and resulted in the games biggest star being injected. ah, ah, serious delicacy, days with one month leading the country through us, present all aside as lost legitimacy. he needs to step back. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examine the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human thought master of chaos on al jazeera. ah mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance
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arising where investments are waiting to flourish. with tv even supplied by tradition and where beautiful possibilities are offered with ah, well come back, it's not home for sport and he is gemma. thank eunice dodger french footboard ansley on have been ordered to play home games without fans until further notice. following sundays, crowd trouble against mar, say, the game was halted,
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and then abandoned after mos a player dmitri piatt was hit on the head with a bottle filled with water, just 4 minutes into the match. the incident was the latest in a series of disturbing episodes in league this season. the french sports minister says repeated crowd problems of putting the future of french football at risk. leon may receive a further sanction from the disciplinary committee. there was an incident packs game in the n b a which solar bron james a jack said for any the 2nd time in his career. the los angeles lakers start was punished for punching isaiah stewart in the face. although it's stuart that could face a big punishment over his reaction. so sat with the detroit pistons with 12 points clear of the lakers in the 3rd quarter when the chaos began. as being knocked to the ground. isaiah stewart got up and confronted bnb, a biggest star lebron james with blood streaming down his face. did you it wouldn't let it go like a 20 cases like just calm down his pistons, teammates,
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games, officials and security tried to restrain him, but he still kept going after james was along with moves where more used to sing in the nfl, not the m b a well he's and became without question. he was eventually escorted to the locker room and things calm down. at this point, it still wasn't entirely clear what had spoke the whole thing in the 1st place. but replay showed that the bronze had slammed his fist into stewart's face. what that meant, he was also asked to leave the court ejected for only the 2nd time. it is 19 year career. james didn't speak after the game, but his teammate anthony davis said it was unintentional. everyone in a lean old man on a dirty gar, agnew him. so as he did it, he looked back to them. so all my banish ought to do each other. on all you shall to do, but i know nobody on our time. ah 1213 was whose avenue in which i da brother.
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it remains to be seen. if he m b. i will suspend le bron for his actions. he may have started it, but if anything, it's stewart, who could face the biggest punishment from the league, given his extreme reaction. his coach believed that would be uncalled for though he should be face nina. he's just, i mean he not getting also corded tom is probably a legal to have to decide that. but i met the man got, i mean 8 stitches, not whatever the number of stages crossed his forehead. and i don't know if he knew who it hit him, but you know, he was upset and you know, blood running down his face and you know, so i don't see any ramifications from the lead from their standpoint, except from just not leaving the court in time. maybe in that thought this way, you're addicted out of the game. so to me there's enough punishment in the end, it was the late as he fought back to win the game by 5 points. the 2 teams meet
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again, next sunday in ally. it will almost certainly be a much commer affair. they've had folks out 0. amnesty international has warned the international olympic committee that his entering it dangerous waters as concerns remain over the welfare of chinese, a tennis, dark punch. why? that's after the i see released this photo hung on a video call it with its president thomas back china's a foreign ministry spokesman. the says the player has attended recently public activities and hadn't been seen in public after kissing a former top official of sexual assault. international olympic committee is entering dangerous fortress. they should be extremely careful not to participate in any whitewash or possible human rights violations. in the past, you had seen various similar cases that people had no option but to say what they had been told to to call b to b
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d r u c. and can try is hardly convincing that contrie has full and genuine freedom of expression in liberty, security and moment for president johnny and fantine says he's never seen a country as prepared as cut off the heist of the wild card and cattle redness will be put to the test in the coming days and it holds the faith, erica, the choice. they were such a mock of a lot, the wild card. let's touch down and die ahead of the competition in santana has now concerns looking ahead to 2022. you know, i've been involved in sports organizations organizing. so what's the biggest football events in the last few decades? and i've never seen a country which is so ready to host a walk up to horse such a big event, a cutter, one year before kick off. all the news already,
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i can tell you of some other countries in other parts of the world. they will not name them, but who like many years after the event has taken place, the stadiums are still not ready, which means we can focus on this one year from now until the walk up to make sure that every fan that is coming that way. let a leave. an incredible experience, something unbelievable, a welcoming god, the world. a great country, a great region actually because we're speaking about, cut out by the same time we speak about the old gulf, the middle east, diarra world to discover a new culture. it will not be only the best work of ever, but it will be a truly, truly unique walk that far off. now i'll have more like 10 blanks i want shown i
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wow, that's also for me for this new zone, but don't go on the back end with ah hm. with
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a oh oh, counting the cost as big pharma refuses to say as covert vaccine secret world health organization hires a south african labs, crack m on a coast. i'm flattered by the pound. i make the airline industry plot so route to madison, counting the costs on algebra, joined the debate. 90 percent of the world's ricky cheese have come from a common impacted country. the climate regency is putting more pressure on services across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future rates. now. this is not our responsibility. p. the lock can. i believe it. we cannot lose hope . we know what to do, and we add the tools into geared back we must always pay for the stream on al
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jazeera. holding the powerful to account. as we examined the usda's role in the world on al jazeera, ah fears of a winter spike of coven 19 infections. austria goes into a nationwide lockdown while there are new restrictions in other parts of europe. ah, hello there, i'm is darcy, hey, this is out of their life and are also coming up. the president of battery says he doesn't want confrontation with poland, which could lead to war over the migrant crisis class. so don's reinstated prime minister speaks to al jazeera after his deal with the military and.


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