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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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many parts of southern india are experiencing excess of rainfall, environmental, the se unpredictable and extreme weather across south asia is being driven by climate change and made worse by deforestation, the construction of dams and excessive development. while the rain has eas, did the worst affected stay to answer for the people in thumb and not preparing for more heavy downpours. elizabeth moran of al jazeera new delhi still ahead on the news. our u. s. president joe biden ops for continuity and his choice to head a federal reserve walls apart. black people living in south africa's port city of cape town say they're being pushed out of areas to house, rich and in sort were used to big jumpers in the and b a but not quite life. ah
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ah well winter weather is becoming more and more obvious through europe in the form of snow, mainly which has been falling around this low in spain. as you know, much of spain is quite high above sea level 1500 meters or more. so up in the mountains in canterbury, in the north, you tend to get the 1st the snow and this is it. and the up to about 15 centimeters of warning at day for another 20 in the same sort of area. and you can see why madrid stood at 7 degrees and near the coast, of course is still much warmer. it's like to be raining fairly heavily and at most northeast and coast of spain. and eventually those are the pyrenees in southwest and france as well. significant rain that could cause some flooding. at the same time it was briefly windy and the creation coast balsamic get to wednesday that is gone and italy looks quite happy with itself. now for the north we have got another ingest of cold if you like. first of all, it's just in norway more snow for norway,
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and it's settled to south that not very warm and he spent to get colder because tucked him behind this next area that his band of rain is a cold front. this cold air bring snow to the mountains of scotland. eventually congress bed for the south london shows it, for example, down about 5 degrees by saturday. the average front of amber's 11 in december is 8 . so we'd be lo both. ah. the war in afghanistan is now. will non taliban figures make up a part? ah, that in you can only work within the caliber leave it. there will be a house with inside story pack. i frank assessment the div headline subscribe now. however, you listen to that in the country with an abundance of results,
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rate, foreign walk, indonesia whose turns forming we moved full to growth and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part linda. this is growth and progress. invent indonesia now. ah, ah ah. player watching the news are on al jazeera with me fully valuable. a reminder of our top stories. if he appears prime minister says he will travel to the front line
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on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces. the long war with a t p. a left has intensified in recent months as the armed robe advances towards the capital. in sri lanka court has been adjourned on the 1st day of the trial of $25.00 men charged with carrying out the 2019 easter bombings facing more than $23000.00 defenses, including murder, to wandering. 67 people were killed in the attacks. and bela rules has returned another $118.00 refugees and migrants to their countries as secondary patriots in fight. in a week more i expected to leave leach on tuesday. now since a migrant crisis began in august, thousands of people are fed countries including iraq, syria in afghanistan. many are now trapped out. the pillar bellow roost, poland border between 2004000 people have been stranded for weeks in the cold without food, water, or humanitarian aid and temperatures are dropping. a one year old syrian boys
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believe to be the youngest victim victim. among 13 people reported of died, poland at his western allies, se bella ross is using the crises to destabilize european union in retaliation against sanctions. reson, alexander lucas shanker, denies the accusations, but humanitarian grooves accused pollens government of violating international human rights law by pushing asylum seekers back into bellows. or joining us now on the news. our ally from strasburg is right us love. sikorsky was a member of the european parliament and former polish foreign minister. thank you very much, sir, for being with us on al jazeera. these help us understand our pollens actions 1st because king asylum is not a crime. is the human rights. why is the polish government preventing these refugees and migrants from entering its territory to seek asylum when under international law is obligated to allow them due process to assess what their needs
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are? i speak as a former refugee myself. when are we had a military dictatorship in poland in the 19 eighties and i was given asylum in, in the united kingdom, up. but we do need to understand the origins of this some crisis, mr. lucas, and call her abrogated the readmission treat you with the european union, then abolished visas, or with iraq, with jordan, with several other countries, and then gave the green lights to people's smugglers to bring in those migrants to beulah ruse. are also remembered that below rues from the migrants point of view is a safe country. it's a dictatorship. all right, it's not safe for bill russians, but there were people from afghanistan, iraq, and elsewhere studying the before this crisis. mister lucas suncoast trying to do
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was president of the one of turkey did in 2015, which is to force the european union into a negotiation. and to pay him for stopping the the operation of sending the refugees across the lines. mrs. kelley, regardless of land, had not been regardless of, of bella roses, motivations. or as you see, you know, understanding the origins of the crisis. poland does have obligations under international law. it's in contravention of its international human rights obligation when it prevents migrants and refugees from entering its territory. human rights groups are not just criticizing bella rules and its actions, but also poland, which is a member of the european union, shouldn't. poland fulfill its obligations under e, you law obligations that it agree to when it joined the block. regardless of what a believer was, is trying to achieve. look, i'm not
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a spokesman for the current polish government. i am in opposition to it. and yes, it should have created reception centers right on the border for asylum claims to be processed quickly in a matter of ours rather than weeks. so the top people who have a hope of getting it could be admitted to our resettlement centers and others are sent back home speedily. yes, that should have been done months ago. i agree. okay, so would you agree then that, that the reality here is that follows government through this crisis perhaps wants to divert attention from some of the critical issues that it's facing to day. things like it's dispute with the european commission over the rule of law. the parliamentary majority of the government becoming slimmer isn't the government. the polish government also trying to capitalize on this migrants crisis. ah, politically. oh yes, there is definitely an element of that because saw it could have asked or at least
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accepted the assistance of the european union. and from takes months ago that the reason why the migrants are now going home is that the european union asked her airlines. but to clear from them at least not to fly people, one way to mens armina. so you're right that are internally, it's been this crisis has been somewhat useful for into the polish a car and polish government. bought it did not ask for these migrants to try to cross the border. and you know, in the european union, we have the so called shang and zone. once you cross the external body of the you, you can move around the european union without passports without visas, without any checks whatsoever. for this system to work. the external perimeter has to be controlled, you know, the countries have visas. countries said have the right to regulate who
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comes in and who doesn't. but of course, there should be these receptions centers at the border crossings where people should be able to apply for asylum. so how, how do you see this crisis being resolved? the polish government has said, is experiencing what is called a hybrid war and led by beller, bruce and russia. is that a view also shared by the european commission in brussels where you are? and if so, how then do you resolve it? yes it is. the president of the commission has given strong public support to from texan to poland in protecting the e u. a border. and remember, lucas shinkel said publicly that he will give poland a hot nose as he put it. this is a deliberate operation to r, a, to inconvenience to ard, to do, to intimidate the european union. remember, he forced an you play into london, men's cur,
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in order to arrest an opposition leader. and there is an unprecedented wave of repressions in beulah ruth after mister lucas and cal stoled the presidential election last year. the political context is important. and one just feel sorry for the unfortunate people who are victims of our, of lies are by the people smugglers, 1st of all, and by the government of yellow roost, which is the assist thing, the people smugglers in this operation. agencies of the, of the bill a roof regime um, behave like cut people smuggling mafia. right. or indeed, it is the, the people and these migrants who are the victims of all of this, not just from believers, but i go so from, from poland when, when they are not being allowed in. and when they're being t. gaston adding water cannon fired on them by a polish border guards. thank you very much for speaking to her,
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sir. we really appreciate time rather slam sikorsky. i'm a foreign minister of poland showing us are from strasburg. moving on and you are surprising. joe biden has nominated jerome powell as chair of the federal reserve for a 2nd turn. biden spoke positively of pow's actions during the pandemic. but some disagree with his views on monetary policy and white house correspondent, kimberly hacket reports ending months of speculation. u. s. president joe biden announced his pick for federal reserve chair. i'm nominating jerome paul, for 2nd term. his chair, the fred, to reserve, powell served a 1st term during one of the worst economic downturns in recent us history. that's why biden believes he's the right choice. again, our country was hammer jeans, jobs last year, and i was panic and our financial marcus. j steady and decisive leadership helped to stabilize markets and put our economy on track to
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a robust recovery. powell faces a storm of challenges. rapid us inflation with price spikes for every day, goods like gasoline and food, and supply chain shortages that have left retailers struggling to keep shelf stocked. the central bank must decide how to keep prices stable. it will use our tools, both to support the economy and strong labor market and to prevent higher inflation from becoming entrenched. analysts say raising interest rates is one possibility. what is not clear? he should do that. because if the supply bottlenecks on open up soon, and there's some evidence that they're starting to, then you don't want to slam on the brakes just when the road is straightening. our financial markets responded favorably to the nomination, but the reaction wasn't always favourable from within the democratic party. sen, elizabeth warren has repeatedly criticized powell for not doing more to protect
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americans from financial institutions. miss deeds. she says she will vote against his re nomination over and over. you have acted to make our banking system less safe. and that makes you a dangerous man. despite that disapproval by some members of the president's own democratic party, jerome pal is expected to be confirmed by democrats and republicans in the u. s. senate. kimberly help it al jazeera, the white house. thing in the u. s. closing arguments have been made in the amount of auburn murder trial. 3 white men are accused of killing aubrey, an unarmed black man last year in the state of georgia. he was shot dead was jogging after being chased by the men in pickup trucks. one of them, travis, mike, michael testified that he saw aubrey as a threat and he acted in self defense. she advertised these in washington dc says a prosecution,
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argued aubrey was not killed in self defense. the thing about georgia law there, it does have a very specific emphasis on, on what's called accomplish liability. so even if you're just part of a crime, if you seem to be contributing to that crime, you can be held liable. and that's where the prosecution is going for. the, the, the, the prosecutor also saying, look, you festival aubrey was unarmed. he was running away. you can't claim self defense . if you are the one who actually instigated the altercation, you never mentioned anything about us. it was the rest to to the police and so on and on. guys and the prosecution really relying on on the law, on the admissibility of the law, not on on race, which maybe maybe wise, given us a jury of 11 white people, one black person, if these men are quit heads, clearly it will seem like, well, there are 22 types of justice in america, which i think most people certainly who are looking for a successful prosecution already already believe. i mean the argument is always
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with written the house with these 2 men just reverse. busy the races, right? and if it was, if written houses black, imagine of these men were black and it was, we should remember, even in this case, any reason this is a trial right now is, i mean, the police didn't even follow up on the killing of all, but i'll break until some footage appeared on facebook 2 months later, and then they were pushed into into, into, into investigation because 3, what 3 whiteman, being involved, the killing of a black bar. and they said that he was a robot. well, let your go must must be the case. so, i mean, clearly this will just be confirmation. that justice isn't fair, but the prosecution has seems, made a very good legal case against these men. china's foreign ministry says the case of tennis, pang schweizer whereabouts has been maliciously hype, tops. international concern has gone for paying who hasn't been seen in public for weeks after she accuse a top chinese official sexual assault. international limpy committee released the photo of paying on monday of orderly, showing her in a video call with its president. the women's tennis association says it remains
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concerned for her well being. at least 4 people have been killed after a 6 story building collapsed in eastern china. it happened in the city of non chung on monday night. the building was used as a dormitory for workers at a pharmaceutical company. it isn't clear what caused the building to collapse to south africa now, where in the city of cape town, real estate developers are being accused of putting the needs of the rich before the poor. people are being evicted from shelters to make way for new buildings. and the situation is drawing comparisons to the apartheid era. family miller has a story living on the sidewalk and shelters built of scrap metal and plastic sheeting, this group of homeless people in cape town have been here for 2 years now. in 2019 they occupied a vacant old people's home on the site days later. city authorities evicted them and demolished the bolding route in the sub i've. now,
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together with every 40 this out. so now when the out you get out there are showing that they want to keep this city white. they don't want any more to here except right because of his in his city. while the eviction has been taken to court, the lives of people here remain in limbo. this lands been sold to a developer and barbara is hoping the courts will intervene. there is definitely a prioritization of capital in our city and the needs of the poor are not being met if they are, if housing development of rated, it is usually credit on the far flung areas on the outskirts of our city. and which just in effect replicates, the spatial affected that, that has plagued the city of cape town since colonialism. but the city says it's working to integrate different communities with in the, in the city. and that is developing 10 sites for affordable housing. and that over 10 years it's built close to $70000.00 low cost units. but there's
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a backlog of 300000 people waiting for a home. and the city says it has to prioritize those at the top of the waiting list . any projects that went on as qualifying for subs. now, let me make an example if tomorrow, you know, very well got in this particular development. next to parliament, we're going to benefit full law does. someone was being a victim elsewhere, and then that person will remove you from our parts drugs. we put time on that. so it comes because we have to accommodate from some of the person who has was qualified. and who's been wheaton, but here in the suburb of woodstock family, say they've been on the waiting list for housing for more than a decade. one of them is shanelle commander and a family who are now being evicted from a home. they've lived in for generations. this communities also taken city authorities to call to avoid being moved to outlying areas. city officials have had to relocate thousands of people evicted from prime land within the city while some
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so they're willing to move many others complain. it's often to the outskirts of cape town to areas like this one where there are fewer facilities. and it's further away from the city where there are work opportunities. people at this we settlement camp say, where they live is pushing them further into poverty. in a city already plagued by deep economic disparities. for me to mila al jazeera kept on, i still had on al jazeera. we'll hear from the lucia, who thought he was going to die after crashing and debating, olympic. ah, ah, with
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with full. ah.
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ah i'm mattress was his whole boy. thank you very much. the former go friend of diego . myra donna, has alleged that he raped her when she was a teenager cuban marvis alvarez. now 37 had a relationship with the late argentina footballs thought 2 decades ago. she says the assault took place in havana when she was 16 and he was around 40. the argentine ministry of justice is investigating her allegations of trafficking against the former entourage from our donna who died last year. alvarez says her family only allowed a relationship to happen because of marathon his friendship with the late cuban president. fidel castro, no representatives, former rodonna or the cuban government have responded by se edelman in your serial number, where you go from being a girl to being a woman all at once. so only my innocence was stolen from me.
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it's hard to be in argentina, his country to see that he is everywhere. he's an idol. and at the same time everything i remember about him as a person feels ugly. i planned to pursue this case to help old women all victims of trafficking to help them in whatever way i can get. maybe the corona virus situation in germany has already played a part in by a munich domestic campaign and has left them short of players as well in the champions league on tuesday by and have 5 plays in quarantine due to being unvaccinated. and to more in isolation with cove it as they take on dynamo k as in ukraine. some of those were absent as the bavarian last 2 on to alex berg, the weekend there have been leaks from the club that unvaccinated members of their squad could be docked pe. your isn't even a hump on private to dinner. and private subjects like who has corona virus and what player must pay or not pay those old private things that should be kept inside
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the club home. we don't want to gossip about why a player x went out to eat it, but there are still too many things that are being leaked out. while late to would you to hear from 2 of the candidates for the vacant manager's job at manchester, united i axes, eric 10 hog, and marcio potato of p. s g. in the meantime, its former united play michael carrick, who has the job of stopping the batter on a form that saw a leg on a sole shot. shocked at the weekend sight. sorry, carrick was so shells assistant, but couldn't get the best out of the likes of christiana, rinaldo. they might need some more heroics from the portuguese thought as they play villareal in group f on tuesday nights. results in this business is, is, is everything in isn't as much as you build a foundation and you create the right environment and the right culture to people, right? where sometimes you don't always get what you deserve. unfortunately, vote on the flip side, football football in businesses is, is as usual today in terms of the week, we got a came to professor over to mall. the asian champions league final sees the
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competitions to most successful teams in action. po, hang studios of south korea face saudi arabian side al, hello. with both clubs. having lifted the trophy 3 times, the final will take place in the saudi capital re out later on tuesday. now the polish lucia injured in a training crush at the beijing winter olympic track says he thought he was going to die. mateus sauvage, crushed into a gate which had been accidentally left closed, that the young king national, sliding center, which will house the 2022 games in february. he needed surgery to repair a correct left knee, cap and stitches for a deep cut on his right leg. the loos federation has introduced extra safety measures to stop it happening again. salvage agrees, it was human error up a track and says the venue is safe. the incident i will select in the really bad and i and i was thinking i have like some in
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a side the major or i don't know like i was going into the hospital and i was thinking, i'm going to say my last world. you know, he's with the human error, the china, the local and the committee and organizing. ah, we make an agreement of this will happen, but about the more details i ye cannot speak. yeah. yeah. and to try to sl super pleasant to drive fan and was safe super say the and be a's biggest starla brown. james has been given the 1st suspension of his 19 year career. the ally like his play was punished for hitting isaiah stewart in the face during sunday's game against the detroit pistons. bron will forfeit around $284000.00 in salary, which is what he earned her game. stewart, who needed stitches after the incident, has been given a 2 game band for his extreme reaction. which led to these ugly scenes on court, but both plays will be able to play when the 2 teams meet again on sunday, in ally elsewhere in the n b. i kevin john sco 27 points for the brooklyn nets is
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a beetle, cleveland cavaliers. he was back after missing the game with sprains shoulder as the 6th when in 7 for the nets, but for the calves that's now full straight defeats. we think that's bad. the sacramento king, the sac back coach on sunday, and on monday, lost the 8th game in 9. they would be to buy the philadelphia 70 sixes, who still would up a style, played joel and bead who tested positive the cove at 90 earlier this month. but the 6 has run out comfortable when is a $102.00 to $94.00? got it. and finally the and b i is obviously known for its big jumpers. but this is taken it to, oh, new level washington wizards plan, kyle kuzma, making a fashion statement out of their game against charlotte hornets worth another? maybe you never know. we might all be wearing these in a few years time. hard, right. okay, that's always both. now fall, i could totally weigh that jumper. thank you for that val. well,
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that's it for this news. our on al jazeera from me fully back. you and whole team and go hi, thanks for watching. i'll be back with you at 1300 hours gm teach. emily anne gwynn is with you next with more of the day's news. thanks a lot. ah ah. and a serious delicacy. days was one month leading the country through us. present alice out as last legitimacy . he needs to step back. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examine the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad
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simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human eyesight master of chaos on al jazeera ah, mother nature's kiss was cold full landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish. with even supplied by tradition. doing where beautiful possibilities are offered. from the al jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation, we were 1st generation of black worship people. and we had to really find our way with no hope and no limitation. the world is a much smaller place. we do better to get away with these regional boundaries,
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film direct, thank you're in to tell me things turn right back in, you think what rate the biggest weapon they have is making off invisible, future b, unscripted on out to the era. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what, when use in current for that matter to you a a b o p as prime minister pledges to lead troops against to grind rebels who are advancing towards the capital. ah, i know i'm emily and gwen this is out there alive from dough to coming up 2 years on from the ace to bombings in sri lanka campaign. as are a step closer to justice. thousands of refugees in migrants remains stranded along
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the poland bowers border and freezing conditions.


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