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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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in an attempt to reverse this warring trend, whiting and sec to get on on al jazeera blue . so i am fully betty boy in doha, with a look at the headlines on al jazeera. we begin with breaking news and the white house says it's releasing $15000000.00 barrels of oil from its strategic reserves to stem soaring fuel prices. that all prices have more than doubled the price a year ago. the by the administration's been coming under increasing pressure is coordinate is a coordinated move with several other countries including china, india, south korea, japan and the u. k. if he appears foreign minister says he will travel to the front line on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces the year long war with
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a t p. a left house intensified in recent months as the armed gorb advance. this was the capital. independent journalist, samuel, get a chew isn't out isabella with more. this comes us. it been jeffrey felt monday us invoice it was in december by last night trying to end this conflict outbreak on union employee. mr. butler angel is still in the suburb are looking at solving this issue, but the both sites are saying there's no. busy end in sight, they're going to fight until the end. the prime minister has been saying he is willing to pay and see your pants pay with our blood. and he had said, and this is what led him to make a decision to join the battle ground. and saddam 12 ministers have resigned in protest of a deal between prime minister abdullah ham dog and ruling military council. and dogs critic say his legitimizing the military takeover last october. by signing an agreement with the army chief. and ruth has returned to another $118.00 refugees
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and migraines to the countries. the 2nd repatriation flight in a week more i expected to leave later on tuesday, but thousands are still trapped between poland and levels. at least 45 people, including children, have been killed after a bus caught fire and crashed in west and bulgaria. it had been traveling from turkey to north macedonia. the accident happened about 40 kilometers south of the ball, gary and capital. sophia 7 passengers were taken to hospital with brains and in sri lanka court has been adjourned on the 1st day of a trial of 25 men charged with carrying out the 2019 isa bombings. they're facing more than 23000 defensive, including murder, 267 people were killed. and those are the headlines on algae 0. i'll be back with the algebra and use our after our side, master of kale. thank ah
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. on the 21st of august, 2013 syrian government forces used chemical weapons in opposition held areas, killing hundreds of people, including many children. when you, as soon as the year before, the technical weapons would have led lion. however, off to the attack, president obama decided not to intervene because it might lead to heavier u. s. involvement in syria. error. some people in the administration who worried that awesome couldn't at the end be top alden extremists would take over. those of us who were following siri more closely, kept telling them stop worrying about that. the extremists are no stronger than a lot of the modern elements. and they're not going to take over, it might just shift fighting a little bit, but there will not be an sloniker state declared in damascus. this lack
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of a western response seemed to embolden assad. he realised that some western leaders were more concerned about the potential chaos that might result from opposition groups taking over than they were about his staying and power. i saw was quite to exploit this. michelle said that if not as a pot hustled lady poet kill whole school me law she had e e e in its temp bill. i showed him how to persuade the challenge, let wouldn't know set up below for correct. and she had yelled emotional dishes, ian, and she's at mann in mann in us. oh, really? my food, i got to be young to mom and have it daily shower well healthy, ah said, had released many of these members of owned opposition groups from jail since the start of the uprising. some had joined i. so i'm assad realised that this
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was the group that the west was more concerned about perhaps than any other in 2014 i. so took the tone of rocca, i moved quickly across syria, largely at the expense of other opposition groups. news of on the market and so we'll need almost every, those more we'll talk to you. good you who's a really oh, should boose a bell. du du busha way saw repeated instances where the syrian government basically would not attack the sonic state here. sometimes we sign sentences where the atlantic state might attack a free syrian army unit, and the syrian government would come in and bomb them by air, or maybe an hour later or 2 hours later. and i,
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it looked like tactical co operation almost. and we saw many instances in that, especially in the area around a laptop. for example, a dash 2 got me social sincerely, you don't thought a little bit harder, but oh, it's hard to keep all blue she be on new off when the arcs will soon akita on to to the door. oh, boy bell was a toy to so in. so so obvious. you aiden, ye bellow, jim, i don't mean that they don't ever fight this long stick. sometimes they fight this lamb at state. sometimes they cooperate with islamic state. one of the things that come as a professional, i can say i admire about this here in government, is that it is able to do several different contradictory things all at once. and it, it's harder to understand them. they can confuse you very well that way.
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the spread of iceland is increasing violence, preoccupied and shocked. much of the world also to use this opportunity to launch a different kind of campaign aimed at the west. a charm offensive that war in syria is about winning the heart of the people. but i felt media was part of the war on syria when we saw a bit of an opening, you know, and that was some country. it started to die to listen. we started to intensify our communication with the west until in by jen managed and to talk to jam manage. the syrian president gave interviews to several major media outlets around the world. and nobody showed he got
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delicate on me. that if the moment give to tom and my little media, let it be, it gives the time on my letter it army letter b or door acting on a sore on you. lila had a better but any to float more, carney and deliver it to la. michelle, i said send me a little bit deeper in all his interviews. he insisted, eats me. chaos. have invasion of terrorists coming from abroad and the government is doing. it's a job in fighting and defending it's it's county has that authority and out of the the monica yanine folder, equipment booklet and shuttle. and also he alyssa tom and he, a muffled alderman studio where he lived with come. i kind of thought for that and phil and i'm a little b b and not all the a thought a shabby long along the lines. charlotte, she took the d match at the bush. auto said, did you go deep contributed by dumpster so to not meet is what's on there?
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monte approval. deborah, key for mr. young one. you know, you don't you beat him all the ship? i think for bashar elisa to present himself to the united states sent to europe as the, as the alternative are to crazy, sectarian people. i think this has been part of his strategy since day one day one moon ah, by presenting himself as the alternative to what he called terrorists. i felt convinced many to overlook his governance crimes like these camps, where 17000 people, including women and children, were tortured to death. lou ah, ah evening. they took me to the full and yeah,
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mr. to man. the 1st question, why you don't like the shuttle us that oh, let's shut it smart to new and silly. and this is usually a tools to collect on formation. after the 5th, i'm in 2012 at become the thought. shut up a tools for collecting information. it's a goals tortured for torture, torture for destroyed barbara of the blizzard. meanwhile, our side presented himself as a protector of minorities, including christians. and as a buffer against violent aunt, oops, some political leaders visited damascus and were warmly received
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with the west prioritize to it's fight against iso. in the autumn of 2015, they decided to launch their 1st air strikes in syria against ice off rather than government forces. they also cut back on their support of opposition groups. this took the military pressure off the syrian army. i'm gave asset, precious breathing space. ah i don't know how the skill in us law will do, but i love god. i know you had a couple of a lot. i all you of god was your out of your ideas only i'll call you. i don't know one of the other. there
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are sad situation remained quite precarious. after 4 years of war, he left the country for the 1st time to visit vladimir putin. he calculated that russian military support would shift the balance of power and the war in his favor. the day then, oh do in the court of note in what can be in june if you're going to be her one and see us in the day of the month, we asked that oceans to come and help us with a air force and that ocean did not ask for anything at from us by the way, our relation would that ocean, as you know, is betty historic saudi field who's in wanted to stay a step ahead of the west and to revive russian influence in the middle east. and your delivery will be a while, and he thought that having survived so far,
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suggested that aside could be relied upon the child. a little more people had been at now called for a new model of the scottish, oh, with national numbers get on the withers, lose them. but then watch that. okay. national there was social but for most of them. okay. now recorded to still annoying the army on the meal of earth would speak no food though, unless she was not begun yet almost her at yes sir, when you were lego, but sure my dearly or preferably at them was good in the way in the public. ready though one come on the ocean in a move, the took the west by surprise. russia now intervened in sylvia in a big way. officially they were fighting ice all with the fight, suggested otherwise. ah,
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it clusters its lot loose city. does that up walk at the wendy's dis. god a c v. laportia with ya? a b, d sir mark or bash. get did lou but yourself the all week? ah. throughout 2016 russian mil re support enabled the syrian army to regain large parts of the territory. it had previously lost the us and europe did little to counteract this relentless offensive other than make token protests they failed to react when government forces used chemical weapons again. ah.
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in september 2016 u. s. president obama reached an agreement with putin to divide syria into 2 operational zones. he no longer demanded assets to parcher. the u. s. was much more concerned with defeating iceland. ah. at the end of 2016 after weeks of bombing, syrian government forces retook aleppo. the country 2nd largest city, had been an opposition stronghold and a symbol of hole didn't like it as a food. and although less of a whole facility,
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what is the theme of believe that is on the dodie? probably the fee of a lot of the 5th of $1.00 of the whole of the money that while us had remained in power, obama's term ended in 2070. and donald trump became us president trump's relative inexperience and his perceived closeness to vladimir putin. may have encouraged asset to authorize further chemical attacks in april 2018. and we begin tonight with the horrific attack overseas and the forceful threat here at home. the pictures coming in a warning, they are difficult to look at. children being hosed off, treated after an alleged chemical attack. and duma president trump responding on twitter, vowing a big price will be paid, slamming syrian president bashar al assad, calling him, quote, an animal. i believe that the aside regime thought they could get away with it. i think grades seeing a year more of donald trump, a disorganized erotic inattentive
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a president the 1st 5 days i was at the white house, the us had to decide what the response would big. this telling us was home and bombed several military targets. they were backed by france under president emmanuel, michel quincy, the implemented you present on mom to the finance for may be gone. was of all, she said sydney huck. remiss sash josh or sue sud c. it's solar foss, natoya uncle tamara, not known quite a year. rushing to muscle, the trough to really let it assume cronyn demos has shown the fitness below
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everybody's, you know, then these political promises and we're going to, and we're going to get out of war and, and these wars, you know, these are no good. it was a huge mistake. you know, if a sod fell, who was going to take over was going to be a very radicalized component. ah, the west did not make any further military interventions, opting instead to impose sanctions on syria. but sanctions had little impact on the government's military capability. as i saw it gradually took back control of more and more of the country. his critics claimed that he saw himself as his country's muggy or savior. he thinks his the maddie thus they one of the problems. and sometimes he act like al maddie, when he speaks with his surroundings and friends. this is what we heard from our
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deaf friends in damascus, the quinn, nathan nevada, cliche for were there thought of the trailer hump? well, to thought ali alighted. ah, what a 3rd of the country still remained beyond da sites. control the kurtz alongside european and american special forces controlled the ne turkey controlled the northwest to contain the carts and back the opposition and it label in the south. a large zone was controlled by us forces and israel carried out regular airstrikes against iranian positions in syria. to completely reclaim the rest of his country, aside would ultimately after confront all of these conflicting forces.
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ah, i got it with the cell and had it within, within a few minutes, vladimir putin came to this is the russian base in syria. but the war was becoming expensive for him on the outcome was still uncertain. starting a war was one fe, ending, it was quite another. he had a number that a follow up discussions with pohden. i believe that the russians were very much interested in reducing the russian troop presence in syria. but to do that, to avoid losing their entire investment in the country. they had to have
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a more stable assad regime. in 5 years, the russians had not only kept the syrian government in power, but it also largely eliminated and marginalized. the modern little position articles criticising aside, appeared in the russian media suggesting they might have preferred someone with a less checkered history in power. but when i saw it last support from one i, he always seemed to identify another to turn to for help. michelle said della what? she'll be near her mother's book and it will be closed. the forest will be what really put in an unfair watch for, michelle said, what did you get any or tell me iran nor tuition?
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to be be sure to be out of your house. i have no doubt that they will put out feelers. they already have. we've even had some americans go over our side himself for very good understanding how to try to gain leverage against opposition or other countries that are pressing them and absolutely expect him to reach out. in fact, there were a couple of occasions when we tried to reach out to them in order to free american prisoners hostages, the assad or his surrogates still hadn't in prison. and we had no success. with that, we believe that assad at that point was simply carrying out iranian orders, and that there is really no chance we could reach an accommodation with him. i had no desire to see a side remain in power, but i didn't see a side as the real cause of the problems in syria. the central threat was iran,
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and it was the a rainy and presence in syria that made the u. s. under trump keep large numbers of troops in ne, syria. but aside has been left walking a tightrope. he has had to tread carefully to avoid provoking major powers, like the u. s. are exhausting the patients of his backers, russia and iran. he also faces serious domestic challenges. his country is in ruins. half of the previous population of syria have been forced from their homes. most of those remaining are destitute with 80 percent of people living on less than 2 us dollars per day. lou, the coven dynamic has made the situation even worse. even our sides own ela,
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white community has shown signs of discontent. fresh protests are broken out in some cities reclaimed by the government. there is pressure on the syrian government to make peace with its remaining opponents. and concentrate on reconstruction in the territory under its control. but it lacks the funds to rebuild the country and its backups, russia and iran, a rather unable or unwilling to come to the rescue. assad has also approached the e. u. uncertain gulf states to help fund the reconstruction a well instead of the gulf states that give me the money in order to separate myself from iran a and you would go to iran. he said
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that is you order him. because otherwise, i would be fallen or under russia, you would go thought i shop until then if you need to help me more, because i'm falling into under a lawn. and he would go to europe telling them it's so you need to help me for the deconstruction. i need your money. i will otherwise would. there will be a new wave it for a few days and they would go to you as you need to cooperate with me in the security matters because we have a lot of fights for all the studies. and i says, this is how we play the game from my, from a lot. okay. ah,
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what keeps you awake at night? what? kissing awake at night many a reason that could effect any human life could because an aunt could be a work. your job could be jones, you could be personal, like any on a human ah
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man, people out there 1st course you help them communicate. not just on their phone, i've just transmitted meat images of an earthquake in the southern hemisphere back to don't. and i'm providing the connection to their charity workers in the desert. this is a tough job, but it's challenging streaming lectures. the 10 different countries. those guys don't quite well you better get a move on. there's no point having lightning fast connections. if you're still late for class. as hale sat space to deliver your vision compelling, we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the explosion. inspire, i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism was life, unequal to broadcasting. some nelson, i have been august,
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i was born al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. it is either warm or cold, montevideo, and as soon as young depends which day you looking at ready for a start. it's 19 degrees in monte, over the day on tuesday, and about 30 sickness and show that's near record high. and that's rather below average. these things change pretty rapidly up to a certain amount of video and getting hotter stillness since young that this heat tends to course induce some big sharon north argentine more especially western part of brazil, bolivia and peru was either which is whether it's been flood in columbia that could carry on the west western side of columbia, and as a hint here, as yet another cold front comes out of the u. s. the bahamas,
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the turks and cake also get the heaviest showers during tuesday. eastern cuba then back to honduras, at onshore breeze will produce some pretty heavy thunderstorms. i think in honduras, mexico get fairly wet to across the us itself. and canada is a vast area where nothings happening in the sky apart from sunshine. but it is getting colder than cold on the west coast. that snow spread across the mountain states and with it a dropping temperature 10 to 15 degrees celsius is quite likely. which takes us up of course, towards thanksgiving day, which is thursday. well said approached in the u. s. the band a thunderstorm moving through texas behind it all, it's cold. if probably sunny. the weather sponsored my cat, i airways voted world's best air line of 2021. it was is i was a little boy in india. my dream was to make bollywood fence. so finally i was going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition. the studio chose was of my own village and it does
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permission going behind the lens as got him saying, brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. ah, this is al jazeera ah, this is in use our on al jazeera. i'm fully back to life my headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u. s. and 5 other major consumers release millions of bows of coil from strategic reserves to curve rising energy prices. e p o p as prime minister pledge is to lead troops against to graham rebels who are advancing towards the capital. also this our dutch.


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