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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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there's like something that can have a huge impact and say, a certain part of the planet. so it's really important that we have a means to protect against those scientists hope the small impact will be a huge step forward to protecting a potentially devastating impact on earth. lore about a manly al jazeera ah, your ga 0 with me. so robin, reminder of all top stories that europe is struggling with a new crone of iris outbreak. germany that set to mark 100000 deaths while france in the netherlands are wrong, says reporting record case numbers and re. simmons has more on the situation from rotterdam in the netherlands here in the netherlands, or a new record for 40 percent increase in the weekly figures of infection rates and or some other disturbing percentages. 19 percent rise in the number of hospital
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admissions. 26 percent of vote 26 percent rise in intensive care admissions. and that is a real crucial figure because it indicates the seriousness of the situation we're seeing now. the 1st transfers of patients are from the netherlands into germany, germany helping out there to try and ease the pressure on hospitals here. cove 19 infections have reached a record high in south korea with more than 4000 cases. the number of critically ill patients is also at record levels raising fairs that hospitals could become overwhelmed. many of those affected are the elderly prompting. a push for booster shots rise comes weeks after social distancing rules were eas. official say the number of serious cases is considerably higher than expected. he has been prime minister of the army has left addis ababa. he says he's headed to the front lines in the conflict with to grey rebels. the united nations has ordered the immediate
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evacuation of family members of international staff meet the that's going alarm after to grind rebels claim to be edging closer to the capital, addis ababa, the presidents of kenyan and south africa, have both call for sci fi to end. the yellow wall human rights watch says valerie from poland, violating the rights of migrants into silence, the because the watchdog says it's documented the pieces on both sides of the border. at least 13 people have died. as a result of the harrowing conditions nasa has low to face france that's going to deliberately smash into a small space. rock. scientists hope they can alter course and as a test run me in case an asteroid needs to be taught from crushing in 12th. but the asteroid their aiming to have isn't a threat to the climate, religion. those were the headlines. more news on a website down there, a dot com poly has more news and, and i was time to stay with us. if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america. what's working and what's not. a lot of people were
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talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda for america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts. we need to go back to school. the bottom line, when i was just there, i'm me, i spoke to us political look at the and it may be a little really be yeah, most of the video the most was got enough order. but if we're going to see them in limbo, thought in the old man, he says he stammered locals either. i'm on los altos, alto, mentee, or home, be the tramp. also bless. you'll see the movie ernesta ratio
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board of potatoes, mid country leased us lugging, mach garcia is tough. i'll come into my to yell ah, in mister switches. mister smith, this is patsy in law. and may he cause alex youngest in the catholic church and lock into the chair and not as thomas put it, but on the bata lemonade, i needed the say licks you're not the norm,
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but i moist as i'm told that is seen or less seen a hasty to finish giving elaine d carlos kumasi, most tara masters number mentos ginger and not their name was alex eunice. not it will not be the same with jani, instead of me, nor alex eunice for cannot know what else me let him look at your panels off of it. as have left course i spoke with miss most seen and not in the lane bunker. ah, one of the when the, when the ever been given the went to madison credit for my
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yearly gift liquidators. i looked at us on our case in the hill. no at the in the last name and asking if the elementary for implant gospels. luckily she had a paper gay books on that and i sent with both keys on the free medical respite medicine van dolah. this is eunice k settlement out in karen. so this eve, us bought all our losses to paula that you know, on thursday they could call toyota moses, deceased him, my legal viola, not even intersect. go to the level of him. the children be, be on con mia county more ah, possibly, or sick where all works towards the only,
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i mean mass us. oh i i am which has made us less guilty. men are gonna be so separate, he st. that yes, mr. garzo this i put another minute where i was in las element in jayden, 2nd b to d of book google a non at gwinnett mass going there might have you, lance yet come when the rest of my truck and race to the me, he go behavior. this me luncheon acela's was because the 17 though they were styles for him that like len, this d now all went up as could leader couldn't vivian have
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either they said, but it's he, those we have either young ladies that have been disc, richard, gal, you know, anything those i'm basically stress but i'm not certain sad and then you can even order. gandhi, so if you me smoke up inside, it will be a no b children and isn't it says ah, ah, a gentleman from a dish. when i spoke of somebody medical center on matter months, i had a model set, i mean, voice message in almost in your kitchen, publish a scenario model. i'm not. yeah. not sound favorable. yeah,
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most of them also send my son away as an interesting question with any bosky i must because i want to thank everyone like it or not, but another must have been to better jacob bands out a special because so little butch, to live and my with our white me ah with ah, hey betsy, this data at one time in my father of this book. if we must have been dealing, are you that you cannot move up? all of them? it does get a with
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ah no more near your move on me. hold a minute. campbell, but we live in a month. yeah. young. lucky luck over here. yeah. final, you know, scramble even though it's a lot a month. ah. he's on the list. hadn't myra fabulous, i mean, i don't want him about what's going to file for bankruptcy legal now that that is. yeah, i think i see already. i mean not that many of info loses. yeah. see you look pushy . gonna seek with bay alabama with he. yeah. and i'm on the agenda. got you in sima . you understand your middle, general lucy, up with a ah,
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ah, looking through every way in the a get it on this, you know the addy to my less go says is money. ah, our just them was have lenders another things i we love you day and then this year 2 as 2 years and years ago. but as he knocked to us is day while in vs when they see the most into those. mm hm. i looked up on a vehicle. are you are there? yeah, it'll said eligible most even with columbus corpse quade to face before she comes
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to cities in the summer. i did mail stella a month more for us to pay that out. if you want to live on this, tell you that, that be a huge, i'm with for myself and my i'm not in throwing up ownership to lock in the oven. yeah. and you get beat out by a couple to school. so i wanted to get lots of this, i've got a jacket on the get go, my mother get on best just almost. and i see so like i know with most casual liskey models was
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come your new pass. a lot of stuff is a lot of old data. no file thomas being in the who i could get my row. so i k, the wound up in front of the who i could call gabrielle this animal yard in pu, so happens. i'm in till they lost my yoda special. no, my yoda, this is fantastic. then daniel, good. he hit on and jet on. not almost as seamless and geron, norma, pamela into 11th . i mean to the children. if we is in cl meant the board level, fafsa barrow in maybe up i'm in p, i step process will be knowing a link. i got the key and this is the one going to see in the pull that quality coin recycle money. there are a lot of time in the human since you don't easily society old deal is our last part
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. the most part, our number i moister us and went to represent dentist and worth so told you that his he concluded, must not. but at any bas wants to know to me. there have been sadness that is heated window. jeff, explain. some was the worst of it man, this intensive chit on the cd, but it won't let my georgia screen with a gant this was, you know, under the wireless. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, ah,
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ah, just going to go see him. but if once you're no one fight out of any saddle is pointless. kid is, he'd get thought i left this. is she on a scheme back then? i like when, when you at the ymca said, don't my that board though must carry them with chair i, as i'm bless, have a lot of got no mussing both on the case a login to the lawful got a limb here. did you need 2nd, even less forgot. does good noise. so noise set and ready to go to before you go. seen ok. 70 wendy. scuse on this get didn't get rid, go go more, lack of money. that's you go to any. send those a product on vehicles has given us advice, good, aimless danica to come in. that's all right. that's all bye will needs. did he get
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where we'll stop. i will need it in political point is always yano said when latino emilia yet i'm a hominy. i'm of the, i'm with go, i seek was jack while give him a few items for me for that with only because normal game of an is deplorable or gable. guess this woman, i can say this with this one. ok that that'd be thought. oh speak with me one moment.
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mm hm. is he stammered when he quoted an you say i say look on my cell neither more could i see the doctor? yo, an animal can i see every i can it out on or not, but it keeps you on the front end. the little gaze lab bullied beaca byrd at a laconia better than being a korean or nice those florida mice. they will be at a mill, casey. an been salvo, he santa that he sagal the zeros ancestor. this event who's a susan gunning typically think we can joke which month? ah, anymore. they look at it and is when a shampoo damian, they go more say boy they a b b, e. so would it be v no, unless you had something courses?
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yes. gallon manos in it is the army truck on an audio them on unicorn spending. there's a lot. okay. there's a lot but it was good. i spoke to you last year and it was general of my credit score and it don't be in my juris wanted to you know then last everybody up but i will portable, nick, i'm pretty sure it gets pretty up in the and most of them thought by ease getting lundy stops, you'll not get, but if you didn't really the pastoral cream in on the, on the roadway and then the, the, him to get there. he didn't say, you know, a little model is or look at be me or not, but as a yes or the courtroom. but i do not see stella the more glass yet,
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but i like c c is taylor's bait though, but i like see, stay in a lot there. oh boy, that made. oh no it's poor. new fair to me that, that bullish ah, it's almost american brothers. okay. and since their mom mazda, with uh, with jasmine, which has breakfast go, morrison, mendoza. i'm with better media though, but it is literally with beth and b as another scene. they did a yucky, bent boot gum. me know i'll give. could be a new lesson, an audi. diana. so my lucelle, they not a my littlest or boy will share, am bailey. i will not i so on. i don't by me willing that matthew man
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no, i see a model. me. she almost here will sunk a lot really that because family me be in the niecy. i malls me. they hamilton up for to sell it, blanket them amazon. gov up at us all. not those don't and all those that my most. yeah, no, but admitted was they had i'll pull it all, she has a must bullet also nobody bothered to me. i mean. * ah
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aah l moreno, they will be a more entered and a soon as we're in a sample golardo, they are possible e. they will not receive them check on the letter a there when they spread that if nickel no c c dual they in context of and on they are not that we saw them which includes these. yes, e good. ok, no, not at that. i barely can it out of common wearable more. they look see, know they've been saturday. i hope they get my name as to whether i could add one more. one more they don't, i know for my but the sheep as you should and by means in medica, generally, no, no, they'll be on the list that'll heat them in. they'll know they'll be out as formerly been and as it will be, i don't know this one gamino pain saddle. you might, you know, one which is cornelius on which is okay. those bad. okay. around man to said that he so he said, well i love but ah ellis,
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that will eliminate any thought employee own context or mozilla when formerly lead place of to in the let him open as york as he be. and is a, there's a lot by law, we're not in and you're going to call it a little boy a little was here, he's only been in business in i do ski. so noise. look, if this was a, the in the know in don't is la la, the man back is his dad. was he done with badly that i am in the law? was i boy look, you know, so like world he know i last. i love i love the finance youth game in the last. well, we'll just look us your little bullish in indiana, indiana, both in north you don't, but the, the more that i see is it is in many, many more get us here for glisper, lithium is in the him as a seam, brands you for them and they're going to the us in woman believe what me to work on isn't born. thought i'd hugo in both ways. you anthony says i is a little more liberal until the medical griffin. i don't mean good in done this as
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a vianza. good medical is that on living in the yours a plan? i got this. i got a bonus communist puzzle. got by the bid those 7 once again. this is a good on the simple enough get that are welcome to miss more does this is like, or john is dog, then must get other, in your case with galaxies, them up all equal. you go, no. michel kicks he thin. make equal more fuel gaze as domain to court rope. all they both boys were la monica wanted. most most are you local, go get any more recover widget on and was work
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with ladder legend in lockwood routes. union for this is anger. casey. jim provide the dilemma the nato asking if you go up where equally going on this part is, it is going to call me and i was problem with that groups. you went out here in mason. i just got, you see, and he said that he sent them a dba laguna, but it comes with he has no key dates you can get. but again, a soon as an article money that you know by now, korea then gianni, not laugh, format and say you got i. so is that them in deepening with?
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ah mean d n a good, the middle isn't really other good when the entry must establish intend operators are over and under control? no. so trust yes is eleger, duncanville knows that the gold dameion in which i can pick him was better be the honesty community boardington that if i said we're not immigrants yet, but okay, well that element, they have been updated, but i know something in the feca boy very meeting on look our say we're. ready very rarely started going sienna disnick of where's transit data lowercase sandwich? 3030. ok. another to play. but i did that as they asked us. a more did this is thomas, are there more just give them other than really biggest of them? you know, in a girl? i mean, i love, was it kim woody up for say bad. if i look is emergency
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room with gary socio housing video as you see that's for perio to gay. so see that is boris de kelsey. those lakers b isn't a book. as you see most sociology requests in la casita fidelmo my video. i will just a speedy toil, mentally, custom song, lufkin or existing was done and at the europe in which the other one ah,
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so he must be in san luke unless he look at the intimacy natal. booking in mexico's economy cause a legacy that e v. i e noise here. oh man, live in was there say will ain't daddy. yodi says soon but up a little lad. insult oliver cooper. i soon the noise took leave you. oh, i'm sorry. okay. bother. yes'm. was they goes to read is they that they will good as you come jojo, nobody barnett load or nobody bought again. is on non break a yes. down the more he moves that hotel, but i left by myself here. ah ah ah
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ah ah, pays doesn't labels but i leave my they wanna a for money for and they will be in boise and him please eat the good he because me for it. there is no, he has good because a my number laconia is in my number. less bits are now. yep. you guessed army. the endo is delux, chanda. the idea is that i been gone. you know, this will head, those good wish seems that i'm in disorders than did i say with no one is getting done. you is, i look at the incremental bochita, my son indeed give dana caserta, this little boy of love by little boy lloyd, put it where look and don't say censured. i'm st. enter, construed there's their god dollars. so on as column we many more better. grandma ski is drill men fed on the leper loretta. then look at us, your code or d, as in,
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oh i ah oh, 19th pandemic has led to a spike in child trafficking across india, one or one. it's those fighting to save hon children on al jazeera a,
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a with ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah, this is in use our on al jazeera, fully back, people live from our world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. if your peers prime minister avia med head to the front line of the t grey conflict as rebels advanced on the capital, europe is again the at the center of the corona, virus pandemic, as countries reports rec, numbers of infections. also this,
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our poland and bella was sir accused of seriously abusing refugees and migrants on


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