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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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i'm going on with the way that you tell the story isn't what can make a difference. ah hello, barbara are in london. these are the top stories on al jazeera. at least 33 people have died after their small boat sank while trying to cross the english channel from france. several rubber dingey set off from cali on wednesday in the hope of reaching the u. k. a southern shores, or local officials say this could be the most deadly incident involving migrants and refugees attempting the crossing. this disaster under schools. how dangerous it is to cross the channel in this way. and he also shows how vital it is
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that we are step up our efforts to break the business model of the gangsters who are sending people to see in this way. i say to our partners across the channel. now is the time for us to step up to work together to do everything we can to break these gangs who are literally getting away with letting papa has the latest now from london, the french interior minister geral damina took questions from reporters in keller. he's at a hospital there and he said the search in the area is continuing, and he gave us some detail. he said that he believes that there were a 5 of women among those who drowned and at least one young girl. but as to responsibility, he was very hard, he said it's, it's in the 1st instance, those of criminal smugglers as well as countries he said, which would not pulling their weight in terms of stopping smugglers,
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who he linked to drug trafficking across the continent as well. not doing their part in stopping them from enabling people to travel from, for example, the middle east, a prime minister boys johnson here in britain. similarly, he's called an emergency meeting or in the last few hours to react to what's happened. he has also expressed sympathy, but also called on greater efforts to were to fight against the what they call people smugglers. 3 white men have been found guilty of murdering our mode. are bery, who was chased down and shot dead in a georgia neighborhood last year. great mcmichael was found guilty on all charges, including malice, murder, his father, travis, was found guilty of felony murder. a 3rd man ruled, joined the chase and filmed the killing william bryan, was also found guilty of felony murder. they pursued the 25 year old black man who was our jogging with their truck. lead to word go for the all over the world
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left that are jury of 11 white and one black. come out in the deep south. oh, good up in the court room has said that black lab do, man, she every can see is outside the court in brunswick, georgia, and sums up the reaction for racial justice protest is outside. well, aubrey was initially killed and the police arrived. they accepted the story of these 3 men. when i saw a suspicious blackbird whose up to no good, they chased him, he struggled, they shot him dead. is it all right? fine. and nothing was done. the prosecutor didn't do anything. it was anyone cellphone, video turned up, the things changed from it and that the charges were filed by the state of georgia . again, his mom. so that is also always remember how many times is i don't any sofa footage as always? well, yes, it was. or as, as very much like in minneapolis early this year when, when dark chauvinists are guilty of killing george for those that mixture of
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enormous relief and surprise and joy. but it's that is the result that realism, again, because this is one case. this is a systemic problem. a deadly new wave of corona virus cases continues to sweep through europe. several countries are seeing record, high case counts, and the e. u has made a u turn to recommend booster shots. the head of the public health agency now says 3rd, jobs should be considered for all adults. if he open prime minister abbey are made, says he's heading to the front line to lead his troops as fighting between the government and rebels. escalades rebels from t gr i have pushed into the camera and our far regions and down and major road running to the capitol, addis ababa. those are the top stories witness is next? ah
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me some it, me song, sam. see her. when was the one new song come see her meeting one? is it a moment to oh okay. i got my ah, how can i go to we know nancy at a certain time and before i ask you, fisherman, i'm born the one and then at some fisherman talk with me. i'm at
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the i land have a vision man and i cannot go. and i want to go to buy bought, have them. so we're sorry that you would like to visit with me a little bit off, you know, by typing them up. okay. but the media i've, i'm the one that quoted you heard from the local fisherman that should have someone here. it guy, mana? yes i'm. and then while i have all my information, i love how, how many hours to i'm on. i do not see really exactly, because it's really out of depends on the widow. i mean, this really depends on the when and, and hopefully we can even that mean we can be here tomorrow. i told lima i to this i want to model. i'm calling you about
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the attendant, you know, we get it to know that at the us. i told them it's a note to me when i would offer some seal de la la la la, la, la jolla, we'd all are not needed help. i thought i ought it doubly. i have all of a bad time pass bought through my hi tom. my makes a lot of them. don't look bad daniel. did i have begun opponent demonica klein. okay. one time. oh, la will not back up on
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a i need to be on hold. let me help you. let me. i am up with a lender. yea, lee, to do a logan who might help me? i was in a day out. hey, when you see me hi. there when the i love you, what i'm one the think i'm on a 9 hello. who can do that or no of on by hello. so when a lag now i was involved with this is what sense if, if in indonesia so you know, when we asked people also we should be really carefully on how to program our language. when we asking questions. it's not saying, you know, we are looking for the illegal illegal piecing here. although it is a whole like police, they will do what they will, they want to the stopping us. i know people has been killed because this is
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a voice that so i'm new at my home, the phone, my not a hall can go up in clump by young men clo, make wouldn't by mail. i law go bellanca. bella gonzalgo. oh, i've been with myself, but i feel bad to see what i'm doing wrong. i thought it would come with me one
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moment. i don't have a weight and height that one on the whole well on me. well, i think more than that, but taylor got don't. it took me you didn't meet on in need to do an early oh with oh, so we can have it coming late. those limby of amy was about like custody of them. yeah. yeah. so so the telephone august,
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you can man, they said that in, in full on the other than the level well on that i'd be so i need to add a printer and yes ma'am. hi ben, harbor kern, might i poor guy, man? no. okay. hello. i am going to sadly don't worry. oh, it will not get started as well. okay, that will put in a bit later than i will. you know, we'll look harder or we can go over it
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and then i'll base some more detail. we'll need to put a coin, rpm or new opening at the moment. yes. bob. okay darling. won't be in liberty bell with me right back and leave it. ah, to go me then ah ah
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ah me that's in my van when i'm he was in the math than me. pat pat lang and may live out. you may do and i got my my die and i so it doesn't when hannah come out of by monday night, that's why i don't have that may lie. yeah. guys that much. i doubt you read it in the pot. i have a hand so when they to will. yes. and i have a pencil, the big 10, so i know because you know, hard i have been doing a lot coupon has called my new one is a more plug up when i operate. i thing neil for you,
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i have your new idea. new with like what about what will be different billing talking to you there. been hello to later lovell. com. keep pangborn. well my good tommy, she thought and continue with all that nice luck with the taste. we down right, found michael, who? 10 to you. back tish wally. when i
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came over to learn the boy, her son laid a gift for to go to a one day. someone left the boy outside her office and he could not have student by himself because he got pencil. he didn't know she become is the matter. i mean i i. c need to meet with you. i'm rural mean and now he meant fine you, i'm with leman. how? by asking a lot the i buy
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a yeah, i didn't think so. the thing. yeah. i think, yeah, well i have a little i me. ah, oh boy sutherland from night to talk. yeah. connie huh. see when long but the meeting was when my going electing thelma half bath fighting and knocked me out on lies he let off. how come lies you eat my note? what did they developed in it? it was a gentleman, a profound micro saying that is i still one company is also
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what a thea. here a foreigner. the company, if you please call got a box up here. let me t r pi back bearable. i'm and been for you the calc ami, the woman, your t night law, widening up a ham and to my lima alpha nanning aim oh, can you hear anticipation these rising excitement is growing as castaways brings your favorite teen to cut off for the fever arab. com 2021. greatness is in the air. lead sorres' warner and rich new heights. join us in cut
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9 and the book maker, africa direct on al jazeera lou . hello and barbara sarah london. these are the top stories on al jazeera, at least 31 people have died after their small boat sank while trying to cross the english channel from france. several rubber denise settled from cali on wednesday in the hopes of reaching the you case at southern shores. local officials say this could be the most deadly incident involving migrants and refugees attempting that crossing. this disaster underscores how dangerous it is to cross the channel in this way. and he also shows how vital it is that.


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