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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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a sailings against rising online at an in sport. we find out why this is a damping at bring it to his house. ah . sees la windsor a thing in the raving places this time of year, particularly in the gulf. and there's a bit of a breeze picking up on friday, but note this orange here, this is sand picked up into the air which got to be brought somewhere. beyond that, there are few showers in the round something in the sort of turkey, the rate on its way into western turkey as well. it's quite in between. so say on friday the wind starts then die. is there a shout in q 8 and cross into iran? but the destiny could be brought somewhere to be gathered up. i think brought sas in, that shamal strong one on saturday, dusty one as well. brought 3 bahrain cattle down towards you or you,
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then it'll probably become fine after that. the bigger picture to the north is different wind direction and more about rain than wind i taught that was coming in through greece into western turkey. well, it's all good to amalgamate to some degree, but the isa that we're still talking saturday, not much is going on. central asia, winter keeps trying to come in, but it has not succeeded. now i'd like to say good news for the whole of africa and for kenya from the point of view of the short range showing a little bit of a burst. well as something in somalia, there's not much more afraid in kenya. but there restrain developing in south africa, particularly in cape town, where it looks quite stormy. ah, indonesia, the country with an abundance of results. red bar and was indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy,
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blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let be part when denise is growth and progress, invest in indonesia. now can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing. as cattle always brings your favorite teen to cut off for the fee for arab called 2021. greatness is in the air, lead sore is one and to reach new heights. join as in cat are from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package. now at canton airways dot com lou.
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ah ah, welcome back you watching out is there a reminder? if our top stories, this ela al jazeera, has obtained satellite images that show the united arab emirates as providing military support to the if european army. the investigation revealed the u. e. hide to private companies from europe to run military flights into ethiopia. security forces in sudan have use tear gas to disperse, crowns. of protesters demonstrate as gathered to a member 41 people killed since the military took over knoxville. germany's karone of ours death toll has officially passed a 100000 hospitals of rapidly filling up across the country. germany announced tougher restrictions last week to cope with the outbreak. with
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south african scientists have requested an urgent world health organization meeting after detecting a new cove at 19 variants. the national public health institute says the variant has an unusually large number of mutations. experts trying to confirm if the strain is more infectious and vaccine resistant cases have also been detected in botswana . and in hong kong, i speak to helen reese. she is chat of regional immunization technical advisory for the at, for africa at the world health organization. she's also a member of the south africa ministerial advisory committee for cove it and cove at vaccine and joins us from johannesburg. money, thanks for joining the program. so the worry with this new cove at variance seems to be the high number of mutations. 32, i believe in this my protein. thusly, can you explain why this is so concerning? well, it's concerning on 2 fronts. one is just the number of those mutations. but the
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other thing is the, the nature of the mutations. some of the mutations already recognized, and we know that they're associated with increased chance miss ability of the convent virus, but also an increase. what we call them univision, that the virus is more able to a hide from the effects of antibodies so that that's our concern at the moment. and then we have other mutations that we will have to understand. the significance is only 10 paces that we know. so far in 3 countries, botswana, south african hong kong. what does that tell us about how it's spreading? well, we're looking, obviously the south african jenoma network is looking across south africa at the moment. and obviously we also work the south african net to it was very closely with other countries in the region. so there are now more they've identified more
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of these cases. it's still under a 100, but we're seeing we started off seeing it in one central province in south africa. and now we think that it probably has spread into other provinces as well. but there is a sort of hotspot center around johannesburg and pretoria that happened, some scientists voicing concern saying that this very and could be was the nearly anything else about including the delta strain? how worried a you about it? look, i think when we see something like this and we don't yet understand it, we must all be very concerned. and scientists have to turn their full attention to trying to understand it. but i don't think people should jump to panic, or we've seen with the delta strain, for example, that it was more transmissible. and it was more resistant to the action of vaccines . the antibodies induced by vaccines, but none the less, the vaccine still prevented severe disease. and hospitalization,
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but that this is why we're now trying to identify how widely spread this is. but we also, there will be a lot of work looking at, is it more transmissible? is it associated with any more severity of disease? and is, is the does, does it render the vaccines less effective, those of the policy questions that we'll be looking at. but in the meantime, a big, big a request in south africa, but to, to the world really in terms of vaccinating the african region is what we've been saying all along. please get the vaccines out into the region because as we know, variance done, stay in one country. and as we saw with the delta variants, it became the dominant very wold wide. so we really need to push vaccination as we continue to understand what this variant needs money. thanks for joining us. helen raised chav regional immunization technical advisory africa for the w h. i funky
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germany says it stands in full solidarity with poland in the current border crisis . with bella, bruce, aren't going chancellor angler. michael met with her polish counterpart in berlin on thursday. she accused batteries of weapon izing, migrants an asylum seekers and said that you must have a united response. while this comes after human rights watch accused, both belarus and poland of violating the rights of people aiming to reach the ear. at least 13 people died as a result of harrowing conditions in recent weeks. the watchdog says it's documented abuses on both sides of the border. i speak to powell jablonsky, he's on the secretary of state of collins, ministry of foreign affairs, responsible for african, the middle east. he joins us from war so many. thanks sir, for joining the program. we've all seen the videos and the pictures of migrants, many with families with children in freezing conditions, in forest bordering the polish border without shelter, food, or sanitation facilities. we know if a child has died, can you explain as
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a member of the polish government? how you justify the treatment of these people? or we believe the treatment of this fever is, is terrible. this is the worst situation that we can see with our deteriorating, especially weather conditions. the treatment of these people, barbara, ocean forces should stop immediately. these people need to be allowed to return home. what happens is how mr. lucas shanker is in the learning. these people choose country, promising them false hopes, or for possibility to go easily to european union. this is something that led them to the situation. and in fact, we need to increase pressure on a mr. risangua to that. he allows them to safely return and on top of that obviously, so that he doesn't bring any more and he doesn't good any more people in the situation. you say you're worried about the cold winter weather regardless of the origins of the crisis, shouldn't poland as
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a member of the you fulfill its obligations under international law to let these people into your country and process their asylum claims. we will not have such a publication. there is no obligation to let anyone wants to cross the border to the country of the choice. we have obligation internationally to lex then people that are bringing war, post, acute sion that can be considered refugees. and in fact, in august when we had the accepted over 1400 people from afghanistan edition and totally different situation. we know exactly. we have full intelligence. how these people are rocks and bowers. they were loads into this, this troubles by fav favorite agencies. they were instructed by both forces, how to pretend that they are actually just in talk. they are not, they not still retreat junior for to be considered reduced. that is why we cannot let them enter because dish would violate our obligation to protect the board of
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the border colon and european union. what is your response to this report by human rights watch the punish authorities have been engaged in push backs and even separating families at the polish by the res border. we reject the accusations because whatever we do is in full compliance with national law, we arm and we have a duty to protect the boulder. so if somebody wants to cross and our border guards identified such attempts, justice nights we had $375.00 additional attempts legally crossing the border. so what i want to go is supposed to do in the 1st place is to prevent the people from entering our church at once. somebody is in polish 30 because obviously there is no snow. there is no such thing as 100 percent seal border. if, for example, our border guards, are there, identify someone deeper into polish surgery, these people are being processed in accordance with the procedure, the transfer to detention center. they are provided with medical a,
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with all the support they need, and then they are processed. we examine whether do they in the 1st place, even if they want actually to apply for asylum. in fact, most of them do not want to apply for asylum in poland because they want to travel further west germany, netherlands, elder european countries. as i say, regardless of the origin earth, this crisis, the crisis is occurring on your board or is it okay to let these people freeze and starve? what is the solution? the thing is that we cannot talk about this regardless of the origin, because this is something that when president of nature would never have seen an attempt at weaponized and migration and destroyed that mister lucas shanker is doing right now. we are very much sympathetic to the people that are in the situation. we do understand that they were cheated in a way, cheated in to be part of the sugar shanker water. but at the same time, if we would ease the restrictions, we would need the controls of security and would allow this people to come in to
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poland into that you look a shanker, which on the understand that this tactics was good. he would only bring more people and could more people in harm's way. so if we want to act in a human, natalia, and way to protect more people finding themselves in such a pedal, we need to be decisive. this is the most important duty that we have now. paula jablonsky, under secretary of state apollo's ministry, foreign affairs, and thanks for joining us. thank you very much. thank you. have a report in to allegations of abuse committed under former gambiola president via janay has recommended criminal charges be laid against those responsible. the gumby as truth recon reconciliation and reparations commission handed the report to john, a successor, president adama barrow. the commission heard claims of state sanctioned torture, death squads, right. and which hunts steering janae's 22, yet rain. well,
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nicholas hak, has reported extensively from gambia. he joins us now live from decant senegal. this is indeed a long awaited report. took us through the highlights. well, this is a report the result of 3 years of hearings between january 2017 to may, 2021. we saw more than 400 people appear in these hearings, facing the perpetrators, but also perpetrators themself testifying in these hearings and really describing it in detail. in gruesome ways, the ways that people were tortured the way that there was sexual abuse even raped by. yeah, john may himself, but also his security forces. ya should remember, claimed to have a cure against h. i. v and aids and experimented freely on those that were dying from the virus. he also fed for those that oppose him to his pet crocodile. so really gruesome
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details were put forward. and now the truth and reconciliation and reparation commission wants to seek justice and they want, they say that all those accused of crimes, perhaps including air jamie, should face trial, really a sucking revelations about what happened. but it has taken a long time for this to be unveiled. why now? well, the time is pretty interesting, given that there's a presidential election that is going to take place in 2 weeks time in that adam barrow in a twist of the plot of the man that that was the main opponent to ya is now in alliance with the icj i'm is political party in order to garner more support in order to win those election. so there's a feeling among victims that justice we will meet may be, will be delayed under adam a barrier. there are other candidates that have been victim of jah,
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that have promised to ensure that there will be justice and that there will be a trial. now, whoever comes to power next will have that as their top agenda and top priority to try to restore the rule of law in a, in the words of the, or the head of the commission. if this is not taking seriously, if there is no essence of justice, and there's fear that this could be, these crimes could be repeated. so it's important that justice prevails. money, thanks that nicholas hack. their 1st live in dhaka australia says it's sending troops to the solomon islands as the pacific island faces a 2nd day of writing. the unrest began when the prime minister switched the country's allegiances from taiwan to china. the solomon islands is a small pacific nation with the population of less than 700000 people. 1700 kilometers north east. don't be australian. 50 of towns will, was soldiers all being deployed. fair o'clock,
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explains. plumes of smoke fill the skies. hundreds. defy a government locked down and take to the streets of honey are. as government protest is marched in the east of the capital and in chinatown setting fire to building and losing shots. the protests were made by people from the nations most populous island immolate apartments. they want the prime minister to sit down, accusing him of failing to deliver the key infrastructure in the region. there also angry about the governance decision, the civil long standing ties with high one office, 32 kids, and to clear allegiance with beijing. what we're saying is a coalescing of date, historical tension between the provinces and the central government, which have been exacerbated by the jew politic, those you political competition in the region. in an unhelpful and helpful way. the south pacific has been a diplomatic stronghold to taiwan. the china influences growing the region now and
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the full pacific nation, including palau and the marshal island. i considered allied the top pay lexington if china uses more financial aid to pull these diplomatic countries to establish relations with china on several times with taiwan. is undeniable that taiwan is economic strength. hardy, prevent china from doings of things. by jane considers taiwan arose, breakaway profit, and one to re, you know, with china. but the demonstrated here remained loyal to tie pay, and the valve to strengthen their protests in the coming day. sir o'clock, i'll do 0. human rights groups in georgia has se online abuse towards women is on the rise. they keys the government of failing to act. robin force your walk reports . what does this one say? it's as put a bullet in her head. these ga lawyers defend the rights of women, children, and sexual minorities. and in return,
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they get threatened online almost every day. and i was on to the show and the, the guy was saying that, don't be surprised if one day you're going to find heard that somewhere and you won't be able to recognize her. some perpetrators don't even bother to hide their identities. so far, none have been prosecuted. officials admit the law may need to change on the one hand, his pinch is not acceptable. but on the other hand, we have freedom of speech. and the, to keep this balance between the 2 values is very important and sometimes very challenging. georgia is one of $34.00 countries to have ratified the istanbul convention. the council of europe's treaty to protect women from violence. the council has now introduced new guidance to tackle the digital dimension of violence against women. if that will convention is based on fire pillars or it is prevention, it's protection,
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it's prosecution and coordinated policies. so are in all those 4 pillars ear could see how you can use the articles of the convention, not only for the offline balance, but also for the online balance. and also our technology facilitated violence against a man. it's been 10 years since the establishment of the establish convention and work continues here in strasburg to tackle violence against women, both in the real world and in the digital domain. but the convention faces a very real challenge from those who see rights protections as anathema to so called traditional values. turkeys withdrew from the convention earlier this year. drew international and domestic condemnation, yet conservative governments in bulgaria, slovakia, poland, and hungary, and threatened to do the same in georgia for rights groups aligned with the
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orthodox church attack activists and the media on pride day, 54 people were injured. one journalist later died, yet the government said it would defend the interests of a moral majority rule. is that what? what when 95 percent of our population is against holding a demonstratively propagandistic march or parade? we should all obey it. human rights defenders feel increasingly vulnerable. this guy is asking for like a machine gun to kill us all. it's very frustrating, but you need to find some power in you to continue working in to win what she did because it, you know that you're doing right thing and you're just protecting someone else life . so yes, and when the advocates themselves no longer feel safe, neither to the client's prime robin 1st year walker by al jazeera stress book. still ahead on al jazeera, we got ford altered 18 month. hi,
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isis. the action funny resumes on golds agent tool. and he's here with ah
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ah ah ah ah, he is and a thank you so much molly more ran madrid qualified for the knockout rounds of the european champions leagues, the 25th consecutive season. albert opened the scoring against assuring tourists boat in moldova. tony car has doubled our advantage after the break just about making it over the line later on 333 know
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when calling last. so i just hours after the french international found guilty in an attempt to blackmail case. the victory puts rail public group. they see once clear of in some alarm, normally i have spoken with him. he's fine. people has been talking about the story for a long time and i think he is fully focused on his job. he did very well. i saw him relaxed before the match and he did very well during the match. manchester city came from behind the pi sunjay amount of progress as group a when his city dominates it 1st all but it was p s g. he took the lead soon after the bright murphy that setting up killing them back by the front strike is goal setting up the chance of some revenge last year. semi final defeat against sissy talks, 2 or 3 range that pops up in his 3rd go in 3 games to level to the home side. and gabriel has us punished defense shortly afterwards. he finished c want 5050. that
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sort of thing to the knockout stages. 6 time when liverpool were already showed up in bed group, but they still failed it. a strong team that included mohammed sulphur, this game against the whole. so take a look at this. go coming up from yoga, arkansas. ah, also added a 2nd sooner the phones go down, feel poolside still in with a chance of qualifying in 2nd place in that group now abroad. james is back in action after serving a one game suspension the lake has fall. let us thought, whenever the indiana case isn't finished with a thieves and high 39 point focused games have been banned, the striking another player and a game on sunday. he says the clash was an accident. and after an 18 month i, a 2 schools by cove, in 19 gulf asian saw has finally been able to say off against the actual regime to
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the $1000000.00 blue county championship in thailand. event is taking place without spec. sites in place have to be fully vaccinated to compete american john car inside an open around 65 to take a one shot made. and if elsie aaron rogers is hit bucket reports, he has so called cove, its ho rogers, who lights reports his last august about being vaccinated. his just returned after recovering from corona virus. the quarterback has had a tow in jury but says he's got nothing to do with his illness coverage, so it takes the form of a rush that can appear after catching the virus just so i can show you the legions on my foot around. so if i have enough room on this camera, let me see if i can. oh, uh there's no legions whatsoever to you. i can't believe i have to. again, come on here and talk about my medical information be i have a fractured so i never to go with joe before. ready no lesions on my feet. that's
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just a classic case of this information controlled i knew chamber raj, a paul had an online face off of his rival as he prepares for december boxing bounce against tyson. the furies brother told me influences influences like full entering the ring has been a bit of money spent. if a, hey man, the sport theory says, agreeing to fight a celebrity was no brainer. you want to pay me millions of pounds to go over there and fight. so what it looks like in me was what i want to do that i would want to do a 100 percent meal susie about this fight. easy morning because this is a bomb who cannot fight these 2 young fellows. they got bought iron, put all on the line and somebody's going to get bait. some of those going to go. i'm not sorry, not box him works and he's over and poultry co trade in our companies. they are more contract out and they're going to 18th of december. it's going to happen a poor old jack poles going to get severely knocked out. okay. that is high
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school's looking. thank you andy, that's it for me. take money inside for this news hour. i'll be back a minute. ah mm. a step beyond the comfort zone for assumptions or challenge. travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it is a probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in how quickly things contract award winning documentary is that also
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a perception witness on i'll just the euro with the latest news, as it breaks it in the brazilian rainforest, means these areas are now emitting more carbon dioxide than they're absorbed with detailed coverage country. like surely because if it's traffic conditions has an
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enormous advantage from around the world. what's happening here is local forming communities using simple methods to solve a complex environmental problem. ah . ready how does air obtain satellite imagery revealing the u. e is supplying weapons to the ethiopian government as it fights that t cry rebels? ah, i money by this is out. is there a lie from doha will said, coming up, person and france, trade blame of the desk of $27.00. people seeking refuge in the u. k. who drowned off to their boats signed to the english channel. scientists investigate a new cove at variant in south africa with const.


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