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context, i think if we have political will and engender base violence is possible. we mean, you mentioned, for example, economic violence as well as in a lot of places around the world. women or even girls sometimes will marry young. we'll start having children that will have an impact on their education, which of course, in turn will have an impact on any kind of economic freedom or independence that they might have. i mean, do you see any changes in that around the world? do you see countries perhaps moving that direction where even delaying goals, marriage by a couple of years would make a change to, to her education and future prospects? absolutely, and i think governments are trying to and realizing the, the need for ensuring jen to justice and making sure that women ankles are prioritized. and we've seen governments putting f with in, in dealing with g b. and that means looking at the systemic issues from a young age to, to, to,
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to when they become women, for example, in indonesia, in new zealand. and we've seen tons of on your rolling back and the pregnancy bond on, on goals going to school. and so i think there are steps being taken to actually acknowledge the barriers and the stigma harmful practices that goals, especially as a young age face when it comes to violence. ok, she says the right direction, of course, a lot more still needs to be done. i mean her see head of gender rights and justice advocacy. madam, thank you. thank you for having me. this is the news our from london still ahead. state sanctioned a torture death squads and rape game vs government is urged to pursue those responsible for crimes committed under yeah, edge on it. and we're going to go live to win as iris, where a very special tribute is taking place to mark a years since the death of football mentioned gigabyte or the owner. speaking when
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i don't i in sport find that why this and it fell superstar is thumping out. rumors about his health. ah hello, there europe is experiencing a taste of winter at the moment and there's more of that to come. as we move towards a we can not just in the north and the south but across those central areas. now we've already seen significant snow fall across northern areas of spain, which is good news for the ski resorts. well that is set to continue. if we take a closer look, we got low pressure pulling in the heavy snow across the north and into the northeast. as we go into saturday, it is expected to intensify. but it's also bringing wessa weather to the southwest of france, where we have got some flood warnings out. once again,
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its southern parts of italy and western areas of greece could see some flooding. thanks to the heavy rain, also affecting coastal areas of the adriatic sea, with some wind warnings out for croatia. now further north of this, it has been colder and quieter, but it is going to get more when to re for northern areas of britain and ireland. you can see that cold front moving in, bringing significant snow to scotland. we're talking blizzards and gale's and snowfall at a stretch across into scandinavia, that wintry weather expected to intensify as well for northern areas of france as we go toward saturday. it's going to be rather cool in paris, and it's going to be rather wintry for many areas over the weekend. ah. in the light of the open seas hides the dark secret. men forced to work without paying inflate for years. but
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a glimmer of hope remained for the forgotten fisherman as a group of activists delve deep into the illegal fishing industry, demanding justice and freedom. ghost fleet, a witness documentary on al jazeera. the latest news, as it breaks it in the brazilian rainforest means these areas are now emitting more carbon dioxide than there absorb with detailed coverage country like chile because of its geographic conditions has an enormous advantage from around the world. what's happening here is local farming communities using simple methods to solve a complex environmental problem. lou
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ah, a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera security forces in sudan have use tear gas to disperse crowds of protest or is honoring those killed in recent demonstrations. meanwhile, the deputy head of sedans, ruling sovereign counselors, told al jazeera that prime minister of de la undock was agreeable to last month's military takeover. al jazeera has obtained satellite images that show the united arab emirates is providing military support to the ethiopian army. the investigation revealed the u. e higher the 2 private companies from europe to run military flights into ethiopia, britain and france are trading blame over who is responsible for the deaths of 27 people who drowned when they're both sank in the english channel. french police have made several arrests over the fatal cross it's exactly
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a year since the desk of football legend, diego madonna and tributes are being paid all over the world to a player widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time. initially, there were thousands of fans outside the stadium, the bears his name in naples. but a donna is revered by support as they are after leading napoli to their only 2 league titles in his native argentina. meanwhile, players from his former team, bach, her juniors, and their opponents formed matter. donna's number 10, that during a minutes of pools, while it's cross venue. shy miller was that especially when the when hazardous to mark them are a donor legacy. i'm so a year after mary donna's death. how do argent times see his legacy? how do they remember him? as you can see, i'm standing outside of the a legal matter. i don't know the stadium, the home of argentina junior. it's the club where legal matter donna began his
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professional career just before his 16th birthday and behind me they're about to unveil a mule in his honor produced my local artist. the president of the club has just turned up and is a big crowd of fans of diego matter doner of the various clubs we played for gathered outside the stadium. many of him see many fans here still still see him as a hero. the man who bought the world car to argentina in 1986, they revere him as well as one of the great they seem as the greatest player the world has ever seen. but at the same time, people still see the side of the man who lived off the football pitch on the pitch . there's no doubt in their minds. he was the greatest of the page. people are still talking about some of his behavior, especially towards women and some children that he said to her father. but in general here, they're trying to marry those 2 sides of the man together when it comes to his footballing legacy in the sense of, you know,
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young argentinians now who may be taking up our football. how much does he signify for them? do you think i thought you were a huge amount. there were people here who weren't even born when diego madonna hung up his football boots and they're wearing the diego merged on his shots and they still revere him. they see him as a symbol of somebody. he grew from the slums of when osiris and went to lift the world cup for argentina to in him. he signifies what is possible if you, even if you're born into poverty, is a symbol of what can, what can be achieved in argentina, in their eyes. so they still revere him. people of all ages, remember seeing him play and those of only heard their grad, those have only heard and their grandparents speak about it to the bureaus like the one that's about to be unveiled. busy are being him, are being reduced unveiled in all over one us are as is it just the beginning of his legacy a year after his death. and you're trying to live with the latest there from a when was out on the one year anniversary of dig, amount of dollars death. daniel,
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thank you. you know and report into allegations of abuse committed and the former gambia and president ya, jama, has recommended criminal charges be laid against those responsible the gambia truth reconciliation and reparations commission handed the report to jim as successors detailing claims of state sanctioned a torture, rape, and death squads. nicholas hark reports now from dark out in neighboring cynical mohammed sending it says he wants justice for his father. this is the gamblers opposition liter soldiers. 10 back here in the white church being arrested in april 2016 for challenging. ja john is 22 year long. this was the last time he was seen alive, surely after the country's intelligence forces are alleged to have tortured him to death before dumping his body in an unmarked grave. standings relatives were among the 400 galleons who testified at the true to reconciliation and reparation commission,
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also known as the t r. r. c. set up in 2018 by president adam barrow victims. faith defendants charged with carrying out abuses against them. describing in gruesome detail acts of rape, torture, and sexual abuse, they say were carried out by johnny and his security forces. germany fed opponents to pet crocodiles in claim to cure each ivy. an aids and experimented his claimed cures on sick and dying people were not really as hopeful as we would. we were in 2016 when the whole transmittal justice thing was set up. the reasons for that is basically the lack of political will, very fear, most report is finally out slow. the t r c has recommended president barrow, prosecute. all those don't have committed crimes. the number of them are in his government and hold senior positions in the security forces. thus, what reform for you wanted democracy? democracy is not is, is not easy to minutes democrat. that's why there's
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a lot of noise, really, to of demographic. i think easy, ridiculous if you sit instead of house, you control everything. you really, everybody you, derrick, everybody, firms to help barrow is running for reelection and her thought alliances with jeremy's political party. human rights lawyers fear this will delay a process to get jamie on trial for his crimes. gambles had for far too long, he suffered under a repressive regime regime that failed it. summer so so contract with the citizens. and in doing so oppressed the very people it's war to serve and protect on december, 4th, guardians, will go to the polls to choose their next president. whoever wins it will have the difficult task to implement the truth. reconciliation and reparation commissions
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recommendations so that gabby ins can move forward and have a sense of justice. nicholas hawk al jazeera de carr began been fine minister has told al jazeera that the government is committed to implementing the reports. recommendations, what we want is the hillen, and that hill in process moves lot of sacrifice and we have sinned dude in, in the proceedings of the data. see when some of the people accuse came up and did their mail. cooper, the victims were ready to forgive. what forgiveness does not mean impunity? the government is committed to implementing the recommendation and we are going to put emphasis on reconciliation. australia says it's sending troops the solomon islands as the small pacific nation faces a 2nd day of rioting. the unrest began when prime minister am anessa, so provide
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a switch the countries allegiances from taiwan to china. the move angered many in the most populous province who wanted the solomons to continue recognizing taiwan the protest her as want the prime minister to resign. well, the solomon islands is made up of hundreds of tiny islands in the south pacific, but the total population of $686000.00 people, the capital hon, yada, is 1700 kilometers north east of the australian city townsville. from where those troops are being deployed, sarah clark reports. plumes of smoke filled the sky as hundreds defy a government locked down and take to the streets of honey. our anti government protest is marched in the east of the capital. and in chinatowns, setting fire to building and losing shots. the protests were made by people from the nation's most populous island, the malay department. they want the prime minister to sit down, accusing him of failing to deliver key infrastructure in the region. they're also
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angry about the government's decision to civil, long standing ties with high worn office, 36 years and declare allegiance with beijing. what we're saying is coalescing of date, historical tension between the provinces and the central government, which have been exacerbated by the jew politic. the political competition in the region in unhelpful and health away the south pacific has been a diplomatic stronghold, the taiwan, but china of influences growing in this region. now, any 4 pacific nation, including palau and the marshall islands, i considered allies have to pay attention if china uses more financial aid to pull these diplomatic countries to establish relations with china and several times with taiwan. is undeniable that taiwan is economic strength. hardy, prevent china from doings of things by jane can to this taiwan arose,
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breakaway profit. and once you know how with china, but the demonstrated here remain loyal to tie pay, and the valve to strengthen their protests in the coming days. sir o'clock, i'll do 0. activists, a warning that the humanitarian and political crisis in indian administered kashmir has worse than the in recent weeks in the security forces have been accused of a crack down, an opposition figures in the disputed territory, including rights campaigners and journalists, elizabeth per on them reports. now from new delhi, the madre family, a mourning, the loss of this son and brother, 22 year old army, was one of 4 people killed in a security operation and indeed, administered kashmir. on november 15th, it will all be done because all power has to fight the poor thing was innocent, working as a cleaner making t and you label him a militant. i have 2 more brothers and they to have to go out for work. this has terrified us. we live in fear of leaving our house. if this is what they do,
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they've done a great injustice to us. army was working as an office attendant and the regents capital city sharina good. his family deny police accusations that he worked for a pakistan, a militant who was also killed in the operation along with 2 civilians. on each father mohammed shows al jazeera his award for bravery in fighting rebels in 2005. what you're talking about, it's very sad that one man has been fighting for india and his own son is killed and called a militant, what kind of justice is this? and on top of that, his body isn't even returned to us. i. the killings of the 2 civilians of the same incident led to protests and in a ram, move security forces returning the bodies to their families. the government has ordered an investigation into the operation, but civil society groups, they won't be independent. i don't think my, this ill inquiry would be to anything additional inquiry would be more independent
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. but whether that will also satisfy the local population is very difficult to see . such is the level of distrust between the central government and the local people . and hardly anybody gets punished, they having some people who are punished in the past. but otherwise nothing which happens. international organizations joined in the criticism of the indian government this week. that's after the national investigation agency or n i a rated the home and office of prominent human rights activist could i'm part with. they arrested him on the anti terror legislation. rave. so the year or just mailed the ongoing rates are those who have been suspected receiving foreign funds, the n i a is investigating agency and nothing to be scared out. there is no injustice done to anyone who comes out clean from the investigation. but the un special rapid tor on human rights defenders called part of as his arrest disturbing
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saying he's not a terrorist. he's a human rights defender. part of it is ran the german cush made coalition of civil society that's been documenting human rights abuses for more than 20 years. as a margaret family hope and wait for army to body to be returned. supporters of bud where say his work is now more important than ever. elizabeth per annum al jazeera new delhi russia news agency tass, says at least $52.00 people died in a say, barry and mine that fire emergency services rescued more than $200.00 people. but an operation to save 35 more people has been stalled because of the threat of an explosion. a team of rescuers has also been declared missing. people across the united states are celebrating thanksgiving today. many are heading to parades and gathering more freely with family. after the pandemic kept most of them at home last year. and while cities are no longer in lockdown, some retailers have made
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a permanent decision to keep stores closed for the holiday. by cana reports from washington dc. in past years, this target store would have been bustling on thanksgiving day. the day that formerly marks the beginning of the holiday retail season. but last year, during the pandemic target decided to close all its stores on thanksgiving day, along with a number of other retailers. this in part to avoid the crowds gathering during a pandemic. but also a response to unions who had long ours, that staff be given the day off to spend time with their friends and family. now target another may 2 retailers have confirmed that the closure will be permanent, acknowledging an extension of the holiday retail period. and also marking a movement towards online rather than in store retail. black friday and cyber
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monday are all about 3 big names em walmart, amazon target, and then the 4th would be macy's. all of those sell online cyber monday happens online. black friday also happens online, amazon is doing a black friday week all of this week. so put that all together, and it's more about the retailers and less about the specific day. as with all matters retail, there's also a profit motive involved here. when target looked at its books that realize that with the closure of stores on thanksgiving last year, it sales had increased by some 8 percent. this because of the extended holiday shopping window. and now target and other retailers predict that their sales could increase by a nother 10 percent making the closure on thanksgiving day. a profit driven strategy, as well as one acknowledging the needs of stock. still to come on al jazeera,
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after an 18 months haze, has the action finally resumes on golf's asian tor that's coming up in sport. ah ah, with
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ah whole ah ah ah. and these here now with the sport. thank you so much. barbara will not say they knocked out of the rope below the french side beats in full. so i got at saucer i the turkish club, and outside of that group a guarantee to spots. in the knockout rounds,
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ron bible school got to test drive in on friday, the strike and when he says release its autobiography in the form of an 8 track rap album for premier lake team, west ham. all so going through laughing. when is the group they be represented to neil this much played behind closed doors and st. you because you know i've seen restrictions west times run is already the best performance in a years from competition the 40 years. well there were a champions league finalist a few years ago sort of halts, but now find themselves in the europe a conference leak this season of the not covering themselves in glory in europe. 3rd there of and either falling behind sitting there, levine, this until now in group she went through to strike a hurricane to go back to give new coach antonio. some hosts thought it almost the last ticket. again marijuana. i'm a morose to the hero, to one, to destroy the unions future in this competition,
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looking decidedly unset months, if you know, instead of closing and on the coach, they hope will guide them. through the remainder of this season, ralph regnant looking looks set to join, you know, it's on a 6 month contract. the 63 year old german is currently the head of sports and development that locomotive moscow, united fine, only going to socio on sunday. also managing mikella says he'd like to bring former boss austin bang back to the club. thing is currently working with footballs will governing body face, who's heading the push to stage future will cups every 2 years during war and 2 decades in charge of also he let them say 3 primarily titles when they have a cap on 7 occasions. when we can say that i will like him to be much closer presently to me because as he would be a great help, i think it will be a gray gray head for the club and then things take time and i think i think he, he has to nick said those diamonds and what i can say to that from, from my side,
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and i can tell, i think on behalf of everybody that we will be delighted to having them much closer . an alternate id of science system is set to be tested at the upcoming hour of cup in capsule. the tournament starts on tuesday, as part of the countries preparations for next year's will come using artificial intelligence. the video, assistant referee, will receive an instant message when apply is off side. if this live charla successful than the system is likely to be used at the 2022 files. while the pro james is back in action after serving a warrant game suspension the like because star let us win over the indiana pacers finished up with a season high of 39 point. james has been striking another player and a game on sunday night when a fell seemed to start roaches hit back reports he has so called covey. tow the 37 year old is just returned. so action after recovering from corona virus,
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he has also been struggling with its how injury, but says he has nothing to do with his ration ellis. just so i can show you the lesions on my floating around. so if i have enough room on this camera, let me see if i can. oh, others no lesions whatsoever to you. i can't leave. i have to again come on here and talk about my medical information, but yeah, i have a fractured so i've never heard of it. so before. ready no lesions on my feet. this is a classic case of this information. you chamber jake, pull us out, an online face off with his rival, as he prepared for a december boxing bounce against tyson, furies, brother told me. and through his influences like jake colon, his brother, logan entering the ring, has been a bit of money spent for them. and the sports theory says, agreeing to find a celebrity as an brainer, you want to pay me a $1000000.00 pounds over there and fight. it looks like in me what i want to do that i would want to do or 100 percent. we'll assume about this by easy morning
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because this is a bomb who cannot fight and that's for an 18 month tie. it's caused by covered 19 gulf asian saw has finally been able to pay off again the action regime that the $1000000.00 blue county shampoo chip in fall in the event is taking place without fans and place to be fully vaccinated. american john catlin thought an opening round 65 to take a one shot lead and j. c, which he had a hole in one of the b. p will tools job open in south africa, but he did miss out on the bonus of winning the call. this park set behind the sea to drive off in baths. unfortunately, you have the hole in one during the final 2 rounds of the room. okay, that is the sport. let's get back to barbara in london. and the thank you and that, is it for this and use our deuce they were the so i'm going to be back in just a few moments with more of the phase. see in a sec for by ah
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ah, along with a december jessia feita hose, the fever, arab cut, a momentous event for the region and a glimpse of what's in store for the 2022 wildcat. people in power invest the gates, the use and abuse of power across the globe. a world exclusive interview with joint nobel peace, laurie recognized the safeguarding freedom of expression as a pre condition for democracy and lasting peace from shore. documentaries,
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too in depth, explain his portal. showcase is the best voucher zeroes, digital content i, for years rolls to a close. we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead to next year. december on a jesse europe. they just said and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think from international politics, to the global pandemic, and everything in between. upfront with me, mark lamb on hill, on out 0, african stories of resilience and perry, i get younger being a tradition and dedication to live without a little more global buffet of clinical you are not short documentary by african filmmakers on the white 9. and the book make it africa direct on al
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jazeera. oh, you want to help save the world oh, sneeze into your elbow. ah, for, ah, the u. k announces it will put 6 african countries on a travel read list. a scientists investigate a very into the that may be more transmissible and resistant to vaccines. ah, hello barbara sarah. this is al jazeera alive from london, also coming up demonstrators pay tribute to the dozens killed in sedans, protests while the deputy head of the sovereign council pell's al jazeera, the prime minister was agreeable to the military takeover.


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