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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2021 5:30am-6:00am AST

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followed by hostility. nice, we're going to get some news, but i have no doubt that's going to happen. history shown us that such dictators as the current government, white for elections only to strengthen their vertical power. as soon as i have enough support, as soon as they have the parliament and the courts in their hands, they will intensify. the fight against this voter turn is going to be an important indicator of the health of democracy in christmas time. and after years of ballads, cast out of fear, under pressure or for payment, turn out this time is expected to be extremely low. in basra v o z rubbish, keck. ah, this is al jazeera. these are the top stories brochure. scientists are describing a new koby 19 very anti identified in southern africa as the most concerning they've seen yet. the u. k. health security agencies says it has mutations that could make it spread. and in fact, people more easily. the deputy head of sedans governing council has told al jazeera
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that last month's military takeover was the best option to stop what was a spiraling crisis. general douglas says they disgusted with all parties, including the prime minister, who was agreeable to it and another it will, it who will come and be the prime minister was in agreement with us as to the decision we had adopted when. however, for him with the move should be endorsed by the freedom unchanged coalitions. as i said, we were left with 3 scenario freedom and chase coalition, endorsing the dissolution of the government, which was next to impossible. the 2nd was the move we had taken, and the 3rd was the collapse of our country. we adopted the best option available, as we made the right decision from our perspective. and at the same time prevented the collab. pull them 50 people, died off the fire and smoke filled the russian mine in siberia. some rescuers were
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among the dead. australian peacekeepers have arrived in the solomon islands to help its government respond to protest and riots. the pacific nation of fewer than 700000 people has been beset by ethnic and political tensions for decades. the latest unrest was sparked by pandemic fuel economic problems and an unpopular decision by the prime minister to break diplomatic relations with taiwan and move closer to china. britain and france are calling free coordinated response to stop people smuggling across the english channel. a ministers have been invited to paris for an emergency meeting. that's after at least 27 refugees and migrants drowned off in northern french coast while trying to reach the u. k. those are your headlines. the news continues after democracy may be. darren keeps your company from 3 g. i will see you very soon. bye bye. i care about how the us engages with the rest of the world. i cover foreign policy, national purity. this is
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a political impact here the policy. what are we telling the good story? we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise. it's absolutely feel as if you were there. ah, ah, no sport fuels politi could look se, honestly, believe it or they're like only that. mm hm. most of the, the most, most gonna form a gift for it. are they more garcia buddha than what? garcia? they medium boom, both or an older man. he says he's there, my locals. either i'm on los altos, alto, medicaid, or home people. but i'm also bless, you'll see
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a lot of movie stuff unless you have a lot of details. american police person logan will. garcia. i'll come in to martee . yeah. with with mr. first. yes. mrs. especially in low and may he course alex youngest, integrated on black into that yet i it's almost better. but on the bottom then, my net, i needed the say licks you're not enough,
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but i noise does outdoors that is seen or less seen a hasty to finish giving a line d countless kumasi almost masters number amanda's finger on not that name was a looks youngish not a little know billy sam was yeah, daniel jeremy no. alex eunice for. can no, no, thomas let him or could i ship on on those locals is acela's cause a subordinate suttles must sink and naveen the lame bung. ah, lia wendy, with a mitchell with him as important as he's given the went to madison with my fellow less was he that is that at the out of the yearly, like getting
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a liquid thus i'll update us on our case, hailey, hailey hill. no at the in the last day monday, asking easy elementary for implant gospels locally here with a booking books on that i sent with both keys on the medical respite medicine van dolah. this is eunice k settlement out in kiran. so this he leave us for a dollar lost his trip. all a lot of that, you know on thursday we call toyota moses deceased him my legal viola. not even intersect. go to the level of the children. be, be on call. mia con. they more possibly or sick where all works towards the on. i mean mass us
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ah oh, i flew i am which as many as im less guilty men. are there any sales represent that? yes. mr. garzo this i put another minute where i was in this dilemma. disney jr, as it can be to deal book or pu a non at gwinnett mass, go and their mother vio, lence, yeah. come when the rest of my truck and went race to the me. he got, but a year this me luncheon acela's was because his 7th, you know, the rest of us put him at that like len, this d now all went up as could leader couldn't vivian
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have either they separate his he those, we have either young way to days that have been disco chaired, i mean those are sequestered but i'm not certain sad and medically monotony. so if me smoke up inside in it will be a know the children isn't that says ah ah, a gentleman from the dish. when i took us up to the metal scene for months, i had a model, so i mean voice message in almost in the kitchen. publish a scenario. ah, i'm not sure. yeah. no sense at all?
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yeah, unless i'm gonna send my son away. yes. mm christian lucio said alice with any bosky i must but guess i want to sank area on i did or not, but another must have been to better jacob bands out, especially because so little butch, to live and i would, i would like me ah ah ah, hey betsy, this data at one time in most all this work, if we must have a really are you that you can not move up all of them. it does give okay. in order to compete
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with ah no more near your move on me. hold a minute. campbell, but we've had a month. yeah. young local luck over here. yeah. final, you know, scramble even though it's a lot a month. ah, he's on the list. have you myra fabulous. american jim brown with what's on file for bank. i think you'll be going out of that is yeah, i think i see already. i mean not that many of info loses. yeah. the uniform gonna seek with bay allen up with it. yeah, and i'm, i'm gonna go by you and see me. you understand your middle regional legacy. hey
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ah, ah, ah, in every way in the a get it on this you can be added to my less go says is his month. ah our just them was have landed another thing. so we love you day and then this year to s 2, eda san diego but as he knocked to us is day. well in vs when they see the most intern late those hm. mm yeah. my mother, you moved to vehicle? are you are there? yeah, it'll sell. almost even with going on was for quade within the 1st cool
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mistake in the summer. i did mail stella a month more for us to pay that out. if you want to live on this one, you bought a new job either both for myself or not internal polish for luck in the other. yeah. and you get beat out by law a lot of what i've got i'm, i'm going to just get on the get going. my mother get all this stuff just almost an a c. so like i know with now most casual liskey models was
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community pasadena discusses a lot of old data. no felt almost being in the who i could get my role. so i k the moon up in front of the who i could call gabrielle this adult. yeah. in pu, so it happens. i'm in till they lost my yoda special. no, my, you ordered the same bus at then. can you get here on and geron not almost as seamless and geron, norma, pamela hampton, 11th. i mean to leave it on if we is in seattle mentor board, let her fafsa barrow in, maybe up amanda. if the process will be 9 a link, i got the key and this is the one courses in being pull that politi coin recycle money. there are a lot of, i mean the human since you don't easily society old billy cyrus part of the low
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spot, our number i moist us and went to represent dentist and worth so told you that his he concluded, must not for that sheet and he wanted to know to me, there have been sadness that is heated window. just explore some was and the was meant this intensive chit on the cd. but it won't let my job is going with a gant. this was, you know, under the wireless. ah, ah, ah .
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ah, who was going to speak with him? but if once you're not gonna find out of any settles with us, yet it's, he'd get thought i left this, you see on a scheme back then, i like when you at the ymca said, don't my that board though. must carry them with chair i as i'm blessed with a lot of i know mussing both on the case a login to the left hold up a little i'm here to give me 2nd even less forgot this good noise. so noise that i'm going to go to before you go see notice at the wendy's scuse on his get, didn't get rid of, go more like and when he does, he go to, can he send those super computer classes kinessa? this game was dna caused you to come in. that's all that's all i will needs. did he get where will that i will neither in wiggle 40. so it generally,
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almost if that will see noise emilia yet i'm, if i'm in a, i'm of the i'm of a y sequel. jacqueline while give him a few items. i mean with this, not only because normal game of an is that wearable or gable. guess this woman, i can't do this with neil, so this one. ok that that'd be thought. oh with that moment. mm hm.
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in there my buddy be quoted and he's your sales guy. my sell neither more grass you you'd expect yona anymore. could i seattle it out on or not, but it keeps you on the front end. the little gazed. lab bullied ticket. burner laconia. better them in a accordion are nice. thus for tomas they will be emma casey, an been salvo easy. i know that he saddle the zeros ancestor kiss event. whose i, susan danica. we can joke, which means any more they look at the nature is when a shampoo damian, they go more say boy they a, b, b, e. so whatever, you know, unless you read something cost is yes, gallon man was introduced her me to work on an audio there minute ago and spending
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there's a lot. okay. there's a lot better than what i found out last year and some of the general of my credit score in it. don't be in love with my years. so i don't ask, you know, then last everybody up, but i will, portable, nick, i'm pretty angela to marty gets buddy up in the and i get quite a most of them thought by ease getting lundy stops, you'll not get. but if you didn't really the pastoral criminal, nissan warner roadway and then the, the, him to get there. he said you can pull it in a low miles if you look at me or not. but it's not good. yes. or the courtroom. but i did not see stella more glassy up, but i don't see. stay is taylor's bait though, but i like see, stay in
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a lot there. oh boy that made oh no it's poor noon fed a me that that bullish ah, almost american brothers. okay. and she's their mom mazda with jasmine, which was breakfast, go more so no. mendoza. i'm with though. but it is really what beth and be as i'm others think they did a yucky, bent, big gum. me know i'll give could be a new lesson, an audi. diana, so my little chest, they not my littlest or boy will share, am bailey. i will not rush on. i don't by me willing that matthew meant a
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model nisha most here will shunt the law really that his family may be in the niecy . i malls me, they him also support a salad bowl. read fit, then mostly drive up by the so not those don't and all those that my most. yeah, no, but admitted was they had, i'll pull it all. she has a must bullet also nobody. in the i mean ah aah l moreno. they will be a more entered and a soon as we're ne shambler golardo,
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they are basil e. they will not sustain jacqueline. they own a there when they spread that if nickel no c c dual they in context of and on they are not that we saw them, which i think was these. yes. e. good. ok. no, not at that. i barely can it out of common wearable more. they look see, know they've been saturday. i hope they get my name as to whether i could add one more. one more they don't, i know for my but the sheep as you children by means in medica, generally, no, no, they'll be at least that'll eat them in there will not be others for my the been and is it will be, i don't know is when gamino bains have, are you my, you know, one which is cornelius on which is okay. those bad. okay. around man to said that he so he said, well, i look at the ah ellis, that will eliminate any thought and throw your own context on where no one from
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a lawyer let place a to a millennium. organize your case. you bn, there's a, there's a lot by laboratory and you're going for little bit whatever, whatever reason you put in this is in, i do scales on noise. look, if that was a, the in the know in don't is la la, the man back is his dad. was he done this badly that i am in the law was i boy, look, you know, sort of boilers. he know. i lost, i lost, i love the finance, you're getting into a lost world, which also got ya. las bolus in indiana, indiana are both in north. you don't, but the, the more that i've seen is easy. learn meant a scenario. get us here for glisper, lithium is in the him as a seam, brands you for them and they're going to the us in woman believe what me to work on . isn't born, thought i'd hugo, and go to place. you, anthony says, i is a little more liberal until the medical griffin. i don't mean good in the this as a vianza. good medical is that solo and in the, your a plan that got this. you. i got 0. well,
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muleta las boy. las colinas buzzle. yep. i they did those 7 once again. this is dan in was that other, but it doesn't come up with that though. this is as good on the simplest us get that i welcome to miss more does is is like are janice dog then must get other in lucas with putting galaxies, them up all equal. you go. no michel kicks he thin. make equal more nephew is as domain to court rope or they both boys were la monica wanted. noticed almost 3 here . not local. go get any more rec or whatever widget on and was work with
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larry legend in lockwood room. jenny for this is ellen casey. jim provided, lemme know the nato asking if he got up, will it equal? the only one on this part is it is going to call me and i was problem with that groups you whenever he came in missing i just got you see and he said that he sent them a dba laguna, but it gives them to hit this customer's id that i see. mm hm. he is on. okay, so you can get border gay, a soon as an article money that you know by now, korea then gianni, not laugh, format and gum, say, yoga i so is that them in deepening with ah,
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d n a good, the middle isn't even the other quick when the entry must establish, intend operators are over and under control. no. so trust yes, is elegant. can bill knows that the gold dameion in which i can pick him was better be the honesty community, boardington dad, it said we're not immigrants yet, but okay, well that element, they have been updated but i know something in the feca boys, weather, beaten on their se, would a very nice that a conscientious ticket. where's transit data lowercase sandwich? $3030.00 another to play. but i did that as they asked us. a more did this is thomas are there, which is case number that i've done really biggest of them. you know, in a calabi de la was it kim woody up for say that if the high end of his emergency room
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with other seen video as you see as radio to some gay saucier, that is boris d k. so see those lakers b isn't a book. as you see most socio requests in lucas area. fidel norma, video, i will just a speedy toil, mentally, custom song, lufkin or existing was done and at the europe and myself here. ah, so he must be in san luke unless he look at the intimacy nato. what,
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the new mexico's economy cost a lot easier. even invoice here. oh, man, live in was there. say will not, ain't videoed. he says soon, but up a little lad. insult oliver cooper. as soon the noise took leave the oakland. wow. oh i'm good. okay. bought at e. m was they goes to read is they better they move good as you come? yeah. no, nobody barnett a nobody bought a gay is on on break a yes. down we moved at that hotel, but i left by myself here. ah, ah ah, ah
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ah, pays doesn't labels but i leave my they wanna a for money for and they will be in boise in him. please eat the good eat because when we for dinner he has good. because a my monday laconia is in my monday l'esperance or no there be a guest omby, the endo e guest battle of chandler. the idea is that i even got your, he know this will had those good with c, m and disorders done. did that i say with don't is getting done. you is, i look at think, i mean, i'm book you don't my son indeed. give danika, sarah, this little boy of love bided. boy, lloyd courted boy, look and don't say censured on st. enter construed there's their god, delaware. so in this column we mima veto. grandma ski is the grill men did on the leper levered a. then look at us, your code r d r c. oh. with
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moon graves of the unmanned evidence that schools designed to strip indigenous people in the us of their culture also claimed the lives of their children abuse. corporal punishment forced to child labor loss of identity. loss of language in loneliness. the discipline was horrific. kids were killed. there isn't any native personal life today that hasn't had someone that went to boy's school in a family. very truth on a jesse euro. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy,
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al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter. to you, al jazeera ah, britain bans flights from 6 african nations amid rising concerns are brand new cupboard 19 very. it may be more trust miscible than the dr. varied. i need to add the vaccines that we currently have may be less effective ah.


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