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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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standard, the ceremony is eager to revamp egypt, struggling tourism industry. it was hit hard by years of political turmoil. and the corona virus pandemic has made things worse. ah, it's been described as the largest open air museum in the world. now egypt hopes the country's rich archaeological pass will also play a role in the country's economic future. katya loop facility young al jazeera ah, type a quick check of the headlines here on out to 0 british scientists on describing a new cobra. 1900 variant identified in southern africa as a most concerning they've seen yet. but you can help security agency says it has mutations that could make it spread. and in fact, people more easily. so african scientists say they've detected the very small numbers of people. so far, cases have also been seen in botswana and hong kong. we will be suspending all
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flights from 6 southern african countries and we will add in those countries to the travel read list. those countries are south africa, namibia, recessive, as what teeny and symbolic way and for twana. and we will be requiring anyone that arrives from those countries from foi am on sunday to quarantine in hotels. a corona virus infection has put the check president back in hospital just hours after his release. my 6 week long stay 77 year old me last a man had to cancel a meeting, which was to officially appoint the new prime minister efforts to finalize a new government line up after reasons. elections have been delayed by the man's treatment for a chronic illness. which hasn't been publicly name. the deputy head of sedans, governing counselors told al jazeera that last month's miniature takeover was the best option to stop what was
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a spiraling crisis. gentle mohammed hummed on bigelow says they discussed it with all parties, including the detained prime minister who was agreeable to it. adela hm dock has since been reinstated by the generals and the new power sharing deal. meanwhile, thousands of sudanese were back out on the streets on thursday honoring those killed and recent demonstrations that also renewing their demand for a full sibley and government security. security forces cleared some of them with tear gas australia. peacekeepers of arrived in the solomon islands to help the pacific nations government respond to protests and riots. the unrest was bought by pandemic fueled economic problems and unpopular decision by the prime minister to break the diplomatic ties with taiwan and move closer to china. but those were the headlines. the news continues here now to sierra off the witness statement. thanks for watching bye, for now. assassinations in broad daylight and increasing moderates, towns and cities. living in fear,
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al jazeera world examines the rise and criminal guns and the palestinian israeli community. how are these violent crime syndicates operating and out the ready authorities doing enough to combat them at palestinian israeli crime? waves on al jazeera oh oh yes, dana, greg cobra for all what else can already or will does is it,
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are you why don't you definitely can you just cannot uniform as will be worth or yes, cash was done as well or whatever. you know anybody getting on with one of them got this. how was it wasn't, it was only did you read or discussed or gary or be from a little over and asked for classical, explaining the bag we opened, but these are the remaining years mostly maria, the border, the for the larger worker
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for general medical home, mid on on i know her name was going on. i mean her meeting with san marcos a little bit at the office on the same night same day, same note jotting last night. he was jotting down my list of yada memorial market. i think it's called me. mm. hm, and i just, i was or yeah, we'll do
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a 11. it was somebody down to more than that. but he will want to live by sort of lever. now we're going to be doing with the be done really going to be want to go the pocket on what we're going to go over your audio so little bit what are you going on at all? you have to log on to zana sod. jana will spot up your doctor or was it? will we? me? yes i said they were going to call and talk to in order to talk about it because it wouldn't have been a robot calgary. but keep on a voicemail because it was something i was like. yeah,
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i got johnny got afternoon. mean it was good. there was a lot of that it's already funny. officer had got me thought saw you, but he's in the deacon bought. got me going to be on the radio me, but was in cassandra with the car just like the media to go the bomb is and if you want to make a hockey police report get bothered you because i want to hear from you about stories california. dr. baki coverage, i'm going to be ok if it all paid. shani ok was take a little bit but you get a
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chance to meet with me. stop my swim, but you cause the i pick it back up. you get it all ready? go go to leave, but he's got a doctoral or got him is can we other jewish program? i all the needed to study
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many after 15 days. i mega d. d 11. any which isn't good then and the lady muslim, but you also name modern which is equal thank god would be listening to me, but you will always get these wall montana to you then you had to leave him all of them on the way they can be because we have some you could be like really ah,
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then we do show, how does that work on the would you how to believe me? i don't know that it's going to walk out of them then all over dinner buddies, short term furnished. there's a dog in the bottom because he's gonna get all that in the building. so that's a problem. the, the not going to go home with them and wrong, and they always closes on the little boy and that is right. a a with
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with will he's in a some a the ard, but she'll get got them on board left, a voice, mail, me pause a bit farther. go up. uncle gast, dominate the dog with ms. n. okay, kind of give, i had the mind on you and it was obviously a lot more down some of the john peer g, i'm it shoes. it myself a real. there's not a big problem with a hint, then i will be out with them. so when you get a
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feel good, take one in, but i go through, i don't want a good minute. the man to modify that with who for a a young
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man said walking model. well, yes, this is linda black or brown with oscars. have put on here for dominic awhile when i saw the 11. 0, just so you know where it was. you can put them in. even these are the dominant. it will still one more luckily. so i will go over that. nobody does not about to walk
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in the deal at all to put money on his honey family vehicle as well as hobbies order. well the i would have ready to go ahead. oh and i was told, i know groups are the will be talking about women to be what would be the most was all going to get the the what open out with a couple of hold on. they're going to so you would have to order. i me, oh, i hope they log in when you want me, i
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will let them in the report. it will not have been on monday or not while you're out on the sucking. sit out. no, no, no, no, no, no one done no longer on the, on the one more com, vivian job getting it watermark. lydia and the job. oh me. i
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me i aah. innovatively i hope to be here. and i told her that i was on the can was credited we're id like
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a new or used to with one in one or 2000000000 as one of the well i yeah. about what the other with avi a while but a bit of work with women. i will seriously think of gallagher's then everybody other boy marriage is hold rober. log up in it, but you're really a good day at the bottom of that is a bit of a will bit of organize your ice kilo bicycle know me, but shelby that the group that the bad that yeah yeah. what are what was about to talk about the of the july
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knoxville to the west, which was similar, but 21 lucy. a but j content, but they would join you. i got i jelly will run over there. town go. i got there over. yeah. yeah. it but yeah, but it's we doggy is either an idea. do you bother? there'll be a bother. we'll go through that to you by. cut out again. cardiac elder. any mondo mandate on a mailbox on door daily jack visit. how he got down one of the alex or other mega tardy the other. now monkey mowbray here. we now gamma here, but we'll news channels here. but you can see this hollow daughter
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a order for your guy now, but you are my guy named brian. yeah, he would generally maralie them xannon b separately, eagle mobiles for to part time. and then i guess i'll be at the out the door in the school or negative, but it probably there was a golden info about. yeah, you're gonna i will believe. but if you sent it out, yeah, it's like a lima. got it. oh
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and will make no like a talk, but a big deal folder. the de or cluster must have been blossom isn't. it was always good to get those papers. it was you that said he doesn't move. he saw the bill here. oh yeah, the bill was 100. i mean, i is bill me put the we even need to gain base. the trip ended up with, you know, we got those i got, but she got up. i know well the thumb government no money, but it be, you know, you know, the main about she's got for everybody like she just said, we know you'll
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continue to believe on the medical medical history. but if you don't have a 1000, he's got mad read over, you get money, but you want to go back with me. she gave way. but you could give me the wrong god. they need money. but even if not, well i get what you're. why did you get a job? a job will be invited by number when they get a job with money. that in general, knowledge is out of
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a tardy gamma. yeah, bill was going on and i was your 1st name is buddy is ana with an ad can was it was one of getting a job or do you want to say i work for the doors but you know, but those get to see if there was any door, metallic identity or 40 not ordinary dog. i'm going to kill them. yeah. might not be blakely bought out for you copying gentlemen, nausea, but little boswell looking mirage. somebody said, i got room will you see the doctor where she got behind or when he had a pause again. oh, life of the other is. so if you do have given me that i will do this for 40 year
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for my one. my do new mom will out today to be and i will also make a c. we know we find that we walked over there. i'm talking dot m o, but you thought that the well i want over 31 or more with the minute one. we'll probably miss out of the maybe in talking to you. i was looking at my thought on with my temperature what mortality was under the law returning to work with here. what is your new america?
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want to be what you play? bama god. what else does he but did magically binding with that? you know, chairman, dick? yeah. any month one of my input. i'm a pretty about any deborah had it in tennessee. my. the marbella kayla. i guess you could send the see out if he martinez did about amaya. get them into mark them. did a bit. you like them, but did you go about getting the bus new with you? those then la care milton in and out of the kids. but and these id i only monday even, but you must get a bungee in the men's loss. i bought them or you know, gitane leg what they but didn't beyond it been when he gets a garland usually he can, but as he got a young booth again, i'm going to like well there's a good evening. i was wanting me
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a mighty, but i'll be at the door when he's come back to you, i guess i don't care why you got there now for yada not cutting it. we're going to go, but i don't like it and you need somebody to don't let them know you need me. why don't you want to get on is going to be a bit a little bit was you got in order to be able to look up and talk about saw position veneer of saw. but
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i will family image are going to get the gum of dog do i will go down the do scott that don't give you almost missed me? ah yes or no. what happened? i might have, i would just go up and i would be ready when i would have got the delivery in. ah
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ah, that god awful. i don't believe i always get another problem local. what of the love you had over on the volleyball damage, and i am here pretty good. now, dr. ah gordon, you're all set up with the gomez. shoulder. double. who's on the was one of the biggest guys. how like i know who's in
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in the light of the open seas heights a dark secret men forced to work without paying enslaved for years. but a glimmer of hope remained for the forgotten fisherman. as a group of activists stove deep into the illegal fishing industry, demanding justice and freedom. ghosts fleet, a witness documentary on al jazeera,
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a war in afghanistan is now full. will non taliban figures make up a part of that american you can report within the taliban and believe that there will be a house telephone inside story. parker, i frank assessment the days headlines. subscribe. now. however you listened to podcast. all the coldly 19 pandemic has led to a spike in child trafficking across india. 11 east meets those fighting to save hon children on al jazeera and the u. s. is always of interest to people around the world. this has been going on for a number of hours. you're not being used to christopher. how do the report story con, international perspective? we try to weigh in clear global audience, why it's important,
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how that could impact their life at the height of the storm? water would still high, would it be them above my head? this is an important part of the world. people pay attention to walk with one here and out to the was very good that bringing the news to the world from here. ah. robots into the top stories on 0, but he, scientists are describing a new covered 1900 variant identified in southern africa as the most concerning the scene. yet the u. k. health security agency says the variant has mutations that could make it spread. and in fact, people more easily, it adds it as a spite protein, which is dramatically different to the original corona virus that covered 19 vaccines. a based on south africa, scientists say they've detected the variant and a small number of people. so far, cases have also been seen in both swanner and hong kong.


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