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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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dispositions and renovations followed. ah, president abdel font, i'll cc who attended the ceremony is eager to revamp egypt, struggling tourism industry. it was hit hard by years of political turmoil. and the corona virus pandemic has made things worse. ah, it's been described as the largest open air museum in the world. now egypt hopes the countries of which archaeological past will also play a role in the countries economic future. katya lou, this is leanne al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories assigned to say there was a new corona, virus, very undetected in south africa, could spread more easily and be even more resistant to vaccines. several countries, including the u. k. israel and singapore of imposed trouble restrictions, gilmer from following breaking news from chris,
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stand with the security services. so before what they're calling a coup attempt, at least 15 people have been detained, including politicians and former officials. same bus rob, he's got more from bish heck. what we're hearing is coming from an official government statement that was released by the security service. they say that in tandem with the ministry of internal affairs, they carried out a series of raids in which they arrested 15 people who are planning and armed, who in the post election period. now, this comes just less than 48 hours before the country is due to go to the polls for parliamentary elections. and the report suggests that what was going to happen is that these were organizers that were going to try to match as many as a 1000 people in the days after the election to contest elections, not in the halls of government, but on the street. as is very common in curtis sun, iran's top nuclear negotiator says talks will fail unless all sanctions in his
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country are lifted. oliver harry is also asking washington for guarantees that it won't abandon any future agreement around the new governments due to hold its 1st round of nuclear negotiations with international powers. on monday, the deputy head of sedans governing council says last month's military takeover was the best option to stop what was becoming a spiraling crisis. jo, mohammad hummed under hollow, told others era in an exclusive interview that all parties were aware of the option of a military intervention. and the prime minister accepted the plan. farmers in india said they are going to continue protesting, despite the government announcing laws governing agriculture will be withdrawn or mocking the 1st anniversary of their demonstrations against the legislation and farmers demanding better returns for the crops. coming up next is one 0 one e. goodbye. china has been very strategic in the way it's expanding as sweet median ocean. what is it?
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and we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in without the international aid. what do you think is going to happen? the afghani colon counting the coast on al jazeera, the journey get on the right is miss jackson again. i did it out of the doctor. that gamble has put a little adela ah, across india, the pandemic is not just taking lives, but also worsening. the plight of some of the country's most vulnerable it's children. we're looking at a field bill considered, and there's a massive jaya traffic does net love go nova. luckily, i don't know the law as families struggle to fight the virus criminals, a taking advantage with child trafficking, abuse and exploitation on the rise,
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that get job. but a boy, a one. 0, $1.00 east investigates how cove at 19 is endangering india's children and those trying to save them. oh wow. on the 29th of june 2021 in a dramatic police ride 10 year old shampoo, dan was one of 16 children rescued from a daily bound train. 12 traffickers were arrested for luring the children with money to work in a garment factory as cheap labor. oh follow, could i off asada simple. com sales. com. com. see galani?
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i thought a lot better. laura barbara, i apologize. go ahead and send in mail or following the rescue. sheboygan, along with the other children has been housed in multi r shrum, a boy's home in the capital. the home provides a temporary, secure shelter, away from the snares of traffickers and criminal gangs. amiga gung gum, nico diego member, guarded via glee based on the, the time on the command tank on cargyle kid bar. com, a local key, le. well, as far as what i'll graham come lock on him, long coax line gay. ah sha boyden is the oldest in the family and has 6 siblings. he lost his father just a few months ago,
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leaving his mother distraught and struggling to feed the family. ah, oh jenny, would it that the lay i gave them a galia? a. ah, the only 10 years old child was compelled to work to help the family survive an acquaintance from his village and b ha, compete coals uncle louis him and his mother with the promise of a job that would pay well. he left home with this man. only to have his dream of a better life, turned into a nightmare. ah, bought a laptop. 2 of these guns,
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a good idea and b r d suddenly, and then we'll talk a little bit. it's elena, i will bother to level by to guy on that guy on the line. i go gwinnett mm. a full of the day. i'm or i'm me them good. they are really the day villa. well, i learned maria, i only live a red blood weeds of death, agony, even lady, not near manzona. yeah. when
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a 2nd coded wave hit india, a crumbling health care system, struggle to fire, fight an unprecedented medical crisis. me as a disaster unfolded decimating lives. another threats with simmering beneath the surface and targeting india's most vulnerable children like shampooed and according to an rug couldn't do from the daily commission for protection of child rights. almost 35000000 children in india are in need of care and protection, and nearly 20000000 have no family or legal guardians support not found to me has caused millions of job losses has destroyed. families has caused bid on, you know, what this kind of one of them does is it makes them grown for on woodside,
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for the traffic constrict, splendid will not be of the families and the children and for the families were left with no choice but to push the children to label to begging, often to become victims of trafficking. child rights activists recast sango says traffic has choose their targets carefully. i'll be told that because i have all of the terrible golf spots the hotel was full. but he had to highlight the task about him caught up at all. so we shouldn't be war . if him legal, he pulled up all day supply chain of supply chain new was local or me said he will connect her. he got me has was quiet and if i got a key but thought i hickey ah, give hemley, have been the ville hes. give a cheer, hay and bullet as outside. little subsea, the cynthia,
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you'll think you'd global fasick. it'll appear on war. demonte smith, bennett, did that, he has autopay all does, has added up on that autopay did it there before 830 cuz it excited than it was. but typical bonded when i lived, ah, the pen didn't, has pushed millions in india to a station. asa destitution creating a perfect hunting ground for traffickers who can ensnare the poor with enticements of money? it's how shampoo dean's mother was duped into sending his son to delhi. he's among some 9000 children rescued while being traffic for labor between april 2020 and june. 2021. ah. the tide has been taken in any way then to this area. we have been attend there tonight.
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batch bon bot shall underline old b b. i is an organization that campaigns for the rights of india's children. a task force hated by donald j tingle is helping map out a plan to conduct a right. an undercover investigation by the organization has revealed that children have been trafficked and a legally employed in a factory in east delhi, inc. born for condo, it, the dean don't leave the cook channel when i'm now jen, and i wish to come to him know, belong, the good will be able to visit with yahoo functioning dentist dix. very intensive program with the launch the but just have it had been good there. the sort of i was off trafficking and i live book ali it getting it from michelle. the to living test was that information comes from our teams. when ward india ski operations become
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active, dogwood is once a year lease with a double collision and both dizzy location. angela said, don't just go to martinez with
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19 years old on google. yeah. okay. during the 1st wave of cove at 19 india's child, helpline, 1098, responded to more than 400000 coals in just 3 weeks about children in distress across the country. a year later, during the devastating 2nd wave, the service received a flood of coals about children losing their entire immediate family to the virus. one of the most heartbreaking moment was the she hadn't known what of cause that we had received during 2nd stage of the cold wave in which we learned about children losing beds. in one instance, there were 2 children inside a home. when the dead one is on the bed and thanks to them, and they were calling for cremation help and no child deserves to suffer through
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the crisis or the trauma of having to remain dependence. 9, none of the instance. one of the name was called, i in which the name was said that 2 children, one boy and one guard, last one, the parents. and now the young girl. and though the boy wants to come in with more than a 101000 children orphaned or abandoned, decoded between april 2020 and august 2021. according to the national commission for protection of child rights, prime minister there in promoting announced a slew of benefits that children often steering pandemic. it includes free education and especially designed fund, more than $13000.00 us dollars for each child that they can receive and installments after they turn 18 or is
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a lump sum when they're 23 years old. me. but children mostly from marginalized communities, are in difficult circumstances, remain in danger of falling into the hands of traffickers, looking to exploit them for profit. part of the wound that came off on their teens and we divided and the point done. and j tingle and his team seeking the permission and support at the district administration and the police to conduct a rescue operation. a dot or somebody a
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their investigations have information that a criminal gang has traffic some children and made them work illegally in a garment factory in ceylon, poor and east delhi. the other somewhat sports with julia. right. and if i default the with the social with work. and so we went, fred, all, most of all the detail in full to separate locations. vivian as your vision with the edible notices as d m and the post, you'll get a position the operation requires meticulous planning. and safeguards, but every rescue mission carries the risk of going awry. they get
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a big linear thing. so when thing my girl, ah lu, in india, it's an offense to employ a child below the age of 14 years for work is also illegal to employ children under 18 in hazardous industries. but according to the 2011 census $10000000.00 of the countries, $260000000.00 children were found to be child labor. as experts say that this is increased with the rise and poverty during the pandemic. mm hm. and
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is an app as i got a lot de leon bess's other milan gala look in 10 year old. russia was duped by a traffic to leave his home and be ha, and work in a bangle factory in delhi for a monthly wage of $30.00 to $40.00 us dollars. on his parents lost their jobs in the pandemic, and were forced to borrow from money lenders. and a young son was burdened with re paying the debt to actually get up to the government that kevin, because what i mean when i was get a loan to get caught up with the bank legal to to get back to the gala rely up. but then the other
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thing on the bottom are doing what i mean. i mean, it depends on the phone. what's done. i'm looking at me going to go over here that i the shakuma runs the child helpline team at prayer, and in g o. based in delhi, he led the team that rated the bangle factory and rescued. $45.00 children, including russian bonsa thought you want to give a banjo, but $31.00 out a. they were not going to get. i don't put, i think i me go to coffee, honey. got to get out. we'll go to go. those put a plan. it was a funny people like that the water going to pick. i'm
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in the finance julia, the gun was the can i get the economy economy economy would have to go in and do that. but the, the last year has seen a growing demand for child workers. factory owners hired cheap labor to cover their financial losses. the children work long hours and sometimes employers skimp on their wages. does that mean that they're the mom, the one going to go ahead and get them up with the world? the doors are me this entire issue
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off my children being impacted by when we're looking at the see of broken children . me. i, if there was ever a time for us to come together to the community as humanity, as especially for our children who are most vulnerable. i think the time is now. if you don't understand this, now, be perhaps as manatee would never understand what our children need. wow. oh, i mean the raid is underway. done. and jay and his team have to move swiftly, but carefully for the safety of the children they fighting to rescue that guy with
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the team's arrival creates a buzz, and wood is getting round that the police are in the neighborhood with each team set just their targeted locations one child is trying to get away with the traffic is trying to move kids in small batches away from the police's grasp with
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the gum and work shops are scattered along the congested i rescue team is closing in on children inside one of the other buildings a little bit i don't know what the kid don't know. i know the haven't got it and they have been taken out from here till in have been working on you know,
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some other place like this one in the building also to then we'll seen from here like just just to make old sofa 20 children had been found and rescued, but there are no signs of the trafficker or the employer. the people rounded up refusing to divulge the details and the teams patience is wearing thin. i know you got 100 flats, but then i got a
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job because a stern warning is all it takes for the factory workers to disclose the names of the employer and the owner of the building. ah, they got into the familiar me with the alleged defenders rounded, the team prepared to send the children off the questioning about but i know that whatever you feel good, that was with the level of what to little and with
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a skew today watching and the government backed out of there to go, where was this you and it still in is would you put into the vehicle go as the pandemic continues the work of child rights activists such as done and j is important as ever the know what was going on. but i'll, what us any suffering to any extradition or what is the lowest point? a biggest challenge is you know, different. we go to all the good jeffrey. well being a rollicking
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robbery, and then when you why william. yes or the following. his miraculous rescue trafficking survivor shabby wooden has been spending time at this shelter for boys. rakish singer says the home is a vital refuge from rescue the children a big but sub walked water head will make hold off, but to call home live big. think the bought verizon hook me up. go about bullets more. the deal here big jesse he'd gotten involved deal for takata miller was cough . he asked about the god ah shaw is one of the lucky ones. his rescue means he can return home.
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the challenge is to make sure he's not traffic again for now, he's looking forward to being reunited with his family. he had already loaded up on one knee. let them go. now the younger my band familiar. i don't care for brooklyn to that to. not just because he is so funny. good dr. pickup old language kind of side of i will more about the good ah
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ah, the philippines aspiring to restore fire. induct said i got the quote equally denied, and the wrong one. 0, one east investigate. on al jazeera a ah
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ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah, it is 10100 hours gm to 1 pm here in doha. i'm come out santa maria with the news our from al jazeera, a new corona virus variance is causing alarm around the world. flights from southern africa are being banned, has scientists more, it could be more resistant to vaccines. from migrant crisis to political crisis, france cancels talks with the u. k over how to deal with the problem.


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