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from international politics to the global pandemic, and everything in between. join me as i take on the largest dismantled misconceptions and debate the contradictions upfront with me, michael might help on out 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, hello robin. you're watching the al jazeera and use our life, my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes fears of a new cove. it variant of prompting widespread travel restrictions from southern african countries and sending stock market into free fall on the front lines. ethiopia, prime minister visits troops sparkling tpl r fighters in the northeast and from migrant prizes to political crisis. france
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counsels talks with the u. k. over how to deal with the problem. and foreign companies and democratic republic of congo are accused of exploiting and abusing minors. and in sport, african football leaders vote in favor of holding more regular world cups. the confederation of african football is backing the fee for president's plan to stage the finals every 2 years. good. happy with this for the news. we begin with breaking news, coming out of belgium, which has now confirmed europe's 1st case of the new current virus varian his nation's worldwide rushed to once again imposed travel restrictions. the variant was confirmed in a traveler who'd return from egypt. on november, the 11th the fence reported symptoms on monday, and the sample was confirmed within the last few hours. the world health organization is meeting dangling doors with us just how concerned we all need to be
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. it's already cautioned governments against hastily imposing restrictions. countries can do a lot already in terms of savannah and sequencing, and work together with affected countries or globally to works and typically to fight this for ryan and to understand more about it so that we know how to go about . so at this point, again, implementing travel measures is being cautioned against, well, from asia to europe and the middle east nations worldwide, already rushing to bring in new travel restrictions, banding, travel to and from southern africa. well, like to berlin now with the dominant cane with the 1st part of the story. of course it's all about this new very this emerge now in the 1st european country that being belgium. yes, the concern clearly being harrow this new variance came to
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be in the system of a person who tested positive for it in the in the the, the details coming through in the last few hours but took the test on the 22nd of the month. that's monday of this week, but returned not from southern africa, but from northern africa, from egypt on the 11th of november. many questions obviously are being posed both publicly and privately behind those closed doors you were talking about with the w h. o. also behind closed doors in brussels and around european capitals, that if this is a variant that was 1st detected in southern africa, how could it then be in the system of a person who traveled from egypt, which is right at the other end of the continent. and then be transported from there to belgium, where it could then be detected 11 days later. many questions being asked, but clearly from the belgium perspective, they've confirmed this one case. but there is also some suggestion. there has been some suggestion that perhaps another person had
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a suspicious finding in their system. these are v this variant, but no confirmation of that 2nd case. and now with this new sort of complicated development or being aware too many governments across europe, they're already dealing themselves with this 5th wave of cov, that's hitting the northern continent as winter sets in, especially where you are in germany. yes, over the course of this working week from monday through today, then it has seemed that there's been one sambas statistic after another records being broken, the sort of records that no ministers or medics would want to see. so to day for the 3rd time in 5 days, we have record numbers of new infections being announced. more than 76000. you also have the government using the air force to fly planes, which are equipped with intensive care units to bavaria or in the south to ferry
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patients from them, from hospitals that can't come to other states in this country. and one final thought there are 3 large east german states where each state has hand more than 10 percent of all its cov infections in the whole of the pandemic, just in the last 7 days. so bad is the spread of cove it right now here in germany . dominant cane in berlin. thanks very much. let's cross over to johannesburg worth i, me to. mila is waiting for us, and of course, are for me to south africa, really at the forefront of finding these variance and dealing with them at 1st hand . also trying to calm nerves about it being sort of targeted as the south african variant. these variants found in south africa. there's a clear distinction here. there is a clear distinction. i think many experts in south africa pains to try to explain that. that's the key here, is that south africa for
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a while now through all suspense they make, has been at the forefront in terms of surveillance and most of them sequencing. and it's not necessarily that these new very and so any variance of concern have originated in south africa, specifically. but it's that the labs and scientists are doing good work to make sure that they're able to identify changes then one expert has also spoken about the importance of the language that is used not to create panic. but also that moving quickly is very important to ensure that the right steps are taken to try and limit the spreads as far as possible, but essentially not wanting to create panic and be alarmist in any way. so that's okay, is that the lowest level of called the 1900 restrictions at the moment the holiday season is coming up. but we've also heard from the minister of health that the, the coordinating committee around over 900 in south africa is due to meet over the
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weekend. and is likely to review the restrictions in the next couple of days to try and limit the spreads as far as possible. for me to been with the very latest, thanks for joining us from johannesburg. well, the new role belgium itself will trade added urgency in the neighboring netherlands . where in the coming out of the prime minister mark retail is expected to announce a new round of crow virus restrictions. let's cross over to that bass and who's in the hague. and of course, the dutch already in a sort of semi locked down with restrictions in place and certain parts of the country unreal concerned. now that the dutch prime minister is going to add to that concern, pass possibly anger as well. yes, absolutely. if you look at the situation in europe, it's pretty bad, but particularly bad here in the netherlands. if you look at the figures, the country is heading towards what they call a so called code black in hospitals. and that means that in the next week or maybe
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10 days, people can't simply go into an i see you any more. i see your capacity is very limited here, so the hospitals are really ringing the alarm bells they have said to the government, you have to impose friction measures. and the government is now in the meeting and will announce friction measures most likely in the next few hours, which will be most probably an evening locked down. that means that after 5 pm, all non essential, shops, restaurant and everything should be close. but the main question here with will this be enough to really put these infections down? on the other hand, the government is really struggling to get support from the population, which is really low at the moment. so we've seen protests, of course, last week, and i protest also announce during this press conference in the, in the coming hours and police is really on full alert here in atlanta right now. so fast and in the hey, thanks very much for the update. well, joining me now lie from geneva is exxon pisec. she's
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a global health advisor and lecturer at the university college school of pharmacy and joins me now from there. good, happy with us on the program. let's just focus back in on these emerging variance coming from southern africa. was it inevitable? but such mutations would occur if societies were not fully vaccinated. i mean, we're making a link here, but is it all about being vaccinated and not being vaccinated? and the issue of heard and heard immunity. well, the new variance shouldn't come as a surprise, the world health organization has been warning us repeatedly on months on and really since the beginning of the pandemic that a vaccine inequity is who will continue if we can have high income countries hoarding vaccines, such that entire continents are left to very limited access to vaccines that
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inevitably this will lead to wards a more shit virus. a potentially vaccine resistant virus m, as there is a more coordinate approached words, vaccine distribution. so if we look across the entire african continent, there's less than 3.5 percent uptake of vaccines at the moment and not have been due to a supply issue. so only focusing on high income regions has been a short term. i'd say view of the issue and we also have taken for granted that delta is the worst barrier that we could come across. i'm and now we have some evidence that could point to otherwise. it is of course, early days. but what scientists have come across is deeply worrying. can we talk about those variance and how to detect them? obviously, south africa is sort of really good job in locating and finding these new variance
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. but how much of a worry, all they in terms of being dealt way the, whether the, any vaccines available on the market will be able to a neutralize them or whether the efficacy of the virus of the vaccines we have so far, all good enough to tackle these new mutant strains. well julia, but as of africa, they have all been very quick to share their generic sequencing in the international community. has also stepped into really escalate the responses. so that is absolutely positive thing that we have the systems in place for early detection and her response or what we are concerned about with that 32 mutations on the spike protein as well as on the nuclear caps. it is that this could become a more infectious virus with enhanced transmitter ability. it is too early to say whether it could lead to more severe symptoms,
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which would dictate higher rate of hospitalizations. we just don't know that yet. there is, there is a lot of uncertainty and further work that is needed, but from the early investigations and what we can detect so far, there really is no room for complacency. so the u. k. and has actually introduced to putting that certain of south africa and other countries on to the red list to ensure that koren, teeny is now also mandated to a general, also looking at travel bands, et cetera, which may deter further countries terms coming or in future to report new variance, but is also an important way to, to protect populations. and we shouldn't assume that virus is only in countries where it's been detected so far. it's very likely spread far beyond that indeed. so how incumbent is it now on the moment, if we just say wealthier nations, to take
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a look at africa once again, they did at the beginning of the pandemic, they said all confidence needed to be vaccinated. how incumbent is it on richer nations? now, like the golden american hemisphere, europe, and even part of rich asia to say we've got to help africa, we've got to get those vaccines into a continent that desperately needs them. regardless of these new mutant strains emerging. hopefully this is the wake up call to say that the current approach is, is not really going to go far enough in terms of protecting populations in the global or as well as in the global cells. so certainly i think that we, companies are saying that they are looking to tweak existing back schools. there have been claimed that, you know, this could be depending on the extent of how this particular variant is operating. perhaps that could be even as quick as a 100 days, but we would still fall into the same obstacles about distribution. and that really comes down to looking at the world trade organization negotiations on i
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p matters, ensuring that we really enlist all manufacturers that can help with the effort to vaccinate the world, sharing that ability to manufacturing by changing those i p was at least temporarily those 2 issues in terms of tweaking the vaccine is one scientific feet that i think companies are well position to do. the 2nd is political and whether there is that political will for that sharing to occur, so that we don't continuously end up in this cycle of new variants. i'll try to pick the electron university college london school to pharmacy. thanks for joining us on the news. i thinking well, plenty morehead, here hold me out, is there a news are including target stones? government says that spoiled of qu, days before, parliamentary elections, black friday kicks off the holiday shopping season, putting further strain on
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a global supply chain crunch. and this fall, australian test plan, tim pains, thanks a break from cricket. following the scandal ended his competency on this hit with that story. ah, francis cancelled a meeting with the united kingdom aimed at tackling people smuggling in the english channel. that comes after prime minister boris johnson criticize the french authorities that are handling of the migrant crime that they've, governments are expected to work together to prevent more. a few g migrants from dying while trying to cross the channel. at least 27 people drowned off the northern french coast on wednesday. g district, eager to do as i spoke 2 days ago with prime minister bars johnson in a serious manner. but on my end, i seek to continue doing as i do with any country in any head estates. i am surprised by methods and they are not serious ones. if you don't communicate from
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a leader to another on these matters via tweets and letters, you are making public. we are not whistleblowers. come on. let's cross now to pull brennan, who's in the british coastal town of dover and pull relations. so lay between london and paris shuttled, meeting over the weekend, cancelled for britain at least states politics 1st lived 2nd. it certainly seems that way at the moment and you say cancel for britain, at least that's true. the meeting itself will go ahead and cali on sunday. it was envisaged that it would involve france, belgium, the netherlands on the european commission and the u. k. but in the light at boris johnson deciding to write this formal letter to president macro on thursday nights, including in that letter, a formal request for joint patrols of british and french police. so potentially eve, an army on french beaches. almost as if he was trying to bounce the french into agreeing this and then simultaneously tweeting it to social media as producer,
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an angry reaction from the french. you heard president macro on their sources close to the french interior minister saying it was frankly unacceptable. a disappointment, and that's simply not the way that diplomacy should carry on. and so the 2 sides simply further apart. and as you say, what started as a consensus that there should be close cooperation after wednesday's deadly tragedy in the show in the waters behind me. as now disintegrated and so the europeans will meet in cali on sunday and britain is left out in the cold. indeed, how much of a turning point is this on the domestic front to has it all playing out in the u. k? cause migration is a hot potato at any incumbent government. it is i, he says they said you can use papers and spoke about the tragedy in, in the image channel in terms that were very compassionate. you know, even the right leanings, the sun newspaper. the headline was one word shameful, and that has now changed. i have to say, for example,
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it's this boots on beaches idea. the context of this is that for the last 3 weeks for us, johnson's government has been absolutely battered politically for a series of missteps and misjudgments. there was the political sleep with an m p who had accepted money for working on behalf of a health care provider. and boris johnson tried to get him off the hook and, and did a u turn when he realized that that was untenable. there were questions about policy as well domestic policy. and for example, today's newspaper, the daily mail, generally supportive of boris johnson's party. let's put u. k. boots on french beaches bars ramps of pressure. this would seem to be quite positive for boris johnson, but the french slap down essentially makes this look like yet another in the list of boris johnson miscalculations. so it's not gone down well, fullborne in dover. thanks so much, paul. well, staying in the area, french fishermen are trying to block marine traffic in the town of cali. now they're protesting against post bricks. it fishing arrangements,
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the u. k. is giving fewer licenses to french vessels after its departure from the european union. both countries have been involved in a long running dispute over the right to fish in their territorial waters and recipients his life for us in cali and andrew. now, anton cordial on the horizon between the french and british over those fishing licenses. and now news of sort of major disruption to cross board to travel. yes, it seems to be over now, but sir, about half an hour ago there were a lot of trucks backed up a considerable distance all held up by a blockade on the sea. but the blockade of the channel tunnel and the fishermen protest as were saying that they wanted to show that they had a control over freight, that they would hit trade if they had to an on 3 c ports,
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they successfully only with a small number of fishing trawlers married managed to cause blockades, which stopped ferries from going in out of poor. that was certainly the case in calais. we were there for the hour and a half of action if they wanted to set out to prove that with a longer time in engaged in this sort of action, or they would cause a lot of disruption. then they succeeded at what the, the dispute is about our fishing licenses. there are changes, post bricks, it in how these licenses are given. a lot of fishermen who had fished in u k. waters now come to may say their livelihoods are at stake. and the french government is behind them. and so now we're having a lot of a commentary from political areas in the u. k. to suggest that the,
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the british may take action against france if a legal actions like this persist and with the means in kelly. thank you. if his prime minister ahmed is visiting soldiers on the front line against rebels in the countries north, according to state television, he told reporters that the armies morale is high and enemy forces have been pushed back. t p. rebels began their offensive from the cry regionally, the ship that were done so spunk, fears the grief and its allies could reach the capital at his arbour. i'm getting him be the enemy doesn't know our capabilities and our preparations because of their contempt and from the wrong evaluation of us. they've made an attempt to attack. but instead of sitting in at us, we made a change and decided to come to the front. and as you can see, this mountain was held by the enemy until yesterday. now we have captured it today . also, we will capture chief pro ambercorn governor in coca stone security services,
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a saying they foiled acuity and at least 15 people have been detained, including politicians and former officials, but accused of trying to stage a violent protest against the results of the parliament. reelections occurred stands president southern jump, it all is expected to maintain his grip on power. after sunday's vote. critics accused of suppressing descent while they miss robbie is in the capital. bish kick where he spoke to a politician running against the ruling party. blinded by a child who disease thus done, cash have struggled with depression at an early age. the pursuit of knowledge, he says, saved him and led him to a career as a lawyer once a member of the party overthrown by curtis presidents, other japira, the acting m. p is now running for parliament as an independent his campaign slogan, i see the truth a play on his disability suggests he has not lost his sense of humour and perhaps
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a jab at the current leadership. he may be blind, but even he is able to see the people's real problems. but my plan in social media is just like tv. you can do a good nasal, you can make appeals from social media, but you will not lead your waters to the ballot boxes. that is why personal contact the moment when you are chatting with the potential voters, it betters the chances that this water will come and vote for you in a system that has for years run on political favortism. thus done walking, the beat makes him a rare breed the election for a new parliament is only a few days away. but walking around the capital, bish tech, you wouldn't be able to tell. this is the lowest level of public activity this country has ever seen before. a vote. now that may be down to a nationwide case of what some experts are calling political fatigue. this is after all, the 4th round of poles. this country is conducted in a year. political heat from opposing forces is also noticeably milder. descent has
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been muffled by obligations of corruption, opposition activists and leaders are out of the country or in prison. and front runners that are likely to fill parliamentary seats largely back the president. japira has not been as heavy handed his previous leaders, but has cracked down on political opponents, intimidated critics and pass laws to weaken press freedom things. he said he would not do the public promises that make him popular. his critics say, are a cover for the same corruption of past governments. many fear the elections will be followed by hostility news. we're going to get some news that i have no doubt that's going to have a history shown us that such dictators as the current government, white for elections only to strengthen their vertical power. as soon as i have enough support, as soon as they have the parliament and the courts in their hands, they will intensify. the fight against us voter turn is going to be an important indicator of the health of democracy in christmas time. and after years of ballads cast out of fear, under pressure or for payment,
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turn out this time is expected to be extremely low. in basra v o 0. bish kac 52 people have died in the mining accident in russia's serbia region. that's the worst incident in the country's notorious mining industry in more than 10 years. now, 3 people have been arrested, suspected of negligence and breach of safety procedures. bernard smith has more for moscow, for russia's poorly regulated mining industry. the news was as inevitable and as bleak as a siberian winter. dozens of people killed, including 6 rescuers, probably by methane poisoning in the shafts of the list. we actually are mine. here . i have no words. i've already said that me thing was over the limit. my husband came home from work every day and said it wouldn't and well, it was so with the limit that all the services were beeping and on the night of november, 14th to 15th of fire, broke out of the unit to no measures were taken. he is the result here. just 10
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days have gone by and they're all lying in there. there were 285 people in the mine when it began to fill with smoke on thursday. rescue team scrambled, but the situation on the ground was so unstable. they had a little time. after a few hours, the rescue attempt was called off because of the risk of another explosion. 50 people are in hospital according to local authorities. the miners who made it out alive, described a frantic scramble to evacuate full truth. i was crawling in then. they fell them, grabbing me, i reached my arms out to them. they couldn't see me. the visibility was bad. they grabbed me and pulled me out. if not for them would be dead. the director of the mine and his deputy had been detained, police in siberia say to state security inspectors have been arrested on suspicion of criminal negligence. investigator save inspectors, had issued a safety certificate for the mine in november, but not actually checked the facility. 3 days of morning
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a begun in the siberian region of kamer over this is the worst mining accident here in 10 years. it's a very dangerous industry in russia and across the former soviet union safety standards. a poor was a lack of oversight of working conditions and aging soviet air equipment. bernard smith, al jazeera, moscow, well, still had here all the news. i will tell you why india's farmers are once again holding rallies, despite the government denouncing the controversial agricultural law, will be repealed. uninstalled with the blades we gained the title from its great rival bunker juniors and argentina's football league. andy will have the story straight up to the front. ah
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hello, they will have a look at africa in just a moment, but 1st to the middle east. an air quality remains a problem across iran. finale 2 weeks, we've had high levels of pollution recorded into iran, and the city remains cloaked in smog. but weather wise, it is settled and dryer. here we got a few showers popping off in the east, but across much of the region it's dry. it does get a little bit unsettled. thanks. was shamar wind that's blowing down across the gulf states. we're going to see some dust kicked up. hey, the sunshine focus, half of the u. e. and as we go into sunday, that wind is going to intensify stretching down into amman and yemen that was move across to north africa. the wind picks up across northern areas. we got a bit of the horrid dust to be found there in places like egypt and in libya. but for the wet weather, we have to move over to morocco that thinks the low pressure across the mediterranean, that's bringing some storms and showers here, as well as coastal areas of algeria. now as we move to central africa,
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it's not as wet as it has been. recently. we are seeing some heavier falls effect, southern areas of somalia. we could see flooding here, but for south africa it's been very wet and windy in cape town, but it's an improving situation this weekend. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results for the trade bar and walk indonesia whose firms for me, we moved full to grow and france. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when denise is growth and progress, invest indonesia. now can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing. as cattle always brings
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your favorite team to cut off for the fee for our upcoming 2021. greatness is in the air lead sorres' warner and rich new heights. join as in cat, off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package. now at canton, airways dot com. ah ah, book back you're watching over. there is news out with me. so robin a reminder of all top stories. belgium has confirmed. europe's 1st case of a highly mutated corona virus variant, 1st identified in south africa. the world health.


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