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this is growing. as cattle always brings your favorite teen to cut off for the fever arab car. 2021. greatness is in the air. lead sorres' one and rich new heights. join us in cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at qatar airways dot com. ah ah, book back you're watching out there is news hour with me. so robin a reminder of our top stories. belgium has confirmed europe's 1st case of a highly mutated corona virus variant. first identified in south africa, the world health organization is meeting behind closed doors to assess the ritz. a
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growing number of countries and al, suspending air travel to and from southern africa while introducing tougher quarantine rules. they include the u. k, netherlands and hong kong. germany's top howle officials say the new variances added to the urgency for more crow virus restrictions. the netherlands is due to announced tougher measures in the coming hours or the president of the e. u has called for the suspension of all i travel between europe and countries affected by the new variant. it is now important that all of us in europe act very swiftly, decisively and united. the european commission has today proposed to member states to activate the emergency brake on travel from countries in southern african and other countries affected. to limit the spread of the new variant. all air travel to these countries should be suspended. they should be suspended until we have
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a clear understanding about the danger posed by this new variant. so how do the beginnings of this new variant look when compared with its pre assess of his command on maria? when more you'll remember we started referring to variance by their geography, but then in may the w h, i renamed of all to try to avoid stigmatizing those countries. so that's now why we have, of course, alpha, beta, gamma, delta, etc. you say on this shot from covariance dot org little confusing way. but if we follow this greek alphabet naming system, then this new variance be 115 to $9.00 would actually be called the new variance and you that is. but when visualizing variance, it's always important to remember, they are constantly evolving in scope and science. now, this is from next strain dot org sound, a little ominous if the global picture of the variance over the course of the pandemic. now all of these ones that you see, i'm gonna circle them here,
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the greens and blues here, those are all del, for on. there are inefficiently 3 delta strains easily. it is the most prevalent and, and long lasting. and i'll just get rid of those, and we'll go a little further down and you will see these other blue and purple ones. gamma is there. alpha is there, and beta is there. they sort of piece it out. but then we have 21 k here. this little red dot, which is our new variant. that's the global view. but if we switch to an africa focus, you see here, same red dot a bit bigger. it's growing and as some a saying, it's potentially the worst so far, fine to say it has around 30 different mutations, which is twice as many as the delta variance had. let's go to the more on this now headline to london where joe hollis standing by and jonah the u. k. moving very quickly, i mean the alarm bells ringing back. so very different to that reaction compared to the advice that's being given from the w. h ho well the w h o has edged caution and if a country's not to take hasty measures, i mean it is of its nature,
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a cautious body. the w h. o. well aware of the weight of its pronouncements on countries in economies, it has to operate on the basis of evidence on the basis of hard data. and in the, in respect to this new variance, the evidence and hard data simply are there. and we know that in terms of studies into some of those previous periods, beta and, and delta and so on. but it can take weeks to determine the infectiousness to determine the transmissible to figure out just how severe a threat it is. so the actions that these countries are taking the u. k leading and the whole of other countries. now the following with these travel bands is not intended. i think, to try and hold the varied in its tracks. travel restrictions can't do that. we know that it is intended to slow the spread of this period to buy time for the scientists to be able to do their work, to figure out the nature of this threat. so that appropriate counter measures can effectively be taken. and of course, you know, as we had from dominant came,
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there is a 5th wave of the virus hitting your right now. and also in the u. k. i mean, the situation is not getting any better across the continent, and this new variant of it does hit europe. is something of a real concern more than likely for, for many countries. absolutely. there's some evidence that the case is plateauing, or just beginning to come out of its 5th way. but the 5th wave plum at the center hit to get the center of the european union. now, reco infection rates in lots of countries as immunity, wayne's, after people were given, the 2nd dose of the vaccine months and months ago. booster programs are not all that effective. some countries in eastern europe have very, very low vaccination rates because of high levels of vaccine hesitancy, some countries protesting against counter measures. and so absolutely right is that covered is not painting a pretty picture across the you now. and that he's why there is such instant alarm as a prospect of
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a potentially much worse very and emerging general in london for thanks very much. now if we just bring you up to the stock market board here in the us, you can see that the fears surrounding the very in, to having an instant economic impact. you know, we're just right now there's a lot of those. you can see down 2 and a half percent of the dow jones round about 850 points down on the day. let's bring in the gave us all of these live for us from new jersey to get a reaction out of the us. it is black friday. people should be spending money all day. yeah, that's right. we're here. one of the biggest small in the united states here in east rotherford, new jersey. there's over a 150 different stores here. the door is open at 7 am local time, and it's been busy. but quite frankly, not that busy compared to what we've seen in previous free pandemic years. this is
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leading certainly to a lot of worry that maybe that the market or that the numbers buying, if you will, could be soft this year and what have you. and that's potentially what we'll be seeing in the coming days is the numbers start to come out. this is one of the biggest buying days of the year, but there's really 3 major problems that are being faced right now. and that is, of course, the supply chain problems that we've had throughout the world. a shortage of a lot of products. also here in the united states, particularly a shortage of workers within the retail sector. and the u. s. is averaging about $700000.00 retail workers that are quitting their jobs over the last few months. and then of course, inflation in the united states is going up as well. now added to this, what is essentially the new news now with this new variance coming out and the markets now on this friday are in the red. as you said, here in the united states,
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that airline, a part of the airline stock, marked down about 5 percent. and the crews industry stocks are down about 10 percent. those are, of course, major travel stock that you will, is worried about this new varian, potentially closing borders, adding to potentially more travel restriction, clearly affecting the markets around the world, particularly here in the united states on this friday, gabriel is onto the for the, in the us thanks very much. now, israel has been travel from most of africa after 8 to confirm the presence of the new variant prime minister of tardy. bennett said the current me on the verge of a state of emergency. israel's travel restrictions now ban entry from all african nations except those in north africa the deputy head of citizens governing council is told on reserve at last month's military takeover was the best option to stop what he calls a spiraling crisis. general mohammed hamden de danco holsen is met. he says the
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move was discussed with all parties including the prime minister of the land. dog comes as hitting a dover here. what's happened on october 25th was the ultimate outcome of a long process. since that change started in sudan during such process, many discussions were made. and many initiatives were proposed by various parties, the prime minister himself proposed to initiative. and during our meetings and the transitional partners council or the sovereignty council, with the cabinet of ministers, we made maximum effort. but we couldn't reach a breakthrough. and at that point, we were left with 3 options to let the best of which was the move we had taken. who was, it was completely agreeable to the prime minister himself of the work we did not make such a move on our own. with little no rights groups are accusing phone owned mining companies in the democratic republic of congo, widespread abuse,
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including physical beatings, bulk, when possible, from a quote, quote, worthy in lab, our province. a warning, his report contains disturbing images. jaron colombo went to work as normal on the 11th of october. his family haven't seen him since. he was a truck driver to an industrial cobalt mine that belongs to a chinese company here in a democratic republic of congo. his wife to traumatize, to talk about it. gerard's brother, john patrick, was told about what happened by another worker. got my phone. his truck broke down into mine at around 3 30 in the morning. he reported it on the radio, invaded for help. when his colleague arrived later and opened the truck cabinet, found only his heart had his shoes and blood, and other workers filled what they saw in a mobile phone. she long, they're saying you chinese assaulted him. whereas his body days later,
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this video was circulated on social media work of films, 2 men wearing the minds uniform and accusing them of burying a body. it left gerad, somebody wondering if it was him. they went to ask the mine, they said the managers gave them $500.00 and this signed paper stating that the money was for morning. but they didn't answer any questions. this is where sharon worked. the company's called sick. i mean, it didn't respond to our request for comment. it's one of several state bank chinese companies that have bought most of the cobalt mines. gerad disappearance is just the latest of many allegations of abuses committed by foreign mind managers. mind minerals make up almost all of congo. is that force? and here the city of co lazy is in the heart of it's actually for cobalt for a mining company that a lot more wealth from it. the most of the work is here and there's
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a feeling among many mine is that some of the forum work is simply don't care about the right of people. i. one of the social media video shows chinese manages ordering commonly soldiers to be men who tried to steal rocks with cobalt for which demand is soaring for its use in electric vehicles. the provincial governor told us she's cracking down on miss treatment in mind. when i saw one of the week i've been beaten. you can ask, i'd make my decision, disjoined, these people was been arrested. there was in prison. the rest was well publicized rights groups say they were discreetly released soon after liberty did it. the state authorities are very weak in the face of chinese economic and political entering. the chinese companies have ministers and m p. 's in on their deals. this makes them very powerful and uncontrollable john and his brothers meet almost every
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day by the court house in co wavy to check on the public prosecutors investigation into gerald disappearance. they say the delays and excuses. just keep coming. they're worried, they'll never be justice gerad, but they keep seeking it. there's nothing else they can do. malcolm web al jazeera co ways, the democratic republic of congo or concerns. and you gander about on groups from neighboring democratic republic of congo coming into refugee camps for years. uganda's government said the allied democratic forces were defeated and pushed out of the country, but that no longer seems to be the case. catherine sawyer reports now from the town of a ballpark longer there uganda's border with the d r. c. where the police told al jazeera that they have dismantled what they're calling domestic terrace else. mohammed, she gondo was a major in the ugandan army. he was killed in 2015. he was one of several former
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commanders of the allied democratic forces rebel group who are integrated into the military. after seeking, amnesty, his leader tells us before his death, to going to had been scared and expressed fears about people trying to kill him. work at tables, you know when he died, we started hearing that the adf was targeting. if one had left them and joined the government, maybe they thought he had secrets he was giving to government. adf has its roots in west, in uganda. it was kicked out by the military in 2001 and set our bases in eastern democratic republic of congo. security forces here blamed the group for a number of assassinations. and recent attacks were civilians were killed and others injured. they have intensified patrols and surveillance in the city. in areas bordering the are congo. they say the rebels have increasingly been recruiting young ugandans into their ranks after this young children,
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beautiful recruiter, a gentle pull over at us, find ways of smuggling them out of the country into the dnc after they have been hardened into the willingness of committing actual violence against you girls, and they get their way back into the country. the re emergence of the adf in uganda. so many years after the group was pushed out of this part of the windsor mountains is worrying many, including refugees from that you are congo escaping attacks by the fighters in a region troubled by rebel groups. divers, a con, release form, across the border in the eastern democratic republic of congo. come to this reception center every day because of the conflict in not cable province and a tory. some of those we talk to say the a fling from adf rebels. come by, la corley fled from the outskirts of benny in north kiva province. he's concerned
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about a possible infiltration of a dea fighters in camps for refugees. powers of our finance prov. you cannot protect our families. we cannot go to the farm to do any work. people are living in fear, in villages. they are burning vehicles on the roads. i feel has claimed the most recent attacks in the name of its central african administrative division, which the adf is believed to be a part of police and military commanders say they have everything under control, but also not ruling out the possibility of more attacks. katherine sawyer, all jazeera western uganda for testers, have gathered and perused capitol, labor and support of president federal casteel. the opposition is trying to remove him from power or the questioning his more moral ability to govern due to corruption allegations the real estate sector. nigeria is born estate is on the
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rebound. after being devastated figures by conflict with bach, her on the destroyed navy, a 1000000 homes developers say hundreds of new ones are being built every month. and thousands of people are getting work. and the address reports are from my, the gory, the capital of nigeria is a porno state. these workers are building a house in the state a project due to be finished in 13 months. it's one of many key in may degree the capital of porn. oh state on update the house delivery in the state. we are thinking of maybe 1000 houses in em once. that is on a bit. and that's the, the house been delivered these o'clock up, jody mid you month during the conflict with broke her arm that began in 2009, and estimated 900000 whom sub been destroyed and millions of people forced into refugee camps. but following renewed offensive against the i'm group by and i jaden, state and regional forces. com is being restored and demand for shelter. going up.
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the real estate boom here is being fueled by the large scale construction of new homes and businesses as com is restored in many parts of put in the state. and the presence of more than 40 humanitarian, a non governmental organization here is adding to the demand for new housing. and with that demand competition and property price inflation. while i'm at, omar is a property agent. because of the inflows people, the cost of land us know, appreciate if i even a coastal brain to holly lane on all the time. many out of work and low skilled workers pushed father to poverty by years of conflict. say in life is getting better. developers say low cost housing is mostly in demand, but as well there are people who fled book or i'm returned to cities like my degree
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. the construction of expensive homes is also on the rise in a species consolidated in nigeria. ne people here are hoping this is the start of a bright future. i'm at edris al jazeera my degree. well next in this special series on there is a rebuilding of bono state will tell you more about the bishop program to train hundreds of thousands of young men and women to sutler and businesses and stop them from turning to crime. the farms in india say they'll continue protesting, despite the government announcing controversial agricultural laws be withdrawn. the mocking the 1st anniversary of that protest against that legislation caused by elizabeth the random is a new deli at one of the largest gatherings. thousands of people have gathered today the cabin again, from the neighboring se honey on and celebrate something that no one else has been able to achieve during the 7 years. the problem is that it has that is getting him
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back down to 3 more than a week. cynthia, now the government appealed the final may have been protesting against the wall by the victory waiting for the law at one thing. and then to end the protest, none to boast among the message includes like what all of and the private hi, this is active. and also the problem of charges against pharmacy would be testing on the padding and big crime between the season. i'm really impulsively all the packing and the rest of india junior and the running all protesting commons. and also it's telling us both still ahead here on the news on the south african forces that to shut down due to concern over
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the new corona virus. there in andy will have a story on the other side of the break. ah, a with, [000:00:00;00] with,
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if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense race is the story of america. what's working and what's not. a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can handle multiple challenges on multiple frauds, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera lou. ah palmer is under. thank you so much. so i will, south african sport is facing a large scale shut down juice. the detection of that new corona, virus variance, south africa's tricks is, did play the netherlands on friday. but the rest of that series is in depth,
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as is the test series against india, which is coming up in december. 15, british and irish gulf was withdrew before the 2nd round of the job burg open said off on friday. rugby being hit, see with south africa having just welcome 4 european clubs for tournament, at least 2 of which shore now trying to leave see to president johnny and francine has accused those who oppose his plans. a homo regular world cups, his being scared of change. infancy now has been in cairo, attending a meeting of african football, laid as the confidence member countries voted to back up plans the stage, the will cover pc is european and south american football. confederations, though, have spoken out against the idea. absolutely. what against are those water at the top? it happens in every sector of life. when did our reforms and changes those water the tub didn't want anything to change because they out of the top. and they are afraid maybe that if something changes, their leadership position is at risk. we cannot close the door. we need to keep the
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door open. we need to give hope. we need to give opportunities the entire world. why they are only sponsor africa football writes at gary al smith. he told us why the consonant voted in favor of biennial world cup and why some play is could out she leave their national teams well is just a question of money every 2 years. guarantees that at least $5.00 to $6.00 associations will get a substantial amount of money. and that's all it's about really. and it might seem like a very selfish point of view from africa. but what can african countries do when the world cup overwhelmingly, save us continents such as europe and asia, and probably north america. so that's the argument of both down to money. there is the real threat because it again will ball down to bread and butter issues. the salaries of these players on
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a week lead basis are paid for by these clubs. and so by question all, by some agreements, these thoughts may decide to step away from the national teams. and increasingly, we are seeing more and more african players being more vocal. and you know, because it does not seem like the international football calendar is kind to them. and as the group you might question whether there's too much football for them already. well, liverpool manager yoga club says the arrival of ralph rodnick, his man should see as much as united insur manager has just made his life more difficult hopes for german set to be pointed in the near future until the end of this season. at least you know, the sacking of all the kind of socio 63. all right, nick is regarded as a key role model for a generation of german coaches which include club and chelsea's. thomas to co unfortunate good go to is going to send. so it is to my just united so life is obviously a really,
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a really experience manager built most famously towards come to 2 clubs from nowhere to proper threats and proper forces in germany with health and i'm alive take on the day that argentina remembered. that late football stall, diego madonna, his old club book a juniors. so the lead title go back across one is aries into the hands of fish, rivals, river plates, the fight funds. so the theme secure the trophy with 3 going to spend, they be rushing up for now. the 37th leak title in the history 3 more. and booker, an automated of side system, is set to be tested at the arab cup in cats, all that sort of starts on tuesday as part of preparations for next year's world cup. using all special intelligence, the video, assistant referee, will get an instant message when a player is offsite. if this live trial works out, then the system is long could be used on the 2022 finals from australia. test counts in tim pain is taking an indefinite leave of absence from all forms of
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crickets. the announcement comes just 12 days before the sort of the ashes, which means he will miss the series against england pain resigned as captain last week after our investigation into explicit text messages, he sent to a female colleague back in 2017 possible a pack cummings were placed him as captain steve smith will be his deputy though i haven't had too much experience as captain it was always in the back in the mind that this might pop up at 11 stage. and it's rod stier nasha series, but i feel like i've been really, i'm really well equipped of how to goods yeah. few years of training if it did pop up and pay blocks, dave other, teammates around support stuff i think would be pretty seamless. okay, i'll be back in a couple of hours, but that is how your sport is looking for now. so thanks very much. and in the course,
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i'll be back with more news on the other side of the break until monday me i'm the news auditing. thanks very much for your time and your company here on the audience . every news on the ah ah mother nature's gift of cultural landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish with even supplied by tradition. noon
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where beautiful possibilities are offered. the story of a small community in one of mexico's most dangerous states standing up to criminal cartels and corrupt politicians you. we don't want to politicians anymore. they just this united, the people in the last episode of democracy. maybe we explore how sharon's elders led the fight for self determination residing at that time thinking of the not because was the same as thinking of trans government. hi, the people on al jazeera, on counting the coast count japan's new prime minister, tackle income inequality, plus will the world trade organization health book countries to secure coven? 19 vaccines will be speaking to the w. t. o is new director general. counting the cost on al jazeera,
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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out here, we're bringing the news and current affairs. with out is there a ah . phase of a new cove, it varian to prompting widespread travel restrictions from southern african countries and sending stock markets tumbling. ah hobbs, how robin watching all of their life? my headquarters here in doha, coming up on the front lines. ethiopians prime minister visits troops battling t p l a fighters in the northeast also from migrant crisis to political crisis.


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