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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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floss slow the world trade organization health continues to secure corporate 19 vaccines will be speaking to the w t o. u director general. counting the cost on al jazeera, ah more countries around the world ban flights from southern africa after the discovery of a new varies of coven $19.00. and the new wave of restrictions raises fears, the global economic recovery. maintain it. ah, i'm come all santa maria here in doha. this is the world news from al jazeera rallying his troops. ethiopia is that prime minister visits the front lines of fighting escalates against the ticket. i rebel at least 3 people dead on the
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solomon islands. soft to days rising against government policies. hello, front, a growing number of countries around the world of decided to either ban or restrict travel from southern africa is made in south africa. botswana, zimbabwe. nam may be a lesser through a sertina and mozart beka all affected while much as unknown about the new army crowded variant. this is what we do now at this point it was 1st reported to the world health organization from south africa on wednesday. a variant with $32.00 mutations on what is called the spike protein, which is what virus uses to invade ourselves. this means its spike protein is dramatically different from the regional cove at 19 and what that means with the effectiveness of vaccines. that is unfortunate. another thing we don't know that people are concerned, the good thing is that we have monitoring systems around the world to detect these variants very quickly. this variant was detected a few weeks ago, and already scientists are sharing research with us information with us so that we
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can take action on top of that concerns over this new variant of shaken the world economy just as it was showing signs of recovery from the pandemic global supp markets and the price of oil fell as the news emerged on friday. and the travel industry is likely to take another big hit as well as countries close off to the south africa and its neighbors. over there to anything can happen. there can be a new variant like this one or a new virus. people need to be prepared. the world and brazil cannot take, can you locked down? it would condemn every one to misery and misery kills. that's the more the economic side of things with cornelia my see of my resource. she is an economist, an oil analyst on skype from burn today was nice to see your cornelia before we get into ah, the wider oil picture, which i know includes what was happening at opec. recently when we say the price fell yesterday, how much did it fell in?
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and how bad was it was so more than 10 percent at some stage grant was down around 13 percent. so that was probably an over reaction. you know, markets always overshoot and on the shoot, but 888 shows. real of wariness amongst amongst crate us amongst everybody in terms of what does this mean? ask you a report show. what will that mean for air travel? you know, some people say it's not that much that will be, will be closed off because it's right now southern africa to, to other countries. but you know, if eve should this very and spread if then the trans atlantic roots and things like that closed down again, that would be bad. so markets are fearing for the worst. will opec b are using this term? loosely, he will be happy given that they decided they weren't gonna employ increase output under all sorts of pressure to increase output. recently in the,
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in other countries, decided to go into their strategic reserves are now in place. i'm not happy when miss opec is never happy when mystery strikes and i would like to sort of correct that slightly. opec has increased o production, 400000 barrels a day. months on month, on month. the debate was that the u. s. and some other be consumers wanted them to, to, to release more. so i think what base they feel that their strategy was validate that base that they felt and they always said, let's go, it's slow because we don't know what the virus will do. anti virus has proven to have a mind of its own. so the question is, at the next meeting, will they again increase for 400000 barrels a day, or will they know? and it just shows that going to steady root might have proven them right in the, in the medium term validates if that was the word i was looking for not happy but
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you're quite right to put it that way. broadening coordinated to the wider economy . just think about everything we've got going on at the moment, inflation in the us going up the supply chain problems, oil as well, variance of cov at 19. it's no painting. the rosie is picture. no, it's not painting the rose. yes. picture and we are, we are rightfully concerned and you know what we see in europe, especially when you see all stress having shut down. some belgium is having shut downs. parts of germany are having sort of semi shut downs. so it's, it's, it's become more and more economies are going back into further shut down. and should this mary and prove that the vaccines are not really good up to, to defend people against that against this variant dad would be, that would be, that would be bad. so one on the good side though, when we see we thought now several waves and we have sat, several waves of shop downs,
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every shut down has had an incrementally less bad impact on the economy. so whilst it is not good, it's less bad than it was the last time. right, exactly. we would hope by this stage that we would be learning from the past. we because the hard locked downs, which many would argue were necessary early on. i really did cripple hearts of the economy, which still haven't recovered. absolutely. and what we, what we saw when you look at the economic recovery, you see that the, that, and the good stuff that the trade in goods went up really quickly. you know, to, to pre pandemic levels. whereas services, trading services has not gone up that much. and that is mainly because of tourism and travel, that is the service industry. and if we shut this in again, that will not be easy. or it's a pleasure to talk to connie the maya when it comes to royal and the economy. thank you for your time. thank you so much. ca or concerns about the new very inter on
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the adding to in a word already worrying situation in germany. the air force has now been mobilized to move seriously ill patients from overwhelmed hospital in the south. this is the 1st time the plains fitted with up to 6 beds have been used, calling them flying intensive care units. over in the netherlands. there were protests in the hague after the government ordered bows, restaurants and shops to close at night. overwhelmed hospitals, a canceling surgeries to free up beds, the curve in 1900 patients. and in australia, thousands of protested again against the current virus rules. cards notched the melbourne city center for 3rd weekend, protesting against the bill that would give the victorian state government will powers. in the case of a new pandemic curve at 900 vaccinations have been made compulsory for nearly one and a quarter 1000000 of the state workers and morocco has suspended flights to and from france. travellers rushed to make it back to france on friday before services
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stopped. covey cases have been rising rapidly in france to more than 30000 a day. there are a 1000000 moroccans who live in france and the ban. leave them unable to travel between the countries. if we could spend the last on the museum fulfillment, i had to change my ticket because i was supposed to leave on december 2nd. but then i had to go out of my way to get a flight to day. so i wouldn't get stuck. so i live in casablanca, so i left in a hurry, instead of spending a week here with my son. he's a student in paris. on 2 other news in the u. s, as it is greatly concerned about the escalating conflict in ethiopia. and it's called for urgent negotiation. the state department's statement follows a phone call between the secretary state and can use president if you're from prime minister abbey, or made me modest, joined the army on the front lines against the 2 dry rebels from the north. he said his forces are making games. the government declared a state of emergency earlier this month. so you'll get
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a char independent journalist and at a stop by keeping across things for us. it doesn't look samuel, despite what the united states says that anyone's in the, in the mood for negotiating here. there doesn't seem to be the prime minister for from the battle ground. and he said he is his troops. are the countries troops are ready to diff, to defend the interest of the independence? sophia? he said, and they're going to the intent on burying the enemy. they have said that he tele, which has been declared as a terrorist organization, by the field on parliament. still north looking at the peaceful end of this conflict that both sites are saying are making allegations counter allegations saying, you know, many things have happened. but at the end of the day, the united nations is saying more than 9 people missed 9000000 people are now on need of family emergency food aid,
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that is no longer available to them because of this conflict. but you have to know this prime minister is not new in the battle ground. he has been a soldier in the past. he grew up in the you know, that you've been a tree on conflicts. he did peacekeeping wanda, and he is saying he is staying and they're going to defend liberally, more pounds that have been taken by the cheap left, including for and bought a car in enough water. but again, the u. s. is seen us a wage issue among the fuel bins seen on someone that supporting the p p and left. that is trying to, of course, negotiation when the job and government is saying they're in a position to title this in their own terms without the involvement of other countries. but they're not the same about everything seems to be normal. so people are donating blood resources are coming from locally and from international your parents will live outside of the country and the prime minister is saying this is
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going to end basin and it's going to be in the interest of the fuel. is one of the oldest independent nations in the, in the world. is there any indication, samuel, of how close the conflict is getting to out a sample by previously we talked about the t p less getting to towns which were 3 hundreds or so kilometers. north of addis ababa is the front line changing? well, again, they took a government assisting their fire away. they are only acknowledging the flock. there are quite things and composed trucks and dessie doesn't seem to be any troops coming into the capital. but again, embassies are warning their citizens to go away from the south and they're saying they're getting close. but from the south, there doesn't seem to be any kind of conflict at the moment, but it's your best in, in the state of emergency. ok, so i'm going to try keeping us up to date with developments in ethiopia. thank you
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. thank you. the bodies of 3 people have been found in a burned up building in the solomon islands capital, where they've been days of rising. the streets of honey are quieter, but tension is still high as purchase to set fire and damaged property. over the past 3 days, they want to prime minister minister, so the very to resign, accusing him of neglecting the south pacific nation and switching diplomatic agencies from taiwan to china. sarah cock following the story from brisbane australia. these are the 1st confirmed fatalities after 3 days of looting and rushing across the capital. they were, as you mentioned, found in the area of chinatown. a bird has 2 and a chinatown is normally a very busy area. we believe that with the local report for suggesting these may have been looted to record inside the store, which was set life. and in the last few days and of course chinatown was considered the flash point. the main area where some of these anti government protests with
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targeting, they were targeting the chinese funded operations. and the chinese run stores because they were grumpy and they're angry about the government decision in 2019 to give up their allegiance with taiwan instead, favoring a china. so the 1st reconfirm fatalities. we've also had on saturday, another development where the police have confirmed that they've arrested more than 100 people in relation to the last couple of days on rot related incident. so they haven't charged yet, but certainly they showing they want to move on this and we've got the prime minister. he, we still believe he is in hiding 50 resign protection and safety. we saw on friday, his house, his residence was targeted by not just people trying to fit his life, but also loses that was contained but we still haven't heard from the prime minister in the last 24 hours or so. so the report suggests he's in hiding and we do have the a strain defense for the public interest there to try and restore some water in the
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capital honey. our in the usa had sri lanka stops a shipment of fertilizer from china to test reveal it contained harmful bacteria and ukraine's prejudices. rush has been promising to overthrow jim boscoe says it's them, no such thing. ah hello. then let's look to southeast asia and from the satellite image, you can see the thickening cloud sitting over the south china sea. now thanks to the enhanced northeast and monsoon winds, we are seeing heavy rain blow into southern areas of vietnam and cambodia. we could see flooding here by the time we get in some monday, it's going to be heaviest across southern areas of thailand and monday peninsula, but for much of malaysia and indonesia, it's scattered showers and thunderstorms. and as we head down on the thunderstorms
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continue to pose a problem across eastern areas of australia. we have had some record rainfall in november for places like camera and those thunderstorms are expected to continue. you can see that weather system stretching all the way down new south wales in queensland. we could see some flooding. we have got flood alerts out here, but to the west, it is looking a lot warmer. a lot dry f, a places like put the temperature will come down over the next few days, but there is a lot of sunshine around here and they will be sunshine coming through for sydney. by the time we get to monday, it will make an appearance. but there will be wet weather, extending through next week. now as we head to new zealand, it's looking written, wendy cost central areas, but it will be more settled by the time we get some monday. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results with great power and walk
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indonesia whose turns forming we moved full to growth and france. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when denise is growth and progress, invest in indonesia now. ah aah! on al jazeera, these are our top stories concerns over new corona virus variant of shaken the world economy level stock markets and the price of oil fell as the news emerged on friday. the travel industries likely to suffer as borders close around the world. a
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growing number of countries are as beside banding or restricting travel from southern africa, restrictions coming in as the world health organization declared the new varied should be of concern. and the bodies of 3 people have been found in a burned out building in the solomon islands. capital would have been days of rising. protest is want prime minister manasseh. so rivera to resign. a dispute between sri lanka and china is escalating. and it's all about organic fertilizer, the shrunken governments, as a $20000.00 ton shipment contains harmful bacteria and pathogens. pathogens are which could harm crops. the chinese manufacturer rejects the complaint and it's demand me should co pays up. and i'll fernanda says more from pennsylvania in the city of candy, members of agriculture. trade unions took to the streets to protest a shipment of organic fertilizer ordered by she'll anchor from a chinese company. shall anchors national plan, quarantine service or in peak us,
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refuse to allow the ship carrying $20000.00 tons of organic fertilizer to enter columbia port and unload its cargo. after it said it found harmful disease causing bacteria in both samples provided for testing the some gram possible bacteria for po and did though we may as well so steadily did a store done at the it bigger. so this test was fail. therefore, we haven't had to showed above perfect the chinese manufacturer. ching thou see win, biotech, and the chinese embassy in colombo, rejected the findings song hi may, a director of the company seen him arriving at the agriculture ministry. told al jazeera court. our products do not contain alina. she added that china customs technical testing center, and should a group tested the same batch of samples using internationally recognized testing standards and methods, and also confirm that our products do not contain harmful bacteria. the company
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claim that the unscientific detection method and conclusion of shall anchors national plan quarantine service regarding fertilizer samples obviously do not comply with international animal and plant quarantine conventions. that's a judge dismissed by a number of sheila and scientists. the danger is that these microorganisms once applied to sri lanka and so you feel cannot pig them back so that if they become palm full, then there is no way that we could reverse the process. as a scientist, i would not recommend under any circumstance to ah, pick in this consignment of fertilizer. as the stand of continues with the ship anchored of the southern coast, the buyers obtained a court order preventing a state bank from paying for the goods. china's embassy and colombo responded by
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blacklisting the bank. the shilling could minister of agriculture, who said the government would pay for a large part of the $9000000.00 shipment. toward of media briefing on wednesday that there was a breakthrough. we have great understanding that they will beg bishop back and send the samples again. and then re, kendall, the re pasting, and we can get the shipment of the unions, a warning, the government against any settlement, then our you, the money we're telling the government don't pay compensation under any circumstances using money collected by taxing the people on the agriculture director general says the detected pathogens cause disease and draught and can result in yield loss, while the chinese manufacturer and the government are fighting to have the shipment cleared. scientist in shall anchor opposing that saying it's a biodiversity hot spot, and it's ecosystem must be protected. minute fernandez, audio 0 para dania central, shall anchor thousands of people in malawi,
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protesting against rising living costs, corruption, and government favoritism. the play 5 key again to break up the demonstration. as the protest marched towards the council offices in the capital, the longer it was led by the former politician bond. carlindo says the government is bank tracked on its promise to create jobs, but doesn't care to sound will return to the polls on sunday for a rerun of last year parliamentary elections. the results of that vote spoke to revolution that unseated the government. and so former prisoners saw their jumper of when the presidency by a landslide job of now needs to gain a broader legitimacy and to deliver on his promise a fair elections. say mister avi, reports from the capital fishcake still before election day freezing temperatures. another hurdle for people in the city of bush kept going to the polls to vote in parliamentary elections,
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turn out is expected to be dangerously low. in kurdistan, doubts over the legitimacy of elections can quickly turn into violent protests, discontent over rising prices. the slow pace of promise change, frustrations that rural and urban voters share. at a memorial dedicated to care gives people killed and past revolutionists. many say they won't vote this time. the gap and trust between them and their leaders too wide to cross is found unless they no longer knew. what makes us feel sorry is that laws are not working. even if we say this to the authorities, the legal system doesn't work. they don't listen to us, even if we have our own coal, our own gold, our own water, we are not in control of our resources. this is why we don't trust any member of parliament or any president, we're against all of them. those in the president's inner circle say it's too soon to pass judgment and undoing decades of corruption will take more time period as republic has grown up in missouri, adults in the room. and so it will be
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a very confident and competent government. and our main goal is to improve efficiency of the state. it's not going to be easy, but also a re accept. i accept the skeptical domestic opinion to make lasting change. the president will need support in parliament. the election will see courteous people vote in 90 new m p 's down from a 120 but even in it's weakened state as a smaller part of a new shared system of power kurdistan. parliament matters, had looked upon, came out to power off following controversial events last year, and he needs to gain a broad and legitimacy within society. if he can deliver on his promise to conduct fair elections on an ensure that parliament ever presents society as a whole. he might enjoy a legitimacy for a longer period of time, sufficient for him to conduct the reforms. let him face the government is keen to
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avoid the violence of protests of the past and with pulls due to open on sunday. the country security service says it's rounded up 15 suspected, pu plotters allegedly planning an armed overthrow of the government. the raids a show of strength seen by many as a warning to any one hoping to contest election results on the streets. a rubber stamping parliament marched towards one man rule preservation of democracy for voters. right now, these kinds of political concerns are secondary to more basic needs. this country is in the grips of an energy crisis. and throughout the campaign, voters have been asking all the candidates the same question. what is being done to make sure there is enough power for them to stay warm? because winter is coming and days before the election winter is already here. zane bas ravi al jazeera michigan, the u. s. and taking the disbanded colombian rebel group, fall off its list of terrorist organizations. the decision will allow us aid
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agencies to operate in parts of columbia, where form of fog fight as live and work the fox on to cease find deal with the come in government. back in 2016 ukraine's president. volume id zalinski says he security services of uncovered a russian backed plot to overthrow his government didn't elaborate on details, but told journalists, the qu was planned for next week. the kremlin flatly denied the allegations, but it all adds to the recent tension. a russian military build up on ukraine's border, or 2000000 found my ship there. sure. which islam nation desirable did the valid me put him on? i cannot that not only do we have the information, but we even have audio recordings of representatives of ukraine. let's call them that discussing with, let's call them representatives of russia occurring ukraine. child stratford reports are from the ukrainian city of, of the echo where he's been talking with people about the deepening conflict. this is the town about the car, about 3 kilometers from the front line. it's seen so very heavy shilling and
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fighting in the mall 7 and a half years since this conflict started. many of the residents have flayed and many of them say the situation is got even worse in recent weeks since the reported build up of tens of thousands of russian troops on the russian side of the border. we in the last half an hour, so have heard what sounds like shelling in the distance. many of the residents here are increasingly angry with the president. they say that he is not doing enough to protect them and he's not making as much of an effort as he promised to end this war. lucia, wouldn't you really cause the stella was shell and today as the read every day, the situation has definitely got worse and there is shooting was heavy weapons for not just mal arm so much nearly 8 years and no one can solve this section. the former president, he promised to end the war in 2 weeks and the same rubbish from president lamp.
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okay, what he said, come to the election and $29.00. if you get a vote for me and i will finish ever since in a year. mamma, but did he, of course not. russia is stalsen denying that he has any plans whatsoever for the invasion of ukraine. indeed it is. describing reports in the international media is such as being nothing short of hysterical, but meanwhile, there seems to be no real prospect for a lasting political solution to this conflict. laserderm skin also new. let's start the war, but he promised to finish it and people believed him. things that god even was now . children in the elderly di from mothers and fathers, a forced to shelter in that basement. zelinski needs to negotiate with putin and the separatist. mr. sit down and talk otherwise, how can the pieces all was and 3 negotiations. so start russia accuses ukraine, had not sticking to its part of the to agreement and agreement signed in 2015. that
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stipulates that ukraine gives special political status to the air is controlled by the pro russian separatists. many of the ukrainian government say that that would potentially give russia to greater hand in ukrainian affairs. meanwhile, the ukrainian presents determination to eventually get nato membership for ukraine continues. and that is something that the russian president seems determined to stop char strafford out his era of the car. on previous years, the black friday holiday shopping event has created some friends, the scenes in shopping malls across america, across the world. but the shift to online shopping and part because the pandemic is lead to smaller crowds this year. everybody's under has more from a shopping mall in new jersey. this is the 2nd biggest shopping mall in the entire united states. it's called the american dream. got over a 120 different stores. it's busy on the black friday, but not as busy as you might expected pre pandemic times. and that's because
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there's really a can fluent a perfect storm between 3 issues here. number one is there's a supply chain issue. a lot of the stores don't have all the things they normally would have because of the global supply chain crunch that is being felt right now. there's also a shortage of retail industry workers as well. and 3rd, inflation in the united states is also becoming more of a problem as has been rising. so, add all of that together and we're not sure we're going to see the same amount of buying and spending, if you will. we would have been in previous time before the pandemic. finally, the legendary american composer and songwriter, steven sondheim, has died at the age of $91.00. his works include broadway classics, west side story gypsy sweeney. todd sometime is known for songs and so i like to send in the clowns and ladies who lunch you 18 tony awards,
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which is more than any other composer and writer, archeologists and peru founder mummy bay estimate is at least 800 years old. the remains were discovered in lima and predate the empire. the underground tomb also contained puts vegetables and stone tools. ah half past the hour. let's check the headlines for you and concerns over a new corona vice variant of shaken the world economy level stock markets and the price of oil fell as the news emerged on friday. a travel industries likely to suffer as borders close around the world. and growing number of countries are banding or restricting travel, specifically from southern africa restrictions which came as the world health organization declared the new variant to be of concern. we understand that people are concerned. the good thing is that we have monitoring systems around the world to detect these various very.


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