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play an important role protecting human. ringback face in the. ready israel's cabinet is set to ban the entry of all far it is after the discovery of the new covered 90 variance. ah, more protest than the french caribbean territories are guadalupe and martinique against mandatory vaccinations. ah, had given al, this is al jazeera live from dover, author coming up, sudan says 6 of its soldiers have been killed in
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a board of skirmish with ethiopia. and voting begins in a parliamentary election in kirk, a star that's expected to bolster presidents are there are calls, hold on power. ah, we begin with the crowd of ours pandemic as more countries imposed travel restrictions after the detection of the amok variant. israel's cabinet is meeting to approve a ban on all foreigners coming into the country for 2 weeks. south africa had the center of the latest outbreak is also expected to announce more measures. its government is condemning the travel bands targeting the region and astray layer, which has only just opened its borders for international travel is confirming to hama, con infections, and passengers from southern africa. so clark is covering the story from brisbin in australia. sarah, tell us what our authority saying about these cases that the found of and what does
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it mean for the countries covered response? well, these are the details of these kinds have just been up by the government. there are 2 positive cases on that slot. the timing from originally from south africa, but by jo honda, those 2 cases, the now in oscillation, i should say the both those packages were pulling back and i did. and i arrived in south africa on a flight on saturday night on that flight. they were full team people all lot who were coming from south africa, the other 12 and now also in quarantine and under watch. now it was a full flight there about $260.00 passengers. all you might recall recently the state and government put to about 30 people between 30 and 50 people on the flight . those caps have been lifted, so the flights are full. the other passengers on board that fly have also been told to go into oscillation. now, new south wales with the 1st state to actually open its borders internationally to australian citizens allow more people to come home. they also relax their quarantine restrictions. prior to this, we had to do 14 day is on arrival,
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whether you are fully vaccinated or not. they changed that less than a month ago. but now that's all changed once again. overnight. anyone arriving international arrivals coming to nissan wells at the i t t, which is the struggling capital territory arbitrary and now have to do 72 hours in oscillation. so the current team restrictions, once again, have change in anyone arriving from those non african countries that are be impacted by this. the variance that now to do courting di quarantine and all of the international rivals have so far as i mentioned, to 72 hours. so it changed the restriction that we get to see whether not a study is very tough. border restrictions may go, may be increased once again for now. thank. that's our talk for their infringement . as we just said, israel is said to ban the entry of all foreigners into the country, hurry forth that has more from western will. it's the result of a late night emergency meeting of the corona virus cabinet,
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which took place late on saturday evening after a brief announcement from the prime minister natalie bennett, that israel needed to act very quickly in the midst of all this uncertainty and not risk the progress already gained against the current of iris pandemic. and so the measures now extremely stringent, all foreign travelers into israel will no longer be allowed in that is quite soon after foreign tourism was allowed to get into towards the beginning of november. so this is a major reversal of that policy is rate is coming back into the country. if vaccinated will have to current in for a minimum of 3 days unvaccinated 7 days and is coming back from one of the newly red listed african countries. they will have to go into a government quarantine hotel until a test negative. on top of that, there will also be a return, at least partially to the use of the internal security agency. the sion bet
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monitoring phones. that was something that was pretty controversial when used in the early stages of the pandemic, to say the least. this time around the saying that they are the reports are that they will just be monitoring those with confirmed cases of the new ami kron variant . all of this is pending full cabinet approval during the course of sunday that's expected to go through. and if it does, then these new rules will come into force from midnight local time, sunday and monday. and it's not just israel. more european nations are reporting cases self on the con cove at 19 variant. it outs government to police several cases or among travelers have been isolated after arriving from south africa. hope any reports. it's fast becoming the nightmare before christmas with much of the planet still battling a resurgence is the delta variance curve it 19 the new omicron variant is spreading . countries are scrambling to close their borders to travelers. from the south of
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africa, we're on a chrome was 1st identify family gatherings in winter. holidays are in jeopardy. not to mention the potential global economic impact. my main concern, i'm not going to get back to england before 4 am tomorrow morning, which is looking more and more likely. and i feel very sad for the people here as well. going back on the list again, and who knows for how long not being able to see family in europe after one confirmed case in belgium. cases have been found in germany and the czech republic, the netherlands is still conducting tests for army kron. among the 61 covey positive passengers who arrived at amsterdam ship all airport on friday. and there an hour confirmed cases in the u. k. all of them connected to recent travel in southern africa. previously accused of acting too slowly on co it. this time the u . k government is moving fast. we're not going to stop people traveling. i would stress that we're not going to stop people traveling. but we will require anyone who enters the u. k. to take
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a p c r test. by the end of the 2nd day after their arrival, and to self isolate until they have a negative result. closing borders won't keep out the variant, but scientists hope it will by time. when you have a virus like this, it almost invariably is ultimately going to go. essentially all over the issue of blocking tray of a travel from a given country is to just give us time to assess it better. and despite the ohm icon very and having significantly more mutations than previous variance, there is cautious optimism that existing vaccines can be adapted to tackle it. you're not going to see a new vaccine in the next few weeks, or even, you know, the next month or so. but it's gonna take longer than that. but it will not take the amount of time that it would normally take to manufacture and deliver, like seeing it can be done at speed. now because of the understanding and knowledge
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that we are the biggest di lemme for politicians and scientists. the question of public compliance was violent anti locked down protests in the netherlands and belgium last weekend and switzerland votes this weekend weather to scrap the countries vaccines certificate scheme. despite the rising infections that the uncertainties around the on the chrome variant. the precautionary restrictions will likely meet push back hol brennan, al jazeera. 6 sidney soldiers have been killed during an attack by ethiopian forces . it happened that an army post near a contested border area. the military says its forces repel be offensive, and inflicted heavy losses on the group was also down line for us now in how to resort, we'll talk about what's happening in the border in a moment. first, what can you tell us about some protests? these protests which are expected later today. well, the military take will were on the,
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on the 25th of october has thrown sudan into political crisis, and that political crisis is still on the go in. so the prime minister abdulla hum duke has been reinstated as a part of agreement with the army to bring and try to bring and try back the company into the path of the transition. or however many protesters or steed or pause in the deal. and they say that they want the army completely to be de, alter, to be out of the power, and also been a, be held for the lives lost. so they did some of the that the civilian groups are making cause on pro casters to insist on that demand. so, but the, the expectation put to these protests is that they, it will not happen on a large scale. so that said, the civilian, some of the civilian groups here are still demanding army to be company, doubt of the power and to be held for the lives lost. and also the, all the political prisoners to be completely released. as of now that did they did
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that several of the political prisoners have been released, but there are tons of them that are still being cap. so the prime minister abdulla hum duke also is facing to main challenge 1st to format cabinet. and 2nd, to make sure that all the pre political prisoners are released as a part of the agreement that he signed with the, with the army. and he also promised that, but for now, as these demands are still not mad professors or calling people to be back in the streets. okay, we're so, and so as we're saying, 6 sydney soldiers have been killed during an attack by ethiopian forces. ah, narrow, contested border area. what can you tell us on that front? well we do not know the it's european sides statement yet, but the sudanese side here says that they're the the champion forces. and some of the militia groups that are loyal to the central government in utopia have attacked
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the sudanese forces. they're going to have killed 6 through the knees, soldiers, and the in the statement or of this with his army. they said that the attackers be, this would be a force, then militias aimed at intimidating the farmers sub page in the harvest season. and also he couldn't into this with anita lamb. this region alpha region is a very fertile region. it been in the, in the, in between the 2 down and it's your peer and that region, this border having all this through the scenes the colonial areas between the 2 countries and have witnessed several conflicts. the last conflict was last year in 2020, started in november and lots of months and months. but at the end of the process, it to p. s. with an have agreed to keep the state or grand best it could have been interrupted by the collections that happened yesterday. however, the for the export says that both companies will lease states will, will,
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will refrain from escalating the passion as both or having the internal crisis or so said are there for us in cartoon. thank you. let's go now to the outside of the border where independent general samuel get taught brings the view from adi some of them. this is a disputed area that your parents claim as part of the field shalley, the regional district needs claim it us there on. but there was an agreement during the t p and left, which granted the village to this danny side, but allowed the most the ethiopian horace who died without any kind of restriction, but says this prime minister came to power and the t p left last time of its power, there has been a condition that it really played down the interest of the t o giving way to a land that really belongs to,
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according to the open side. so this kind of conflict has been going on on and off for a while. european ministers will meet and callo has become a golf to discuss the cross channel migration crisis. 27 people round trying to get across the english channels between the u. k and france and, and thinking on wednesday, britain has been excluded from the talks. while the $400.00 refugees and migrants rescued in the mediterranean sea have disembarked in the sicilian port of augusta, the group was found by the german humanitarian group. see, watch. nearly half of those picked up a children and traveling alone. they had to undergo covert 19 and other health checks before they were able to disembark. still heads on al jazeera, more on the upcoming presidential election in honduras might in controversy since candidates. again, campaigning. why docked, isn't the democratic republic of congo are concerned about the health of mothers to
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be who live close to cobalt ah however, i really am struggling to find any decent weather across europe at the moment of radius. something of a dogs, denise, a loss of plat showing up here because this area of low pressure, this is storm arden, still buffeting hotter, more west corner of europe. so still some very strong winds coming through here. will those when should gradually east off, as we go on through the next couple of days, but we are looking at gales severe gauss at present, still making the way down across the north sea pushing down into the low countries . this co front sinks farther south, that keen northly wind still bringing low snow flurries in across set parts of scotland, maybe in to wells, and also into passive england as well along with the a low countries and noticed some heavy snowfall that just rounds. southern france,
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germany pushing across into the outs some significant snow coming in across poland as well. and we still have the snow still affecting northern parts of spain. on sunday, april turned to rain as we go on 3 monday, slightly mild as started to push its way in by that state. plenty a shower was there across the mediterranean, or snow there around the dalmatian coast and some lobby down post to i would towards the black sea into eastern parts of europe and measures for monday. the can pretty snowy for the politics. ah, in the country with an abundance of i wouldn't want to miss firms for me. we moved the ball to grow and froth. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs.
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invest, let to be part when the basis growth and progress in indonesia. now, ah ah ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder about top stories they sell. israel's cabinet is expected to approve a decision to bar all florida's for 2 weeks. it will be the toughest travel band so far since the on the contrary, it was detected south africa. this week, australia is the latest country to confirm, covered 19 of variance infections to passengers coming from south africa. and sydney had tested positive on the cold. parts of the country have only just
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reopened for international travel. hundreds of health workers and firefighters, a protesting in the french caribbean island of guadalupe against compulsory inoculations. ah. the island is and overseas territory of france where the measures have already been implemented. the arrest comes just ahead of a 3rd and final referendum on independence. france says it's open to discussions about waterloo, running more of its own affairs. and as natasha bought la reports from the territory, the rest has tapped into other frustrations. well, the french government's decision to impose mandatory cove. it vaccines on health workers are in mainland france and across overseas territories is the issue that really sparked these protests and blockades that have lasted nearly 2 weeks now. now the french government has said that it's not going to scrap those coven rules. they are bare people safety, but it has said that it will push back the day to those mandatory vaccines for
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health work as to december 31st to allow for more time to talk. but for people here . well, they say that's just not enough. i think we're fighting for just from launching, which is the vaccination. well, actually true. we are quite sinful. all the old british, i'm with good for you. and here we are all feet on all 100. you're for. well, i gang up right now, i need a, what me was, well, how can the sense of frustration and anger suddenly runs deep in the sense that paris and the government bear or ignoring people care. and it goes way beyond coven restrictions on where duplicative in world loop. it's different because we feel we have no rights or access to things that would help us to improve our lives. so it's complicated for us. young people. well here in another part of the city, these people have gathered to say they want an end to the blockades. they are fed
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up, they say all the disruption that is bringing the economy to a near standstill, missouri, cleveland, that's your majority of the population. mr. rice, but what's happening in the streets, access to hospitals is blocked on roads blocked that people are forced to stay at home. oh, the french government that says that it will continue to talk to or authorities in guadalupe about issues including unemployment, even a possible future autonomy for the honor. it is clear, the parents wants to calm her situation down whether or not that is going to convince any of the people here is another matter. the anger against vaccinations has also led to violence. in the nearby island of ma sneak. at least 9 people were arrested after a pachel station was set on fire and other property vandalized. protest as have been blocking roads and setting cause, alight people and carry just on our, braving the snow and sleet to vote in the countries parliamentary election. this comes 14 months after
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a disputed poll caused riots that after the previous government speaking to alex, they're a president. they are, jerry paul says he's made sure the selection will be free. fair and peaceful. he sat down with correspondence and passed ravi incur sounds, capital fishcake on the eve of parliamentary elections. curtis, thorns president southern chaperon said his government has done everything possible to crack down on the longstanding problem of vote rigging. on his watch, he says results will be legitimate and post election streets by will remain protest free. i'll am christian, one or one or that dog winslow. if every citizen wants to ensure his future to ensure a good future for their children, regardless of the cold, regardless of rain, regardless of snow, regardless of rocks falling from the sky for touch, they should come vote. the week leading up to election day saw police raids on alleged cooper's homes and the rest of a parliamentary candidate supporter accused of trying to buy votes, small and in the president's words stupid actions that his people will no longer
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abide, tourist about on gun beretta. johnson, even if you dig for information about them, there is no one significant. we know who they are, drug take as convicts, and while people with links to organized crimes, and we will take very strict action against them within the boundaries of the law. i mean, i'll dot mitchell little in january to par of was elected president with 80 percent of the vote. recent poll numbers suggest he is still the most trusted political figure in the country. but in care guest on political popularity is easily lost and on the streets, people are critical of him for not delivering on his promises. asked if he sees a problem with cracking down on the sort of activism that brought him to power. he said, circumstances were different, did m as in control or m alarm. i've been jailed twice, and both times i was jailed unjustly. off to my 2nd imprisonment yet people freed me, you're a na stop toby's events. and there is a huge difference between me and the cooper watches
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a difference as wide as the space between the ground and the sky. i had no intention to carry out and on revolt. i don't called people to protest. the people freed me and they placed me in this position, yet he has no party affiliations and says he is not backing any candidates. but experts say parties that support president jabar ubs government are the ones that are expected to take the majority of seats and parliament. a self proclaimed champion of democracy is about to consolidate even more power. the president's message to his people is that he is putting his best foot forward and his faith in god and they should be confident putting their faith in him. then bas robbie al jazeera at the presidential residence in biscuit. ah, under anne's velvet voting at a presidential election in the coming hours. the campaign has been mired in controversy about fairs a short. the un has expressed concern after the death of dozens of political
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candidates. i'll just there as manual repel reports from the on darren capital. ah, it's been a tense election season in honduras, a wave of political violence. his mart what would otherwise be a celebration of civic engagement in the community of kenton, hundreds, thousands recently took to the streets for the funeral of fransisco pucky dog, and then in incumbent mayoral candidate who is killed in broad daylight. more on the campaign for human rights observers say would happen to get then is just one of dozens of similar cases of politically motivated attacks in the leader to this year's general election. a phase, the woman thought that looked like they don't want a 5th wheel into, we've had 31 politically motivated violin. that's in the country that all candidates for popular elected positions. most of us that we have many criminal
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attacks nationwide form part of that occurrence political climate. yes, the ha, in honduras is capital dig. lucy gunther made in the woods, spent her mornings in her artisan workshop, had another boy in an indigenous rights activist meetin as art often portray scenes of daily life in indigenous mosquito communities meeting that was also until recently a political candidate, the house i hence event she tells al jazeera that even after ending her campaign, she worried about being a target of violence. as this advocate yourself, sharon ivy. it's something i wouldn't wish on anyone else, not having a lash. the thought that at any moment something might happen. where can i go out? on the street and i'm always looking shoulder distrusting everyone. because when someone says there's a price on your head, you begin to lose trust in everyone thinking someone might betray you. get if we are going to beat us. this year, some $7400.00 electoral observers will be monitoring poles across honduras under
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what many believe to be the most polarized election season. in recent memory, there's been growing anxiety among hunter and citizens. many worry over possible foul play by the countries ruling national party. similar to what international observers documented during the disputed presidential elections 4 years ago when more than 2 dozen people were killed during protests that took place in the days after the election results were announced. apart from choosing a new president, hundreds will be voting for 128 members of the national congress and nearly 300 meters among other elected positions. experts, however, warned that he generalized fear of violence on the streets could lead to a drastically lower voter turnout than previous elections. manuel, up a little al jazeera big, siegel ponderous critics. the 1st president petro castillo, have been back on the street calling for his resignation. opposition policies and
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trying to remove him from power. questioning his moral ability to govern, given his corruption allegations, australia is deploying war soldiers to the solomon islands in an effort to restore, come, after several days of rising. at least 3 people have died and it overnight, coffee was in place, some estimate of fame more than 50 buildings in the capital honey, our above down, the widow of a former south korean leader known as the butcher of gong to has apologized that his funeral for the pain and fixed it during his will to do father died and soul on tuesday. at the age of 90, you see control and in 1979, coo and stayed in power for nearly a decade, during which dissidents were tortured and political opponents repressed. doctors in the democratic republic of congo have noticed a high res, have birth defects,
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and babies born near cobalt mines demand for the metal is soaring, as wealthy countries promised to switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles. i'll just say malcolm webb has more from call wednesday in the south for countries when blue awesome by was born with a cleft lip. her mother, henrietta was worried there, hoping that can get help at this hospital in the democratic republic of congo flores, grandmother miss single willa has seen cleft lips before i, michelle, she, i don't know what causes this, but one of our neighbors also has it, and he struggles to speak other people in the community habit, but none of them have had surgery. they just lived with henry s. s l. food and drinks in one of the many informal coble mines here in lieu elaborate province. doctor billy mcclung says he's seen far too many left lips and other malformations in newborn babies over the 5 years. he worked here and says they can be connected to mine pollution when the we can,
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the mining at the mouth of the pregnancy. these exposure we send to the mining to the dust of the mining to the met in the mining can pick the baby and the baby can born with this month formation. the bill is given corrective surgeries to thousands of children funded by charities. he also worked on research projects, but he says much more needs to be done. there's a lack of data. scientists have found that children whose father's work in the minds a much more likely to have birth effects. most of the cave off his mind, industrially by foreign companies, most of the world's supply comes from here, is used in batteries in mobile phones and electric vehicles. demand for it is soaring in china, europe, in the us. communities here live right next to the mountains of mine, tailings. most mine is working in formal illegal minds, sticking out cobalt by hand. signs is say mine is exposed to radiation from metals
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at work. may then be exposing pregnant mothers at home. we went with dr. billy to meet another of his patients. helen panza, son de la, has a birth defect in his legs. doctor billy says it can be corrected with surgery, but it needs to be done soon. he's looking for funding. there's no way helen can afford the $1500.00 is needed. we stop going to hospital because we don't have money. we would go for the surgery if only god will help us dollar and helen live less than a 100 meters from a large industrial mine. it's just over there. helen's husband works in a mine the research his say, if it is indeed mining pollution, that's forcing the mouth former teeth, they expect more mal foreman sees in future generations. and the worst of this is yet to come. dollar and children like him need public health services that don't
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exist here. we did much of the money made from cobalt mining, goes abroad as hardly any help for the people who suffer its effect. malcolm web out his era co wavy democratic republic of gong, a and a serving festival for dogs has been held in brazil. the pet for life jackets just in case their owners weren't steady enough to serve on 2 feet. there was some donkey paddling when a dog's owner wiped out. ah, this is algebra and these are the top stories. israel's cabinet is exciting to prove a decision to bar all foreigners for 2 weeks. it will be the toughest travel ban, so a fall since the on the chrome variant was detected in south africa this week. australia is the latest country to confirm, covered 19,
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very and infections to passengers coming from southern africa and to sydney had tested positive on the kron parts of the country have only just reopened into.


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