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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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oh, you want to help save the world. sneeze into your elbow. ah. cases of the new cove 19 variant are found in more countries with world on alert foot strain 1st identifies in south africa. ah. other given al, this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up, israel is closing its borders to all foreigners for 2 weeks. no response to you. very. it said on say, 6 of its soldiers have been killed during a board of skirmish with india and were in east in ukraine where people have lost
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their homes and having to flee years long conflicts. there's growing global concern about the newly discovered so on recon covered, 19 various governments around the world have been imposing new restrictions and response. israel is banning all foreigners from entering the country for 2 weeks. returning citizens will need to quarantine. the cabinet is also approved a controversial phone monitoring technology to trace people. in fact, it would be on a chrome, variance and australia would show up and it's boarded for international travel just earlier this month. has confirmed new infections of the variance to fully vaccinated travelers coming from southern africa in to sydney have tested positive and the strain he had joined the growing list of nations including the u. k, germany, italy, belgium, and the netherlands, which are reporting cases of new variant. several countries of block flights to and
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from southern africa. i'll get laces from high force and west to roost them shortly . but 1st let's take you to london and need bark and nave. let's start with that with the picture in year wasn't looking across the block and the predictable. the new variant is, is being detected in many places. yeah, predictably, because we're largely looking for it according to talk to angel occurred. see the south african doctor, the 1st identified the strain she strongly believes, the very rather she strongly believes that sir. cases are likely to be quite prevalent in countries like the united kingdom. all righty. and in the coming weeks, we are likely to see the numbers go up. the big question is, how seriously should we take all of this? just going back to the widening picture across europe. though we did see 2 flights arrive into the netherlands, where 61 people tested positive for a curve at 19. though both of those flights from south africa were expected to hear
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from the dutch authorities. that some of that number will include good cases of the omicron variance as well. there least 2 cases in germany, both linked to the bavaria region of relating to people that arrived at munich, half or to the end of november when south africa wasn't really seen as being an area of risk. a case also in milan, italy linked to somebody arriving from mozambique a case to in that are all in austria, or another case in the czech republic, say you get an idea of where we're going with this. these are numbers that are likely to increase because we are looking for them. we don't know the seriousness is what i apologize critique to have you as having a few technical difficulties that we still there. have you on the line neve? i'm just really want my that's mean for the free movement. the travel plans, obviously christmas is, is coming up. yeah, that's a big question, isn't it? well, we're in limbo. we've got about 2 or 3 weeks before we have a full sense of firstly, how fast the variance spreads. secondly, whether or not
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a concert of navigate existing vaccines, british medical offices in the last couple of days, believe that's existing vaccines do indeed provide some degree of immunity. but we don't know how much, which is why the british authorities are now discussing widening the booster program. here and possibly extending the range, the age range of people that, that will be given out to. but when it comes to travel over christmas, it's very, very difficult to say. if it turns out that this is a serious virus that could put older generation people in hospital if it could have a knock on effect with younger children, for instance, than this would be a serious issue to deal with. at the moment though, the signals all judging from the scientists and spotted it in south africa, that the symptoms, at least amongst a young people, are relatively mild. israel though, for instance, as we've heard, has gone hard and fast criticism of the british government that perhaps they need to go harder and faster as well. in brief people arriving from abroad have to have
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a p c r, testing 48 hours after arrival. if you test positive, you got to isolate for 10 days, or if you've had contact with somebody who's tested positive, but they haven't as yet insisted people work from home here in the u. k. all have vaccine passports. so look at their own awful lot of questions to be answered. an awful lot of speculation. i tat need back at their non thank you. speaking of god, hard and fast that skull of it to israel high, false. it is there for us a not in west harrison, harry israel, taking this threat very, very seriously. it is the prime minister, natalie bennett, said that this is a moment of uncertainty and real risk not wanting to risk the progress made so far in terms of restoring things to a certain degree of a large degree of no, no, no malice see within israel and so on saturday night, the corona virus cabinet emergency cabinet convened and decided
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a number of policy measures. most importantly to ban foreign arrivals into israel, apart from some few exceptions. if a, if they're a special circumstances, but essentially reversing the opening of the board is the foreign tours in which was just done a few weeks ago. returning is rating is also they will have to current teen for 3 days to fax, unaided, 7 days. if not vaccinated and go straight to government hotel quarantine, if they're coming back from any of the 50 read, listed african countries. and there is a revival of one of the most controversial parts of the initial response in israel to the pandemic. the use of phone surveillance by the internal security agency. the should bet. now this time round, it's going to be more limited than just going to monitor those with confirmed cases of the army kron variance. but very serious measures. we're waiting for them to be rubber stamped, essentially by the cabinet, which has been meeting for a couple of hours already on sunday. and if that happens is we expect it to these
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measures will go in place from midnight sunday and monday harriann or the the vaccination right. uptake was very quick and it had a lot of coverage in israel. but once the booster program been like there, well, again, that has been extremely quick. the there was a decision early in the piece by these ready government to go for boosters once the waning efficacy of the 2nd dose was spotted. and so that israel is congratulating and so really for dealing with the delta vary without having to take many extra, any extra restrictive measures as a result. and so cases are down the most recent numbers are around 160 detected on saturday. there is fear though that this, this new variant could make a difference to that already 3 suspected cases which are linked to foreign travel.
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so the worry about community transmission. and so that's why they decided to go out and try and get ahead of it. not necessarily everyone in agreement. of course, there are people who were expecting to see family members come in after these long months of restrictions on such visits. the tourism industry, which is just getting back up on its feet to some extent with the relax measures in recent weeks and the justice minister. this is a broad coalition. he is against the saying that this is so far too much without enough information at harris all set and western some thank you was ready as prime minister scott morrison says the new variant is concerning. the government has imposed new restrictions on people arriving from 9 southern african countries. these very fast moving issue that we will continue as we always have sensible, balanced, guided by the best possible medical evidence and medical expert advice that he's what is enabled astride to be so successful through the course of covert to open, safely, and to remain safely open sarah cock has more now from brisbin in australia that
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was from southern africa and it, but i've been concerned with tested positive. the flight number was q r 90 right? there were landing in sydney. now there were 14 passages on this flight from southern africa. the other 12 have now gone into military to, to a mentoring hotel florentine. it was a full flight. there were 260 people on board, the other passengers and crew. they are now being told to go into the oscillation now. well that was the site to reopen it, borders internationally, it dropped quarantined. all those people who fully back tonight and of course over not that changed as a result. any national trouble, any striding returning home now must partake in 72 out of soap oscillation, and anyone from those 9 countries from southern africa. and they must be compulsory hotel point name. let's try to had some of the topic border restriction in the world borders international borders have been closed for around 600 days. early
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this month, the prime announced that we would be reopening one side suggestions were around $40000.00. the spreading stock were stranded overseas. some states yet to lift those international restrictions in the lots of queens that were i am and witness ready, but certainly at the change of not this new private strain, there's a lot of cool to concern about international travel once again, and certainly ahead of just a few weeks ahead of christmas, alma says unknown about the on the con variant has what we do know. it was 1st reported to evolve health organization from south africa on wednesday. the variance has 32 mutations on what's called the spike protein, which is what the fires use is to invade ourselves. this means in spite protein is dramatically different from the original corona virus. what that means for the effectiveness of current vaccines is unclear. ok,
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so dawn says 6 of the soldiers have been killed during an attack by ethiopian forces. it happened at an army post, now a contested border area and got to restate. the military says it forces repelled, be offensive, and inflicted heavy losses on the armed group. with soda has more from cartoon the protest. some of the civilian groups have called for their protests for to day, but their main civilian coalitions are namely forced or fully demand change. and resistance committees just said that they are not going to be the part of the protest at today. so in their sense, at the pro, a, today's protests are not good supposed to be, are expected to be happening on a large scale. and the people that have talked about the issue, they said that the negotiations between civilians and the army are still going on. and this is as a signal of a good wheel from both sides. so at the hub ever did their, their political crisis in the country still going on. prime minister of the law ham
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duke has been reinstated, as prime minister as a part of the agreement with the military to bring the country back to esther. pat of the transition of over the protective civilian groups. here are, some of them are still opposing the deal as seen that the army should be completely out of the power and also held accountable for the lives lost over the past mount. and also they ask in the political, the prisoners, all of the political prisoners to be, to be released soon as a part of the agreement. they were supposed to be released by this time. so for several of them have been released. but up there are tons of them that are still in prison and still the government is not formed at did that the demands of the protesters are not met yet. so in that sense, the situation remains quite fragile and anytime could escalate. again, the conflict in ethiopia has spread to the north eastern region of upper region where most imports come through algae. there is the 1st international news channel
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to gain access to the region since the fighting began. mohammed to ha palka reports from the town of many national and human at the middle of the month. we are at the heart of its job. yes, mentally. area which has been recently making headline. this strategic area has been a prime target for the degree people liberation front. that degree and fighters have been trying to advance to this area. behind me, the road leading to the 3 are unable to. well, it's one of the main arteries for separating if you will be from the see under more than 90 percent of the need. important to my left is the road leading to address above a capital city. all of these above us imports run through this particular road. that is 6, have it that more than a 1000 trucks across this road every single day. but it is the country's economic lifeline in front of me lies. but where the fighting is currently arranged. whoever wins that battle might have the upper hand in the war. i'm a european minister's
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a jew to meet him cather in the coming off to discuss the cross channel migration crisis. 27 people round trying to get across the english channel between the u. k. and frauds in a dingey on wednesday, britain has been excluded from the talks still ahead on al jazeera. why from says it's ready to talk about autonomy for it's the overseas territory of water news. and doctors in the democratic republic of congo are concerned about the health of mothers to be live close to cobalt. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with the sponsored by capital airways. hello, the weather is flashy, sat fair for the korean peninsula,
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and japan for the time being. do make the most of it because the change is and the way we got high pressure keeping it settled. mr. merck, frosty mornings it has to be said for the time big, but this high will weaken as we go through the next day or so. we got to when she weather rain statements, notice pushing into central and eastern parts of china and then continues to drift its way further east, which as we go through tuesday, some heavy downpours ride across the korean peninsula, snow tucking in behind. and that rain will set in across a good part of q shoe and southern areas of hon shoe through tuesday. that is likely to cause some disruption. there will be some localized flooding ahead of that stain try at least for the time being 17 celsius. the top temperature in tokyo, marty dry cost, nor the parts of india and pakistan. visibility problems. poor air quality remains an issue here, of course, down towards southern areas of india, more heavy showers. we still have warnings him for surgeries warnings in force for
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that southeast corner of her in the corolla, staying some rather wet weather will see some wet weather continuing to in to sri lanka. this where to weather will slide out into the arabian sea as we go through the next couple of days to the increasing wet for the western gas. ah, the weather sponsored by catera always intervene the country with an abundance of results. great. are and one, indonesia, his friends for me, we move to grow and frog we balance for real economy, blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when denise is growth and progress. invest in the media now . ah
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ah. your theology era, her monitored our top stories. this all said all and say 6 of its soldiers had been killed during an attack by ethiopian forces. it happened at a sudanese army post there, a contested border area. ethiopia is army chief denies his forces, had any involvement the incident. israel is banning all foreigners from entering the country for 2 weeks. the toughest travel band so far since the only con variant was detected in south africa this week. and australia is the latest country to confirm infections from menu variant to passengers coming from south africa to sydney have tested positive all the con parts of the country. you have only just reopened for international travel, hundreds of health workers and firefighters, and protesting in the caribbean island of guadalupe against compulsory inoculations
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. ah, the island is an overseas territory of france where the measures have already been implemented. the rest comes just ahead of a 3rd and final referendum on independence. france says it's open to discussions about guadalupe running more of its own affairs. and as natasha brought the reports from the territory, the unrest has tapped into other frustrations. well, the french government's decision to impose on mandatory cove it vaccines on health workers are in mainland france and across overseas territories is the issue that really sparked these protests and blockades that have lasted nearly 2 weeks now. now the french government has said that it's not going to scrap those coven rules. they are very cool people safety, but it has said that it will push back with 8 of those mandatory vaccines for health work as to december 31st to allow for more time to talk for, for people here. well, they say that's just not enough. i think we're fighting for just from launching,
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which is the vaccination we're actually gone through. we're quite seeing full operation with good for you. and here we are all feet on. oh, you're all right. well, why? i gang up right now. well, i don't need what we want. well, how can the sense of frustration and anger suddenly runs deep in the sense that paris and the government there are ignoring people care and it goes way beyond cove . it restrictions on where do people begin in world loop? it's different because we feel we have no rights or access to things that would help us to improve our lives. so it's complicated for us. young people. well here in another part of the city, these people have gathered to say they want to the end of the blockade sale fed up, they say of the destruction that is bringing the economy to a near standstill miserably. so that's your majority of the population. if terrorized by what's happening in the street,
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access to hospital is blocked on roads rocked less people are forced to stay at home. well, the french government says that it will continue to talk to or are seizing what about issues, including unemployment. even possible future will be for the it is clear, the parent wants to come the situation down. whether or not that is good to convince any of the people here is another matter. the anger against vaccinations is also the violence in the nearby island of martinique. at least 9 people arrested after petrol station was set on fire and other property vandalized. protest as have been blocking roads and setting cause. the life and integration ceremony has been held for the new check. prime minister, viola takes control of the country with the wild, highest covered 19 infection rates. he was born in the by prison, the man who has proven 19 social distance ceremony.
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russia says its recent build up of troops. now the ukrainian border poses no threat, but fighting between ukraine's military and russian back separatists has been getting worse. charles tried to report from the village of nevada. they don't ask an eastern ukraine. this is what heavy weapons do to people's lives. in easton ukraine. it was 1 am. when the shilling started nearly and her husband were fast asleep, they woke buried under the rubble of their home. and they were rescued by the neighbors superfluous at the hospital for we woke and our home had been completely destroyed around. i prayed that if we were to die then please god make it quick. the couple i hear you, her, her dentist said, did it always do? i have so much emotional pain. i wanted to die. we had ever seen. we need it in life now it's gone. people tried to comfort us, but it's so very hard to cope. around 400 people used to live in this village
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before the conflict between ukraine and russian back separatists started more than 7 and a half years ago. now, fewer than 40 remain and most of leaving because they're afraid of more shelling. tice's home was also hit. she's lived here for nearly 50 years. she's diabetic and spend most of her $100.00 a month pension on food and medicine. she can't afford to rent another home. so she's moving to her daughter's a few kilometers away. the ukrainian soldiers are constantly here. they seem to do rotations every 6 months or so. they were living in different houses in the village when the recent shelling started. friends, helper, collect would from the destroyed, shed to use his fuel at her daughter's house. yesterday i was frightened in 2014
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when the house was shelled, but i was with my sick husband around this time i was alone and overwhelmed via this village hadn't suffered any shilling for the last couple of years. but that all changed. on november, the 14th residents tell us that they don't know which side opened fire 1st, but they're all exchanges of fire across the more than 400 kilometers front line almost every day. and it's important to recognize that there are terrified civilians living in the villages like this one that have been destroyed by ukrainian army shells. just a few kilometers from here. there are what seemed to be disused ukrainian military posts in the village. the military says its base is away from where the few remaining civilians live. occasionally, a ukrainian soldier appears. every one seems to be leaving. this man asks us if we want to buy his horse. i can leave her here because i don't
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know when the shelling will start again. he says, russia says it's recent true build up on the border poses no threat to ukraine. the fighting has got worse, with no sign of any lasting agreement between ukraine, the separatists and their back as in moscow, nelly and her fellow villages joining them more than a 1000000 people who have already been forced to flee their homes. cha stafford al jazeera neville ski eastern ukraine. even curtis fell on a, braving the snow and sleet to vote in a pile of entry election. president southern charles has promised to make sure this election is free, fair and peaceful. downstairs vote was disputed and triggered riots, but also the previous government. a correspondence and the thriving spoke to president southern part of in congress, dance capital, bish kick on the eve of parliamentary elections. curtis stones,
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president southern power of said his government has done everything possible to crack down on the long standing problem of vote rigging. on his watch, he says, results will be legitimate and post election streets. my will remain protest pre. i'll am christian winner ball lot, not winful. if every citizen wants to ensure his future is to ensure a good future for their children, regardless of the cold, regardless of rain, regardless of snow, regardless of rocks falling from the sky for past they should come vote. i did finish getting the week leading up to election day, saw police raids on a legit coup plotters homes and the rest of the parliamentary candidates supporter accused of trying to buy votes, small and in the president's words stupid actions that his people will no longer abide taurus the one on one breath johnson, even if you dig for information about them, there is no one significant. we know who they are, drug take his convicts and what people would links to organized crimes. and we will
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take very strict action against them within the boundaries of the law. and i mean, i'll dot mitchell little in january to par of was elected president with 80 percent of the vote. recent poll numbers suggest he is still the most trusted political figure in the country. but in kyrgyzstan political popularity is easily lost and on the streets, people are critical of him for not delivering on his promises. asked if he sees a problem with cracking down on the sort of activism that brought him to power. he said circumstances were different. get him as he cajole or milan. i've been jell twice, and both times i was jailed unjustly. off to my 2nd imprisonment and people freed me during last october events. and there is a huge difference between me and the coup rotter's. a difference as wide as the space between the ground and the sky. i had no intention to carry out and on revolt . i don't cold people to protest to people freed me and they placed me in this position, get throttle. he has no party affiliations and says he is not backing any candidates
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. but experts say parties that support president power of government are the ones that are expected to take. the majority of seats and parliament. a self proclaimed champion of democracy is about to consolidate even more power. the president's message to his people is that he is putting his best foot forward and his faith in god and they should be confident putting their faith in him. then basra, the old jazeera at the presidential residence in biscuit doctors in the democratic republic of congo, have noticed high res, his birth defects, and babies for nicole mines demand for the metal sword. as wealthy countries promise to switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles, there is malcolm webb has more from conway in the south of the country. when blue awesome by was born with a cleft lip. her mother, henrietta was worried there, hoping they can get help at this hospital in the democratic republic of congo flores, grandmother. miss ingram. willa has seen cleft lips before i, michelle,
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she, i don't know what causes this, but one of our neighbors also has it and he struggles to speak other people in the community habit, but none of them have had surgery. they just lived with henry s. s l, food and drinks in one of the many informal coal mines here in lou elaborate province. doctor billy mcclung says he's seen far too many black lips and other malformations in newborn babies over the 5 years he worked here. and says they can be connected to mine pollution when the we can be mining at the mouth of the pregnancy. these exposure we send to the mining to the dust of the mining to the met in the mining can pick the baby and the baby can born with this month formation. the bill is given corrective surgeries to thousands of children funded by charities. he also worked on research projects, but he says much more needs to be done. there's
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a lack of data. scientists have found that children whose father's work in the minds a much more likely to have birth effects. most of the cave off his mind, industrially by foreign companies, most of the world's supply comes from here, is used in batteries in mobile phones and electric vehicles. demand for it is soaring in china, europe, in the us. communities here live right next to the mountains of mine. tailings most mine is working in formal, illegal mines, sticking out cobalt by hand. science is say mine is exposed to radiation from metals at work. may then be exposing pregnant mothers at home. we went with dr. billy to meet another of his patients, helen bands, his son and de la, has a birth defect in his legs. doctor billy says it can be corrected with surgery, but it needs to be done soon. he's looking for funding. there's no way helen can afford the $1500.00 is needed. we stop going to hospital because we don't have
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money. we would go for the surgery if only god will help us dollar and helen live less than a 100 meters from a large industrial mine. it's just over there. helen's husband works in a mine the research his say, if it is indeed mining pollution that's causing the mouth, former teeth, they expect more mal foreman sees in future generations. and the worst of this is yet to come. dollar and children like him need public health services that don't exist here. we did much of the money made from cobalt mining goes abroad as hardly any help for the people who suffer its effect. malcolm web al jazeera, co wavy democratic republic of gong a ah, there are these at the top stories. israel is banning.


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