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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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ah ah ah, this is al jazeera ah, hey, its $1500.00, gmc hello, i'm come all santa maria, welcome to the news hour from al jazeera, 13 cases of the new cove at 19 buried to have been confirmed and the netherlands after dozens tested positive for the virus on saturday, also in the new sit, and so 6 of its soldiers have been killed during fighting it at the border with ethiopia. about calvin's began in kurdistan. the opinion polls suggest president saw their job is likely to solidify his grip on power.
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ah, no protests in the french caribbean, territories of guadalupe and martinique against mandatory vaccination. i'm jemma nash with sport, little messy and spies. parasite mass were come back when the french, they, and man just as cities match with west have becomes a spot. the ball competition is heavy snow hits the english premier league ah, but stopped then with the latest developments around this new cove. at 19 variant, ami kron in the netherlands health officials of confirmed the strain. among 13 passengers from south africa, they were on 2 flights, which were coming out of cape town in johannesburg, with nearly 600 people who landed on saturday. more countries are imposing travel bands and restrictions, morocco, for example, spending all inbound flights for 2 weeks. israel shut off all of its borders to
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foreigners. there's a lot of anger about these travel down south africa, particularly says it's being unfairly targeted for sharing data about the variance president storage room for so we'll be addressing the nation in the coming hours. we will be hearing from harry forth that he's in the occupied the easter islam about israel's travel band. in a moment, we're going to stop. i need the bucket in london covering across what's happening in europe. the numbers sounds small. ne, 13 passengers, 60 total. the dutch government expects it to go up. can i get the distinct impression in the coming days that we are going to be stop? we're going to stop reporting each individual case that goes up because the numbers will be so significant that they, they will just become a case is over rather than individual cases. you know, to me. so when it comes to the situation in the netherlands, you're right in saying that 13 people have tested positive for this new omicron variance. that's amongst a 61 who tested positive for coven 19 amongst the 624 passengers.
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arriving on the dutch national carry a kale em flights from johannesburg and cape town. those people that have tested positive on now in designated hotels, the isolating that and in the last few hours, we've also seen an increase in cases in various different parts of europe. so to new cases have been identified and in denmark, a couple of cases in germany centered on munich. apparently 2 individuals arrived there from south africa. the end of november when south africa wasn't seen as being a risk country, a case is also being identified and the to roll in australia in the chair republic call. so in, in milan as well, in northern italy linked to somebody that arrived from mose, i'm big couple of cases as you know, in the united kingdom and the french government. now saying that it's very likely that there. busy are cases of the home icon variate also that to so as the numbers
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a snowballing, we will stop, i'm, i'm sure reporting this as an incremental rise one by one. by morning, we'll see it more as being a situation where these cases are already ceded in european populations. and that's the thing europe. european countries have had enough problems without any new varied, haven't them in germany, australia, netherlands, even the u. k. all these places with rising numbers and i guess they just, well, politicians would say they are acting out of an abundance of caution. yeah, it's incredibly difficult how, how to know whether to go, whether you know, to go hod or fossil ness or whether it be reticent about it. because we've got different things to protect it. we've got european economies to protect going into the christmas season. we've had businesses that have been massively disrupted over the past couple years. the last thing a business and hospitality sector wants to see ordered upon them is that for them to close their doors or restrict the number of people arriving in their premises.
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at the same time school children have been disrupted. will we, in the coming weeks, when we get more information about this faren, see an a ramping up of restrictions in place in the u. k. they've taken something of a middle path and the people that arrive here from south africa will have to self isolate for 10 days in designated hotels, at their own expense. they'll have to have covered tests within 48 hours. i've fallen short in the u. k. of mandating mosques be worn in all areas the only have to wear them in shops and on public transport. for instance, a similar situation in other parts of europe is while restrictions, obviously, on people arriving from a number of countries in southern africa. but the message from walter, frank st, on my, of the german presidents is that follow the rules that are in place already. we don't want to be in a situation where we have to mandate very strict rules very soon. so at the moment we're in something of a limbo and so we have more hard and fast data and what exactly on the chrome means
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. yeah, and we're going to talk more about this later in. the news are as well knave about the levels of panic which do seem to exist for now. thank you. nice baka in london . ah, israel, when i look at now, which we mentioned is banning all foreigners from entering the country for 2 weeks . returning citizens will need to quarantine, harry faucets has more on that from occupied his jerusalem. what the government has announced, and we're still waiting for the final confirmation from the cabinet, but we're expecting that to come through without any trouble. it is very restrictive, all foreign visitors to the country will be banned from entry unless they get special dispensation, which is historically a very small number. so the recently reopen tourism business has have the shuttle brought down on it just a few weeks into that tentative reopening israelis returning to the country. they will have to currency for at least 3 days if vaccinated 7 days if not vaccinated, and go to a government run quarantine hotel if they've been to any of the 50 african countries
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on the read list. and on top of that more controversial li, for many the reposition of surveillance by the countries internal security agency, the sion that of telephone. this time it will only be those belonging to people who confirmed to have the micron varied. but nonetheless, some controversy about that move as well if you talk to people involved in the tourism business, which obviously there are many religious pilgrims who come to this area as well as just this being the main reason for most people to come to jerusalem to see this historic and very religiously significant site, there was some hope that there might be some recovery of that industry. we spoke to and is ready to a guide who is very disappointed about the situation spoken to palestinian shop owners who say that you know, it's been a terrible couple of years. now australians prime minister scott morrison says the
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new variant is of concern is government is impose new restrictions on people arriving from 9 southern african countries. we'll hear from our correspondence there o'clock in australia and just a moment. first here's what scott morrison. to say, it is a fast moving issue that we will continue as we always have sensible, balanced, guided by the best possible medical evidence and medical expert advice that he's what is enabled to strive to be so successful through the course of covert to open, safely, and to remain safely open that was from southern africa and had by a been concerned to have tested positive. the flight number was q r 90. there were landing in sydney now there were 14 passages on this flight from southern africa. the other 12 have now gone into military to, to a mentoring hotel quarantine. it was a full flight. there were 260 people on board, the other passengers and crew. they are now being told to go into the oscillation now. well that was the site to reopen it, borders internationally,
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it dropped quarantined. all those people who fully back tonight and of course over not that changed as a result. any international trouble, any striding returning home now must partake in 72 out of soap oscillation. and anyone from those 9 countries from southern africa. and they must be compulsory hotel point name was trying to had some of the topic border restrictions in the world borders. international borders have been closed for around $600.00 days in the early this month. the problem is that we would be reopening at one side, suggestions were around $40000.00, the spreading was stuck with stranded overseas. some yet to lift those international restrictions in the lots of queens that were i am and witness rally, but certainly at the change of not as new private strain. there's a lot of cool to concern about international travel once again, and certainly ahead of just a few weeks ahead of christmas. so army crime, what do we actually know about it? well, it was 1st reported to the world health organization from south africa. on wednesday,
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it has more than $32.00 mutations on what it's known as the spike protein little spikey that surround the virus. that's what actually invites ourself and gives us the virus, which means the spike protein here is dramatically different from the original current of ours. what that means for the effectiveness of current vaccines currently unclear and, you know, maybe it is that lack of clarity which is leading to a lot of panic. right now. a lot of talk about where the people be by scientists, doctors, politicians, even media are in fact panicking too much about on the current and how little we know it is definitely a 2 edged sword. none of us want another delser on our hands, but just have a look at some perspectives from the expert. you know, maria, ivan cook of who is from the world health organization. the 1st thing she says in the state, please keep perspective. yes, we have ami. com, but remember, delta is dominant and people are dying unnecessarily because we do not have vaccine equity. this is david dowdy, who works with the johns hopkins university, which we quote so much. is it possible? micron is the next big thing. yes. but as it probably far more likely,
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that is not also yes, he says, in this situation, scientists have a duty not to oversell, and we are doing exactly that. shame on us is criticizing. so a lot of his own colleagues, dan, good kat says a professor at harvard university and she's touching on what we heard about south africa little bit earlier. we know what we know, because south africa has invested in advanced juno mc secands, and we owe them a debt of gratitude, not punishment. and there's a lot of people who feel that way in southern africa, including 2 d o d. olivia who works for the center for epidemic response and innovation, which actually was the one that reported this in southern africa. and he says, the world should provide support to south africa and africa and not discriminate or isolated, sorry, my highlighting. not that brilliant that. just out of the way to visualize things next strain dot org is of results. i use a lot. just watch this here, right in the middle of this graph that's basically the original corona virus. if you want to call it that. and all the variance which sprang up from there, this is base her over on this side delta. that's actually all of these here. it's
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not just one, it's actually multiple strains of the delta variant. this is all micron right there . that small dot over on the left, the yellow one, just to give you a little perspective of how it compares to the rest of the corona virus as it has develops doctor. but at san antonio with us now senior clerical clinical lecture at the university of exodus medical school in expert and infectious disease control with us from bath in the united kingdom. always nice to have you with us doctor. we are taught a we are told and we have been told for a long time to trust the science is the problem right now that we don't actually have the science and that a lot of people, including the w h, i was saying, will know more in 2 weeks time, and in the meantime, everyone's freaking out about it. you're so right. and if the, if the answer is that the science is not being followed because the science does not know the answer. and the reason why science does not know the answer is,
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this thing appeared on the 24th of november. and now several scientists all over the world are looking into how it behaves. is it more transmissible? is it more disease causing? is it bypassing the vaccines? is it going to become the new belt of variant dominant variant? we don't know answers to all these things. and unfortunately, politicians the won't over have cognitive, southern african countries and put in restrictions when actually the wires may have arisen from any part of the world. we don't know, it's just that south africa identified it and highlighted the concerns. you know, what just snags at the back of my head though? is the idea about airing on the side of caution and the fact that yet we don't know if this will be another delta, but it could be and really we could lose 2 weeks in the meantime. yes, so we have already, especially the united kingdom,
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not been assiduous in controlling the delta outbreak. and we do the partial infection control measures only which is talk about boosters, boosters and boosters all the time. we're not controlling it in schools. we are not controlling brioche, the varying of mosque wearing them properly in crowded places, so we mustn't forget delta from. and we also must be very measured about ami con until we know more about it. so it's all politics, isn't it? i mean, invariably, things to come down to politics and maybe maybe people should just exercise their own caution. and regardless of what they government say, where are mosque social distance if you can keep washing your hands as to the basics which we've been doing. yes, we've been doing them for 18 months to 2 years time, but actually, those are probably the 1st and foremost and the best lines of defense in the 1st place. yes, absolutely. and it is just common sense that infection control and prevention of infections is a multi layered thing. and if everyone did the multi layered things,
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despite what our ha foolish politicians wish to say, we would be in a better place. and scientifically speaking, i think we are already in a better place because of the number of people immunized in europe. unfortunately, in africa we haven't got around the immunizing a significant proportion. and i feel if need be, if really, really, really need be another rack. seen with a real formulation. gemara, what the army kron virus is doing would also provide additional protection if needed. so the long term picture just to focus on africa again, as you did in your 1st dance of the long term thing, is we got to get people vaccinated vaccination, right? such as to lawyer across africa as simple as that. so there needs to be vaccine equity, more people may to be vaccinated. that's the long term picture. in the short term, we see government said or decided right, just cut it off,
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cut off the travel clothes, the borders. what's the in, but in your opinion, what's the in between, what, what could be done that isn't so harsh in the short term? will we, we need to, i'm not forget the other infection control measures. but again, this is a wake up goal for africa. people like myself, i've been saying for over a year that we need to help africa. and really it isn't the case of just supply the vaccines. it is the supply, the, the logistics, the information, the advice, the setting up of the clinics, the needles, the syringes, the swabs, all that logistics, the europeans, are very rich with it. and there should be settling up thought that that facility now for when the vaccines become available. ah, look, there's so much we can talk about i do like talking to, you talked about it. thank you so much for your time and your, your, your com perspective. they're very helpful. thank you. we are 16 minutes past this
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news hour. here's what's coming up. a under fire in ethiopia are far region al jazeera gains exclusive access to the front line of an escalating conflict. we're also in easton ukraine, where people have lost their homes and having to flee years long conflicts and sport. linelle messy sets up all 3 p. s g goals as they come back to when their french league game the action and spoke with jemma a little bit later on. ah, sudan says 6 of its soldiers have been killed during an attack by ethiopian forces happened in an army post near a contested border area in gather of state. the military says it forces repelled the offensive, inflicted heavy losses on the armed group. ethiopia, his army chief, denied his soldiers though had any involvement in the attack. russell sada has more
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on this from khartoum. the sudanese side here says that they the, the champion forces and some of the militia groups that are loyal to the central government in utopia have attacked. did the sudanese forces that they have killed 6 through that means soldiers and the in the statement of this with any army, they said that the attackers, the, this route that they took in force and militias aimed at intimidating. there are farmers sub page in the harvest season and also incursions into this with anita lamb. this region alpha shocker region is a very further region. it been in the, in the between the through than and if you up here and that region. this border has been all this dispute since the colonial areas between the 2 countries and have witnessed several conflicts. the last conflict was last year in 2020, started in november and last of months and months. but at the end of the process,
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a to p. s. with an have agreed to keep the state of clandestine to could have been interrupted by the collections that happened yesterday. however, the put, the export says that both companies will really stay, it's will, will refrain from escalating the passion as both or having the internal crisis. meanwhile, the conflict in ethiopia to cry state has now spread to other areas, including north east and afar. a region where most imports come through elders. here is the 1st international news channel to gain access to that region. since the fighting began, mohammed taught the local as this report now from the town of cheaper. and i saw the medina that i am now standing in the heart of schiffer. a city has it has been there be center of military operations during the past 40 days, or in a moment that hi denise. this is the situation. how much you'd
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better take shelter. it looks dangerous. i won't get done. this is the situation we have been seeing since we entered the city. i just was one of the 1st to arrive. we were the 1st team of journalists to enter the city. this is a mountainous area and what we heard was gunfire. exchange the scenes. we witness are very appalling, that the bodies everywhere on the street, it is a living proof of the financial success of the fighting that are clear signs of the lack of humanity in this conflict that the grand forces were driven out of the strategic area by militia from the far region, the cities, commercial shops were totally destroyed, even the mosques were not spared. we have been hearing gunfire from all directions over the past 4 hours. all the residents have fled for their lives and the city has turned into military barracks for their 40 fighters. those militia are supporters
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of the fuel, be an army. they have seized the c b, and that advances towards body and come bowl champ, international community. you will need to step in as the humanitarian situation here is really dire. as a result of the fighting. the dead should be buried that the earliest in this small city, like you can imagine how the situation would be when the fighting goes to larger cities within a hot province to ukraine, where russia says its recent build up of troops near the border poses no threat the fighting between ukraine's military and russian back separatists has only been getting worse. child stratford reports now from the village of neville scare the the nets in east in ukraine. this is what heavy weapons do to people's lives in eastern ukraine. it was 1 am. when the shilling started nearly and her husband were fast asleep, they woke buried under the rubble of their home. and they were rescued by the neighbors that thought of offered to me we woke and our home had been completely
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destroyed around us. i prayed that if we were to die, then please god, make it quick that a couple i hear you can hear her. do the drivers are always having so much emotional pain. i wanted to die. we had everything we needed in life. now we've gone. people tried to comfort us, but it's so very hard to cope. around 400 people used to live in this village before the conflict between ukraine and russian back separatists started more than 7 and a half years ago. now fewer than 40 remain, and most a leaving because they're afraid of more shelling. tice's home was also hit. she's lived here for nearly 50 years. she's diabetic and spends most of her $100.00 a month pension on food and medicine. she can't afford to rent another home. so she's moving to her daughter's
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a few kilometers away. the ukranian soldiers constantly here. they seemed to do rotations every 6 months or so. they were living in different houses in the village when the recent shelling started. friends help her collect wood from the destroyed shed to use his fuel at her daughter's house. yesterday i was frightened in 2014 when the house was shelled, but i was with my sick husband around this time i was alone and overwhelmed via this village hadn't suffered any shilling for the last couple of years. but that all changed. on november, the 14th residents tell us that they don't know which side opened fire 1st, but they're all exchanges of fire across the more than 400 kilometers front line almost every day. and it's important to recognize that there are terrified civilians living in the villages like this one that have been destroyed by ukrainian army shells. just a few kilometers from here. there are what seemed to be disused ukrainian military
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posts in the village. the military says its base is away from where the few remaining civilians live occasionally ukrainian soldier repairs. every one seems to be leaving. this man asks us if we want to buy his horse. i can leave her here because i don't know when the shelling will start again. he says, russia says it's recent troop build up on the border poses no threat to ukraine. the fighting has got worse, and with no sign of any lasting agreement between ukraine, the separatists and their back as in moscow, nearly, and her fellow villages joining them more than a 1000000 people who have already been forced to flee their homes. cha stafford al jazeera neville ski eastern ukraine, both of clothes for kircher,
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sons election stays after claims of a plot to overthrow presidents, not the jump ropes. he has promised a free fair and peaceful election. after last year's election was disputed and triggered. ryan said after the previous governments, then bas robbie has moved from carrie sounds. capital bish catch on the eve of parliamentary elections. curtis stones, president southern power of said his government has done everything possible to crack down on the long standing problem of vote rigging. on his watch, he says, results will be legitimate and post election streets. bob will remain protest free . i'll am christian winner of all or thought dot winful if every citizen wants to ensure his future to ensure a good future for their children, regardless of the cold, regardless of rain, regardless of snow, regardless of rocks falling from the sky for past they should come vote i did finish getting the week leading up to election day, saw police raids on a legit coup lottery homes and the rest of
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a parliamentary candidate supporter accused of trying to buy votes, small and in the president's words stupid actions that his people will no longer abide tourist about on one buddhist johnson, even if you dig for information about them, there is no one significant. we know who they are, drug take as convicts and what people with links to organized crimes. and we will take very strict action against them within the boundaries of the law. i mean, i'll dot mitchell little in january to par of was elected president with 80 percent of the vote. recent poll numbers suggest he is still the most trusted political figure in the country. but in care, guest on political popularity is easily lost and on the streets, people are critical of him for not delivering on his promises. asked if he sees a problem with cracking down on the sort of activism that brought him to power. he said circumstances were different. did m as in control or i'm almon. i've been jail twice and both times i was jailed unjustly. off to my 2nd imprisonment and people
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freed me, journalist, october's events. and there is a huge difference between me and the coup rotter's, a difference as wide as the space between the ground and the sky. i had no intention to carry out and on revolt. i don't cold people to protest, the people freed me and they placed me in this position yet. he has no party affiliations and says he is not backing any candidates. but experts say parties that support president jabar ubs government are the ones that are expected to take the majority of seats and parliament. a self proclaimed champion of democracy is about to consolidate even more power. the president's message to his people is that he is putting his best foot forward and it's faith in god and they should be confident putting their faith in him. then basra, the old jazeera at the presidential residence in biscuit, were also keeping an eye on presidential elections. in honduras, with a campaign has been made in controversy about fears, a fraud. the u. n. is express fits concern after the depth of dozens of political
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candidates, mama rapids reports now from a 100 capital tickets you got. ah, it's been a tense election season in honduras, a wave of political violence. his mart, what would otherwise be a celebration of civic engagement? in the community of kenton. anna's thousands recently took to the streets for the funeral of francisco, plucky dog, and then in incumbent mayoral candidate who is killed in broad daylight war on the campaign for human rights. observers say, would happen to get then, is just one of dozens of similar cases of politically motivated attacks in the leader to this year's general election. a phase of well meant that that m a think they own what that will enter. we've had 31 politically motivated violence that's on the country. hold candidates for popular elected positions. move up. we have many criminal attacks nationwide to form part of the current political climate. yes
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. in honduras is capital things he got made in the woods, spent her mornings in her artisan workshop, had another boy in an indigenous rights act. his ticket meetin as art often portray scenes of daily life in indigenous mosquito communities. mina was also until recently a political candidate how they are handling. she tells al jazeera that even after ending her campaign, she worried about being a target of violence. as this advocate yourself sanity it's something i wouldn't wish on anyone else, not having a lash. the thought that at any moment something might happen. where can i go out on the street? and i'm always looking over my shoulder, distrusting every one. because when someone says there's a price on your head, when i begin to lose trust in every one thinking some one might betray you, i think it is only gonna be death. this year, some $7400.00 electoral observers will be monitoring poles across honduras under
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what many believe to be the most polarized election season. in re and memory, there's been growing anxiety among hunter and citizens. many worry over possible foul play by the countries ruling national party. similar to what international observers documented during the disputed presidential elections 4 years ago when more than 2 dozen people were killed during protests that took place in the days after the election results were announced. apart from choosing a new president, hundreds will be voting for 128 members of the national congress and nearly 300 mayors among other elected positions. experts. however war that a generalized fear of violence on the streets could lead to a drastically lower voter turnout than previous elections. monumental apollo al jazeera, dig, lucy, alpa, honduras. and the news ahead from excludes the u. k. from amazing about my great.


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