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getting going on your weather forecasts for monday, europe and africa were going to start in this part of europe. right now. we do have some snow that peer and you straight through the l. a lot of activity for sicily, central and southern parts of italy over the other side of the adrian sea and some snow over higher elevation, but also lower to the ground as well. very 806 degrees. we could see some mixing there, whether also through greece, though, i do think athens will stay dry, 20 degrees and weather from the black sea right through the mediterranean for turkey, but powerful winds blasting through the boss for a system. ball could see wind gusts of up to 90 kilometers per our other side of the mediterranean. again, just sat snow for the parent ears, but central and southern parts looking pretty good, northwestern europe. right now we do have some snow across the baltic states and that rain snow line pretty much on that border with lithuania and bella. ruth mince because a high of 4 degrees also for and london by hang tight. i will bump up your temperature in the days to come into double digit territory 11 degrees and wednesday,
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the 1st day of december, a high of 10. so all of that was whether a brown, that central mediterranean is also going to give us some showers for algeria tenicia tune as high of 12. that's well below average. that's it. see a soon aah! from the al jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitation, it leads as a person of color. it was the struggle here. it would be much easier for me. it's my, it feels that white people part to go into chad and thing, a song right in the other people, wait a minute, you get way down, you stop what you're doing and maybe one studio b unscripted on al jazeera. the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think we're
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ditching the cell parts. and we're digging into the issue from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between join me as i take on the lars, dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions upfront with me. mark lamond hill on out 0. lou with ah, one of the top stories here under 0, south africa's president has criticized border closures following the discovery of a new strain of the groan of ours. cyril rem opposes as there's been a rise in cases since on the crone was identified. cases have now been found in
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more than 10 countries, and a number have added travel restrictions from 20 to g, empty, all foreigners. a bard mentoring israel for 2 weeks in french interior minister says his country won't be held hostage by the you case, domestic politics when it comes to migration 27 people died, trying to cross the english channel last week. she don says, 6 of its soldiers had been killed during an attack by ethiopian forces. it happened at an army post near a contested border area in get a re state. the military says its forces repelled the offensive and inflicted heavy losses on the arm group. if he appears army chief, denied his soldiers had any involvement in the attack. as well said r has more from caught in. the sudanese side here says i did the the queue opium forces and some of the militia groups that are loyal to the central government in utopia have attacked. the sudanese forces that they have killed seeks through
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by means, soldiers and the in the statement or this will then his army. they said that the attackers be this route today, took their force, then militias aimed at intimidating dur farmers sub page and the harvest season. and also incursions into this with our knees lamb. this region alpha region is a very photo region in the, in between the through done and you q up here and that region, this border have all this dispute as soon as the colonial areas between the 2 countries and have witnessed some little conflict, the lost conflict was lost yet in 2020 you started in november and last months and months, but at the end of the process it to appear through then have agreed to keep the state or grand best if you could have been interrupted by the collections that happened yesterday. however, the put, the export says that both companies will lease states will refrain from escalating
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the passion as both or having the internal crisis if he appears intensifying internal conflict to his spectre northeastern region of afar. it's important as a key route for most of the countries in ports from the port of djibouti out here as the 1st international news channel to gain access to the region. since the fighting began mom, it to her to cool reports from the town of schieffer. and the medina that i am now standing in the heart of schiffer city, has it has been debbie center of military operations during the past. 40 days up there in your mind. i. hi denny. hi. this is the situation. how much you'd better take shelter. it looks dangerous. okay, i'm gonna hi ton. this is the situation we have been seeing since we entered the
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city jersey. it was one of the 1st to arrive. we were the 1st team of journalists to enter the city. this is a mountainous area and what we heard was gun fired exchange. the scenes we witness are very appalling. that bodies everywhere on the street. it is a living proof of the ferocious ness of the fighting that are clear signs of the lack of humanity in this conflict that the grand forces were driven out of the strategic area by militia from the far region. the cities, commercial shops were totally destroyed, even the mosques were not spared. we have been hearing gunfire from all directions over the bus for hours. all the residents have fled for their lives and the city has turned into military barracks for their 40 fighters. those militia are supporters of the fuel, be an army. they have seized the c, b, and the van sink towards body and come bowl champ, the international community you will need to step in as the humanitarian situation here is really dire. as a result of the fighting, the dead should be buried that the earliest in this small city, like you can imagine how the situation would be when the fighting goes to larger
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cities within them. how to provence, australia is introducing a new nor to target people who post abusive messages on social media will allow the government to access the personal information of uses if they post defamatory comments from it to scott morrison's as it will make platforms such as twitter and facebook handover data or i'm sure, and if a son is a professor, the usually department of information studies, he studies the relationship between technology, politics and society. jones is not from northern california. thanks very much for being with us. so it's got more and said at the online well, should not be a wild west where boats and bigots and trolls and others are not mostly going around and can home people. and do you think this is a reasonable way to rein them in? i don't think it's likely to be successful and i don't think it, i think it takes away from the actual spirit of the internet's where, you know, the power of the internet as we all know is it's potential for all of us. regardless of who are where we are to express ourselves. so any sort of regulation
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involving the abuses of technology companies, of which there are many, no doubt. i should not be a law that would violate not only issues, a free speech, but increase government surveillance because that actually is unlikely to, to have any positive effect on both the trust citizens have and being able to express themselves online. and really the principles of democracy itself, and much more importantly, in my minds, or maybe equally importantly, it's not going to, it's not going to actually rain in the actual problem with social media companies themselves. so what do you think does need to be done because there are harms associated with some of the present behavior online and, and most government say they want to do something about it all. most citizen would probably want to see something done about it. absolutely. across the board, i think people are unsatisfied with the, with the status quo. but i think the question really is, is why do we see what we see online, right?
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so why is it, why does it seem to all of us so often that what we see is content that is defamatory, that is harassing that bullying and a time is very conspiracy theory oriented. and that's because the visibility of what we see online is intimately related to the biology, meaning the ability for content to spread. so why, what, why am i saying? although the reason i'm saying this is because algorithms oh pick, co, corporate proprietary algorithms are selecting content based on predictions of what content will arouse or outrage or get our attention. and i think one thing we all know is that we are attacked. we're certainly going to pay attention. it plays to our nervous system. so the instrument that needs to actually be intervened work is the algorithm that makes computational decisions around what we see right now. so i can drop the problem that is that the,
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the company's notoriously protective of algorithms and they make a furious amount of money precisely negativity, that you're talking about. so unless someone takes them to, to account and says what you have to change algorithms. being able to send that with the same thing. continuing with me, i totally agree that the algorithms that various companies create are their own proprietary content and they should be monetized and rewarded for such. however, when those algorithms are extremely damaging to the public interest, and we've seen here in the united states, how those algorithms directly have led to things like the january 60 insurrection. we're seeing issues with the to gray and region right now in the area. this just keeps happening all around the world, then the algorithms need to be arranged in that does not mean that we need to know the software code behind the algorithms. it means that those algorithms, in terms of questions of audit and oversight, must not privilege content that is likely to outrage, divide and polarize our societies in our world. challenge my so who to jones,
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my friend, you does, who puts in place that, that, that auditing. i very much believe that that is an area for government regulatory action. however, that's very different than the australian law, which basically discloses private identities that people are posting online. and by the way, with, if we were to follow, you know, sort of the logic of this australian law. the damage damage would be done by the time people would be reported, right? content would already have gone viral online and people who are more horrible, honorable would already be hurt. so i don't think that the ultimate issue is that i think the state needs to recognize that our technology, companies that are private companies that are monetizing our public wide, you know, building on the internet by the way that we all paid for that started at my university, you c, l a. they need to be also beholden to the public interest and the way we can do that is by challenging them 1st say, hey, let's do some experimentation. can you guys still maintain your evaluation or
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profitability without privilege and content? that again, is going to play to our worst, you know, aspects of our doping mean, you know, dopamine releasing fight or flight nervous system running and technology. i'm sorry to interrupt you after we have to leave it. that is a good discussion. thank you very much. remish. sure, thank you. as well. yes, government is investigating an unknown illness that's affected debt, more than 200 of its officials working abroad. diplomats intelligence officials and high ranking military offices of all suffered unexplained brain trauma. before some of them to give up their jobs wasn't jordan spoke to one of the earliest victims of what's become known as havana syndrome. cia officer mark paula morales went to moscow in 2017 for meetings with russian intelligence officials. paula morales never thought he'd come back to the us with a career ending traumatic brain injury. it's been 4 years of a 247 headache,
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which is, you know, not only of painful physically, but just in from a mental health perspective. it's pretty, it's pretty debilitating. so while i've gotten better now, because the treatment i received at walter reeves, national, intrepid center of excellence, that's one of the world's leading traumatic brain injury programs. i'm still not there yet. i'm still suffering. paula marolla says he woke up in his hotel room, dizzy ears ringing, and suffering. a never ending migraine, a year earlier. diplomats at the u. s. embassy, and havana reported similar symptoms. at 1st, the u. s. government considered the cases anomalies. but 5 years later, at least 200 u. s. government officials and some of their relatives are struggling to recover from unexplained health incidence. also known as havana syndrome. the by didn't ministration says these cases have spurred it to find the cause. when you sit down with, with our people in here, ah, what's happened to them?
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how they've been affected? ah, it's very, very power. and it only reinforces in me the absolute conviction that we need to do everything possible for our people to care for them. to protect them, to get to the bottom of what have the assumption the officials are being attacked with weapons that use lasers or microwaves instead of bullets. similar to what's being demonstrated here. the injuries have turned up in vienna in bogota, in guam, joe, and in hanoi, just before vice president comalla harris's visit in august. some speculate russia is behind the attacks, a charge the kremlin denies. still, cia director bill burns recently warned moscow there would be pay back if true, the trumpet, ministration, also blame to cuba expelling some of their diplomats in 2017,
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mark paul morales and his lawyer. believe the government should tell the public all it knows. we don't know what the intelligence community knows truly about these incidents and if revealing certain information, when caused our country greater problems. but i like to think that hopefully we are the victim and solely the victim in the situation. and that we have something that we can do in response, doctors say the cases resembled the traumatic brain injuries us forces suffered in i. e. d attacks during the iraq war. congress recently passed the havana act to make sure the injured get the care they need. but it doesn't address the growing unease, some feel about serving abroad. mark. paula morales says the cia has stood by him in the past 4 years, but he wants the us to send a message. these attacks won't be tolerated if it is an act of war. and so we're
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gonna respond appropriately. so i don't think this is just simple sanctions. certainly you don't want to start when we're 3 over this, but there's going to be have to be some really tough measures taken against her adversary. you know, if it's russia and it is, this is, this is serious business now. a call to action to protect those who thought they knew the risks that came with their jobs. rosalyn, jordan, l g 0, washington, france as minister for overseas territories is visiting what loop itself to days of writing and protests against new code. 19 restrictions, including a vaccine pass. hundreds of health workers again rallied against plans for compulsory inoculation as active from imposing rules on the overseas territory from thousands of kilometers away. doctors in democratic republic of congo reporting a high rate of birth defects in baby is born nic, cobalt mines. cobalt is used in batteries for phones, laptops and electric vehicles and demand for it worldwide is soaring. there are
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increasing concerns about the house costs. welcome, where visited co whizzy, the city at the heart of the cobalt mining industry. when blue awesome by was born with a cleft lip. her mother henrietta was worried there, hoping they can get help at this hospital in the democratic republic of congo laws, grandmother miss single. willa has seen cleft lips before i michelle. she can, i don't know what causes this, but one of our neighbors also has it and he struggles to speak other people in the community habits. but none of them have had surgery. they just live with henry s. s l. food and drinks in one of the many informal coal mines hearing lou elaborate province. dr. billing kong says he's seen far too many left lips and other malformations in newborn babies over the 5 years he worked here and says they can be connected to mine pollution. when the we can the mining at the mouth of the
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pregnancy, these exposure we send to the mining to the dust of the mining to the met in the mining can affect the baby and the baby can born with this month formation. the bill is given corrective surgeries to thousands of children funded by charities. he's also worked on research projects, but he says much more needs to be done in the say, there's a lack of data. scientists have found that children whose father's work in the minds a much more likely to have birth defects. most of the cobalt, his mind, industrially by foreign companies, most of the world's supply comes from here, is used in batteries in mobile phones and electric vehicles. demand for it is soaring, and china, europe, in the us communities here live right next to the mountains of mine. tailings most mine is working informal, illegal minds, sticking out, cable by hand. scientists say mine is exposed to radiation from metals at work. may
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then be exposing pregnant mothers at home. we went with dr. billy to meet another of his patients. helen bands, his son and dollar, has a birth defect in his legs. talk to billy says it can be corrected with surgery, but he needs to be done soon. he's looking for funding. there's no way helen can afford the $1500.00 with is needed. we stop going to hospital because we don't have money. we would go for the surgery if only god will help us dollar and helen live less than a 100 meters from a large industrial mine. it's just over there. helen's husband works in a mine the research his say, if it is indeed mining pollution that's causing the mouth former teeth, they expect more mal foreman sees in future generations. and the worst of this is yet to come. dollar and children like came need public health services that don't exist here. we did much of the money made from cobalt mining goes abroad as hardly
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any help for the people who suffer its effect. malcolm web al jazeera, co wavy democratic republic of congo, a thousands of people to be national, a streets of senate goals, capital for the great decker carnival. elaborate face paintings. fire eaters and musicians are helping to showcase the country's diversity and event, hoping to rebound from pandemic. nicholas hacker ports ah, to the beat of the drums. and under the protection of the conch wall, a med dinky spirit from southern senegal. there is no stopping to curse carnival, the roaring sim by a hunter that spend too much time in the forest turning into a lion is here to clear the busy streets to make way for this parade. priscilla look good. i came all the way from cousin mancha to take part in the convent. this is what we do before the harvest of rice. earlier in the day,
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children to part in what is the 2nd edition of a 3 day carnival with a theme of legends entails of senegal, kind of in hawk. he go with us. it's an event that promotes the cultural diversity of synagogue. it's out of love of culture that we came up with a concept to promote and add value to our historical diversity. the carnival was cancelled last year because of the pandemic with the countries borders now, reopening to tourists. before the discovery of the new variance, participants waited in the night, expecting thousands of visitors to come and watch them performed. the final arrange . organizers had hoped that this event woodard trap large number, but it has been down by the you know, many of the strain of the current of barbara. there will, there are no known cases, urine, sending all fear of the virus, this reading browser to the bar, and it's so more ready to pick them account valving infected setting all the quality which relies heavily on towards them and events like them while there is no
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tradition of carnival in senegal, there is tradition of using music costumes and dance to tell a shared history and get people moving to the beat of their culture. no matter where they're from. nicholas hawk al jazeera, the car has to have a camera with his foot. thank you. lauren formula one has paid tribute to legendary team boss frank williams, who's died aged $79.00. he was the longest serving team principal in the sports, having spent 50 years at the top during his time with his own team williams racing 19 constructors. championships and 7 drive his titles, but it was also in one of his calls, the 3 time world champion, s and senate was killed in 1994 williams was eventually acquitted of months ortho and its lead 3 years later. f one president and see stephanie dominican called him a true giant of the sports. his assignments made all the more remarkable following
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a serious car accident in 1986, which left him in a wheelchair. elliot, we spoke to f, one journalist, laurence beretta, who described williams as one of the most driven people he ever met. frank was a real titan, a former one. he was around for 5 decades and to survive employment. one, you have to be the very best and that's what frank was. he started from the ground up, he was a grocery salesman. he's had used that money to create his own team. he then sold that and created the team that went on to become the 2nd mice accessible from the one team in history. and he was a nice guy, a funny guy. he cared very much about his workforce when the team was sold a couple of years ago. it was very important to him that the 400 or 500 staff that williams hate chief were looked after because he saw as a family. and i think it's because he treated the team in such a kind hearted way. but he was so driven to succeed and wanted to do everything
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that he could is why there was a successful when and passed away. thought really hit him really, really hard of see when he had the accident as were on as well when he was on his way and touch you on a marathon. he was very fit and healthy person. it was very important to him to, to be fighting from the front in the team. it him hard, but i think that i thought that he came back and then he went on to when all of his while championships. and when all of those races and make the team as successful as it was, and then really move on from off to at and passed away and try and push on the safety to improve safety for one he kind of always tried to, i daily make the best them of what was about situation. i think that he will be remembered as one of the great teen bosses that spool has ever seen moving on to football. now the english premier league was hit by blizzards in the north of the country on sunday, which led to burn these game with tottenham being cooled off. manchester city against west ham did go ahead. it's just about pep got
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a side over coming to snow. i'm the west, i'm defense. i'm doing this with knowing it's already was in the past weatherwise, but they cleared the pitch half time and kicked off again. 10 minutes late. i made it to nail. it says 50 manuel lindsey the constellation go came on the strike. so on 60 then keeping up the pressure on needed. kelsey and they closed the gap. the one point off the chelsea jury with manchester united in i said, scoring on the break against the lead as it sounds, bridge, jayden some say with his 2nd goal for the club mistake. why don't you name with a tone for the italian and put away a penalty say one only for this appoint gained a fee and i sit in michael carrots 1st and maybe last premier. the game hold rouse rang it takes over into manager. michael are 1000 miles later when the french
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league was overshadowed by a serious looking injury to name all p s k one know down against at the end of but equalize before half time intimacy then guys, 2nd, this is of the game just didn't really make it to one, but then came not injury, name, eyes, ankle appeared to give way. we went, show you the moment. it happened. as it looked pretty nasty. the brazilian had to be stretched off. even so massey provided a 3rd time. that was the captain. you captured mcdaniel, he's got his 2nd of the match to make it 3. 1. he's a 2nd round madrid and severe, baffling the top spot in spain rock. meg severe the lead minutes in that cabin, benjamin equalized. rattle off and making sure he was in the right place at the right time from good, good, a late go through, even assist junior, to want to finish in the last few seconds to finish the fif. i've
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cut the kicks off her in castle on tuesday in the house has been busy preparing for . this was a training session with a difference. the cats are national side. how to session and die. how with torment volunteers, you got the chance to have a kick about with the professionals. the total of $5000.00 volunteers representing different nationalities, will be helping out over the next 3 weeks. katara play bahrain on the i think they have the competition at alabama stadium, which will be inaugurated, ready for next is welcome. the feed exams are proven to be the hottest team in the n, b a. they call the 16th when against the brooklyn, that 7 book score to the 1st point says they survived late. come back. so in 117739, point 9, rebound 273. get the band working on camp jobs and out of the book for that was back to lauren in london. jim, thank you very much and that's it for me for this news. i'll be here with another round up. been using just a couple of minutes. thanks very much watching. ah
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ah. december hollow jessia, feita host, the fever, arab cut, a momentous event for the region and a glimpse of what's in store for the 2022 wildcat. people in power investigates the use and abuse of power across the globe. a world exclusive interview with joint nobel peace, lori if recognized the safeguarding freedom of expression as a pre condition for democracy and lasting peace from shore. documentaries too. in
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depth explain this portal showcase is the best. the voucher zeroes, digital content as the year draws to a close. we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead to next year. december on a jesse europe. can you hear it? anticipation these rising. excitement is growing, as cats are always brings your favorite teen to cut off for the free for arab. com . 2021. greatness is in the air. lead sore is juan and rich new heights. join us in cattle from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canton, airways dot tom. there was, since i was a little boy in india, my dream was to make bollywood fence. so finally i was going to do it one man's quest to realize
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a lifelong ambition. this duty i chose was of my own village and good das permission going behind the lands as got him sing, brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. we are a deeper, disappointed by the decision of several countries to prohibit travel from a member of southern african countries. south africa's president criticizes travel bands and says the countries watching infections closely, but doesn't see a need for more restrictions. ah, martinos is al jazeera life from london was coming up make the u. k less attractive and stop playing politics have a migrant.


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