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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, we're on the front line in easter ukraine where russian forces are gathering nato's, holding a meeting after fears of an invasion. ah, you're watching l 0. lie from headquarters in ohio, getting abigail, also a heads. revelations of widespread sexual harassment in australia's federal parliament. the prime minister says he's ready to act on the findings. ah, barbados begins a new chapter in its history. as island nation breaks,
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ties with the british monarchy and becomes a republic and a glimpse of what's to come. catera kicks off a major football tournament a year out from the fif, a world cup. ah, hello, growing tension between russia and ukraine are set to dominate a meeting of nato foreign ministers in latvia. here has accused moscow of mobilizing tens of thousands of soldiers near its border. seas far monitor say there's been a significant increase in fighting between brush and backed separatists and the ukrainian military. charles stratford reports from the front line with the ukrainian military near the village of the n. pouring rain pitch black. this is a front line trench eastern ukraine. we follow ukrainian army soldier moleed to sal
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over paul. pick with mud. filming using night vision, or trenches like these that snake hundreds of kilometers across a conflict zone, in which more than 14000 people been killed. you sound that machine, gun, bol echoes through the blackness. so in the last 10 minutes, sounds like a lot more smooth homes are coming from the direction of don, yet gambled. the commanders taking us up to a ford homes lation post. that is a lot closer to separatist positions. we reach the observation post with 3 soldiers stand in the cold. they are nervous until us to keep our voices down because of the enemy is close enough for sale company when we refuse lateral. it's sporadic shooting from both sides because we can't see anything even using the night vision. nathan, to use a little bit when we say shooting,
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we mean shooting is no man's land at no particular target, but it's important to prevent reconnaissance. teams taken advantage of the fog and rain visibility 0 camp critical. i recommend you leave this place now. the canteen is small, but well stocked. 23 year old roma joined the ukrainian army 6 months ago, was trained by the u. kay's royal lancers, as part of nato's mission to defend ukraine against what it says is russian aggression. none the scripture must remain so we have a lot of things to improve on. the trainers had great combat experience, so we learned a lot from them. i joined the army because of the injustice on woodson and our people are forgetting. there's a war going on. our country, the designer we are led down into one of the dog else, sleeping quarters, warm and quiet soldiers, gravel sleep they can before their shift starts again. the soldier who doesn't want
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to identify himself. he says he had friends who joined the russian bank separatists, fighting the government, the other than you're doing. i don't think about it. i don't feel anything. i'm a soldier and i have a task to do. regardless whether it's someone i know he's now the enemy. all relations are lost, reconciliation will take generations. these people have crossed red lines. so what kind of friendly relationship could there now be? early morning the light reveals trees in the foggy gloom. the rain has stopped. soldiers discuss the night's events and plan. looking out across the conflict, broken landscape for an enemy with no doubt equal convictions. you say they also have a right to fight charles rap with al jazeera war, dinner east in ukraine. a report in australia has found one in 3 work people working in the federal parliament has experience sexual harassment. the independent inquiry into parliamentary workplace culture was ordered by prime minister scott
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morrison. more than half of those are responded to the investigation, say they'd experience at least one incident of sexual harassment attempted sexual assault and bullying. like anyone who works in this building, i find the statistics that are presented there, of course, appalling and disturbing. i wish i found the more surprising but i find them just as a boy and that's why the actions i think that are recommended to cover all the territory that i'm unable to take us forward. and what i've seen in there has only reinforced my view about the actions that we've already taken. sara clark has more from brisbin. well, this report was sparked why allegations are bright made by parliamentary staff or staff member in cambro in australia capital. and it triggered a 7 month long investigation into the workplace, misconduct, and sexual harassment in campus. parliament house,
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as well as in the commonwealth column entry offices. now the conclusions were quite staggering and painted a toxic picture of workplace misconduct. now, as i mentioned, you guys went for months that you'd be around 4900 people and spoke to 33 different organizations. and the key finding that a shot that even the prime minister. 3 is one of the 3 people working in federal, parliament experienced some kind of sexual harassment. it also found that more than half of all people in commonwealth column and she offices a bad experience at least one incident about a bullying or sexual harassment or attempted sexual harassment. so the sex discrimination offered to kate jenkins. she delivered the report on tuesday. she noted that she was a little bit shocked by what she found. she knows that the bullying target more female staff members in mile. the women experience sexual harassment at a higher right. percent compared to 26 percent. and the key concern she also raised was that a lot of people feel afraid to speak out with very little protection in place for
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those people who made the allegations of misconduct in the workplace. so the report made a number of recommendations and the prime minister has said he will act on their look. there is a lot of pressure on him to act on the recommendations which suggested that the camera, parliament house has this workplace of bullying and sexual misconduct at the scandals . rock the government already over the they've had one, the attorney general. he was forced to stand down to allegations of sexual misconduct were raised against him. so the problem is that, that he, the pulling and shocking, and he's surprised when he wished we found it more surprising these results. but you're wit to hear from the woman who actually spot this review, but she will no doubt be taking the the national stage to put pressure on the prime minister act. on this report, the caribbean island nation of robeto's is now a republic after ending its ties with the british monarchy. sandra mason has been
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sworn in as presidents replace and queen elizabeth as head of states. our latin america editor lucio norman, was at the festivities in bridgetown. ah, the declaration of the world news trip public was marked by celebrations ah, with the music song and dance that barbados is so well known for ah, but above all, it was time for solemnity. prince charles arrived for the last time as the representative of the queen by betus, his head of state mocking the end of the british monarchies, ties with the island to once known as britons, caribbean, crown jewel, the creation of this republic, over the new beginning. but it also marks a point on a continuum, a milestone on the long road. you have not only travelled, but which you have built. then the british military flag was lowered,
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replaced by one that represents only barbados, which now has a new president sandra mason. re now turn our vessels bow towards the new republic. redo this so that we may seize the full substance of our sovereignty. barbados was britons 1st and most important slave colony, whose sugar feels produced vast wealth for the empire. it gained independence only 55 years ago, but retained the monarchy. barbados became one of the queens, 16 realms, but for many, the time had come to cut the umbilical cord with the monarchy. to wayne a bayesian as barbados ins call themselves cells, tiny, salty fruit that grows by the seaside, a specialty here. he agrees with the change i people, we are probably, but one of us is able to run the quote for, you know, it was a mix of decisions. but others like 19 year old could shawna says that the decision
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to break with the monarchy was imposed on them by the prime minister without consultation. they wasn't even at say that one day as you see, if the probably now was the, the new president will have a largely ceremonial role behind the prime minister. and barbados will remain a part of the british commonwealth, which queen elizabeth heads. this former quicker plantation has been the residence of the governor general, the queen's representative in barbados for the last 55 years. now. it will be the residence of this country's new president, making barbados the was youngest republic, at least for now. as a farewell president of sorts, the prime minister awarded prince charles the countries middle of freedom and then announced another surprise, the nation's hero award to the country's most famous citizen singer rianna, who's also an ambassador for barbados. in practical terms, not that much will change, but for a great many here,
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no longer having to pay tribute to a monarchy that brought their ancestors here from africa in chains is a change that was long overdue. ah, lucille newman, al jazeera, bridgetown, barbados, the head of us drug make her materna has warned existing covered 19 vaccines may not be as effective against the new variance. stephane brown sells a daughter on the effectiveness of the current jobs will be available in 2 weeks. he said, it will take months before pharmaceutical companies could manufacture new varian specific jobs. m. u. s. presidential biden has ruled out imposing another lockdown after the discovery of the new coven. 19 variance is urged americans to get fully vaccinated and not to panic or white house correspondent, kimberly hall get reports. good morning folks. following a briefing by his coven response team given us president joe biden addressed the american public,
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urging them not to be alarmed by the new varied army crime. this period is a cause for concern, not a cause for pen. you assigned her sir, all ready evaluating on me con, but admit it could take weeks before it's known. if the current covered vaccines provide enough protection. still, biden, once again, urge the 10s of millions of americans not yet vaccinated to get fully vaccinated. and a booster, you have to get the shot, you have to get to get the booster if you're a sooner or later. we're going to see cases of this new very here in the united states will have to face this with threat to. so we faced those that come before you was announced restrictions last week for travelers from 7 countries. plus south africa were army crime was 1st detected, biden's also not ruling out new restrictions depending on the degree of army cross spread. however,
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he insist for now there will be no new locked outs. cases of ami cried have already been reported in canada. so the united states travel restrictions that took effect on monday may be too late. the travel bands are very much a knee jerk reaction. we're behind the curve, i mean, this variant has been out for probably several weeks when there's a cluster of cases. the bands come in and, and now we know that it's in more than a dozen countries. drug companies are already exploring adjusting boosters to combat the new variant. we believe disparity, honey pictures. we need to get more data him days, but he seems to be much more anxious and best buy was across is core to much drug manufacturers like madonna and pfizer, have made billions from the sale of covet vaccines vaccines. the us says is sharing with the world, even as criticism of vaccine inequality persists. we ship for free, more vaccines,
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other countries than all other countries in the world combined. over 275000000 vaccines to 110 countries. now we need the rest of the world to step up as well. the full extent of the threat army crumb poses is not yet know. that's why president biden's covered response team is drawing up a longer term strategy. expected to be released later this week. kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house, the united nations has criticized countries that imposed travel bounds on certain southern african nations. who and cheese spokesman says targeting specific citizens amounts to collective punishments. the secretary general said he is now deeply concerned about the isolation of southern african countries due to new coven 19 travel restrictions. as he and others have long ward low vaccination rates or breeding ground for variance. the people of africa cannot be blamed for the morally
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low level of vaccinations available on the continent, and they should not be penalized for identifying and sharing crucial science and health information with the world. the secretary general appeals to all governments to consider repeated testing for travelers together with other appropriate and truly effective measures with the objective of avoiding the risk of transmission so as to allow for travel and economic engagement. stella had on al jazeera, was she jeffrey, up since, pon or accomplice, gillan max, all sex trafficking trial begins in new york. on the right path south korea's driverless cars take to the roads after years in development. ah
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hey there, good to see you. flood stricken areas of australia, eastern australia, bracing for even more rain coastal sections of queensland, new south wales into victoria, and the potential over the next step. 48 hours to see another $200.00 millimeters of rain as severe thunderstorms potential as well. so that's when we can see those downpours of rain all at once. me time western australia looking good in the sun pers at 25 degrees for new zealand. both islands, dealing with a scattering of showers, gives been, temperatures have fallen off a bit here to a high of 20 degrees on wednesday, southeast asia. a tropical storm has formed just east of the philippines, but it will steer towards the north. so not looking at to impact land, and we've also got an area of low pressure just south of sumatra at toward the west of java. so that's throwing around some rain and where we have seen a lot of rain, it's starting to dry off in vietnam. still a few scattered showers, but nothing like we've seen over the last little while. solid band of rain is moving across said japan, honshu and hook kado. this system dropped about
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a 100 millimeters of rain and south korea. and then we've got this cool pool of air in behind it. so sol, just a high of 2 degrees and same goes for tag oshima, not to on the lot. that's it. susan. ah, step the on the comfort zone for assumptions or challenge. travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live with stream choice. and i've been involved in quickly thinking child award winning documentary is also a perception witness. on a just
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oh ah, hello again, the top stories on al jazeera, growing tensions between russia and ukraine are set to dominate a meeting of nato foreign minister. as here as accused moscow of mobilizing tens of thousands of soldiers near its border sees far monitor say there has been a significant increase in fighting and eastern ukraine. the caribbean island nation of barbados has just become a republic after cutting ties with the british monarchy. sandra mason has been sworn in as president, replacing queen elizabeth as head of state a report and australia has found one and 3 people working in the federal parliament, his experience sexual harassment, the independent inquiry into parliamentary workplace culture was ordered by prime
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minister at scott morrison to honduras now, where a left us leader could become the 1st female president who mar castro as leading in sundays election. but officials warned that only 55 per cent of votes had been counted. i'll de zeros menu, our apollo reports from the capital. ah, it's the day after the hunter, in general election, the one official winner has yet to be declared. many in the country or quietly celebrating the premature victory of leftist opposition. candidate to monica, watch out, the people of honduras have hope we can reverse government wrongdoings with the read off, but i'm ok. we hope that castro will straighten out this country and improve the economy, unemployment, education, and health care buffer. yellow. c in big lucy, yelp as central plaza, we fulfilled the works as a street vendor selling suites to commuters and passers by. he says his earnings are slim and that for years his life in the hunter and capital has been hard. but he's also hopeful that
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a new government could turn things around for the nations poor citizens, and that he might soon have a chance to find steady work. in the, on the goal i laid in my heart is happy, so red and black. we are moving forward no holding back because she will move us all forward with us. and u ha, a victory for the political opposition in honduras would bring to an end 12 years of single party debates and restore what many political analysts have described as the dismantling of the countries democratic and legal institutions. you're gonna put them out in the law. this represent an opportunity to renew a realtor approach, what citizens are calling for, which in this case, after 12 years, it was clear they wanted a change of political party. ah, the 2021 general election took place under a backdrop of worsening poverty nationwide. and fear that violence could break out
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on the streets as was the case throughout the highly polarized campaign season. unlike the last presidential election 4 years ago when violence broke out on the streets following the announcement of the election results, many hundreds, at least here in the capital city thing was the golfer are quite com, possibly signaling a renewed confidence in the national electoral process by monday evening election officials said opposition candidates. your motto castle had a commanding lead, but added that a winner cannot be officially announced until every vote has been counted. manuel did apollo al jazeera, they goosey gulfport honduras. the candidate to philippine president rodriguez. the territory wants to replace him, has quit it 2022 presidential race local media reporting sen, christopher bongo has said, he was not prepared for the candidacy. the charity is running for senator and his daughter is running for vice president. accord me and mar has delayed the verdicts in the trial of our leader,
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answered she until next week. so she is facing charges of incitement and violating her and virus restrictions. she was attained in february when the military fees power in the us. the opening statement has not begun in the trial of british socialized gillan maxwell. she's accused of enabling the crimes of late sex offender jeffrey epstein, who took his own life 2 years ago while awaiting trial, maxwell has pleaded not guilty to the charges. gabriel, these songs are reports from new york. jeffrey epstein and glean maxwell met a young girl in a park bench, befriended her, and then later sexually abused her to protect her identity. prosecutors called her jane. she was 14 years old and the abuse went on for years and occurred in several of epstein homes in florida, new mexico and new york. that was just one of the accusations. the prosecutor made an opening statement of maxwell's trial. the accused maxwell of,
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in their words serving up young women for epstein abuse. she put them at ease and made them feel safe. also they could be sexually abused by a middle aged man, prosecutor said, and also called maxwell, a predator who prayed on vulnerable young girls and manipulated them. but epstein committed suicide. so he isn't on trial. maxwell is at adel, is a prosecutor's over the next few weeks. will need to show how she recruited, groomed, and participated in the abuse of the girls. we are not in the court room this week, determining whether or not the victims were victims of sex crimes at the hands of mr. epstein. that's not what this trial is about. this trial is about ms. maxwell, a legit activity to enable mister epstein to abuse the little kids for women are expected to testify that they were recruited and groomed by maxwell for abuse,
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including jane that 14 year old, the prosecutors say was one of the victims. jane is now an adult and she plans to tell the jury everything she says happened to her. in their opening statements, maxwell defense lawyer told the 12 person jury she is being used as a scapegoat for epstein alleged crimes. she is feeling the whole and feeling an empty chair. she is a convenient stand in for the man who cannot be here. monday was a day for the lawyers on both sides to lay out their case. now it was to witnesses a trial that likely won't conclude until at least january gabriel sancho, which is either york now to some breaking news and the democratic republic of congo says you've done the, has launched the air strikes against the rebel group allied democratic forces. this comes weeks after 2 bomb attacks income paulo uganda in authority, is
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a blame the adf for the suicide bombings in the capital. ah, the arab cut kicks often cats are later on tuesday. the tournament is a vital part of the gulf nations planning for next year's fif, a world cup on this paul rece reports the tournament, forms a bridge between the regions, football heritage, and the potentially watershed moment of cut are 2022 a dress rehearsal for the world cup. yes. but the arab cup goes back decades before kathy 2022 was even a dream. the 1st told him it was in lebanon in 1963. those original hosts qualified for this edition with a woman there. when would you beauty in june? oh, most of the arab cup teams won't be here next year,
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but comparison with the welcome is inevitable. i'm indispensable. in the planning for counsel 2022. i think we're about 98 percent ready completed enters of stadium for the 1st quarter of next year. all stadiums will be ready, functioning and operational as well. we have a very big test ahead of us which is the arb cup and we will be testing our operational plans and models. the tournament will feature 6 of the 8 world cup stadiums. 2 of the big unveiled on the opening date that 7 new stadiums in the 11 years since castle was awarded the world cup. the country has come a long way since the main arena was here, though. ha stadium. with any beating about leo would be fisherman, where perhaps the most famous football are in history like scored as santos, of brazil, be curbside. i'll actually 3 know in 1973. but that stadium to broke new ground for the regions, football, doha, doha stadium was the 1st grasp pitch in the gulf views. a huge difference between
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our humble beginnings and now because of these world cup stadium as a masterpiece. but it was the wish of every player in the world then to play against scientology miss and i just sent us experiencing the new stadiums will be part of the draw for families at the our cup. but catherine will be in the spotlight on the pitch to ah, the players will hope to replicate that hero of 2019, when they became asian champions. since then they've made guest appearances in the corporate america and european welcome qualifying. now potentially playing the likes of egypt and algeria can provide more valuable preparation as the smallest country ever to host the world cup cattle players will need all a big game experience they can get when the very best arrive in doha next year. pull rece aldi's era. both long been a dream of city planners, but driverless cars are finally becoming
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a reality in south korea capital sol. the 1st pilot route is launching using cutting edge technology and 6, fully autonomous taxi's, the sort of an ambitious 5 year plan. alexander lurch reports on the latest leap forward on a road that's not always been smooth. these driverless revo taxis in sol sang m dong district aren't a publicity stunt. they're part of the cities a $125000000.00 scheme for self driving cars. from tuesday they'll ferry passengers between the digital media city rail station, a nearby apartment and office buildings. charging passengers about $3.00 a trip. by the end of december, they'll be joined by several more driverless cars, as well as a bus to ease safety concerns. the mayor stepped in as the 1st official passenger program was talking to her role at the beginning, i felt a bit awkward and a little bit nervous. but soon the coupled of and started and change lane. i made
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a left turn and a right turn, very smooth. as i experienced, i believed it would be a good start to the commercial surface. it's a small step, but a large leaped considering the difficulty of the research involved. the technology behind driverless cars is being sought after by many major technological companies . us base tesla, the market leader in electric cars is still several years away from completely removing drivers from the equation. its full self driving system is still being tested and requires operators to keep their hands on the wheel at all times. earlier in november, 1 of its cars crashed in california after a malfunction. but and so the outlook is more optimistic. so your hands and the cars are no longer simply about moving around autonomy the vehicles have shifted the paradigm leading to disruptive innovation autonomous vehicles. prevent careless driving by humans minimizing social costs. early next year the city says it will
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add 10 driverless taxes to the gang them district as part of the pilot project. second faith. and if everything goes off without a hitch, the city government wants to grow itself driving fleet to more than 50 vehicles. in the next 5 years, alexander lurch, al jazeera ah fellow. again, the headlines and al jazeera uganda says it's launched air strikes against the rebel group allied democratic forces comes weak softer to explosions in the capital kampala, uganda and authorities have blamed adf for the suicide bombings in the capital. growing tensions between russia and ukraine are set to dominate a meeting of nato foreign ministers. kevin,


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