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the. ready with the united states, warns russia any aggression and eastern ukraine will be met with a serious response. ah, was just there a life for my headquarters in delphi and obligate the also ahead stock markets or rattles is drug. make her missouri, a warns code with 1900 vaccines may not be as effective against the new amik. wrong variance revelations of widespread sexual harassment and australia, federal parliament. the prime minister says he's ready to act on the findings. the barbados begins a new chapter in its history. is island nation brakes ties with the british
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monarchy and becomes a republic? ah, the 1st is on breaking news out. a few gone to the country saying it's launched the air strikes against the armed group. the allied democratic forces across the border in the democratic republic of congo. it comes weak, softer, 3 suicide bomb attacks, income. paula killed several people. uganda and authorities blamed 80 s for those bombings malcolm wire following developments from nairobi. what more can you tell us about this joint operation, malcolm? to the ugandan army spokesman treated just a short while ago that had begun this joint miniature operation with both strikes and artillery fire. but we have heard from security sources in the con, release military, that this has been discussed for many weeks before since before those suicide
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bombings that you mentioned. now, this is a bombing 2 weeks ago, come part of the gun. the government blamed the adf, the democratic forces for those attacks. and you've gotten the deputy foreign minister spoke yesterday. he said you got to has a right to pursue his enemies, to try and keep itself safe. but certainly you, gun to military and gun. the government will want to be painting the picture that this is a coordinated and agreed operation enough because of the history neighboring uganda . and rwanda. the military invaded congo in 1996 and eastern congress remained unstable. ever since you've gotten to andrew under accused of backing rebel groups and the stabilizing eastern congo ever since then, the international court of justice actually awarded the billions of dollars worth and reparations that it said should be paid by uganda to congo for looting during that conflict. in the late ninety's and the early 2004 for the looting of mineral
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gold mines and so on. which gander was accused of taking control of congress. still trying to collect that money and not one of the reasons that there are a lot of reservations against some people by some people calling about you. gotten to ministry coming back into east in congo? once again, malcolm. the adf has been active in this region for years. so is the belief that these types of strikes will make much of a difference with the adf is originally gotten rebel great that you've gotten this military successfully pushed them out. if you've gotten to in the late nineties or early 2, thousands and then the a b s been based around the town of benny and east and congress ever since. and certainly seems a lot of their operations have been motivated by business interests and political interests in congo. now, the,
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it's not the 1st time that the congolese ministry is tried itself to defeat the adf, and it made substantial progress towards doing so in around 2014. but at that point, 2 of the army officers leading the congolese armies operations were assassinated and not really took the wind out of the sales in the operation against the adf adf . since came back with a series of massacres around the town of benny 100 possibly thousands of civilians have been killed in brutal attacks since then. now, calmly is army operate people. it's called a state of siege in those eastern provinces for quite some months now. but the state to see to be likely by allegations of corruption. some people say is not effective because the budget has been stolen. but we'll be waiting to see if you've gotten an army can be any more effective in this fight. but certainly a lot of skepticism amongst certain people, especially in congress, if you've gotten his army, is really that, or if it's only there to,
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to see the adf, or if it has other agendas in eastern congo as well. all right, thank you so much welcome. web reporting from nairobi. the us x true state says any russian aggression in ukraine will trigger the serious consequences. anthony blinking is attending a mido of meeting if nato foreign ministers to discuss mobilization of russian troops on its border with ukraine. and he asked the tory actions of by russia would be of great concern to the united states as they would to lafayette and any renewed aggression would trigger serious consequences. ah, we are very concerned about the movements we've seen along ukraine's border. we know that russia often combines those efforts with internal efforts to destabilize a country or ukraine has asked moscow of mobilizing tens of thousands of soldiers near its border. sees far, monitor or say there has been a significant increase in fighting between russian back separatists and the
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ukrainian military. chaw. stratford reports from the frontline with the ukranian military near the village of vienne. pouring rain pitch black. this is a front line trench, east and ukraine. we follow ukrainian army soldier, leads us along the pav with mud. filming using night vision, trenches like these that snake hundreds of kilometers across a conflict zone in which more than 14000 people killed. you sound machine guns for echoes through the blackness. so in the last 10 minutes, sounds like a lot more smooth home spot coming from the direction of done yet had pulled. the command was taking us up to a ford observation post. that is a lot closer to separatist positions we reach you absorb ation post with 3
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soldiers stand in the cold. they are nervous until us to keep our voices down because of the enemy is close for steel company with music. news, sporadic shooting from both sides because we can't see anything even in the night vision. what's the use and when we say shooting, we mean shooting to no man's land at no particular target. but it's important to prevent reconnaissance teams taken advantage of the fog and rain visibility 0. but i recommend you leave this place now. the canteen is small, but well stocked. 23 year old rome of joined the ukrainian army 6 months ago, was trained by the u. kay's royal lancers, as part of nato's mission to defend ukraine against what it says is russian aggression, non just general students. we have a lot of things to improve on. the trainers had great combat experience, so we learned a lot from them. i joined the army because of the injustice and our people are
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forgetting there's a war going on our country. we are led down into one of the girls sleeping quarters, warm and quiet soldiers, gravel sleep they can before their shift starts again. the soldier who doesn't want to identify himself, he says he had friends who joined the russian back separatists fighting the government. the other than you're doing. i don't think about it. i don't feel anything. i'm a soldier and i have a task to do. regardless whether it's someone i know he's now the enemy. all relations are last reconciliation will take generations. these people have crossed red lines and so what kind of friendly relationship could there now be? early morning the light reveals trees in the foggy gloom. the rain has stopped. soldiers discuss the night's events some plan, looking out across the conflict, broken landscape for an enemy with no doubt equal convictions. you say they also
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have a right to fight charles rap with al jazeera wagner. eastern ukraine. financial markets have been rattled by a warning from drug make her more daring, that new vaccines may be needed to combat the army. kron variance of coven. 19 european stalks are followed asian markets, which were down by as much as 2.4 percent on tuesday. where they are and as chief said, the high number of mutations and on the kron and it's rapid spread in south africa, indicates vaccines will need to be tweaked. a number of countries abound travel to and from southern africa, including japan, which is now confirmed its 1st case. us president joe biden has ruled out, improves imposing another lockdown and is urging americans not to panic. the salam, it has more on the measures the japan as opposed the government has been very swift in enforcing across the board band and interior of all for visitors through japan
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since 0 o'clock today. and the band all foreigners from coming in the country except for the foreigners who have risen there and even those people who have exempted before from staying in current in facilities now they have to stay for 14 days, especially people from 14 countries that have seen the new variant of omega on. so the government has moved very swiftly and by mister from you should have explained that. he understands that many people could accuse him that he has been too cautious about the issue, especially from the business sector. but he doesn't want to take any risks. this is, this is one of the test for his did for his leadership, since it's since he took office in october 4th. so it's less than 2 months and he wants to show that he has the leadership and he doesn't want to fall in the same sports what his body, this is mr. suga phil,
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when he acted very slow and he preferred to emphasize on the economy activities that lead to a backlash and forced him to design data. a report in australia has found one in 3 people working in the federal parliament has experience sexual harassment. the independence inquiry into parliamentary workplace culture was ordered by prime minister scott morrison. sara clark report up to 7 months, nearly 500 interviews and 300 written submissions. australia is 6 discrimination investigative, painted a toxic picture of workplace misconduct. either 51 percent of all people currently income a column entry work places have experienced at least one incident of bullying, sexual harassment, or actual or attempted sexual assault investigation was triggered by right validation made by parliamentary staff member who exposed her boon and whom
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conduct declaring that one and 3 staff in federal parliament had experienced sexual harassment. on top of this, kate jenkins says the problem is largely driven by power imbalances, gender inequality, and the failure to protect the victims who speak out. there is also a wearing li lord level of reporting indicating that it's not safe to spake. i mean 11 percent people who experience sexual harassment in apollo mentary workplace reported their experience. he's struggling prime minister was quick to respond. he called the report shocking and says is indeed the highest standards in australia's federal parliament. like anyone who works in this building, i find the statistics that are presented there, of course appalling and to study. i wish i found the more surprising
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but i find them just as a poor. the prime minister is now under pressure to act on the recommendations, including better protection for those victims, willing to speak out. sarah cloth out 0 prison, australia still a heads on al jazeera was she jeffrey of scenes pawn or accomplice gillan maxwell's sex traffic. and trial has begun in new york, gambia and demand more from 6 presidential candidates as an election draws near. ah, ah, look forward to brightest galleys with sponsored boy cutaways your weather forecast for asia pacific coming out. share right now. hello everyone . we do have a lot of what weather horseshoe. hawkeye, to this same system, dropped about a 100 millimeters of rain and south korea. and in behind it dragging down that
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cooler air. so sol, just hiv due to degrees and same goes for tango shima as fall. now for that se of china, it's com. central eastern portions is wall in temperatures here. pretty well where they should be this time of the year. things are dry and off across the vietnam after some relentless rain. still a few scattering of showers, but nothing like we've seen over the last of a bit tropical storm has formed to cease of the philippines look into steer toward the north, so no impact over land as of now. and an area of low pressure spinning just to the south of sumatra, western areas of java. so that's going to throw around some rain. i could power up thunderstorms in jakarta, with a high of 29 degrees off to the sub continent. this intensive find disturbance. cindy arabian see what's going to throw rain into ma, harass straw, and so good rats as well. and so in the days to come good route, under an amber weather alert, could see about a 100 to 200 millimeters the brain and it will continue to move to the north and
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east. so deli could see some rain on thursday, heads up season. oh, the weather sponsored by katara weighs in the country with an abundance of results . byron, wind, indonesia. we moved to growth and fraud with balance, rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create policy jobs. invest might be part of his growth and progress in indonesia now. ah, ah, the me.
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hello again. the top stories on how to 0 this, our uganda culture strike against the our group allied democratic forces across the border and the democratic republic of congo. that comes weeks after 3 suicide bomb attacks and gum, paula killed several people. the drug maker, madera now is warning new vaccines may be needed to combat the new variant of coven . 19 the ceo says the current jobs may not be effective against army kron financial markets. around the world have been rattled by the discovery of the new strain. the report in australia has found one in 3 people working in the federal parliament as experienced sexual harassment be independent inquiry into parliamentary workplace. culture was ordered by prime minister scott morrison professors and serv donner preparing to march to the presidential palace to oppose the military takeover. they are demanding a civilian government and the replacement of these chief sedans pro democracy
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movement is opposed to last week's agreement with the de la handoff reinstated as prime minister. hey, morgan is joining us from cartoon with an update on the situation. have a yes indeed. that's 5, the fact that had been more than a week back to the deal was fine between the cities army general and prime minister was reinstated, after being under hauser for nearly a month. people are still angry. they say that this is a betrayal. that the fact that prime minister has a lead and he goes the 8 and sign a deal with the ministry is a betrayal. so now we're seeing 100 gathers here. this is the starting point of the protest today that is set to march towards the presidential palace. but that road the road to the presidential palace is lined up with security. we've seen police vehicle being lined up along both sides of the road is also seeing some army cars moving around this area of the street. and that is all because they don't want to
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protest to read the presidential palace. now people say that they once express to the army that they're angry about the take over that they don't want the military control and that they're not happy, even if i'm in a south that has been reinstated and brought back okay, well, thank you so much for that update from heart you the caribbean island nation of barbados is now a republic after ending its ties with the british monarchy. sandra mason has been sworn in as president, replacing queen elizabeth as head of state or latin america edits, or lucy newman was at the festivities. in bridgetown, the declaration of the world newest republic was marked by celebrations ah, with the music song and dance that barbados is so well known for ah, but above all, it was time for solemnity. prince charles arrived for the last time as the
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representative of the queen by businesses head of state, marking the end of the british monarchies, ties with the island to once known as britons, caribbean, crown jewel, the creation of this republic of the new beginning. but it also marks a point on a continuum, a milestone on the long road. you have not only travelled, but which you have bills. then the british military flag was lowered, replaced by one that represent only barbados, which now has a new president, sandra mason. we now turn our vessels bow towards the new republic. we do this so that we may seize the full substance of our sovereignty. barbados was britton's 1st and most important slave colony, whose sugar feels produced vast wealth for the empire. it gained independence only
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55 years ago, but retained the monarchy. barbados became one of the queens, 16 realms, but the many the time had come to cut the umbilical cord with the monarchy. to wayne a bayesian as by bay dns called themselves cells, tiny salty fruit, the grows by the seaside, a specialty here. he agrees with the change. i people be probably one of us is able to run the quote for, you know, it was meant from decisions. but others, like 19 year old could shawna says that the decision to break with the monarchy was imposed on them by the prime minister without consultation. they wasn't even as they there one day as you see. if the probably and now was the, the new president will have a largely ceremonial role behind the prime minister and barbados will remain a part of the british commonwealth, which queen elizabeth heads. this former quaker plantation has been the residence of the governor general,
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the queen's representative in barbados for the last 55 years. now. it will be the residence of this country's new president, making barbados the was youngest republic, at least for now as a farewell present of sorts, the prime minister awarded prince charles the countries middle of freedom and then announced another surprise, the nations hero award to the country's most famous citizen singer rianna, who is also an ambassador for barbados. impractical terms, not that much will change, but for a great many here. no longer having to pay tribute to a monarchy that brought her ancestors here from africa in chains is a change that was long overdue. ah, lucy newman, al jazeera bridgetown barbados accorded me. and mara has delayed the verdict and the trial of our leader answered she until next week. so she is facing charges of incitement and violating current virus restrictions. she was detained in february
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when the military seized power florence louis has more on the trial. a source has confirmed that the court in navy door has deferred the verdicts till next monday, but there wasn't a reason given as to why the voted has been deferred. non political analysts and observers outspoken to say they wouldn't have been surprised if santucci had been found guilty. many say the military still fear how popular almost on suit she is. she had in the last 2 general elections led her party, the national league for democracy to huge victories. and they wouldn't be surprised if she had been found guilty. and also given a prison sentence, or the very likely she would have been allowed to serve that under house arrest as previous military governments had done. now, few people believe on santucci has been given a fair trial. she and her co defendants have had very limited access to the defense lawyers. there are no reports of ad, the proceedings or the hearings,
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because no journalists, no members of the public, are loud at the hearings. and many people have described these trials against fuji and her co defendants as show trials as a way for the june tied to the gym eyes, the qu, but the military government has denied this, and it spokesman says, on fence future has been for, has been accorded due process under the rule of law in law, in the u. s. opening statements have begun in the trial of british socialite gillan maxwell. she's accused of enabling the crimes of late sex offender jeffrey epstein, who took his own life 2 years ago while awaiting trial maxwell. has pleaded not guilty to the charges. gabriel. these on the reports from the york, jeffrey epstein and glen maxwell met a young girl in a park bench, befriended her, and then later, sexually abused her to protect her identity. prosecutors called her jane. she was 14 years old and the abuse went on for years and occurred and several of epstein homes in florida,
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new mexico and new york. that was just one of the accusations that prosecutor made an opening statement of maxwell's trial. they accused maxwell of their words, serving up young women for epstein abuse. she put them at ease and made them feel safe. also they could be sexually abused by a middle aged man, prosecutor said, and also called maxwell, a predator who prayed on vulnerable young girls and manipulated them. but epstein committed suicide. so he isn't on trial. maxwell is at adel, is say, prosecutors over the next few weeks will need to show how she recruited, groomed, and participated in the abuse of the girls. we are not in the court room this week, determining whether or not the victims were victims of sex crimes at the hands of mr. epstein. that's not what this trial is about. this trial is about mid maxwell,
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a legit activity to enable mister epstein to abuse these little kids. for women are expected to testify that they were recruited and groomed by maxwell for abuse, including jane. that 14 year old, the prosecutors say was one of the victims. jane is now an adult, and she plans to tell the jury everything she says happened to her. in their opening statements, maxwell's defense lawyer told the 12 person jury she is being used as a scapegoat for epstein alleged crimes. she is filling the hole and filling an empty chair. she is a convenient stand in for the man who cannot be here. monday was a day for the lawyers on both sides to lay out their case. now it was 2 witnesses, a trial that likely won't conclude until at least january. gabriel is hondo which is either york prosecutors in the us have asked the supreme court to review the ruling that overture and bill cosby sexual assault conviction cause these lawyers
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say the comedian relied on a promise that he would never be charged when he gave damaging testimony in an accuser, a civil suit in 2006. lawyers say that promise could set a dangerous precedent. the 84 year olds spent nearly 3 years in prison and was released in june for the un is urging the philippine government to withdraw travel restrictions on a nobel winning journalist so she can accept her award in norway next month. free arrest is the 1st nobel laureate, from the philippines. she is receiving the award for her push for freedom of speech with her news website rattler. her supporters, a reza has failed backs and legal action for her scrutiny of various policies of the government. the candidates who philippine presidents, rodrigo, the territory wants to replace him, has quit. the 2022 rates. local media reporting sen, christopher bongo has said, he was not prepared for the candidacy. the territory is running for senator and his
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daughter is running for vice president. on jurors could be getting its 1st female presidents officer left during candidates, jamara castro claim victory in sunday's election. castro has a commanding lead against the governing party. rival vote counts and continues. if she's confirmed in winter, this would be the left return to power after a 12 year absence that followed the thing of her husband and a crew in 2009 or campaigning for a gamble. presidential election is in its final days. the country has seen a significant improvement and freedom of speech since 2017. as i am at the dream reports from van joel gambia ins are now demanding more from their leaders. on gum bias, paradise beach lemming jewelers resort has reopened, but operates at only 25 percent capacity 10 months of to log down and with news emerging of a new strain of the covey. 19 virus. he says he's considering closing the business
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altogether. i just want to step back because it is not one of those sir, in the us is that we see that will be viable in the iris future. you know, to go a look into all of the ventures contribute al corta in national development, lemon jolie's, not alone with the presidential elections on the days away. many vote to say, whoever can save the economy and protect businesses stands a better chance to get their boat or gun years young population job creation remains of priority. in this election, an estimated 20000 people lost their jobs as businesses fold up due to the struggling economy, not pushing many and gumby as to embark on the different journeys to europe in such a better life. it can be as busiest market instead of coroner all enjoys textiles, trade is thriving, she says getting formal long term ruler, yaya jamie,
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out of power and ninty, exile is one of the biggest democracy benefits for the gambia, minnesota platinum. most of them previously there was no freedom of expression, nvidia, me to be to this interview, shows things have changed a lot less and no one dared to do back under the previous government. while this election is generating excitement that i also concerns about what the future holds for the small west africa country, said mighty joe, a former anti jamie campaigner. and now a lecture with the university of the gambia says the vote means different things to different generations. while the old talk about the peace and stability after yeah, i, jamie, the younger generation is demanding more answers. inaction on critical issues, including the truth and reconciliation process. i think the debt as eric, what would be a critical issue? how they're going to address that issue is, is important, but also provide in the socio economic development for this country. because at
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some point we talk about, you know, security issues and, and, and we look at it from the fact that there are a lot of young people in this country without jobs. and i think there will be a challenge that any government will have to address. but as is the case in many african elections, petty differences are playing a role in this election and might to fall, determine whether the incumbent president stays or the country get a new leader. which means wherever winced the presidency, must not only address the key development issues, but also manage the complex diversities in the gambia. how many degrees al jazeera by jewel, the gambia. ah, hello again, the headlines on al jazeera, uganda has onst airstrikes against the armed.


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