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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm AST

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space to deliver your vision. oh hello there i'm fancy attainder. how with the headlines here on out there and you gander has launched cross border air strikes against the on group the allied democratic forces with the approval of democratic republic of congo. and it comes weeks after 3 suicide bomb attacks and can, paula killed several people. you've got no authority to blame the group for the bombings malcolm web is following developments for us from nairobi to the ugandan army spokesman 3 to just a short while ago that had begun this joint military operation with both strikes and artillery fire. but we have heard from security sources in the con, relieved military that this has been discussed for many weeks before. since before those suicide bombings, 2 weeks ago, and part of the gun, the government blamed the adf,
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the democratic forces for those attacks. and uganda's, deputy foreign minister spoke yesterday. he said, you going to has a right to pursue his enemies, to try and keep itself safe. now, russian president vladimir prison says neighborhood groups in ukraine would be crossing a red would be a red line. he hopes when be crossed and growing tensions between russia and ukraine is that the dominate. nathan talks on tuesday, felines. the secretary general says ukraine is a highly valued partner. drug lake medina is wanting that new vaccines may be needed to come out. the new variance of covered 19 this. he says the current jobs may not be as effective against on the con, the caribbean island nation of barbados has become a republic ending its time of the british monarchy, sandra mason beforehand as president. we now turn our vessels bow towards the new republic. redo this. so that we may seize the full substance,
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abra sovereignty. for decades, we have had discourse and debate about the transition of barbados store. republic to day did bit and discourse have become action. her report and australia has found that one and 3 people working in the federal parliament has experience sexual harassment. the independent inquiry into parliamentary workplace culture was ordered by the prime minister, scott morrison. more than half of those who responded to the investigation said that experienced at least one incident of harassment. although the headlines announce back to al jazeera, correspond that one is often this is the day i've been waiting for the last 25 years. the last 5 years i've been
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working on this all have put everything i've been last year mostly was related to this not, nor was told i think so it's very important be me. everybody thinks, how would community maker and very often i get to hear music different today the be if i prove that film is film, i'm says, ah, i prefer them to target, but i didn't issue the shooting sort of bailey. actually,
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low everything like, i don't know that was it. although i would like the lights to have what i have yesterday in the should we send you a quote. i don't know if that a more than leslie morton looking those i know what made me feed, do we have plastic in the village? what is on this last week? you care?
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i, you see i found some of the plastic on clothes. so obviously we can show it so you had to change it. so the size richer we are an approved is not here for the extras . so somewhere, something had changed. now this is the moodle. so the word rad. she is preparing course homeless competition with his team hoping would finish 2 scenes by den or then that is one big scene, not which we are planning to please before lunch. everything was by the plan. we're good down, down, down, down, or down. you down down, down? no, it was from, but i didn't he that a little friend. good to go with the my father affair, but i love the lady. ha. that they don't velez
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do you are in charge that it's my oh, let me pull that up. cindy isn't one way to interfere because you know, i won't leave visibility in in the, in the song. so yeah, i'll be there. i'll be seeing everything with ah ah, ah, ah, a
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with a dozen oh. c okay, sure, i know what w they, but i can get lights up on me with a
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new i got i got it on file. it was getting it back on for their day guys to do this scene tomorrow. a oh, a actually made a non jama medallion. industry say, go get, does it hot, put hot, need them on a me, your holy got situation. so that was the situation school, but i'm lewis phone call does fan is out in apple that my lot actually excited me.
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i do want, is that a whoop, ha ha, some new i need a jokey, a mom. do 341-8123 . 123. 123123. why do i go with here? me shout back. that's i need you. janet are obviously going into a,
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a, it's too much pressure to be totally be required. nobody will be a safe from chase to start happening today. oh ah, it would be the need of duty because in the 1st part we want to follow up is to bill how the festival supposedly bid in the village. this is one area where i knew nothing on most. are you going to be? so she is the one who is heading did we together have been working for last 3
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months on the song is coming out rather. ah no you me a one here with that day basically we're going to the lush was so you don't want to get into this institute and i did it if you will, able to reassure them. so if you do me to cable, so i'm thinking of a generator here so that we can overcome with
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a dog. i am ready. no, it is. yes. not a good 4 to 5, as i said yesterday. so i think that's in head. she's great. she's willing to take her dame and make us do a lift. think that they actually have the re, i planted over. i know i used to play with language to bear with me. i think a
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ah is my bullet binding? my b r a
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very good enough. good to go with a with ah ah ah
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ah with it's been great. been superb actually. i mean, i think we have achieved a lot in our very short span of time. it's been a very hectic shoot. there been shooting every day without any break. and i have been working with the crew day and day out. so we have like, bonded in a different way, like they're become very close. i don't think i've ever seen sort of said before.
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okay, if we should have a frame out flying for well they wrap. mm action we have wrapped up the gotcha oh, i was 25 days and these 25 days. looks like a lifetime. lots of ups and downs trivia, shooting, joanie thought. and if you're doing it, guerrilla started sweating. you're just going to the location. bring some such that moving to the next location. it what happens basically in the song, our character who is from bombay and dead. he's looking for his village, which is a secret goodness and all he has got to address some very number in childhood. so that's where we need to go at on the location and that he has made some sad news and he's is reading the address he's travelling with
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nut. oh, gone to put met with the city blue. find out and got a soothing and done. i'm happy at the same time,
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i'll know what i enjoyed every bit by the dean. i had said i most done now haven't they get the audience that makes me nervous? when people connect to my study, i think ah, as a cannon ball, i watched these scenes with horror as a kenyan some money. i feared the backlash ethnic somalis had long been the target of intimidation and persecution. in kenya, almost there. would a woman was it mohammed
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a doubt travels through his homeland to reveal have his people and family has been subjected to years of brutal discrimination is typical of the way. ready we are to that in a country recall our own al jazeera, corresponding with in the country with an abundance of resources. red already won indonesia, his firms. for me, we moved full to growth and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let me park linda. this is growth and progress. invent either media now.
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ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle at ways. hey there. good to see, we'll start this one off in the pacific where we've got an 8000 kilometer atmospheric river that's a narrow and concentrated band of rain. it's fleming, right into canada's west coast. the pacific northwest rainfall warnings already out . the city of vancouver, looking for about 70 millimeters, the brain, and north of the city along the sea to sky. we could see over a 100 millimeters toward the east. we go and we still got some still hanging around the great lakes and a vigorous system for newfoundland saint johns. could see those winds close in to about 100 kilometers per hour for the southeast of the us said temperature is bouncing back in at by and says, 17 degrees. and we'll dow that up a bit more in the days to come. los angeles also has temperature is above average 27 degrees as we flip the page on november and welcome december on wednesday,
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central america looks like this. barbados, a mix of sun in cloud in bridgetown. 27 degrees in heavy falls, costa rica into panama. for the top end of south america, still bursts of rain can be expected. sure. we should see the sun poke out in boca ta, cloudy day, and lima at 19 degrees and will power ups and thunderstorms in rio de janeiro with a high up 28 degrees. wherever you are, stay safe. we'll see again soon as the weather sponsored by katara ways. she popped in less than a year past. the middle east 1st well come in preparation. the country is staging a major problem and the 16 nations going head to head in 6 purpose built stadiums for 2020. okay, we'll keep you across the action as capital for the head of the regions. the biggest ever sporting events,
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the fee for our cup on his era. oh, this is al jazeera. ah. hello there, i'm associate a and this is the news. i live from our headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. protest is answered on our met with tear gas as they march towards the presidential palace. they angry about a new deal that reinstated the civilian prime minister. i'm malcolm web in kenya's capital nairobi. i'll be talking about the launch of a ugandan military operation in the east.


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